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Title Date Scene Summary
The Fate of All Puella Magi January 31st, 2016 There's a secret that Homura and Kyubey have been hiding.
Lies and Promises January 31st, 2016 Homura follows Madoka back home after she lied about being okay after the events surrounding Anshi's death. The conversation that follows eventually goes to the topic of a promise Madoka made to Homura and about how neither of them is willing to stand by and do nothing while the other suffers.
From the depths January 31st, 2016 Greta finds Anshi all washed up.
Walpurgisnacht January 31st, 2016 The moment you've all been waiting for! 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
Recovery and Guilt January 31st, 2016 Hannah and Gull recovers in the hospital. Yuko visits! Guilt overcomes the Shieldy-one!
The Others January 31st, 2016 While the nightmarish battle is taking place outside, A group of every day heroes help to lift the spirits of some sheltered people.
An Awkward Conversation January 31st, 2016 After Walpynuts, Hannah is visited by Moon. Moon realizes Hannah is White. White realizes Moon is Usa. Awkward, and then cute bonding ensues!
You have questions, we have worried stammering! January 31st, 2016 After Yellow's first Shade, Reiko and Hoshi talk about the world Hoshi's been dragged into, reassure one another.
Erasing Lives January 31st, 2016 Post-Walpurgisnacht: the Dark Kingdom contingent face Beryl's wrath. Endymion and Kunzite know why. Nephrite and Zoisite know less - and might even have a chance of getting out mostly intact.
If Wishes Were Kisses January 31st, 2016 Then Madoka still has a lot of catching up to do. Yes, even after this scene.
Windy January 30th, 2016 The Fist Is Born.
Neither Friend Nor Foe January 30th, 2016 The day before Walpurgisnacht, Masato Sanjouin comes back into Makoto's life. Neither she nor Nephrite is prepared for the consequences.
The Play Stops January 30th, 2016 During Walpurgisnacht, Kunzite and Sailor V briefly vanish under tons of rubble. Which is also on fire. The two of them manage to make the confined space - somehow - into a stalemate rather than a murder attempt. (The murder attempt will still come later.)
Orange Thread, Part 2 - Awaken! Prism Keeper Yellow! January 30th, 2016 A bad night turns worse for Reiko as a Shade attacks the Seishou Astronomy Club. When all seems lost, Hoshi takes up the wand of Prism Keeper Yellow.
Storm Warning January 29th, 2016 Saying goodbye is hard. So let's not.
If Wishes were Fishes January 29th, 2016 Greta learns what it means to be a Puella, and meets Anshi's little sister.
Old Friends, New Drawings January 29th, 2016 A recess schedule change puts Reiko and Hoshi sharing a recess again after a long time! The two talk about things while Reiko keeps secrets and shares drawings and Hoshi mentions wanting to spend more time together!
Calm Before the Storm January 29th, 2016 A few people get together for a little last minute training before the big showdown with Walpurgisnacht
Paperwork January 29th, 2016 Hibiki and Tsubasa discuss recent developments while working on some paperwork in Section 2 HQ.
Big Words for a Little Fox January 28th, 2016 Ikiko's little red fox begins to ponder some very big questions, inspired by smells she feels she should recognize but doesn't, and by Ikiko's retelling of events.
What is the Sound of One Mage Flying January 28th, 2016 Mikoto and Nanoha help Firebird work out a better Flight spell.
What you dont know can hurt you.. January 28th, 2016 Sayaka has a few questions for Homura, and Homura makes a promise that she has no intention of keeping.
Foxes Fishies Fluffytails and Fruit January 28th, 2016 Reiko visits with Ikiko and Ayana! Ayana remembers a few more things it seems!
Storm Warning January 28th, 2016 As Walpurgisnacht looms on the horizon, Makoto turns to Ami to fill her in on some things she's been keeping to herself... and to ask Ami's help in ensuring that she doesn't make an unforgivable mistake.
Preparations January 28th, 2016 Madoka helps Homura prepare for the battle with Walpurgisnacht by helping her load guns, and Homura fusses over Madoka about firearm safety. All of this happens in a raised Destroyer in the middle of the sea on a foggy day.
Training by Doing January 27th, 2016 Kyouko and Sayaka train for Walpurgisnacht in the most practical way- by hunting Witches. More talking takes place than fighting though, as is the norm.
After The Bomb January 27th, 2016 A wounded Knight seeks safety and healing - and reassurance that she's still doing the right thing. Takes place immediately after "The Black Comet".
Taking Responsibility January 27th, 2016 A Minako and Usagi walk into a cafe.
Standing on the Footpath January 27th, 2016 Daisuke stands in the middle of a footpath. Tsubasa Kazanari puts a stop to the rudeness.
It's Been One Week Since You Looked At Me January 27th, 2016 After Amu has a realization, she goes to see if she can reconsile her best friend's true identity.
Comparing Notes on Foxes & Gulls January 27th, 2016 Ikiko and Corvus talk about her bond with Ayana and some of the aftermath of it.
The Black Comet January 27th, 2016 Ayana has gone missing, and Riventon is just a tad bit upset about this.
Unexpected Gifts January 27th, 2016 After returning from Paris, Usagi has a present for Kyouko!
Orange Thread, Part 3 - Black v Gray January 26th, 2016 Riventon and Griselda have their first meeting. The wrong people at the wrong place at the wrong time.
The Measure of Sweets January 26th, 2016 Three Senshi walk into a Confectionary
The Most Unusual Normal Day January 26th, 2016 A hangover cure leads to a very busy apartment 470. Cards are exchanged. Tea is served. And its all sealed with a kiss!
These Days Of Dust January 26th, 2016 Zoisite and Kunzite actually have a conversation. Kunzite's been doing Zoisite's job as well as his own for weeks, and it's getting close to the time when his student may need to take them over. Or to betray him. For Kunzite, there's no way out of this but through. For Zoisite, there are more options, but the choices he has are almost as terrible as the things that he's learning...
When Sentinels meet Guardians January 26th, 2016 Tsubasa contacts Kukai to discuss their respective magical monstrosities over pastries and tea.
A Stitch in Time January 25th, 2016 The rather rekt Shinobu bumps into Vespa while shopping for first aid supplies. Stitches and Pizza soon follow.
Ice Cream Smoothies January 25th, 2016 They're not milkshakes!
The Ground Beneath Their Feet January 25th, 2016 Kunzite catches Nephrite up on Walpurgisnacht and also Endymion. Zoisite shit-stirs.
Last Chance Dance January 25th, 2016 (CONTENT WARNING: Gooey Romance) Madoka throws an Ice Skating Dance party in anticipation of the upcoming Walpurgisnacht. Despite the vast number of various Magical Heroes that show up to attend they all manage to keep from trying to stab or shoot each other. After the party Homura confesses her true feelings to Madoka and Hitomi(not present) turns out to have been very, very wrong.
Renewed Vows January 25th, 2016 In the aftermath of the Noise attack on Tsubasa's concert, Hibiki and Miku discuss what it means to help people.
Analysis Paralysis January 25th, 2016 The Blue Knight debates her motivations.
Tea Biscuits and Togo-sans! January 24th, 2016 Haruna meets Mimori Togo in Seiyou while she wonders how to eat all the tea biscuits she made. Haruna is someone's senpai!?- be very afraid.
The Plot Thickens January 24th, 2016 A rather irate Moon takes her frustrations out on Kunzite. She yells at him, he makes her cry, Mercury shows up, Moon almost makes HER cry, and by the end, Kunzite's evil plots against innocent winter birds are thwarted.
Morning of the Fox January 24th, 2016 The morning after the ritual to free Ayana from Riventon, Ikiko awakes to a frightened fox and a concerned father. How will she handle both?
Too Noisy January 24th, 2016 Tsubasa Kazanari, the famous idol, has her first concert in a while! Unfortunately her string of bad luck continue as a group of Noise attack partway through the show. The Symphogear wielders spring into action to protect the crowd, helped by a handful of other magical people who happened to be in the crowd!
Orange Thread, Part 1 - Good Night, Prism Keeper Orange January 24th, 2016 As Reiko struggles to process the recent events reshaping her life, unexpected events bring her challenges closer to home
Bad Rap Trap January 23rd, 2016 Riventon gives Homura an important lesson on why you should never let your enemies know where you live.
A Taste of What Might Have Been January 23rd, 2016 Knowing Takashi has never had a proper birthday party, Ayana plans the perfect one to show him what he's been missing all his life. For once in his life, Takashi experiences true love, and perhaps manages to return the feeling. If only his entire life had been this sweet, perhaps things wouldn't be leading towards inevitable destruction.
Big Secrets January 23rd, 2016 Amu is crying. Ikuto wants to know why.
Familiar Chat January 23rd, 2016 Mikoto has been overworking herself -- AGAIN -- and Hikari takes steps.
Emergency Services January 23rd, 2016 Tadase visits Amu at her house.
Bonds and Betrayal January 23rd, 2016 Ikiko decides she's tired of Ayana being subjected to Riventon's evil. On the night of the full moon, the day after his birthday, she gathers her friends and allies to enact a ritual to sever Ayana's familiar bond. The results are far more colourful than expected.
Convincing January 22nd, 2016 Sailor Jupiter wants to know what happened to Masato Sanjouin. Also, to hit Kunzite, preferably a lot. One out of two isn't bad.
Things That Should and Should Not Be Cooked January 22nd, 2016 Things that should be cooked: Delicious food. Things that should NOT be cooked: YOUR FREAKING LEGS!
The Test From Heck January 22nd, 2016 Melanite needs some energy. Tests are renowned for being Nastily Exhausting. If this one's a little bit more so, who'll notice?
Breaking Bread January 22nd, 2016 A very ticked off Sailor Moon arrives at Makoto's apartment. However, because Mako-chan, Usagi is saved from a couple weeks of listening to Death Metal and writing bad poetry.
Last Stop January 22nd, 2016 Months after two friends join forces to fight the darkness of Griselda, they part ways.
And the Stars Above January 22nd, 2016 Nephrite's been missing for five months. Homura, Dark Endymion, and Kunzite go to rescue him. Not ALL haunted mansions have Witches, it should be noted.
Fame and Fear January 22nd, 2016 A girl practicing with a bo in the park gets to meet a musical Diva! Warnings abound about some natural disasters...
Idol Musings January 21st, 2016 Reiko Touyama spots Tsubasa Kazanari shopping inside her favorite boutique! She awkwardly introduces heself. Then more awkwardness ensures.
Magic User's Club Practice Session January 21st, 2016 Firebird gets a lesson in magic from Miss Blue, and the two discuss learning strategy.
Devil at the Gate January 21st, 2016 Kunzite lies in wait for Ikiko. Somehow, Ikiko winds up thinking of the result as 'something uplifting.' Er.
Coffee and Sweets and Virtuous Treats January 21st, 2016 Miku wants to talk to Mami.
You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too! January 21st, 2016 Dinner with Shinobu's parents and a run in with Hinote leads to an adventurous evening and a burning desire for cake.
An Ocean View January 21st, 2016 Ami and Takashi text. And go on a ... is that a date, or a research consulation? With these two, is there a difference?
Unforgivable January 20th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: May trigger, NC callout. Queen Beryl shows off Dark Endymion and her power in front of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Asclepius.
Polite Among Foxes January 20th, 2016 Ayana runs into someone familiar near Ikiko's home. Kunzite is not pleased with Ayana's situation; it makes this a little too close to home for him, too...
So Much Shining Left Before I'm Out January 20th, 2016 Endymion's a hot mess. Remarkably, Zoisite does NOT pour gasoline on the fire when called for help.
A Pretty for Naru! January 20th, 2016 Usagi gives Naru Paris Presents!
Affection Poaching January 20th, 2016 Endymion and Kyouko get into a fight over Kunzite. Mami, Homura, and Sailor Moon pick up the pieces.
Hibiki's Homecoming January 20th, 2016 Hibiki returns home unannounced, and Miku's excitement is highly audible.
Back to Routine January 20th, 2016 After extended absensces, Hibiki and Tsubasa return to a slice of normal life, together with Miku.
Hair brushing, Relationships, and Cuddling January 19th, 2016 Homura comes over to Madoka's house to spend time with her, and they brush each other's hair and chat about all kinds of things, including relationships after Sayaka makes an appearance.
Intentions January 19th, 2016 Sayaka bumps into Shinobu and Hinote at Game Center Crown. Questions abound about the new Puella Magi's intentions...
Incursion January 19th, 2016 A mysterious creature violates Tokyo's space-time, and an equally mysterious girl is on-hand to help defeat it.
TXT: I scratched his face?! January 18th, 2016 Homura gave Sailor Moon Dendy's new burner number to text. Hijinx.
Apartment Hunting January 18th, 2016 Homura and Usagi go hunting for a (temporary) new apartment for Mamoru. Or at least hunting for a new place to store his stuff while he's brainwashed.
Oops January 18th, 2016 Takashi accidentally unleashes a youma.
Pot Smashers! January 18th, 2016 An unlikely team up occurs in a Labyrinth on Shinobu's first witch hunt. A mysterious Puella Magi is met and POTS ARE SMASHED!
Playing With Him Last Week January 17th, 2016 Silver Millennium: Princess Serenity only knew death as an abstract concept. Until today.
Childhood Friends and New Revelations January 17th, 2016 Minoke finally revealing to her childhood friend about her new powers and her new lease on life.
A Tale of Two Mages January 17th, 2016 Minoke meeting her new teacher Mikoto and Mikoto's familiar in the hospital after she got wounded dealing with a witch.
Over Confidence and Under Amusement January 17th, 2016 A run in between Sailor V and the newest Puella Magi in town shows someone has the itch... V is not amused. Special Guest Appearance by Sayaka!
Taking Responsibility January 17th, 2016 A random meeting between Madoka and Shinobu leads to a few good lessons.
Delicious Food, Seagulls and... Puella Magis! January 16th, 2016 Haruna visits Shinobu to realize that she's made a wish upon a Kyubey. (Unfinished, technically)
A Tale of Two Rookies January 16th, 2016 Shinobu goes to visit the wounded Minoke. The two learn abit about what each other can do.
Questions about Catboys January 16th, 2016 Solomon asks Tadase and Amu about Ikuto.
Sunsets January 16th, 2016 Madoka and Homura run across Endymion on the rooftop of Homura's apartment. Endymion is distant, Madoka is romantically oblivious, and Homura is losing her mind over here.
Homemaking January 16th, 2016 Things have been moved in to the Waldians' new home, and now it's time to make sense of the place, claim rooms, and figure out how they're going to make this place work for them!
One night in Tokyo January 16th, 2016 First attempt at a hunt for Shinobu is a blind walk into Tokyo. Don't worry it's short!
Belated Christmas Present January 16th, 2016 Christmas comes a little late for Hannah and Haruna.
Wrong Place, Wrong Time January 16th, 2016 A very nasty and new Labyrinth has opened. A gang of thugs is attacking everyone they see and are marked by a witches kiss. Reports that at least one person has vanished after being attacked are coming in. Someone needs to stop the madness! WARNING! This may get dark. It is a PMMM Themed scene after all.
Swan Song of Normalcy January 15th, 2016 Minoke returns Shinobu's coat. The two become better friends and it is an all around happy go lucky evening.
Burning Clean January 15th, 2016 Zoisite is firestorm furious because everything is being taken from him. Endymion is... completely baffling. (Takes place in the gardens just outside the palace, in the edge of the real world.)
Small Talk January 15th, 2016 Big Secrets
Brainfreezes January 14th, 2016 Takashi wanders his way into the Game Center Crown, but happens upon a different Senshi than he was looking for.
Bad Ideas January 14th, 2016 Homura gave Usagi Dendy's mobile number. Dendy FREAKS OUT a little. Things get resolved with loopholes big enough to drive a truck through, and also Homu and Dendy talk about Woolpearjuicesnot and Sailor V.
Hammy Villains and Cheesy Heroes January 14th, 2016 Both Shinobu and Hinote seem to have a very good taste in practice spots.
La Vie en Rose January 14th, 2016 The Senshi go beneath the Paris Catacombs to find the gardens there, and they-- and Zoisite-- discover far more than they bargained for. Also, there's a catfight between Zoisite and Sailor Moon.
I'm Not Locked In Here With You January 14th, 2016 Zoisite's kidnapped Jupiter and Mercury through his control of the impossible palace beneath the Paris catacombs. Mercury is the one who offers him a deal. Jupiter is the one who keeps him from killing them for the offer...
It Really Is Grand Central January 14th, 2016 Kyouko comes to Mamoru's empty apartment looking for Jadeite. Sayaka comes to Mamoru's empty apartment looking for Kyouko. Kunzite comes to Mamoru's empty apartment looking for NOT TWO PUELLA MAGI, WAIT WHAT, WHY ARE YOU EVEN. Surprisingly little violence ensues. Also, Kyouko accidentally proves once again that she really is an honorary one of Mamoru's guys.
Afterthoughts January 13th, 2016 Homura realizes that she has Dark Endymion's number and that Usagi probably wants it.
Breaking Peace January 13th, 2016 Breaking up an old car and hanging out with a cute guy can be just what the doctor ordered.
Fears and Foxears January 13th, 2016 Ayana finally visits Hannah again. Pizza and the fears of a foxmiliar are shared.
They Do Bleed January 12th, 2016 A world-traveling vigilante agent claims to discover a secret way to monitor the Dark Kingdom's transportation signals. Also Dark Endymion throws a snowball at Sailor V and Kunzite sits on snow without melting it because he's ice cold, baby. (This scene is actually full of major feels, no lie.)
Chop Shop Witch January 12th, 2016 WPS and company visit a Chop Shop with a client.
There's Snow Day Like the Present January 12th, 2016 A Jewel Seed infests a Snow Leopard Cub. In the ensuing fight, the snow leopard is gravely injured. While Riventon and Fate rush away with the jewel seed, Mikoto makes a new friend. Literally.
A Familiar Home January 12th, 2016 Mikoto and her new familiar go home after "There's Snow Day Like The Present"
Uninvited January 12th, 2016 Wherein Usagi is stalked and buys her stalker coffee and an eclair. The conversation is disjointed and sad. Mindbendingly heartbreakingly gloriously sad.
Fishy Curiosity January 12th, 2016 Reiko has a talk with Ikuto's Guardian Chata, Yoru.
Scones and Souls January 12th, 2016 Shinobu goes to the Midori-ya Bakery only to find Madoka and Homura there and decides to ask them some questions. She doesn't like all of the answers she gets. Madoka likes them even less.
Puzzles January 12th, 2016 Takashi and Madoka meet up, but an afternoon that was planned to have begun over a jigsaw puzzle instead ends something else.
Shinobu out for a snack! January 11th, 2016 Shinobu goes out for some coffee/tea and meets Mara. Minako so rudely accuses Shinobu of things, but all ends well with pizza.
Textual Disagreement January 11th, 2016 Ami and Rei complain about mutual problems and frustrations, and discuss how to save the world. Also there are cuddles, probably.
Post-Meeting Conversations January 11th, 2016 It's Homura's birthday; she can guilt trip herself if she wants to.
Dorm Warming Gifting! January 11th, 2016 Haruna pays a visit to the new dorm resident! It turns out to be someone she met earlier at the meeting about Waplurgisnacht!
In My Corner January 11th, 2016 After the Walpurgisnacht meeting, Kyouko is still mad. She runs into Sayaka and transfers some of that anger.
Forgiveness Over Permission January 10th, 2016 Mami invites Madoka to Homura's house for the Walpurgisnacht meeting.
Meeting: Walpurgisnacht January 10th, 2016 Homura Akemi and Mami Tomoe host a meeting about Walpurgisnacht. A lot of conflicting personalities come and their personalities conflict. Also it turns out that it's Homura's birthday.
Meeting the Devil at the Shoreline January 10th, 2016 Shinobu knows better than to enter a contract blindly.
Neon in Monochrome January 10th, 2016 A Shade attacks the Neon District! The Cute Wolf, a Cute Fox, Miss Blue and a Creepy Doll(!?) help out. Reiko def. loves pretty boys. :I
The Trek Home January 10th, 2016 After the meeting concerning Walpurgisnacht, Mami is walking a potential Puella Magi home. They are joined by Sayaka.
Catch Ikuto By His Tail January 10th, 2016 Usagi sees Ikuto! Arm Cling to make sure he's okay! Confusion! Mamorambles (dude, it's Usagi, duh!) Beautiful Violin music! Bad Guy Violin music! Threats! Intrigue! Oh, also, Ikuto now knows who Sailor Moon is, whups. (Plus, Yoru gets a cootie shot!)
The Gallery Trap January 10th, 2016 An invitation to visit with an artist proves to be the bait for an ambush upon the Waldian princess. When the Guardian Knights and a new friend foil this plan, a new home is gained.
UnShaded Sleepover January 10th, 2016 After the events of 'Neon in Monochrome', Reiko and Ayana have a sleepover at Ikiko's place, and talk about the things that are bothering them.
Fire is Bad, Mkay January 10th, 2016 Takashi comes home to find a fire in his home. But is it really worth all the trouble?
Kiss and Tell January 10th, 2016 Drunk Moon makes out with Dark Endy and makes him cry; afterwards, Kunzite has a meeting with Moon, Mercury, and Homura; Moon does not throw up and Homura does not shoot her RPG.
Tea With Lindy January 9th, 2016 Nanoha, Mikoto, and Suzuki have big questions for Lindy.
The Cat and the Navigator King January 9th, 2016 Ikuto finds himself where all stray cats do eventually-- Seiyou's observatory and planetarium. Tsukasa is there too, and Ikuto is surprisingly frank with him.
Of Crepes and Canes and Clothes, OH MY! January 9th, 2016 Shinobu makes another new friend! Usagi! Shinobu gets a stylish new coat and some school clothes, they eat crepes together, and they have a discussion of flavors that may or may not be about food.
Wobbly Wheelchair Wreaks Weirdness January 9th, 2016 Minoke falls out of her chair - Shinobu to the rescue!
Creaks and Cracks January 9th, 2016 Two friends meet over coffee. One is a bottomless pit, and the other is Tadase. Voice changes, Current Events, and Amu are discussed.
Firebirds and Fracases January 8th, 2016 Like things needed to be more complicated, right?
Silver Crystal Outbreak January 8th, 2016 Zoisite flips the zombie switch on the humans of Tokyo who've been directed to find the Silver Crystal. Obviously, certain parties object strenuously.
Affirmations January 8th, 2016 Usagi invites Minako to the park for a chat. Insecurities are addressed. Minako still adores Usagi, Usagi tries to play Peacekeeper, Minako rants, Usagi realizes it's okay to not be sad all the time. (And Luna doesn't like Kissy Faces unless it's an Emotional Emergency.)
Water is Wet January 8th, 2016 Ayana is searching for Takashi. Finds Ikiko instead.
Bumping Into A New Friend. Literally January 8th, 2016 Madoka and Shinobu meet each other on the streets of Tokyo and end up having a nice meal and conversation together.
We're On A Boat January 8th, 2016 Wounded Takashi wakes up on a boat with Ami.
Teatime at Hikawa Shrine January 8th, 2016 Rei Hino invites Mami Tomoe in for tea, and the two have a nice chat.
A Bunch of Words January 8th, 2016 Tadase and Amu talk about Ikuto.
Firebird Reference Checking! January 8th, 2016 Cure Gull checks out the new girl on the scene 'Firebird' at Sailor V's request on behalf off 'Virtue'!
Safest January 8th, 2016 Kunzite and Dark Endymion and updates, and pretenses desperately clung to.
Kill it with Fire January 8th, 2016 Rei sets Ayana on fire. Mami helps.
Crescent SkyBeam Explosion January 7th, 2016 Crescent SkyBeam Explosion #2 - Sailor V blows up the sky with Firebird, meets Stardust Witch Meruru, and accidentally kill a bird
Bullies and Heroines January 7th, 2016 Some thugs try to bully Minoke. Sayaka to the rescue!
Never Trust a Cat January 7th, 2016 Ikuto's at it again. This time he runs afoul of Guardian Sol. Ikuto finds out Sol isn't playing, and Sol finds out how reprehensible cats truly are!
Ship Happens January 7th, 2016 After his nearly fatal fight with Dark Endymion, Ami drags Takashi out to the Heart and Soul of Tokyo; a cruise liner sitting in Tokyo's harbor for maintenance before its next cruise. She helps him to a room, and the pair talk a little further before finally Ami she leaves him to rest and goes to do the same herself.
Being Mahou Shoujo Is Hugging January 7th, 2016 Homura and Madoka have a small text conversation. Then a small verbal conversation. Then a longer one. They finish off with a really long one, and a few hours of hugging.
Anger Management January 7th, 2016 Mamoru thinks that Takashi has a punchable face. Homura agrees. Ami does not.
A Mage's Workshop January 7th, 2016 Welcome to Intelligent Device Improvement, Optimization, and Maintenance. Do mind the bleeding catboys.

Immediately after Never Trust a Cat

Sailor V Crescent SkyBeam Explosion January 7th, 2016 Crescent SkyBeam Explosion #1 - meeting Firebird and introducing Virtue
Kunzite's a Creeper!!! January 7th, 2016 After a pleasant dream, Usagi wakes up to discover Kunzite is a creeper who likes to watch young girls sleep. She and Jadeite hightail it out of Mamoru's apartment! (Disclaimer: Kunzite strongly protests the inaccuracy of this synopsis.)
Beautiful Dreams and Waking Nightmares January 6th, 2016 Usagi dreams of a past life. Kunzite teaches her about days and nights, seasons and lands, and children. Endymion arrives and Kunzite slinks to the shadows to get cavities and the couple's sweet sappiness. Then Usagi wakes up, has a cape on her, and obviously, Kunzite is a Creeper.
As Elegant as a Fish!... out of water. January 6th, 2016 Reiko tries to deliver a letter, fails, ends up having to talk her problems out to Tadase Hotori- the original person the letter was meant for instead!
Jewel Seed: Youma Edition January 6th, 2016 A very... unique youma tries to claim a Jewel Seed, having mistaken it for the Phantom Silver Crystal. This is the first of many mistakes it makes.
Raspberry Conversations January 6th, 2016 Madoka seeks Kyouko out to talk about Sayaka's becoming a Puella Magi and the complex romantic situation surrounding her. Watch as Kyubey's unchanging glazed over stare is put to good use.
Deja Duo January 6th, 2016 Daisuke and Kyra reminisce about a past life they don't remember.
Sunny and Windy January 6th, 2016 Cure Sunny and Cure Gull go out on patrol. Talk about things and burgers!
Dinner and a Show January 6th, 2016 Takashi and Ami definitely do NOT have a date at the swankest restaurant in town. But they do meet to peer review one another's findings--or in particuliar, Takashi's findings related to the papers provided by 'Professor' Izono.
Cloak and Dagger January 5th, 2016 Ami asks Kyouko for help with Jadeite, and Usagi brings Ami Mamoru's cloak. Then, they cry and talk about trust issues. Then the two girls fall asleep together. Mama Mizuno might get the wrong idea, but at least they're *sleeping*
Winter Reading January 5th, 2016 Namakelder is not a member of the Stay In School campaign. Also, a Terribad!
A Strange Equation January 5th, 2016 Ikuto steals an egg from a young skater-to-be! And Prism Keeper Orange tries to figure out how
The Sound of Music January 5th, 2016 After defeating a Witch, Anshi shows off her Grief Seed to Mami.
A Cold Date January 4th, 2016 Madoka and Takashi go ice skating
Dark Omens January 4th, 2016 Homura warns Kyouko about the coming of Walpurgisnacht, and Kyouko agrees to help.
Curt Questioning January 4th, 2016 Nanoha talks to Hannah about some things she heard from Miss Blue- confirms Hannah as a mage---- and finds out she may not be the shining diamond of a person she thought she was, if not a completly evil jerk.
Just a social visit January 4th, 2016 Mami invites Runealy over for tea.
The Lies We Tell Ourselves January 3rd, 2016 Ayana cooks Takashi dinner, and continues her slow betrayal of her master by lying about her emotions and her intentions. She finds an opportunity to try and manipulate him, but it seems that her success in doing so is only doomed to backfire.
Puella Advice January 3rd, 2016 A frustrated Hannah asks Homura for advice. Thoughts are kept, shared, and Hannah finds the greatest secret of all Mahou: Homura Giggles.
What Is the Silver Crystal January 3rd, 2016 Professor Sato Izono discusses the nature of the Silver Crystal on live television, does a Q&A session with the audience, distributes dark energy pamphlets of compulsion, and answers questions about the hardness and cleavage of magical gems.
Things You Used to Do January 3rd, 2016 Kunzite tracks down Zoisite to do damage control. He's had a lot of practice, even if stresses are exponentially higher than they've ever been.
That Your Eyes Once Promised January 3rd, 2016 Usagi gets caught in a thunderstorm. This time? That's... not Mamoru.
Almost Blue January 2nd, 2016 After the meeting with Beryl, Kunzite and Endymion discuss logistics. In Singapore.
Keep your friends close.. January 2nd, 2016 Sayaka and Madoka run across each other at a skating rink.
Music Exchange January 2nd, 2016 Homura and Madoka exchange links to their favorite songs, expressing their tastes and also their feelings.
Archives and Apologies January 2nd, 2016 Hinote reads books in a royal library. Solomon apologizes for what an ass he's been. Hinote didn't even notice this whole time!
Not That Into You January 2nd, 2016 Endymion and Kunzite have Stuff for Beryl. There is DK bickering. There is Melanite, Beryl's old/new apprentice! Welcome to the Dark Kingdom, hope you survive!
Belated Christmas Picnic January 1st, 2016 Tsukiko gives Ayana a two-part belated Christmas present.
A Time For Peace And A Time For War January 1st, 2016 Mami has Homura over for tea. No shots are fired. Walpurgisnacht is discussed. Cake is eaten.
New Years Bash January 1st, 2016 Hotel Augusta throws a new years party! Come for the dancing, stay for the drama, and live for the Chara and Koi.
The Dark Kingdom Whisperer January 1st, 2016 Homura enlists the Dark Kingdom's aid in fighting Walpurgisnacht. By grabbing Endymion's collar and calling him a jerk. Oddly, it works.
Strength in Pain January 1st, 2016 Jadeite gets Moon Healing Escalated and the Senshi fight... but, uh, they don't fight Jadeite. Or a monster. And now they have a puppy.
Our Choices Seal Our Fate January 1st, 2016 Kunzite seeks out Jadeite once more, possibly for the last time. Questions are answered. Choices are made. And endings are always beginnings.
An Unexpected Guest January 1st, 2016 Fleeing from the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite visits the Hikawa Shrine. He finds Rei and Ami, who eventually swap out for Mars and Mercury. Agreements are made to help Jadeite break free of the Dark Kingdom.

