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Jiaying (Scenesys ID: 171) (ACTIVE?: Yes)
Not everyone wandering is actually lost.
Name: Jiaying Maki AKA: 女巫 (Nuwu: More a title than a name.)
Gender: Female Theme: (OC) Curse Hunters
School: Seishou Grade: 10
Clubs: Art Age: 17
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated Groups N/A


A half-Japanese, half Taiwanese fox girl. Daughter of one of those mythical monstrous bride stories, she's more than happy to embrace the magical side of things. Who wouldn't want the ability to play pranks on friends and family? Really though, she tries to be the quiet curious sort, always wanting to know how something ticks, whether it be the mechanical, supernatural or haunting. Unfortunately, she's a bit too mouthy for that sometimes. She's a geek, a big one at this point, secretly drawing little fan comics, walls plastered with various anime and manga posters clashing with kung fu actors and actresses and her own doodles. Magic creates work for her occasionally, what with having to help escort the restless dead who are finally ready to rest or to occasionally forcibly remove the angry dead, the evil posession, the jiangshi, what have you. She might whinge a bit, but she's not going to say no. She just has to comment on it first.


Decent Artist, Good Calligrapher, Geeky Trivia Queen, Great Balance, Dogs Usually Bark, Cats Usually Run

Vital Trivia

Height: N/A
Blood Type: B
Birthday: October 14th
Likes: Chicken, Manga, Western Comics, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Games, Hauntings and Ghosts, Exploring, Swimming.
Dislikes: Dogs, Grapes, Cold Fire, Some Mythological Stories, Running, Sticky things near her tail and catching it in doors. Also no Spider demons. They're jerks.
Favorite Food: Chicken Yakitori
Least Favorite Food: Fermented Tofu
Favorite Subject: Art
Least Favorite Subject: Math


