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Real Princesses!
Date of Scene: 12 August 2016
Location: Uminari City - Verone Academy
Synopsis: Haruna and Haruka meet in Verone! Blue is also Blue.
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa, Haruka Haruno

Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa has come to Verone to meet Mari-chan! Cure Victory! Sadly, she gets to her dorm and there is a note on the door. The note says that something came up with Mari's sister and sadly wasn't able to text before she had to run. She pouts a bit as she shakes her head and looks to Corvus. "I hope it isn't too serious. I know her sister is a little sick..." she says softly. Corvus nods, nods his head because public- the seagull perched on her shoulder.

She sighs and brushes a hand through her hair as she adjusts her feather hairclip a moment and turns around and walks toward's the greens of Verone. It's summer, so schools aren't back in session yet, but there's still plenty of dorm bound students about. She smiles and gives a wave to random passerbys hello random person! Hello one of Mari's Tennis Team Mates! Hello Blue-sama with shears working on an intricate shrub. Hello power jogg---wait Blue-sama!?

She backs up in an almost comical manner. "Kami-sama, what are you doing here!?" she asks.

"Well." says Blue. "I was here to watch Mari-chan's match with you and her friends, but she had an emergency, so it's been rescheduled. So. I thought I would take care of this shrub. It seems the gardener here has been neglectful of just a few bushes." he says.

Haruna merely blinks once. "Oh. Okay." she says.

A pause. "....god has weird hobbies, huh?" she says softly.

"MMhmmmm." regards Blue.
Haruka Haruno has posed:
Haruka Haruno is on the grounds, getting herself used to what will be her new and temporary home. So far, her roommate hasn't shown up- which means she's even more the new girl than if she had a roommate to face the world with. Still, it means she can hide Puff and Aroma in her room without much fear. She also appears to be as fascinated by the gardening as Blue is, though she's more focused on the flowers than the bushes, fussing and muttering to herself. Well. Not entirely herself, she has a messenger bag where Puff has decided to hang out, looking like nothing so much as a stuffed animal.

Still, Haruka's ears perk. Kami-sama? She heard someone get referred to as 'kami-sama' in the recent past, and by the fact that someone responds to that label, it's enough to make Haruka and Puff share a confused look. Could it be? Haruka un-crouches from the flowerbed she was fussing at- sneakily spreading fertilizer on, really- and she starts walking. And pauses at the sight of a girl with a seagull, making incoherent noises and pointing. There's only one person she really knows with a seagull.

And no, she's not making any coherent sense, just stammering syllables.
Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa wishes she had a gardener's precard. But alas. If one exists, she hasn't collected it yet. She looks along the rows of bushes as she purses her lips. "Yeah some of these are overgrown. Um..." she kind of brushes her up a bit as she sighs a bit. "How have you been?..." she asks at Blue kind of awkwardly. Given recent disagreements. It feels odd talking to Blue again.

"I've been well." he says, all smiles. It's less awkward for him. A pause. "You have someone pointing and stammering at you." he says politely as he moves his shears in practiced motions.

Haruna blinks as she huhs and turns around to see Haruka pointing at her and Corvus.

"Huh!?" she asks suddenly. She blinks once and walks on over. "Um. Are you alright?" she asks to Haruka. Then a sudden shocked voice. "Do I need to go get the nurse!?" she says with wide eyes.

She begins to freak out. Corvus also, likewise, looks super concerned suddenly, too- though he keeps his beak shut.

"What's wrong!?" she asks with wide eyes.
Haruka Haruno has posed:
Haruka takes a moment to settle. "I-- think I may have met you before," Haruka finally manages, tugging the bag with Puff in it over and pulling the fairy out. Though the fairy is acting -- or trying to act-- like a stuffed animal, she is fairly distinct-looking. The student's face splits in a bright smile. "Gokigen'you." She's trying to hint and hoping that she's unsubtle enough to be recognized, but subtle enough that nobody else catches on. "Is... this who you were calling 'Kami-sama' when we met before?"