Title Date Scene Summary
Bad Pennies February 29th, 2016 While trying to flee Easter, Utau bumps into Kukai AGAIN, just like a bad penny! ARGH!
Is There a Bunny Constellation? February 29th, 2016 Usagi delivers gifts to Nephrite. Important questions are asked, hugs are distributed, and underwear passes scrutiny.
Dance the Night Away February 29th, 2016 After announcing that she wishes to join WPS, Sayaka and Kyuoko share a dance and discuss an uncertain future..
Thank You Beef February 29th, 2016 Kyouko and Sayaka meet up with Usagi for Thank You Korean Beef.
Egging On - Part II February 29th, 2016 Things go horrible for Kukai on his way back. :I. Then they get /worse/...
Hospitalized Hoshi-chan! February 29th, 2016 After the events of 'Egging On - Part II', Hoshi Kogane ends up in the hospital! Reiko visits her friend for support and also hugs.
Talking of Pastries and Futures February 28th, 2016 Runealy and two Sworn Friends go to Midori-ya.
Crossaints, Couples and Cats February 28th, 2016 Reiko, Mikoto and Minoke talk about things. Crossaints, Boys, and Cats.
I Have Seen the Same February 28th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Kunzite is made of corruption and wasps. SUMMARY: Nephrite goes to find Mamoru, since he hasn't seen him and he's been acting super skittish and kind of weird. He finds him doing something commendably devoted and apparently hideously dangerous, and calls him out on it. Turns out it's way more unpleasant than he thought, but, uh, still commendably devoted? Then they have more bonding time. (lol i sux @ sumarys pls r&r!)
The Pizzeria February 28th, 2016 Ami's first date with Takashi goes surprisingly not-horribly.
Visiting Koi February 28th, 2016 Reiko visits the Hisakata household.
The Price of Fame February 27th, 2016 Sometimes being famous is hard work..Especially when you have to hide from your fans!
Tokyo Eating Challenge! February 27th, 2016 Are you hungry? Do you think you got what it takes to out eat every other person in Tokyo?! Well Lets see you do it! The Seiyou Hero Club is proud to bring you the Tokyo Eating Challenge. Ages 10-18. Entrants must have a sponsor, Proceeds go to Storm Relief. There will be prizes!
Knight of Healing February 26th, 2016 Usagi looks in on recently-purified Zoisite. Zoisite takes this as an opportunity to mend fences before his prince figures out just how MUCH Zoisite's been irritating Moon. In other words, someone decided it was a good idea to put two emotionally-driven, contact-addicted people with low impulse control in the same room unsupervised. There is a lot of hugging. And shipping. Zoisite's not so sure about this shipping HIM thing, mind.
Naru Perspective Broadened February 26th, 2016 Naru actually meets Usagi's boyfriend. After getting rescued from the Dark Kingdom.
A Wonderful Dream February 26th, 2016 To celebrate their one month anniversary, Homura and Madoka go to a seafood restaurant and feed eachother sushi. Cuteness and romance abounds.
Dating Lives of Teenage Superheroines February 26th, 2016 Makoto finds a list that Ami didn't mean to leave out, leading them to - somewhat literally - compare notes on boys, dating, and the respective conditions of their love lives. Such as they are.
No Noh Knows Noh No February 26th, 2016 An unfaithful man is attacked by strange Noh figures.
Amusement Park Assessment February 26th, 2016 Returning to the amusement park after her awakening as Cure White, she meet a new friend (and Mipple meets her own new friend).
Mammoth Noises February 25th, 2016 A number of magical heroes take on a Noise.
LOVE WAR! February 25th, 2016 Takashi's troubled. He goes to see an expert on his specific troubles. Then he gets himself in new trouble. Par for the course.
Koi and Complications! February 25th, 2016 Prism Keeper Orange meets Hunter on top of Clover Tower as she tries to figure out more about the Invitiation from Maeko. They talk about koi, goldfish, water plants and boys. Life is now complicated again!
The Long Walk Home February 24th, 2016 Venus escorts Kyra to the train station, with chitchat and pizza. (Immediately follows 'Naru Escape'.)
Real V. Fake February 24th, 2016 A run in with Hoshi leads Rena to let her in on her new secret. It also leads to the discussion about what it means to be fake.
Remember Spring Swaps Snow for Leaves February 24th, 2016 Sailor Mercury comes to see Mamoru to tell him about the plan for Kunzite-- and to see for herself he's all right. Zoisite's with him, and Usagi arrives around the same time; they all go over the details.
Naru Escape February 24th, 2016 Naru is rescued from the Dark Kingdom! So is ... Kyra? Several people's Clever Schemes collide head-on; most of them go off in one way or another. Unfortunately, that many explosions in one place is an excellent way to get Beryl's attention...
Youma Season February 24th, 2016 Shhhh. We's huntin' youma!
The Worth Of A Soul February 24th, 2016 In the midst of a sleepover Homura wakes to find Madoka caught in the grip a night terror induced by the Grief she had taken upon herself from Homulily in order to redeem Homura from witchdom.
Texting In Class February 24th, 2016 Takashi and Ami exchange text messages during class. Takashi is bad at people.
How This Grace Thing Works February 24th, 2016 After Zoisite's Escalation, Nephrite sweeps him and Mamoru off to safety. Where the three of them have a moment to recover, and to try to remember parts of their old equilibrium, and to start trying to find a new one that might be more stable than the old. Also to cheerfully be jerks at each other, because how else do you do that anyway?

Also, there are shoes.

Worried Warnings and Good Natured Teasing February 23rd, 2016 Reiko finds out some distressing news about Misa and goes to Ikiko and Ayana for support. They talk about crushes afterwards and then a sleepover!
Egging On - Part I February 23rd, 2016 Reiko tracks down Kukai, someone she met while fighting a Shade, to ask questions about Virtue. Reiko can help with a problem! Hopefully nothing terrible happens on Kukai's way back!...
Text Get Ready To Grumbllllleeeee! February 23rd, 2016 Kyouko texts Usagi about a certain issue.
Concordia Discordantium February 23rd, 2016 Sayaka and Madoka fight Riventon, and in doing so, Sayaka faces down some of her inner demons in a very outer way.
After School As You Said! February 23rd, 2016 Reiko and Hoshi go talk to Haru Zinoro, to get the invitation Misa left with him to see if it can't lead them to Maeko. Hoshi tries to play matchmaker!?
Dangerous Games February 23rd, 2016 Ami has been taking on some Dark Energy from Takashi, and Rei is a bit worried.
Caring for A Hurt Friend February 23rd, 2016 After Mikoto got injured during Pretty Cure's debut, Minoke comes to take care of her and meet her 'Uncle John'.
Chara Napping. February 23rd, 2016 Amu sends her chara to kidnap Yoru!
Drama and Doom! February 23rd, 2016 Craft chases Dabble into a production getting ready to act in Seiyou's Auditorium! He finds a target to turn into a cog instead--- prompting the awakening of a new Steam Sentinel!
Loose Wires and Dropped Calls February 23rd, 2016 Homura comes to visit Mamoru. The problem is that they're both trying to put themselves back together after trauma, and some of the trauma is still ongoing, even if they're both technically getting their happy endings at the same time. Maybe they think they're just too different from who they were -- or maybe it's just that they're both lying about being whole and hale, presenting faces to each other that are more masked than they've ever been, to avoid hurting the other -- but they don't quite manage to connect. Not yet. But Madoka's bento is delicious.
So Much Family February 23rd, 2016 A cheerful day at the Hisakata household.
Sat-- Er, Sunday In the Park February 22nd, 2016 Kukai's out for an evening jog. SUDDENLY NINJAS! Well, just one ninja, actually.
Ex Astris Scientia February 22nd, 2016 Mamoru comes to find Nephrite after the events of the weekend. There is Bro Time, which involves awkwardness and coffee and crying and hugging and strategy and astrology. Shut up it's amazing.
Stepping On a Broken Wing February 22nd, 2016 Tsubasa tries to make sure Hibiki is doing alright by asking Miku. She accidentally angers Miku, and the backlash leaves both girls leaving with their mood ruined.
Dating Games February 22nd, 2016 What happens when you throw a bunch of Puella with issues in a room with romantic music, extravagant dinner, dancing...And Miss White?
What d'you Mean, Transform February 22nd, 2016 Immediately after
While You Were Gone February 22nd, 2016 UMBRA's in a sad state.
Care Package! February 22nd, 2016 Rena volunteers to bring Usagi some things from school. Sweets may or may not be involved!
Naru in the Dark February 22nd, 2016 Naru wanders the Dark Kingdom, encountering hostile youma and Zoisite. Weapons-grade obliviousness is definitely deployed. Or, as Mamoru's player put it: "the forces of the earth and moon kingdoms are arrayed to rescue you and sailor moon is a blubbering mess and you're having tea parties, omg"
Lost and Found February 21st, 2016 Utau goes looking for her stolen X-eggs..And gets lost, before bumping into Kukai again.
Minako Aino Meets Mara Brando! February 21st, 2016 Minako Aino meets Mara Brando at Game Center Crown. Things get silly, and interesting!
Our Very Own Happily Ever After February 21st, 2016 Madoka finally invites Homura over to meet her family and they have a nice dinner together. It's followed by a talk between Homura and Junko, before Homura and Madoka run along and have a conversation of their own.
Meet Bob February 21st, 2016 Hannah invites Madoka and Homura to her lab, so that Madoka can meet 'Bob'.
Stargazing on the Night Before A New Dawn February 21st, 2016 When you wish on a prismatic rainbow star... you might get smacked in the face with a magical cellphone...
I'll Know My Name When It's Called Again February 20th, 2016 Endymion pulls one more piece into place as the fight against the Dark Kingdom nears its endgame. Mostly this involves navigating a maze of spiky insecurities and uncomfortable perceptions, but some of it is just a little more coming home.
Birthday Shenanigans! February 20th, 2016 A birthday tea party is thrown for Reiko! At first it seems great and wonderful... until things start to look wrong, and then the one singing 'happy birthday' turns out to be Maeko! A fight ensues, leaving the birthday girl crying.
Priorities February 20th, 2016 Still temporarily sane, Kunzite asks for a conference with Sailor Venus, Endymion, and Sailor Moon, in order to figure out what they're doing with (a) the Silver Crystal (b) the fact that he's about to turn into one of Beryl's weapons again and (c) Melanite having kidnapped Naru. Nobody else knew about Naru. Moon did not know about Naru. Moon DOES NOT TAKE THIS WELL.
Supplies! February 20th, 2016 Rena is stocking up for next week's baked goods! She bumps into Kukai and Hoshi! New Friends YAY!
Call Off Your Artemis! February 20th, 2016 Following 'Priorities', Sailor Venus and Kunzite go to acquire the last piece of the key to the Silver Crystal while Kunzite is still momentarily sane. The guardian of the place is a caracal the size of a Clydesdale. There is absolutely no doubt that it is, in all ways, a cat. (They get the piece.)
Smooth as Crunchy Peanut Butter February 20th, 2016 Reiko smacks right into the boy who came to her party and makes a butt of herself. Luckily, Haru doesn't seem to mind!
Out Of The Woods February 20th, 2016 Nephrite and Makoto in the aftermath of Nephrite's purification. There's no wiping the slate clean, and no more pretending. (Directly follows "Roll Away Your Stone," roughly concurrent with "Priorities.")
Lessons in Self-Defence February 20th, 2016 Utau and Minako encounter a bunch of thugs, and teachs them a lesson..That gets a bit out of hand.
Relative Values of Okay February 20th, 2016 Makoto comes to visit Mamoru with lunch and uncertainty, and Mamoru convinces her that passing grades are the best way to flip off the Dark Kingdom and by god he will help her get them.
Warehouse Disaster February 20th, 2016 A disaster in the warehouse leads to a closer bond of friendship with Minoke and her friends.
Roll Away Your Stone February 19th, 2016 Wherein Nephrite and Kunzite win a Silver Crystal key fragment, Makoto reveals her identity, Kunzite remembers, Rei punches him, and Usagi purifies Nephrite. Also, treehouses. Busy day.
Our Own Little Paradise February 19th, 2016 Homuhomu takes Dokadoka to her house's new dance room, and the two of them share a sweet and private dance together.
Rehearsal in the Park February 19th, 2016 Utau does a short rehearsal in the park and meets new people, including a fellow songstress and a guardian!
Concerning Utau February 19th, 2016 Kukai and Tadase have a text conversation about Utau, Ikuto, and other Chara Bearer business.
Oh, Koi! February 19th, 2016 Reiko ruminates on a bad day. Rena Sakai tries to make it better!
Brave February 19th, 2016 Ayana's having bad dreams.
Two Girls, a Kitten, and a Cuddle Couch February 19th, 2016 Madoka surprises Homura at her home by dressing up as her personal secretary. They go on to have a very well planned out evening together.
What's Eating You February 19th, 2016 Takashi attacks the botanical gardens
Familiar Faces February 18th, 2016 An escaped Familiar of Homulilly's tracks down Madoka and makes a nuisance of itself while Homura and Sayaka are both nearby and intervene. After defeating it the three have a chance to talk together for the first time since Homura's Witching and redemption and Madoka's becoming a Puella Magi; both of which are new facts to Sayaka!
Goofing Off February 18th, 2016 Nagisa and Honoka meet for the first time outside of class. Nagisa starts teaching Honoka an important lesson in Goofing off!!
Lunch at Augusta February 18th, 2016 Makoto and Usagi have a lunch date with the Tsukinos
Out Of This World February 18th, 2016 Madoka goes on her first real Witch hunt as a Puella Magi, and Homura comes along with her.
Virtual Belka February 18th, 2016 Welcome to the Belkan Knight-Cadet Academy. Enjoy your stay.
The World's Expert February 18th, 2016 Ami has recovered enough to leave Takashi's and instead come over to Mako's for advice on boys and homemade pizza. Mako is good at one of these things.
A Little Better Each Day February 18th, 2016 Ami is still recovering at Takashi's house. At least she can walk now!
Magic Tricks February 18th, 2016 Utau returns to town and, after Iru is rescued from the river, she makes a new friend!
So Much Pain February 17th, 2016 Ikiko finds Ayana in pain after an attack from Kunzite.
All You Need Is Loooooove (and good coffee and pastries because yum) February 17th, 2016 Usagi runs into Sayaka at the cafe the day after getting Mamoru back. Her recently rediscovered happiness and optimism is perhaps...contagious? (And Usagi valiantly refrains from huehuehueing!)
The Bunny Cupid! February 17th, 2016 Poor Kyouko. She never got to see much of Usagi before the whole Dark Endymion arch. And now she gets the Full Bunny Effect.
When opportunity knocks, answer the door. February 17th, 2016 While Mikoto prepares for a trip into Virtual Reality, Haruna urges Minoke to act on her feelings.
Finally Five Minutes February 17th, 2016 ...to themselves, when they're both awake and nobody else is around. Time for Usagi to get a good cry in, and time for Mamoru to just relax and be with her.
People You Want Back February 16th, 2016 Kunzite and Melanite go to pick up one of Beryl's targets from Seishou. Prism Keeper Yellow, Inariko, and Naru Osaka (?!) try to intervene. This goes well only for the Dark Kingdom.
Forgotten Places: Catch a Kitty By the Tail February 16th, 2016 Amu's plan to free Ikuto from Easter goes into motion. Step 1: Kidnap Yoru. ...What?!
Ice Cream Office Work February 16th, 2016 Haruna meets Minoke. Haruna gets good news, Minoke talks about the feelings in her heart for someone dear to her!
At the End of the Tour February 16th, 2016 Wherein Mamoru's friends and loved ones beat Dark Endymion to a pulp so Usagi can purify him. SPOILERS: It works. THANKS TO: Mint Chip for emitting the evil part, omg.
Bark-ing Up The Wrong Tree February 16th, 2016 Reiko, Hoshi and Kukai fight a Shade made from a forest grove!
Recovery Begins February 16th, 2016 Hibiki visits Tsubasa in the hospital. Tsubasa asks why Hibiki fights. Early signs of Tsubasa tolerating Hibiki start to appear.
Wicked Witchy Bussiness! February 16th, 2016 Runealy, Hinote and Gaofelle have a talk about witches, home and pizza.
A Blue Coat February 16th, 2016 After being cooped up in Takashi's house for so long, Ami and Takashi go out to get some delcious Tako. The fact that it's Valentine's Day is incidental.
Confide and Seek February 15th, 2016 Amu is hiding from boys on Valentine's day. Kukai runs across her anyways.
Plot Bunny February 15th, 2016 Moon meets with Venus. Plans are discussed and there's issues that won't be resolved in a day.
In The Arms Of An Angel February 15th, 2016 Homura invites Madoka to her new house, and Madoka brings her some housewarming gifts. Then a lot of other warm things happen.
Nowhere I'd Rather Be February 15th, 2016 Ami is starting to feel better, but is still staying at Takashi's house.
Home is where the Heart Is February 15th, 2016 Ikiko wakes up, and Ayana is missing. Where did she go? Is she planning something?
I Dream In Fractures February 14th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Pretty much rock bottom on the broken-o-meter. Dark Endymion reacts to Zoisite being punished for his failure to acquire the Crystal key from Jadeite's palace, and Kunzite has no idea what to do with this.
Plotting Over Cookie Dough February 14th, 2016 Usagi tells Makoto WHY she's been a ball of cranky the past week. And then plots regarding a certain boy in reading glasses ensues.
Nutcracker Witch Act 2 February 14th, 2016 Homura Akemi is turned back into a Puella Magi, and her friends welcome her back... but there's some discussion about what Madoka's new powers mean for the future.
Filled This Void With Things Unreal February 14th, 2016 Zoisite interprets "come visit when you have questions" as "come visit when you are falling over half-dead and incoherent." Nephrite isn't in the best of mental shape either. Somehow they manage questions anyway ... and Nephrite begins to notice some of the inconsistencies that plague their thoughts and lives.
When is a Device not a Plot Device February 13th, 2016 The Firebird and the Blue Dragon discuss Devices, team plans, and chinese food.
Tread Lightly February 13th, 2016 The Senshi and friends go to acquire the next part of the key to the Silver Crystal from Jadeite's mega-antediluvian palace, and, to almost no one's surprise, get some extremely unpleasant stowaways.
Hospital Encounter February 13th, 2016 Togo-san runs into one of her idols at the hospital. Might this be the start of a friendship?
Relighting the Candle February 13th, 2016 After Madoka forms a direct emotional connection with Homura, who had fallen into despair and transformed into a Witch, the two relive their mutual past and come to terms with each other's feelings, resulting in a freshly ignited hope for the future.
Nutcracker Witch Act 1 February 13th, 2016 Homura Akemi has given into her despair, and turned into a Witch. It looks like the end for her, but Madoka has other plans...
Dinner at Sharpe's February 12th, 2016 Haruna meets Hannah's parents.
I Scream, You Scream... February 12th, 2016 A trip to a confectionary shop is interrupted by an ice cream hurling monster!
Like a Warning of What Could Be Lost February 12th, 2016 Makoto gives Valentine's chocolates to a Dark General and can't quite tell if it goes well or badly.
Chocolate, Kisses, and Artificial Intelligence February 12th, 2016 Makoto comes over with some real food for Ami. With Takashi, they discuss love, the evils of mind control, spying on cute boys in vulnerable moments, and Artificial Intelligences. Makoto leaves Ami with a kiss and a promise to text when she goes to meet Nephrite next.
Two Scientists and a Rabbit, Pt 2 February 11th, 2016 The second part of Usagi's visit.
The Quiet Garden February 11th, 2016 Fate and Takashi go to visit Precia personally. It goes better than Fate expected but worse than Takashi expected.
Texts From The Lab February 11th, 2016 After falling out of grace with Eclipse, UMBRA is having a lot of their stuff cleaned out.
WHAT TO WEAR! February 11th, 2016 Haruna runs around like a loon trying to get ready for meeting Hannah's parents. She meets Hoshi and she helps with some problems, and the two have an introspective talk!
Miscommunications February 11th, 2016 Zoi's still a butt. Poor Jadeite...
Tutoring by Minako February 11th, 2016 Minako Aino starts to tutor Solomon Novak.
Its over 9000... Tickets February 10th, 2016 Happy times at the Crown Center Arcade!
Walking Miss Bunny February 10th, 2016 Kyouko wants more advice from Usagi so they go for a walk.
Quantum Entanglement and the Tensile Strength of Love February 10th, 2016 Nephrite follows the nightmare fuel prince; a lot of higher math happens on a whiteboard and it's actually code for a conversation that's shoujo af.
Two Scientists And a Rabbit February 10th, 2016 While Ami is stuck at Takashi's house recovering, Usagi comes to visit her - and glare at Takashi.
Not Really In My Element February 9th, 2016 Ami's mother is starting to get worried about her extended absense. The senshi try to come up with a cover story.
Shut up and fight! February 9th, 2016 Sayaka confronts Homura about the secrets she kept from her.
Put Yourself In My Shoes February 9th, 2016 Madoka and Homura wake up next to each other in Homura's hotel. What follows is a serious conversation that ends with neither of them being happy.
Fear of Falling February 9th, 2016 Zoisite pays a call on Nephrite. Nephrite is understandably not entirely pleased with this, since the last time he saw his least favorite brother involved the smallest general apparently murdering Jadeite. But both of them are running short on options...
Unavoidable February 9th, 2016 Ayana goes on a spiritual journey with her friends, in order to leave behind her past, and embrace her future.
Ami-chan Eloped February 9th, 2016 Naru and Usagi wonder where Ami-chan was today. It's not like the bluenette to miss school! The most logical conclusion? Ami-chan eloped with Takashi.
Blurred Lines February 8th, 2016 Amu and Tadase confront Nagihiko about his feelings for the two of them. Amu gets exactly the answer she expected, but Tadase definitely wans't prepared for it. In the end, Amu somehow manages to slyly ask for a date from them both, without upsetting Tadase.
Higher Order Patterns February 7th, 2016 Sailor Mercury confers with Kunzite about her plans for the Dark Kingdom. Problem: Kunzite is no longer the Kunzite she's been conspiring with. And he's been planning revenge. Time for an unlikely salvation... Content warning: violence.
Let The Right One In February 7th, 2016 Makoto has a Very Bad Dream. She finds Usagi's house in...shambles. ('Some Renovations,' indeed!) When she finds the Moon Bunny, she probably gets more than she bargained for.
The Scholar, The Astronomer and the Starpals February 7th, 2016 Hoshi meets Solomon in the park, they have a friendly conversation.
Life Support February 7th, 2016 Takashi tries to help Ami survive Kunzite's poison... the best way he knows how.
Hard Times, New Friends! February 7th, 2016 Haurna chases down the dour girl, Greta Legend, she met the other day. Turbo Cure Befriendment, Go!
Ego February 7th, 2016 The little red fox has hardly demonstrated Sapience on any level in the past two weeks. But this night, the various questions it's been asking finally culminate into a very sudden show of personality and self-awareness. Finally, Ikiko has reason to hope that this hasn't all been for naught.
Sports and Chocolate February 7th, 2016 Mikoto goes looking for Amu. Instead, she finds Kukai, and Frozen Chocolate.
Losing Myself February 7th, 2016 Sayaka confronts Kyouko about the letter.
Mahou Tamura February 6th, 2016 Biggest Ice Cream Social Ever! (Non-canon)
Classmate Connection February 6th, 2016 Minoke and Kukai talking Devices and Mini-Mes.
The Moon! February 6th, 2016 The Sailor Senshi go to the moon to find answers-- and, uh, do. (GM'd by Mamoru.)
Bellflower Blossoms February 6th, 2016 Hoshi and Reiko attend a relief fundraiser following Walpurgisnacht. A fateful encounter with Chouko sees the Prism Keeper's rank grow.
Rogue February 6th, 2016 A Rogue Vertex has crossed the wall and is threatening the Shinju-sama and the world itself... Can anyone stop this madness!?
Flytalos February 6th, 2016 The Dark Kingdom unleashes an evil butterfly-controlling youma.
Heart of a Hero February 6th, 2016 Sayaka and Madoka discuss the consequences of becoming a Puella.
A Witch In Time February 5th, 2016 Homura's life was already bad enough... but now Riventon is giving her an evil twin?!
Big Shoes to Fill February 5th, 2016 Things have changed for Homura, and she comes to a conclusion. Hannah is worried, saddened, but supportive.
We All Scream For Ice Scream February 5th, 2016 In which we all learn the dark side of Ice Cream.
A Chance Meeting February 4th, 2016 Two new Magical Girls meet in the park, and exchange numbers in hope of forging a new connection and friendship.
Walnuts-chan Celebratory Funeral February 4th, 2016 Miss White holds the most solemn and appropriate funeral ever. This might be a complete lie.
Knight of Endurance February 4th, 2016 Makoto drops by to see Jadeite with cookies and awkward questions, and learns a little about what he has endured and what he continues to endure. (Technically in Mamoru's temporary apartment.)
White Haired Black Hearted Bishonen February 4th, 2016 Takashi vs. Kunzite. fite fite fite!
Orange Thread, Part 4 - Shooting Star February 4th, 2016 As Orange and Yellow celebrate their victory over Looky, an unexpected arrival complicates things.
Hibiki wants Ice Cream February 4th, 2016 Hibiki and Miku go out for ice cream
Ice Cream Kisses February 4th, 2016 After an upsetting attack Homura and Madoka decide to go on their first date as planned and it ends up being just as fun as they'd hoped. And twice as adorable.
Forsaken Meeting February 4th, 2016 Prism Keeper Orange follows Maeko into an abandoned house. Maeko attempts to trick her by taking on Misa's appearance, but Orange sees through it! An exchange of attacks and words occurs!
TXT Convo: Forget What You Saw February 3rd, 2016 Sailor Moon texts Sky Jack, asking him to forget what he saw at the end of Walpathingydoo. (re: Jadeite)
Comeback, Butterfly!~ 8i8 February 3rd, 2016 Chasing Butterflies.
Altering the Equation February 3rd, 2016 Madoka helps Kyouko on her way to work, and the two talk about stuff.
After Thoughts February 3rd, 2016 Greta Legend takes care of the baggage Anshi left behind.
It'll be alright February 3rd, 2016 The weight of the world is on their shoulders but, There is still hope. Is that hope strong enough to keep Shinobu from doing anything stupid?
Dinner n' a Friend February 3rd, 2016 Haruna is still stuck in the hospital. Volunter Madoka comes by with dinner! (Unfinished)
Texts from WAIT WHAT WHY February 3rd, 2016 In which Zoisite causes Sailor Moon to swear like a -- well.
Getting Her Head In The Right Place February 3rd, 2016 Mami is still in a terrible place emotionally after learning about the final secret of Soul Gems. While staying over at the Waldian's place Madoka and the other pink haired girl(Runealy) do their best to cheer her up and give her a new hope for the future.
She's hurting and you care February 3rd, 2016 Tadase and Amu again.
Secrets Unkept February 3rd, 2016 Both Sayaka and Shinobu had a secret that the other didn't know. Not anymore.
Where's MY Chocolate! February 3rd, 2016 Hosshiwa is upset that no one got her chocolate on Valentines Day. So she steals everyone elses.
Meanwhile, Elsewhere in Tokyo February 2nd, 2016 Walpurgisnacht causes more problems than just right at the source. A group of heroes protect a shelter from the Witch's familiars.
Under a pink sky February 2nd, 2016 Reuniting post Walpurgisnacht, Shinobu visits Hinote. Everything may not be as good as it seems.
Relationship Status: 'It's Complicated' February 2nd, 2016 Mako fesses up to Usagi and Rei about the Situation she's found herself in re: certain Dark Generals.
Stupid Feelings February 2nd, 2016 Kyouko meets up with Usagi for some awkward emotional flailing at a coffee shop, feels better afterwards.
Last of the Homu Home February 2nd, 2016 Cuddling in the ruins of Homura's apartment.
An Understanding February 2nd, 2016 Homura and Kyouko run across each other and talk about recent events, with Walpurgisnacht and the Witch Secret.
2 Blondes, 5 tails, and 1 big challenge February 2nd, 2016 A random meeting between Usagi and Fu sets off a crazy idea that will result in a grand competition that could alter the fate of one of the two girls' hair styles for at least a few days!
Visiting Hours February 1st, 2016 Shinobu gets word as to where Tsubasa being kept for medical care. She goes to visit and uses a certain ability she only recently learned.
I belive I can fly!... February 1st, 2016 Haruna visits Minoke and Mimori to help Minoke make some new friends and try her best to alleviate her feelings of 'being a burden'.
Foxy Talk February 1st, 2016 Reiko introduces Hoshi to Ikiko and Ayana! They talk about magical things and a possible way to turn Ayana back into a girl!
Lost at Another School February 1st, 2016 Hoshi gets lost looking for the Planetarium, Kukai helps her find it. Sadly, the Planetarium's answers are not what she wanted.
Meeting the Fist February 1st, 2016 Cute Wolf Tsukiko talks with the nameless new magical girl, offering assistance and a nickname.
Waking Up February 1st, 2016 Iris Shelby has received an unconscious patient. The patient wakes up and is transfered to a different medical facility.

