1255/So far from the tree

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So far from the tree
Date of Scene: 23 March 2016
Location: Mitakihara/Pikarigaoka - Botanical Gardens
Synopsis: Some childhood memories are hard to forget. Betrayals are even harder. Two childhood friends wrestle with both, now that they are forced to be enemies.
Cast of Characters: Utau Hoshina, Tadase Hotori

Utau Hoshina has posed:
    It's a beautiful spring day; Birds are chirping happily in the trees, singing their jubilant song to those who will listen. The first early flowers of the season have already started to bloom, splashing the botanical gardens in a miriad of lush and lovely colors. Today, a small group of kindergarteners have gone on a fieldtrip with their teacher, giggling and playing as they stare in awe at the variety of beatiful and exotic plants and flowers that grow here.

    There are also more than a dozen different species of butterflies that dance along the shaded leaves..Including a particularly unusual magenta butterfly that almost seems to glow, even in the shadows cast by the bigger leaves. How truly odd.

    Somewhere not too far away, she watches the playing kids, amethyst eyes glimmering, deep in thought as she keeps an eye on them. Similar magenta butterflies flicker around her, glowing in the shaded tree she stands under.
Tadase Hotori has posed:
There's been a lot going on... and a lot of time Tadase's needed to think. The city is a little bit too busy for him these days - normally, he finds people, and white noise, incredibly soothing. But right now, he wants peace and quiet a little bit.

Which is why he's made his way to the botanical gardens. The gardens in spring still aren't exactly /empty/ but all of the people here are nice and focused on the area. So it's a good mixture between not being actually alone, and being calm enough to think. He watches the kindergartners with a smile on his face, thinking back to when he was that young.

Thinking back to his time with the boy he considered his older brother, thinking back to time spent with his 'sister' Utau. And it's at that time one of those butterflies flutters past him. He follows it with his eyes until it ends at Utau - not the young, slightly bratty but adorable Utau he remembers, but Utau Hoshina, pop star... and employee of Easter.

Still, it's too nice a day, and too much of a coincidence, so he walks over slowly.
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    Butterflies. Lots of them. Was it just a coincidence, or was this directly related to Utau? Certainly, she's been pretty active lately, and not for the better either. However, it doesn't take her long to spot Tadase walking past either, and she quickly lowers her hand, her dark wings soon vanishing from her shoulders.

    Iru frowns, "Something wrong, Utau-chan? We were having so much fun too!" She folds her arms and pouts, hovering behind Utau as Tadase walks up to them. Seeing him now, so much older than he was before, brings back fond memories of when the there of them were as young as the kindergarteners, often visiting these very gardens. But those were happier times.

    "Tadase-kun." Amethyst eyes narrow warily as she spies him, uncertain of what he's here for. Was this just coincidence, or was he here to beat some sense into her? "What brings you here..?"
Tadase Hotori has posed:
Tadase shrugs a bit. "I needed a place to think, and so I came here." he said, as his bright, unique-colored eyes of his own regard hers, almost staring into hers, like he can judge her as a threat or not that way. "It looks like you're here for the same reasons." he muses.

Kiseki appears just over Tadase's shoulder, but he seems oddly calm and relaxed. "I'm not here to start anything. So as long as you're not, no problems right?"

"I hear your CD is doing well. I wish I could say the same for... the people at that concert."
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    Amethyst eyes harden as she meets his, and she just nods slowly. "I see.." she's uncertain of how to respond beyond that, because she had hoped to come here to think..Utau had been terribly worried about Ikuto, and had missed Kukai terribly since the dance.

    But it seemed she had little time to think about the people she cared about, what with all the chaos going on in Easter over the stolen book. Plus they wanted her to gather more X-eggs this afternoon..

    When he mentions the concert, Utau frowns softly, "It was not my intention for that to happen..I truly wanted to touch peoples' hearts with my song. However.." she sighs and shakes her head. "Forget it. You wouldn't understand."

