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Last of the Homu Home
Date of Scene: 02 February 2016
Location: Mitakihara - Residential District
Synopsis: Cuddling in the ruins of Homura's apartment.
Cast of Characters: Homura Akemi, Madoka Kaname

Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura holds Madoka in her arms, princess carrying as she leaps from rooftop to rooftop. It's been a long day so far, and Homura doesn't yet realize yet that it's going to be longer still.

    In every timeline, Homura always reset time immediately after (or sometimes during) the battle with Walpurgisnacht. She never had time to go home and check up on Amy or anything like that. She doesn't even know how often her apartment survives. There was no point. If Madoka died, and she usually did, then there was nothing left for Homura in that timeline.

    So this is a novel experience for her. She has no experience in this specific area. Between her secrets being let out, and Walpurgisnacht being a thing of the past, Homura realizes that everything from this point on is going to be new again. She's no longer stuck in the past in the most literal way. She's in a brand new future, and she's lost in it.

    When she sees her apartment from a distance, something looks wrong. As she gets closer, she sees a huge chunk of skyscraper sticking out of it. "Oh no!"

    She speeds up, seeing clearly that it did in fact impact her floor, and in fact it probably took out most of her apartment. She's in a rush right now. She sees the flickering magical barrier she had set up around her room, mixed in with twisted and warped steel. It's still mostly intact. There's still a chance.

    Homura doesn't waste time going through the front door, jumping through a hole in the wall and into what used to be her pristine white living room. Couches are mangled and toppled over. The wall screen is impaled with a huge steel bar. She walks past all of that, not even looking, holding Madoka in her hands as she walks to her bedroom door.

    She doesn't relax until she hears a quiet meow behind her, and turns around to see Amy sitting on the back of a red couch. "How did you get out of my room, silly Amy-chan?" She carries Madoka towards the cat. Amy sits up to look at both of them.
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    This mode of transport might not be the best way of showing her independence, but Madoka doesn't really care about that. The fact is that it's much quicker. More importantly it means she gets to hug her arms around Homura's neck and be held by her the entire way.

    As a point of fact Madoka isn't watching where they're going at all. Instead she's watching Homura and simply enjoying the moment. It isn't until the 'Oh no!' that she realizes something might be wrong, turning her head towards the distinctive building and- oh, well. It's not hard to see what's going wrong there at all.

    It takes her half a second to realize a potential implication however, whispering "Amy..." in a worried tone. As they move through the heavily damaged living room Madoka curls up in Homura's arms, pulling her legs in closer to herself. Mostly she's just shifting so it's easier to keep her head from getting bonked on toppled couches and other debris.

    Then all at once most of the worry drains from her face as she hears the meow, looking the kitty over as Homura walks her closer. "Amy!" she calls to the cat, happy and relieved to see her alive and well. Once they're closer she carefully unwraps her arms from around Homura's neck and shifting a bit again, trusting Homura to be able to keep a hold on her, and holds her arms out towards the black cat invitingly.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Amy shifts her feet a little in preparation, and then pounces on Madoka's stomach, curling up on the pink haired girl. Homura watches this and giggles. "I've got both of my cuties together~." Amy nuzzles against Madoka and starts purring, and Homura can't help but adore the two of them together. With a happy sigh, Homura pulls her eyes away from the cuteness, and looks up at the mess around here. She walks up to one of the overturned couches, slips her foot under the back of it and flips the couch back upright. Then she looks it over to make sure there's no debris or anything dangerous on it before setting Madoka and Amy down on it.

    "Well, as long as she's safe, everything else here can probably be replaced. Still... there's some stuff in my room that I need to hide." Homura leans down to kiss Madoka for a moment, then reaches over to pet Amy. When she stands up straight again, her eyes go back to the door to her room. It's busted open, and there's a huge chunk missing near the floor, too small for even a toddler but more than big enough for a kitten like Amy. The edge of the hole flickers with the signs of a broken forcefield.

    Homura walks over to the door and tries to open it normally, but damage has jammed it shut. She forces it, tearing the door off of its hinges, and leans it against the nearby wall. She walks into her room and says, "I am really, really, really glad these things are disarmed."

    All of her weapon racks are a mess, her bed is impaled by a huge concrete chunk, and the metal case underneath has been pushed out, huge scratches marring the metal top. Parts of unfinished bombs, explosives long removed, now litter the ground.
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka catches Amy as she jumps in, ensuring both a safe landing and that it doesn't feel like a tiny four paw'd gutpunch. She quickly returns the affection of the kitty, petting her and ruffling her behind the ears and even leaning in to nuzzle right back. Homura's comment gets a happy giggle from her as well. The giggling only continues when the couch is flipped up like a toy, picking Amy up carefully as she herself is reoriented and set down on the couch, setting Amy in her lap before continuing to pet her.

    "Ehe, it wouldn't be good for all of your things to get found here, would it?" she comments playfully. "People might start to think it was an armory that got thrown into your house," she says, looking upwards towards the seemingly stable skyscraper looming above them.

    Then Homura leans down and kisses her. It catches her by surprise, but it's a very happy surprise, Madoka letting her eyes drift close as she tilts her chin up slightly to make it easier. One hand leaves Amy to reach around behind Homura and set lightly to the back of her head. She strokes there gently, maybe because she was just petting a cat, only to chase after with her head to hold the kiss just a moment longer.

    As Homura walks to her room Madoka flops against the couches backrest, letting out an, "Ahhhh~." She'd feel bad about not taking the situation of Homura losing her house more seriously except the most precious thing in it survived unharmed and sweet girlfriend kisses.

    After a moment of letting herself get fuzzy headed Madoka leans forward and peers into the hole in the wall where Homura's door used to be. "Is your picture and golf club okay?"

    Madoka obviously has different priorities.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura's voice calls out from the other room. "It really wouldn't be the kind of thing I'd like getting out, no." Fortunately she's in henshin and a lot of the important things in her room are small enough to fit into her shield. When Homura hears Madoka asking about the golf club and the picture, Homura looks around for them.