Title Date Scene Summary
PiD: Fantoma of the Opera! February 16th, 2019 Lacrima, Jiaying, Ariel, Kunzite, Miho and Rei go punch an invisible vampire ghost so hard the opera house he was hiding in crumbles! But something else is amiss!? Perhaps!
High Score Warrior, Mean Mean Pride February 11th, 2019 Minako laments not beating her own high score, talks to Kukai and Jiaying about Ryo 'I'm a jerkbutt' Okana.
PiD: Shadow Manor Search! February 10th, 2019 Lacrima, Ariel, Miho, Kokoro, Rei and Kazuo and Jiaying all explore the old creepy shadowy manor place that appeared during Lacrima's birthday party in search of answers to; 'Why is Lacrima feeling so weird about it suddenly.'
Pathways January 27th, 2019 Lacrima and Jiaying discuss a possible way to enter back into the weird 'Shadow Manor' the musician vampire ghost dragged them on her birthday. Surely there must be more to learn there. Right? Or is this all one horrible idea!? Perhaps they'll find out soon!
The State of Things January 26th, 2019 Ariel and several mahous meet to discuss the state of dreams and the book.
Moving On Up -or- 'Take the Milk, Leave the Catte' January 17th, 2019 Unmei asks to move into the manor! She agrees! Also Venus barges in as Venus does and gets the info about Ryo. Lacrima barters with Venus for her to leave Artemis over until she's fed him all the tuna in the manor.
The Tengu and the Witch December 2nd, 2018 A crow tengu unexpectedly comes from the Night Harbor to attack Jiaying and Miho! But its accusations of wrongdoing are utter nonsense, and on top of that, it seems strangely ... corrupted. On the bright side, Miho's training in the use of the Life Blessing has paid off, and she can't wait to show it off ...
Another night in! November 24th, 2018 Unmei decides to host another big event with some friends! So of course a giant flaming tiger and other things break in and crash it. It'll be fine, though. Maybe she can stay with Lacrima for a bit? Wait. NO! MIHO! YOU CAN'T JUST TEXT MAMORU ABOUT IT!
Cheesed Off November 18th, 2018 In her first battle post-purification, Akari faces a pizza-youma alongside Mikoto, Millie, and Jiaying.
Those Who Remained November 4th, 2018 A continuation of Trouble in the barrier Garden, wherein the two who stayed behind fight further and also escape!
Trouble in the Barrier Garden! November 3rd, 2018 Runealy, Gaofele, Akari, Jiaying, and Tyrfing go to investigate a garden! They encounter The Thorn and learn some information before they're forced to flee! ... Except for Jiaying and Akari... what will be their fate?!
Processing... processing... October 26th, 2018 Masu, Miho and Jia meet a new girl, Hotaru! And utterly TRASH her poor, innocent, harmful muffins. So cruel. So mean. So heartless.
Hauntsicord October 13th, 2018 Lacrima's Birthday goes exactly as expected. Except for the vampire ghost.
Bad Vibe Visions September 20th, 2018 Lacrima and Jiaying go to Rei Hino to confirm that Lacrima knows but doesn't want to admit. That Ryo is just a mega jerk all on his own!
Back to school (and other spooky subjects) September 4th, 2018 Miho, Maria, and Jiaying chat over lunch.
Thank You All For Coming To My Dead Talk August 5th, 2018 After Sailor Earth ganks Mamoru's sailor crystal, his body is transferred to the Palaces and Life Mahou Joy pours her healing energy into restarting his heart.
Oh Brothers! August 4th, 2018 Part One of Three: Sailor Earth tries to make Kukai Souma's brothers into her new Shitennou. When a Barrier cuts her off from the Earth for a second time, she just solves her power problem by stealing Mamoru's soul. Oops.
Opening doors and meeting people. July 21st, 2018 Jiaying's plans never survive contact with anything. Miho gets new powers, Jia gets to sleep for a while. Plans to take Sora and Norie on a tour were ruined.
Just Go Home, Ryo! July 18th, 2018 Ryo Okana starts stuff with Alexis Raskoph. Then a bunch of others get involved. Uh oh!
Milkshakes at the Crown July 4th, 2018 Milkshakes, art and conversation about sparring. Typical afternoon at the Crown.
A Visit to Manor De Crima June 10th, 2018 Miho pays a long-overdue visit to Lacrima and Jiaying's home. They discuss Miho's powers, and whether she should become the transforming kind of magical girl.
Cursed with a Blessing June 3rd, 2018 Hokuto Minase shows Miho Kagami the fruits of her research into the Shadow Jade over lunch, and Miho wields the Life Blessing for the first time. Jiaying Maki shows up, and is energetic. Miho discovers she's wracked with indecision about whether she wants to become a magical girl.