Title Date Scene Summary
How Saya Got Her Groove Back March 31st, 2016 Sayaka, Kyouko, Mamoru, and Nephrite go to hunt down the youma that ate her memories. In Canada. Rated C for Comedy and UA for Undercover Angst.
Heart Strings March 31st, 2016 Hannah tries to take a heart's egg. Many, many people disagree with this.
The Vampire, the Witch and the Ward--dumpster. March 31st, 2016 A Witch Meets a Vampire. It goes about as you'd expect.
Fairies, Shugos and Mikos, oh my! March 31st, 2016 Rena runs into Utau again and tensions rise after their last run-in and Utau's attempted kidnapping of Dabble. Fortunately, Hokuto is there to ease tensions. And cookies are offered!
First Flowers March 30th, 2016 Xenians descend upon an unsuspecting Tokyo.
You're Kitten Me! March 30th, 2016 Yoru meets up with Mikoto. Over pizza they make plans for trying to get in to see Ikuto at the next concert.
Meeting One's Idol March 30th, 2016 Hannah Sharpe meets up with Professor Tomoe
A Better Way March 30th, 2016 A vampire and a unicorn girl have a discussion about things!
Don't Jump March 30th, 2016 WARNING: Attempted Suicide. Sachiko is about to give up, but Kukai manages to stop her.
About School Woes and Jealous Alien Boys March 30th, 2016 Daisuke Hansuke destroys his blood sugar in school anxiety. Naru Osaka helps with that. Mamoru Chiba and Minako Aino talk about creepy alien boys following Mamoru around and also lacy things.
Pink Sunset, Part 2 - Old Friends March 30th, 2016 A surprise encounter brings Momo in contact with both an old friend and a new enemy.
The Princess's Teishoku March 29th, 2016 Kukai invites Runealy to an early dinner, then tries to keep up. They talk about teaming up and worlds and grilled beef meat sets and Tokyo.
Stargazing March 29th, 2016 Reiko and Hoshi talk about Momo, The nature of the Prism Keepers and eat all of Grandpa Touyama's cinnamon buns.
Homura-Sensei March 28th, 2016 Homura tries to teach Madoka the basics of being a magical girl, and of survival.
Family Matters March 28th, 2016 Kyouko brings Sayaka to meet another part of the family! This will not be weird /at all/.
Post Drainus March 28th, 2016 After offering herself to Lacrima, Ayana is feeling terribly drained.
Help March 27th, 2016 Ayana and Ikiko meet a wayward Vampire. An offer of help is made.
(Never) Pity The Isolated March 27th, 2016 Kukai encounters Utau atop Clover Tower. They talk about sparks and pity and isolation and the time for second chances.
Talking About Flowers March 27th, 2016 Amu and Tadase talk about Blue Lotus. Amu has some serious concerns.
Witch Out Epilouge March 27th, 2016 Hannah Sharpe wakes up, and Cure Gull is with her.
White Out Finale March 27th, 2016 The Lost Logia sword that's had Hannah a possessed fitebeast for weeks is finally defeated.
Boarding Action March 27th, 2016 Takashi does pirate things on a science vessel. Heroes object, but Takashi has new friends.
Your Best Work So Far March 26th, 2016 Fate brings home another Jewel Seed to Precia, reeking with dark energy. Precia isn't at all displeased, though she does have some suggestions about how to proceed.
Chess Date March 26th, 2016 Ami and Takashi have a complicated relationship.
Interview with a Vampire! March 26th, 2016 Kukai and friends talk with Norie.
The Scientist, the Witch and the Tome... March 26th, 2016 Riventon comes across Shiniko spreading some of her curses around. They talk, and eventually come to an agreement.
Pink Sunset, Part 1 - The New Girl March 26th, 2016 Momo and Sachiko sit down for lunch, only to be joined by Reiko. The three meet a mysterious new friend.
Knight Detectives! March 26th, 2016 Rune, Hinote, and Tsubasa talk about various mysterious magical events. (Potentially incomplete.)
Hunting the Hunter March 26th, 2016 While hunting innocents for X-eggs, Utau is in turn being stalked by a psychic vampire. However, realizing they have something in common, Utau freely allows her to feed on her.
Sharpe-san, About Your Daughter March 26th, 2016 Mamoru goes to visit the Sharpes to reassure them that their missing daughter will be okay.
There He Go March 26th, 2016 Mako, Mamo, and Kunzite meet Fiore at a street fair. It goes about as well as might be expected.
Rebuilding March 26th, 2016 Reiko, Hoshi, and Momo arrive to the library to find Sachiko dealing once more with her horrible case worker. Things go about and Hoshi makes a call.
Agreeing To Disagree March 25th, 2016 Takashi and Makoto both have Ami's best interests at heart. Unfortunately they widely disagree on what that means.
Life isn't Fair March 25th, 2016 Lacrima and Sachiko are both cursed, for reasons that aren't their fault. The whole thing is very emotionally draining.
Sanctuary March 25th, 2016 Blue Lotus goes out to retrieve her hidden book. She calls for backup, but goes uncontested.
Reading the Snake-Slayer March 25th, 2016 Tsubasa talks to Mamoru about Noise, about people, and eventually gets invited to a house-fixing party.
Froggy Pictures March 24th, 2016 Kaeru meets Momo again after a few years, and the two go taking pictures of frogs at the pond. And even maybe a secret magical blue frog.
White Out Part 3 March 24th, 2016 Hannah attacks her very own company. The members of WPS get close to freeing her...but the sword has other plans.
Caught Playing Hookie March 24th, 2016 Nagihiko has been missing school, and Amu has come to track her down.
Second Second Chances March 24th, 2016 Minako and Kunzite have a brief, glancing encounter. They're still both broken people who've spent too much time hurting each other. But maybe, finally, there's a chance they can find their way out of that pattern, and start to make something new.
Wishes and Truths March 24th, 2016 Sachiko meets Kyubey, and learns the cold truth about Anshi.
The Heart's Desire March 23rd, 2016 Fate is looking for a Jewel Seed and finds one. Rune is looking for Fate and finds her. Riventon is looking for a book and finds Ayana instead. Ayana and Ikiko may have been looking for happiness, but that's not to be found here.
My heart is a kaleidoscope March 23rd, 2016 What is love? What is a kiss between friends? Feelings are stepped on, betrayed and confused as Utau expresses her feelings for Kukai..And feels betrayal at his confessions.
So far from the tree March 23rd, 2016 Some childhood memories are hard to forget. Betrayals are even harder. Two childhood friends wrestle with both, now that they are forced to be enemies.
A Taste of Reality March 23rd, 2016 After two months apart, Ayana and Riventon meet again. It's a harsh taste of reality for both of them: Riventon realises his fox has truly abandoned him, and Ayana realises she cannot save him.
He Was Really, Really Drunk March 23rd, 2016 Kyouko and Sayaka come to ask Mamoru and Nephrite for help figuring out what happened to Sayaka's memories after D-Point.
A Pink Cupcake and FRIENDSHIP! March 23rd, 2016 Momo offers to share her cupcake with her friend Sachiko, and through hugs and promises they become best-friends!
No Reason To Fight March 22nd, 2016 Lacrima finds Riventon draining some poor soul, and starts to wonder if she hasn't found a kindred spirit.
Promise of the Rose March 22nd, 2016 Why do all Mamoru's old friends show up evil? AND ATTACK USAGI?? Enter Fiore, who also throws Luna and chews on Nephrite's rage like it's delicious scenery.
Hi and Stuff March 22nd, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Hot smoochies. Nagihiko and Kukai randomly meet eachother again. Hi and stuff!
Clearing the Air March 22nd, 2016 Amu and Nagi clear some things up between them, in light of recent events.
A Fateful Rescue March 22nd, 2016 A witch's labyrinth forms, capturing Nicola within. Fate and Arf arrive in time to protect Nicola, destroy the witch. After a bit of talking, they go separate ways.
Can You Explain The Clockwork March 21st, 2016 Following the scene Evening Snack Attack, Sky Jack evacuates Sunshine Spark and Sachiko to a nearby rooftop for them to wake up. The Clockwork Caseworker menaces little Sachiko.
Study Buddies March 21st, 2016 Utau uses a study session as a front to meet with Mikoto and discuss how to help Ikuto.
Evening Snack Attack March 21st, 2016 Norie Okana has to drain people to live. Sachiko Hayakawa has something to say about it. So does Kukai Souma and Greta Legend.
An Overdue Apology March 21st, 2016 Tadase finally gets around to apologizing to Amu
G-cans - Hydrophobia March 20th, 2016 Nicola wakes up one night to find Bryony gone. The adventure that follows shatters their fragile sense of peace.
Two Sides March 20th, 2016 Runealy and Nanoha run across each other, and they start trying to understand just who exactly Fate is. (Scene Unfinished Forever.)
White Day for Canines March 20th, 2016 Ikiko gives Ayana some gifts for White Day -- and neither of them are chocolate.
Liars and Thieves I: Fertile Ground March 20th, 2016 Blue Lotus has stolen a valuable and dangerous book from Eclipse, and seeks protection from Virtue.
Falling Apart to Half Time March 20th, 2016 A vampire and a witch walk into a dance studio...
In This Moment March 20th, 2016 In lives as hectic and dangerous as theirs, Kukai and Nagihiko seek to find moments of happiness.
Swing March 20th, 2016 Reiko shows Amu some pictures of the last dance! ... Amu doesn't really want them.
Waders, Walls, Roses, and Honey March 20th, 2016 Makoto comes to find Mamoru where he's working on taking down measurements for the house-rebuild they've got in store for the Tsukino home. In the process, they sort out what to do about the unsalvageable house and Usagi's need for continuity of place, and Makoto tells Mamoru about the AWESOME MAGIC CHOCOLATE IDEA she had!
The Weight of the Clown March 20th, 2016 After Kiseki makes a fool of Tadase, Tadase feels like he's messed up everything. Nagihiko and Tadase talk things out calmly.
Slasher Smile March 19th, 2016 Hannah Sharpe hasn't been herself lately. Can her friends save her?
Servants of Evil March 19th, 2016 Ikuto's been out since the concert. Utau comes to visit, and two siblings silently curse their fate. Also Ikuto lies like a cheap rug, and Utau totally doesn't buy it.
Let's Step Outside March 19th, 2016 Emotions run high as Kukai gets jealous of Nagi over Amu.
A Testament of Meanness March 19th, 2016 Sachiko's first day at a new school, she meets a very friendly Momo Akatsuki. Unfortunately for Momo, Sachiko may be a little insane.
A Night To Look Forward To March 19th, 2016 The Virtue dance, welcoming everyone back from D-Point!
Polite Among Foxes (Reprise) March 19th, 2016 Kunzite stops Ayana and Ikiko for a moment on their way out of the Virtue-sponsored dance. Since the last time Ayana saw 'Saito,' he was being literally disintegrated by a collection of heroes, this is a little of a surprise...
Deja-what March 19th, 2016 Still amnesiac, Sayaka runs into Kyouko in the place they first met, and discusses her dejavu-like experiences. Or did they really happen?
Holistic Healing March 18th, 2016 After 'A Charity Concert,' Kukai brings an unconcious Nagihiko to the Fujisaki estate. The next morning, complications grow.
New Life, New Body, New Plan March 18th, 2016 Kunzite passes on one of Luna's presents to Nephrite, which invokes a lot of catch-up conversation about Kunzite's new body, Mamoru's hideous hoodie habit, Nephrite owning a crepe stand (what?), and what in the world they're going to be doing now. Surprisingly, Kunzite actually answers that last one.
Princessy Patient March 18th, 2016 Ami takes Usagi to meet Iris after Usagi got stabbed with a Dark Energy sword.
Intimacy March 18th, 2016 Tadase and Amu meet in secret and exchange smewchies.
FP: A Charity Concert March 18th, 2016 Utau Hoshino and the mysterious DL put on a 'charity' concert. Little do the Guardians and their friends know, the beneficiary of this concert isn't those in need, but Easter itself, as Utau and DL's music draws hundreds of X-Eggs out!
Communicating Conditions March 17th, 2016 After Makoto's prompting, Luna finds Mamoru, which is good, and Kunzite, which is less to her taste. She has communicators for them. She also has a VERY OLD bone to pick with Kunzite, understandably enough...
Shards of Darkness March 17th, 2016 Usagi and Mamoru text Ami in a panic asking her to help figure out what's wrong with Usagi. Turns out she's been infected with a shard of a dark-energy infused sword that's embedded somewhere that's very dangerous to remove from her.
Nostalgic Nightmare March 17th, 2016 Tsubasa's Dream becomes a Nightmare
Coffee Cafe, Hearts Racing March 17th, 2016 After the events of the cutscene When Your Brothers Have Your Phone, Kukai gets a text from Nadeshiko asking him to join her the next day at a nearby cafe.
Nice to Meet You Good to See You March 17th, 2016 Sayaka is reunited with Kyouko after the events on D-point..However things are not quite right..
Kintsugi: Paint My Spirit Gold March 16th, 2016 Mercury had a plan to resurrect Kunzite. Everyone helped, everyone believed, even if they weren't sure they should. Everyone waited.
Bird in a Cage March 16th, 2016 Kukai and Nagihiko discuss Things. Hugs are had, stories are told, all in all quality guy bonding. (If, you know, quality guy bonding usually involves talks of death, eggs, and tea.)
Close Contact March 16th, 2016 Makoto asks Luna to make communicators for the Shitennou. Luna shows her the newly finished Central Command beneath the Crown Arcade. (Follows 'On The Same Side,' leads into 'Communicating Conditions'.)
Your best friend's sister! March 16th, 2016 Reiko walks Momo home since Biv is busy. They talk about cameras and chocolate!
To Share A Dream March 16th, 2016 Ariel and Nicola meet in a dream.
A Brief Meeting At Infinity March 16th, 2016 A chance meeting at Infinity Academy between Unsocial Magical Girls.
On the Same Side March 16th, 2016 Makoto and Kunzite talk shortly after the latter's reawakening. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of practical details discussed, alongside the general question of 'what now?' (Follows 'Kintsugi: Paint My Spirit Gold,' leads into 'Close Contact.')
White Day, Koi Day! March 15th, 2016 Haru Zinoro gives Reiko Touyama White Day Chocolate which Reiko wasn't expecting! Awkward blushing occurs! The Scene Count flashes '12:00' and I dunno how to fix this damn thing!
Teleportation Will Never Be Kazuo March 15th, 2016 Mamoru is angsting: Usagi tanked a dark energy sword, Kunzite still hasn't got a body, and everything is wasps and suck. Nephrite is super great at distraction, and the terrors of teleportation provide the perfect conversational divergence. Mamoru still absolutely blows at it, though.
Self-Sufficient Worry Warts March 15th, 2016 Usagi checks on another friend! Kyouko is very Self-Sufficient! But Usagi will worry and fret anyway!
A Not So Friendly Visit March 15th, 2016 A Corrupted Hannah tries to visit Usagi. Her friends old and new are there to prevent too much suffering. The sword has other plans.
Bringing Some Color To Virtue March 15th, 2016 Reiko and Hoshi take a special trip to Seiyou Public, where they meet with Tadase, Amu, and Kukai for their introduction to Virtue. Afterwards, Amu shares some of her innermost thoughts to her Guardian friends.
Cat Hugs March 15th, 2016 Luna finds Mamoru. Luna pounce Mamoru. Luna and Mamoru talk.
Rei of Sunshine March 15th, 2016 Shortly after D-Point, after Makoto leaves and Mamoru nopes away from People, Rei visits next. More crying, more hugs, and it ends with a sleepy girl pile. (Technically at Mamoru's temp apartment.)
Repent March 15th, 2016 Shadow Witch is cornering a poor victim. Greta and Kukai rush to his defense.
Somewhere They Need To Be March 15th, 2016 Homura surprises Madoka as she's coming off of her shift at the hospital.
Dark Chocolate Roofies March 15th, 2016 Takashi gave Ami some chocolate. Makoto and Rei have a few objections...
Back from the dead March 14th, 2016 Utau is reunited with Kukai after the battle with Queen Beryl.
Bakefriending and Shiny Bread March 14th, 2016 Bryony and Nicola accept Nanoha's invitation to her family's cafe. Unexpected secrets are stumbled upon.
I'm Sure You're Worth It March 14th, 2016 Since the world did not, in fact, end, Ami-chan has a promise to keep on a hillside overlooking Tokyo.
After-School Prism Meeting! March 14th, 2016 Kaeru, Reiko, and Hoshi talk about magic, Fate Testarosa, and joining Virtue.
Pomp and Oneiromance March 14th, 2016 No Description.
Sometimes, It's the Little Things March 14th, 2016 A hug, a few tears, and a book report. In that order.
My TV's Not A Phone! Duh!! March 13th, 2016 Valeria makes a fruit smoothie for Runealy and herself and the two discuss the amazing technology that can be found on Earth.
The Frog Girl and the Foreign Girl March 13th, 2016 During recess, Kaeru meets a recent transfer student who just seems a little unusual beyond being foreign.
Discussions Over Lunchtime March 12th, 2016 Makoto takes on the unenviable task of warning Ami that her boyfriend is a jerk.
A New World, a New Friend March 12th, 2016 Nicola and Bryony's first day of school arrives. A new beginning with a new friend.
So, That Went Well March 11th, 2016 Takashi's been on the verge of tearing his hair out trying to come up with a suitable White Day return gift for Ami, so he decides to consult Makoto. It does not go the way he expected.
Solar Eclipse - Precia's Reveal March 10th, 2016 Everyone finally gets a chance to meet the mother that Fate loves so much! ... she's not exactly what they expected.
In The Night, Dream Delight March 10th, 2016 When dreams turn bad it is the duty of magical girls to make them right again.
Fish and Butterflies March 10th, 2016 Two Prism Keepers meet to talk about some very important things.
Daughters of the Sand - Prologue March 10th, 2016 Two young girls with a shared destiny are reunited.
Plant Your Hope With Good Seeds March 10th, 2016 Ami finds Mamoru in Kunzite's palace, and they talk about Takashi, fixing people, safe resurrection practices, and faith. The caracal purrs a lot. (Backdated because of timey-wimey D-Point.)
Kintsugi: The Fragile Substance March 10th, 2016 Mamoru goes urbexing with a rock: the house above Jadeite's palace is familiar to both Kunzite and his prince, and they go looking around upstairs-- until things are familiar enough that Kunzite can tell Mamoru which room to look in.
Hoshi and Big Mei March 9th, 2016 Mamoru seeks Prism Keeper Yellow out to get her wand back to her. BTW he is not Big Mei, that's terrible.
Deep Blue Sea, Part 2 - From Ivory Towers March 9th, 2016 Hoshi awakens to a seemingly normal morning, only for an unexpected development to bring her into collaboration with Hiroko
Hanakotoba March 9th, 2016 In the language of flowers, the forget-me-not signifies remembrance, faithfulness... and true love. Following the miracle at D-Point, Nephrite and Makoto rush to seek each other out.
The Miracle Friendships March 9th, 2016 Usagi texts her friends. The first to respond is Makoto. So many hugs and loves and tears!
For Just a Moment March 9th, 2016 Usagi and Mamoru get back from D-point. (Technically in Mamoru's temp apartment, not the ECFH.)
Deep Blue Sea, Part 1 - From Above March 9th, 2016 A freshly awakened Blue takes to the sky to clear her mind. An unexpected reunion follows.
09 D-Point: May All Be Free from Sorrow March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Finding remains; blood. Sky Jack, Tuxedo Kamen, and Kunzite find what's left of Nameless Hero and Prism Keeper Yellow, and Kunzite finds out just what the two girls managed to do. Sky Jack offers a prayer for the fallen, and a little bit of comfort is found in the midst of darkness.
14 D-Point: Swan Song March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character Death. Melanite has laid a trap for the Seiyou Guardians. She's caught rather more in her trap than she expected, however, and there will be casualties.
10 D-Point: Don't Forget March 8th, 2016 Some of the Senshi and Shitennou find each other in the middle of all the horror and fiercely create a moment of hope to keep going on.
15 D-Point: The Last Battle March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death, really heartbreakingly beautiful ghost poses. The final epic battle against Queen Beryl over the fate of the world.
11 D-Point: Next Of Kin March 8th, 2016 Kyouko talks with Kunzite's ghost about siblinghood, Sayaka, and stabbings, somewhere in the Dark Kingdom. Given that this more or less requires Tuxedo Kamen's presence ... there's a lot of family involved, for a couple of orphans.
What's Cookin March 8th, 2016 Nagisa and Honoka visit each other.
Dinner With The Frienemy March 8th, 2016 Following the scene Power's Out, just before D-Point, Kukai is trying to settle his business in Tokyo and settle his mind by walking around the damaged harbor, when he meets his bad penny, Utau. He ends up telling her more than he expected, and as a consequence, has one last meal with the idol.
12 D-Point: Snakes, Swords, Stars, and Singularities March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Hagane and Firebird take on some seriously OP youma, and manage to both kill them and bring down an entire section of the Dark Kingdom with, I kid you not, a god damned black hole. Unfortunately, it is at the cost of their lives.
Guardians Before D-Point March 8th, 2016 Tadase calls the Seiyou Guardians to meet one last time and prepare to join the other magical heroes in the expedition to D-Point.
08 D-Point: Good Luck, Sailor Moon, Everyone March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Grim. Horror. Character death. The Nameless Hero and Prism Keeper Yellow make their last stand, and take with them rather more than anyone might have imagined.
13 D-Point: Bringing Down the Heavens March 8th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death, Crane Game Joe. Sailor Jupiter and Nephrite make their last stand to save their Princess and Prince.
02 D-Point: Lost in the Snow March 7th, 2016 Lost in the storm, a traveller finds shelter. But is that really such a good idea?
07 D-Point: Birds of a Feather March 7th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Cure Gull and Miss White in the Dark Kingdom against one of Beryl's elite youma. With all that dark energy Hannah's carrying around, things don't go as one might expect-- but Gull will protect those she loves.
03 D-Point: A Loser Like You March 7th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death, gore, language. Frost Knight, Tuxedo Kamen, and Kunzite's ghost are separated from the group in the initial blizzard, fight a large army of youmas, and then Takashi decides he can tank the strength of an enormous valkyrie lancer. He almost manages it. (Takes place in the beginning part of Blizzard Ambush.)
The Point of No Return March 7th, 2016 Takashi and Ami have a talk before the invasion of D-point begins.
04 D-Point: Blizzard Ambush March 7th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Soon after arriving at the North Pole, the group of heroes is split up by a blizzard -- and are faced with the DD Girls. Homura and Madoka make sure that the rest of them are able to get inside-- and inaugurate the expedition of blood and tears with epic style and panache. (Beginning concurrent with 'A Loser Like You'.)
Awaken! Prism Keeper Blue! March 7th, 2016 During the events of 'Power Out', a wave of darkness washes over Seishou and Prism Keeper Blue awakens to help Orange fight a Water Gel Shade!
05 D-Point: The Flavor of Hurt March 7th, 2016 In a rare quiet moment at D-Point, Mercury and Moon discuss hurt and guilt.
01 D-Point: Walking In A Winter Wonderland March 7th, 2016 Homura and Madoka get seperated from the rest of the party by a blizzard, and use a timestop to get out of the storm. Along the way, they have a chance to talk.
06 D-Point: Blizzard At The End of the World March 7th, 2016 Kyouko and Sayaka are re-united in the midst of the furious storm and must rush to catch up with the others.
Anchors Away! March 6th, 2016 Something Sailor Moon has always known is that one must NEVER underestimate the quality of a good anchor. Another thing she's always known is that Naru is hers.
Truth Upon A Star March 6th, 2016 Sora gets home after an unexpected long night out, full of leftover aggression. Ayana provides a suitable target, but curiousity sparks when certain weaknesses become obvious. An uncertain truce is made.
Power's Out March 6th, 2016 The Dark Kingdom has a use for Tokyo. As a battery. Possibly also as a glacier. Kunzite has a plan to wake Metalia by harvesting the city. Tuxedo Kamen and the Senshi have a competing plan to try to rescue Kunzite. Everyone's plan involves killing somebody. It's just a question of who gets there first...
Icebreaking March 6th, 2016 Naru is caught in Kunzite's attack, but there's already been an unlikely guardian detailed to watch her. Zoisite steals her away to relative safety for a second time, and distracts her from the disaster for a little while by telling her a fairy tale about a certain Prince and a certain Princess. (Takes place parallel to Power's Out and sequelae, just before Anchors Away!)
Being Alone March 6th, 2016 Ayana runs out of the house after a fight with Sora.
Phone: The Rolodex of Corporate Evil!!! March 6th, 2016 After the events of White Out Part 1, Haruna calls the least likely person you think for help... Riventon!
Cheating March 6th, 2016 Nephrite, Jadeite, and Mamoru make fun of a rock. Then the rock speaks up. Happens after 'When The City Clears'
When The City Clears March 6th, 2016 Several Senshi and Shitennou take a moment of downtime after the fight against Kunzite. This involves amusement, morbid topics, reunions, a little brokenness, a little sake, and a reminder that things not only will get better, but are already beginning to.
For Differing Values of Love March 6th, 2016 Kyouko and Sayaka talk about the whole Kunzite/Beryl situation, about family, and about what it means to love.
Cuddly Bunny Piles March 6th, 2016 Follows 'When The City Clears': Usagi finds Makoto where she'd gone off to lie down. The two of them try to get some rest - but first they talk about the battle to come, the struggles they've already overcome, and boys.
Of Mirrors and Hopes March 6th, 2016 Ayana returns home after the events of the cutscene 'Mirrors'. The sorrowful kitsune seeks snacks and comfort, both of which Ikiko is glad to provide.
Collect Your Courage March 6th, 2016 Kyouko's told the plan is to kill Kunzite -- and that it's okay to call him brother. Pre-scene to Power's Out.
Whistleblowing March 5th, 2016 Makoto comes to restless at Mamoru a bit, and they both find out Usagi never told Mamoru about her house. Or anything. Happens after 'Trust' but before 'Repairs'.
Repairs March 5th, 2016 After being told by Makoto the state of the Tsukino home, Mamoru rushes over in a Luna Pen disguise. And a lot more than a house is in need of repair.
Communication March 5th, 2016 To her dismay, Ami discovers at least three different things that Makoto didn't know about, and Mako shares one she knew that Ami didn't.
Abandoned Labs March 5th, 2016 WPS investigates another abandoned lab.
Another Homudoka Sleepover March 4th, 2016 How cute does Homura look with braided hair? Inquire within to find out. (Very)
Extra Witchy Business March 4th, 2016 WPS goes on a Witch Hunt.
Trust March 4th, 2016 Wherein Minako and Mamoru talk about Dark Kingdom endgame, sad Senshi, doomed Kunzite, strategy, loose cannons, and incidentally, unintended potty jokes. There is a lot of dialogue. It gets stabby at the end. Readers under five feet tall may wish to bring floatation devices.
Nice to see you too! March 3rd, 2016 Utau is finally reunited with her brother, but something doesn't seem quite right..
Cane Striping for the Stars March 3rd, 2016 Hoshi is still in hospital, and Madoka comes by as part of her hospital volunteer duties, they talk and Hoshi ends up being happier for it.
Little Miracles March 3rd, 2016 Sayaka runs into Minoke again, and they discuss the fate of Puella..And a glimmer of hope.
A Finger Lickin' Good Conversation March 2nd, 2016 Madoka goes over to Homura's house for a sleepover and brings a bucket of KFC with her and the two have a long talk about goals, their feelings for each other, and an exciting new project. Chicken is eaten, kittens are petted, and eventually the two run along to snuggle.
When Noisy Is Too Quiet March 2nd, 2016 Hibiki and Tsubasa respond to a Noise attack, but worry that something bigger might be coming.
A Very Venus Idea March 2nd, 2016 Mara has an idea. Hannah is reluctant, but compromises. Venus is about to have a bad time.
Defining 'Romance' March 2nd, 2016 Kyouko and Sayaka hunt Witches and talk about what exactly it means to be 'together'.
Going for a walk March 2nd, 2016 Sailor V visits Kyra at school, and they go for a walk. With music.
Strength Yet To Be Found March 1st, 2016 Makoto comes by to see how Nephrite's doing. You can't fix everything, but it turns out that homemade pizza goes a long way.
The Care And Support Of Brats March 1st, 2016 Kukai is walking off a significant beatdown the day after losing to Utau when he meets the mysterious rapier-wielding girl from the fight. It turns out he knows her and has more in common with her than one would expect.
Shadows and Witches March 1st, 2016 Hannah meets Shiniko and the two hunt a Witch together.
The Harem Ending March 1st, 2016 Reiko finds out Haru and Hunter are the same person. It's like a Harem Ending!

