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Past Problems Of All Types
Date of Scene: 06 October 2019
Location: Mitakihara/Pikarigaoka - King Penguin Park
Synopsis: Lacrima asks Seishi about the Eater of Dreams and about what was going on with her and the Eater when they we're fighting it in 'The Last Nightmare'. Riley tags along because Lacrima knew Riley also had questions about magical things!
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana, Seishi Tamashige, 243

Norie Okana has posed:
Lacrima delivers a letter to Seishi via weird, cute, adorable shadow bat. Riley gets one too, because Lacrima maybe feels like Riley also had questions from when she invited her over the other night. She has chosen a small table in the park, among many other tables to sit.

On the table sits a box of donuts, and three containers of what appears to be some sort of citrusy juice drink, and some bottles of water. And improtu snack she picked up on the way here. The letter Seishi got was akin to- 'Hey, this is Lacrima... I have questions. Can we please talk at this time and place?' and Riley's was more 'I'm gonna ask Akashimaru some questions. You're welcome to come along I guess.'

Still. Lacrima was there, tapping her fingers along the table idly, worried that, Seishi might not show up. For various worry wart reasons of course.
Seishi Tamashige has posed:
At least Lacrima doesn't have to wait for long. It's still a couple minutes before the requested time when Seishi comes jogging up, homing in on Lacrima's stable as soon as she catches sight of her.

"Hey," she says, after a momentary pause to catch her breath. "Sorry, were you waiting? I tried to get O-Yasu to come along, but he's a grumpy old man." Her shoulders hitch in a philosophical little shrug, as though she's said something self-explanatory.
Riley Hunter has posed:
A letter.

A letter and a *bat*.

The flappy shadowy creature of the night certainly managed to spook Riley something fierce, in fact, before she saw the letter she was holding a chair up to defend herself as though she was some sort of lion tamer and this diminuative messenger was an extremely dangerous beast that was just a mere three seconds away from biting her head off!

Fortunately, she noticed the envelope before smashing the thing to oblivion, letting the critter drop off the note and fly away un chair smacked. "Wow. This must be how Batman delivers mail. I knew I was gonna get my invite for the Justice League sooner or later." She almost felt dissapointed, if just for a moment, when she found out it *wasn't from Batman, but instead Lacrima. Still, she wasn't exactly one to turn down a chance to hang out.

Making her excuses, she ran out, sprinted around a corner and when out of sight from everyone took to the air! Her arrival wasn't so dramatic though, she couldn't just go ahead and superman drop right into a public park, instead electing to just walk on up like a regular ordinary person.

How boring.

"Heya. Got the batmail. Is Gotham in danger?"
Norie Okana has posed:
Lacrima blinks and sits up and looks at her phone and then back up. Was she texting Ariel or something in the wait? Maybe! Still, she shakes her head. "You're a little early! I was... worried you might not show up at all." she says with a short purse of her lips. "That's sad." she says. "I mean. Of O-Yasu not coming along." she says softly.

Riley arrives. When the shadow bat returned it was a little distressed. She'd wonder about that but she figures Riley tried to fend it off at first.

"Oh, hello Riley no. No-- sorry. I wanted to. Ask Seishi some things. And-- I know you we're inquisitive when you visited the other night..." she says quietly. She motions to Seishi. "Seishi-san, this is Riley-san. She's from America!" she says.

"Erm, the United States. Specifically." she says.

She shifts. "So. Um." she says. "Just to... be clear. I'm the apparently new... 'Princess of Nightmares'." she says bluntly. "I'm not here to cause problems. I'm still trying to figure out what that means. I'm... hoping it's just keeping nightmares corralled and keep them from going too crazy." she says.

"...Which is like the opposite of what... he did. But. I figure I get to define what I do to some extent.." she says.

"J..just wanna be. Honest. Up front. About that." she says as she shifts a little.