Seafood Soup May 20th, 2018 Miho feels something pulling her towards the pier; it turns out to be a youma buffed up by a piece of black jade! Jiaying, Hokuto, and Haruna rescue her, but not before Miho's left arm starts leaking wisps of shadow exactly like the shard, and her right hand starts glowing.
Sping Ball May 12th, 2018 The Spring Ball! Dancing is had! A broadway musical show somehow happens!? and drama and misunderstanding! In other words your typical MahouMUSH Dance Scene. (tm).
Branching Out! May 1st, 2018 Jiaying and Miho run into Nanoha's new family venture-- a mobile bakery cart on a bike! They talk about the 'M-word'. (Magic!). Pastries are had!
Sora's Birthday Party April 28th, 2018 Sora borrows the ECFH for her birthday party and invites Sailor Earth. This surprisingly doesn't end in tears. (Yes Jadeite is in disguise.)
Once Upon a Time in the Attic March 11th, 2018 An unconscious foxgirl in the attic draws the attention of her two housemates. Soon after a discussion about Lamya's past draws her to tale the tale of her undoing.
Sakura is friend, NOT FOOD! March 10th, 2018 Sakura runs into a bit of trouble with a dinosaur themed Youma. With a hand from Jiaying and Sailor Venus, they manage to make this dinosaur extinct.
The Other Side of the Wall January 22nd, 2018 Lacrima and Jiaying catch up. Jiaying admits that maybe sometimes she should ask for help. Lacrima admits just how much help she seems to have gotten.
Darkest Nightmare January 6th, 2018 Alexis comes to try to make things right with Lacrima. Instead, help saves Lacrima from The Prince of Nightmares with the help of a unicorn and various friends of Rashmi, Kokoro, Ikiko, Jiaying and Kunzite. CAUTION: Vamprie smooching a Unicorn.
Late Night Menu Debate November 14th, 2017 Due to a chance meeting, Jiaying introduces Ikiko and Lamya to each other, and Ikiko learns that Lamya is behind the unusual reduction in the number of strays in Tokyo.
Studying at the Crown November 2nd, 2017 It always starts as studying, in theory, but the application of more friends and milkshakes makes it more into gossip than studious.
Let The Right One In~ October 31st, 2017 Lacrima holds a Halloween Party to try to make herself feel better. Poderoso shows up but gets decked hard. Kukai crossdresses as Lacrima for Halloween. Lacrima laughs for the first time since she was human.
After the Storm October 28th, 2017 In the aftermath of Naomi's personal nightmare, She attempts to get back into the swing of normal life... With the help of Makio and Jiaying she makes a start.
Outbreak: Patient Zero October 28th, 2017 CONTENT WARNING: Scene contains elements of horror, suspense, zombie bloodshed, macabre themes and implied child abuse. When a berieved man uses a Jewel Seed to wish his deceased wife and child back from the dead, he also raises every cadaver in the Mitakihara General Hospital morgue with them.
Gloomy, Rainy, Bad Moods October 24th, 2017 A Dreay day when friends meet and one of them is a total downer!
A Hot Cup of Human Identity October 23rd, 2017 Lacrima is in a bad state due to Alexis' current predicament and has been neglecting her feeding, making her fall into old and bad habits and mental states. Jiaying, Kukai and Hokuto all gather around and she makes a snack of Naota Uneme.
Twisted Fairy Tale October 21st, 2017 A children's storybook is turned real by the child's wish that the stories were real! The Jewel Seed seekers get pulled in, and given the roles of various storybook and folklore characters as they figure a way out. CAUTION: Muffin Violence/Muffin Hostage Taking.
Mmm. Forbidden Donuts. October 5th, 2017 Hokuto and Jiaying share donuts, tips on magic, and family horror stories.
Tea In The Park October 3rd, 2017 A simple walk through the park ends up with a trip to get tea with friends.
They Call Him MISTER SQUIGGLES! October 1st, 2017 Lacrima's Lab Pet, a writing mass of tentacles with a giant eyeball- Mister Squiggles- gets out and bcomes giant because that's what youma do. Rashmi Terios, Koji Silva, Jiaying Maki and Hokuto Minase help save Mister Squiggles. CAUTION: Adorable Tentacle Eyeball.
Murdermonkey September 29th, 2017 A Mixup of fruits leads to a big dark energy fueled gorilla messing up the zoo.
In My Day... September 25th, 2017 Jiaying and Lamya compare dragon stories. Or, in Lamya's case, dragon facts.
Studying Seth-Kuns September 24th, 2017 Seth Locke comes to Lacrima's Manor for some advice and Lacrima does a few tests. Seth is worse off than she thought. Jiaying is a bedhead monster and likes cookies and sleeping on couches instead of beds.
Catching Up September 23rd, 2017 Jiaying and Sora get together after Jiaying's trip, and each share what the other's missed. And start planning to take advantage of some of the changes.
