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“Treat people how you want to be treated.”

We expect everyone on MahouMUSH to behave maturely, and to treat other players with respect. MahouMUSH strives to be inclusive, and not exclusive, and we want our player base to take this fact to heart, and welcome everyone to awesome opportunities to roleplay.

We don’t expect you to disrespect people. We don’t want you using sexist/racist/homophobic slurs. We don’t want you insulting people to their face or behind their back. We don’t want you to repeatedly harass players when you’ve been asked to stop specific behavior. We don’t want you rumor mongering about specific players.

We don’t expect everyone to be best friends (although that would be super-nice!) but we do expect everyone on the MUSH to get along. Lets leave the drama IC. When your feelings about a certain player cross over into actions - actions which make them feel bad or which attempt to color other player’s opinions of them, you risk breaking the Behavior Policy.

Overall, we consider MahouMUSH to be a ‘Safe Space’, and people who refuse to follow the above behavior guidelines are endangering the Safe Space we’re working hard to create. Those who fail to abide by this policy, will be warned and handled with accordance of the Punishment and Firing Policy. If you are having a problem with someone, and cannot avoid it or arbitrate it yourself (or feel uncomfortable doing so yourself) please come to any staffer immediately, or submit a +request (+help +request) or an @mail (help @mail), and we will get to it ASAP. We will handle your problem anonymously as possible, and should you be subject to unpleasantness due to reporting problems to staff, please let us know. You have the right to feel safe and comfortable on MahouMUSH.