"Before I ask... more private questions. Is.. that okay?" she asks to Seishi.
Seishi Tamashige has posed:
Seishi turns an inquisitive look toward Riley at first--but at Lacrima's explanation, her expression clears and she nods, lifting a hand in greeting. "Hello, then. I'm guessing you're one of the other people who's gotten caught up in our dream nonsense?"

Stupid magic making it hard to recognize people from one form to another. At least she can be pretty well confident that Lacrima wouldn't just invite any random person along to talk business.

Settling in across the table from Lacrima, Seishi listens closely as she speaks. Her expression grows slowly more serious along the way, until finally she nods slowly. "I thought it was something like that, after the last time, but there was hardly a chance to ask. Now I wish I'd made the old man come along after all."

Distracted, she breathes out a quiet sigh. "It's okay, though, we'll make do. Nightmares have a purpose too, you know--it's when they get out of control that there's problems."
Riley Hunter has posed:
"Nice to meet ya'" Riley gave a grin and a wave. "Yuuup. Pretty much. Y'know how it goes, trying to get some shuteye one moment and then you're fighting an eldritch abomination the next. No biggie." She furrowed her brow into a shallow frown for a second, the gears turning in the kid's head with her eventually saying "... I swear I recognise you from somewhere. Ah, probably imagining things."

She too settled in at the table, eyeing the donuts for a second before deciding that it might be best not to, at least for the time being anyway. "I'm not sure what the purpose of a nightmare could be honestly. They're just kinda annoying. Uuuh, or, were. Now I guess they're freakier what with HP Lovecraft's fever dream out there. I guess they must do somethin' though, seeing as they keep happening."
Norie Okana has posed:
Lacrima gently opens the box of donuts and motions for the two to dig in, when she sees Riley eyeing the box. She leans back in her chair and sighs a bit. "Yeah." she says. "I agree with that. If there was a problem, I think Ariel would had let me know." she says quietly. "Um, she's. Doing okay. By the way." she says as she leans up. "But you probably already knew that." she says to Seishi. Considering Ariel lives there in 'the real world' and all.

"But I don't think Riley knew... just. You know. Stuck in there a week with that thing." she says quietly.

She gently crosses her arms a little and bites her lip. "What is... the Eater?" she asks. "I..." she says. "I'm sorry if I'm insensitive about asking this." she says. "But when... something... tells you to... 'kill your friends, again'... it assumes there was um. A first time." she says rather dryly and tersely. "So I can only assume there's a history there...?" she asks quietly.
Seishi Tamashige has posed:
"The mind needs dreams," Seishi explains to Riley. "Good ones and bad. They help the subconscious sort things out while you're asleep." A pause, and then she cracks a lopsided, self-deprecating smile. "I've... become a bit of an expert, if only in self-defense."

Any other comments on the subject are set aside when Lacrima speaks up again. Seishi nods a little at the mention of Ariel, confirming--

--and then Lacrima brings up the Eater of Dreams.

Seishi is suddenly sitting very still.

"...yes." When she answers, her voice is very quiet. "You're right. It's... a bit of a long story, but... At this point, you deserve to know."
Riley Hunter has posed:
"I gotta hear this." Riley said, leaning forwards to hear this explanation. "I mean, I had a theory. People can enter apparently enter into other dreams, right? So our minds gotta be linked. I figured it was a collective consciousness thing. Like, all the screwed up things that pop into people's heads just sorta..." She gestured with her hands, showing a sort of motion as if she was forming dough together or something before motioning as though it was some sort of horrifying mass. "Yeah that."

"... Or it could just be HP Lovecraft. Literally the reanimated HP Lovecraft. Cthulhu guy."
Norie Okana has posed:
Lacrima sighs a bit as tersely. "My apologies. But. Yes. I feel like it's... important to know. About what that is. And it's history." she says softly to Seishi as she looks towards Riley. "You know. I heard that term before. 'Eater of Dreams' from Ariel. And... what I got in my head was this.... maw... with tentacles. And... it wasn't even that... it was... just black." she says more tersely.

"I told Kunzite that. And he said that the idea of a horrible mouth with tentacles might had actually been comforting." she says with a wry smirk.