    She finds the picture frame on her nightstand. The picture has been knocked over, and the glass is broken, but the picture itself is intact. She flips it over in her hand, examining the damage before shouting back, "The picture needs a new frame, but it looks alright."

    She turns towards the Golf Club should be, and sees it on the floor nearby. She walks over to the bent and beaten up thing, decides that it isn't particularly more beat up than it usually is... and then is struck with an amusing thought.

    She whacks a chunk of fallen concrete with it, not enough to even move the concrete, but enough to add a new dent to the club. It might seem like she's damaging her first weapon, but to her it feels more like adding a notch to her belt. "Golf Club's fine."

    It doesn't take her long to pack up things in her room. If there's anything she's good at storing it's weapons. Moments later she's walking out of her room, holding picture of early Homura in hand. She sits down next to Madoka, reaching over to affectionately scratch the back of her neck, and looks at the picture.

    "I did promise to let you braid my hair one day, didn't I?"

    She sets the picture in her lap and leans against Madoka, her hand moving down from her neck to wrap around her back, and Homura's other hand reaching up to pet Amy.

    "I guess I'll need to make some calls to the insurance company."
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    "Let me know if there's anything I can help with!" Madoka calls out after thinking about it for a moment. She does like being helpful, but the fact that Homura has seemingly unlimited storage space to hold things up to and over the size and weight of things Madoka could actually carry sort of puts a dampener on how much actual help she could be.

    Also it's Homura's room and it her clothes might be spilled all over the place. Maybe before Madoka wouldn't have cared but she doesn't want to accidentally embarrass them both by walking in and seeing her girlfriends undergarments strewn all over the floor.

    "Thank goodness!" Madoka responds when the picture is reported to look fine. There are many things that are replicable, but that might not be one of them. Well, okay, Homura's parents might have plenty of copies or others like it but they're not exactly around.

    The thwacking sound startles Madoka enough to look towards the room, laughing when the golf club is reported intact. "Yay!"

    As Homura returns to the living room she's still sitting with the purring kitten in her lap, happily lavishing her with all kinds of affection. She closes her eyes and sighs a little as Homura's hand goes to her neck, a few shorter pink hairs not long enough to make it to her ribbons tickling at her fingertips. "Mmm."

    Her eyes look over to the picture and she smiles at it. She might reach over to touch it, except broken glass. "I will sometime, too. We just settled for twintails last time." Madoka ends up looking at the picture for longer than she intended to. Her heart goes out to that lonely looking girl with her glasses and braids. It's a reminder that that lonely girl is still somewhere inside the Homura sitting next to her, and for a moment she wonders how deeply buried.

    Well. Madoka is hopefully doing quite a lot about that whole 'lonely' part anyway, she decides after a moment.

    Her own arm slips up around Homura, her hand bit lower on Homura's back than her girlfriends is on hers. She makes a happy sound, smiling as she watches Homura pet Amy.

    "Insurance company? Oh... I guess that's true. I don't think your computer wall is going to make it. That must have been worth a fortune." Something else crosses her mind and she looks up towards the pendulum whose familiar shadow she realizes isn't swinging back and forth. "...aww, I kinda liked that, too."
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Buried, maybe, only to peek out occasionally when cuddled enough. Homura isn't really all that happy with who she was back then, but it's not like she's particularly happy with who she is now. Still, it's a part of her past and a part of who she is. Just maybe a bit less experienced, and a bit less scarred. Still, it's not that bad, because the girl in the picture was the girl who first met Madoka.

    "Yeah, that wall cost more than my paycheck. I needed it at the time, but on the bright side this means that I don't have to move it." She considers the pendulum for a moment and chuckles. "You know... I got that to remind myself not to waste time. Even with my powers, I knew I couldn't succeed unless I took it seriously. Hardly seems important anymore."

    After a moment she adds, "Still... it's going to be strange without that in my life anymore."

    Hugging Madoka is nice. Petting Amy is nice. Even if her house is a wreck, she isn't particularly worried about it. She was thinking of moving anyways. "Riventon knows where I live. He said I talked in my sleep. Pretty sure he was messing with me, but... he did unleash a modified Witch here. It's probably best if I don't stick around."

    Homura leans against Madoka, closing her eyes as she rests her head against Madoka's. "Do I talk in my sleep? I mean... I wouldn't know, but you might've noticed."

    The thought of sleeping next to Madoka, the reminder that this is a thing she does, puts butterflies in her stomach. Very excited and active butterflies. She blushes just thinking about it. "I guess if I can't move any of this stuff, then there's only what's in the kitchen and the bathroom. When you get right down to it I don't really have a lot of things, even if some of the stuff I had was really pricey."
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka rubs Homura's back with one hand while petting Amy with the other, which she has to admit is pretty nice even if the room they're in has an enormous hole in the wall leading outside. She looks over towards the damaged wallscreen for a moment and hums, only to smile at the meaning behind the pendulum. "You took it very seriously. It's been a lot of work getting you to be a bit less serious all the time, but it's also been fun. It's very nice getting to spend time with you." And when is Madoka safer than when she's right there next to Homura?

    Homura mentions Riventon and Madoka stiffens, sitting up a bit straighter, "What?! When did he say that? I- I hope he didn't make sure that building hit your house." She leans back against Homura sighs, "I guess there's really not much of a choice then, is there? It's already damaged; it might even fall down when they have to remove that building... But if he knows where you live it's probably best anyway." Which makes her a little sad. She was hoping to get to snuggle together in Homura's again instead of her own! They hadn't since they'd become girlfriends, after all.

    She decides she'd rather not worry about it since it's effectively a moot point, and does one of the things she's best at and focuses on happy things instead. Luckily Homura gives her one of those things when she asks if she talks in her sleep.

    "Hehehehe..." She snuggles all the closer to Homura, leaning her head against her shoulder and then turning it up to look into her eyes. She's well aware herself of how romantic it is to sleep next to her girlfriend, especially when Homura starts blushing. "You must have very silly dreams, Tamura-chan," she pipes up in a quiet but playful tone. "Do you remember any of them?"