Making a Mewtastic Autumn Festival September 21st, 2017 Things go a little weird when two students begin showing signs that everything is not alright after some bizarre events yesterday...
While You Were Out September 1st, 2017 Jiaying is back from Taiwan! Lacrima has updates for her. A lot of updates. A lot of stuffs happened.
Other Selves February 26th, 2017 Norie-K and Jiaying talk about Norie's other self. Mainly, that Norie doesn't think there ever was one.
Two rejects and a fox February 5th, 2017 Seth and Unmei meet Jiaying during a school project. Things go poorly.
This Better Not Be A Date February 2nd, 2017 Eilam, Lacrima, Jiaying, and a fancy dinner. (Unfinished scene)
The First Card February 1st, 2017 A catgirl kidnapper wants to play a game...
Return of the Witches January 29th, 2017 Sayaka feels drawn to the old church as she wrestles with heartache and memories. However, she also confronts and defeats some familiars with the help of Jiaying and Clotho before learning that Witches have returned.
Family Problems January 25th, 2017 Norie discusses the potential of telling her brother the truth with Jiaying. *Unfinished*
Yell at peppermint January 23rd, 2017 Amu and Airi meet Seth and Jiaying. Jiaying has a few choice words with amu.
Truth and Trust. January 19th, 2017 Lacrima talks to Alexis about what actually happened. Jiaying's a naughty following fox. Truth and Trust. Or the lack of Trust.
Mostly Harmless January 16th, 2017 Jiaying, Sora, and Kukai intersect. Nothing explodes!
Why not excessive force January 15th, 2017 Sakura is trapped in a dream where her mom is alive. Can the others get her out? Yes. With EXCESSIVE fire power.
Why Would You Say That January 12th, 2017 Jiaying and Lacrima both meet in the park trying to figure things out. Lacrima thinks Jiaying may do something horrible to her anyways and Jiaying takes offense.
Panic. January 7th, 2017 Time to tell to Jiaying about the events of 'Choices You Won't Remember To Regret.'. She isn't happy. Not even a little.
How Can Anyone Love January 2nd, 2017 Norie and Jiaying discuss problems of all magnitudes. *Unfinished*
Infinite cosmic POWER! Itty bitty game corner. December 23rd, 2016 Kukai and Jia meet Unmei, a local gamer who runs into a bit of trouble.
The X Factor December 14th, 2016 Things have been quiet for the most part as far as Easter Corperation goes. It's time for the presence of one of their newer recruits to be felt. Will she be able to draw out the enigmatic Embryo?
Shrine Visit December 14th, 2016 A visit to the shrine on a snowy day includes conversation and fortunes. Some good, some not so good.
Misting up December 10th, 2016 Jia finds Sakura hanging around and helps her catch the mist card, then the two chat for a bit about magics. Jia may or may not get scritches.
Storm of the century number forty-five. December 4th, 2016 A great storm overtakes the city, created by four of the clow cards. Can the gathered magical forces fight it off?
Ribbons November 26th, 2016 An evening at Game Center Crown is interrupted by a strange woman who feeds on dreams!
A Lot To Catch Up On November 16th, 2016 Sora is awake. First thing to do: apologize to girlfriend. Jiaying is okay with this plan.
Seriously Though, Are You A Zombie November 14th, 2016 A fox girl, a vampire, and a curse victim walk into a Shrine...
Cooking By The Book November 13th, 2016 Immediately following 'Shadows of Justice: Shadows over Tokyo' the group discusses what is to become of Shiniko's magical diary tome.
Mind Your Manors November 12th, 2016 Jiaying and Norie talk about things and also eat all the eggs in the house.
Shadows of Justice: Shadows over Tokyo November 12th, 2016 Tonight, Tokyo falls ... or Shadow Witch Shiniko does. And Sora might have fallen already, too far within Shiniko to be reached.
A Go in the Park November 9th, 2016 Lacrima and Jiaying discuss travel plans while Shinobu fawns over herself.
Morning coffee November 8th, 2016 Naru and Jiaying meet over coffee and tea to discuss mornings and caffeine and the fact that the magical world really are mostly night people.
Milkshakes, shadows and swords. November 2nd, 2016 The Crown hosts a conversation about shadows, doodling, redemption and doodling.
Trick or Treat! October 31st, 2016 Put on your costumes and head to SCHOOL?!?!?! Thats right, this year the four schools have gotten together to host a trick or treat time for students interested. Some come on out and bring a bucket or at least a bag because your teachers and faculty from the various schools are giving out the treats and maybe pulling a few tricks of their own. Come on and celebrate Halloween!
Monster MUSH October 31st, 2016 SEIYOU HALLOWEEN DANCE!