"But Kunzite often has such wit like that." she says softly as she gently nabs a donut and has a bite of it as she listens. "I mean. If you can't... tell me. That's.. okay. But. I mean. I'm eventually going to.. need to know." she says. "I just wanna... know. I mean."

"I dunno where that door is. But if it's something I wanna stop people from opening again." she says more quietly. "I wanna know as much as you're willing to tell me."
Seishi Tamashige has posed:
Seishi nods, slowly, and takes a few moments to settle herself. Clearly, this is just as uncomfortable a subject as Lacrima expected it to be.

Eventually, after drawing in a deep breath, she begins - a little apologetically. "I don't actually know what he is, or where he came from originally," she says, glancing from Lacrima to Riley and back. "If he was something like O-Yasu that...went wrong, or if he was always what he is, or...whatever. Ariel's mother - Amalthea-dono - might have some idea. She was there, the first time."

Another brief pause, as Seishi folds her hands loosely in front of her on the table. "I'll tell you what I do know. The Eater of Dreams first started causing trouble several hundred years ago, during the Warring States period. There were a lot of nightmares running around back then." Her eyes have settled on her hands, rather than meeting Lacrima's or Riley's. "The other me... the first Akashimaru... was part of a group that came together to fight them."
Riley Hunter has posed:
"He?" Riley asked, tilting her head slightly as she looked over towards Seishi. "Alright, you kind of lost me here. O-Yasu? I figured we were dealing with some... manifestation of humanity's collective freakout or something. Is it actually, uh, well.. alive? That makes it at least ten times scarier."

The mention of the "warring states" thing ended up getting her looking even more lost. "So hang on. Blob nightmare thing fought in the Civil War? Christ, that wasn't in any history books. Was it... *he* human before? I guess it was a screwed up time in history, if a nightmare creature was gonna pop up it would make sense it would pop up at some dark time in history."
Norie Okana has posed:
Lacrima listens, she sighs a little. She then makes a face. "Riley. She means the Warring States period...in Japanse Culture. Think um... Samurais warring with one another." she says. "Find some old Samurai movies. You'll find lots of good ones!" she says to Riley.

She looks to Seishi apologetically. "My apologies. Riley is from America. I think she meant the American Civil War, when we're thinking other things." she says quietly.

"So you're... a reborn soul. Reincarnated?" she asks softly. "Or is.. it like a passing on of power?" she asks. "A title." she asks.

"Erm. Maybe that isn't important just now. So. There was a lot of Nightmares. I take it this was The Eater's fault?" she asks.
Seishi Tamashige has posed:
Seishi smiles a little, shaking her head at Lacrima's apology. "I mean, it's not that different. A couple hundred years further back, and a lot more sides fighting it out." The smile slips away as she thinks about it. "A lot of people died. A lot of people suffered. Nightmares thrive in times like that. The Eater of Dreams just... took advantage, I think."

Her dark eyes shift to Riley. "I don't think he was ever human," she says. "There's a lot of things that aren't in the history books - it was that kind of a time. People too busy fighting each other to listen to stories about a dream-eating boogeyman." She takes a breath, re-orders her thoughts. "Anyway--"

Back to Lacrima. "Reincarnated, yes. Ichi... Takara-san, who stayed behind with Ariel, is the same. We fought the Eater of Dreams, and we were supposed to kill it, but... things went wrong.

"Because of me."
Riley Hunter has posed:
"Yeah I guess that makes sense. Imagine that thing holding a musket. Or, whoa. Doing the rebel yell. Now *THAT* would be the stuff of nightmares." She couldn't keep it up any longer, putting her hand over her mouth before taking a deep breath to steady herself. "Yeah. Yeah I'm bein' stupid now. Like usual I guess. Serious business. So right, this thing feeds of suffering and negative stuff, which leads to bad dreams, which leads to a bigger blob which leads to bigger problems..." She paused, looking a little spooked for a second. "Fuck. It's a viscous cycle... No wait. *Vicious* cycle."