    On the comment about not having many things to bring along she notes, "There isn't much use for 'things' that will be gone in a month, right?" She gives a tiny shrug, "Maybe now that you can keep things you can buy decorations for your next home. Or maybe even start collecting something." It takes her a moment to realize Homura already does collect guns.

    In an even more serious note she adds, "Oh... don't forget your Grief Seeds." She figures Homura wouldn't but... those are so very important it'd be dumb not to mention them.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    "It's probably better that I move out... I mean, for me." Homura mutters, though Madoka is more than close enough to hear it. "I have a lot of memories here. A lot of them are things that never happened. Not very many of them are happy. The good times were usually the times when you came over."

    Homura looks up at the chunk of skyscraper that hit her house. She's used to seeing skyscraper bits this close. It... doesn't bother her as much as it probably should. It's like looking at the paw of a declawed beast. It brings up the memory of fear, but not the fear itself. "Knowing him, it's more likely he was covering his own interests. He might've done something like that to spite me, but not if it meant leaving an Eclipse structure unprotected."

    "I did make sure that the everyone magical knew about it, after all." Homura shrugs.

    She blushes at the mention of Tamura-chan. Oh yeah, she remembers some of those dreams. They were... incredibly silly. She couldn't figure out if they were nightmares or not. Let's see... what dreams does she remember?

    "I remember in one dream, Sayaka-san shipped her Soul Gem overseas. I spent the rest of the dream trying to talk you into going on a roadtrip with me to go get it." Homura chuckles. "Honestly if that happened for real it'd be a nightmare, but in my dream it was pretty silly."

    She considers for a moment if there are any other dreams that she remembers. "There was also one where I had a tea-drinking contest with Tomoe-san. She was ridiculous. I started timestopping and sneaking my tea to Kyubey just to keep up with her."

    She closes her eyes and rests against Madoka as she considers the implications of Life after Walpurgisnacht. "Collect something. It'd be nice to have an actual hobby. I've been stressing out for way too long."

    At the mention of Grief Seeds, Homura sits up straight, disentangling from Madoka. "I used most of those during the fight with Walpurgisnacht, but... actually... there's still one I need to keep track of."

    She sets the picture down on the couch and stands up, walking over to the overturned table that usually marks the center of the room. She flips it around and opens up a drawer that slides out from underneath it. "Yeah... no more normal Grief Seeds here." She picks up a silvery Grief Seed, holding it up to glint in the sunlight. "Just this one. Hana Shiori. The White Flower. Now that the secret's out, I think I can clearly state what she was. She was a Puella Magi who didn't fully become a Witch, but couldn't remain a Puella either. Something like this... I could never show to WPS."

    She walks over to the couch, putting her arm back around Madoka and turning the silvery Grief Seed over in her hand.
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka smiles softly as Homura mentions all the memories the house has for her, "Maybe that's why I like it here more than you. My memories of being here are all happy." After a moment she adds, "I hope the ice cream tub made it. I can always make another one, though." It's not like she deleted the image files she used to print them off with.

    Madoka doesn't seem to know quite what to make of 'covering his own interests', or at least she doesn't until she mentions Eclipse structures. "Oh, that's true. Maybe he protected their things while Hannah fought Walpurgisnacht?" They're both Eclipse, right? And supposedly lab partners, which annoys Madoka actually. But that's about as far of her knowledge goes.

    The silly dreams seem to be silly enough that Homura remembers some of them, "You mumble about them sometimes," she notes with a giggle. "A lot of the time it sounds like you're talking to me. The first night you stayed over at my house it took me a little while to realize you were asleep, even though what you were saying didn't make any sense."

    Then she considers for a moment and giggles, hugging onto Homura from the side, "A road trip, huh? I don't think it would be good if Sayaka-chan mailed her Soul Gem off, but a vacation together might be nice."

    She's still giggling when Homura pulls away from her, though it's for good reason. Wow, good thing she reminded her instead of just distracting her with hugs! Madoka returns to petting Amy with both hands, watching Homura as she retrieves the grief seed.

    She doesn't immediately put her arm back around Homura when she returns, though she does lean into her again. "I've... actually only ever seen one of these up close. I didn't know what it was, and it hatched into a Witch." Pause, "Mami-san was nearby and chased it off."

    She leans forward and stares at the little item closely. "So the White Flower was a Witch? I remember hiding in my room a few nights while that was in the sky." Hana Shiori... that's right. And it reminds her of something else. "I wonder how Erin-chan is doing," she says quietly.

    Her pink eyes seem to lock onto the magical bauble in Homura's hands, studying it with a serious expression. "That thing... it's what Puella Magi need to cleanse their Soul Gems. ...but it's also what's left of a Puella Magi's soul after it's corrupted. Hana Shiori... I wonder what kind of person she was. I wonder what was so important to her that she'd trade a lifetime of fighting for it. Whatever it was, I hope it was worth it to her, in the end..."
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura reaches around Madoka and into her shield. She pulls out the ice cream tub. It has been washed out, cleaned, and dried, so that melted ice cream or water wouldn't damage it. It is actually pretty pristine, free of dents or scratches. It still has Madoka's drawings on it, which Homura still finds charming, and it is still labeled 'Madokaloupe'. "It was precious to me, so I kept it very safe. It was in one of the heavy ammo crates that I kept under my bed. Not next to actual ammo, I mean... I just... like those because they keep my stuff safe."

    She reaches out with her leg, hooks it around the edge of the open drawer in table she just righted, and pulls closer to the couch. The ice cream tub is placed on top, along with the broken picture frame. Looking at the two of them, she realizes out loud, "I never thought I'd miss this place."

    Homura smiles slightly as Hannah is mentioned. "I guess so, yeah. She did keep her word. To help me fight Walpurgisnacht, I mean. Since the moment I told her, she did care about that. Maybe my time at WPS wasn't wasted after all. I was really worried when I started seeing the signs that Walpurgisnacht was coming... but... I still kindof want to work for myself for a while."

    Homura listens to the story about her sleeptalking, and her giggling has a very embarassed tone to it. "What? Are you kidding? Well I mean... of course a lot of my dreams are about you but... I hope I didn't say anything too embarassing." Well, if she had, Madoka probably would've realized how she thought about her a lot sooner. Maybe.

