EMI v248.1

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EMI v248.1 (Scenesys ID: 221) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
"'Domo arigato, mister Roboto.' What is so funny? Why are you laughing?"
Name: EMI v248.1 AKA: The Living Lost Logia
Gender: Female Theme: (OC) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
School: N/A Grade: N/A
Clubs: Robotics Age: Appears 16
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups N/A


Emi is short for Emotive Magical Intelligence, a type of AI created by a long extinct alien civilization known as the Graneti. The product of a grand scale research project by the Graneti to create an artificial life form capable of generating and storing vast quantities of magic Emi was given as person like a body and mind as was possible, able to pass for human to mundane observers. Eventually they succeeded with the creation of Emi, but the events surrounding their success resulted in no less than the destruction of their home planet Granetis and all life on it, triggering the downfall of their entire civilization. Emi herself survived this cataclysm but was badly damaged, her memory lost in the accident itself and the things she witnessed. She drifted endlessly across space until one day she came crashing down to Earth. Amnesiatic and amongst people and cultures she knows nothing about Emi now seeks to find her place in the world and uncover the mystery of her origin and purpose.


Beep Boop, I'm A Robot, Avid TV Watcher, I'm Telling You The Odds, Lost Logia, Massive Energy Storage, No Way To Use It, Combat Strength: Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, Amnesiatic, White Hair Red Eyes League

Vital Trivia

Height: 5'6"
Blood Type: If You Prick Me I Do Not Bleed
Birthday: Unknown
Likes: TV, People Watching, Herself
Dislikes: Amnesia
Favorite Food: All Of It
Least Favorite Food: Things people tell her to eat as a joke that aren't actually food.
Favorite Subject: Robotics/Artificial Intelligence/Herself
Least Favorite Subject: Economics


Title Date Scene Summary
Nature of Consequences August 25th, 2018 A visit to the farmers' market is interrupted in the worst possible way by someone seemingly seeking retribution-- only for everything that has happened to Alexis in the past month to suddenly make so much more sense.
Thou Dost Enter The Robots Domain August 22nd, 2018 After eating ramen with Alexis Emi leads the two of them to her apartment. Alexis is nervous about this once he realizes it but it turns out to be for all the wrong reasons. JAN KEN PON: Every new beginning is another new beginning's end.
While I Was Away August 20th, 2018 After months of no contact Alexis finds Emi working in an upscale clothing store in the Four Clover Wall. B-but it's not like he was worried about her or anything!
Don't Ask An Android's Weight May 30th, 2018 After returning to the ECFH from a 'shopping' trip Emi and Alexis talk about clothes, TV, the nature of magic, and questions that should never be asked.
Shoplifting Is Illegal May 28th, 2018 Emi is acquiring some new clothes and Alexis arrives just in time to realize she has no idea how buying things works. He's able to bail her out of a potentially sticky situation and they have a conversation about Earth's culture, including a brief rundown of how the economy works. Emi also has many new questions to ask Rashmi.
Hello, World! May 24th, 2018 A lovely day in the park is interrupted as Emi crashes down from the space and leaves a crater in the park. Luckily several magical heroes of Tokyo are nearby and are able to shepherd the alien android to the relative safety of the ECFH, where questions are answered and more are raised, for all involved.


Title Date Scene Summary
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