Talk of the Arts October 29th, 2016 Yuuki Oshiro and Jiaying have a little run in at the park where Yuuki is playing her cello. Jia brings up calligraphy and things food is mentioned plenty!
Welcome Home, Jia-chan! October 26th, 2016 Lacrima and Amu Hinamori welcome Jiaying back to Tokyo after her trip back home for a bit! (Unfinished)
Dreaming of Darkness October 22nd, 2016 Lacrima learns more horrible things about herself. At least Ariel and Jiaying are there to witness it so she can't keep it to herself and let it fester until it's too late? Surely the ability to empower others with her curse won't end poorly for anyone.
Questions About Cousins October 11th, 2016 Ikiko goes to ask Jiaying about Sora's link to Shiniko and discovers more than she hoped to.
Shadows and Stars October 11th, 2016 There's something Jiaying desperately wants to know from Ayana. Namely, what she did to Lacrima that turned her eyes blue. And whether it might be able to help Sora. Ayana ... didn't have the faintest idea that Sora was Shiniko.
Everything Is A Mess. October 10th, 2016 Jiaying and Lacrima discuss the events of 'Oops'. (Unfinished).
Oops! October 9th, 2016 Lacrima summons a monster and oops... it's accidently loose. Lots of people show up to try to stop it. And something else happens, too!
SoJ: You Gotta be Kitten Me October 8th, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko targets an animal rescue. Whether or not the vet's been stealing money for it, her intended punishment may be a little disproportionate...
Phones and phone numbers October 3rd, 2016 Harbourside chatter with Tadase and Naru and Jiaying and Naomi and Amu about Virtue and phones and gardens and tea and plenty of introductions.
SoJ: The Good, The Bat, and the Ugly October 3rd, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko shows her hand again, attacking an art gallery with reputed underworld connections.
Nothing, Nevermind October 1st, 2016 Jiaying is not having a good time with her video game. Tsubasa is not having a good time with her fans. Seth is not having a good time period. (Partial scene)
Coming Soon: Charming Jellyfish Roses September 26th, 2016 In which Kyouko, Momo, and Jiaying confront the mangaka ghost in the sisters' apartment and Jiaying comes away with a new headache^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H friend.
The Opposite of Art September 25th, 2016 Naru attracts a youma that feeds on art. Jiaying, Alexis, and Mamoru object. What is with that park, anyway? ("YOUMA GENERATOR: A(n) Shadow octopus creature, formed from Sayaka's bat applied to a broken Belkan Device, with the ability to use dark attacks: it is after artistic talent, and it communicates via changelogs." LOOK WE ACTUALLY USED ONE sort of)
Last days of summer September 18th, 2016 As students enjoy the last hot days of summer, strange events occur in the local park. Is it heat stroke or..something else?
ECFH Community Barbecue September 16th, 2016 Some people stop by the ECFH and have some grilled food.
At Least Don't Freak Out September 16th, 2016 Some linguistic trouble sparks a meeting between Jiaying and Nagisa, and Seth Locke.
A History of Color September 15th, 2016 Jiaying and Naru visit a recovering Reiko in the hospital. Reiko tells them a little more about the Prism Keepers' old game.
Walk in the park September 13th, 2016 Just a walk in the park, with cryptic questions, friendly puella amubushes and plenty of chat of food.
I Know What I'm Doing September 12th, 2016 Sora's sure she knows what she's doing, anyhow. Seeing how sick she's getting, Jiaying's not so sure.
If She's That Far Gone September 11th, 2016 Jiaying and Lacrima talk about Sora-Shiniko, and about their own personal flavors of instability.
Patching things up September 10th, 2016 Jiaying and Nagina poke at the warehouse further. (Partial scene)
Unabandoning the abandoned warehouse September 6th, 2016 After an introduction to the seeming magic of music, the idea of making a little club room is proposed to Jiaying and Naru.
Purple Rain September 5th, 2016 Lacrima seems to run into Naru a lot when it rains. Jiaying and then Alexis also find them! Lacrima decides to finally text her brother. Those aren't purple tears, it's just the rain~. Also. Naru is brimming with magical energy. What's that about?
Ghosts and Shadows September 4th, 2016 Jiaying and Kunzite have conversations about Lacrima and Shiniko, and occasionally they even have the same conversation at the same time.
Food horror September 3rd, 2016 Norie makes it home, mostly in one piece. Her food cravings are terrifying.