    "A road trip might be fun, yeah. I mean... I could never really leave town before because I could never lower my guard, but maybe now it'd be nice to have a vacation."

    Homura listens to the story of the other Grief Seed, and Mami rescuing her from the resulting Witch. "Yeah... I have no idea why someone would just leave one of these lying around, but sometimes they end up in the strangest places. Don't worry about this one, though. It's not like a normal Grief Seed. I haven't used it to cleanse myself and frankly I'm afraid to."

    She shrugs, turning the Seed over in her hands. "She was very coherent for a Witch. Most of them are mindless. Sadly I have no idea what her wish was, or why she didn't fully turn. Still, her being a Witch certainly would explain why she felt like she would be hunted by magical girls." She taps her chin with the tip of the silver Grief Seed, thinking. "As for Erin-san... I wonder. Last I heard she left town. It's not like there's really any way to contact her."

    The off-color Grief Seed is set down next to the picture and the ice cream tub on the table. "So much meaning in such tiny items."
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka tilts her head a little, peeking out of the corner of her eye as Homura reaches for her shield. She smiles brightly and squeezes tightly onto Homura as she sees the ice cream container she made for her. "Hehehe! I'm glad you like it so much. I thought you'd appreciate it." The fact it was stored in an ammo crate for a while doesn't seem to bother her much.

    "Hannah-chan is an odd person, isn't she? She cares about protecting people a whole lot, but sometimes she goes way too far." She thinks for a moment on what Homura says after mentioning Hannah and nods slightly, "Work for yourself? That might be a good idea. And... you know what? I think that's the kind of thing Hannah-chan would really respect, too. If you weren't so much leaving WPS because of her, but because you want to be your own boss."

    She snuggles on Homura as she giggles embarrassedly. "A lot of the time you're telling me how to say your name right." She nestles herself sweetly against Homura, turning slightly towards her on the couch and reaching across her to hold her with both arms, Amy abandoning Madoka's lap for Homura's due to her now angled lap. Madoka peers up into Homura's eyes and asks in a sweet, quiet, and utterly teasing voice, "Why? Do you have lots of embarrassing dreams about me, Homura-chan?"

    She nods a little as Homura explains what she knows about Hana, and then Erin. "I still regret that I didn't get a chance to say goodbye before she left. She really listened to me... and in the end she was willing to take a chance on everyone."

    Her eyes go over to the trio of items on the table. A thought crosses her mind. The picture of Homura is the past. How and who Homura used to be, not quite lost and forgotten but much changed. The ice cream tub is like the present, a symbol of Homura and Madoka together and the fun they have just by being around each other. And the Grief Seed? One terrifying possible future.

    It's cute in a way, but the last part is so ugly she doesn't mention it out loud. Instead she tightens her grip on Homura and nestles into her again while she's right there next to her, safe and sound.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    "It came from you, and it's super adorable, so of course I like it." Homura smiles at the pictures on the tub. "That's why I put it somewhere I knew it wouldn't get damaged. I'm glad I did, considering what happened here."

    Homura hugs Madoka a little more tightly. "Yeah... she does. Some of the things she does upset me sometimes but... I think I'd have that problem with any boss. I want to help, and if there's a cause worth fighting for then I'll help that cause, but I don't really want to be led. I don't really feel like I need to be led, and I don't really feel like it benefits me at all."

    Homura pauses for a moment, considering how that sounds. "Maybe that's not the best way of putting it. Hannah is a nice person with noble goals. I just don't want to be an employee. I want to set my own goals, and pursue them in m own way."

    Homura's hand goes down to pet Amy as the cat moves into her lap. She scritches the cat behind the ears and then resumes stroking her back all the way to her tail. Her entire face turns red when her dreams about Madoka are asked about, and Homura smiles at her sheepishly. "Well... I mean... they're the kind of dreams one might have about her girlfriend, or a girl they're in love with." Should she really give details? She is getting kindof shy about it.

    She calms down a little as the topic shifts towards Hana and Erin. "You spoke to her? I didn't really get a chance to talk with her at all. Still, if you did talk to her, then I guess it makes sense that she'd have hope again." She giggles for a moment. "You really a hero, Madoka-chan."

    Homura hadn't even thought about the arrangement of the items, but arranging them chronologically like that is interesting symbolism in itself, considering whose home this is.

    Homura leans further against Madoka, closing her eyes. For the moment, she actually feels like she doesn't have to worry. About anything. She could almost take a nap here.
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    "Awww!" is the response that comes to Homura's calling the craft gift Madoka gave her adorable and putting it somewhere safe. It's all the little things like this that really speak to how she really feels. Maybe Sayaka isn't so quick to believe the motivations behind Homura's actions but she doesn't see all these sweet moments that the two have together. These aren't the kinds of things someone would think to fake.

    "You've been used to working by yourself for so long... I can see why you'd want to set your own goals, Homura-chan." She pauses for a moment, considering whether she should say something she feels because of how the dark haired Puella usually takes it, but decides to anyway. "And I always have thought you'd make a good leader."

    Madoka giggles a little as Homura smiles sheepishly to her and... lets the conversation topic go? But what is that mischievous sparkle in her eyes? She gives Homura a chance to calm as she gets shy.

    "Only once. She was, um... attacking people. Or having Witches attack people; that's what her power was I think, ordering Witches around. I got close and some familiars started attacking me but... she stopped them, and then had them take safely over to her where I'd be safest of all." She pauses for a moment, and smiles apologetically at Homura, hoping she doesn't get upset at what a dangerous situation she was in. "That's how I knew she really was a good person. She was attacking people but she didn't want to hurt anyone, not really. In the end I guess she was testing them because she wanted to see if they'd be strong enough to actually stop Hana." Now that she knows the White Flower's name she'll use it.

    Homura calls her a hero and she blushes brightly, "Maybe... I'd like to be. I've done a lot of small things, but maybe they've added up enough to that..." Perhaps without knowing it Homura is hitting on and helping one of the uglier issues from earlier, when Mami told her she couldn't understand what she was going through. Homura was right, now that she thought about it. Of course it was possible to be a hero without being a /magical/ hero.

