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Arcade madness
Date of Scene: 23 September 2016
Location: Uminari City - Shopping Strip
Synopsis: Sayaka tries to ease her stress with videogames, and meets Yuzuki, before they are both interrupted by wraiths!
Cast of Characters: Sayaka Miki, Yuzuki Amemori

Sayaka Miki has posed:
    It's early evening and many kids who have just finished cram school are headed to the Crown Game center for a little R&R. As is often the case, the arcade is dark and full of flashing lights from a variety of different games, including a new guitar hero game, and a popular magical girl side scroller, that seems to showcase a number of familiar characters, from Sailormoon to Madoka Magica, Pretty Cure and everything in between.

    With a yawn, Sayaka heads to the crown herself, anxious to check out the latest magical girl game and to get over her latest low score. As there are a lot of midterms coming up for a number of students, its not surprising to find a number of anxious and stressed kids, seeking a bit of fun before hitting the books tonight.
Yuzuki Amemori has posed:
Yuzuki Amemori is done with her studying for the night, she's been putting everything into it and she's going to break if she keeps going. That's her excuse anyway. At the arcade, she's messing around at the racing games, one based on a motorcycle, though every once in a while she glances over at the beat'em up, surprised those things are still made anymore. And you know, recognizing some of the people. There's some curiousity about if Akashimaru or some of the others have made it in. Which would amuse her greatly.

After running out of time on the game she had been on, she prowls over towards the new cabinets, leaning in over a random person's shoulder, at least random to her and tries to get a better look at the game in action rather than the attract mode demos. Those never really do much to show the game off.
Sayaka Miki has posed:
    There are two people currently playing the magical girls game. One of the players playing sailormoon, seems pretty relaxed as she takes down enemies pretty easily. Her partner however, seems to be having trouble, struggling with taking down her enemies using a Puella Magi character. She seems particularly stressed, cursing loudly as she takes yet another hit, her energy bar flashing in the danger zone. "C'mon, dammit! I cant believe this!! Come on!!" she grits her teeth...

    And for a moment the lights flicker. For those who are sensitive to such magics, it suddenly feels as if there are more than kids here - shadows moving within the dark spaces of the arcades, weaving in and out of the crowds that gather around the magical girls game...But then again, it IS pretty dark in here, and there are lots of people giving off lots of energy..Surely, that's all it is, right?

    Sayaka also moves towards the game, watching it with excitement at first, although she too, slowly notices the strangeness in the atmosphere..It's just brief, subtle for now, but enough for her to pause for a moment, peering at an empty corner of the arcade thoughtfully.
Yuzuki Amemori has posed:
Yuzuki Amemori is watching the game quietly, trying to figure out who either of the two visible are. That mini skirt looks so awkward to fight in, nothing like a good suit of armor. There's a beat, then she scowls and rubs at her eyes, murmuring to herself about needing to step away from heay armor fun times for a few nights. Not that she's been particularly active on that front, it's been quiet!

Which is why the flickering and the weird sensation gets her looking around for the source. She's scanning the crowd for anything out of the ordinary, but more importantly, she's looking or anyone else acting out of the ordinary! If it's one of those nightmare things, there will be strangeness afoot and she intends to try and blindside it this time!

Stepping away from the machine, she checks her phone for the time, then begins to head towards one of those flickering things, taking care to maintain SOME distance.
Sayaka Miki has posed:
    "Heey! You're cheating!" grumbles the girl as she peers over at the other player, who managed to grab an energy cube before she could get it. "I needed that more than you!" she glares at the girl, and they start arguing back and forth. A few people who are watching start to join the argument too, and a general malaise seems to fall over the arcade.

    Yuzuki nears one of the wraiths, and it stays long enough in one place for her to see it; It's kinda creepy, inhuman, ghostly, skeletal almost, and dressed in creepy rags.

    As the girls start to argue, it stops and stares at them, totally ignoring Yuzuki for the moment as it flits towards her. More wraiths follow, flitting towards the arguing girls for a total of five. They seem to take on more solid appearances now, and are plain to see for those with magical sight. But most of the girls surrounding the arcade game, if not all of them, seem completely oblivious to the creatures as they continue to argue.

    Sayaka frowns, peering towards Yuzuki. noticing how she heads towards one of them. Is she..? Can she see them? "Hey! Are you able to see 'em too?" she pulls up her ring finger, stroking it thoughtfully, peering towards the girls. She doesnt want to get innocents involved but. "Heey, come on now, take it easy you guys!" and she instead heads towards the arguing girls, trying to break up the fight. "It's just a game, here's some change...."

    The wraiths continue to flicker around the fringers, waiting expectantly for things to go bad..
Yuzuki Amemori has posed:
Yuzuki Amemori turns her head away from the wraith to the arguing girls, about to try and help break it up, when she sees out of the corner of her eye the wraith making its way over too. Scowling, she stands on her toes to get a good look around, trying to get a head count, maybe there's only one and she can find a way to bait it away. Whatever it is.

The girl's attention goes unnoticed right up until she's confronted about it. She looks surprised and asks dumbly, "See what?" Trying to make sure she's not being tricked into seeming crazy or something. She's pretty sure she's not after all.

Watching her try and diffuse the situation after though, she steps closer and tries to ask in an undertone, "What are those things, ghosts?" What, this seems to be the best way to find out a few things in one go.
Sayaka Miki has posed:
    Sayaka smirks, glancing over at the girl. She was right. She CAN see them. "Wraiths. They feed on negative emotions. They'll suck these girls dry if we cant break up this fight..." turning back to the girls, she attempts to pull them apart, as they look ready to attack each other. "Woah, easy now!" however, it seems it's too late. The wraiths come closer, reaching out bony fingers towards the girls, and others near the girls and start to drain some sort of energy out of them.

    They continue to fight, but as the wraiths touch them they become increasingly exhausted, suddenly fainting.

    The girl frowns, stepping back and sighs as more people drop, looking tired, listless, or just faint where they are. why, they almost seem like zombies. "Okay..No choice there..I shouldn't be asking this but, if you can see these wraiths, you have the choice of either fleeing or fighting."