    Out of the corner of her eye, she sees the kids moving on. Her butterflies have all dispersed by now, but Utau doesn't bother to pursue them further. Right now, she has Tadase to worry about, and about ten years of catching up to do.
Tadase Hotori has posed:
Tadase looks into her eyes. It's not a hostile look. It's a concerned, caring look. "I know you want to do that. El knows, too. I'm just confused as to why you're... doing what you are. Don't act like I'm a little kid, Utau." he says, quietly.

"You could try explaining it to me. You never know. Maybe I would understand. Maybe it would do you a lot of good to just talk." he says, quietly. "I remember when we were younger, how wonderful your voice was. How well it complimented Ikuto-kun's violin. How much fun we had together. I want to understand what changed, Utau. I want to understand why you're working with Easter. I want to understand why Ikuto is..." he gets choked up for a moment before sorting himself out.

"I want to know why I keep having to come to blows with you both."
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    Utau is really resisting the urge to turn and walk away, or to slap him. Because her situation is so frustrating. Because it's not so simple. She glances out of the corner of her eye, but for now at least, it seems she has a little time to herself. But how much can she chance to tell him without making matters worse? How does she know someone isn't listening, hiding somewhere? They're always there.

    "Tadase-kun..Do you remember when we were younger, when we used to play in this garden? Do you remember that time you tried to climb a tree and got stuck halfway up?" her expression softens just a tad as she recalls that happy memory. How close they were then..How did things go so wrong?
    "There are things I cannot tell you, or anyone else. However, you must trust me, just as you trusted me then, to get you down from that tree. Even then, I had only one powerful motivation that kept me going, even in difficult times.."
Tadase Hotori has posed:
Tadase shakes his head. "From where I'm standing, Utau, you're the one up in a tree. You and Ikuto." He's firm, but also kind, caring. Almost regal. "I want to help, though. But I can't stand idly by, either, Utau." he says, quietly.

"If you don't tell me what's going on, or how I can help... I'm just going to have to try to protect you both as best I can with the information I have. I also can't let you hurt people."

"I care about you, Utau. I care about you and Ikuto. In a lot of ways, you were my first friends. It's because I trusted you then that I have to be weary about trusting you now."
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    Dammit. She grits her teeth, hands clenched tightly. Why does it have to be so difficult? It had been easier, when she didn't care anymore. Before Kukai had softenned her heart some, given her a reason to give a damn about the people she hurt even if it was to protect her big brother. But now..

    "No, you never could. You always wanted to be the hero, didn't you." she frowns, "But there are two ways to play hero. If you care about Ikuto, if you want to save him, then don't..Try to help...We dont fight because we want to, but because we have no choice."

    Those pair of men in black suits have returned, but Utau hasn't seen them yet. "I don't want to do this, but if I don't they'll...!"

    Suddenly they're here. Utau's eyes widen in alarm, and she backs away. "Get out of here, Tadase. You're my enemy now.." her eyes flicker dark for a moment, and she chara changes with Iru, producing dark mini-bat wings.
Tadase Hotori has posed:
Tadase's eyes narrow. No, he's not a young kid, and yes, he wants to be the hero. He's also smart enough to know this isn't the fight he wants to pick. Not today, when he's still holding his emotions - the source of his strength - together. Not against Easter in this park with those kids.

"I might be your enemy now, but I don't play at being a hero." Tadase says, finding some sort of new strength within himself. "I am a hero. And I'll show you when I save you and Ikuto." he says, but for today - for right now - he's backing away, giving Utau space. He'll talk to the others. He'll get this figured out.

It's not a problem he can solve - but it's a problem THEY can solve. The Guardians. Virtue. His friends. "Remember that, Utau." he says, as he backs away just as the two men get truly within earshot.
Utau Hoshina has posed:
    "I know.." She smirks, not advancing upon him but staying where she is, allowing him to escape if he chooses. Because otherwise Utau knows she will be forced to fight him. "Tadase. You've grown up. And you're right, it's not a game anymore." she seems somehow sad when he promises to save them both and just shakes her head slowly. "You must defeat---"

    And suddenly her bodyguards are there, yelling at her, waving their arms to get her attention as they see her confronting Tadase. Yeah, it's a Guardian, they've probably seen him before. "Utau!" they yell, and she turns and starts to walk away. "Til next time, Tadase.."