There's a moment of peering at Blue, as if trying to discern something more about him-- though what, Haruka would be hard-pressed to name. Right now he just... sort of seems like a guy who is also gardening. Blue hair would have been remarked on in her home town, some, but here it seems pretty normal for people to have blue in their genes. Haruka ducks a slight bow in his direction, repeating her greeting. As she bows, her dress-up key slides out from under the collar of her shirt on the short ribbon she's been keeping it on. It looks awfully like Cure Flora's dress, in miniature.
Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa head tilts at Haruka and she blinks a bit , in a rapid series. Then she puts two and two together enough to go. "Oh....." she says. "Oh!" she a bit surprised. "Oh-- ahahahaa--- I guess Corvus-chan is a little giveaway sometimes." she says rubbing the back of her head. Corvus nods matter of factly. "Um. Haruna Kurosawa!" she says. Pause. "That's my name!" she says more nervously. "Not the name you'd gotten last time! Hi!" she says.

She looks at Blue. "This is Kami-sama, yes." she says softly. "He's uh. Gardening. Because he can. I guess."

Blue nods matter of factly. He seems perfectly ordinary, save for the Blue hair.

"We were both here to see a friend compete but she had to go attend to her sick sister." she says softly. A pause.

"Is this the school you go to?" she asks softly. "...Wow! Verone is really nice. Isn't it?" she asks softly. "I go to Infinity University! I'm on the Kickboxing Team." she beams.

"...Are you new here?" she asks.

A pause. "Oh! You haven't. Given me your name." she says meekly. "S-sorry! Um. What is it?" she asks.

Blue looks over between the two, perhaps curiously.
Haruka Haruno has posed:
Haruka laughs softly. "Haruka Haruno. And I guess gods can do whatever they want, right?" Haruka puts Puff on her shoulder, though it's fairly obvious to anyone observing that the 'stuffed animal' is not being held there. Still, that frees Haruka's hands to dip a curtsey to Blue, and then she renews holding Puff in her arms. "I was actually gardening, too. Considering what other things I do, well..." Her cheeks color a litte, and she seems to be hestiating over something she might want to say.

"I mean, if I'm going to be a princess of flowers, I should help take care of the flowers, right?" Her cheeks are faintly pink as she says this, the memory of Yuuki's bullying in her childhood still somewhat raw. With one hand supporting Puff, she tucks her Dress Up Key away. There's something nagging about Infinity and the kickboxing-- oh.

"Do you know Sharpe-san? I met her the other day."
Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa ahs, well that confirms it and she smiles. "MMhmmmm!" she says. "It's important to take care of the special things that make you happy!" she beams. "Wether that's flowers... or a beach... or what have you." she beams.

She seems a little more at ease than she was a moment ago, at least.

"...A..ah!? You've met Hannah-chan!?" she says with wide eyes. "Ahaha--- something like that." she says nervously. "She's.. my girlfriend n' all." she says. "Um."

"How did you two meet. She wasn't. Doing something silly. Was she?" she asks with a more severe frown.

Blue-sama remains suddenly quiet on the matter. "Princess?" he asks softly as he lowers the shears a bit. "Are you a princess, Haruno-san?" he asks softly.
Haruka Haruno has posed:
Haruka blinks. "I met her on Chiba-san's roof. I was exploring, and... apparently we showed up at the same time? She'd done something Chiba-san got a little... grumpy at her over. Something about eating spaghetti, not turning yourself into it inside-out, but he healed her." Haruka smiles-- Mamoru had healed her arm that day, too, and for some reason that healing and even thinking about it made her one memory of Prince Kanata sharp and clear, as if it weren't a five-year-old's memory of someone she thought she had imagined, save for a very real reminder.

