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Bad Rap Trap
Date of Scene: 23 January 2016
Location: Mitakihara - Residential District
Synopsis: Riventon gives Homura an important lesson on why you should never let your enemies know where you live.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera, Shinobu Kimura, Tsubasa Kazanari, Homura Akemi, Sachiko Hayakawa

Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon had gone out of his way to ensure Madoka Kaname was not visiting Homura today. And if he had his way, he wouldn't have to check in the future. Perhaps Homura, and others nearby, can feel it before it forms - or perhpas there's no chance, accelerated as the process is. But just outside of her apartment, swallowing the building, a larger than normal labrynth barrier appears, swallowing up everyone within it and near it.

This Labrynth will feel unquestionably familiar, in the distant past, to Homura Akemi - The Labrynth itself is a junkyard of stacked boomboxes, golden chains, and empty beer bottles. Records and songs from a decade ago all combined assault the ears of those who enter the slightly narrow area, and the occasional gunshot or other sounds can be heard as the music plays.

Even amidst all of that, there's a feeling of certain, unquestionable despair within - like before, but magnified, a crying sadness that tears at the hearts of all within it.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Until just now, Tsubasa was just passing by, riding her motorcycle. She just paused for a road crossing when the labyrinth forms, and catches her inside. She takes a look around, an annoyed frown as she recognizes the fact that she's drawn into some kind of magical world, and one that feels bad at that.

The Symphogear user doesn't wait to see what's up, she immediately sings, "Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri Tron." When she's done transforming, she starts singing a sad song about swords and rain. It's different from the old songs the place uses to assault the ears, and may lead other people to her.

Tsubasa does not, however, wait for anyone to approach her. She's not even sure anyone else is inside, and she's not one for idle waiting, she starts looking for the source of this uncomfortable sadness.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura is in her bed, sleeping late on a Saturday afternoon. There is no Madoka here, as Riventon planned, but that doesn't mean Homura doesn't wish otherwise. One purple eye lazily half-opens as she feels a growing sense of despair. Did she let one of her Grief Seeds hatch without noticing? She couldn't have been that careless, could she?

    Her attempt to roll out of bed ends with her rolling too far and falling to the floor. It's about then that the Witch Labyrinth draws her in. She looks up, looks around, starts to stand. Seems familiar. Probably one of her own then.

    Wait, no. This isn't one of hers. This one was taken by---


    Immediately she summons her Soul Gem, her bedclothes replaced by her henshin in a flash of purple magic. She has a Beretta in her hands and is running through the scenery, looking for that Witch. "Show yourself so I can put you out of my misery!"
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
Shinobu is just getting back from the weekend edition of her Radio club. Tonight the city would be treated to the mysterious voice of DJ Hakumei. It was quite tiring but now, she is free to go out and do her own thing. So quietly she walks along just enjoying the sights. SOmething though is knawing at her. Stiring her. Trying to steal away her attention.

This lasts most of her walk through the park and then... It happens. Her vision goes crazy again. A swirling vortex of dark violet magic in the distance. "Oh Come on! Are you kidding me!!! I just wanna chill!" Then she sees it. Something really isn't right about this one. There is color blended with the magic? Oh fun... She snaps as she changes directions. With a sigh of frustration she pulls out her phone and records herself a message, "Note to self: Next time you see Kyubey, Kick him for putting the idea of a wish in my head!"

Quickly she moves towards the Labyrinth, as soon as she gets close, an explosion of viridian light takes place as she goes through the change from Civilian to Puella Magi. She quickly extends her hands from her center, summoning her bo. Then its into the Labyrinth. "Lets dance!"
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
This is not Anshi's usual part of town. In fact, if she weren't busy running an errand for Mami, she probably wouldn't be anywhere near here. But near here she is when a sudden sense of despair nearly overwhelms her. "Here!?" the normally cheerful brunette asks concernedly. "Now!? But it's the middle of the morning!"

Nevertheless, Anshi raises her hand and her soul gem appears. "Ehnnn," she mumbles, unhappy with the cloudiness of the gem. "Doesn't matter. I gotta do it," she says, then begins to transform. Apricot tails and bows quickly enfold the girl, tightly restricting her like a prisoner's jacket until, with a giggle and a wink, the Puella Magi escapes and runs for the labyrinth. The ball and chain jingling at her neck is not so massive, for the moment. She rushes forward and dives straight in, eager to do good an save a life.
Takashi Agera has posed:
Tsubasa's attempts to push through the Labrynth are stymied by the sudden appearance through a door of two grey skinned, eyeless monstrosities, with four arms bursting out of trenchcoats. The clothes they wear are an amalgation of a dozen places and times thought of what makes someone a 'delinquent' - baggy jeans, backwards caps, bandanas, leather jackets worn under trenchcoats. Mouths grin, full of gold teeth.

One raises a gun in each hand and fires a hail of bullets down the hallway, the other produces a Kusarigama, wielding both ends expertly with its four arms, moving in through the bursts of fire.

As this occurs, Homura, Anshi, and Shinobu reach the same hallway, a strange fusion of alleyway and dance club entrance. The two familiars are blocking further entrance.

It's true, putting this particular seed out was a direct challenge to Homura Akemi. From deeper within the Labrynth, that familiar, haughty voice responds to Homura. "First we have to see if you can overcome this club's face control." he shouts.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
The arrival of youma, in whatever form they may have taken here, doesn't surprise Tsubasa. It'd have surprised her if none had, really. She weaves through the rain of bullets, getting clipped by one as she closes in, grimacing slightly even as her Gear takes the edge off that hit.

As she gets close to the one wielding the chain-sickle, she attempts to get the chain caught on her katana and drag it down, in that movement she notices the other girls, and there's a slight frown, and she's too busy to do more than keep fighting, the sword on her left heel unfolding as she tries to drive it into the familiar.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    "I'll murder any monster you throw at me!" shouts Homura, not even looking at the other new arrivals. "I've come too far to be taken down by the likes of you!"

    It's then that she notices the other three who have come. Anshi and Shinobu are people she knows. Tsubasa... not so much. Actually, Homura's pretty sure she's never seen a magical girl like Tsubasa before. She doesn't really have time to ask questions.

    To Anshi and Shinobu, Homura says, "Knowing the person who unleashed this Witch, it might not drop your standard Grief Seed. We'll decide what to do about it when it drops. Until then don't get in my way." That's about as much of a promise of teamwork as they can really get right now.

    Homura Akemi is gone in an instant, appearing behind and beyond the two greyskinned familiars. Each of them has a frag grenade dropped at their feet. "Excuse me, gentlemen, but my name's on the list."
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
Shinobu wasn't expecting to find anyone in the Labyrinth. Nor was she expecting to have orders barked at her. Even more she was less worried about the grief seed and more worried about the fact that someone actually unleashed this. "Wait someone set this loose? Ugh. Okay fun!" Then to the other magical girls she gives a polite bow. "Good day, wish it were better!"

As soon as that revelation is given, she hits her wonder button. Immediately the world around her accelerates as the echo of what will come begins its dance around her. Quickly she takes off, moving deeper into the labyrinth only to see, Homura reappear and quip at the weird guys. *BOOM!* At least that is what she sees. Good thing she didn't get closer!

"Well, I'm guessing someone knows we are here after that!" She states while leaning on her staff.
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
"Don't worry about Akemi-san," Anshi says to Shinobu with a bright smile. "She's really quite nice, even if she seems grumpy all the time. Come on, let's go help out."

Anshi rushes forward and raises her hand towards the two thugs. "I'll be the only one barring passage around here," declares the Apricot Puella. She summons a heavy prison gate which drops down around the pair of thugs and their grenade presents, trapping them in with the explosives.