She nodded at Seishi's explanation about the creature not being ever human, thinking for a second on it. "Y'know, there have always been spooky rumours like that. Especially during wars and well, when things are messed up in general... The History channel late at night was right all along. Who the hell knew?"
Norie Okana has posed:
Lacrima frowns. "I take it it has to do with the command The Eater of Dreams tried to force on you?" she asks softly. "'Kill them again.'" she says. She shakes her head. "Darkness... strong darkness. Is very hard to ignore." she says quietly, canting her head down to the side a bit.

"I'm... going to assume that.... it got into your--- the original Akashimaru's... head?" she asks softly. "-like it tried to do while we we're there?" she asks softly.

"Sorry if I'm assuming. Just... you say it's your fault. And then it's asking you... to do something... again." she rubs her face.
Seishi Tamashige has posed:
Lacrima's assumption hits the mark - it's clear from the way Seishi's shoulders hitch, and how she bows her head to avoid the others' eyes. "No," she murmurs, "you're right. It got into his... my... head... and once it had a way in, it took control."

Her hands fidget atop the table, fingers unfolding and lacing back together. "I didn't kill everyone, but... I did enough. Renge-dono, the priestess who led us all, snapped Akashimaru out of it in the end, but it cost her. Too much. She only had the strength left to seal the Eater of Dreams, instead of killing it... And even doing that cost her life."
Riley Hunter has posed:
Riley looked down, shaking her head. "Damn. I'm sorry. Look, one thing's for certain still at least. We either need to seal it up tighter or kill it for good. What if it tries to jump into the head of someone less badass than us? It got into yours then, nearly got into ours when we were fighting it, who knows what else it could do."

Riley eventaully reached for a donut, taking a bite. "Did any of your priests and priestesses figure out a plan to take it down for good? Purification magic like what I'm firing off seemed to hurt it but there'd need to be at least like... a million of me to even make a dent. Seriously, the only thing I can think of right now to keep that gate shut is a whole lotta flex tape, and I know that's probably not gonna work. Not even with the power of Phil Swift."
Norie Okana has posed:
Lacrima sighs a little and brushes a hand through her hair. She mutters. "Yeah..." she says quietly. "But... that still isn't your fault. You can fight it all you want. But darkness is... darkness. It'll get into your head given the easiest path. And--- honestly... Seishi?"

"If it wasn't Akashimaru, it'd been one of the others with you it'd gotten into. I just..."

"I speak from experience. It's really, really hard to ignore this voice in your head going 'Smash it all. Hurt people. Take take take take.'" she says softly. She looks towards Riley.

"Purification hurts the dark. It's just how it is. That'll never change. But significantly strong darkness requires just as strong a light to defeat." she says softly.

"Purification feels like....." she taps her bottom lip. "...To me it felt like... humanity weaponized... it..." she says. "Imagine. That you're not human. But you desperately want to be. But don't know how anymore.... then this light fills you.... and then the everdread of knowing you never will be again fills you.... and... everything burns..." she says.

"I mean. It might be. Different for. Other beings. I don't know. It's not like... I talk to things myself every day." she offers.

"But... yeah. Don't... blame yourself. Seishi."
Seishi Tamashige has posed:
She's quiet for a while, not looking up, but eventually Seishi lets out a long, slow sigh. "Kind of hard not to," she murmurs. "I barely remember anything about that life. Being that person. I'm someone almost completely different now, but that thing can still get into my head..." She stops, giving herself a little shake. "But - thanks."

After a moment she looks up, expression apologetic. "I wish I knew more about how to beat it. The seal's only a temporary fix, especially now. But Renge-dono was the one back then who knew the most about all this, and she hasn't been reborn. Or if she has, we haven't found any sign of her.

"It would probably be best to talk to Amalthea-dono. She knew Renge-dono back then, and she's fought these kinds of things for a long time. She might have some ideas for where we could start, at least."
Riley Hunter has posed:
"Is there any way to stop it from doing that? Tin foil hat maybe?" Riley shrugged, finishing the last of the donut she yoinked. "Just as strong a light. Well if this thing's made up of negative stuff, is there a uh, positive anti-whatever kicking around? Like a mirror image? Y'know, something that crops up in good times rather than bad?"