    That blush still on her face she squirms ever closer to Homura, now fully on her side as she snuggles against her girlfriend, legs curled beneath her. "So," Madoka murmurs in an elongated syllable, the sweet and teasing tone she'd abandoned before suddenly back in her voice. She reaches up and lightly pinches between her fingers one of the trailing ribbons from the small purple bow tied to the front of her outfit, not pulling on it but rather toying with and teasing it. "Tell me about some of those other dreams of yours, Homura-chan. The kind that one has about girlfriends and girls they love." She slides her fingers up the ribbon, abandoning it for the sharply angled points of her collar, tracing a finger up the white piping while directing an incredibly bright smile at her.

    She's teasing her horribly and it's impossible to miss she's doing it on purpose. But she actually is curious, judging by the blush on her own face.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    The nice thing about sincerely feeling a certain way is not needing to fake it. Though to be fair, Homura wouldn't waste Madoka's time if she didn't care about her. She's keeps secrets and tells lies, but she wouldn't lead someone on like that. Besides, it was adorable, and precious. Madoka had to have known it would mean something to Homura when she gave it to her, even if she didn't yet know how much.

    Homura pauses again, as Madoka brings it up. "... I guess. I don't know. I mean, you said that before and maybe I've been thinking about it. I thought I was using people for my own ends... but really, it's not like my goals didn't benefit the people I helped organize. Really, I brought Mami-san along for her leadership skills, and she did make a good showing of them, but even the fact that I correctly assessed her talents and decided how to best use them..."

    Accepting a compliment is always hard for her. She knows that Madoka wouldn't lie to her, but for some reason it feels like accepting a reward that she knows she doesn't deserve. It's not that she cheated... just... there's probably someone out there more deserving.

    "I don't know. I think if I was really going to accept a title like that, I'd really have to work on my people skills. I don't think a leader should behave the way I did, and I don't really think a leader can get away with not caring about the people who follow her. It's stupid and wrong to do that, to not accept some kind of responsibility over people who depend on you. I guess that's why I have trouble seeing myself that way."

    The irony of that statement isn't lost on her, considering some of the things that Madoka has been upset with her over. "Sorry... you're saying nice things about me, and I keep arguing. I do appreciate you trying to encourage me. I'm sorry that I'm always being a downer about it."

    Homura listens to the story about Erin having Witches attack people. "I've heard of similar powers before, but the other Puella who commanded Witches wouldn't be kind enough to spare you. I guess it's the person, and not the powerset. Still... testing someone before seeing if they could be relied upon. Sounds like she really thought it through." Homura smiles, nuzzling against her. "I'm glad you came out of it okay. I always fret over you, but really, you're happier when you're helping someone, aren't you?"

    Homura remembers what Mami said earlier, and how Madoka responded to that. It was part of what made Homura realize that Madoka was upset. Well, everyone was, and Homura isn't the best person to handle something like that. "I think you're a hero, Madoka-chan. You're always trying to help people, putting their needs before your own. It's one of the things I love about you." It's also one of the things that terrifies Homura, but they've already had that discussion and she doesn't want to go over it again.

    Homura is distracted from that line of thought anyways, as she hears the elongated 'So'. The Madoka asks her... and... toys with her ribbon and the edges of her clothes?! Homura's blush is somehow even worse than before. "W-wait a second! I mean... I..."

    Well? Madoka's asking. Homura agreed to be open about her feelings. She's already shared more terrifying and sensitive things than this, though maybe not on this specific topic. "I just... well I mean... for the road trip dream, I thought about sharing a hotel room with you, waking up next to you... and... well sometimes I'd dream of you being in cute outfits, like one time you were dressed like a secretary."
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    It's a bit easier for Madoka to take Homura's self berating this time because she was expecting it. Even as Homura details exactly why she thinks she wouldn't make a good leader she smiles at her, though the smile does brighten when she goes over the bits about things she did that showed leadership qualities. "It's okay, Homura-chan. You have a hard time accepting encouragements and compliments but maybe if I keep encouraging and complimenting you you'll start believing them yourself." She smiles softly, looking on at Homura with kind eyes, not holding any of that against her in the slightest.

    Madoka nods a little when Homura talks about Erin's powerset, "She knew what she was doing. ...she was afraid, I think, but she found a way out of a bad situation. I'm really happy I was able to help her with it." She blushes when Homura calls her a hero again, "Thank you, Homura-chan. Thank you for seeing the best in me and believing in me. Helping people... I can't help wanting to help people when I know that I can." And often times even when she knows she can't.

    When it comes to teasing... at least the ribbon she's playing with seems to be ornamental more than functional! As she gets flustered Madoka giggles playfully and watches her blush. She feels a tiny bit bad about flustering her, but a bit of teasing is all in good fun, right?

    "Sharing a hotel room? I guess it wouldn't make any sense for us to get separate rooms if we were on a road trip. And we've already woken up next to each other several times already." She smiles up to Homura from her slightly lower vantage point at her shoulder, " I like cute outfits!" She's worn quite a few over the past several months; they'd even dressed up together for a dance. "A secretary? Hmm... You mean like a pencil skirt and dark stockings? Would I look good in that?" Silly Madoka, everyone looks good in that. Looking even more playful she hugs herself closely against Homura's side, "You know... if you started your own company maybe you could use a secretary."
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura does kindof feel bad for rejecting compliments from Madoka, but at least her girlfriend isn't taking it hard. "Well... if you want to think of me that way. I'd feel really terrible though... if people were looking up to me as a leader and I was just abandoning them." Yet there kindof are people who looked up to her, and she had to tell them not to. Anshi was one of them, actually, calling her 'senpai' as she did.

    That thought leads Homura down a dark path that she doesn't really want to spend too much time on. Anshi is gone, and Homura can't change anything about that.