"Akemi-san!" Anshi calls as she chases after the more experienced puella, "Let's work together! If it does have a grief seed you can have it, I just want to make sure everyone's okay!"
Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon, too, has neither seen nor heard a magical girl like Tsubasa - it bears study for later. The two other Puella Magi are new to him, too. A lot of unintended variables for this little project, but he could adapt.

The Youma weilding the Kusarigama is dragged forward by Tsubasa - stumbling to the ground. But before it can put the combined strength of all of its hands on the chain to drag her closer, there's a generated iron cage, weighing it down (and slamming it down to the ground) just as two grenades detonate within those cages, and both familiars expire, vanishing into the strange reality of this place.

"Well, Akemi, I'm actually counting on you exterminating them. And by coming so far, don't you mean coming so long? Far is a measurment of distance... not time. Not that I expect you to be so clear."

The doors the two familiars were guarding suddenly burst open, and in another identical hallway, an entire horde of Riventon's own shadow youma rise up, red eyes glinting. "I'm sorry, there's a line. I think you might have to wait a little bit longer." he says from within the labrynth, as the four-foot-tall shadow youma all snarl out in usison, hands becoming blades and claws, tearing forward in a disorganized pile to attack the group here.

"Oh I'm sure you'll kill everything I have in here, Akemi. In fact... I'm counting on it."
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
"Just don't get in mine and we'll call it even." Tsubasa answers Homura in between lines of song, with about as much emotion as a text to speech program from the 90s reading aloud an exceptionally dry and in-depth analysis of some obscure piece of contract law. Tsubasa entirely ignores the banter between Riventon and the Puella Magi, though she does listen to it.

In that next room, she doesn't delay in acting, carefully slashing her katana at the nearest few of them to keep them at arm's reach while several blue swords of energy appear in the sky, then fly forwards to these youma, dissipating a brief moment after impact.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    "No, we should split the seed, according to who needs it more. Assuming it's even safe to use to begin with." Homura seems somewhat irritated, but not as worked up as she would be if she actually took time to notice Anshi's Soul Gem. She knows that the average Grief Seed has about two uses, and there are three Puella Magi here.

    "As long as we kill the Witch quickly it shouldn't be able to hurt anyone. Besides, I'm pretty sure that this is an attack on me directly. I guess I should've expected this after telling the entire magical world where I live." From the way she says it, she really didn't expect this to happen. Honestly it's the first time that telling someone where she lives has actually been a problem for her. Not even Kyouko was mean enough to try to kill her where she slept. She would at least call you out first.

    To Riventon she shouts, "I don't have time for jokes like that. I hope my objection doesn't go too far over your head."

    The doors behind her open, and Homura's Beretta is replaced with an assault rifle as she spins around to face the oncoming swarm. A hail of gunfire erupts from the muzzle as she spreads her shots among the crowd.

    She mutters, "What the heck? These aren't part of the theme-- are they?"

    Tsubasa talks sense in a way that Homura can understand. "Fair enough."
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
As the booms go off in normal time, Shinobu shields her eyes. "Awww! I was hoping for a bigger boom!" She snickers and twirls her staff to get ready. She knows whats coming. "Homura, She's right. Lets work together. You two take the seed if it can be used. I'm good. I've got a whole one at home." Her saturday just got ruined. She's just in this for the vengence.

"Yap yap yap, would ya shut up for a few?! We got work to do!" She snaps off to Riventon's voice. As the door opens and the strange girl with the katana goes in, and then an assault rifle is pulled out by Homura, Shinobu closes her eyes. "Who wants to live forever." She states and takes off with as much speed as she can muster.

Springing up she jumps into and then off of a wall, using her bo to strike several times at the youma. "Of all the things to find in a labyrinth what in the world is this doing here?!" She asks as she fights.
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
Anshi grins at Homura's frustration, but she doesn't really have time to argue the point. Instead she rushes in, and the ball and chain around her neck begin to grow, massively large. She grips the chain and starts to spin, sneding the impossibly heavy ball whirling around her as she charges into the ranks of the youma.
Takashi Agera has posed:
The horde of youma are cut down one by one, disorganized and weak though they are, claws slashing out but finding only katanas, assualt rifle rounds, bo staff strikes, knocked aside by Anshi's wrecking ball. "Akemi, I didn't think you had verbal jousting within you. Well done."

It's not long until the hallway is clear - though it's aparent this hallway is upside down from the first one, and they'll be walking on celing tiles and over flourescent lights, the door a foot above them when they reach the end, and closed, locked with a gaudy golden chain.

"You know, you other three - the two Magi and the new girl with the boring voice - I've got no problems with you. You're only part of this experiment if you choose to be. You're an unexpected variable. You can still turn back. Or just stay out of the fight. But if you protect her, you're taking sides in this little argument of ours."

"But whatever your choices, you can either move forward or hold back." Riventon is not by any means so unfamiliar with magical girls as to not expect them to work together. It's how the weak survive, after all. "Becky and I are waiting. Actually getting kind of bored, I expected you'd be here already."
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Tsubasa answers Riventon in a fairly simple manner, the sword in her hands growing to be a heavy two-handed blade that would make Cloud Strife jealous. It's immediately used to strike at the chain, still singing her sad song, swords and rain, rain of swords, and stuff along those lines.

She looks at the other girls, it's mildly hostile but not aggressive. Her words, spoken in between lines of song, are a bit more interesting than the last one, she sounds mildly hostile. "I'm not baby sitting here, if you're not ready to fight, take his offer and get out."
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Well, this is new. Homura decides that it's time for some exposition here, especially since there are at two newer Puella around. "Over half a year ago, back in May, I ran across Riventon and his lab partner, Miss White, while hunting this very Witch. It was the first time I ever met Riventon, actually. They ended up taking the Grief Seed after the Witch was defeated. Knowing that Riventon is a scientist, I can only assume that he wanted to experiment on it."

    "What we're seeing right now might very well be the fruits of his labor. Maybe. I don't know."

    Riventon's response makes her want to spit. "I've got more than enough jousting to knock you off your high horse!"

    Homura charges down the hall, only stopping when Tsubasa gets ahead of her to cut the chain open. When she turns around, she looks at the other three magical girls.

    Should she tell them to beat it?

    No, no way. Every Puella Magi has a right to hunt Witches, and there's no point in turning down help from people who don't need Grief Seeds. "Do whatever you want. I don't care. As for me I'm going to answer his challenge."

    She moves forward to push the door open, assuming she can.
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
Shinobu drops to the... Ceiling? Okay whatever. She goes to her knee with her bo behind her back. This is of course just in time to hear this strange person prattle on about something else! Then the choice is given. She stands up and turns to go. "Yeah, It's not my fight."

She takes a few steps only to stop. Anshi and Homura would see the look in her eyes which screams her true intentions. "But you see, you are threatening one of my friends. That I can't abide." Twirling her bo she strikes the ground with it's end. It grows an additional foot longer and a pair of magically charged scythe blades spring out from either end. She turns around with a sadistic look in her eyes. "Its harvest time baby." She sprints forward to join Homura.

"Oh and save your speech for the radio!" She snaps off to Tsuba... She doesn't know this of course.
Takashi Agera has posed:
Upon the door opening, all four of the girls are pulled into the room - dark, black, smokey, with hordes of shimmering bodies that throw their hands up and down in tune to the strange beat - a mutation of 'rap music' so strange the original unmodified witch's music might seem normal.

It's a long fall before they hit the ground, which might serve to show how massive this part of the Labrynth room is. And then, the music stops. A spotlight comes on Homura, and then the other girls. And then the music rumbles to a start as spotlights hit what looks like a concert venue stage. Each spotlight illuminates only part of a witch that is so massive, it makes other witches look the size of normal humans. Twisted, towering, massive, it looks like the familiars from before, only writ massive, and with random gold-teeth showing faces all throughout its towering, serpentine body. Each 'arm' branches out like a tree to show even more arms, each of them weilding a weapon, from switchblades to chains to tommy guns.