At Blue's question, the quiet contemplation vanishes from Haruka's face. "I - not really - I mean I want to be - but it's not like -" Haruka forces herself to take a deep breath, and pulls out one of her most treasured possessions from the bag Puff was in. It's a slim picture book, with a blonde, wavy-haired princess on the cover. "...When I was little, I dreamed I could be a princess of flowers like the princess in this book, and I still want to be. That's my dream." Now that Haruka's settled and centered herself, there's a note of ferocious, unwavering determination in her voice. It's that same note of determination that let her use her Dress Up Key for the first time, but less shouted, even more rock-steady than it had been. "But it's something I'm working to be, not something I am. Yet." The ridiculousness of it makes her want to gibber- she is staring dead at a god, declaring in a firm and unwavering voice that she wants to be a princess. It's the same determination to be a princess that is keeping her from gibbering at the ridiculousness of it.
Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa purses her lips and suddenly seems a little grumpy herself. "Ugh! Dammit! She left the hospital early! She was supposed to make Mamoru go visit." she huffs. "Yeah. She... did something stupid and got really hurt." she sghs a bit and shakes her head. "I'm glad he healed her regardless." she sighs.

"So... you met Chiba-san, huh?" she smiles. "He's very nice. I owe him, and a lot of others, a lot." she says.

Blue listens to Haruka very patiently with a gentle smile. He's used to long stories and explanations. "I see." he says softly. "I'm sure that you'll succeed." he says honestly. "People will give up on thier dreams, hopes and happiness. But it's very important not to." he offers.

Haruna blinks. "Oh! So that's why you're a Pretty Cure...." she says softly. "What did your bird friend call it. Princess Precure?" she asks leaning forward.

Blue looks at Haruka quizzically. "Oh. You're Pretty Cure." he says softly. Like stating a fact to himself. "What are you fighting against?" he asks with concern, putting the shears down properly as he walks on over more properly.
Haruka Haruno has posed:
Haruka nods at Haruna a bit. "...well, I guess it all worked out in the end. He healed an injury I got, fighting, too, so... He kind of reminds me of Prince Kanata, too." Which would make sense, given that they're both princes and all. But there's something more than that- the essential kindness and supportiveness they share, equal in strength, kindness, and a certain kind of beauty to the kind of princess Haruka wants to be. It's different, far different, from many of the boys she's encountered, or even the goofy melodramatics of her father.

"...DysDark's trying to get people to do just that," Haruka intones gravely. "The first time I got to use my Key, one of DysDark's three generals kept making fun of the idea of even having a dream... so I yelled at him. And it reacted. ...and I was lucky that Puff and her brother showed up- they're faeries from the Hope Kingdom, and they had the Princess Perfumes with them, looking for people who had Dress Up Keys." Haruka smiles crookedly- it was either luck, or the same sort of attraction that draws the Dress Up Keys to the Princess Precure.

"That's who I'm fighting, or what. Despair. People giving up on their dreams, or people trying to make people give up on their dreams..." Haruka shakes her head- a small gesture, full of contained energy and determination. "I'm not going to let it happen. A princess is strong, kind, and beautiful, and that means I have to defend people who can't fight back against DysDark."
Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Blue listens intently to Haruka as he listens a little, he grows a little straight faced as he listens. Serious as he nods. "DysDark..." he says. "Three generals. Do they have names?" he asks politely. "This doesn't sound very pleasent. If you need help, don't be afraid to call on your friends." he says softly. "I'm sure Haruna and her sister will help, if you ask." a pause. "Listen to your fairy friends, too." he insists.

Haruna salutes. "Uh-huh!" she says.

She looks at Haruka and head tilts and nrgs... "...stealing dreams..." she says quietly.

She shakes her head. "Haruka... do you know why I'm a Pretty Cure...?" she asks quietly. "Blue-sama does things a little differently here on Earth. Many of us aren't... destined. Not like a lot of other Pretty Cure. We're given a choice." she says quietly. "Well. Most of us are." she says with a smaller smirk.

"Just. It's a long story. But the fact of the matter is. You're going to meet one or two people that's gonna hold my past or Corvus's past against me." she says quietly. Corvus also remains a little quiet. He's also broken eye contact with anyone.

"And if we're gonna be friends..." she says. "I want you to to know too." she says.
Haruka Haruno has posed:
Haruka nods at Blue. "The only one I met so far is named Close. He looks like he fell out of a punk rock band and a shounen anime," she offers matter-of-factly. "They're not pleasant at all- Close is a jerk, and that's even without being on the other side. At least some of the other people I've had to fight since coming to Tokyo don't laugh in their faces like he does." Still, if she wants to be like the Princess of Flowers, she has to be kind. Maybe he has a reason. Maybe he's what happens if someone's dream is locked away too long, or maybe it's more simple than that and he -had- a dream, once upon a time, and took whatever his equivalent of Yuuki said to heart.