    "I see. Well, yeah, it makes sense that she'd be willing to go so far, if she was scared. I only ran across her once, but she didn't really seem to be as... enthusiastic as the other two were." Homura smiles widely, maybe even proudly. "I think you're wonderful, Madoka-chan. I'm just glad you give me ways to point out why. Even with the Mami situation earlier... I was expecting her to freak out. My plan was to go up behind her and hug her like that... pinning her to keep her from hurting anyone... but Greta messed things up for me by grabbing me. Seeing you act like that, so quickly and without hesitation... I would've fallen in love with you right then if I wasn't already."

    "Though..." Homura feels like she has to make this point. "Mami-san is really strong. She's not the kind of person you want to get into a fight with. She could've killed me right then if she had intended to. Please be careful around her." She can't really condemn Madoka's actions, but... well, Mami isn't someone that Homura defeats, or escapes from. Mami is someone that Homura is often spared by.

    Homura considrers Madoka as a secretary. "Y-yeah, something like that. You had a really cute button-up shirt, too. It did look good on you, in my dream." Madoka mentions being Homura's secretary, and her blushing gets worse. She'd be lying if she didn't enjoy the teasing, and the sheepish smile she wears might show that, but it is still such a tease. "I-I, I mean if you wanted? I still don't know what I'd do..."
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka was avoiding brining up a specific example because of how recent the pain is, but when Homura persists that she abandons the people she leads and doesn't care about them she decides to anyway. "I don't really believe that you don't care about the people who follow you, Homura-chan. Your Inquisition friends... I think you led them very well. You brought them together and made them into a team. And even if they died... they know what they were getting into, right? They knew what they were doing was going to save so many lives, and they did save so many lives! Everyone fighting Walpurgisnacht knew how dangerous it would be and that's because you told them and warned them. And... I know you cared about them. So I think that maybe it isn't that you aren't a good leader. I think you just can't trust the people who've been around for you to lead up until now."

    Mami, Sayaka, Kyouko... Homura can't bring herself to trust them or to even care about them beyond their basic survival- or at least that's what she'd said earlier. Madoka isn't sure how true even that is since she still seemed to care about keeping Kyouko and Sayaka safe, even now that the truth of what Puella Magi eventually become is out in the open.

    Homura's comments about how Madoka handled herself when Mami was close to having a breakdown puts a blush back on her face. "I was just doing the only thing I could think of." She's quiet for a few moments. There's a lot of things she could say but none of them feel appropriate. "I feel bad for her..." she eventually finishes. She looks up afterwards, laughing nervously and shaking her head, "Don't worry, Homura-chan. I don't ever intend to pick a fight with Mami-san."

    When Homura blushes even more Madoka lifts herself up a little, just enough to lean in and press a kiss to Homura's cheek. "You look so adorable right now," she says with a giggle. "If you think I'd look cute like that I'd be happy to dress up as one for you some time," she offers, perhaps not teasing quite so much anymore. Though really there's plenty of people who dress like that all the time as a normal outfit.

    A more playful giggle and her arm behind Homura reaches up and retracts so she can run her fingers through Homura's hair. "I like the idea of dressing up cute for you."
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura considers the example that Madoka brought up, the Inquisition. "They... they tried their best. They did know the risk. I don't really feel like I abandoned them, no. They did save lives. Everyone there did. I certainly did not spare them the gritty details of what Walpurgisnacht was, either... It would've been very wrong to ask anyone to join that fight without telling them what it entailed, and since that fight involved everyone then I had to tell everyone. It was a responsibility."

    Homura considers. Is it really not about Homura, but about her relationship with the other Puella Magi? Maybe... but... "Well, it's true that Mami, Kyouko, and Sayaka are difficult for me to lead. Mami-san and Kyouko-san are both veterans who have a lot of pride. Sayaka-san doesn't trust me, and she wants to prove her own self worth. Kyouko-san specifically does not like to get bossed around. She cooperates, in her own way, but well..."

    Homura considers how best to put it. She knows that Madoka will be upset if she says it in a way that condemns the other girls, and she did promise to at least try to not be so mean to them. "You probably didn't hear me saying this to Miss Blue at the ice skating party, but trying to handle people is like trying to play chess. Each person is their own chess piece, and you can move them one way or another, but you have to do it in a way that respects their rules." She tries to think of examples, "Bishops move diagonally, Knights move in an L shape, Mami needs to feel like she's being a good magical girl, Kyouko works best when you give her information instead of orders... Violate those rules and you lose the piece. There's a reason why I immediately started pointing out the fact that Mami had saved a lot of lives yesterday. It was calculated, to stop her from feeling like a monster." Which Homura then sabotaged by outright calling her a monster, or 'psycho' specifically, but by that point Homura wasn't calculating anymore.

    Homura sees Madoka blush and takes a small amount of enjoyment from it. Madoka really has a cute blush. "Mami-san probably needs help right now. We may have stopped her from immediately dying, but she's still going to be depressed. Now that she knows that Kyubey has betrayed her, she might not have any friends left. She gets very lonely." Homura sounds apologetic when she says, "I... probably should not have made such a big deal about her showing you the inside of a Labyrinth. I was scared for you but really... that girl shouldn't be isolated. Especially not now."

    That probably doesn't make Madoka worry any less, but... Homura telling Madoka how she can help has produced good results before. May as well keep doing it if it keeps working. "I mean it. She might be 'at risk', if you know what I mean. In previous timelines she's done herself in after this point."

    The thought that Madoka might dress up like that... and Homura cuddling her while she's doing that... and the fact that Madoka sounds like she actually means it...

    A little trickle of blood drips from Homura's nostril. Realizing it, she immediately puts a hand over her face. "Oh geeze. Sorry. I uh... I need to clean this up." Fortunately she's still in henshin and doesn't need to go far. She pulls a tissue from her shield and starts cleaning her nose. "Haha... if you dressed like that, my heart might explode or something. I mean... it'd be fun. I could give you the same offer, if you wanted me to dress up in something cute. That'd be something we could do together, if you wanted."
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka is sitting/half laying there snuggled up to Homura and as she goes into a long explanation about how each of the Puella needs to be handled in order to get them to do what you want them to she's wondering what it is that makes her think she's a bad leader. Oh right, caring about what happens to them. Hm.