At the very top of the massive super-witch, just off to its side and floating, and tiny by comparison, stands Riventon, hands behind his back at parade rest, one leg crossed behind the other. Then he points at Homura, illuminated by the harsh glare of the labrynth's spotlight.

"Oh. My. God. Becky! KICK HER BUTT."

'Becky' the witch roars out with such force the world shakes, and all hell breaks loose. Familiars from the crowd turn - as does a substantive number of Eclipse's robo-youma that were hidden in the crowd as wel, wielding tommyguns of their own (and strangely appropriate for the theme in their own way, just a few decades too early. And, from the hallways behind, out dive more of those shadow youma from before.

And of course, there's the witch herself, unleashing a torrent of blades, knives, thrown chains, bullets, and loaded dice, and the music is BOOMING and every blast from the massive speakers behind the witch threatens to knock the heroes off thier feet from the shock of the soundwaves. They can feel that awful off-tempo beat in their TEETH.
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
Anshi's wrecking ball shrinks down to a more manageable size, and the apricot glances at Houra and Shinobu with a wide grin. "It doesn't matter what he's done," she explains, "because we've got the strength to carry on, no matter what. Evil won't win when we're working together."

As they pass through the door, her eyes widen ... yet it's not with fear. "Oh man, it's so big! SO MUCH TO SMASH!"

"Hey, singy-lady!" Anshi calls out, then cups her hands. "Alley-oup?" She's totally going to throw Tsubasa, if the sword-wielder is up for it. And oh that strength.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Tsubasa just gives Shinobu a look of annoyance before they fall in, and when she lands, she does so on both her feet. She looks up at the witch and the youma, and then eyes Riventon himself. Her eyes show pure contempt for him, clearly she doesn't have much love for those who would youma to do their bidding.

Once the fighting starts, she's immediately cutting through those youma, the giant sword in her hand used until she notices Anshi, and decides to give that a go, through her sword into the air as she jumps into Anshi's hands, using her own speed to jump with Anshi's aid.

While the sword was in the air, it's grown again, to the point where it's at least thirty feet long, and maybe even longer. Wide and heavy, too. It's pointed straight at the Witch, and Tsubasa uses her Puella-aided speed to kick that blade forward, going right for the Witch.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura's in the spotlight. Somehow she's managed to get used to being in the center of attention. Well, this whole fight is meant to target her, after all. Of course, there's always someone else who gets drawn in whenever a Witch is involved.

    Upon seeing the massive Witch, balking at its sheer size, she snarls. "A Witch like this... How did it even get so big? What have you been doing to it?"

    Homura spends a brief moment hoping that this was a familiar-born Witch and not a Puella-born one. As Becky is ordered to move against her, Homura tilts her head. "Are you mad?"

    Homura gets her own fair share of attacks, stopping time in order to jump on top of a bullet, then jump to the next one, over and over as she climbs the stream of tommygun fire from the Witch. Time resumes with her standing on one of the the Witch's many heads and tossing a few pipebombs into those gold teeth. "You aren't be the first dragon I've ever slain, and you won't be the last!"
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
Shinobu lands with ease as she watches the lights come on. "Really? REALLY?!" She hits her button and she is gone. Reaching behind her she pulls out a half a dozen smaller bos. These ones roughly six inches long and all of them are tipped like darts... bo-shurikens. She sends them flying pegging down some of the inbound projectiles. Then she springs into the air, spinning and dodging a hail of tommy gun fire, Each shot narrowly missing her body.

As she comes back down she quickly cooks up a plan. As much fun as taking down a bunch of youma and familiars is, the target is the witch and in this case, Riventon. She takes off, charging at the witch. Quickly she lands on one of her arms. Slicing it with her scythe she springs up to the next arm. Quickly she repeats the proceedure giving it a wicked slice before she works her way even higher. Its times like this she is extremely thankful that her future sight is in gear and has her reaction time much faster then normal... Other wise there would be some serious booms to contend with.

Finally she gets high enough to make one final leap. Her target though isn't the witch... As much fun as it would be to lay the finale on it, the witch isn't the problem here. No her target is much more annoying. Carefully she lines up her landing to be on the platform with Riventon.
Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon just watches as the girls move in on the witch - but there's so much other stuff in the room that they're ignoring in order to give their focus to it, likely to their detriment. Still, Riventon doesn't actually act, doesn't stop them from engaging the Witch itself. Andshi, after launching the Candidate, is set upon by tommygun wielding gangsters and a group of shadow youma.

Pipe bomb explosions go off and the heads that are detonated explode - but only to slither and mutate into more gun wielding hands and return even more fire. Tsubasa's massive Puella-boosted blade flies through the air and into the witch - but even though it's stuck in the creature, it's only howling and continuing to attack, the music not stopping.

Shinobu, though, after cutting down some familiars, reaches the upper grating of the stage, near where Riventon is floating. "Really, in all of this, you're going to attack me? That's... really not bright - I am so far out of your league. At this point, I'm willing to bet you'd fail a Turing Test." he says, glaring at her. But still waiting for her to make the first move.
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
Anshi lets out a grunt of effort and sends Tsubasa flying. Her strength is no joke; the apricot Puella is able to fling Tsubasa impressively hard and fast towards their opponents. Then she's set upon by gansters and shadows, and Anshi just grins. "Hi!" she says. "Welcome to the party. I'm afraid I forgot to bring cake, but I definitely brought the party games."

Grabbing her chain she begins to spin once more, and the ball grows to epic proportions. Bigger, bigger, bigger still, until it's the size of a small bus. Still, Anshi doesn't even seem to be straining as that massive ball of Iron whirls around her. She tanks the bullets with grimaces of pain, but the wrecking ball spins. "This one's calld spin cycle!"
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
While up there, standing on top of her massive blade, Tsubasa has a better look at all the various youma that are present, as ever more blue energy blades start appearing in the air. Mostly they appear aimed at youma not near anyone else, holding up her side of the 'don't get in my way and I won't get in yours' bargain.

Then she jumps down, the countless energy blades flying as she does. Some miss, some fail to kill, but there's a lot of them, and surely they must succeed in thinning out the herd by pure stats alone. While she falls, the blades on her heels extend, leaning forward to land on her hands in the middle of a pack of youma, spinning to let those blades do their work on them, cutting through the youma unfortunate enough to be nearby.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura watches as her pipebombs end up producing more arms that fire at her. So, this is what the Witch does. "What are you, a hydra?" She jumps up and away from the oncoming gunfire, suddenly finding herself a target of not only the Witch but of several familiars, robo-gangsters, and shadow youma.

    Her purple eyes narrow at the robo-gangsters in particular. She used to fight alongside things like that. Technically, she still did. It's not strictly speaking a betrayal, but it's another brick in the increasingly large wall that's being built between herself and the rest of Eclipse. It's now that she starts to think that even the goons that WPS uses would likely turn on her in an instant, if they were so much as ordered to.

    Granted, she thinks that Miss White probably wouldn't do that, but it doesn't change her new opinion of the robo-goons.

    "Since you've all chosen to be my enemy, you can all share in the consequences." Right now, she's high up in the air, shouldering a rocket launcher which she fires into the crowd. Then she fires another, and another, as a rain of discarded launchers fall beneath her.
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
"Yes and I am sure you'd fail at a combat test. That is why I am giving you one chance here." Shinobu twirls her bo, causing the scythe blades to vanish and the staff to return to about six feet long. "End this now before I end you for it."

Shinobu gives dagger eyes to the man. Then with no warning she unleashes several bo-shurikens at him and charges in at him. Her bo is twirling towards him in a well practiced manner. Then she plants it and vaults at him, hoping to give him a kick to the face he won't soon forget.
Takashi Agera has posed:
A few moments of fighting later and there are substantially fewer familiars, youma, and Robo-Goons littering the 'dance floor' - carved through in a flurry by Tsubasa, exploded by Homura, knocked away like paper dolls by Anshi. The field is (mostly) clear for them to fight the monstrous overcharged witch.