Haruka shakes her head at Haruna. "...If it's something you're ashamed of... well... someone can dream of being better than they were, right?" Haruka smiles a little, encouraging. "...But um. If you don't want to talk about it out here--" since it sounds like something she's ashamed of... "--My dorm just has Puff and Aroma and me."
Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa shakes her head. "Ashamed is one word for it." she says. "Guilty is another." she says. "When I was smaller, me and my sister ran away from home, for reasons I don't wanna discuss." she says. "So for a long time, it was just me and my sister. And she was my best friend and I was... shy. Very very very shy." she says.

"She's the only person I had. She tried to get me to make friends but...." she says.

"One day... she disspeared when Mitakihara Public burned down. She was in it. Supposedly. At the time, I was told she had died in it." she says quietly. "I know now that, that wasn't the case. That. She was a Pretty Cure and saved a /lot/ of people and it's the reason why no one actually died in the affair." she says. "But that someone from the Phantom Empire used her weakened state to take her away. Phantom. The Pretty Cure Hunter." she says softly.

"So.. I kind of. Became despondent. Anytime someone tried to help me. I became... violent. A mix of my shyness and the fact I didn't have anyone to go to. or talk to. or anything. I just. Sat in my room. for years. Until I had to go on a field trip-- or else I was gonna be kicked out of school."

"I met Corvus for the first time there. A raven god, trapped in a tablet." she says. Corvus is obviously NOT a raven. Or a god. He's a seagull and he's looking guilty right now. "He promised me a wish if I could free him from the tablet. I mean...."

"He knew what I wanted. Heck. It was all that sadness and despair in me that woke him up. So he kind of Empowered me? By melding his power into me. I became a witch of some sort. Named. 'Scorn'." she says. "He named me that. I started..."

"Stealing people's souls." she says. "Because that's what he needed to free himself. Soul power."

"It was wrong. I knew it was-- wrong on some level I guess? But..."

"...I really. Wanted my sister back. I was willing to do anything for that." she says quietly. "That and-- he was sorta in my head. Rhyming. A lot. It's easy to do things when you don't feel bad about it at the time." she says.

"Anyways. I started encountering people. The Senshi. Tuxedo Kamen. Chara Bearers. Pretty Cures. Prism Keepers." she says.

"The Senshi. Figured out what was happening. That. Corvus was lying to me. He'd no intention of granting any wish. He wanted to free himself. And destroy humans. So."

"The senshi came to me with a friend. Another 'God in a tablet' that'd been part of a set. Procyon, a tiny raccoon of sorts, and he sort of took Corvus away for a bit. So I could think for myself again. And he helped me seal Corvus back into the tablet."

"But I was still tied to him. So I spent a long time trying to figure out what to do. Around this time. Blue-sama meant to meet me. To tell me about my sister. What /really/ happened to her. But. Another group. Took me away. Brainwashed me. They /wanted/ to free Corvus. So Blue-sama went to Hannah. Who'd been someone who I met during my time as 'Scorn' and was a friend." she says.

"Tuxedo Kamen and everyone came when I freed Corvus. He took.. part of me when he freed himself. Part of my soul-- like I took others." she says quietly.

"But everyone still came to help me. Blue-sama was there. Because he felt it was his fault. And he told me what happened to my sister. That she was still alive. And... he gave me. A love seed. What. He gives to girls to become Pretty Cure. Aki-- my sister, had asked him years ago to make it special for me. Because. She wanted us to be a team. When I was ready." she smiles a bit.

"I thought I had no friends. I thought my sister was dead. But..."

"Everyone had come to help me. Despite all I did to hurt them and people they love. I hadn't been happy for a very long time Haruka." she says.

"But I felt it then!--- so. I transformed!"