Title Date Scene Summary
Walpurgis Night Witches Ball April 30th, 2016 A party is thrown to celebrate the absence of Walpurgisnacht on Walpurgisnacht and witches gather to eat, drink, dance, and make merry. And kiss. A lot.
Pretty Little Lies April 30th, 2016 Ayana informs Ikiko that she got an 85 on her science test, and collects her 'reward.' One may guess how honest Ayana is being about that grade.
Not A Lot Of Smiling To Do April 30th, 2016 Kukai is in the hospital after his encounter at WPS. Utau and Norie come to visit the unconscious Guardian, and encounter one of Kukai's brothers.
A Nightmare in Tokyo Part One April 30th, 2016 Ever had a dream that something was chasing you, unseen but sinister, always behind you no matter how hard you run?
In The Light of Day April 30th, 2016 After a Nightmare in Tokyo Part One, Akashimaru explains the problem at hand to Hokuto and Guardian Hino.
After-Action Debate April 30th, 2016 Chloe visits Mikoto to talk tech. And, you know, good and evil.
Falling Lights, Rising Stars April 29th, 2016 When the stars go out, someone must come to bring them back and destroy the Starless. Several magical girls (and a boy? Iunno there was a skirt there...) move to do just that and we see the power of the Star Touched first-hand!
Fiore Fiasco Part II April 28th, 2016 Kyouko texts Mamoru; he, Jupiter, and Kunzite join Homura and Kyouko in the warehouse where the Puellae have stashed Fiore. Needless to say, things do not happen according to keikaku. **Translator's note: keikaku means plan.
Blooming in the Dark April 28th, 2016 Zoisite finally receives the painting Naru made for him around D-Point happened, and it is beautiful, but unsettling -- much like some say Zoisite is.
Fiore Fiasco Epilogue April 28th, 2016 Kyouko, Kunzite, Makoto, and Mamoru discuss wtf to do about Fiore.
Tick Tock goes the clock. April 27th, 2016 Rena makes a new friend who happens to have a fairy with her... not to mention a very interesting watch.
Mechanisms April 27th, 2016 Kunzite has information for Ami. Ami has a housewarming present for the boys. Makoto has second thoughts on ever listening to Ami and Kunzite talk business again...
A Minor Disagreement April 27th, 2016 Kukai Souma and other magical girls visit WPS over the heart's eggs theft. Surprisingly amiable negotiation leads to massive property damage.
What of Stars and Stars April 26th, 2016 Two star obsessed people meet at the park and learn from one another that there are vastly different ways one can appreciate the stars.
A Snake and a Princess April 26th, 2016 There's a pickpocket, a chase, and two unknowing enemies meet for the first time.
Girls' Night Out April 25th, 2016 Norie and Utau decide to enjoy a girls' night out, hitting a nightclub where they get picked up by some shady young men, and they decide to teach them a lesson for trying to take advantage of them.
Dance Romance Revolution April 25th, 2016 It's Homura and Madoka's three month anniversary, which has important implications given certain motherly advice. The two go out to the Hotel Augusta for a date to celebrate and exchange gifts, have long conversations and dance with plenty of romance throughout.
Surprise! April 25th, 2016 Ayana attempts to surprise Ikiko with a birthday party. The surprise happens, and the party at least gets an A for effort even if it's a D for Execution.
What's In The Box April 24th, 2016 Takashi has a gift for his girlfriend! Ami is not entirely certain about this
What's in her Stars April 24th, 2016 Norie comes over to help the astrology club, but finds that all that's there is Natsumi. They talk a little, and then Natsumi gives Norie a reading. It seems to bother Norie...
Yelling In Public April 24th, 2016 On what was turning out to be a quiet night's patrol Kukai is interrupted by a distraught Lacrima. Natsumi and Kanata are nearby and try to lend their aid.
Burgers, Devices, and Secret Lairs April 24th, 2016 Mikoto and Chloe meet at a burger stand, and talk Device fu at Miko's Sekrit Lair
Unenthusiastic Armistice April 24th, 2016 Mamoru, Takashi, and Kunzite are all waiting after school for the Senshi to come out after clubs and/or detention. That's... well... it happened.
Believe April 23rd, 2016 Kukai stumbles upon Sierra who is trying to change her way of thinking.
Dark Chocolate April 23rd, 2016 A witch and a vampire meet and exhchange 'pleasantries' and a... rookie pilot...? joins the discussion. Chocolate is had!
Secundo April 22nd, 2016 A little bit more of the ever enduring YanMomo with CuteSachiko and EVILNorie~ Momo and Norie promise not to beat each other up, although Momo clearly doesn't have her heart in the promise. Then Sachiko reveals dark news.
Team Spirit April 22nd, 2016 A group of school girls run into each other at the arcade and decide to try out the newest version of the Sailor V game, which requires some team effort to succeed.
Change The Game April 22nd, 2016 A late-night gathering at the Midori-Ya Cafe.
Shadow Facepalm April 22nd, 2016 Kukai walks Sora home. This is tremendously complicated by the presence of an Ayana.
Haunted Eggs April 22nd, 2016 Utau's dreams are increasingly haunted by the memories of the many Guardian Characters she helped to destroy, and this time she is visited by a mysterious dream walker who tries to help her overcome her nightmares and guilt over what she has done..
Late Night Warnings April 21st, 2016 After the events of: Spiritual Visitations, Hinote let's Runealy know of the events of the evening when she went to go visit Kukai.
Shades of Grey April 21st, 2016 Utau meets Lacrima again, and they discuss their difficult situations that force them to act out in shades of grey, caught halfway between acts of good and evil, treading a dangerous line between both.
Fiore Fiasco Part I April 21st, 2016 Kyouko and Homura lay a trap for Fiore. Things go remarkably well, which is to say only minor environmental destruction and one serious stab wound.
Unwelcome Interruptions April 20th, 2016 Madoka and Homura are on a date at the theme park when they feel the arrival of a Witch nearby. The night's plans are discarded as the two go to do their magical duty.
A Lovely Multicolored Trap April 20th, 2016 Kukai ends up calling the one person he doesn't want to call to deal with Sachiko's requests - Runealy.
Spiritual Visitations April 20th, 2016 Sachiko comes to try to visit Runealy. It's a very, very good thing that Runealy isn't home.
The Witch and the Scientist April 19th, 2016 Shiniko visits Riventon's office to consult on extradimensional spaces. When darkness makes a deal with darkness, everyone profits! Well, everyone who counts, anyway.
House of Worship Woes April 19th, 2016 Norie invites Ayana to her regular meeting space in the old church in Pikarighoka to talk about some things she's decided.
Riled Up April 19th, 2016 Miss White targets the Heart's Egg of a girl who wants to own her own corporation. Prism Keeper Orange and Shadow Witch Shiniko strike a blow for capitalism (and against Miss White's composure).
A Healing Presence April 19th, 2016 A case of mistaken identity leads Kukai and Daisuke to hang out, talk about their adventures, and commiserate a lot. And maybe flirt. It's not a date if it wasn't planned before time, is it?
Trust April 19th, 2016 A chance encounter between Sierra and Utau leads to an interesting conversation concerning trust.
Ruby Rose, Set Up! April 19th, 2016 Having located Ruby Rose, Nicola's long-missing device, the girls go track her down. But someone else has found her first.
We have cookies! April 19th, 2016 Get well cookies for Makoto are just a little belated, and become 'yay you're better' cookies.
Kicking Tires April 18th, 2016 Sierra is learning just what it means to be a chara bearer. She gets a few pointers from Kukai.
Contracts April 18th, 2016 Norie Okana goes off to join Eclipse- specfically, UMBRA. Riventon and Norie talk a little bit about the nature of power and the nature of heroes and what 'being cured' means.
Rumor Mill April 18th, 2016 After the fight with Riventon, Kukai goes back to Mamoru's place with him and Kunzite, plays videogames, drinks coffee, fills Mamoru in on some Seiyou dirt on request, asks Kunzite questions that basically no one ever asks him because he is completely fearless, and eventually comes away with some absolutely fascinating grist for the mill.
Center Of Attention April 18th, 2016 Riventon and Lacrima are draining energy super publically. According to keikaku, people show up and object vociferously.
Protect your Dreams! April 17th, 2016 Sierra meets Utau and Mikoto in the park, and Utau explains what 'the voices' might be, and the dangerous people who might be after her because of her special abilities.
Future Plans April 17th, 2016 Sayaka visits Kyouko at the conbenie and a discussion about the future ensues.
Yes? No? Maybe? April 17th, 2016 Momo pops the question any elementary schooler thinks of as 'the big question'. No, it's not marriage! She asked Sachiko to be her girlfriend! The old fashioned elementary school way!
Flying Tonight April 17th, 2016 Sachiko goes looking for Sky Jack. Sky Jack finds out what she's wearing around her neck, and is more than a little alarmed.
Fate Guestarossa April 17th, 2016 Fate, Nanoha, and Rune discuss the situation after Fate has had a chance to calm down in her guest room at the Waldians' home.
Shifts April 17th, 2016 Ayana is not having a good time with her homework. Ikiko comes up with a way to make it a little sweeter.
Taking Flight April 17th, 2016 A group meets at the Midori-ya, and decides to go flying.
A simple evening. April 16th, 2016 Madoka visits Homura at her house and brings along a gift.
Feeding the Fish April 16th, 2016 Reiko gives Haru some chocolates. Then he feeds the fish. By fish, we mean Reiko. Also. Reiko asks Haru out on a real Date! Oh my!
Requiem of Corruption April 16th, 2016 An Encounter with Craft causes memories to be stirred up and ice cream to be melted.
The Price of Doing Business April 15th, 2016 Miss White tries to steal a Heart's Egg from a Seiyou student! Several people express indignation. With fire bolts. And Flicker Shots. And cameras. And claws.
hlp April 15th, 2016 Ayana recovers from the events of Something For Me, with help from Ikiko and Rei.
Please Stand By While Ami Reboots April 15th, 2016 Ami and Naru have lunch together at school. The conversation is somewhat less mundane than Ami was expecting.
Something For Me April 15th, 2016 Fate tries to use a Jewel Seed, and it doesn't work out. She doesn't get what she wants, but she gets what she needs.
White-Claus April 15th, 2016 Hannah brings Takashi the cursed sword, and some talk about the awkwardness of dating heroes ensues.
Sakura Sunset April 15th, 2016 Sierra, Chloe, and Kukai meet at the Botannical Gardens. Dreams and fears are the topic of the hour.
UMBRA Pool Pity Party April 14th, 2016 When Fate comes to the pool Eupmehmia gets the chance to talk with her and catch up on recent events and they end up being shocking enough to change her entire perspective on Fate's mission, mother, and the hunt for the Jewel Seed.
Too Good to be True April 14th, 2016 Homura and Sayaka catch up on lost time, and discuss the oddly peaceful times following recent big battles. Is it too soon to relax?
Star Talk April 14th, 2016 Chloe catches Natsumi watching the stars about the school after hours, and they have a cozy little chat.
Pink Sunset, Part 3 - Unexpected Company April 13th, 2016 A dream leads Momo to the Botanical Gardens. Roy and Biv enlist Reiko's aid.

Then everything goes pear-shaped and Prism Keeper Peek is revealed!

If Love is Wrong... April 13th, 2016 Haruna talks to Suzuki about the recent going ons, and makes sure she knows the score about what she thinks Cure Victory should say to Blue-sama if she comes to Suzuki with the same problem...
Apple Slushie April 13th, 2016 Kyubey, ever-helpful, delivers a warning to Kyouko. A very vague one.
Talk of Dreams April 13th, 2016 Sierra meets The extremely Sparkly Tadase as well as the Cool and Spicy Amu.
Rooting Out Evil April 13th, 2016 Ami consults Rei about the recent plant attacks, and asks her help finding further threats.
Dance Magic Dance April 13th, 2016 Momo watches Sachiko at dance class, and then as promised Norie comes to dance with her! Unfortunately, Norie freaks out at the idea that Prism Keeper Pink might be here as a trap to destroy Lacrima, and everything goes wrong from there. In the end, the Vampire skulks away, Sachiko cries, and nobody gets to dance.
Rescue Without Compromise April 13th, 2016 Blue Lotus talks with the Guardians about her brother's captivity, the Taisha, and the Compendium of Infinite Worlds.
The Price of Freedom April 13th, 2016 Utau finally meets Ikuto's Guardian Character, and they plot how to get Ikuto back.
Once More into the Broth April 12th, 2016 Post School Udon is best udon of the day. Chloe, Hoshi and of course Fu hang out and talk about some heroics
Uncertain Future April 12th, 2016 Utau and Kukai discuss the uncertainties of the future, hopes and dreams, love and being a hero, while going on a date at the local Themepark.
Ice Cream Kisses: The Sequel April 12th, 2016 This is really mushy not gonna lie.
I Don't Wanna Be A Monster April 12th, 2016 Kukai and Sachiko talk about Anshi's fate, and Sachiko's future.
A tale of Two Tail-Waggers April 12th, 2016 The first day of school for Sierra has come to a close. Attempts to do her homework before getting home are interrupted by not one but two canines. Not to mention Haruna, Hannah, Ariel, and Sayaka!
Charitable Competitions April 12th, 2016 Sora sounds Kukai out about a proposed multi-school competition for charity.
Swing April 11th, 2016 Sachiko and Norie talk on the swings about liars and monsters. In the end, Norie manipulates Sachiko into a foolish idea.
A Low Level of Never-Stops April 11th, 2016 Kunzite checks to make sure Naru's home is not being invaded by energy-draining flowers. Naru keeps up her new habit of actually noticing things. Apparently stalkers get cookies. Who knew? (Immediately following Sub Rosa and What Does Nephrite Have Against Shoes Anyway
Puella Solutions April 11th, 2016 Kyouko and Homura decide to take care of Mamoru's Fiore problem.
A Meeting of Mini-Me's April 11th, 2016 Hokuto and Kukai chat over takoyaki. Suzumebachi and Daichi play tag.
Sub Rosa April 11th, 2016 Several of Makoto's friends check in on how she's doing following her collapse from exhaustion. What they find is more than a little alarming.
The Rainbow Connection April 11th, 2016 Welcome the Prism Keepers to Virtue!
A Little Bit of Bliss with a Kiss April 11th, 2016 Sachiko and Momo have a little talk about somebody Sachiko knows, and then things turn very awkward and cute. WARNING:Contains a kiss and declarations of love from children who have no idea what any of this really means.
What Does Nephrite Have Against Shoes Anyway April 11th, 2016 Makoto and Mamoru are exhausted, drained messes, and Mamoru's "skill" at aiming teleports doesn't help. Nephrite is also a mess, in a completely different and much, much angrier way. Kunzite helps pick up some of the pieces -- in Mamoru's case, literally -- and they manage to put together something like a plan. 'Collapse now' is actually a plan, right? (Immediately post Sub Rosa.)
Things to Talk About in Public II April 10th, 2016 While grocery-shopping for a small army, Naru and Kyouko and Mamoru (trailed by the stealthiest white-haired 6'2
The Truth About Magic Stuff April 10th, 2016 After Naru tells Mamoru off for talking about magic in the supermarket and Kyouko goes to work, they go home with Kunzite and Naru runs the world's most polite interrogation session while they put away groceries and Mamoru sits on the counter doing nothing. Then Hurricane Usagi comes in and she and Mamoru vanish for some reason, and Naru and Kunzite have a REAL conversation.
Kintsugi: You Forgave and I Won't Forget April 10th, 2016 The world is new, and Kunzite isn't sure where he fits in it anymore. After Naru and Usagi leave, he and Mamoru have a lot to talk about, and they do. At great length. The buffer broke three times in total.
No Roasting Corvus April 10th, 2016 Haruna, Naru, and Sierra meet in the Crown over DDR and ice cream.
Sowing a Bitter Harvest April 9th, 2016 Fiore's gift of a flower to Usagi may not be as sweet as it seems...
If Wishes were Witches April 9th, 2016 Now that she's recovering from the nightmare of losing her Heart's Egg, Sachiko realises that Sayaka offered to answer her questions about Anshi and being a Puella. She calls her over, and the information Sayaka reveals is a terrible burden for seven year olds to bear.
Crazy April 9th, 2016 A new girl to Tokyo. A few chance meetings. Did I mention the voices. Yes she's hearing VOICES!
Scotch and Sorrow April 9th, 2016 Hannah and Haruna go to Hannah's Jazz Club to eat and drink and talk about everything that's happened the past weeks.
Not With Haste April 9th, 2016 There's been something on Mamoru's mind. Usagi is a saint.
Dreams of the Dreamless April 8th, 2016 Sachiko's lack of a heart's egg has left her vulnerable to a nightmare of the worst sort. But Sachiko is surrounded by friends who care, and one particular Dream Defender has other ideas about what it means to lack a heart's egg.
So Elite April 8th, 2016 Ami and Takashi and Makoto and Nephrite go on an ice skating double date. It goes exactly as well as you'd expect.
Helping friends April 8th, 2016 Chloe, Kukai and Rena have a little talk concerning a friend.
Crosswalks and Cocoa April 8th, 2016 Takashi walks Ami back home from the skating rink, magiscience is discussed, cocoa is sipped.
I Can Learn & I Can't Wait April 7th, 2016 Kukai finally gets in touch with Tadase, who gives him more vital information about the girl who stole Sachiko's heart egg, the mysterious Miss White.
It's What Friends Do April 7th, 2016 Utau discovers that she may just have a friend or two who are willing to help her with a rather big problem
Heavenly Hugging April 7th, 2016 After fighting a Witch together Homura and Madoka head to Madoka's house. After a request by Homura to brush Madoka's extremely long hair in her angelic form the obvious happens.
S.U.D.S.R. April 7th, 2016 Momo takes Sachiko to play DDR, hoping that the opportunity to dance will cheer her friend up. There, they meet someone else who knew Anshi ... and Sayaka Miki's story is just a little bit different from the other ones Sachiko has heard.
Choices April 6th, 2016 After Open Heart Surgery, Tadase and Amu have a private talk. An awkward and painful one.
A Bit of Salve April 6th, 2016 Just an innocent sleep-over and cuddles.
PHONE: Tell Me. April 6th, 2016 Haruna Kurosawa gets the courage to finally call Hannah about her recent activities, and also have a breakdown herself.
Open Heart Surgery April 6th, 2016 Usagi, Mamoru, Kunzite, and Luna go to see Amu and Tadase to ask if Amu can please purify Usagi, because she's still got that complicated shard of dark energy sword from when Hannah was possessed stuck in her back. Amu inadvertently turns Usagi back to her natural state as an excited spider monkey.
Striping Candy April 6th, 2016 Madoka and Hoshi meet again. Once more, within the hospital, but this time neither are hurt. They talk a little about why they're there and what they want to do later.
The Rise Of Planty Stardust April 5th, 2016 Ail returns to Earth, and greets it with a Cardian attacking shoppers in Uminari City. Earth greets the Prince of the Galaxy back, via several heroes interrupting his meal. So impolite!
No Going Back April 5th, 2016 Lacrima learns the hard way that there's nothing for her to return back to being the hard way, thanks to Amu Hinamori.
Oh Lord, Heaven Knows April 5th, 2016 Kyouko and Homura have a conversation about protecting what really matters.
I'll Show You Lightning April 5th, 2016 Sometimes going back to old places hurts. Sometimes you can make things right when you need to. Sometimes you are the good luck you want to give to others.
Cherry Blossoms in the Breeze April 4th, 2016 Hinote takes Shinobu to the Cherry Blossom Festival.
The Love Doctor Is: IN April 4th, 2016 Reiko Touyama talks to Kuaki about Sachiko's predicament, about Prism Keeper Pink, and helps Kukai figure out some of his own issues with his romantic problems.
Ruby Resolve April 4th, 2016 In the days following their ill-fated adventure in the G-cans, Nicola and Bryony reflect and plan their next move.
Shopping day, Round 2! April 3rd, 2016 Chloe and Rena try to have a youma-free shoping day. Instead they meet a new friend.
Fridges, With Bonus Horror April 3rd, 2016 Makoto has been volunteered kitchen help. It's Kunzite. This is inevitably kind of weird, but oddly practical in places. It's almost reassuring, up till Makoto asks a question that turns out to get her an answer she didn't really want...
On the Value of Memories April 3rd, 2016 Kyouko and Sayaka meet up for a snack and discuss whether memories are worth keeping, even if they are bad.
A Rather Pointed Subject April 3rd, 2016 Usagi and Mamoru are tired of Usagi having dark energy horrible stuck in her back and nothing they've tried thus far has worked. Usagi's also worried about Mamoru, and Mamoru's worried about Usagi, and all in all, there's a whole lot of worry. But also cute.
Orange and Pink Sunset! April 3rd, 2016 Reiko Touyama has a talk with Momo Akatsuki- the new Prism Keeper Pink, about magical matters and to help her understand some things she had to personally learn the hardway.
Misinterpretation Station April 3rd, 2016 Fiore catches Mamoru sort-of alone and Just Wants To Talk. Considering this ends up with Fiore, Endymion, and Kunzite all in henshin on the street, talking obviously escalated quickly.
Swim Meet April 2nd, 2016 Kukai and Takashi attend a Seishou-Seiyou swim meet! This choice of spectators does not go as well as Ami might have hoped.
If Wishes were Kisses April 2nd, 2016 In the aftermath of Hannah stealing Sachiko's heart's egg, Momo has come to try and help her friend overcome the overwhelming despair she feels. Kyubey's attempt to coerce Sachiko to make a wish does not earn Momo's friendship, but combined with Momo's own reassurances it does result in Sachiko breaking down to explain her greatest fears. Poor Momo shouldn't have to deal with such big issues at such a young age, but Prism Keeper Pink rises to the task, providing safety and comfort to a friend in desperate need.
Love and Virtue April 2nd, 2016 Tadase and Blue have a Talk with Cure Gull. It does not go well. Some rules really should be disclosed up-front.
Barrier Ballet April 2nd, 2016 A giant ballet dancing youma causes the the awakening of Barrier Jacket as well as the making of a few friends.
Virtue Under The Stars April 2nd, 2016 Mamoru asks Kukai to meet a friend of his and explain what Virtue is to him at the Seiyou Planetarium.
Five Minutes to Breathe April 2nd, 2016 Nephrite and Mako take a little time to themselves. They talk flowers, Mamoru's latest stalker, and plans for an upcoming double date.
A Lazy Morning April 2nd, 2016 Madoka and Homura wake up and have a cozy conversation before going downstairs to dance.
Control April 2nd, 2016 Lacrima calls on Ayana to try to teacher some better control of her powers as she offered previously. Ikiko comes along, just in case.
Behind The Scenes April 1st, 2016 Mikoto sneaks in backstage after a secret concert performed by Ikuto and Utau, determined to meet with Ikuto and get to the bottom of all of this.
Useless April 1st, 2016 Kukai discovers that Sachiko is not well.
Shady Dinner Business April 1st, 2016 Sora goes to her cousin's place to borrow rice. Her shadow misbehaves, Ikiko and Ayana notice.
Stood Up Bride April 1st, 2016 A Witch gains a Jewel Seed, and tries to host a murderous wedding. Several magical heroes show up to stop the Witch, and no small amount of drama ensues.

Title Date Scene Summary
When it Rains... May 31st, 2016 Kyouko returns from an absence to inform Kunzite and Mamoru about yet another problem which has dire implications, which is exactly what nobody needed to hear right now.
Clearly Living in a Reality Show May 31st, 2016 Nephrite and Makoto come to the palaces after school, where Mamoru's been annoying Kunzite all day. News is caught up on. Picnic is set to. Hair is challenged.
Two Corns in a Cobb May 31st, 2016 Usagi is so bad at tailing people, and she dropped her Make-Up Chocolates! Then there's food, milkshakes, hugs, and reconciliations! (And, of course, the complete butchering of sayings.)
Thorns and Fangs May 31st, 2016 Shiniko and Lacrima talk about curses, Riventon and justice, and a little bit of love while they're at it.
BOOM! May 31st, 2016 A little tinkering in the park leads to a fun meeting between Haruna, Nagi, Hoshi, and Naomi.
Nothing But Net May 31st, 2016 It's Basketball Tryouts for Seiyou Public. One of the newer students, Nagihiko, tries out! Unfortunately, he kind of forgot Kukai was on the team. And then he faces the biggest challenge of his young life: public showers.
Downsides May 30th, 2016 Daisuke consults with Kukai about the recent injuries. Er, curses. Also about fashion.
Berry Nice Church Chat May 29th, 2016 Norie calls Ikiko to come talk about her condition, about Ikiko's condition and drink Strawberry Juice Drinks.
Not Alone May 29th, 2016 In the wake of the blowup with Takashi, Ami needs a shoulder, and Makoto is more than willing to provide.
Green Fire Burns Hearts May 29th, 2016 Kukai's recent issues are finally revealed, and not everyone takes it even as well as one would expect. Remember kids, more than one waifu can ruin your laifu.
More Like Death Than A Splitting Headache May 29th, 2016 Kukai, suffering from the effects of Shiniko's curses, collapses. Nadeshiko, who had followed him, frantically calls Amu, who may be able to help him. If they don't both try to punch him silly first.
Ouroboros May 28th, 2016 Ami and Takashi return to their first date. This time, the ending is a little different.
We Move Under Cover And We Move As One May 28th, 2016 Seishi follows up with Kunzite on plans for her Nightmare hunt. Tactics. Urban exploration. Mind-control attempts. Subconscious past-life selves being jerks. The usual topics.
Bad Decisions And Worse Voice Mail May 28th, 2016 Mamoru decides that barely-standing is a fine condition in which to try to bodily fling himself across the city to demand answers from Hannah about Takashi. Usagi decides that it's a great time to descend on Mamoru's apartment wailing about having betrayed him. Kunzite decides it's a reasonable time to go home and WHY ARE PEOPLE SUDDENLY WEEPING ON HIM
Secret Bases, Secret Plans May 28th, 2016 Madoka and Homura do some planning during a timestop, and take a moment to assess their situation.
The High Road May 28th, 2016 Runealy, her Guardians, and Fate were all once villains in their own ways. Now, they seek to do good in the world by joining Virtue.
A Rude Awakening May 28th, 2016 Naomi is awakened by her fairy to go fight with a Terribad. She meets a fine feathered Cure!
Curiosity and Rules May 27th, 2016 An encounter with blue leads to a bunch of questions as well as Naomi learning the rules.
A Wok on the Cuddle Side May 27th, 2016 Nagihiko 'found' Kukai's phone. The boys go back to the Fujisaki Estate for food, cuddles, and smooches. And Nagihiko's killed about five different times by guilt.
Friends Help Friends May 27th, 2016 Evil friend-analogues, anyway. Riventon gives Lacrima a little help, in the form of a lot of advice and a very special bracelet.
A Familiar Experience May 27th, 2016 For the second time, someone tries to turn a particular fox into a familiar. This time, it doesn't work, but perhaps it's the beginning of a friendship?
Recovery May 26th, 2016 in the aftermath of the Tarribad attack, Katherine recovers in the bedroom of Naomi Yomada.
Isn't It A Bit Late For A Blizzard May 26th, 2016 Doing evil is just a walk in the park for this Yuki-Onna, since the only one she runs across doesn't stop her. Lacrima warns Mou Fubuki about the magica dangers of Tokyo, such as purification magic and do-gooders.
Not Mutually Exclusive May 26th, 2016 Makoto happens to catch Kunzite as they're both leaving the Seishou campus for different reasons, and takes the opportunity to alert him to possible problems on the horizon. Things that are not mutually exclusive: accuracy and insensitivity. Good intentions and dark-energy-fueled bad ideas. Kunzite's social life and twelve-year-olds?
Be Careful What You Wish For May 26th, 2016 Kyubey reveals a dark secret. Do the Puella Magi have much longer to live?
Chasing Shadows May 26th, 2016 Kunzite meets Ayana, and after reassuring herself that he's not a fairy tail from her imagination, she decides to discuss her vampiric friend.
Love and other drugs May 26th, 2016 Ami and Usagi gossip about boys, and love, and chocolate, and drugs. Then they decide to cuddle up and watch movies, because the rest of that is way too complicated right now.
Ice Cream Smoothies May 25th, 2016 In which Takashi does *not* blast Usagi across the Crown for being too excitable. Though it might have been a better plan in the long run not to let him see the Silver Crystal in person. Also: what exactly is this moral fiber thing, anyway? Is it that stuff you get from oats?
Dangerous and Rare May 25th, 2016 Utau consults with Riventon about Norie and her curse.
The Lazy Grasshopper May 25th, 2016 Namakelder is up to his usual laziness. When he uses an unsuspecting mother to create a Spark Plug Terribad, He also causes the arrival of a New Pretty Cure... Guaranteed to have a Shocking ending!
Grading Your Performance May 25th, 2016 Prism Keeper Orange defends a mini-mall from the sinister Mr. Black! (Partial scene)
Nightmares Breed Nightmares May 25th, 2016 Hokuto has a nightmare. Seishi makes nightmares worried.
Senshi Shoeless God of War May 25th, 2016 Ami tells on herself to Rei for giving Naru dark energy chocolates. Rei starts to seriously question her dating decisions.
The Hard Questions May 24th, 2016 Makoto points out some aberrant behaviour to Ami, and Ami realises she's been a bit of an idiot. The greater good is served, but Ami's confidence is badly shaken.
Blame The Jet Lag May 24th, 2016 Kukai meets a new person while out in King Penguin Park, Jiaying Maki! Oh, and she can see Daichi. This sparks a conversation.
Shopping spree! May 23rd, 2016 Chloe goes shopping and runs into Mikoto, who brought along Yoru and Hikari. They all hang out getting outfits and food for themselves, and sharing with Yoru.
Sunday School Shennanigans May 22nd, 2016 Reiko and Hoshi run into thier old, 2nd Grade Teacher, Kuro Heise-sensei while creating a bulletin Board Display for the summer months in the elemntary grade hall!
Monstrous Ganache May 22nd, 2016 After school, Mamoru and Usagi and Kunzite go to the bakery/cafe to buy ALL THE SWEETS, and then Natsumi Ginga shows up and is rude and possessive, so Mamoru is rude and Usagi is possessive and Kunzite watches like a watching watcher, and basically it's a slice of cake I mean life.
Friends and Family May 22nd, 2016 Nanoha and Nicola run into each other, and talk a little about Nanoha's troubles with her friends, and Nicola's home.
Training at 2000m May 21st, 2016 A little training turns into Ariel Acrobatics lessons when Sky Jack hangs out with Flying Wings.
Burying Hatchets In Ice Cream May 21st, 2016 Haruna invites Nephrite and Makoto over for Ice Cream, to bury a few linger thoughts Haruna has in her head about past events when she was 'Scorn' involving Nephrite.
Understand A Little Better May 21st, 2016 Seishi and Ariel visit Mamoru's dreams to catch up with him and Kunzite, on things going back to D-Point and ahead to near-future plans. As usual, there are answers and explanations, some of which are probably not the kind the asker was hoping for.
After the Dreameater May 20th, 2016 Seishi and Hokuto meet up to discuss the thing in Hokuto's dream.
Poor Misguided Child May 20th, 2016 Norie looks in on Sachiko. There is talk, and dancing, and draining ... and Anshi.
BTW There's This Asteroid May 20th, 2016 Usa and Kunzite take Mamoru to Ami and Rei for a second opinion on why the hell Mamoru seems to be having an autoimmune attack concurrent with the invasion of Earth by a jillion energy-sucking pink space flowers. Consensus: 'oh damn'.
Love n' Tuna May 19th, 2016 Norie talks to Ayana about Sora, Love and also there's Tuna to be had.
Of Players and Volatile Matters May 19th, 2016 Sora is mad at Ayana because of that 'player' Kukai. Chemistry tutoring continues regardless, and goes well until Ayana compares Oxygen to a player; the volatile topic causes Sora's temper to explode.
Oxygen Is A Player May 19th, 2016 Ayana is upset over Sora being upset over Kukai. Ikiko worries over Ayana, but is not upset over Ayana, thus breaking the chain.
It's Good Cake May 18th, 2016 It's Sierra Earhart's Birthday! She runs into Norie Okana Window shopping, Kukai Souma jogging after getting out of the hospital, and one really mad Sora Hisakata.
For No Other Reason May 18th, 2016 Makoto goes up to find that Nephrite has set up shop on the roof of Mamoru's building. The two of them discuss astrology, recent stresses, interior decorating, and whether or not they need excuses to see each other. (Hint: no.)
Change Is Hard, So Is Dating May 18th, 2016 Ami and Naru have lunch (and Dark(TM) Chocolate) at school again. Takashi decides clearly he should be having lunch at school with Ami.
Butting Heads May 17th, 2016 Utau runs into Chloe at the library and they discuss their desire to free Ikuto, inspite of their mutual dislike of one another.
Tea Party and Phone Numbers May 17th, 2016 Nagihiko and Kukai are catching up on Guardian paperwork. Nicola joins them. Nagihiko steals Kukai's phone.
Becoming a Monster May 16th, 2016 Norie visits a troubled Utau who continues to suffer nightmares of the hearts eggs she helped destroyed. The two discuss what it means to be a monster, and Norie's fears of losing her humanity.
At Home With the Celestials May 15th, 2016 Kukai comes over to visit and thank Kunzite for coming to visit him in the hospital, and finds Usagi cuddling sick Mamoru. Between Usa's contact and Kunzite's concentration, Mamoru remains in the conversation.
Curiosity Befriended the Cat May 15th, 2016 Chloe and Yoru join Mikoto in trying to repair a damaged Armed Device. Things do not go as well as expected.
The Other Side Of Night May 14th, 2016 Lunatic Charm and Kunzite talk for the first time. Fortunately? Kunzite knows Eru. That's enough to make the talk last for more than a few seconds. Utau is still skittish and forever volatile, and Kunzite is still terrible at people, but maybe a little progress gets made...
A Nightmare in Tokyo Part Two May 14th, 2016 The Dreamstalker returns, in search of new victims.
Beer and Satori May 13th, 2016 Kyouko and Luna come to visit Mamoru with beer and wisdom. Luna doesn't like the beer.
Naru joins the Space Botany Club! May 13th, 2016 Naru visits the Space Botany club's hq where she meets the small but growing team, including a rather cranky Natsumi, who is talked into going on a hunt for rumoured space plants!
Ice cream and philosophy May 13th, 2016 A chance meeting at an ice cream parlour quickly turns into a philosophical discussion about what is good and evil.
Hydrangeas and Sulfur: Miyake-jima May 12th, 2016 Bryony drags Nicola to a
A Smile Or A Curse May 12th, 2016 Kyouko has issues with Kunzite's new hairstyle. Fair enough; so does Kunzite. She's also having issues with identity, expectations, self-imposed restrictions. Fair enough; so is Kunzite. It's probably a good idea not to wonder if this counts as lighting any kind of fuse.
The Return Of Mahou Grand Central May 12th, 2016 In which Naru, Makoto, and Daisuke all independently decide to visit Mamoru's place. At the same time. LOTS of talking ensues.
We got Spirit, Yes we do! May 12th, 2016 A Soccer game turns into a nightmare when Craft shows up and turns a poor kid into a cog. Can Sentinel Joy handle this on her own? And what of this strange new Sentinel, Spirit?
Pressure Cooked Homecoming Dinner May 12th, 2016 After certain events regarding a little princess Guardian Chara, Nagihiko has taken over the Souma kitchen and is cooking up a storm to take his mind off things and putting them on others, like Kukai's happy return from the hospital.
Song from the Heart May 11th, 2016 Utau meets a fellow singer and, when she senses his powerful heart's egg, she becomes further interested in nurturing his potential to become a talented musician.
Belated Happy Birthday! May 11th, 2016 Sayaka celebrates a belated (and very toned down) birthday with Kyouko..
Broken Flowers May 11th, 2016 When Tadase runs into Sierra (literally), A few flowers get broken...
Tea Party at the Greenhouse May 11th, 2016 Kunzite looks for someone to pass a message off to Tadase and finds Nagihiko. Temari is smitten. Then she's crushed. Then Nagihiko's running after Kunzite with a pointy stick and cursing like a drunk sailor. Amu has to save them.
A Tale of Two Media May 10th, 2016 Ail, meet Naru. Naru, meet Ail. Or at least meet Seijuro.
All's Well That Ends With Sushi May 10th, 2016 After weeks of avoidance, Bryony finally shares her feelings.
Happy Birthday, Runealy! May 10th, 2016 Three aliens try their hand at an Earth style Birthday party for the Guardian Princess of Waldia. Maybe the 'surprise' part wasn't such a good idea, though...
White-Haired Hospital Update May 10th, 2016 Kazuo visits Kukai late one evening in his hospital room to talk and see how he's doing.
Spring Picnic May 10th, 2016 Homura and Madoka put on pretty dresses for a picnic on a lovely spring day under the shade of a leafy green cherry tree. Yummy food is eaten, conversation is had, and many snuggles are exchanged.
Quis Proditores Ipsos Prodit May 9th, 2016 So Fiore had been slowly killing Usagi with an energy-drain youma like he did with Mako. Mamoru and Kunzite show up at like literally just-in-time o'clock and then Fiore shows up at who-said-you-could-interrupt o'clock and then the Senshi show up at are-you-freaking-kidding-me o'clock and Fiore is dismayed because the last rose Mamoru gave him wasn't actually stabbed into his chest, but like, things change. Also: wherein Kunzite's hair gets really short. (Technically in Mamoru's temporary apartment.)
A Less Collaterally Damaging Conversation May 9th, 2016 Miss White and Haruna come to visit Kukai in the hospital. They're nice - no violence this time. At least not much.
Aggressive Caring May 9th, 2016 Kukai is awake in time to recieve a visit from Nagihiko! And Sora! At the same time. It may not end up being the best of the visits he's gotten.
Running Through These Walls May 7th, 2016 (Content warning: nightmares.) Nephrite, with Makoto, Mamoru, and Kunzite, goes to retrieve the few things he wants to keep from the ephemeral mansion he created while with the Dark Kingdom. Without power to fuel the magics that sustain it, the place is literally falling apart. And the visitors just gave the dying house another option. As long as it can keep them from leaving...
Darkened Lessons May 7th, 2016 Ayana comes back from her study session with Sora noticeably darkened; Ikiko notices and chases away the shadows.
Midnight Meetings and Mighty Maelstroms! May 7th, 2016 Yoru is out late on the return to Mikoto's warehouse when he meets Sierra and Kit! Spirits are lifted all around by the mighty wind of Sierra's spirit!
Friends in High Places May 7th, 2016 A meeting between Utau and Sierra brings about a new friendship and a Chara transformation?
Nice Device May 6th, 2016 Mikoto and Hannah encounter a Nicola practicing in the park. Fortunately, in a barrier.
Kitty Korner May 6th, 2016 Hikari was sitting around the warehouse alone. Except she wasn't alone. Hello, Yoru!
Painted Foliage is Safe May 6th, 2016 Naru drops by to give stuff to Kunzite, and Mamoru... hires her?
Risks May 6th, 2016 Ayana asks Sora for tutoring. Shadow Witch Shiniko's price is ... high.
Stop Attracting World-Ending Stalkers May 6th, 2016 Hannah objects to Mamoru apparently blowing up her warehouse. Kunzite and Makoto object to Hannah objecting to Mamoru. Mamoru objects to being awake.
Catching Up May 6th, 2016 Their enemy has finally shown his hand, and Seishi and Shiori have some catching up to do.
Liese: The New Girl May 5th, 2016 Madoka and Homura come across a new Puella Magi they've never seen before: Liese
Pocky and Puella May 5th, 2016 Liese meets Sachiko, and the younger girl tells her some creepy stories that are too weird to be made-up.
Suitacular Shopping Spree May 5th, 2016 Madoka needs a new outfit to wear while she's working for the Contractors! Problem: She has no idea what kind of suit she'll look good in. Solution: Homura Akemi
Orange Is a Righteous Color! May 4th, 2016 When Reiko comes across Death Rebel trying to steal heart's eggs, she decides to do something about it. As Prism Keeper Orange, she successfully vanquishes evil! But what became of the boy behind the mask...?
One Good Sign May 4th, 2016 Runealy goes to visit Kukai in the hospital, meets Kukai's brother Rento, and good things happen.
Comforting Shadows May 4th, 2016 Kukai gets a visitor - Sora! And then she gets four visitors - Kukai's brothers!
Tell Him to Stop May 3rd, 2016 Mamoru's worried. Zoisite's annoyed. Kunzite thinks they're both adorable. The one who'd be pleased with the word 'adorable' is unfortunately still mad at him.
Problems Old and New May 2nd, 2016 Kunzite and Daisuke, after their meeting in Kukai's hospital room, discuss (vaguely) the events of the last winter and the changes since then, then move on to current problems, namely, Fiore. Guess what? An's pointed ears really are good for hearing things. Do public schools actually have Space Botany clubs these days? And exactly how bad is this going to go when Mamoru Chiba falls (literally) into their company?
The Tenshi Maru May 2nd, 2016 What happens when Homura gets a lot of money? She shows it off to Madoka, of course.
Baked-In Visitation May 2nd, 2016 Kazuo and Makoto go to visit Kukai in the hospital and bring a gift of baked treats to his brothers. Daisuke happens upon them, and with their combined help maybe everyone will sleep a little easier tonight.
You And A Blueberry Muffin May 1st, 2016 Makoto and Kunzite catch Nephrite up on what he's missed, particularly re Fiore. Mamoru helps. Sort of. Makoto is learning all kinds of things today...
Vampiric Star Readings May 1st, 2016 When Norie goes in for her reading as she promised she would earlier in the month, Norie confronts Natsumi about her magical nature!