It's roaring and there's another wave of energy, the booming beat and unintelligible words bursting out of the speakers so loudly the soundwaves are visible rings of concussive force as the witches' endless hands and arms reload innumerable firearms.

Up on the scaffolding above the stage, Shinobu's decided to take the fight to Riventon. "If you missed what I said earlier..." he says as the shurikens come at him and a circular dark blue mid-childan barrier erupts in front of him, knocking the Shurikens away and trying to withstanding the impact of Shinobu's attack "...I mean you're not very bright. None of you are. You're not asking the important questions. Like why did the witch not attack me, or why is it following my orders?" he asks, as shinobu's staff clashes with the shield, and flecks of it begin to break off as she presses through the mana that makes up the barrier.

Riventon raises his right hand behind his shield, and just as it shatters, but before Shinobu can drive that staff into his body, his device lights up. A bunch of Witch Runes flare onto the black gem like an attack announcement.

Then, a massive multicolored blast of energy and chunks of distorted reality erupt from the end of his device, a massive blast at close range - one of Riventon's specialties - for Shinobu.

Below, the witch finishes reloading and unloads a new hailstorm of bullets - and /where did the witch get a flamethrower?!/
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Tsubasa makes a mental note of Riventon's arrogance, but she doesn't comment on it, just shoots him a stink-eye once before returning to the Witch. Her giant sword shrinks back to its smaller, Katana, size and she grabs hold on it as she prepares for the witch to finish reloading.

By the time it's done, she's already split one blade into two, holding them in front of herself and making them spin rapidly, seeking to deflect bullets rather than dodge them. That much works, sadly, the flames lick through, and the idol gets a painful dose of fire to the chest, tempered only by the protections of her gear.

However, two can play that game, and when she jumps upwards again, those still spinning blade are now the focus of a whirlwind of fire, flames licking and ticking from their rapidly spinning edges as Tsubasa tries to drive those edges deep into the witch.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura sees what Shinobu is doing and shouts, "Don't underestimate him! He's probably stronger than this Witch." She doesn't make any further effort to stop the other Puella Magi. Kids have to learn on their own, and it's not like Homura wouldn't enjoy seeing Riventon get hit in the face a few times.

    Then Riventon brings up an important point that Homura missed while being grumpy and fighty. "Following your orders? Here I thought this was just a fire and forget Witch. It's actually pretty common for a Witch to ignore something that isn't attacking it, especially when something else very much is." Though, now that she thinks about it, Riventon did order the Witch to attack her, didn't he?

    Homura takes a break from talking to flee from a giant gold chain that's now descending upon her. She leaps out of danger, drops a grenade on the hand carrying the chain, and then finds a new perch on the Witch to stand on. She talks in the time it takes for her to pull out a shotgun and fire it a couple times at oncoming limbs. "So now I'm curious, if you're in the mood to talk. What did you do to it? Are the the shadow familiars part of the labyrinth now? How did you manage to get all of these robo-goons inside of it so quickly? It seemed to me like the Witch just hatched, so maybe you loaded them all in at once---"

    Homura fires the shotgun at the Witch, leaping away as she reloads. "Or is that incorrect? Maybe they were already there, and the Witch just moved here... on your orders?"

    The idea that a Witch might follow orders is actually not surprising to Homura. The only thing strange about that is the fact that the orders got through to the Witch to begin with. The Witch runes that Takashi sumomns get Homura's attention, but only for a moment. That Flamethrower is grabbing a lot more of her attention as she jumps away from it and lands on the opposite side of the Witch.
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
Puella Magi Shinobu can see what is happening. She seen it happening a few seconds ago. As the blast comes flying at the girl, she springs out of the way, spinning her bo in front of her to deflect any stray projectiles. She does take a hit or two. She winces but shakes it off as she finally drops down from her retreat.

"You know, for someone who claims to be so intellegent you sure do like to hear yourself talk!" She makes a strike in a hope of taking Riventon's feet out from under him. "Hasn't anyone ever told you that it's better to close your mouth and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt?"

Shinobu keeps coming. She attempts to spring over him and hopefully make a move to get him clear off the platform. She is in over hear head and she knows it. This doesn't stop her. She can't stop at this point. "This guy is more dangerous then the witch right now!" She shouts to Homura.
Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon knows a lot of things the others here don't know. And one of the chief things he knows is that he doesn't have much time. That might be becoming apparent to the others, though, as the world begins to twist and change - cracks begin to appear in the walls, in the floor. And from those cracks, black ichor begins to drip out.

The Witch, too, is seeming less stable - in much the same way, some of her additional appendages are dripping off her, some of the wounds she's taking are staying more than they were.

Riventon shouts to Homura. "I'm not going to give you answers, I just enjoy the look on the minds of those with lesser intelligences as they try to contemplate my brilliance and fail." Shinobu's strike actually comes in under his magical shield, and knocks him off balance. Her overhead strike is blocked - not by Riventon, but by his intelligent device putting up an automatic barrier on his behalf. He spins around and smiles at her. "I don't have to worry about looking like what I'm not." His device pings. "Besides, soon you'll all find yourselves in the Dusk Zone - you can't survive in a world of pure negative energy." he adds with a wicked grin.

The flamethrower is still roaring through the room, and the black ichor it hits ignites into a strangely bright, yet jet black fire that flares up in spots. The whole place is a disaster area, with the dripping rap witch in the center. Even as it's ignited too, catching on fire from Tsubasa's attack, it keeps up its own assualt mindlessly, screeching eerily.

Back in the rafters, Riventon charges black energy into his gauntlet and goes to reach out and deliver a charge straight to Shinobu. But before he hits, he dashes behind her - too fast for a /normal/ person to react...
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Seeing how the witch has stopped regenerating her arms, and in general seems worse for the wear, Tsubasa backs off, jumping high into the air and merging her blades back into one sword, the big two-hander, lands against a yet to ignite section of the wall. She eyes Riventon, again, and seems to be memorizing his face, and possibly more.

Then, she focuses on her immediate concern, the Witch. She launches herself off the wall, and energy gathers around her blade as she swings it in the air, when it comes down a big shockwave of blue energy starts flying for the Witch. She lands on her feet right after, and rushes towards the Witch to start slicing off some of the lower limbs she has.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    At Riventon's response, Homura's mouth twists into a sort of 'welp' frown. "No boasting? You know it used to be that villains took pride in their work. Especially when their enemies were caught in presumably inescapable death-traps. Isn't that how it works?"

    Homura's not doing much to Riventon beyond talking to him, but when the walls and Witch seem to melt away she starts to worry. "Dusk Zone? Pure negative energy?" What would that do to their Soul Gems?

    You know what? Homura doesn't want to find out today.

    "Kill the Witch! Quickly! We wont be drawn in if the Labyrinth disappears!" she shouts. She's just guessing that last part, but it's at least a somewhat educated guess.

    Homura adds her own firepower in the efforts against the Witch, using a timestopped moment to cover the heads of the monster with C4, then resuming just before every single plastic explosive goes off at once.
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
Anshi doesn't need to be told twice. Having cleared the dance floor of familiars, the strongest Puella grips her ball and chain and whirls it over her head. It grows larger than even before, until it's nearly as large as the oversized witch. "Sentence Ender!" she declares, as she lets that massive iron weight fall onto the witch.
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
"You really need to step up your game." Shinobu comments as she recovers herself. Then the man moves behind her and unleashes the blast of black energy. But where did the Puella Magi go? Shinobu had launched herself up into a backflip over Riventon's head. Her staff comes down with a sharp swing right onto his left shoulder.