Black Is The New Orange September 1st, 2016 UMBRA has a plan to return orange to the universe! Riventon and Lacrima are TOTALLY GOING TO FIX EVERYTHING. Somehow, other people do not seem to be lauding them appropriately for this. Maybe it's the amount of dark energy mixed in, or the Nullheart Reiko...
Manor Meeting August 29th, 2016 Lacrima and Jiaying talk about Sora, Rituals, Hot Pants.
Holdin' Out For a Healer August 28th, 2016 Jiaying meets the ECFH.
Open Mic Night August 27th, 2016 It's time for open mic music and performance at the Kareoke Crown. Hitomi discusses birds and clubs with people. Kyousuke drinks a milkshake.
Shadows of Justice: Prison Punisher August 26th, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko is scaling up. This time she's targeting an entire prison.
Uh oh August 25th, 2016 Jiaying finds out Sora is Shiniko. Jiaying knows Norie knew. Uh oh.
Sorry For The Frostbite August 25th, 2016 Jiaying confronts Shiniko. (Partial scene)
Investigating Shiniko August 23rd, 2016 Jia follows Norie's advice to talk to Kukai about Shiniko. The discussion wanders a few times.
Memoir of Melanite August 23rd, 2016 Noire Okana and Jiaying Maki explore an old house for ghosts. Find dark magic, old tomes, books and ramblings of someone who died. Also Red Leather Hot Pants. They do find plenty of those.
'Happy' August 22nd, 2016 Lacrima finds something that makes her happy. She doesn't like it one bit.
Voice at the shrine. August 20th, 2016 A tired Jiaying asks Ayana questions in an attempt to help two of her friends.
Hello From The Other Side. August 18th, 2016 Norie Okana takes Jiaying Maki for a short visit to the Dusk Zone. They meet Shadow Witch Shiniko. Then discuss her at length. Norie is very bad at telling lies. Very bad. Secrets remain intact.
Asking for help August 16th, 2016 Jiaying catches Kukai and listens to Sora, asking him for help with healing.
Gardens are Calm and Peaceful August 15th, 2016 Jiaying tries to make peace between Ayana and Sora. It does not go all that well.
Flower Field Dance August 14th, 2016 Madoka and Homura throw a party on a hillside covered in beautiful flowers. Food is eaten, outfits are complimented and discussed, and, of course, dancing!
All the Candy Bars August 13th, 2016 Jiaying and Norie talk about their various medical and metaphysical conditions.
Worries and Witches August 12th, 2016 Jiaying and Sora are worried about one another, both to do with some Shadow Witch for some reason.
Library research August 11th, 2016 Nagina, Jiaying and Norie stumble upon each other in the library at King Pengiun park. They find out about Nagina's pet snake, Kuraken, talk a touch about HP Lovecraft and ends with an open invite to ghost hunting
Foxes and Fox-gods August 8th, 2016 Jiaying and Ayana are both at Hikawa Shrine for their own reasons. Different kinds of foxes can still have similar problems. Or different sides of the same problem. Especially when one of the problems involves Sora.
Morning After August 5th, 2016 Jiaying and Lacrims recover from the events at the Crystal Group Expo. Granted, they were on opposite sides, but sometimes that's something people can work around...
Not A Foo Dog August 5th, 2016 Jiaying meets Ariel! And, uh, Lucky. One of these goes better than the others for some reason.
The zoo outside August 4th, 2016 A snake, two foxes and a witch visit the zoo, nothing too strange happens for once.
Skyscraper Burgers, Ghosts, Seagulls and Princesses. August 2nd, 2016 Cure Flora learns there's other Cures. Nicola Esprit misses home. Jiaying Maki has ghosts. Burgers are had!
Up up and away! August 1st, 2016 Jiaying gets help from Prism Keeper Orange after being hurt during the heist.
Bad Taste In Books July 31st, 2016 Lacrima's tastes in books, among other things, are questioned by Jiaying.
CtC: Smash n' Grab July 31st, 2016 Eclipse targets the Crystal Group Expo! ... so does Madison Perry.
Take a Look Inside July 29th, 2016 Jiaying has a present for her girlfriend! Protective charms against darkness might or might not be as helpful for Sora as expected, right now.
Luck of the Drain July 27th, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko believes Naru Osaka is guilty of the crime of ... being ... targeted by energy-draining monsters a lot? Um. Several people who are not Naru also object to this.
Suzu attempts to 'accessorize'! ... Welcome to the trainwreck. July 26th, 2016 Suzu is wandering around Osa-P in a kimono, which gets the attention of Jiaying, and Craft is there which gets Suzuki's attention! Conversation ensues.
Ave Maria July 24th, 2016 Jiaying, Sora and Lacrima discuss a possible new alias name for Lacrima. Also ghost opinions and hugging and gifts being exchanged.