Title Date Scene Summary
Birthday Demands June 30th, 2016 Wherein Usagi steals a dance. With Kunzite.
Oh-em-gee! June 30th, 2016 Norie Okana talks to Ayana Tasogare about advice dealing with being kissed and what to do next. --- Ayana totally texts Ikiko about it.
Sock Hop June 30th, 2016 Ayana and Ikiko have a rooftop dance of their own.
Unpleasant Necessity June 30th, 2016 Kyouko goes to talk to Miss White, Momo in tow, to try and find out where Takashi Agera is hiding. Things, as usual, do not go as she planned.
Disaster Relief Charity Ball June 30th, 2016 What happens when you mix charity, snobbery, Magical Heroes, birthdays, and the Clash? Inquire within to find out!
Less Charitable, More Paranoid June 30th, 2016 Some people dance. Kunzite and Kyouko prefer making sure other people can dance, even when their efforts aren't strictly necessary. Sayaka isn't quite sure what she thinks of the whole thing.
Pretty in Pinkish Red June 29th, 2016 Madoka brings a pretty to Momo! Momo almost cries! Madoka almost cries... Dog is Dog! All in all, a yay scene!
Archives and Awkward Requests June 29th, 2016 Virtue wants to build a data archive, and who better to help than Ami? Also Tadase has a request outside of Virtue Business.
A Colorful Mix of Girly June 29th, 2016 Homura and Madoka looks go dress shopping and like all their endeavors it includes a long conversations about past and recent events, each other, and romance.
Where's my cheese June 29th, 2016 An sends a mouse cardian loose on a bunch of kids in a park, but meets some resistance.
Dress Shopping! June 29th, 2016 Usagi and Ami go dress shopping for the charity ball!
Snowe-White Demonstration Time! June 29th, 2016 (Content warning: Mad science, biological variety.) 'Ms. Snowe' consults with Miss White on how exactly Devices work. Say. THIS Device, right here, this frosted-over halberd...
Blue and Purple. Blurple June 28th, 2016 Nadeshiko meets Ami, over video game competition. ... Rhythm is a fan!
Tiny Goddess of Art and Coke June 28th, 2016 Post-asteroid, Ami wakes up in the ECFH. And desperately needs caffeine. Fortunately there is a Naru! She has Questions.
Afterschool Special June 28th, 2016 Jiaying follows up with Sora on what in the world happened at Seishou the other day.
Carnival! June 28th, 2016 Warning: Smooches ahead. Nadeshiko Fujisaki has never been to a carnival before! So, after the alien vines have vanished, she calls Kukai Souma out to come and visit the one on the edge of Tokyo with her! Rides and food and games and mass flirting abound.
Kiss(ing) of the Vampire June 28th, 2016 Natsumi Matsumoto promised Norie Okana a dance. She did not, however, promise the kissing. Wait, what!?
Post-apocolyptic Open House, with pizza. June 27th, 2016 The Frat House is once again, Grand Central Station with pizza and coffee (and 'special' coffee) and laughter and panic and people and yet more food. Now with more random napping!
Loitering in Holy Places June 26th, 2016 Lacrima goes to her usual 'safe space', she meets Jiaying Maki and they talk about powers, purfication, dreams and the possibility of eating ghosts.
Continued Loitering in Holy Places June 26th, 2016 Lacrima comes back to her 'safe spot' and meets someone different two days in a row, Eilam Hisakawa. Both talk about magic and immortality and Eilam's attempts at flirting blow completely over Lacrima's head.
The Platonic Ideal of Burger June 26th, 2016 Mikoto checks in on Fate, and introduces her to a little hole-in-the-wall burger restaurant.
Circling the Shields June 25th, 2016 After a confrontation with Shira Runealy and Fate return home. Valeria is practicing her harp playing, but soon all attention is on a conversations about this new enemy and preparing to confront her.
We Will Never Be Royals June 25th, 2016 Shira attacks Naru Osaka in an attempt to get at Runealy and her Guardians. Which is a bit strange, becauase Naru is hardly attached to them at all.
Zombie Plants Against Humanity June 25th, 2016 The Xenian asteroid's spilled its flowers across the planet, and then-- the flowers wake up.
Church Meeting June 25th, 2016 Jiaying and Eilam encounter each other outside a church! And also encounter a mugging attempt.
Moon Revenge June 25th, 2016 'On your closed eyes, I kiss you goodbye. I have left you behind in the garden of time.'
Bigger Pictures June 24th, 2016 Naru and Kunzite talk about Ragemako. And Takashi. And the Xenian flowers. And dark energy. And long-term plans. And art. And decoration. But mostly, though they rarely say a word about it directly, about isolation and connection.
Grasp the Thorns June 24th, 2016 (Content warning: violence.) There's only one person Fiore wants to preserve from the end of the Earth. Kunzite tries to stop, or at least slow, the kidnapping. Usagi arrives in time to help save someone ... but it's not Mamoru.
Bleeding on the Princess June 24th, 2016 (Content warning: gore.) Immediately following Grasp the Thorns: Usagi did arrive in time to save Mamoru from Fiore, not at once. But she did make it in time to save Kunzite.
As We Know It June 24th, 2016 It's the end of the world.
Writing the Book On Evil Dating June 24th, 2016 Haruna catches Hannah on some stuff. Talk about Precures, Jerk Gods, Jerk Hot Guys and Puella Magi.
Open and Close June 23rd, 2016 Homura and Madoka take on the first official salvage job of the Tenshi Maru... and find a little more than they bargained for.
Welcome Back, Mako-chan! June 23rd, 2016 Makoto is back, her nullheart is defeated, and the Inner Senshi girls are enjoying some together time.
Pirate Attack June 23rd, 2016 Just kidding. It's only plushies.
Interrupted Introductions June 23rd, 2016 Seishou lunchtime is vastly more exciting than most.
Information By Way of Cookie June 23rd, 2016 Naru bribes Kyouko with cookies to tell her about Witches and Puella.
Mistakes Were Made June 23rd, 2016 After being saved in the very last possible moment by Norie, Takashi applies icepack to face, and analysis to What Went Wrong, and appreciation to Norie and Nyubey.
Kicking Rabid Cats June 23rd, 2016 Sky Jack and Beat Jumper stop Lacrima from feeding on an unsuspecting girl via 'all the sportsballs'.
Reap the Whirlwind June 23rd, 2016 Makoto is on a mission: to save herself and Nephrite from an endless cycle of duty and death. Makoto is on a mission: to stop herself from doing just that. Riventon is on a mission: science. And Mamoru's apartment is now on fire.
Wilting Cherry Blossoms June 23rd, 2016 The morning after the fight against Lacrima, Kukai and Nagihiko have breakfast sprinkled with confessions.
Knight of Comfort June 23rd, 2016 The storm has passed, but the damage remains. Good thing Makoto has Nephrite to lean on. Follows 'Reap the Whirlwind.'
Status Quo June 22nd, 2016 Eilam returns to the site of the beach party after all but Madoka and Homura has left and tells them a little more about himself and his condition. Suggestions on what might be causing it and and ways he might investigate it further are given, but it seems all that will have to come in due time.
Jiaying Meet Mara, Mara Meet Jiaying! June 21st, 2016 Guitar bonding time!
PreCure Meeting June 21st, 2016 CureVictory invites Cures Gull and Spark to Verone academy for a more personal meeting face to face after the chaos at the sand castle competition.
Identifying Problems June 21st, 2016 Momo is worried that she's a problem for Kyouko. Kyouko reassures her, and they talk about family and preparing for the future.
Beach Party! June 21st, 2016 A party is thrown for the magical heroes of Tokyo, and people come to the beach to smash watermelons, chat, and romance!
If It Ain't Nailed Down... June 21st, 2016 Miss White and WPS holds up an auction. Voltron-kun gets stolen, and an auctioneer nearly gets Shiniko'd!
Shut Your Face And Be My Friend Again! June 20th, 2016 Nagihiko and Tadase have some fences to mend. And by 'mend', we mean pretty much 'knock down.'
Piiiiiie! June 20th, 2016 Pie, and candy, and gossip and giggling, and potentially herds of bunnies. Naru and Usagi have some girl time!
Smug Satisfaction June 20th, 2016 Norie Okana goes to see Riventon, expecting a punishment. Gets an intresting discussion instead. Smug Satisfaction is the best.
Coffee, with a side order of Questions. June 20th, 2016 Questions about dark energy, and Lacrima, and soccer balls. All the questions, and there's coffee too! Kukai explains a few things about magic to Naru, at least as he knows them.
The Cure for the Common Sandcastle! June 19th, 2016 Oresky thinks he should win a sandcastle contest! Cures Victory, Spark, Drive and Gull all collectivly disagree.
Right Where I Want You June 19th, 2016 Love is never having to say 'we didn't cuddle enough'.
Coincidental meetings while shopping! June 18th, 2016 Suzuki is trapped in the shopping strip, and then Usagi rescues her! Then they go and shop together!
House Rules June 18th, 2016 Suzuki looks in on Mamoru. And finds Kunzite. There might be a few misunderstandings.
The Energy Drain Connoisseur June 18th, 2016 Post-Norie, Naru still wants to go to the gallery opening. And collapse. Kunzite is an enabler, but at the cost of a long and detailed conversation when Noru finally wakes up.
Heart Burn June 18th, 2016 A new Eclipse Puella Magi is stealing a special gem.
Meeting over Tea June 18th, 2016 Amaya meets Naomi in the Cross Mirror Room!
Midnight Monsters June 17th, 2016 Momo has a nightmare. She and Kyouko have a midnight discussion about the horrors of the past, and who is really to blame for them. Kyouko confesses some things she wouldn't to anyone else.
Thank you for the energy. June 17th, 2016 Naru and Norie have a lovely(?) conversation about humans and monsters and the different ways that energy drain can feel like. It was, perhaps, a bit more painful and a bit more energetic depending on perspective.
Jupiter and Mars are Not Aligned June 17th, 2016 Rei gets a visit from Makoto... only to start to suspect that she isn't Makoto at all.
Shaky Foundation June 17th, 2016 Kurota and Mizudori are reunited after spending months grounded after running away to America to keep the band together when their vocalist's family moved. Nagihiko and Temari are treated to an impromptu concert, and both Mizudori and Kurota find Nagihiko exceptionally pretty and this, and Mizudori's weird affectionate behavior, are both supremely confusing for poor Kurota, Edgelord of the Keys.
Half Way To Never June 17th, 2016 Ami and Takashi meet for the first time since they broke up. It's supposed to be dinner and an informational exchange about Fiore, but as everything with these two, it winds up being so much more complicated. One of them leaves in tears, and the chess board judges them both.
Plant Your Hope in Good Soil June 17th, 2016 Usagi sneaks over to put Mamoru's hand in a jar of faintly glowing ginzuishou-magicked dirt. Inevitably, he wakes up hella confused. Equally inevitably, they are eye-wateringly adorable.
A Pretty Happy Place June 17th, 2016 After several days of exhausting work Kukai finally spends some time admitting to Nagihiko what's happened with Sachiko and Lacrima.
Without a Gardener June 17th, 2016 Discovering that Makoto's either drenched in dark energy or has been replaced, three senshi and Nephrite are...not happy.
Sketchy Shades June 17th, 2016 Reiko Touyama has an art show to attend! She invites Eilam Hisakawa along, and brings Ayana along- the /best/ wingfox. Hokuto Minase arrives to observe art aswell as a Shade ruins everything. Shades always ruin everything. EILAM ISN'T REIKO'S BOYFRIEND, GOD!
Idiots and Inchworms June 16th, 2016 Ami does some brief followup on her conversation with Kunzite.
Crossed Mirrors, Crossed Hearts June 16th, 2016 Naomi Yomada and Haruna Kurosawa go meet with Blue. Things are asked. Things are explained. What's love go to do with it, got to do with it?
Evil Facebook June 16th, 2016 Lunch at Seishou Middle School leads to Usagi, Naru and Rena enjoying some yummy goodies. Not to mention pondering the existance of an EVIL FACEBOOK!
No Weapons In The Living Room June 16th, 2016 (Content warning: teenage boys.) Nephrite and Mamoru are both sidelined for medical reasons. Kunzite is stuck watching them. In such conditions, one's essential nature is revealed! By which we mean they're all jerks.
Crafty Meetings June 15th, 2016 Eilam and Madoka attend Crafts Club, where complex balsa wood models are being built. One knows exactly what their doing and the other has trouble keeping up, and the two strike up a conversation.
Here Comes A New Challenger! June 15th, 2016 Round One: FIGHT!
Accusations of a Shadow Witch June 15th, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko questions Lacrima's recent actions involving Sachiko...
Swords and Other Strengths June 14th, 2016 Hinote, Seishi, and Hokuto deal with a different kind of sparring in the wake of the Nightmare: a kendo match. And, of course, discuss their other lives afterward, and the troubles that the Nightmare woke.
The Fox, The Witch, And Sportsball-kun June 14th, 2016 A afternoon's walk through the streets ends up with Kukai and Sora meeting up, and Jiaying joining them.
Something Fishy is Going On... June 14th, 2016 Jiaying and Reiko meet. They have conflicting views about how to fight evil. Reiko gets mopey about Misa-chan again. Jiaying is some sort of foxgirl!?
Deprivation June 14th, 2016 Ami is working herself to sleep exhaustion over the Fiore issue. Usagi comes to help by trying to trick her into sleeping!
The Way Things Ought to Be June 13th, 2016 Naru talks with Takashi about his breakup with Ami. Takashi is not all that accustomed to conversations that are just conversations. Naru is not particularly taken aback.
Nightmare In Tokyo: Finale June 13th, 2016 The Dreamstalker is stalked. And dawn comes.
We Need To Talk June 13th, 2016 Riventon is Takashi, and that means a ton of things for both Madoka and Homura. The two girls who have sold their souls for each other have a lot to sort out between them, and to comfort each other through.
Pirates of the Silver Crystal June 13th, 2016 Usagi comes over a spitting cobra and ends up in a sleepoveresque movie marathon. With Kunzite. ONLY USAGI.
Conservation of Puella June 12th, 2016 Kyouko and Momo, after the fight with Riventon and Elsa Maria, head to Mamoru's apartment for healing that won't eat their souls and therefore their dwindling supply of grief seeds. Mamoru isn't there. Kunzite is, and about thirty seconds later, so is Daisuke...
Blasphemy June 12th, 2016 Four Puella converge on a rare labyrinth in the middle of the Witch drought. So how did Riventon manage to get there *first*? And who exactly is Elsa Maria?
White Mages June 12th, 2016 Daisuke is not doing well. He and Naru commiserate over not being useful in the front lines.
Pushing the Line June 12th, 2016 Warning: Unhappy End. Norie is an inhuman monster. Kukai Souma and Momo Akatsuki try to prevent her from being an inhuman monster towards Sachiko Hayakawa.
Ice Cream Rebound June 12th, 2016 Mopey as ever, Reiko goes to return a gift she bought for Haru. Ends up meeting Eilam Hisakawa and Jiaying Maki. Misunderstandings and Magical Orange Koi Misscommunications leads to Ice Cream. Somehow. Reiko sucks at hiding her blush a lot. Foxgirls don't steal her wallet. Eilam isn't a vampire.
Derpy Lion June 11th, 2016 Ami. Naru. The aforementioned lion. Also, projects and dating issues.
In Need of a Metal Detector! June 11th, 2016 Momo is treasure hunting in a park. Soon she's joined by Nicola! Momo is not a zombie. Also, what's in that tree? And that pond?
That's Not Ominous At All June 11th, 2016 Momo and Miss White text. Annnnnd negotiate. And discuss the value of budgeting?
Tense Reunions June 11th, 2016 Madoka and Homura are walking in the park when they notice Sayaka practicing her kendo swordsmanship. It's been some time since either had talked with her, and the conversation that ensues raises as many questions and concerns as it answers.
Reasons To Hate This Weekend June 11th, 2016 Ami Mizuno may possibly be having the worst weekend of her life. Kunzite and Mamoru 'help.'
Anger Mismanagement June 11th, 2016 Ami finds Makoto playing catch with boys. No, we mean actually *throwing the boys*. It seems that Jupiter is not dealing well with what happened to Nephrite. And Jupiter just might be done with the prices she's paying...
A Day in the Life June 10th, 2016 Kyouko and Momo adjust to life with a sister! And go shopping. Kyouko makes Great Sacrifice. Momo makes Great Cleaning.
Unpleasantly Civil Conversation June 10th, 2016 Kunzite. Riventon. Talking about, among other things, girls. THINGS THAT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN FOR A THOUSAND, ALEX.
Explosions of Curiosity June 10th, 2016 Electronics club is going on at Infinity U. Naomi meets Eilam and bumps into Nicola who is visiting
Hanakotoba: Sagiso June 10th, 2016 Pecteilis radiata, the white egret flower. Makoto and Nephrite are both in dire shape, but they manage to reach out to one another in dreams.
History Lessons June 10th, 2016 Two of the local Precures have a long talk over ice cream. Naomi finally gets just how scary Phantom is.
Surprise visit June 10th, 2016 Sayaka stumbles upon Kyouko's not-so-dead kid sister for the first time.
Twinkle lights and paint and questions. June 10th, 2016 Conversations about communication, powersets, encryption, information gathering and the wisdom of indoor waterfalls.
Who You're Working For June 10th, 2016 Mikoto and Miss White have a business conversation. That Never Happened. Ahem.
Volleyball Battle June 10th, 2016 A very good volleyball game. A battle between Seishou and Infinity U turns into a battle between Pretty Cure and a Terribad!
Magical study buddies June 9th, 2016 Sayaka and Naomi exchange magical girl notes while lamenting school and homework.
Oddities At The Street Market June 9th, 2016 A new indoor street market has opened up on Clover Path! A fine place to meet random people after school for a bored teenager with a bit of pocket change. Strangely enough, it seems everybody knows everybody around here...
Renewed Purpose June 9th, 2016 Kyouko awakens after being unconscious due to her battle with Fiore, and has a talk with Kunzite.
Grabbing Lightning June 9th, 2016 An angry Makoto and an angry Takashi collide. Violently. Only one of them was planning for things to go this way.
Welcome Back June 9th, 2016 Kyouko calls Momo, and makes up for her previous less-than-friendly welcome.
You'll Learn June 9th, 2016 Miss White meets Momo Sakura. Clearly only good can come of this!
Death Is Just So Full and Man So Small June 9th, 2016 Jupiter finds Nephrite being put back together from near-death after his attempt to trick Fiore. Kunzite and Mamoru don't make her any less angry about this. The eternal lesson: don't get emotionally attached, they'll only wind up teleporting into space into a tuxedo.
Reflections June 9th, 2016 Runealy and Gaofele talk about the roots they've put down, and growing their future.
Stargazing June 9th, 2016 Norie Okana contemplates Beetles. Natsumi Matsumoto wants to stargaze. Promises of dancings is made.
Force of Nature June 9th, 2016 Sailor Jupiter is angry. She needs something to hit - and Fiore's giant Xenstalk makes for a very large target. (Follows 'Death Is Just So Full And Man So Small' and Nephrite's adventures in bad ideas.)
Sushi and Celebration June 9th, 2016 Kukai and Nagihiko meet up to celebrate Nagi making it onto the Seiyou Public basketball team! It is absolutely not a date.
Answer For Your Crimes June 9th, 2016 Nephrite has a GREAT PLAN to get intel on Fiore's asteroid! ... Fiore ... does not approve.
Practical and Romantic June 8th, 2016 Homura stops by Madoka's house to see how she's recovering from her psychological injury and is rewarded for her effort.
Thank You For Healing Him June 8th, 2016 Fiore, dying, teleports himself and Momo and Jupiter to Mamoru's apartment. Kunzite calls Daisuke in to help, and Mamoru helps Daisuke, and the Xenian 'helps' everyone have a really horrible day.
Cookies, Carpets, and Calculations June 8th, 2016 Kunzite calls Ami over to get a sample of alien blood. Ami does something more alien: asking for help.
Distraction June 8th, 2016 Nephrite's on guard duty the day Mamoru has to give up on the palaces and go be sick at home. He has some interesting questions about Kunzite, and Mamoru has some even more interesting reactions.
Grin and Bear It June 8th, 2016 Akashimaru and The Bear
Art Nerdery! June 8th, 2016 Naru and Maki debate and discuss art and tactics for wall painting over ice cream smoothies.
Tea and Sympathy(For Trodden Toes) June 8th, 2016 An encounter between Naomi and Nagihiko leads to a tiny tea party and trampled toes as Naomi starts learning the value of dancing.
She Takes Me By the Hand June 7th, 2016 It's the literal calm before a figurative storm. Mamoru and Usagi stockpile hugs and such to get them through.
Unfortunate Choices June 7th, 2016 Fiore makes an unfortunate choice of target. Kyouko makes an unfortunate choice of response. The result is unfortunate for everyone.
One day at Midori-Ya June 7th, 2016 A chance encounter between Nanoha, Nicola and Naomi at Midori-ya
The Living Bother Everyone June 7th, 2016 Kukai meets Momo Sakura. She's very cute! She's also recently not dead.
Late Night Paranoia June 7th, 2016 Sora's showing some disturbing new aspects to her personality, she blames Ayana, but Ikiko rightly suspects there's more to it. What could it be, though?
A Great Big World June 6th, 2016 A chance meeting between Naomi and Naru leads to a talk about how big the world is!
But Communicators June 6th, 2016 Usagi and Naru get dragged into a conversation with Kunzite about the attacks Friday, about the possibility that Naru might still be contaminated by residual dark energy, and about Fiore's threats. Usagi is not happy that a weekend went by without anybody telling her this. For some reason. For good reasons.
Are You A Good Witch, Or A Bad Witch June 6th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Psychological horror, gore, implied death. Homura and Madoka hatch a Witch from an over used Grief Seed to find out if it's possible to reuse them. What they find is a Witch several times more powerful than the first time they fought it that pressures them harder than any in recent memory, save perhaps Walpurgisnacht itself. The implications of this are frightening, but the real horror doesn't begin until the Witch is defeated.
Puella Strawberries. June 5th, 2016 Homura meets Kyouko's little sister for the first time in 12 years of knowing Kyouko. The little sister who died only a few years ago, yet before Homura knew Kyouko. Time travel!
People You Can Ask For Help June 5th, 2016 Seishi visits Runealy and Hinote at the Waldian residence to fill them in on exactly what it was they fought at the mall.
Sisters June 5th, 2016 Momo finally tracks Kyouko down at her conbenie. Kyouko is bad at reunions.
Fried Food Therapy June 4th, 2016 Hannah and Haruna MENACE RIVENTON. ... into eating something and actually having a conversation. Maybe sleep. There are sleep-related threats.
Witchy Visits June 4th, 2016 Shiniko comes to visit Hannah! Jobs are offered, and Hannah notices something new about Shiniko
Witching Hour June 4th, 2016 Shiniko and Lacrima attack a pair of drug dealers for justice and energy, which one takes priority unclear. Puella Magi Sayaka and Cure Spark take issue with this attempt, and prevent the pair from doing lasting damage to their chosen victims.
When the Moon Eats a Pie June 4th, 2016 After an afternoon of baking pie with Usagi's mom, Makoto and the bunny play catchup! And in the end, there's pie!
Cakes for Kyouko's Peach June 4th, 2016 Mamoru and Kunzite meet Kyouko's little sister! Before Kyouko has...
Desperate Times June 3rd, 2016 After a long absence, Sayaka is reunited with Kyouko, and discovers that their witch situation is a heck of a lot more desperate than any of them ever realized.
Catching Up June 3rd, 2016 Fate and Nicola meet up after Fate's apparent disappearance after her last battle.
Reserves June 3rd, 2016 Kunzite checks in with the sidelined Mamoru. Mamoru's frustrations with his own condition boil over in a potentially useful way. (Takes place between
Let the Beautiful day turn Terrible! June 3rd, 2016 A good day goes really sour with the appearance of a green grasshopper guy.
A doll-like ghost June 3rd, 2016 Two Prism Keepers and Hanabi investigate a rumor. And find a Maeko.
Naru's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day June 3rd, 2016 It was a doozy of a Friday, with injury upon insult when Fiore decided to make an example out of Sailor Moon's bestie and her pencil.
Four Wheel Drive June 3rd, 2016 Madoka and Homura visit Mamoru and Kunzite to catch up and discuss current events at Jadites underground palace. What the heck does the title have to do with that? Inquire within to find out!
Passing It On June 2nd, 2016 Homura, Kyouko, and Madoka meet each other at random and pass news around regarding various threats around Tokyo.
Still Undefined But Smooching Again June 2nd, 2016 Sake lowers Nagihiko's filter... After some soul searching, Kukai visits Nagihiko. Confessions, a kiss, and the promise to still be angry tomorrow ensue!
Retail Therapy June 2nd, 2016 Magical Girl shopping!
A Rainy Day June 2nd, 2016 Hannah Sharpe, Naru Osaka, and Sora Hisakata converge on Game Center Crown during the rain. Dating, kickboxing, and EXTROVERSION happens!
Confessions of the Platonic Heart June 1st, 2016 Platonic Love, Break-Ups, and Chemistry, oh my!
Sherbet, Roses, Vampires and Ghosts June 1st, 2016 Norie Okana meets Jiaying Maki. They talk about magical love roses and also vampires and also ghosts over rainbow sherbet and ice cream.