As the words from the more veteran Puella shouts out instructions, Shinobu listens. "Hate to break this up but... Time to go to work!" She hits the bo's end on the ground. Those two scythe blades spring out and the staff itself grows. "SEASONS..." Shinobu springs off the rafters, spinning her double scythe around her body as it grows larger and more menacing. "FINALE!!!" The bo spins turning the twin scythes into a pseudo saw. It zips from top to bottom tearing at the witch.
Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon actually lets out an angry shout as the powered staff whacks into his shoulder, but before he can retaliate, his duel opponent is gone.

Everyone's attacks swarm in like a rush of power, and the swiftly deteriorating witch can't keep itself together. Dripping and screeching, Homura's explosives detonate as Anshi's heavy iron ball crashes onto it from high above. Shinobu's Season's Finale blades down the Witch's back from top to bottom, and Tsubasa's burst of energy tears through it. The combined force causes the witch to lose its grip on its form, and suddenly it melts away, the Labrynth itself starting to follow, droplets of reality falling away to expose a purple-black sky around, and black energy seeping in.

Just before that blackness reaches everyone on the ground, the labrynth dissapears, and they're deposited on the streets in front of Homura's apartment building.

And then, there's Riventon, pulling himself through a dark portal - being higher up, he had to extricate himself out of the Dusk Zone which swallowed him up.

The grief seed that falls between the four girls and Riventon is a twisted thing, needle bent and black spikes sticking out of the orb like structure, and a strange core within the seed, beating like a black heart.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
After the initial relief of being back in the normal world, Tsubasa notices Riventon is still present, and she points her sword at him. "Leave." It's one word, but neither voice nor stance leave much room for doubt as to what the intended consequence is for failure to obey.

While she does that, she also keeps an eye on the three Puella Magi, and for them she has another single word. "Answers." At least it's not hostile, though it's not exactly filled with warmth either. She doesn't bother paying much, if any, attention to the grief seed.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura watches as the labyrinth fades, Riventon reappears, and the Grief Seed falls. She's immediately right next to it, and a rocket is suddenly flying straight at Riventon. She reaches down to scoop it up, and probably gets a good look at it even if she doesn't manage to grab it first.

    "What is this? Can it even be called a Grief Seed anymore?" She doesn't ask out loud, but she wonders... is it even safe to use it?

    Tsubasa wants answers. Homura can only shrug. "Heck if I know. I mean. It's clearly not an ordinary Witch. This isn't exactly what's supposed to come out of one."
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
"Don't ask me. I just wanted a normal day! At least I got a good work out." Shinobu is oddly, less interested in the grief seed then she is in something else. She faces the man she was fighting. Immediately she goes into the ready with her bo as she stares down Riventon.

"You just spent an entire labyrinth running your mouth. How about you tell us something useful."
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
Anshi breathes a heavy sigh of relief, then leans against her gigantic iron ball, hugging it tightly. Then it begins to shrink and collapse, and with a pop the Puella is left pinwheeling her arms to try and keep herself from falling over. She manages, somehow, but the soul gem that she catches out of the air is gross with black. Another fight like that and it's likely to crack.

"Hey, but we got it," Anshi says with a little grin of pleasure. "Who is that jerk?" she asks, staring up towards Riventon.
Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon watches Homura take the grief seed. Strangely, he /doesn't/ interfere or try to snag it. A smirk crosses his face. "Now, now. I've got one of you asking for information, and one of you telling me to leave. And another one of you who is annoyingly, but not unsurprisingly, alive when I would have really preferred a different outcome." His eyes look over to Anshi's soul gem, but he only raises an eyebrow before returning.

"So I'm going to at least give you some commentary." Of course he is. "I haven't seen one of those used on a Puella's soul gem, so if you get adventurous enough to try, let me know!" he says with a fake smile that quickly turns real, and a bit vile. "I'd love to record the results. And, you should be aware, you don't really have long before that thing hatches. At least, before it does something like hatching. It's quite unstable, I've been tinkering with it for months. I'm not entirely sure you can hold it back."
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
It seems like neither Riventon nor the Puella Magi's responses satisfy Tsubasa; but she's not resorting to more violence just yet. She decides to pointedly ignore the former for now, "Back up, I haven't fought this kind before." She tells the Magi, "Not even what regular version of it you're referring to. Explain." And on top of that, she asks another question. "What's happening next week?" She seems to expect to be given answers. She's also terse and apparently all business.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    "So it's like that? I see." Homura considers the thing in her hand. Then she looks at the other two Puella Magi. "Sorry about this, you two, but I need to deal with this in a hurry. I'm not sure what would happen to Kyubey if we tried to feed something like this to him. I'm also sorry... that I won't be able to see the results of trying to use this on a Soul Gem. Not that I'd share the data with someone so cagey." She glances towards Riventon as she says that last bit.

    She tosses the Grief Seed into the air, and suddenly a desert eagle is in her hands. She fires several magically-empowered rounds directly into the Grief Seed. Then she reaches into her shield as she turns towards the other two Puella Magi.

    "To make it up to you two, here. I'll give you one of my own. There should be enough for both of y--- ANSHI!" Homura flips out the moment she notices just how terribly black Anshi's Soul Gem is. She runs towards the newer Puella with a Grief Seed in hand. "Get back here with that! You should never let your Soul Gem get that black! Are you insane? This isn't a game!"

    To Tsubasa, Homura gives a short, edited version of the truth. "Witches are creatures born out of despair. They create labyrinths to hide in and lure unexpected victims to their deaths. When they die, they drop Grief Seeds, which Puella Magi need to purify their Soul Gems" she gives a pointed glare at Anshi, "so they don't die!"

    She's talking to Tsubasa, but it's clear her anger is directed at Anshi.
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
The apricot puella stares in wide-eyed surprise as Homura just blatantly destroys a soul gem. "Whoa," she says, more than a little impressed. And then there is, very suddenly, a very angry looking yandere in her face, and Anshi's eyes widen further still.

"Uh ... ahehehheh," Anshi rubs the back of her head nervously at Homura's scolding. "W...well I know it's not a game," she says, clearing her throat. "It's just ... there've been a lot of monsters to fight, and not just witches, and I probably should be a little more greedy with soul gems but other Puella need them, too, so ..." she trails off.
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
Shinobu watches the strange seed get gunned down. "What happens?" She asks pointedly. "Homura, What happens if you don't take care of your gem. No ones told me about this. The puella magi I've gotten to fight beside was batsh*t crazy and not much better then a witch."

Then she turns her attention to the symphogear girl. She doesn't recognize her though the question does get her thinking. "Look out for bad weather and stuff come the end of the week. This sort of info can be heard on my radio show which will air tonight on Infinity U radio!" She smirks a little. Then she turns her attention to Homura.

"I won't fight you on giving a grief seed. I do have a second question for you. I had a dream and I've been trying to figure out if its anything to worry about or not."
Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon hmphs as Homura disposes of the grief seed. "You know a lot of time went into that. The least you could do was humor me. I guess you're only willing to standby while Ms. White does experiments though, not me." he says, feigning a hurt look.

He turns to the Candidate. And starts walking towards her, threats be damned. "Now you, you have my curiosity. I don't recognize you, and I certainly don't recognize your type of magic. New wavelengths and all. I don't suppose I can convince you to part with some information of your own? It's one thing for me to give out commentary as a charity case, but if you're willing to share, I might be as well." he says. Even through all this, though, he's picking up on Homura's explanations of everything.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
"Leave." Tsubasa reiterates her instruction to Riventon, raising her blade again, pointing it straight at him. She keeps her eyes focused on Riventon, her stare is dead serious. Regardless, she doesn't yet act, she gives him the opportunity to leave before taking further action.

"Anshi-san, is it? If you can't take this seriously, stay out of my way." The Candidate's words are harsh, but not angry. "Lives are on stake, people die if we don't act responsibly." She just allows that to sink in, and briefly takes one hand off of her blade to point at Shinobu. "I saw you talking to someone in my class yesterday, you were warning her. It sounded more serious than bad weather. Were you just trying to impress her?"
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura literally reaches up to her black hair with her free hair and pulls on it. "Oh my god you are just as bad as Sayaka! Just... Just!"