Crab People July 23rd, 2016 Jiaying and Norie have company from Natsumi wearing a red crab coat.
A Touch More Abrasive July 21st, 2016 Kukai Souma is patrolling the busy entertainment district for youma and snacks. He runs into Sora and her girlfriend Jiaying coming out of a movie. Everyone gets rubbed a little raw.
Runaway Destinations July 20th, 2016 Norie, or Lacrima, has fled her family's home. Jiaying offers a temporary haven.
Chatter in the Crown July 18th, 2016 Conversation ranging from Wraiths, to Creepy Dolls, to how much Naru hates the park, to work out routines. All with ice cream, becuase of course ice cream.
Options July 16th, 2016 Jiaying and Eilam meet Norie at a certain church. Nobody is having a good day.
Memories Carved in Stone July 14th, 2016 Eilam and Jiaying meet in a graveyard, and discuss people Eilam used to know, and the way that information is more and more being retained.
Who You Gonna Call July 14th, 2016 ...Curse Hunters! Specfically, Jiaying Maki and Norie Okana try to test a theory about wether Norie can eat ghosts instead of humans. The answer is 'no'.
Mistaken Identity July 13th, 2016 Lady Nocturi attacks a pink-haired girl, believing her to be Princess Runealy, but is intercepted by Jiaying.
Trust Issues July 12th, 2016 Two foxes, one school: Jiaying and Ayana finally talk.
Kokuhaku, sort of. July 12th, 2016 Sora and Jiaying talk about social connections. And some of the problems with them. And maybe a date?
Lumberjack Fisticuffs July 11th, 2016 Miss White is out training by punching trees to death. A fox girl pops by to say hello!
The Dye is Cast July 11th, 2016 Eilam's hair needs a change. Reiko's along for the ride, Jiaying by chance.
Rainy Day Mood July 9th, 2016 Norie and Jiaying have a talk about how they're supposed to be monsters. What horrible fate awaits Norie's brother?
Sugar High July 8th, 2016 Jiaying and Hokuto chat about school and
Chaos at Seishou! Attack of the dolls July 5th, 2016 Maeko creates havoc in the school, ends up chatting with her victims!
Fire Escape Side Chat. July 4th, 2016 Lacrima and Jiaying talk relationships, parentage, and not falling out of windows. Also? Classes are important!
Homework Delivery. July 4th, 2016 Sora brings Jiaying her homework. They talk limitations, rituals, human nature, and funny outfits.
Down and Out July 2nd, 2016 Norie checks on Jiaying. After the mouse-Cardian and the Shiniko-interrupted trial, Jiaying is not in a good mood.
Double Jeopardy July 1st, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko targets a man accused of extortion and murder. Things go badly for all concerned.
Where's my cheese June 29th, 2016 An sends a mouse cardian loose on a bunch of kids in a park, but meets some resistance.
Afterschool Special June 28th, 2016 Jiaying follows up with Sora on what in the world happened at Seishou the other day.
Loitering in Holy Places June 26th, 2016 Lacrima goes to her usual 'safe space', she meets Jiaying Maki and they talk about powers, purfication, dreams and the possibility of eating ghosts.
Church Meeting June 25th, 2016 Jiaying and Eilam encounter each other outside a church! And also encounter a mugging attempt.
Interrupted Introductions June 23rd, 2016 Seishou lunchtime is vastly more exciting than most.
Jiaying Meet Mara, Mara Meet Jiaying! June 21st, 2016 Guitar bonding time!
Beach Party! June 21st, 2016 A party is thrown for the magical heroes of Tokyo, and people come to the beach to smash watermelons, chat, and romance!
The Fox, The Witch, And Sportsball-kun June 14th, 2016 A afternoon's walk through the streets ends up with Kukai and Sora meeting up, and Jiaying joining them.
Something Fishy is Going On... June 14th, 2016 Jiaying and Reiko meet. They have conflicting views about how to fight evil. Reiko gets mopey about Misa-chan again. Jiaying is some sort of foxgirl!?
Ice Cream Rebound June 12th, 2016 Mopey as ever, Reiko goes to return a gift she bought for Haru. Ends up meeting Eilam Hisakawa and Jiaying Maki. Misunderstandings and Magical Orange Koi Misscommunications leads to Ice Cream. Somehow. Reiko sucks at hiding her blush a lot. Foxgirls don't steal her wallet. Eilam isn't a vampire.
Art Nerdery! June 8th, 2016 Naru and Maki debate and discuss art and tactics for wall painting over ice cream smoothies.
Retail Therapy June 2nd, 2016 Magical Girl shopping!
Sherbet, Roses, Vampires and Ghosts June 1st, 2016 Norie Okana meets Jiaying Maki. They talk about magical love roses and also vampires and also ghosts over rainbow sherbet and ice cream.
Blame The Jet Lag May 24th, 2016 Kukai meets a new person while out in King Penguin Park, Jiaying Maki! Oh, and she can see Daichi. This sparks a conversation.