Title Date Scene Summary
CtC: Smash n' Grab July 31st, 2016 Eclipse targets the Crystal Group Expo! ... so does Madison Perry.
The Best Way to Wake Up July 31st, 2016 Madoka decides to take Homura up on her open invitation to come over while she's sleeping. Homura wakes up to a pleasant surprise.
Bad Taste In Books July 31st, 2016 Lacrima's tastes in books, among other things, are questioned by Jiaying.
Pizza Peacemaking July 31st, 2016 Ami tries to run damage control with Takashi over Kyouko's lab invasion. It takes about thirty seconds for this to slide sideways into dark energy discussion and careful relationship negotiation.
Ambushed by Philosophy July 30th, 2016 Ami and Kunzite discuss the current Kyouko-Takashi fight. Also responsibility and consequences, the definition of evil, and where the boundary is between taking one's word seriously and acting like a paranoid lawyer.
Take a Look Inside July 29th, 2016 Jiaying has a present for her girlfriend! Protective charms against darkness might or might not be as helpful for Sora as expected, right now.
If I Hurt Her... July 29th, 2016 Lacrima meets Sky Jack while he's on a patrol. They have a talk. Lacrima has Sky Jack make her a promise.
Two Evil Non-Exes. July 29th, 2016 Ami and Haruna talk about thier evil signifigant others.
All The Woe In The World July 29th, 2016 Usagi, Zoisite, the Crown, ice cream. Possibly murder. No, wait, no murder. Talking instead about Ami, Makoto, and the doom that is long hair in the summer...
I'll Always Bring You Back July 29th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Cute af. Kunzite has some philosophically-laden business to talk to Mamoru about.
Plans for the Future July 28th, 2016 Runealy and Fate discuss arrangements for things that are a long way off.
Imayhavetoldherthisisadate July 28th, 2016 Usagi and Rei go on their first date, to a New Age festival! There's palm reading, kissing, and horoscopes!
Speak Angry Words, And You May Hurt July 28th, 2016 Momo has some words with Kukai, and he has his own with her. It doesn't seem like either went away truly satisfied with themselves.
Consultations Are Not Tea Parties July 28th, 2016 Eilam follows up on Homura's referring him to Sailor Mercury. Her needing to run the analysis with Eiszapfen instead of the Mercury Computer doesn't help any...
Luck of the Drain July 27th, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko believes Naru Osaka is guilty of the crime of ... being ... targeted by energy-draining monsters a lot? Um. Several people who are not Naru also object to this.
Hope to Understand July 27th, 2016 Usagi has had enough of whatever's been upsetting Makoto and Ami, and she's going to get to the bottom of it, starting with a visit to Mako's apartment.
pix or it didnt happen July 27th, 2016 Three injuries and some dark energy put Rei in the slightly awkward position of dealing with Mamoru. Solution? Texting. While in the same room. Meanwhile, Kyouko explains (some of) her
A Grumpy Bunny and Ami Hugs July 27th, 2016 Usagi confronts Ami after finding out about the fight between her and Makoto. She's grumpy at first but then moves past it to cuddle her friend!
Assistant Archivist July 27th, 2016 Mercury introduced Gutai to Tadase. Gutai being her proposed assistant with the archives! Gutai also being Naru Osaka.
Interdimensional B&E July 26th, 2016 Kyouko, acting on information from Makoto, breaks into Takashi's lab to try and find his 'Witch Radar'. What she finds instead is trouble, and likely more to come.
Suzu attempts to 'accessorize'! ... Welcome to the trainwreck. July 26th, 2016 Suzu is wandering around Osa-P in a kimono, which gets the attention of Jiaying, and Craft is there which gets Suzuki's attention! Conversation ensues.
Interview with a Vampire: Vol 2 July 26th, 2016 Naru Osaka and Lacrima have a talk about things. A talk that surprisingly also doesn't end in a drain or anything bad! Except being rained on. Lots of rain.
Why Are You Still Here July 26th, 2016 Ami is trying to study for entrance exams. Zoisite turns up to Not Help. There is bad language. And stomping. And crying. And throwing ice cream.
Problems Only Immortals Have: Vol 1 July 25th, 2016 Living forever as the same person seems risky. Lacrima asks Eilam Hisakawa about it.
Paradise Found July 25th, 2016 Has it only been six months since Homura and Madoka started dating? It doesn't feel like it, but that's what the calendar says! The pair takes a quick getaway vacation at a beach resort to celebrate.
Seasons And Wonders July 24th, 2016 Kunzite takes Naru to Jadeite's palace, in the hope it might help her recovery from the recent Wraith attack. As usual, conversation ensues.
Ave Maria July 24th, 2016 Jiaying, Sora and Lacrima discuss a possible new alias name for Lacrima. Also ghost opinions and hugging and gifts being exchanged.
We Could See July 23rd, 2016 Rei and Usagi talk about dating. Will they? Wont they?
Crab People July 23rd, 2016 Jiaying and Norie have company from Natsumi wearing a red crab coat.
The Great Plushie Conspiracy July 23rd, 2016 Homura and Madoka visit with Kunzite at Mamoru's apartment to discus Wraiths, potential interactions between Puella Magi's and Kunzite's powers, and Naru's condition. And absolutely nothing else. No, really. No peeking!
Karmic Conversations July 22nd, 2016 School being out gives Homura and Madoka extra time together, and they discuss Walpurgisnacht, Wraiths, and the concept of karmic debt on the couch at Madoka's house the afternoon after a sleepover.
Normal is a bit of a sliding scale. July 22nd, 2016 Rei, Naru and Kunzite have a meandering conversation about faith, souls, visions, art, familiars, evil, cookies and of course, Pokemon Go.
The Queen and the Time Travelor July 22nd, 2016 Neo Queen Serenity visits one of her girls at her post.
Drill Training July 21st, 2016 Nanoha Takamachi meets Naru Osaka while out on a jog. Devices are discussed! Water bottles are lost and found!
A Touch More Abrasive July 21st, 2016 Kukai Souma is patrolling the busy entertainment district for youma and snacks. He runs into Sora and her girlfriend Jiaying coming out of a movie. Everyone gets rubbed a little raw.
Runaway Destinations July 20th, 2016 Norie, or Lacrima, has fled her family's home. Jiaying offers a temporary haven.
Usagi is the Best July 18th, 2016 Rei says so!
Candy to Strangers July 18th, 2016 Nicola Esprit runs into a wounded and exhausted Madison Perry, and offers her some painkillers.
Sometimes These Things Just Happen July 18th, 2016 Makoto talks with Kunzite about what happened to her parents, and about the questions her Nullheart raised. Maybe it's just chance. Maybe not. But she's chosen to find out.
Chatter in the Crown July 18th, 2016 Conversation ranging from Wraiths, to Creepy Dolls, to how much Naru hates the park, to work out routines. All with ice cream, becuase of course ice cream.
Checking On Fate July 17th, 2016 After Shira's attack on Fate, Runealy returns to ensure her friend and guest is okay.
Options July 16th, 2016 Jiaying and Eilam meet Norie at a certain church. Nobody is having a good day.
Surprise Visit July 16th, 2016 Misa needs a place to hide for the night, and has come to Rei's shrine.
The quiet shrine visitor. July 16th, 2016 Misa wakes up and does some cleaning. Rei wakes up and freaks out about her missing broom. Eilam gets to the shrine and relaxes. Conversations abound!
Portent Meetings July 16th, 2016 Hinote Kagari introduces Odila Fairune to Runealy Waldia-- exactly the person Odila is here to kill. Well. Oops?
Sorry July 15th, 2016 Takashi has a lot to work out with Ami. A whole lot. One conversation is not enough even to finish listing and defining all the problems.
Almost Grazing Happiness July 15th, 2016 Noire Okana takes Natsumi Matsumoto to her secret nighttime safe hiding spot in the church.
Vampires and Dolls and Narus Oh July 15th, 2016 While on a quest with Naru to find a present for Gull, Hannah runs into Misa and Lacrima. The great tug-of-war for delicious Naru-energy begins.
Blind Date Blind Side July 15th, 2016 Hannah tries to set Takashi up for something he no longer needs.
Jailbreak July 15th, 2016 Madison Perry (and a few other criminals) attempt to break out of TSAB custody. Damage is minimized and most of the escapees are recaptured thanks to Guardian Hino and some intervention from Eilam Hisakawa, but Madison manages to escape, though injured.
The Lion, The Wheel, and the Energy July 15th, 2016 Ail and An make their reappearance, sending out a new cardian.
Questions, But No Sock Youma July 14th, 2016 Naru stops by the ECFH. Mamoru and Kunzite answer some questions about drains and Devices, before Naru mentions oh, hey, this woman came over asking about Kazuo...
Who You Gonna Call July 14th, 2016 ...Curse Hunters! Specfically, Jiaying Maki and Norie Okana try to test a theory about wether Norie can eat ghosts instead of humans. The answer is 'no'.
Memories Carved in Stone July 14th, 2016 Eilam and Jiaying meet in a graveyard, and discuss people Eilam used to know, and the way that information is more and more being retained.
Routine Home Lives July 13th, 2016 Naru gets someone asking about her association with a missing person. Except it's not Misa they're looking for.
Beyond Everyone's Paygrade July 13th, 2016 Naru comes to check on Ami, who's been being even less social lately. Ami has a project she wants Naru's help with. Annnd possibly a boyfriend again?
Mistaken Identity July 13th, 2016 Lady Nocturi attacks a pink-haired girl, believing her to be Princess Runealy, but is intercepted by Jiaying.
Intervention July 12th, 2016 Is Naru secretly a Chara Guardian? Has she considered opening up her life to magic? Or perhaps people are just hopeful on her behalf and try to sniff it out. Also, teeny tiny tea party.
Trust Issues July 12th, 2016 Two foxes, one school: Jiaying and Ayana finally talk.
Kokuhaku, sort of. July 12th, 2016 Sora and Jiaying talk about social connections. And some of the problems with them. And maybe a date?
Lumberjack Fisticuffs July 11th, 2016 Miss White is out training by punching trees to death. A fox girl pops by to say hello!
In Which Mamoru Is Banned From Instant Noodles July 11th, 2016 Naru is the first of ECFH's visitors tonight; then Kyouko, Makoto, Daisuke, and Homura, not all at the same time. Discussion topics: Wraiths, Devices, lethal exercise programs, Takashi Agera,
The Dye is Cast July 11th, 2016 Eilam's hair needs a change. Reiko's along for the ride, Jiaying by chance.
The Miasma Rolls In July 10th, 2016 The Grief Seed famine comes to an unexpected end. Sort of. Wraiths, and the Grief Cubes they drop, take their place.
It's Personal July 10th, 2016 Shira decides to go for a more direct assault against those who protect Runealy. This time, she targets Fate Testarossa!
Curse vs Curse vs Colors July 10th, 2016 Whoever wins, we lose. Unless colors win. Then we're probably okay.
The Homudoka Cuddle Correlation July 10th, 2016 Homura and Madoka kiss and cuddle! They also consider the newly revealed Wraiths and their short conversation with Riventon.
Dogs are better than Nobility. July 9th, 2016 Daisuke Hansuke chases a dog. Meets Nephrite. They talk about dogs, nobility, pizza, luigi, bowser and various other topics. Spoiler: Daisuke never catches the dog.
For Naru and Nano and Muffins July 9th, 2016 Mamoru and Usagi ask Nanoha about barrier possibilities, and there's discussions of Virtue
Remembrance Rose July 9th, 2016 Mamoru has a rose and a backpack full of dirt and a stone, and asks Mako for help with Fiore.
Rainy Day Mood July 9th, 2016 Norie and Jiaying have a talk about how they're supposed to be monsters. What horrible fate awaits Norie's brother?
Meh July 8th, 2016 After skipping out on her workout AND skipping out on school, oddly enough that prompted people to come and check up on Naru. The ennui was strong in this one. Curse level strong. Moon Healing Escalations smart a little, or a lot.
Another Person From 'Europe' July 8th, 2016 Hinote Kagari shows new transfer student Odila Fairune around Seiyou Public School.
Sugar High July 8th, 2016 Jiaying and Hokuto chat about school and
Vitamin K July 8th, 2016 Homura invites Madoka over for dinner and cooks for her. They have Vitamin K for desert!
Something Special 'Bout Six O'Clock July 8th, 2016 6 AM, and no Naru. Hannah gives Kunzite a call, and word begins to be passed...
Chill, then Netflix. July 7th, 2016 The park is clearly not a good location for Naru, but after meeting Mon Fubuki, at least she doesn't care anymore.
Preparing For the MAIN Event July 7th, 2016 Ami visits Usagi to get her permission to use the Eternity MAIN to help Virtue and plots to bring Naru on board. And apparently, Serenity kept a diary of sorts?
Go for VICTORY! July 6th, 2016 WPS is open for training, and Cure Victory comes in to take them up on their offer!
After Hours July 6th, 2016 Madoka and Homura talk business in Homura's office. Yes of course there's cuddling. Did you need to ask?
Pizza, fries and so much conversation. July 6th, 2016 Food, and creepy dolls, and tennis balls, and social forces of nature and significant looks and veiled commentary and blushes and wee fairy-critters and dogs and teasing. So in other words, a typical meandering afternoon at the Crown.
Chaos at Seishou! Attack of the dolls July 5th, 2016 Maeko creates havoc in the school, ends up chatting with her victims!
A laundry list of mistakes July 5th, 2016 Ami and Makoto talk privately for the first time since Makoto got free from Takashi's captivity. Ami realizes all too late just how important the 'best' in 'best friends' really is to her.
Look Good For Yourself July 5th, 2016 Eilam and Nagihiko meet at Fairy Drop. (Partial scene)
Providing for the Future July 5th, 2016 Kyouko and Momo find out what Hannah gave to Momo, and discuss working, and also fancy parties.
Fire Escape Side Chat. July 4th, 2016 Lacrima and Jiaying talk relationships, parentage, and not falling out of windows. Also? Classes are important!
Planning Committee July 4th, 2016 Tadase and Lindy meet up with Sailor Mercury to discus preparations for Virtue's new Archives.
Homework Delivery. July 4th, 2016 Sora brings Jiaying her homework. They talk limitations, rituals, human nature, and funny outfits.
Cake, Cheese Penguins, and Corruption July 4th, 2016 Makoto is making cake for Usagi. Naru and Kunzite are helping! The ensuing conversation goes interesting places, most of them hving to do with Takashi Agera.
Shared Space July 4th, 2016 The guest room of the Homuhome becomes the 'doka room and is the location of much homhom, homuhomu, and chuchuchu.
Down and Out July 2nd, 2016 Norie checks on Jiaying. After the mouse-Cardian and the Shiniko-interrupted trial, Jiaying is not in a good mood.
Double Jeopardy July 1st, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko targets a man accused of extortion and murder. Things go badly for all concerned.
Stealing The Train July 1st, 2016 It takes a WHOLE LOT to earn hazard pay at WPS. This one pretty much qualifies.
'Falling' For You. July 1st, 2016 Literarly. Eilam talks to Reiko about his curse.

Title Date Scene Summary
Fight Me IRL August 31st, 2016 Naru and Kyouko have a friendly spar as a way to try and improve Naru's self-defense skills. Kazuo is on hand in case of emergency. Alexis shows up to watch (but he was invited so it's okay).
Dudes Look Like a Lady August 31st, 2016 Nadeshiko meets Zoisite. Zoisite meets Nadeshiko (and Temari, and Rhythm). Tadase comes in on this. This may perhaps be the prettiest
Since You've Been Gone August 31st, 2016 Prism Keeper Blue returns just in time for the events of Whispers of Grey!
Passionate Face Time August 30th, 2016 Homura and Madoka discuss work after inspecting a construction site, and after finishing their last appointment for the day they decide to spend some quality time together.
Two Vampires, One Expression August 30th, 2016 Lacrima and Kunzite talk about Melanite and Shiniko. This may be the only discussion ever where having close to zero social skills is an advantage.
Zoom zoom! August 29th, 2016 Any coffee shop plans Naru had are lost in a moment at the prospect of a ride on Alexis' motorcyle. Complete with impromptu picnic, conversation, and more riding.
Manor Meeting August 29th, 2016 Lacrima and Jiaying talk about Sora, Rituals, Hot Pants.
Definitions of Self August 29th, 2016 Kyouko seeks out Naru for help with an artistic project. The two discuss what it means to believe in yourself and others.
Was he seriously August 28th, 2016 Zoisite and Kunzite talk about things, including Zoisite speculating that Mamoru might be flirting with him. And of course no other flirting was going on in any other way. Obviously.
Holdin' Out For a Healer August 28th, 2016 Jiaying meets the ECFH.
A Chef and a Baker August 28th, 2016 Rena finally meets Makoto in the park. Food is the topic of discussion.
Balcony wins August 28th, 2016 When the actual residents of ECFH are out, the visitors take over the balcony for chatter about stupidty, school and fighting. (And no doubt keeping Fiorerose from sleeping).
The After Party August 28th, 2016 Yuzuki gets to meet Seishi and learn about both her teammate and the team in general.
Catching Up August 27th, 2016 Being an alien is hard work! While An's been keeping a low profile at school and researching a mysterious energy-sucking plant, Ail's been busy summoning cardians to feed on unsuspecting people. The two aliens compare notes.
Open Mic Night August 27th, 2016 It's time for open mic music and performance at the Kareoke Crown. Hitomi discusses birds and clubs with people. Kyousuke drinks a milkshake.
Dream Keys and Dream Eggs August 27th, 2016 Flower Princess Needs Ice Cream, Badly. Nagihiko to the rescue! And to get rescued over an etiquette question.
Dancing in the Park August 27th, 2016 A little dancing practice in the park leads to Naomi and Alexis meeting and a a new crush!
New Sheets August 27th, 2016 Nagihiko has returned from a long trip and brought a gift back to Kukai! They spend some time talking and realizing how much they missed one another.
Weapons of Minor Destruction August 27th, 2016 Madison Perry attempts to rob an.. optomitrist's office? Whatever the reason, Guardian Hino and Hakuomaru aren't about to let her get away with it, at least not easily.
Memorybeans August 27th, 2016 Mamoru brings Neph his jar of memories with a gentle ultimatum and a slew of solutions. Nephrite is unhappy about this.
Park 3, Naru 1 August 26th, 2016 A visit to the park that doesn't end in trauma! Mostly thanks to Alexis' noble efforts in distraction and protection from raccoons. And the prospect of ice cream.
Two Muggles Walk Into a Kitchen August 26th, 2016 Kenji has the house to himself when he gets an unexpected but always welcome visitor. He and Naru, who had come looking for Usagi, commiserate on being mundanes in a world of magic. (Plus, you know, PapaTypeHugs are awesome.)
Stick 'Em Up August 26th, 2016 Chibiusa needs food, so she decides to try and rob Kyouko's conbenie. Mamoru gets called. Chibs ends up leaving with more than she thought she would.
Freedom and Donuts August 26th, 2016 Yuzuki and Naomi run into each other over hair-dye pranks. Explosive ones. Fortunately, not in the immediate vicinity. Yuzu, meet Cure Spark!
Shadows of Justice: Prison Punisher August 26th, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko is scaling up. This time she's targeting an entire prison.
Tea and Cookies August 25th, 2016 Tea and cookies make for an exceptionally civilized conversation about magical theory, a lack of the colour orange, and hobbies (or lack thereof.)
Contains Artificial Color August 25th, 2016 Takashi shows Ami his current project: an attempt to create an artificial Chroma Crystal, in the hope of restoring the missing color to the world. Surely with Ami's oversight no trouble can come from this!
Sorry For The Frostbite August 25th, 2016 Jiaying confronts Shiniko. (Partial scene)
Whispers of Gray: Part II. August 25th, 2016 Roy has some explaning to do. Prism Keepers and friends learn the truth about protecting color. Plans are made to save Reiko.
If Something Were to Happen August 25th, 2016 Eilam visits Reiko in the hospital, and meets Gigi.
Uh oh August 25th, 2016 Jiaying finds out Sora is Shiniko. Jiaying knows Norie knew. Uh oh.
Prospective In-Laws August 24th, 2016 Kenji Knows. And he is, reluctantly, willing to share what he knows about the accident twelve years ago with Mamoru and his allies. The problem is, the ally he has to hand it over to is Kazuo Takeba, and it's hard trying to talk with someone who might as well be a different species...
Weird Umbrellas August 24th, 2016 Yuzuki and Cure Gull talk about the weirdness that is one of their lives, and is becoming the other's. (Partial scene)
Investigating Shiniko August 23rd, 2016 Jia follows Norie's advice to talk to Kukai about Shiniko. The discussion wanders a few times.
A Very Good Morning August 23rd, 2016 Homura gets out of the house early, and brings back breakfast to share with Madoka.
Woe and Pastries August 23rd, 2016 Rei and Usagi go on a date to Midori-ya! They get to talking about various things bothering them, and then they get kissy.
Milkshakes and smiles (or the lack thereof) August 23rd, 2016 Yuzuki delights in teasing Alexis to get him to smile, or at least stop scowling and Naru attempts to drown her past few days in milkshakes.
Whispers of Gray: Part I August 23rd, 2016 The Tokyo Tourism Board is having a contest for what will grace pamphlets the world over. Something goes terribly wrong. Then the color orange stops existing.
Memoir of Melanite August 23rd, 2016 Noire Okana and Jiaying Maki explore an old house for ghosts. Find dark magic, old tomes, books and ramblings of someone who died. Also Red Leather Hot Pants. They do find plenty of those.
The Mess in the Other Room August 22nd, 2016 While Mamoru, Kunzite, and Zoisite are still busy being terrifying at their visitor, Nephrite and Makoto escape to the kitchen. Cream puffs, inappropriate giggling, a near-miss, future date plans, and some serious heart-to-heart about differing approaches to family situations. (Follows/concurrent with 'Routine Home Lies'.)
'Happy' August 22nd, 2016 Lacrima finds something that makes her happy. She doesn't like it one bit.
Apartment Hunting August 22nd, 2016 Kyouko and Momo go hunting for a new apartment. Zoisite goes too.
How can I help you August 22nd, 2016 Runealy comes to the Contractors clinic to see what it's about, and once she finds out she wants to help.
Mind Spelunking August 22nd, 2016 After a particularly awful Wraith attack, Naru lets Endymion help her fix her emotions.
Routine Home Lies August 22nd, 2016 The PI investigating Kunzite for his dad pays a visit to the Earth Court Frat House, and witnesses a performance of the Earth Court without realizing it's a Frat House.
Babysitter's Cuddle Club August 21st, 2016 Junko and Tomohisa go out on a hot date and that leaves Madoka and Homura in charge of looking after Tatsuya! Shocking twist opening: They cuddle once he's safely to sleep.
Beats on the Beach August 21st, 2016 Dream thiefs attack a poor girl at a beachside concert! Luckily, magical girls are there to help -- and a new one awakens to join their fight!
Contact by Virtue of Having a Virtue Phone. August 21st, 2016 Naru wants to ask Reiko about the recent gem heists! She tells her what she basically knows- which isn't much- but it's a start!
Death by Chocolate August 21st, 2016 The Uminari Chocolate Festival Gets a Visit by DysDark. You are not surprised Naru becomes a target.
Voice at the shrine. August 20th, 2016 A tired Jiaying asks Ayana questions in an attempt to help two of her friends.
Finding Naru August 20th, 2016 Rune meets Naru, and finds out about the energy-drain rating list.
Hot Rocks, Lemon Muffins August 19th, 2016 Kunzite has someone waiting for him when he gets home from his morning run. This rapidly becomes multiple someones, including someone with MUFFINS!
Drain a Little Dream August 19th, 2016 Lacrima finds the Prince of Earth's energy and identity to her liking. Usagi and Kunzite find Lacrima's tastes not to their taste. Mamoru did not get the Eevee.
Noodle Incident, Redux August 19th, 2016 A call of help from Naru (or at least Naru's tracker that goes ping!), brings the cavalry in to cope with a pack of Wraiths more effectively than Honey Badger Naru. The noodle cart never knew what hit it, but the overwhelming opinion is that Wraiths suck.
Indecent Noodles Reduced August 19th, 2016 Naru's rescuers bring her back to the ECFH because the Wraiths ate her emotions really bad and she had a standing deal with Mamoru that if that happened he'd help her fix her brain.
First aid! August 19th, 2016 A day at the beach, complete with bloody noses and teasing.
Tracking Time (and Color) August 19th, 2016 Eilam reaches out to talk with Reiko again. He's a little surprised to find out he's not the weirdest thing she's run into.
Prodigy, Puella-Style August 18th, 2016 Momo has some questions about Kyouko's deal with Mamoru. They are not what Kunzite at first thinks they are. Never, never, never underestimate a Puella contract. Or the Puella. Especially the Puella.
Painfully True and Incredibly Annoying August 18th, 2016 Zoisite has news for Ami! Ami is not happy about this.
Hello From The Other Side. August 18th, 2016 Norie Okana takes Jiaying Maki for a short visit to the Dusk Zone. They meet Shadow Witch Shiniko. Then discuss her at length. Norie is very bad at telling lies. Very bad. Secrets remain intact.
A Decision to Learn August 18th, 2016 Runealy needs to learn something important. What is this 'arcade' thing for?
Chipping Naru August 18th, 2016 When one can't quite text quickly enough to call for help, now Naru has her very own tracking device. And grilled cheese sanwiches with chutney.
Playing Catch August 18th, 2016 Ariel, Yuzuki, and Hoshi run into each other in the park.
Chocolate Is Life August 18th, 2016 After 'Death By Chocolate', Mako brings Mamoru a gift from the chocolate festival, and he explains a little of what's happened to Naru and to himself lately.
Got Milk August 18th, 2016 Very short scene of Mamoru and Zoisite starting to relax around each other a little more. And talking about Ami. And also music. From the Golden Kingdom.
But I Clean Her LITTERBOX! August 17th, 2016 When he started to follow Mamoru, Kenji Tsukino wasn't expecting to find the impossible house. Or the loooooong staircase in the house. Or finding not!Wonderland in the basement. Or finding out his daughter is Sailor Moon and the boy is Tuxedo Kamen. Or that he changes the litter box belonging to a talking cat. (Yeah, let's focus on that last one.)
Crisis! Gossip! Cinnamon Bread! August 17th, 2016 Usagi provides freak out, Naru provides reassurances, and then ALL THE FEELS emerge with the gossip and admissions and yet more Feels. Cinnamon bread soothes many woes.
Private Art Exhibits and World Domination August 16th, 2016 Naru finally asks Kunzite to look at her paintings. What he finds is not quite what either of them were expecting.
Astronomer Chili is Meteor August 16th, 2016 Kyouko and Mamoru need to talk about why Mamoru wants Kyouko to have money. Initially they talk on the roof of Infinity so Mamoru can watch the Perseid meteor shower, but they run into Setsuna Meioh! Mamoru promises to come back and watch the next night there, maybe with Nephrite too, and then Kyou and Mamo go to have the rest of the conversation on the ECFH roof. It gets... really heavy. And has a happy ending!
Everyone's A Critic August 16th, 2016 Reiko and Naru meet over art. And, of course, over koi.
Asking for help August 16th, 2016 Jiaying catches Kukai and listens to Sora, asking him for help with healing.
It's all about the doughnuts. And the conversation. Mostly doughnuts. August 15th, 2016 Kyouko, Naru, Mamoru and Kunzite chat about a few light topics, such as magical potential, fighting, Wishes, interpersonal relationships, a lack of world-ending crises. pokemon and doughnuts. Folgers crystals, anyone?
Gardens are Calm and Peaceful August 15th, 2016 Jiaying tries to make peace between Ayana and Sora. It does not go all that well.
Flower Field Dance August 14th, 2016 Madoka and Homura throw a party on a hillside covered in beautiful flowers. Food is eaten, outfits are complimented and discussed, and, of course, dancing!
All the Candy Bars August 13th, 2016 Jiaying and Norie talk about their various medical and metaphysical conditions.
Royal Rooftop Round August 12th, 2016 Usagi and Haruka (not -that- Haruka) meet. Discussion is had about princesses. Kunzite is -himself-, and Mamoru is late to the Princess Party.
Real Princesses! August 12th, 2016 Haruna and Haruka meet in Verone! Blue is also Blue.
Worries and Witches August 12th, 2016 Jiaying and Sora are worried about one another, both to do with some Shadow Witch for some reason.
Library research August 11th, 2016 Nagina, Jiaying and Norie stumble upon each other in the library at King Pengiun park. They find out about Nagina's pet snake, Kuraken, talk a touch about HP Lovecraft and ends with an open invite to ghost hunting
A Flowery Picnic August 11th, 2016 Homura and Madoka discover a park atop a tall hill and find it to be a beautiful location for romantic activities.
Cuddles at the Shrine August 9th, 2016 When Ami and Makoto are still fighting, Usagi goes to her girlfriend for comfort. Love confessions are made.
When They Really Are Out To Get You August 9th, 2016 Hokuto talks with Seishi about her family problems, over pizza.
This Wasn't Supposed to Be This Hard August 9th, 2016 Lacrima has a Talk with Sora about dark magics and choices.
The Doctor is In August 9th, 2016 The Contractors has a job opening, and Doctor Shelby aims to fill it.
Pink Payback August 8th, 2016 Prism Keeper Pink finally tracks down Lacrima. It doesn't go like Lacrima envisioned it would.
A Heart-filled Interview August 8th, 2016 Madison Perry, fresh out of the big house, comes to Miss White for some contract work.
Foxes and Fox-gods August 8th, 2016 Jiaying and Ayana are both at Hikawa Shrine for their own reasons. Different kinds of foxes can still have similar problems. Or different sides of the same problem. Especially when one of the problems involves Sora.
Definitions of Wealth August 6th, 2016 Nicola visits Momo Sakura at work!
Reconcile or Face the Tears August 6th, 2016 Usagi has had it up to the ceiling! She gets Makoto and Ami together to talk things out. Usagi is a professional and does NOT threaten them with tears! In the end, tears and candy and hugs are shared!
Prism Keeper Treehouse Playset August 6th, 2016 Reiko and Hoshi and Momo discuss Prism Keeper Matters and hangout in the Clubhouse.
Morning After August 5th, 2016 Jiaying and Lacrims recover from the events at the Crystal Group Expo. Granted, they were on opposite sides, but sometimes that's something people can work around...
Mutual Safety August 5th, 2016 Lacrima comes to Kyouko's conbenie to 'talk'. Threats are exchanged, but an armistice is agreed, of sorts. Hopefully nobody decides to test it's strength.
Not A Foo Dog August 5th, 2016 Jiaying meets Ariel! And, uh, Lucky. One of these goes better than the others for some reason.
This Dinner is Momo Approved August 5th, 2016 A college student named Setsuna stops by Kyouko's conbenie to buy dinner, and the two end up having a brief chat at the register.
What Did You Guys DO August 5th, 2016 Cure Flora finds the ECFH roof. Shortly thereafter, so does Hannah. Apparently there's been fighting.
Yukata Cuddles August 5th, 2016 Homura and Madoka look adorable in their new Yukata, and they feel adorable in them too!
Ballerina Booboos August 4th, 2016 Sailor Mercury continues to avoid using her Mercury Pen in favor of the Belkan device, and Cure Flora gets another injury as they team up against a youma. Afterwards, Mercury helps treat Flora's injuries, and Flora gives Mercury a lot to think about.
The zoo outside August 4th, 2016 A snake, two foxes and a witch visit the zoo, nothing too strange happens for once.
Kitchen Counsel August 4th, 2016 Kyouko and Makoto have a chat in the kitchen of the ECFH. Mostly about Takashi, but by extension about friends, family, and what it takes to save someone... and whether or not it's worth it.
Friend or Foe August 4th, 2016 Hannah calls Homura and Madoka to the hospital. Questions are asked about Puella, and hypothetical questions are posed.
Space Botany Club Seeks Experts August 3rd, 2016 Natsumi Ginga looks for help with the Space Botany Club's pet acquisition! Daisuke and Makoto attempt to help! Problem: it's one of the Xenian flowers. At least it doesn't seem to be smart. Or spreading...
I Need to Know Ta-kun! August 3rd, 2016 Takashi visits Hannah in the hospital. Troubles are shared, and Hannah searches for clues on how to get into Sunset Tower's good graces.
CtC: Shadow Hands August 3rd, 2016 Lacrima and Puella Magi Tomiko rob some gems during the same time as 'CtC: Smash and Grab'. Platnium Royale, Nicola Esprit and Cure Flora stop then.
A Second Chance August 2nd, 2016 Kyouko warns Momo about her run-in with Takashi and it's potential ramifications, and reiterates her vow to protect her sister this time around.
Skyscraper Burgers, Ghosts, Seagulls and Princesses. August 2nd, 2016 Cure Flora learns there's other Cures. Nicola Esprit misses home. Jiaying Maki has ghosts. Burgers are had!
Get A Roof August 2nd, 2016 Madoka and Homura each offer attacks to Kunzite for later use. Mamoru shows up and there's snark and teasing all over the place.
Much Ado About Mako August 2nd, 2016 Usagi and Makoto talk once more about the Ami and Mako Fight. Encouragement is given!
Ambushed by Curry August 1st, 2016 Kunzite follows up with Kyouko about her recovery from and intentions regarding Riventon. Summary: one, they're exactly what he thought; two, he approves; three, curry. Lots. Of. Curry.
'Salt Lick For Vampires' August 1st, 2016 Ayana introduces Kunzite to Lacrima in hopes that he can help her. It goes bad. Really bad.
Red Means Help August 1st, 2016 Warning: blood. A wound taken in the last fight means Kukai needs someone who can take care of it without alerting his family. The only person Kukai can think to call is Nagihiko.
Eclipse May In Fact Be Jerks August 1st, 2016 Haruna confronts Hannah after the events at the gem heist. Hannah concludes that her bosses might be jerks.
Up up and away! August 1st, 2016 Jiaying gets help from Prism Keeper Orange after being hurt during the heist.