    Homura's not taking no for an answer, and she's used to being told no by puella who are not nearly as desperate as they should be. She just finds Anshi's Soul Gem and tries to shove the Grief Seed against it, without asking.

    "You need them just as much as everyone else does! How do you think Mami would feel if something happend to her kohai because she didn't get enough Grief Seeds?! What about your family? I bet a number of people would be very upset if you just up and died. If you wont consider yourself, consider them!"

    Tsubasa chimes in saying that lives are at stake and Homura adds, "Yes! Lives! Yours among them, specifically!"

    Homura gives Shinobu a very intense and hesitant look. "Like I said. The Puella Magi dies. Her body falls over like an empty shell. There's no recovering from that fate when it happens." She keeps her eyes on Shinobu for a moment, pausing. Homura doesn't like to lie, but this is a lie she has to tell. For Madoka's sake. Besides, Riventon's here, so it's no skin off of her back if he gets incorrect or incomplete information. Even what she's saying could be dangerous, but it's nothing he couldn't have learned through Miss White.

    She pauses again, and when she speaks her tone is somewhat hesitant. "What was... your dream?"

    Tsubasa gets her attention again, and Homura explains. "Walpurgisnacht is coming soon. Walpurgisnacht is a powerful Witch, capable of wiping out a city. Specifically, it's capable of wiping out Tokyo. Which is bad, because it's heading for Tokyo. It's coming in roughly seven days. Maybe you've heard the rumors?"
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
Anshi opens her mouth to protest, but Homura has none of it and forcibly cleanses her soul gem. But it's not the cleansing that has her twitch a little, her face falling. She tries to smile--because what could possibly take away Anshi's smile?--but something in there is distinctly not smile-worthy.

"No one would be upset," she promises Homura very quietly; so soft that even Homura might question whether that's what she actually heard.

But then the smile return, if a little forced, and Anshi reaches out to lift Homura into a sudden tight hug. "Thank you, Akemi-senpai!" she says to the woman. "You're so helpful. I knew you couldn't really be mean. I really appreciate it. I'll be more careful in the future." It's like she doesn't even notice Riventon. Like she doesn't even care about him.
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
Puella Magi Shinobu smiles to Tsuba. She shrugs, "You get to hear it from the horses mouth. Not that Homura is a horse. Its bad. I may not have seen the pictures and stuff that Homura showed but I could hear how bad it is in her voice. Just be safe whatever you choose to do with this information."

When the answer to her question is given, Shinobu just studies Homura's face. There is more to this story. Of that there to this story but she won't push it. Death is a really bad outcome.

Finally she looks over at Riventon and shakes her head, "I trust you Homura-chan. I don't trust the extra set of ears here." She keeps her eyes locked onto the man for the moment. Sure she'd adore the chance to finish the fight with him but for now, she simply watches.
Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon glares over at Tsubasa. The he points from Homura to Tsubasa. "Great, the boring stern one has undergone mitosis." he says, gruffly. "Look kid, if I wanted to hurt you, you'd be a greasy spot in Pikarigoaka ward cause that's how far you'd fly. Don't make an enemy out of me. I can make your life way more adventurous than you'd really like. But if you don't stop pointing that toothpick at me, I'm gonna get upset and when I get upset, Mitakihara General finds it easier to balance its budget." Two small black orbs detach from his gauntlet and begin to orbit him. He's aware he's overselling his strength a little bit here, but he's also ready to put the new girl in her place.

To Shinobu, he adds. "Look, stick girl, I know more about how magic works than your tiny brain can possibly retain in your entire lifetime. The only thing that happens by not telling me stuff, is I find out later - usually after experiments like this one. If you really cared about the people around you instead of saving your own hides, you'd just start gushing information so I needed to break less things."
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Tsubasa isn't backing down either. "By your own admission, you have no clue what I'm capable of." She says in a simple, matter of fact tone, "And I have a feeling that if you were to try to find out by force, you're not just dealing with me." She takes a step towards Riventon, both hands back on her sword, "So leave before I make you."

She doesn't bother glancing towards the Puella, but her next words are clearly addressed to them. "If you want to help me clear out this guy, I'm not saying no. If not, stay out of my way."
Homura Akemi has posed:
    "I highly doubt that." Homura's tone towards Anshi is very firm. "I highly, highly doubt that. You don't know how many times I've words like that uttered by someone who left some very important people behind in tears. Whatever you're so down about I suggest you snap out of it and focus on staying alive." Then there's hugs and personalspaceaaaa. Well, she did just yell at the girl. Homura pats Anshi briefly before pulling away. "It's nothing. Don't mention it."

    Most of the edge of her voice is gone, and she tosses the Grief Seed to Shinobu and says, "Yeah. And speaking of..."

    She turns to Riventon, firmly walking towards him. "You're still here. I wonder how you found out about my house. As far as I know, only people invited to the meeting would know. Did White-san tell you? Because I highly doubt the Dark Kingdom did. Does Frost Knight hate me that much? I never did trust that guy. I doubt it was the Senshi or any of the Puella. How did you find out?"

    She's ignoring the fact that she can be looked up in a phone book, but without an answer that's probably the conclusion she'd come to.

    She's pulling an uzi out of her shield, approaching Riventon. "I wonder how much brain damage it would take to get you to forget my address. Let's find out, shall we?"

    Homura's gone in a flash, suddenly there's a kick headed towards Riventon's stomach, and an instant later Homura's behind him and pulling the trigger. She holds the trigger down until every 9mm is expended from the clip. She's got plenty of ammo, and plenty of hate, to spare for Riventon. She doesn't really care if anyone helps her or not.
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
"Wellp," Anshi says, then pops right back into her henshin. "Hey, sword-lady!" she calls, then laces her fingers again. "Let's do another alley-oup, since it looks like we're fighting!" This time, Anshi bends her knees. Tsubasa may reach sub-orbital this time. "Don'te worry, I take everything seriously. Especially making sure that everyone else is taken care of first. I know the risks. Now let's beat this jerk into a pulp!"
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
"On the other idea you have a very clear idea of what I am capable off." Immediately Shinobu's Bo is in Riventon's face. "I don't care if your daddy was Nicola Tesla and your momma was Thomas Edison, You threatened my friends That means I don't trust you as far as I could throw you."

And then, All hell breaks loose! She did happen to catch the grief seed and she promptly slipped that into her pocket before she quickly begins dodging any inbound bullets. Things are going lethal now and while Shinobu prefers to save lives, this guy may just be an exception. Still she doesn't make her bo into the scythe again. Nah pummeling him is more fun. So she takes a swing!
Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon's tensed for a fight - after all, aside from a brief skirmish with Shinobu, he didn't spend the energy they did. And he's come armed for an extended fight himself. Homura's early entrance isn't entirely unexpected, either. He imagines she feels the same seething hate he does.

"But Homhom-chan, I was there the entire time. Watching in the shadows. I found out because there are people who don't LIKE you." he says, with a sneer. "You should be careful about who you work with. Because there's a lot of them that would sooner work with me than you." He switches tactics mid-discussion, because there's a clearness that Homura seems to be gathering friends, which means by direct correlation, Riventon is gathering enemies. But perhaps, momentarily, he oversteps his hand when he continues. "And Frost Knight took your pink-haired friend back from me, you know. I don't think he's particularly fond."

But then the fight breaks out, and talking about birthday parties has to pause, at least for a moment. The kick itself connects, because Homura's frozen time to get there, and the shield can't react. The impact is dampened by his Barrier Jacket - and the barrier does come up against her gun, the rounds digging into the shield but no more.