    On the other hand if she knew exactly how to deal with all of them she probably wouldn't have ended up on such bad terms with them. Though there were a lot of things that happened that ended up stacking them against her that she really didn't cause herself.

    She's still thinking about all of that, perhaps not the quickest at absorbing that kind of information and not really the type to try and manipulate people, when Homura starts really emphasizing how much Mami needs help right now. "I thought she'd be fine so long as she made it past what happened earlier. ...but if you think she's still in danger I'll try to make sure it doesn't come to that. It would be horrible for her to give up now. She's fought Witches and saved people for so long... even if she knows more about what she's doing it doesn't change the fact that there's still very many more people she'll save if she keeps fighting. Anshi-chan was really starting to be her friend too. It might be hard even trying to get close to her after that, but you're right, I probably should try."

    Mami really hurt Madoka's feelings. She shoved her away and barely seemed to acknowledge what she was saying before rejecting her opinions outright. But if it's something she can do to help someone, maybe even to save them? Than Madoka can look past a few hurt feelings and try again when the situation isn't so intense.

    Madoka blinks when Homura suddenly slaps a hand over her face. And then she says her heart might explode and Madoka sits up a little. "Y-you don't really mean that, do you?" She -did- say she used to have a heart condition, after all. But Madoka does know what she means, blushing brightly all of a sudden as the tables are turned back on her for a moment, "I-I would really like dressing up in cute things together with you, Homura-chan. You're very beautiful. I've always thought you were... and now that I'm your girlfriend I think it even more."
Homura Akemi has posed:
    The fact that all three of them hate Homura to various degrees, with the one hating her the least probably being Mami, at least tells Homura that she's very poorly equipped to deal with them. It's not that she doesn't understand them, it's just that their goals and methods often clash heavily with her own goals and methods, and since Homura is the only one of the five of them (she's including Madoka in that tally) who consistently survives she can't really think that she's the one who needs to change.

    "I don't know if Mami-san will be okay or not... It's hard to keep her optimistic after this point. I mean... I could be wrong. This timeline is very different than what I'm used to. Even so I don't want to lower my guard. I... can't really consider her disposable just because Walpurgisnacht is gone."

    She considers her own phrasing for a moment. This timeline? After spending so much time in it, and knowing that she's stuck here, and knowing that this has been the best shot she's ever had, this particular universe is going to be her home now. She wonders if she can really treat it as one timeline among many.

    Homura giggles at Madoka's reaction, then says, "You know... even if it did, it wouldn't matter." She considers the various ways that could be taken. "I-I mean. Like. I can actually live without vital organs. Sortof. I'd have to shut off my pain receptors because heart attacks are harsh," speaking from experience, "but it's technically possible. But no, I don't really mean that."

    With a smile, she adds, "I'd like that, too. I mean, I appreciate you dressing up for me, but I'd also want to like... reciprocate." Madoka calls her beautiful again, and this time Homura believes it. She brightens up when Madoka mentions it. "I think you're gorgeous. Especially when you dress up. You have no idea how tempted I was to kiss you at the New Year's dance. Of course, now that you're my girlfriend I'm always tempted to kiss you."
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    "Then I'll try to help her. Maybe if I try to do some things with her that can help her get her mind off of the magical world for a little while she'll be able to focus on happier things?" Madoka doesn't know that Mami hardly does anything that doesn't have to do with the magical world because of how seriously she takes her role. But then, Homura really didn't either and going to the concert and doing simple fun things together was one of the things that really helped them bond too, right?

    The note that Homura's heart stopping wouldn't actually kill her gets an embarrassed look from Madoka. Doesn't freak or gross her out but it's... not the most romantic idea in the world. She doesn't want to think about her girlfriend being hurt at all, never mind grievously. Though she does have to admit to herself that her girlfriend being able to survive those things is very good, considering how dangerous her 'occupation' is.

    She brightens back up as Homura continues. "I feel the same way, Homura-chan. I like it when you do nice things for me, but I also want to do nice things for you! Hugging and kissing is nice because we both get to enjoy it at the same time." And then her compliment is returned and magnified and she blushes brightly, giggling a bit shyly. "Me? Gorgeous? I don't really think of myself that way, but I'm happy if you do."

    The New Year's dance is mention and she flushes even more, eyes widening. "Oh, wow, that would have been /bad/!" She had a boyfriend! Of course she doesn't anymore, so the thought of something really romantically bad now is as funny as it is startling, and she squeezes against Homura in a fit of giggles. Not that she misses the way that statement was ended.

    "I really like it when you kiss me, Homura-chan. You can kiss me as much as you like."
Homura Akemi has posed:
    Homura nods as Madoka agrees to help her. "I mean... I'd appreciate that. I guess it probably seems like a really strange favor to ask. It's just... this is something you're really good at that I can't really do myself. I hope I'm not asking too much." She's starting to feel very self-conscious about asking for that, but it does kindof matter, and right now Mami needs a friend more than anything.

    Homura just skips past the topic of what she can or cannot survive. Madoka's obviously uncomfortable about it.

    The next topic is a bit more pleasant for both of them. "Yeah... I mean... we love each other so naturally we want to make each other happy. That only makes sense. I'm also glad we both like to cuddle and kiss, since it's something we both enjoy. I guess we're actually both pretty affectionate like that. I do think you're gorgeous, and irresistably cute."

    Homura giggles at Madoka's startled reaction. "Well that's why I didn't do it! You looked so cute in that outfit. Especially the way you had your hair. I guess that's why I was acting... weird that day." Madoka's giggling makes Homura giggle even more. She must be feeling pretty comfortable around Madoka if she's willing to even admit to that.

    Her giggles slow after Madoka's next statement. "I like it when you kiss me, too. And you can kiss me as much as you want. In fact..." Homura leans in, brushing her lips against Madoka. Amy hops out of her lap as Homura moves in, moving to the back of the couch. Homura holds there, her lips against Madoka's, before pulling away to say, "I really am hopelessly in love with you."
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    Madoka gives a blink of surprise when Homura says what she's suggesting would be a favor to her. "Don't worry about it, Homura-chan. If Mami-san really needs the help I'd be happy to try and help her. I think I'd like being her friend if she'd let me." It's just, well, the last time she actually went to do something with Mami specifically it ended up resulting in a bit of a shouting match between her and Homura. It did turn out fine in the end but that kind of thing can still leave an impression.