Title Date Scene Summary
Looks Like A Big One September 30th, 2016 WPS heads to the beach! Fishing ensues! This is ... not entirely as planned. (Partial scene.)
Sundaes and Sword Drills September 30th, 2016 Seishi and Hokuto catch up on recent events.
That Was A Bit Literal September 30th, 2016 In which Amu does not, in fact, actually kill Eilam by stumbling into him.
The Fantasticly Fabulous Feelings of Food and Friends! September 30th, 2016 Rena's snack stand is open for business while Dabble works on some gear. Oh look! A new friend and Mamoru too!
Netflix and NO CHILL September 30th, 2016 Makoto brings Chibiusa over to the frat house to see Mamoru and meet the guys. Unfortunately she was missing two important details: Mamoru isn't home, and Chibs and Zoisite have met before.
Welcome Back, Amu-chan! September 29th, 2016 Amu Hinamori just got off the plane from studying abroad and heads straight to the Game Center Crown for a milkshake. She runs into Reiko Touyama and Hoshi Kogane while they're there!
Fun and Fighting at Roaring Bayside September 29th, 2016 Evening fun at the theme park is interrupted by a lady with a penchette for sweets.
I missed you September 29th, 2016 Amu returns! Tadase is the first to find out!
Twisted Visions September 28th, 2016 Rei does a fire reading on a strange boy who has been visiting her shrine. She gets more than she bargained for.
Remembering how I love thy company September 27th, 2016 In another timeline, Madoka goes on a first date with a much more shy and much less experienced Homura.
No damsels here September 27th, 2016 Naru and Alexis rehash a few fights with some difference of opinion on tactical choices.
A Sad Lack of Cherry Blossoms September 27th, 2016 Usagi and Zoisite go on a date! By which we mean shopping.
What Do You Know, And How Does It Feel September 27th, 2016 Lacrima asks Alexis how he handles the new weirdness he's learning about for a reason towards her own personal end. Alexis learns Lacrima is a Vampire. He oddly handles it well!
Sea of Serenity September 27th, 2016 The Senshi return to the Moon.
Imaginary Numbers September 27th, 2016 Kyouko has words for Alex, who has words for Math. Naru and Kunzite defend Math.
Complete Collection! September 26th, 2016 Haruna and Naru fight a Terribad! Haruna finishes her Precard Decor. Now she has much to think about!
Coming Soon: Charming Jellyfish Roses September 26th, 2016 In which Kyouko, Momo, and Jiaying confront the mangaka ghost in the sisters' apartment and Jiaying comes away with a new headache^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H friend.
Laws of the Flow of Dark Energy. September 25th, 2016 Lacrima and Riventon talk about Dark Energy, Kunzite, Weird Gem Magic and Feelings.
The Opposite of Art September 25th, 2016 Naru attracts a youma that feeds on art. Jiaying, Alexis, and Mamoru object. What is with that park, anyway? ("YOUMA GENERATOR: A(n) Shadow octopus creature, formed from Sayaka's bat applied to a broken Belkan Device, with the ability to use dark attacks: it is after artistic talent, and it communicates via changelogs." LOOK WE ACTUALLY USED ONE sort of)
Paper Gold September 25th, 2016 Rune and Fate encounter Shira again ... this time, in Midori-ya. Everyone needs something to eat, and somewhere to live. Right?
Answers You May Not Like September 24th, 2016 There are questions. Ariel's mother answers them. Not all answers are good ones.
Song of Healing September 24th, 2016 Zoisite and Kunzite don't so much discuss relationship issues as talk around them.
Onee-chan Homura Akemi September 24th, 2016 Mamoru comes to Homura's new house to talk about something that's been sitting uncomfortably in the back of his mind, and Homura returns the favor; one thing is sure, though. They'll always mean so very much to each other.
Prayers and Party Rules September 24th, 2016 At the Hikawa Shrine, after prayers are told, Seth, Naru and Kazuo/Kunzite discuss some of the odd rules posted at the barbeque at the Earth Court Frat House.
Purity, Affection, Portraits and Milkshakes September 23rd, 2016 Over food and milkshakes at the Crown, Sayaka, Kunzite and Naru discuss art, skills, parties and relationships.
Arcade madness September 23rd, 2016 Sayaka tries to ease her stress with videogames, and meets Yuzuki, before they are both interrupted by wraiths!
The Last Day Of Summer September 22nd, 2016 With the final hot day of the season at hand Homura and Madoka rush off to the beach after school for fun and romance.
A healing hand September 22nd, 2016 Daisuke is called upon to be another healer putting Alex's arm back together, with Naru supervision, or just Naru hanging about.
You've Always Been My Hero September 21st, 2016 Homura and Madoka go to the Crown to share ice cream, affection, kisses, and sweet words.
Awkward Dinner Date September 21st, 2016 Zoisite has a question for Usagi. Usagi has an answer. Predictably, Usagi also does something that comes out of left field.
That's gotta hurt September 20th, 2016 Alexis breaks his arm and learns a bit more about magic on the way to healing it.
Sincerity and Respect September 20th, 2016 Kyouko is having doubts after her perceived failure in Ariel's dream. Kunzite and Naru reassure her, and Kunzite tells her some secrets too.
Tasty tasty ice cream September 19th, 2016 Milkshakes and conversation in the Crown with Naru and Lacrima and Seth.
Calling Home September 19th, 2016 The Waldians check in with the King. Several topics are discussed. Other topics are ... quietly, calmly avoided.
Last days of summer September 18th, 2016 As students enjoy the last hot days of summer, strange events occur in the local park. Is it heat stroke or..something else?
The morning after September 18th, 2016 Conversation post-barbeque. Coffee and cake is a part of a well balance breakfast. Along with nightmare sketches and Questions.
Rainy Day Park Chat September 17th, 2016 Lacrima meets a new transfer into Tokyo named 'Seth'. They talk about things!
Forgotten Dreams September 17th, 2016 A venture into Ariel's dream leaves more questions than answers.
Someplace to Go September 16th, 2016 (Content warning: cute.) Mamoru and Kunzite are prepping for the party, and pause to talk about why exactly they're bothering again, and why this whole thing is important.
At Least Don't Freak Out September 16th, 2016 Some linguistic trouble sparks a meeting between Jiaying and Nagisa, and Seth Locke.
Believe in the Unbelievable. September 16th, 2016 Lacrima and Natsumi have a talk about things like happiness and being made of dark energy and also love.
It's a kind of magic September 16th, 2016 Naru tries to explain to Alexis that things aren't quite what they seem in Tokyo. Fortunately kisses are much easier to sort out.
ECFH Community Barbecue September 16th, 2016 Some people stop by the ECFH and have some grilled food.
A History of Color September 15th, 2016 Jiaying and Naru visit a recovering Reiko in the hospital. Reiko tells them a little more about the Prism Keepers' old game.
Old Friends and New Threats September 14th, 2016 Pergola planning with Rune and Gaofele!
Enchantment September 14th, 2016 Eilam comes to visit an awakened Reiko in the hospital. It is an enchanting visit, for some reason!~
Special Snowflakes September 14th, 2016 Light conversation between Kyouko, Kunzite and Naru (with a quick visit from Sayaka) about magical practice, magical theory, identity, fascinating people and swimming.
Unicorn Nightmares September 14th, 2016 Seishi introduces Yuzuki to Ariel properly. And to the idea that Ariel is having recurring nightmares...
Just As Much Usagi September 14th, 2016 Makoto meets a homesick Chibiusa. Luna-P has an Opinion on how this meeting should work out.
Walk in the park September 13th, 2016 Just a walk in the park, with cryptic questions, friendly puella amubushes and plenty of chat of food.
Whispers of Grey IV September 12th, 2016 Prism Keepers and Friends go to Spectra to create a new Orange Chroma Prism... and upgrade thier own!
I Know What I'm Doing September 12th, 2016 Sora's sure she knows what she's doing, anyhow. Seeing how sick she's getting, Jiaying's not so sure.
Entertain the Notion September 11th, 2016 Naru fell asleep at Alexis's place. Waking up is an awkward surprise. But it's certainly an icebreaker. And maybe they could get closer, after all.
Aftermath of Nocturi September 11th, 2016 The Waldians regroup, and try to figure out who their enemies really are. Also? Kittens!
If She's That Far Gone September 11th, 2016 Jiaying and Lacrima talk about Sora-Shiniko, and about their own personal flavors of instability.
Lights, Camera, GLAMOUR! September 10th, 2016 Shut has a great idea for a movie! Cure Flora, Hikari and Hakuomaru have other ideas. ACTION!
Patching things up September 10th, 2016 Jiaying and Nagina poke at the warehouse further. (Partial scene)
Fifth-Dimensional Unification of Electromagnetics and Gravitation September 9th, 2016 Ariel comes to visit Mamoru's dreams in kind of a panic-- and then Mamoru pulls Naru into his dreams because she's having nightmares-- and then Seishi joins them. And then Kunzite joins them. Naru's dreams are awful, and Ariel's are worse. They can EAT HER. Technically, so can Naru's...
Lunch! September 9th, 2016 School lunch at Verone is invaded by Naru, or arranged by Naru to 'encourage' Alex to turn up at school for a change. It doesn't last, but at least a nice chat with Daisuke while it does.
Zombies, dreams and coffee September 8th, 2016 A sleepy Naru and her coffee addition catch Ariel's attention. Classmates aren't yet exam zombies, and a few bad dreams aren't /that/ big a deal, right? Of course not. That's what coffee's for!
Whispers of Grey III : Shadow of a Doubt. September 8th, 2016 Momo and Yuzuki deal with Griselda's newest threat-- a being of corrupted orange! A Shadow!
Texts From Last Nope September 7th, 2016 Warning: Alcohol, late-teen mistakes. Zoisite attends the wrong party, drinks the wrong punch, and inevitably sends the wrong text. Then flees to Naru for sanctuary. Naru escorts him home and drops him on Mamoru and Kunzite to sort out the entire text mess, which is Not Her Problem. Absolutely nothing is resolved, but at least it's now out in the open?
Donut Time September 7th, 2016 Yuzuki, Lacrima, and Kyouko help Alex's life continue to get weirder.
Rooftop Lunchtime September 7th, 2016 Two lovebirds eating lunch on the roof talking about love.
Congratulations Are In Order September 6th, 2016 And Madoka is going to make sure Kyouko gets them. No, not with snacks! ...though there are snacks.
Grief Cubes and Contracts September 6th, 2016 Madoka explains her new business with Sayaka, involving the collection and dispersion of grief cubes. Sayaka agrees to help her find grief cubes.
Unabandoning the abandoned warehouse September 6th, 2016 After an introduction to the seeming magic of music, the idea of making a little club room is proposed to Jiaying and Naru.
Stupid Faces September 6th, 2016 Sittin' on a bench, Momo and Kukai have what may be a very impactful discussion about things that have been plaguing Momo lately.
A Rose Arose September 6th, 2016 Messy conversations about magic, identity, fear, lies, and mud. Lots of mud.
Investments September 5th, 2016 Makoto, Naru, and Kyouko discuss the virtues of being prepared, where 'being prepared' may or may not mean beating the crap out of each other on a once-weekly basis.
Purple Rain September 5th, 2016 Lacrima seems to run into Naru a lot when it rains. Jiaying and then Alexis also find them! Lacrima decides to finally text her brother. Those aren't purple tears, it's just the rain~. Also. Naru is brimming with magical energy. What's that about?
Wings of the Swan September 4th, 2016 Runealy and Fate's evening walk is interrupted by an attack. Something wants justice. Someone is behind the something...
Date night... September 4th, 2016 .. and not date night, but a night of chatting and teasing and laughing and acquiring magical girl plushies at the Crown.
Sunset Snuggles September 4th, 2016 Homura and Madoka cozy up on the terrace at the Homu House, watching the sun set together and talking about their time together, recent events, and their hopeful future together.
Ghosts and Shadows September 4th, 2016 Jiaying and Kunzite have conversations about Lacrima and Shiniko, and occasionally they even have the same conversation at the same time.
Catching Up September 4th, 2016 A pair of Precures do a little catching up on a sunday morning.
Meeting the Best Friend September 3rd, 2016 Poor Alexis. His first meeting with Naru's best friend probably should have been preplanned. With more warning. And maybe with alcohol instead of ice cream smoothies.
Vampires and Alie-Ans September 3rd, 2016 An makes a new fellow energy draining friend!
Food horror September 3rd, 2016 Norie makes it home, mostly in one piece. Her food cravings are terrifying.
Not Okay September 3rd, 2016 Mako drops in to see Usagi in the aftermath of "Orange is the New Black." Mako has some concerns.
Broken Bones September 2nd, 2016 Post "Orange is the New Black," there's some bone bending and splints. And screaming, because Holy Hannah, punching a wall hurts.
What's In a Name September 2nd, 2016 Turns out, kind of a lot.
Time Share September 2nd, 2016 Alexis is oblivious to flirting. Less oblivious to conversation.
Feels like burning September 1st, 2016 A youma managed to catch Alex, Naru and Yuzuki outside a coffee shop, much to Alexis' confusion, Naru's irriation and Yuzuki's quick dispatching of the poor feeb coffee youma. What a waste of coffee.
Your Boyfriend is a Buttmunch...IS HE OKAY September 1st, 2016 Ami gets a visit from a tattling Usagi. Post 'Black is the New Orange.'
Black Is The New Orange September 1st, 2016 UMBRA has a plan to return orange to the universe! Riventon and Lacrima are TOTALLY GOING TO FIX EVERYTHING. Somehow, other people do not seem to be lauding them appropriately for this. Maybe it's the amount of dark energy mixed in, or the Nullheart Reiko...
Help, in Three Flavors September 1st, 2016 Makoto and Kunzite talk about various kinds of assistance. Would Makoto be willing to help train Naru? Yes, she would. Would the guys be willing to help Makoto go through some of her parents' papers? Yes, they would. Would Makoto be willing to support Nephrite if he has trouble coping with ASK ANOTHER STUPID QUESTION, KUNZITE, THE ANSWER WAS NOT QUITE OBVIOUS ENOUGH THERE

Title Date Scene Summary
Ice Cream Is Not Inherently Doomed October 31st, 2016 Kunzite takes Apatite back to the same ice cream place from a year ago. Looking back at the changes in the last year is one thing. Looking ahead at the year to come ... that's new for the Puella.
Monster MUSH October 31st, 2016 SEIYOU HALLOWEEN DANCE!
I Promised You A Dance October 31st, 2016 Kazuo fulfils a promise to Hoshi. Hoshi, unfortunately, is looking for something that either isn't there in Kazuo, or doesn't look like what she expects it to.
Trick or Treat! October 31st, 2016 Put on your costumes and head to SCHOOL?!?!?! Thats right, this year the four schools have gotten together to host a trick or treat time for students interested. Some come on out and bring a bucket or at least a bag because your teachers and faculty from the various schools are giving out the treats and maybe pulling a few tricks of their own. Come on and celebrate Halloween!
No Rest for the Post-Wicked (and Naru) October 31st, 2016 Neither Kyouko or Naru want to sleep after the Halloween Dance. Discussion ensues.
Coffee and biscuits October 30th, 2016 Amu explains heart's eggs to Yuzuki. Yuzuki explains basic facts about sleep to Amu.
Last minute shopping October 30th, 2016 Nagihiko goes costume-hunting with Amu, and notices that Amu is starting to ... not do well.
What Did I Become October 30th, 2016 Miss White and Cure Gull are approached by Cassandra Fontaine ... an Eclipse Puella who doesn't seem to be quite a Puella at all. Maybe. Something's gone terribly wrong with Cassandra's wish. And maybe with Cassandra herself.
Dinosaur Brownies October 30th, 2016 Kunzite and Naru encounter one another post-dance (and post Naru-Kyouko talk). There's some talk about sleep and monsters. Using Kunzite as one's scale of horror is really not useful, no.
To sleep, perchance to dream October 29th, 2016 Less dream, more nightmarish plant mazes that wish to eat people. Perfectly normal, right?
Insufficient Number of Punches October 29th, 2016 Kazuo checks in with Makoto about Sailor Earth and the resulting rumors. Mako catches him up on Ail, too.
Scramble for eggs October 29th, 2016 Amu and Mikoto meet up again and have a talk after a purification of an egg! Yay!
Talk of the Arts October 29th, 2016 Yuuki Oshiro and Jiaying have a little run in at the park where Yuuki is playing her cello. Jia brings up calligraphy and things food is mentioned plenty!
New Friends, Pastries and Secrets! October 28th, 2016 Yuuki and Nicola visit Nanoha in her family's cafe! They talk about friends, eat pastries and Nicola and Nanoha talk about magical things vaugely to Yuuki's bewilderment.
There's a flamethrower on the coffee table October 28th, 2016 Post-youma, Naru needs someone stable to keep watch. And to talk things out at. Someone is, apparently, Kazuo, because who else is going to be reasonable about dazed dissection of magical anonymity effects when FLAMETHROWER and MOM and HENSHIN and and and?
A day of shopping October 27th, 2016 Amu and Lacrima run into each other in the Crown.
Congratulations On Being A WHAT October 27th, 2016 A Cardian attacks OSA-P Jewelers. Magical girls respond! Sailor Mercury! Sailor Jupiter! ... Naru? With a flamethrower?
The New Girl October 27th, 2016 Nanoha finally meets the new arrival in at Seishou Elementary school, Yuuki Oshiro
Starlight Sleepover Snuggles October 27th, 2016 Lacrima and Natsumi talk and cuddle n' stuff!
Not Your Average Anything October 26th, 2016 Yuzuki, meet Hannah.
Who Would Dress Like That October 26th, 2016 Usagi takes issue with the existence of certain costumes. Seth is a little baffled. Hey, they know some of the same people! ... whoops, not so much a good thing ...
Twitchy bundles October 26th, 2016 There's a lot of restless and out of sorts going around and none of Naru, Kyouko nor Kunzite seem to be immune.
Welcome Home, Jia-chan! October 26th, 2016 Lacrima and Amu Hinamori welcome Jiaying back to Tokyo after her trip back home for a bit! (Unfinished)
Time Refugees And Baby Bunnies October 25th, 2016 (Content warning: mental health.) Usagi consults Kunzite on matters of the soul, which inevitably brings up certain youma for which she has never before actually yelled at Kunzite. Further discussion of Sailor Earth turns up potential explanations and rather a lot of insecurities. (Hint: Usa will not in fact be the one with fifty cats.)
Fish-O-Gram... October 25th, 2016 Reiko visits Eilam to give him a gift! Eilam teases back. You are not surprised.
Fancy meets Public October 24th, 2016 Yuzuki finds (a slightly broken) Amu sleeping in the park.
Botanical Boredem October 24th, 2016 Cure Gull, Sayaka Miki and Naomi Yomada talk about things in the gardens when everyone else behaves for a very bored night.
A snake asking for help October 23rd, 2016 Nagina seeking help in self defense! Though perhaps with underlying emotions growing
When Good Dreams Go Bad October 22nd, 2016 Seth has a terrible nightmare. Ariel blunders into it and is forced to help him resolve it.
A Prince Of One's Own October 22nd, 2016 Haruka Haruno and Hope Kanata run into Amu and Nagihiko. What is the royalty-per-square-kilometer density limit in Tokyo, anyway?
Talking about princes October 22nd, 2016 When Amu needs someone to flail at? Who else but Nadeshiko!
Dreaming of Darkness October 22nd, 2016 Lacrima learns more horrible things about herself. At least Ariel and Jiaying are there to witness it so she can't keep it to herself and let it fester until it's too late? Surely the ability to empower others with her curse won't end poorly for anyone.
Shrine on the Moon October 21st, 2016 On the moon, Usagi and Rei come across Sailor Mars' shrine. Usagi is, of course, enthralled. Rei gets a brand new old hair comb.
Being Civil October 20th, 2016 Tadase passes off homework on behalf of a missing student ... to Eilam. Given recent events with Amu, this is not the most comfortable of meetings.
All Optimism, All The Way October 20th, 2016 Yuzuki, Kukai, Naru, and Kazuo meet up over takoyaki, mostly by chance. Nagina pays a visit, too!
Bibliolarceny October 20th, 2016 Blue Lotus has passed posession of the Compendium of Infinite Worlds to Tadase. Madison Perry is not deterred in her pursuit of the tome.
Butterflies and Carrier Pigeons October 19th, 2016 Nephrite and Kunzite discuss the immediate aftermath of Sailor Earth's appearance, what can and can't be read in the stars, and MAYBE YOU SHOULD TELL PEOPLE WHEN YOU'RE VANISHING FOR THREE DAYS KUNZITE ahem
Her Existence Isn't Her Fault October 19th, 2016 Post-Nephrite, Mamoru and Kunzite catch up on what happened with Sailor Earth -- both what they saw about her, and why each of the two of them did what they did, in the incident and after.
Oil and Milk October 19th, 2016 Usagi and Minako get together for some long overdue making up!
Venus Intersects Mercury October 19th, 2016 Minako's back -- and Ami wants to make sure it's for real.
Fite Fite Fi--You're Not Mad Yay! October 18th, 2016 Tuesday after finding Sailor Earth, Ninjasagi stealthily sneaks up on Makoto. Lunch and hugs are shared!
Rest and Reprieve October 18th, 2016 Makoto comes by the ECFH roof, where Nephrite has been searching the skies for any explanations that the stars might offer, and they both take some much-needed time out.
Art Installations and Occam's Razor October 18th, 2016 Naru goes looking for Kunzite, and finds a lot of fangs.
Encouragements and Death Wish October 18th, 2016 Usagi stalks the caracal with fish, and Kunzite with coffee. One of these is wiser than the other.
Vampire study buddies! October 18th, 2016 Amu visits Lacrima's manor. This is totally in no way a bad idea.
Milkshakes with a side of Awkward. October 18th, 2016 Milkshakes and snacks and conversations and accusations and chaos and questions. Just another day at the Crown, really.
For This They'd Go To War October 17th, 2016 Kyouko gets what happened with Sailor Earth out of Kunzite. Naru listens in. Rather less coffee is consumed than might be expected, which Kyouko is correct to be disturbed by.
Mako's Not a Delinquent! October 17th, 2016 Usagi and Naru have a pizza-and-movie night and catch up, and also talk about Makoto, and Sailor Earth, and unfairness, and they also fret about Kunzite.
Perfect Angels October 17th, 2016 Seth, Haruna, and Yuzuki run into one another after school.
Gloomy Questions October 17th, 2016 Ayana arrives at home late at night with hunger and concerns. Ikiko tries to alleviate them, both voluntarily and less so.
Salt of the Earth October 16th, 2016 Something's been making several of the Senshi and Shitennou uneasy for a while now. And she says Mamoru stole her family name.
We Were Both Young When I First Saw You October 16th, 2016 Prince Hope Kanata and Haruka Haruno meet for the first time in years.
Just What Are Your Intentions October 16th, 2016 Kyouko had a haircut, and Mamoru finds out that sisters are definitely buttinskys.
Gull Gloom October 16th, 2016 Ayana's visiting Hannah. Haruna's visiting Hannah. Ayana ... drains Haruna? This was not what anyone expected out of the day.
Dance of the Behemoth October 16th, 2016 A shopping trip, complete with a huge youma!
End In A Bad Place. October 16th, 2016 Lacrima meets Seth after some things have happened to him- such as youma attacks and a warning from a shrine miko about dark influences. He talks about something that happened to him when he was a child, Lacrima thinks this will end badly.
I Just Wanted to Say... October 15th, 2016 During some downtime, Ariel expresses her gratitude to Seishi, and innocently meddles in her peronal family affairs at the same time.
Mothers, Daughters, and Wives October 15th, 2016 Set during Chisato Akemi's visit, Homura and Madoka talk about their mothers and each other while getting ready for bed and going to sleep, and then waking up the following morning.
Starting Over From Scratch October 15th, 2016 While out on a run Makoto comes across Minako not quite by accident and the two have a chat about the past and the present.
Shave and a Haircut, No Bits! October 14th, 2016 Kyouko gets a haircut! Zoi and Naru tease her.
Good dog! October 13th, 2016 Naru and Ikiko rescue a lost poodle, and get to chatting magical life and curses.
Staying For Dinner October 13th, 2016 Madoka has a chance to talk with Homura's mom while Homura makes supper. Things are still a little tense, but Chisato seems to like Madoka well enough.
Number One Pie Buyer October 13th, 2016 Amu and Tadase talk about their fans. And about Lacrima. And about Eilam. One of these goes better than the others.
Introducing: Chisato Akemi October 12th, 2016 Homura's mother tracks her down and pays her a visit at school. She certainly takes after Homura, but there's something a little bit off!
Mercurial Gifts October 12th, 2016 The effort Takashi put into Ami's birthday present proves to be literally out of this world.
What You Do With the Strength You Have October 12th, 2016 Ayana and Hannah catch up after the orange has faded from Ayana and she's begun seriously questioning her existence.
Koi-ute Conversation October 12th, 2016 Eilam and Reiko talk over koi-watching. And a giant Magikarp plushie.
Of Cousins and Shadows October 12th, 2016 Ikiko tells Kazuo about what she's learned about Sora and Shiniko over the past few days.
In Hindsight... October 11th, 2016 Naomi and Haruna talk about some recent events! Oresky, Awesome New Attacks, and Plushie Cure Gulls.
Cranky things October 11th, 2016 Tutoring and magical conversation with Seth, Naru, Kazuo and Mamoru goes awry when everyone gets cranky with everyone else by the end of the conversation. Whoops.
Questions About Cousins October 11th, 2016 Ikiko goes to ask Jiaying about Sora's link to Shiniko and discovers more than she hoped to.
Shadows and Stars October 11th, 2016 There's something Jiaying desperately wants to know from Ayana. Namely, what she did to Lacrima that turned her eyes blue. And whether it might be able to help Sora. Ayana ... didn't have the faintest idea that Sora was Shiniko.
Trying Your Best. October 11th, 2016 Amu Hinamori bumps into Lacrima at Natt's House Accessory Shop. It goes about aswell as it could go. At least giant dark dogs didn't eat anyone this time?
SoJ: A Sticky Situation October 11th, 2016 Shiniko targets another victim. Amulet Heart, Hakuomaru, and Platinum Royale object to vigilante justice.
Playing Well With Others October 11th, 2016 Kunzite and Kyouko confer on vague unsettled feelings, on Cure Gull's wanting to talk with Puella, on future contingency plans involving Hannah ... but mostly on the migration of the Shitennou into Virtue, and how Kyouko does or doesn't fit into that.
A Very Cuddly Birthday October 10th, 2016 It's Madoka's Birthday! After the party Homura dresses up extra cute for Madoka and they cuddle happily to their heart's content and learn that being a year older hasn't made cuddling any less amazing.
Whispers of Grey: Finale! October 10th, 2016 Griselda does something horrible to color in the Shopping Strip on Juuban Avenue. Can the Prism Keepers and thier friends save Hiroko from herself? Find out! In the Final Episode of Season One of Prism Aegis!
Everything Is A Mess. October 10th, 2016 Jiaying and Lacrima discuss the events of 'Oops'. (Unfinished).
Oops! October 9th, 2016 Lacrima summons a monster and oops... it's accidently loose. Lots of people show up to try to stop it. And something else happens, too!
Dark alleys and dark figures October 9th, 2016 Amu and Tsukiko confront Shadow Witch Shiniko. Ayana's having a few problems of her own.
SoJ: You Gotta be Kitten Me October 8th, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko targets an animal rescue. Whether or not the vet's been stealing money for it, her intended punishment may be a little disproportionate...
One of those days October 7th, 2016 Sayaka's just having one of those days where nothing's going right. Even the wraiths are picking up on her bad vibes. Luckily she's got some allies in the area.
Terribad and Terribird October 7th, 2016 Oresky attacks the Fall Festival!
Learning From Each Other October 6th, 2016 Kyouko and Makoto finally get together for a friendly spar, with Naru in attendance as observer.
Clowning around with the wiggles October 6th, 2016 Cure Spark versus ... balloon animals?
Literary Asylum October 5th, 2016 Blue Lotus appears to ask Tadase to help her guard the Compendium of Infinite Worlds from a determined pursuer.
A day at the arcade October 5th, 2016 Stuff happened!
Fall is Coming October 4th, 2016 Seth Locke and Lacrima discuss 'helpful' people and portents and miko visions.
Worries and Wishes October 3rd, 2016 Haruna reaches out to Kunzite for aid since Hannah seems to be on the cusp of doing something rash. They talk about wishes and recompence.
Loyalties and Lies October 3rd, 2016 Nocturi targets Runealy again. This time, Rune gets some explanations. She just can't believe them...
Anger Management Via 5K October 3rd, 2016 Naru texted Kunzite simmering over an earlier encounter. Somehow this turns into a run, which in turn becomes discussion about last straws and sources of anger. Also, whether or not Kunzite is a marble statue.
SoJ: The Good, The Bat, and the Ugly October 3rd, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko shows her hand again, attacking an art gallery with reputed underworld connections.
Offensive Discussion October 3rd, 2016 Haruna approaches Naomi concerning Hannah. The idea of going on the offensive with the Phantom Empire is brought up.
Homu Needs Cuddles Badly! October 3rd, 2016 After seeing everyone at the ECFH cuddling, Homura seeks out Madoka for a very specific purpsoe.
Phones and phone numbers October 3rd, 2016 Harbourside chatter with Tadase and Naru and Jiaying and Naomi and Amu about Virtue and phones and gardens and tea and plenty of introductions.
Good girls go too good October 3rd, 2016 Amu asks Kukai about Lacrima and Sachiko. Awkward conversations are awkward.
Best Girl Friend October 2nd, 2016 Amu needs to fall apart on somebody! Nadeshiko is volunteered.
Home Improvement October 2nd, 2016 Rune and Gaofele consult with Homura about their plans.
Interview with the Vampire, Vol III October 2nd, 2016 Amu approaches Lacrima to talk while she's stalking 'food'. This surprisingly does not end in a giant fight.
It Only Takes One Mistake October 2nd, 2016 Reiko is invited to Eilam's manor, and talks with him about how exactly Amu knew about his condiion, and whether that's OK.
Summer Mayhem October 2nd, 2016 An summons forth another cardian to assault students in penguin park. Reci has served her well recently and so she goes for a second round.
Just Another Sunday at the ECFH October 2nd, 2016 Mamoru might be melting his brain with study, but the Earth Court apartments are as happening a place as ever... especially with Chibiusa staying over for the day.
Nothing, Nevermind October 1st, 2016 Jiaying is not having a good time with her video game. Tsubasa is not having a good time with her fans. Seth is not having a good time period. (Partial scene)
Amu's secret stalker October 1st, 2016 Eilam comes to check on Amu. Sort of. Check on whether he can trust her around Lacrima, anyway. Partly vis flirtation.
Can love blossom from blood loss October 1st, 2016 Lacrima runs into Amu. Kukai and Eilam get caught in the crossfire.