Shinobu's swing comes in, and Riventon ducks under it - he's much more lithe than he looks in his bulky barrier jacket. But he's not coming to attack her - though the two orbs he released earlier and shooting out little blasts of black energy - instead he's ducking between worlds, opening up some space, reappearing closer to Anshi, and reaching out to grasp her with a dark powered hand - before she can complete her team attack that he saw tonight! And there's a blast of black energy coming towards the Candidate, too - even as he comments.

"Hah! You're NOT faster than me, Akemi. You're operating time differently, aren't you? That's what the data says - you're moving out of phase. Clever. I want to know how!"
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Anshi hasn't impressed Tsubasa enough for Tsubasa to trust that jump a second time tonight, and besides, being repetitive is a good way towards being predictable, which is never good against thinking opponents. She rolls out of the way of the blast, though it still manages to partially hit. Fortunately, her Gear is at least as effective as a barrier jacket at reducing the impact of such an attack.

Then she gets close, and as Riventon is talking to Homura and things like that, she throws a small dagger, not aiming for Riventon directly, though she makes it look like she is, but rather for his shadow. If successful, she'll limit Riventon's movement by pinning his shadow.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    "That he did! Rather easily, as I hear it!" The irony of trying to prod Riventon about being beaten by Frost Knight is completely lost on Homura. "I suppose the term for that would be... put you on ice? He must've handled you pretty solidily if Madoka was impressed enough to date him later."

    The kick connects. Not a surprise. The first hit is usually an easy one, especially considering her method. The bullets going into the shield is even less of one. This isn't the first fight she's had with him. "This isn't a classroom, and I'm not going to teach. If you want to see it again, you better pay attention."

    And again, Homura is moving through timestopped space, and several shotgun blasts fire at Riventon from multiple angles. Homura reappears some distance away, watching as Riventon goes for Anshi.
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
When Tsubasa doesn't come for the expected fling, Anshi looks a little confused. And then there is a black-fisted gauntlet clutching her shoulder, and she yelps in surprise and pain. It's a good thing Homura cleansed her soul gem, because that attack hurts.

Anshi drops to her knees and screams, shoulder sizzling where the dark energy began to eat away at her life-force. She rolls away and grasps the ball and chain around her neck. "Chain bind!" she calls, and the chain lengthens a hundred times to try and enfold Riventon.
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
The pesky problem with a bo. Its got two ends. Just cause you dodge one doesn't mean the other one is going to stop. She misses with the initial strike but uses the momentem to quickly follow it up. As she moves she uses her magic button to step up her speed. Or at least make it seem that way.

"Why don't you just hang it up for today!" She She quickly springs upward and tries to come down on the man with the end of her bo.
Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon grasps Anshi's shoulder and as the darkness flows into her, wars with her soul, and pours out in smoky blackness, his device is buzzing, recording a substantial amount of information. Even still, he keeps up the banter.

"Hmph. The situation was unexpected. He and I were evenly matched." The truth of THAT statement... is special. Those shotgun blasts from before mostly didn't connect, except for a telltale spurt of blood underneath his black lab coat. Looks like at least part of the shot connected under it.

He doesn't notice the knife that pins his shadow and limits his movement until he tries to dodge the chain - his movement pinned, it wraps around him. So instead, thinking quickly, he uses the chain to block Shinobu's strikes - mostly, one makes a wicked sound against his shoulder.

"I didn't think you wanted to be so connected to me, girl." he says, before a flood of black energy erupts out from Riventon and he yanks on the chains that bind him with a moment of his own insane strength - while Anshi could easily beat him at a tug of war normally, she's wounded from before and caught by surprise.

When he pulls her in, grasping her outfit with both hands, his device pings.


And there's a surge of blackness directly under Riventon, a massive circular column of black energy that surges up through the earth and bursts into the sky - a few moments of pure shadow energy that likely pushes all of the other girl's back - except Anshi, who can't escape it.

Once the attack is over, he drops the girl.
Sachiko Hayakawa has posed:
Anshi realises her predicament all too late. She tries to tug against Riventon, but she's already mid-air and flying, and there's just nowhere to get purchase. He catches her, and she manages a soft, "Ulp," before the column of black energy overwhelms her.

When that column fades, Anshi's chain falls to the ground with a noisy *chink*.

Then Anshi follows. Her henshin pops again, leaving a battered, bruised, and barely breathing brunette in the very midst of a dangerous battlefield.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
After pinning Riventon, Tsubasa has jumped to start doing what Anshi expected her to do to begin with, but without the other girl's aid. She's in the sky, and her sword is once again expanding to massive sizes, right as Riventon's sending a massive blast of darkness skywards.

When that fades, Tsubasa's already put a lot of energy into driving that massive sword into Riventon, who hopefully should still be pinned, though it's pretty fast even if it isn't, and there's a lot of magic behind that attack, blocking it, while possible, should also cost a lot of energy.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura watches in terror as Anshi is drawn into Riventon's attack and blasted hard. She watches the henshin fade. "NO!" After everything Homura just said about Anshi not letting herself get killed, Homura just had to pick the fight that led to her getting severely hurt.

    Still, it's not as if she could not pick this fight. He's right outside her house! Where would she run to? Chasing him off is the only option.

    "This is personal between him and me, you know." Homura's shout is loud enough to reach everyone. "None of you have to get involved." Could she handle Riventon alone? She's not sure. She's actually starting to worry about the newer Puella, though. Especially Anshi. "If you can't handle him, just run!"

    That advice comes a bit too late to help Anshi, but Homura is now standing next to the brunette, holding her shield up defensively. Her purple eyes almost seem to glow with a cold rage. In an instant, Anshi is gone, tucked away somewhere safe and out of combat, but Homura is roughly standing where she was before. From behind her shield she produces a bag of a gel that Riventon might recognize as napalm. She flings the gel at him and, in mid-air, it lights.

    "I've had just about enough of you, monster."
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
Puella Magi Shinobu backs off for a moment or two. Her eyes closes for a moment. Everything begins playing out around her. She sees what happened to the other Puella Magi and she frowns.

Then she notices the knife in the shadow. Several tipped bo-shurikens are made. The takes a moment to get them good and charged. As soon as she sees an opening she leaps into the air and chucks a quartet of bo-shurikens into the shadow, hoping to pin the man.
Takashi Agera has posed:
Riventon drops Anshi, and kicks her for good measure - though his kick doesn't find a home because Homura has shifted in and rescuing her. But he still can't get away, and he still can't figure out why. The two orbs from before detach - and there's a massive shadow overhead from a giant sword. Riventon puts a hand up, and begins to create a shield against it - but there's more than just the sword to worry about. He does the math on this quickly.

A shimmering, opaque shield of energy comes into view instead - without the ability to focus his defenses on one direction, he'll have to try to cover them all. Surely, that won't be an issue for someone of his strength...

The sword crashes down on the shield, and so do the other attacks. At first, it looks like the shield will hold, and Riventon's confident enough to open his mouth again. "A monster? Homura Akemi, I am not a monster. I create and control monsters. I am far above-" and then there's a massive crack in the shield, and it bursts, flecks of blue-black energy disappating into the air. The sword is pushed off course, but enough so that the tip cuts into him - it's protected by his barrier jacket to a degree, but that doesn't stop him from getting a nasty cut down his center. Likewise, most of the napalm is stopped - but not all of it, and some flecks of the sticky-fire get on him - and now he's screaming. It's not shrill, it's angry, low.

And Riventon in an effort to get away starts fading in and out of reality, dashing between here and the Dusk Zone, though he can't get far. Eventually he turns and sees the knife pinned to the shadow and knocks it away with a small blast, allowing him to actually properly vanish and reappear at a distance, chest heaving, exhausted from the sudden action. But there's still that snarl of a smile on his face.

And he's clapping. "Well done. You proved that combined, the three of you can actually make me exhaust some effort." he says, his voice obviously showing his exhaustion. And then he pulls something from his lab coat. Homura might recognize it as something that looks like a gun's magazine - but it's also clearly not. It also probably gives /everyone/ there the magical heebie-jeebies.