Title Date Scene Summary
No logs submitted yet.


Kukai Souma - Nice guy, cute girlfriend. He doesn't have snacks with him like the Gulls do, but he's still nice.

Norie Okana - Roommate and best friend. Worried about her antics with the bad guys. Feels bad that she re-dies every time they go to the Night Harbor.

Sora Hisakata - Girlfriend of two years. Leaning towards overly protective. Forgiven for lighting her on fire.

Eilam Hisakawa - LDG (Living Dead Guy) Thinks he might secretly be some kind of revenant or lingering ghost. Jumps to conclusions, keeps passing out and getting hurt before reverting to mostly dead. Probably not a bad guy.

Naru Osaka - Fellow art geek! Seriously worried that she's attacked often enough for it not to bother her.

Reiko Touyama - Seems friendly, they have differing views about the bad guys. Koi taste like soap.

Hannah Sharpe - Friendly and bombastic. More to come?

Lamya - Roommate, big dragon, fun to tease about falling for a princess.

Miho Kagami - Friend, overly excitable. Has healing stuff apparently. Present when a monster ate Jia's magic.

Takashi Aggera - Jerkface. Saw Jia at her angriest. Involved in one of the incidents that got her sent home for a while.

Hokuto Minase - Shrine maiden (?) Able to visit the Night Harbor too. Nice person, doesn't mind hanging out with a 狐狸精 (huli jing~). Still somewhat weary out of old stories.

Kazuo Takeba - Tall, dark, quiet, nice enough guy. Uses darker style stuff too. Not that Jia's allowed to use the angry ghosts on people anymore.