Title Date Scene Summary
Little captor in a big park November 30th, 2016 Sakura has a Little trouble and Steam Sentinel Joy saves her. They then scold Little.
Stoney Silence November 30th, 2016 Kunzite and Naru discuss stones, and what they say when you have the wherewithall to listen to them.
Playing The Court November 30th, 2016 Kukai is having a nice walk through the park when he meets a pretty girl! Who then challenges him to play tennis against her. And Kukai can't turn down a challenge, even when it turns out she's one of the best tennis players in Tokyo. Fortunately Kukai has a backup plan...
Snack Stand at the Park November 29th, 2016 While selling goodies at the park, Rena meets Mara. After a rocky introduction, They get to talking and such.
Catch me if you can November 29th, 2016 Sakura dropped in on Sky Jack and he introduced himself to the young card captor.
A wolf, a fox and a Dash. November 29th, 2016 Ikiko and Ayana come across the dash card and, much to Ayana's chagrin, Ikiko decides to take care of it. What could go wrong?
Art critics November 28th, 2016 The K'team and Alexis go to Naru's apartment to check out the spontaneous art exhibits that have been happening. Special appearance by Pinkie Pie.
Holding Hands November 28th, 2016 Homura and Madoka and, of course, copious cuddles.
Where did those come from November 27th, 2016 Sakura meets Naru, they talk and discover some hidden artwork of Naru's has been moved around.
A clogged river November 27th, 2016 Sakura met Cure Spark and together they captured the wood card, moments before being attacked by a giant grasshopper man!
Flower meet Flora November 27th, 2016 Haruka and Sakura meet flower, dance for a bit and then Sakura gets a new big sister stand in!
Nightmares, Security and Donuts November 27th, 2016 Sayaka holds a meeting with members of WPS, determined to learn more about a potential dangers of a soulgem in the hands of Madison Perry. Donuts are shared, and Sayaka snags an official position at WPS!
Snowdrifting November 27th, 2016 Lacrima and Alexis run into each other in a dusting of snow! They talk about things like beating up thugs and schools and happiness.
I have no voice and honestly it's really annoying November 27th, 2016 CONTENT WARNING: Absurdly cute Mamoru & Zoisite cuddles. Zoisite's voice got captured by a Clow Card and he's been trying to keep it on the downlow, but Mamoru is onto him.
Whatever Works November 27th, 2016 Kunzite goes to make sure Zoisite isn't pranking Naru, and finds out Zoi has bigger problems just now.
Cuddles: Reloaded November 26th, 2016 Homura and Madoka load some shotguns. Cuddles follow.
Ribbons November 26th, 2016 An evening at Game Center Crown is interrupted by a strange woman who feeds on dreams!
Oops... November 26th, 2016 A trip to Midori-ya turns into a bit of a mishap When Yuuki sets up a barrier in front of Nanoha and Hannah.
Wave Perfect November 24th, 2016 While Yuuki is having a talk with Shining Star She bumps into Sakura and her friend. After put on video, The Wave card decides to run amuk!
The Final Verdict November 24th, 2016 ... is that Alex is suspended for fighting. Naru is completely unsurprised.
Late Realizations November 24th, 2016 Rune's been overlooking something. Someone. SomeGao.
Drilling and Practice! November 24th, 2016 Nanoha and Yuuki spar! Nanoha finds out why some people may not like the TSAB very much!
Later, At Home November 23rd, 2016 Naru pursues some questions which had arisen during a previous conversation. Secrets are cautiously shared.
Little person, big heart November 23rd, 2016 Sakura met Seth! He trolled her.
Pengipengipengipengi! November 23rd, 2016 WPS-CCS zoo trip!
I Forgot to Remember to Forget! November 22nd, 2016 Haruna meets Sakura for the first time since she was last Scorn!--and Sakura doesn't remember that Haruna /totally/ stole her brothers soul that one time as the witch. Surely something is wrong here.
Lesson One November 22nd, 2016 Upon sneaking out to do a little practicing in the park, Yuuki has a run in with Ikiko and meets Kunzite. Then much to her surprise, She learns Lesson One.
Quiet day at the park, for now... November 22nd, 2016 Naru and Kyouko and Kukai and Sayaka go to the park. Nothing tries to eat them. They do discuss nightmares, weird puella dreams, rampaging vegetation and factions, though.
Dancing with the point November 21st, 2016 Yuuki is practicing magic! Sakura is practicing Pokemon Go. Cue meeting!
Meeting more aliens November 21st, 2016 Nicola Esprit meets Sakura Kinomoto over baton practice.
Midterm Blues November 21st, 2016 Numerous children call in sick at Seishou, claiming extreme exhaustion, many of whom have visited the space botany club. Meanwhile, there are rumours about plants coming to life in said club - or are they just the hyperactive imaginations of exam stressed students? Come and find out!
Opal Mines and Midnight Mango November 21st, 2016 Naru's Sunday has run through race and wreckage, to wind up in exhaustion and just a little despair. Kazuo decides this is the perfect time to ... review her mother's store inventory?
Paint the Town November 20th, 2016 Madison Perry is causing some random destruction downtown, but is that all there is to it? Either way, Princess Runealy tries to put a stop to it, and succeeds in chasing Madison off, though not before some unsettling puzzle pieces fall into place.
Soon There Should Be Chocolate November 20th, 2016 Lacrima takes Kunzite to look in on Sora. Sora is, as expected, not doing well. But it's a familiar kind of not doing well.
Snake Studies November 19th, 2016 Nagina and Yuzuki at the library. ... Kurake is also at the library.
Study Buddies November 19th, 2016 Homura helps Madoka go over the basics of physics as she reads her textbook while snuggled up together on the couch. Once the studying is over the snuggling continues, because of course it does.
No Appreciation For The Classics November 18th, 2016 Shitennou downtime, aka "Mamoru populates his apartment entirely with trolls." Oh, and Neph and Kyouko and Kunzite talk some about Naru and Alexis, too.
Packing and unpacking November 17th, 2016 Ami is packing for her trip, and the conversation with Naru is unpacking all sorts of questions and concerns.
Whatever Became of Shiori-san November 17th, 2016 Sayaka has questions for Kunzite, about the White Flower and Madison Perry and Virtue. Some of them Kunzite even has answers to.
A Lot To Catch Up On November 16th, 2016 Sora is awake. First thing to do: apologize to girlfriend. Jiaying is okay with this plan.
All Expenses Paid November 16th, 2016 Takashi surprises Ami after school with an offer! Naru and Kunzite surprise both of them (and themselves) by not telling Ami that going to South America with her evil boyfriend is a terrible idea.
Bento November 16th, 2016 Ami goes to tell Makoto she's going to South America. It goes about like Ami expected.
SERIOUSLY November 16th, 2016 Kunzite checks that Ami has talked to Makoto. The Senshi of Thunder is justifiably Not Happy. ... so Kunzite promptly throws Alexis under the bus. This'll help, right?
Nightmare Checkup November 15th, 2016 Lacrima visits Naru to see how she's doing after nightmares. They discuss strange things.
Talking to death November 15th, 2016 From powers to apocolypses and dreams to sparring, Naru and Kyouko cover a bit of everything at the gym.
Conversation and Onions November 14th, 2016 Naru and Kazuo chat about All the Things while the onions (and everything else) gets chopped.
Desperate Hearts November 14th, 2016 There is love in the air, as well as jealousy as Seijuro attracts the hearts of a throng of girls in a mall and Natsumi looks on jealously. However, they soon realize they have more dire issues to consider as the Makaiju is not reacting well to their current energy draining attempts.
A DATE A DATE A DAAAAAATE! EEEEEE! November 14th, 2016 Amu! Tadase! Food! Enthusiasm! Very much worth the wait.
Seriously Though, Are You A Zombie November 14th, 2016 A fox girl, a vampire, and a curse victim walk into a Shrine...
Cooking By The Book November 13th, 2016 Immediately following 'Shadows of Justice: Shadows over Tokyo' the group discusses what is to become of Shiniko's magical diary tome.
A Seagull Went Down to Georgia... November 13th, 2016 She was lookin' for a heart to steal~ She was in a bind ~ So she guilt tripped god ~ and he was willin' to make a deal~
Agents of (Homura's) Shield November 13th, 2016 Madison steals Hana Shiroi's Grief Seed from the world inside Homura's shield, and Homura in turn becomes the master of Time and Space.
A day at the park November 13th, 2016 Zoisite is out playing Pokemon Go, of all things. What he catches is an Amu?
Mind Your Manors November 12th, 2016 Jiaying and Norie talk about things and also eat all the eggs in the house.
One last day of sickness November 12th, 2016 One more day of sickness means one more Tadase-visit for Amu. Sometimes it's okay to just be happy.
Shadows of Justice: Shadows over Tokyo November 12th, 2016 Tonight, Tokyo falls ... or Shadow Witch Shiniko does. And Sora might have fallen already, too far within Shiniko to be reached.
Visits, Jelly Beans, Owls, Swords November 11th, 2016 Runealy and Gaofele pay a visit to an old ally: Mamoru Chiba. Tsubasa drops in, literally. Normal conversations are just not a thing that happens, but hey, party plans come out of it anyway.
The moon and the frump November 11th, 2016 Sailor Moon takes her turn to look in on Amu. Get-well bunnies work, right?
Vampires and Colds November 10th, 2016 Lacrima looks in on Amu, and the two of them talk future plans. Lacrima, as always, is the less optimistic.
A Go in the Park November 9th, 2016 Lacrima and Jiaying discuss travel plans while Shinobu fawns over herself.
Cool and Spicy Cookie November 9th, 2016 Kukai visits a recovering Amu instead of a sick one. Soup Always Helps.
It's Popular In America November 8th, 2016 Yuzuki meets Aki Kurosawa! Over Haruna trying to feed her pulled pork. Against her will.
Morning coffee November 8th, 2016 Naru and Jiaying meet over coffee and tea to discuss mornings and caffeine and the fact that the magical world really are mostly night people.
Dream Shadows November 8th, 2016 Back into Naru's dreams, they aren't so much better this time either.
Eclipsites Engage In Encouraging Exchange. November 7th, 2016 Lacrima eats candy bars. Shinobu Yuu shows up. Talk of vampires and puppeting and powers happen! Lacrima Is a Cute Vampire Count: 2.
The Sakuras have Naru for Dinner November 7th, 2016 They eat Sushi.
A Little Bit More Careful November 6th, 2016 Tadase visits a sick Amu. Amu being sick does not mean they are any less cute.
Immortal Invite November 6th, 2016 Lacrima invites Eilam over to her manor for a talk!
A new scolding November 6th, 2016 Kukai attempts to convince Amu that medical care is a thing that exists. And should. AND REALLY SHOULD RIGHT NOW, AMU.
Book Binding November 6th, 2016 Kunzite transfers Shiniko's book to Ikiko for confinement. Ikiko promptly transfers it back. Also, Kunzite discusses Ayana with Ikiko, and gets a sharp reminder that having purification capabilities does not come with a built-in habit of figuring out when to use them...
So Fluffy November 6th, 2016 Madoka, Homura, cuddles. Homura is firmly of the opinion that Madoka is so fluffy that Homura could in fact NOT die. The word
Shadows of Justice: Attack on Seishou November 5th, 2016 Shadow Witch Shiniko has made a decision. That Tokyo will never know injustice again. Beginning with Seishou.
Pancakes for breakfast November 5th, 2016 Naru makes pancakes at ECFH for whoever is awake, which results in Conversation.
The Happiest Girls in the World November 4th, 2016 Madoka and Homura go ice skating. Of course it turns into a dance.
Chess Club November 4th, 2016 A meeting of the Infinity chess club introduces Shinobu and Eilam.
Just In The Neighborhood November 4th, 2016 Nagina asks Yuzuki for a chat. And a drink. And maybe some cake...
All You Can't Eat November 4th, 2016 Kunzite meets with Ayana about some trouble she's having with school, and suspects it's a little more than ... just school. Also? Ayana's eyes are FINALLY too big for her stomach.
Shining Star November 3rd, 2016 As more secrets concerning Yuuki's device unfold, Much more is revealed conceaning the mysterys of her father. Finding A kindred Spirit in Nanoha, Yuuki discovers that she is far from alone when it comes to this strange new world.
Prescriptions and patterns. November 3rd, 2016 Daisuke fixes Naru's ankle, Alexis gets teased, Kyouko drinks tea and Kazuo explains things (sort of).
Don't Give Up Your Destiny For A ... November 2nd, 2016 Sayaka asks Mamoru and Kunzite about the whole prince thing. Mamoru answers her questions... and also answers some of the questions she's really asking.
Milkshakes, shadows and swords. November 2nd, 2016 The Crown hosts a conversation about shadows, doodling, redemption and doodling.
Moving Forward November 1st, 2016 After a disappointing Halloween party, Sayaka and Kyouko go on a long overdue patrol together, and try to sort out their confused feelings for each other and their changing lives.

Title Date Scene Summary
All The Future Stretches Out December 31st, 2016 NYE part 1: the bulk of the open party at Mamoru's apartment.
Ahead For All of Time December 31st, 2016 NYE part 2: The quieter conversations in the mural bedecked living room of Mamoru's apartment.
A day at the museum December 31st, 2016 An attack on the museum leads Asclepius and Kunzite to fend of a weird curator, while Tsubasa sword fights Unmei, nearly killing the poor girl in the end.
Why Wouldn't He Be Fine December 31st, 2016 Somehow nobody ever believes Alexis about that. Especially not Lacrima, when she's just walked into the middle of a fight he's in.
The Thing With Shadows Is December 30th, 2016 Kyouko decides it's time to ask Kunzite if she's thinking straight. The problem with this is that Kunzite isn't so much worried about whether someone's thinking straight as whether the not-thinking-straight is functional. It sort of works anyway!
Late night girl talk December 30th, 2016 Because sometimes, a girl needs to chat with her bestie, even if it's late.
The Best Gifts December 29th, 2016 Kyouko has a present for Mamoru.
Don't believe what you see December 29th, 2016 Turned out the ghosts weren't ghosts at all! It was another clow card! Unfortunately, Sakura wasn't ready for what she was going to be shown. Fortunately, Naru was there to stop her from taking an unhealthy plunge and hold her until the tears dried.
A Shopping Trip December 28th, 2016 Unmei and Yuzu go shopping, getting the former a complete make over and helping her get prettied up.
A Walk In The Park December 28th, 2016 Lacrima and Sora and Kukai meet in the park. Sora tries to slug Kukai one.
Visiting the demon December 27th, 2016 Sakura went to visit Mara and discovered something... troubling. Just what was a grief cube? and how could she get her hands on one?
After school meeting December 27th, 2016 Seth met the new student, Unmei, and they chatted for a bit, getting to know each other.
Grumpy, Sleepy, and Thud December 27th, 2016 Alexis runs into (not literally) Yuzuki and Unmei. No, Unmei, Alex is not Yuzuki's boyfriend.
The 11th Hour December 27th, 2016 As the new Year begins closing in, Naomi's got a little job to do that involves explosives! Oh and Hosshiwa shows up with An Elder Terribad and... a BabyBad? And what is Strawberry Swing?
Santa Kyouko December 26th, 2016 Kyouko has presents for everybody.
Sakura pets EVERYTHING! December 26th, 2016 Sakura brings the love canines, Ikoko and Ayana, their Christmas gift. Then she talked for a while, found out about Ikoko's locket, their romance(Kyaaaaa) and finally fell asleep snuggling a big fox.
Christmas In Another Hemisphere December 25th, 2016 Christmas still comes in South America!
Christmas romance December 25th, 2016 Tadase gets his Christmas gift! As well as gets to find out Amu's new goal.
I Won't Be Home For Christmas December 25th, 2016 Eilam visits Lacrima on Christmas. Feelings are exchanged- but something is wrong with Eilam. Very wrong and bad.
Reparing Broken Wings December 24th, 2016 Hannah visits Haruna after the events of 'Is This The Real Life'. Things get a little better and cuddly!
Hanakotoba: Poinsettia December 24th, 2016 The message of the Flower of Christmas Eve is a wish for good cheer. Nephrite and Makoto celebrate Christmas together.
A small favor December 24th, 2016 Sakura went to Haruna for a very, very embarrassing request.
No Good At Acting December 24th, 2016 Unmei and Yuzuki's first meeting is somewhat filled with Unmei flail.
Infinite cosmic POWER! Itty bitty game corner. December 23rd, 2016 Kukai and Jia meet Unmei, a local gamer who runs into a bit of trouble.
Earth, Moon, Crown December 23rd, 2016 'Sailor Earth' arrives at the Crown and engages in a short conversation with 'Bunny'.
Guardian Fussing December 22nd, 2016 Luna and Kunzite consult quietly about the month's anniversaries, the undeserved guilt and not-fully-processed trauma that certain of their charges have regarding them, and some other anomalous behavior that needs to be dealt with. Due tribute is also delivered. Luna finds things to threaten Kunzite with anyway, but that's just normal, and besides, "things" here are mostly "Usagi"...
Regal Roses! December 22nd, 2016 Haruka gets her first additional dress-up key! ...Unfortunately, a Weird Wraith shows up, but it's very quickly dealt with.
Couch Counsel December 22nd, 2016 After the Wraith attack on the ECFH in Regal Roses, Kyouko, Naru, Kunzite, and Mamoru sit on couches and talk about stuff.
After Midnight, at the Sakura Apartment December 22nd, 2016 Naru has a nightmare, and then she and Kyouko have a talk.
The Girl Coming In From The Cold December 21st, 2016 Machi Ono has had a rough time. She could use some cocoa, and maybe a rest, and maybe some help to stand up once again before darkness overwhelms her world.
Princess lessons for the little princess December 21st, 2016 Sakura joins Haruka for princess lessons. They make tea and Sakura tells Haruka about her lost past. They both get the seal of approval.
Battle at the docks December 20th, 2016 Sunny and Sky Jack meet Clotho, fighting her monster off and saving the local fish market. After giving her a few bruises, the girl makes her escape with her gathered magical energy.
Avast, Ye Landlubbers! December 20th, 2016 A Beautiful evening is interrupted by the appearance of an X-egg which hatches into an X-chara who happens to be a pirate!
Cookie Delivery December 20th, 2016 Naru delivers promised cookies to Kyouko. Much conversation and even some studying and dinner making happen too.
Momo Is An Alarm Clock December 19th, 2016 Pleasant breakfast company.
Watch Out For The Stuffed Platypus December 18th, 2016 Nagihiko talked Kukai into going with him to the Fujisaki Holiday Benefit. Oh boy.
Is This The Real Life December 18th, 2016 ...or is this just fantasy?~ Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality~ : Hannah and Friends go rescue Haruna from a perfect dreamworld. CONTENT WARNING: LBGT Acceptance. (or lack thereof.)
Watch your step December 18th, 2016 A rock quarry is having problems with the Earthy card. With the help of some magical girls and a big sword, Sakura manages to capture it. She also manages to make a new friend who won't beat her up anymore!
Cafe La Blushy December 18th, 2016 A few of the girls talk after the events with Haruna, but then quickly dissipate.
Early Present December 18th, 2016 Usagi and Luna surprise Naru with her very own communicator.
Can't Beat The Original December 17th, 2016 Mikoto and Minoke watch a Star Wars fanfilm. (Unfinished scene)
A bad day at the restaurant December 17th, 2016 Prism Orange fought off a cook before meeting with its creator, Magical Girl Clotho. A bit of banter later, and the girl left with the energy she'd stolen.
Jumping Moon Biscuits, it's Sailor Moon! December 16th, 2016 Sakura meets Sailor Moon and really *falls* for her, before they catch the jump card. She then decides the moon person is the best person to get relationship advice from!
Hope by Moon's Light December 16th, 2016 Yuuki is down in a most serious way. It would take a Miracle to get her to break out of her sadness. Good thing miracles come in a variety of ways!
Meeting schoolmates December 16th, 2016 Akane meets Unmei. Reveals her secret... though Unmei doesn't believe her.
Sakura and Alexis in: Getting the point December 16th, 2016 Sakura and Alexis come across the Arrow card and, despite getting wounded, manage to catch it. After that, Kazuo shows up and gets them medical attention!
Epidemic: Patient one. December 16th, 2016 Warning: Contains high levels of sweetness, adorableness and cuddly... ness.
Festive lights! December 16th, 2016 Tokyo is bedecked with lovely festive holiday lights, some of which try and kill Kyouko and Naru. Because of /course/ they do.
Oh, Philosophy, How I Hate Thee So December 16th, 2016 Seth and Kazuo talk status, dark energy, getting-to-know-you, and philosophy. There are even a couple of points on which they actually share a perspective! ... maybe two.
The World Moves So Fast December 15th, 2016 Reiko takes Eilam to watch people ice-skate.
Presents December 15th, 2016 Kyouko and Naru chat about Christmas and what makes for proper presents.
A little Dash of excitement December 14th, 2016 Sakura meets Dash's new owners! They're nice. Sadly, Ayana doesn't get to perform her punishment before it's captured.
Shrine Visit December 14th, 2016 A visit to the shrine on a snowy day includes conversation and fortunes. Some good, some not so good.
Slugging's Not Good For You December 14th, 2016 ... which is not a line one would expect ever to hear from Hannah! Except that Usagi is BEING a slug, rather than slugging people. Hannah remembers the unfortunate anniversary. And Hannah is dragging Usagi out to distraction.
The X Factor December 14th, 2016 Things have been quiet for the most part as far as Easter Corperation goes. It's time for the presence of one of their newer recruits to be felt. Will she be able to draw out the enigmatic Embryo?
The Ami Gossips Toniiiiight~! December 14th, 2016 In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Ami gets an unexpected vidcall from one of her best friends. Breakups are hard! Future Disney Movie Dates are made, and Takashi is grossly adorable.
Sakura has a bad time December 13th, 2016 Mara ambushes Sakura and the two fight! Sakura... needs a lot more training.
TPing the wrong house December 13th, 2016 Unmei decides to TP Lacrima's house. It does not go well.
The gamer girl December 13th, 2016 A new girl comes to school and meets with Amu. She has a chara and everything! This means the guardians have a new ally, right?... Right?
Good Morning, Good Bye December 13th, 2016 Ami comes over to Usagi's house early in the morning. She's there to tell her friend she's leaving for awhile. Tight hugs and assurances that Ami doesn't want to quit the team are exchanged.
The Thunder Rolls December 12th, 2016 Kunzite finds Usagi in the middle of a park, alone, in a heavy thunderstorm. Why's she out there? Well, Usagi's down a girlfriend. Fortunately Kunzite can teleport, make cocoa, and soothe away storm fears.
Let's get this party started! December 11th, 2016 Sakura, her brother and Yukito <3 got to a concert at Infinity. There Sakura helps Yuzuki with her speaker that is experiencing difficulties due to the Silence card.
Friends Don't Kneecap Friends December 10th, 2016 Kunzite has a challenge for Alexis: find a way to get through Kunzite's shields. The problem, of course, is that Alexis has *no known magical abilities whatsoever*. Makoto helps! Zoisite helps, and sometimes even in ways that don't deserve quotation marks!
Zombie Cocoa December 10th, 2016 Mamoru Versus Essays turns out to involve a Pyrrhic victory. Kunzite and Zoisite mock him back to bed.
Misting up December 10th, 2016 Jia finds Sakura hanging around and helps her catch the mist card, then the two chat for a bit about magics. Jia may or may not get scritches.
Media Mayhem December 9th, 2016 A little training on the ice, goes awry when Miss Mass Communication herself, Miyo Masuko shows up looking to find Cure Spark for interviewing. Who she finds is Naomi, Sakura, and Tomoyo.
The Case of the Missing Mage December 9th, 2016 Yuuki Oshiro has not been in school since last week. She's not been out training, Not been hanging out with her friends, Not been anywhere. What has happened to the young mage? Did she get sick from the recent inclimate weather? Did anything bad happen to her? Only one way to find out!
So What Have I Missed December 8th, 2016 Kukai spends time with Nagihiko and Nagihiko's sprained ankle.
Trucking on through December 8th, 2016 Cure Spark discovers she has the drive to get the job done! Unfortunately, first she has to cut out a few problems in her life.
Big trouble in the Blue sea December 8th, 2016 Prism Keeper Blue meets Sakura and helps her capture the Big card! Things get a bit crabby.
Afterschool at ECFH December 8th, 2016 Naru and Alex stop by and chat about art and have a snack, bother Kunzite and decide that they are all going to starve during exams.
Exploring the Medium December 8th, 2016 Hana and Naru discuss art, reality, opinions, fear and humanity. All within a mutable dreamscape.
Pizza and Paranoia December 7th, 2016 Kazuo bribes Lacrima for a favor. Namely, to ask Lacrima to ... watch out for ... Riventon's interests? This is one of the weirder configurations lately.
The Art of Breaking and Entering December 7th, 2016 Naru visits Hana's old base, now abandoned, and finds some of the art she had worked on last year.
The petals of training December 7th, 2016 Sakura's training continues! She learns how to properly grip her wand and strike, as well as summoning one of the forms of the cards. It's a bit much for her. Also, the two confess their sisterly love.
A sweet caper December 7th, 2016 Sakura finds the sweet card and kind of steals it from Shinobu, angering her in the process. Oops.
Hoping Out for a Healer December 6th, 2016 Cure Flora got injured so she called Mamoru for healz, pls- in Prince Kanata's hotel room. THE GREAT MEETING OF PRINCES? Well, nah.
A Spark of inspiration December 6th, 2016 Spark gets a new idea after finding out Sakura was attacked. Training her! Hopefully she survives.
So Very Monday December 6th, 2016 Kunzite and Naru catch up in the aftermath of Through and Voice, and synchronize their ongoing-crises-and-status-thereof lists. Unsurprisingly, number one on both: Usagi's probable reaction to impending high school entrance exams.
Through makes a Mess December 5th, 2016 Through gets caught, but there's pinball Alex and a trashed apartment on the way to get there.
What Dreams Do Come December 5th, 2016 After the final dream about Hana Shiroi, Naru finds herself unexpectedly in direct communication with the White Flower. They have a not-unpleasant chat.
A little problem between Mara and Sakura December 5th, 2016 Mara decides to bully Sakura and does a rather good job of it. Until she runs into a Little problem.
Tea and Crump--confessions. December 5th, 2016 Prince Kanata takes Haruka back to his hotel room for recovery after the events of 'Storm of the century number forty-five.' Tea is had. Also. Confessions. Somewhat.
Storm of the century number forty-five. December 4th, 2016 A great storm overtakes the city, created by four of the clow cards. Can the gathered magical forces fight it off?
So we meet again December 4th, 2016 Sakura meets Cure Spark OUTSIDE of being a ~cute~ spark! They talk.
A tough fight December 4th, 2016 Haruna and Hannah save Sakura from the Fight card. Unfortunately, many cookies are lost in the battle and the group heads out to ice cream to cheer up the sad magical girl.
Sakura-chan is kidnapped! Oh noes! December 3rd, 2016 Sakura ends up in the frat house and meets the guys and girls. Has a minor break down, gets sweets and ends up capturing Voice.
Homesickness December 3rd, 2016 Amu visits Lacrima for a feeding. They talk about home and cookies and being a monster.
The Harvest December 2nd, 2016 Madison Perry appears in the Neon District to cause some mayhem. Confronted by people who are displeased by this, Hana Shiroi demonstrates who really calls the shots despite being nothing but a gem.
Care and Feeding of Cardcaptors December 2nd, 2016 Post-Harvest, Mamoru heals an unconscious Sakura, and discusses with Kunzite and Zoisite who the girl is and how he knows her.
Track and Field and...Mold December 2nd, 2016 Infinity's Track and Field team has tryouts and open runs! Namakelder arrives to stop so much useless energy and effort.
Lost Cookies and Lost Logias December 2nd, 2016 A trip to Midori-ya is anything but normal when Yuuki and Sakura meet up. Snowball fights, False Positive Warnings, Missing Cookies! What more could be asked for?
Blizzard Entertainment December 2nd, 2016 Kyouko and Naru have some hot cocoa and cookies and reflect upon the weather.
Bubbles the unicorn! December 1st, 2016 Sakura meets a unicorn! Oh, and bubbles was caught. BUT UNICORN!
A sweet tooth December 1st, 2016 Sweet decides to have some fun and angers the wrong person.
Through Naru's eyes December 1st, 2016 Naru and Alexis meet Through. It... goes well, all things considered. They even fall for her a bit.
Dreaming of Mistakes December 1st, 2016 Ariel makes one of her visits to check up on Lacrima in her dreamscape. Lacrima blames herself for everything ever. Well. It is. Kinda. maybe her fault.

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