    "I really liked snuggling with you before but being close to you when we're girlfriends is even better. It's so nice being able to be close to you whenever I want and not have to worry about it bothering you." Another pair of compliments and Madoka is blushing and squirming in a happily embarrassed way. "Irresistibly cute... you sure know how to make me feel special, Homura-chan."

    Acting weird? Madoka doesn't really remember it like that, but maybe she would if she knew how Homura felt about her. "That was a wonderful night." Then a slowly brightening smile, "If you like it when I wear my hair down so much I can wear it that way for you some more. Like maybe when I dress up as a pretty little secretary for you." She giggles again with a teasing lilt.

    Then Homura leans in for a kiss and Madoka is more than ready for it, closing her eyes and returning it happily. She lets out a happy sigh through her nose and enjoys every bit of affection Homura gives her with the kiss, running her fingers through her long black hair again and enjoying the soft feeling against her lips. When she pulls away Madoka looks into purple eyes and smiles, a happy tingly sensation washing over her at the love declaration. "I'm so lucky and blessed to be loved by someone as wonderful as you. You make me so happy."

    Then while still looking into Homura's eyes she pulls her arms away, reaching up by her head and pulling the ribbons out of her hair, letting it fall down around her shoulders. She places them both into one hand and stretches back to set them on the back of the couch away from Amy, because kittens will be kittens if you taunt them with dangling cloth, before reaching back and running her fingers through her own hair a few times to straighten it.

    Then, remembering their first kiss, she reaches out and wraps them around Homura only to slowly turn and slide down onto the couch, trying to draw Homura down with her, and on top of her. "It's okay, my sweet special Homura-chan. You don't have to resist me at all. I'm your little angel, after all." And then Madoka closes her eyes in eager anticipation.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    That shouting match ended up setting the basis for cooperation between Mami and Homura, so maybe Madoka did a bit more good than she realizes. It can be hard to look at something like that as a good thing, especially when there was so much anger between the two of them, but if that shouting match hadn't happened then a lot of other important things wouldn't have happened either.

    "It's a lot better. Snuggling you, I mean. I'm also glad that I don't feel a need to hide how it makes me feel. It really is comfortable and warm, cuddling with you like this."

    "And you're very special, Madoka-chan."

    Thinking about the New Years Dance brings a smile to Homura's face. "It was, wasn't it? I really enjoyed it. I'm glad you did too, because times like those really mean a lot to me. It was sad then, because I was always worried that it would end, but now that fear is gone and there's just the happy memory."

    Homura blushes as Madoka offers to let her hair down more often. "I really do like it like that. It's kindof a mature look. Especially if you're dressed like that."

    After the kiss, Homura smiles. "I think I'm even more lucky, because I get to be with you. If being with you like this makes you happy then I'm not going to stop."

    Homura watches as Madoka undoes her hair, letting it fall. What happens next makes her heart pound, because Madoka is pulling Homura on top of her, and Homura eagerly accepts the invitation. She turns to face Madoka and as Madoka lies down, Homura lies on top of her. Hearing that she doesn't have to resist, and that Madoka's her little angel.

    Homura can't hold back, and by what Madoka said she doesn't have to, so she doesn't. She's kissing Madoka, moving her hand up to cradle Madoka's head, and kissing her over and over, furiously. After a few moments of that she presses her lips against Madoka and holds them there.
Madoka Kaname has posed:
    "I feel bad for teasing you if you felt like you had to hide something because I was being so close to you. But only a little because things have turned out so well." She nuzzles against Homura when she says cuddling is comfortable and warm, smiling happily at yet more wonderful compliments. "Hehehe, thank you."

    Madoka nods, "That's right; you don't have to worry about that anymore. We're going to keep spending time together and making more wonderful memories to look back on."

    The fact that Homura likes her hair down so much makes her happy because of what she's planning next, giggling then and considering getting into a playful, teasing 'No, -I'm- luckier!' argument with her girlfriend. Instead she says, "Of course I'm happy being with you. You've made me so much happier than I've ever been."

    The fact that her actions are building up the passion within Homura doesn't bother Madoka in the slightest. That's exactly what she was trying to do. And as her head is taken and kisses given to her with intensity she blushes furiously, cheeks turning bright red and warming enough to be felt.

    She isn't pulling away either; it's actually quite the opposite, her arms wrapping around Homura and pulling her girlfriend even more tightly against her, squeezing her into a very close hug. And when the many kisses turn into a single longer one she returns it, lips pressing firmly into Homura's while her fingers spread over her back and hold her close.

    That someone would want her and love her so much fills her with a wonderful feeling of acceptance and bliss, and she does her best to return that love and yearning as much as she can.
Homura Akemi has posed:
    "Don't feel bad. I enjoy being teased like that." Homura probably wouldn't admit it except to Madoka. On the other hand, Madoka's the only one who could tease her like that anyways.

    When Madoka tells her that she makes her happy, Homura responds, "Then I may as well keep doing that then. Seeing you happy, and especially making you happy, is the greatest joy to me."

    Madoka certainly achieved what she set out to do, because Homura's fire is lit and burning hot. The fact that it was done not as a tease but an invitation only encourages Homura more. Homura giggles while kissing after she feels the heat from Madoka's blush.

    For this moment, it doesn't matter that they're in the ruins of Homura's apartment. It doesn't matter that there's a broken skyscraper looming above them. It doesn't matter that there are holes in the wall that let chilly air in. All that matters is that the two of them are there together and they are happy, and that happiness is the only thing that Homura notices.

    Homura pulls away briefly, taking in a breath of air and letting Madoka do the same, before moving back in to kiss Madoka, not furiously like before, but several slow, passionate kisses, one after another. Homura can't kiss her enough.

    Homura's hair drapes over the side of the couch, and the black-haired Puella doesn't even notice when Amy hops to the floor and starts playing with the ends of her dangling hair.