What Lacrima brought up gave her pause however. "Huh. I never thought about it like that. Hey, if it means anything you seem pretty human from where I'm sitting. Human with... dream superpowers. Ain't that much different from me right? Except I can shoot fire outta my hands rather than Leonardo Di Caprio Inception powers. Bwaaaaawm. Oh uh, that and I don't look good in a dress."
Norie Okana has posed:
Lacrima makes a face. "I tried to do that. But instead of wandering into her dream. I wandered into Ariel's dream. I... um..." she squints. "I'm kind of worried about Ariel's mom right now because.... well for one I'm apparently the new Nightmare Boss... with a question mark. At the end. For emphasis. And... because I may have... totally just snogged Ariel right there at the end in front of her." she says bluntly.

"It's not like she doesn't know. About that. It's just..." she taps her bottom lip. "Kunzite said prospective in-laws often feel like the Apocalypse. So I think it's just that." she says meekly as she rubs her far arm.

She ahems. "Basically. I'm just being unreasonable and I'm sure... she'll be okay. With me. Like she has been. Already." she says, as if trying to convince herself.

She eyes Riley. "I was technically undead before. Now I'm a Nightmare.. apparently. I mean. I'm not. Human. But I'm close enough, sure. It's... the soul that matters. And that feels less cluttered and bothered nowadays. But I think that's because one of my major problems got..... sent to some literal heck." she says

"Back to.. that. Yeah I should... bug Ariel's mom." she says. "Maybe figure out what my next move should be... need to... talk to that catgirl-like nightmare too. Yasumi-san." she says.

Seishi Tamashige has posed:
"That's a good question," Seishi admits to Riley. "Unfortunately, I have no idea." She makes a very wry face. "Some expert I am."

Straightening herself up in her seat, she squares her shoulders and makes a visible effort to shake off the funk of guilt. "Working with the Nightmare Boss will be a change, for sure. But I think it'll be a good one. Once you get used to things, there will probably be a lot you can tell us that we'd never know about otherwise. In any case, I can talk to Amalthea-dono sometime, until we're sure she's not going to go all overprotective mom on you. I don't think she has any grudge against me for what my past life did... amazingly enough."
Riley Hunter has posed:
"You look like a human, sound like a human, seems like you think like one too." Riley shrugged "That's probably close enough right? Honestly I got no idea if I'm even still human anymore. Humans don't fly or shoot... purifying laser beams or whatever. Hey uh, wouldn't you still be undead? Unless turning into a "nightmare" made you... alive again, but if you're a nightmare..." She threw her arms up in a second, this time more overexaggerated shrug "Yeah this is just gonna give me a headache. Glad my job's simpler. Fly around, shoot fireballs at bad guys and save cats from trees while looking like a boss."

She rolled her shoulders after that drumming her fingers against the table. "Right. So, we gotta find Amalthea then. There has to be some way of shoring up that barrier too to buy us some more time. Would uh, would physical things do anything? Or stuff manifested by say, a lucid dreamer? That's how I always dealt with things when I had nightmares, I kind of turned it into a game to see how quickly I could deal with that BS and then get on with... whatever the heck I wanted to do."
Norie Okana has posed:
Lacrima softly nods. "Yeah. I'd still.. like to speak to her. She may know better about what I'm supposed to be doing as opposed to what I'd like to be doing." she says softly as she sighs a little and hair flips. "I'm gonna need to get back home. It's my night to do dinner. And I haven't even started marinating the beef yet." she says with wide eyes.

She stands up. "Feel free to finish the donuts, or take them home with you." she says.

She brushes her dress off and gives a soft bow as she takes off down the way a pause.

"-and... if you. need help..." she says to Seishi. "In the dreamworld. Or... with nightmares... you know. You can call me for that, now." she says with a slight nod. "I mean. I'm sure. you have others to help but... wanted. To make sure it was clear." she says.