"...Everyone wanted me to finish Corvus off." she says quietly. "People wanted him to die. But."

"I'd been attached to him for so long at that point. He wasn't...."

"He wasn't evil. Not really. He was hurting. Both of us. Had people taken from us. And we were both just miserable. Just. Corvus had hundreds of years for it to stew while being trapped. And it became something awful." she says.

"I used my new powers to.. calm it? So he became what he originally was. A tiny tiny silver crow. I mean. he's a seagull now. But. That's a whole different long butt story." she giggles.

She picks up Corvus pointedly and gives him a tight hug.

"It's why... I call myself "The Wings of Hope"." she says softly. "Because I remember having none... but everyone has it. They just. Need help sometimes." she says. "To life them up and see it." she nods matter of factly.
Haruka Haruno has posed:
Haruka takes in the revelation of Haruna's past in silence, letting her say it all. She takes a deep breath, and sets a hand on her new friend's free shoulder. "The fact that you came back from that and didn't let Corvus die says a lot about you being a good person," she offers, voice gentle. She smiles encouragingly, then shakes her head. "I think it says better things about you that you became a Cure after all of that than someone like me who just... became a Cure because they yelled at a dumb guy who got kicked out of his Punk band since he couldn't dream big enough for them." The comment on Close is meant mostly as a failed joke, really.

There's a faint snicker from Puff- apparently she agrees with the assesment of Close's style and motivations. It's something Haruka will have to remember, the next time she encounters Close. Because there will be a next time.
Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa nrg. "I try to be a good person." she says quietly, after all that. "I mean. Not everyone wanted me to kill Corvus but you know, they wanted to end it. And uh. Not a lot of things you can do about 'giant raven god'."

"I do not advise turning into a giant raven. It doesn't help anything." Corvus says.

She head tilts. "...Ah. Nono. All Pretty Cures are important." she says flatly as she raises a finger. "When. Um. A Pretty Cure that... works with Blue-sama..." she looks back to Blue, who's still pruining bushes and back to Haruka.

"We pick our name. It represents what's important to us." she says with a soft series of nods. "Me and my sister.. the beach is important to us. So. She's Cure Tide. I'm Cure Gull. Together were um...."

"We'll we've decided on 'Ocean Spray Precure'!" she says with a pointed finger. "A name given to us as an idea by a friend, Madoka-chan!" she beams.

"But... Cure Flora. Princess of Flowers." she beams.

"To be honest...." she says meekly. "Your jerks sound a lot dangerous than mine." she says. "I'll help you when I can, I promise." she says. "If you want it." she says.

"Oh man why do these guys always look like band rejects!?" she asks. "I know right!?"

"I'll have to tell you about the time I helped Cures Black and White beat up David Bowie! We thought he was dead!" she says with wide eyes.
Haruka Haruno has posed:
Haruka Haruno shakes her head rapidly, laughing. "It's not that I think I'm less important than you! It's just... well... to be able to get back up and decide to keep fighting after all of that..." She shakes her head again, more because she's impressed. She makes a thoughtful face after a moment, and then it progresses to 'tried to eat lemon pith'. "You get to choose your names as Cures?" Not that she's exactly complaining about being Cure Flora, but the thought that there will probably be a Cure Flora after her, the fact that DysDark came back after the past Princess Precure shot them down, worries her.

"Still... this might not be a good conversation to be having out in the open," she hems. "And anyway, if you already have friends here, you should probably know where my dorm is, too! It's where I'm staying in Tokyo, while I'm here." And really, she may or may not be living up to the title of 'princess of flowers' in lieu of having an actual roommate. Just maybe.

"...You beat up David Bowie?!"
Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa beams. "We do get to pick our names. Sometimes this doesn't work to our advantage. There's um...."

"A Cure Pants..."

"In Europe..."

"Yeah..." she says sheepishly.

"UM!" she says. She looks to the dorms. "Yup! Mari-chan lives here." she says.

"She's a Pretty Cure too. You can trust her." she says.

She nods a bit and turns around and...

Blue-sama left when no one was looking. "Oh-- darn-it..." she mutters. "The jerk left again without me getting to ask him something." she mutters.

