Curse Hunters

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Wherever there is good fortune and misfortune, there will be blessings and curses; such is the nature of fortune. And wherever there are blessings and curses, there will be people seeking to influence them; such is the nature of people. The Curse Hunter tradition stems from those who seek to defeat strong curses – those that simple blessings are unable to overcome.

As a group, Curse Hunters are rather diverse; one might be a specialist at curing lycanthropy, while another goes questing to pacify vengeful spirits, for example. Not surprisingly, Curse Hunters form more of a loose coalition instead of a more formal organization. It's fairly common for a Curse Hunter to train their children and other younger relatives in techniques to help protect them from curses, which often results in more family members taking up the mantle of a Curse Hunter; thus, Curse Hunters tend to organize in families within the overall coalition. That's not to say that a would-be Curse Hunter must be a part of one of these families; rather, being part of one of the families just means that you're assumed to have a bit more knowledge and training than someone unversed in curses. Families are often known by famous Curse Hunters and the notable curses they broke; this also tends to hint at what types of curses that family is more adept at, as those techniques get passed down.

Curse Hunters are generally cooperative and independent, especially with regard to the families. While families tend to care for regions (and it's considered good form to pay your respects to them when visiting their region), they also know when a particular curse is too far afield from their usual specialty, and will ask for help from those more suited for the challenge. Rivalries, while uncommon, tend to be good-natured competitions instead of vicious opposition.

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