He jams it into a slot on the top of his gauntlet, where it sits horizontally of all things. "You know if I'd wanted to kill you I would've. But napalm? Honestly, I'm kinda proud you hate me that much." Then there's a delay as he sticks his hand out. "Axion. Catrdige Load!"


There's a massive sound, and machinery makes violent cranking noises, and with each of those heavy noises, Riventon looks a lot better - and by the time the third load is done, there's enough of a black aura around him that the grass he's on is dying.

"I warned you. I am out of your league." he says, though he's still clutching at the bleeding wound in his chest, and some of his barrier jacket has been singed through. His device pings.


Nine massive orbs of dark energy spring into being, three for each girl, homing in on them with vicious aggression.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
Tsubasa is forced to, quietly and reluctantly admit that Riventon is out of her league; maybe she could this if she started singing her Swan Song, but she's still not quite recovered from the last time she did that; and even if she was this isn't worth it. She hides behind her sword, letting it tank the majority of the blast.

Sadly, it can't tank all, and as it's blown away and reduced to Katana form, plenty dark energy is sent right for Tsubasa. Not enough to kill or forcibly dehenshin her, but enough to hurt and make her stumble back. Stumble until she's right next to her motorcycle, she raises it up and grabs helmet. In a way it's an admission of defeat, but she isn't saying that.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura's eyes narrow, and then widen. "A cartridge?!" To the other two, neither of whom she figures know much of what they're facing, she shouts, "Watch out! When he loads a cartridge, he gets a his power multiplies." The warning is more for Shinobu than Tsubasa, but Homura figures that Tsubasa would probably appreciate the warning anyways.

    And then Homura has not one, not two, but three boosted dark spheres coming after her. She holds up her shield, purple flaring up around her to take the first shot. The amount of magic she has to pour into it darkens her soul gem considerably. It's at least three quarters black now.

    She can't afford to do that for the other two and she knows it. She stops time and takes a moment to consider her options. Another Grief Seed comes out, and she taps it to her Soul Gem, clensing it. The Seed throbs with darkness, now full. "Tch." She'll have to feed it to Kyubey later.

    Instead of facing either of those two dark spheres, she launches a rocket at each of them. The blast probably isn't enough to cancel them out, but it might trigger them prematurely. Either way, Homura still has to deal with Riventon.

    She runs along the timestopped space, dropping ten or twenty mortars, each one aimed to lob their explosive shells at Riventon and fire. When time resumes, hell is unleashed.

    "You never slow down for anything do you?"
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
Well This isn't good! Shinobu takes off running as quick as she can as her own trio of problems come at her. Her mind is racing on how to deal with this problem. What in the name of all that is holy is she supposed to do about a trio of orbs loaded with black energy?

Her gaze falls on Riventon. Maybe returning them to sender would work? She keeps moving. A quick glance at her gem shows that she is about a third of the way through her Gem. "Oh boy. I hope I made some deity happy up there!" With that she starts quite possibly the most messed up idea she could come up with.

She springs up over Riventon and sends a very long bo to the ground. It stands planted near him. She didn't try to hit him. She lands and keeps moving as the orbs keep coming. She repeats the process, springing up, sending another staff down, This time on the other side of him. She keeps doing this. A total of eight times. Eight large staves are planted in the ground close to Riventon but not hitting him. Is she this bad with aiming? Magic begins flowing between the staves hopefully creating a barrier. Then she drops in trying to get the man between her and the and the orbs.
Takashi Agera has posed:
There's a funny thing about cartridges, though. While they can give you a momentary power boost - a big one - they take a toll on your body. And for all his bluster, he's not used to them. So while those orbs are dangerous and require attention, they're also representing a substantial amount of Riventon's newfound temporary power. And he lacks the control he otherwise might have.

This means the orbs detonate against the concussive force of the RPGs, and though one of the orbs aimed for Shinobu hits him (and he absorbs it without major consequence, since the magic it's made of is the same magic that makes up his henshin) the others detonate to the bursts of mortar fire.

Riventon dips in and out of the Dusk Zone, dodging the mortar fire as best he can - though he miscaluates and takes one explosion to a Round Shield, and the resulting force knocks him back a fair distance.

He notices Tsubasa putting her helmet on, and he comments. "I'm still very curious about your powers. You should really consider negotation." he adds, smiling a bit. Then he turns to Homura. "What did you do, raid the JSDF bases? ALL OF THEM? Do we even have mortars?" he asks, incredulously. He's back to being a little exhausted sounding. He moves, suddenly very close to Homura. "Look, Akemi. If I'd intended to kill you, you'd just have never woke up. Why do you think the seed was so far away? You're still an interesting test subject, so relax and run the damn maze." he says, before stepping backwards through the Dusk Zone to appear at distance again.

. He's using up a lot of that remaining energy on the steps, because unlike normal cartridges, his are filled with that black energy, and keeping that within him can be somewhat toxic. In fact, he can feel some of that burn, and is aware soon her might either have to take the other two cartridges, or lose control of himself, of his actions.

He makes a sweeping bow. "You talk in your sleep, Homura." he adds as a final parting gift before he goes home to seek medical attention for... a shotgun wound, napalm burns, stafgf brusies, and a nasty cut along his stomach.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
"Even if I wanted to, I couldn't tell you anything." Tsubasa just sounds tired at this point, though with Riventon finally departing, she's not leaving immediately like she had planned moments ago. Instead, she looks at Homura and Shinobu. "Thanks." She sounds like she's far too used to this, being tired after what feels far too much like a stalemate or a loss than a victory. "Hope I didn't get in your way."
Homura Akemi has posed:
    "Maybe I did. Maybe I raided several timelines' worth. Who knows? I stopped counting around timeline 14." Homura flips her hair at Riventon. Her cockiness is replaced with a frown as Riventon talks about killing her in her sleep, and then she suddenly gets nervous when it's mentioned that she talks in her sleep. Does she? She has no way of verifying that on the spot. Still, if he intended to creep her out, he succeeded.

    It's then that she gets a text from Endymion panicking about Kyouko. She picks her phone out of her shield and starts return texting while Riventon is talking

    TXT to Dendy: dammit i'm literally fighting for my life rn

    Then Riventon leaves, and Homura notes the end of the battle.

    TXT to Dendy: i'll be there in a bit

    She turns to the others. "I have to go. Something else just came up." To Tsubasa she says, "You didn't. Hope I didn't get in yours. See you around."

    She's gone in an instant.
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
At this point, Shinobu is knelt down using her bo to support herself. It looks almost like she is praying. The rookie is definitely exhausted. Her henshin fades leaving her in a her normal clothes. Her soul gem falls in front of her and it is a far cry from the lovely shade of viridan it usually is. In fact its dark grey.

"Well... That was a thing! Later Homu-chan." The young woman picks up her soul gem. "Sorry I wasn't more help. Physically, I know how to fight. Magically, I am still learning." She sighs and slowly works her way to her feet. "Are you alright?" Its about then she realizes just how much damage she took during the first fight with the man. She is bleeding through her top.
Tsubasa Kazanari has posed:
"I'll be fine." Tsubasa answers Shinobu, and follows it up with another sentence. "I am nothing but a sword, this is what I live for." Internally a voice screams 'a broken sword' and other self-deprecating bull that she really ought to know better than to allow herself to think, but clearly it didn't take. "I've survived worse and kept going." She mounts her bike, and starts the engine. "Be careful."
Shinobu Kimura has posed:
Puella Magi Shinobu responds sharply to the comment about being a sword, "Yeah and I'm a walking corpse but That doesn't mean we are any less alive." She slowly walks her way in the direction of Infinity U. "I think I need to do some first aide." Pulling her top up just a enough to get a look, she finds out that one of those wound was clear to the bone.