She sighs and looks back to Haruka. "He's probably in like Australia now or like Canada or something."

"Huh...? OH! Actually. His name was Pisard. But I /swear/ he looked like David Bowie to a /T/" she exclaims.

"Oh. Right. Hey. What are your hobbies Haruka?"

"I um. Well I make. Feather Hairclips.... and I Kickbox! And... I'm opening a Coffee Shop soon! And... I'm very good at seagull snuggling." she insists with a matter of fact nod.

"...Seagull snuggling isn't a hobby, Haruna-chan." insists Corvus.
Haruka Haruno has posed:
Haruka giggles. "Cure Pants. What sort of time crunch was she under?" Because really, that's the only reason she can think of for naming yourself Pants. "He probably left because he figured you were going to ask him," she teases gently, with a commiserating pat to the shoulder.

"Gardening, and... really, lots of studying. I want to be a princess, so there are lots of things I want to learn. There aren't a lot of classes for that kind of thing around here right now, though... Maybe later I can take up something like ballet!" she nods a little.

"Seagull snuggling is as much of a hobby as fairy-snuggling is!" Haruka protests, leading the way to her dorm.
Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa ohs! "There's no offical classes." she says. "But I know of /two/ Princesses!" she says.

"There's Sailor Moon, who's The Moon Princess." she says softly.

"And there's Runealy Waldia, Guardian Princess of Waldia." she says. "Um. You can probably ask Mamoru-chan about either of them. He knows both better." she says. "Maybe they can help you and talk to you about how they view being a princess. I'm sure everyone thinks about it a little differently..." she says.

"Also. I dunno. About Cure Pants. Maybe. She just really liked pants." she says tapping her finger. "Look. I'm practically Cure Flying Rat. I don't have room to talk." she huffs.

Corvus huffs! "I am not a flying rat. I am a noble seabird."

She giggles. "I know silly. I'm just kind of making fun overall now~"
Haruka Haruno has posed:
"Well, I know there's not, but there's still things I think a princess would need to know that I can take classes on!" Like ballet. And sewing. And the list goes on for several miles. It is seriously pure stubbornness that keeps her from fearing the massive list in her head. At the comment about other princesses, she nods.

"I met Chiba-san! He's nice... he kind of reminds me of Prince Kanata-- and reminded me even more of him when he healed my arm." That's some definite cheek-coloring-- not over the tall and darkly handsome Mamoru, but the slightly shorter, ombre-haired prince of the Hope Kingdom. Unconsciously, she wraps a hand around her Dress Up Key.

"Well, when we team up, we can be Cure Flora and Fauna!" Haruka says brightly, breaking out of the slight 'spell' of 'teenaged girl with a huge crush thinking about said crush'. She even points at the air.
Haruna Kurosawa has posed:
Haruna Kurosawa looks over to Haruka and notices that blush over Kanata again. She grins. "Does a princess have a thing for a prince!?" she asks with a grin. But she doesn't push it too much over that. "No worries~ Just teasing~ Feel free to tease me when Hannah-chan's around." she winks.

She laughs. "Oh man! That'd be so cool." she says.

"I mean Flora and Fauna. Let's try announcing that next time!" she beams.

"Oh right."

"Wind... and Feathers." she says. "That's what I use." she says. "As a Cure." she nods matter of factly.
Haruka Haruno has posed:
Haruka Haruno flails her hands, Puff laughing along. "I- that is- I-!!" Haruka stammers, shaking her head. Her face grows even redder, which doesn't help her unspoken denial. There's a conspiratory gleam in her eye. "I think I might try teasing Sharpe-san about it instead. She was being kind of... weird... about the whole Princess thing when I met her." There's an unspoken 'I want to get back at her for it' in Haruka's voice.

"Isn't it? And I think there's some 'wind' in with my flowers, too. I mean, 'Floral Tourbillon' basically means 'flower whirlwind', and there always seems to be a breeze when I'm really fighting." Not a big one, but there. "Maybe we can come up with some kind of combo attack!" There's a giggle as she leads Haruna to her dorm.