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Character Application

Hello, and thank you for your interest in apping at MahouMUSH! Before you start the application, make sure you’ve read over our theme document and policy files. Once you’ve done that, you’re probably ready to begin! When you’ve finished your application, copy and paste it into an E-mail, and send it to with the header: Theme - Character - OC/FC, depending if it’s an original character, or a feature character.

#1.) Who Are You? The following is ‘real life’ information, and not your character name or information. That’ll come in a bit, but for now, please answer the following questions!

Name: Your Real Name. Age: Your Age. E-mail: Your E-mail. Please fill this out!

Also, if you don’t already have a wiki login, please also give us the username you would like for your wiki account (one account will be shared by all of your characters.):

If you’re on any other MU*s, or have prior roleplay experience, let us know here! (It’s okay to be new! We’ll help you out!):

#2.) What’s Your Secret Identity!? Now we’ll need some base information about your character for their profile. This is general information that people can look at with a glance using the +finger command.

Name: What’s your character’s everyday, normal, non-magical name? e.g.: Usagi Tsukino

AKA: What’s your character’s magical hero name? e.g.: Sailor Moon. Also, any other names they may typically be known by.

Theme: What theme are you from? e.g.: ‘Smile! Pretty Cure’, ‘Shugo Chara!’. It’s okay if it’s an original theme of your own making! If your theme doesn’t exist yet, you’ll get a chance to create it later on in this application.

Character Type: Feature Character or Original Character? (I.E.: Is it a character from an existing series, an FC; or is it a character of your own creation, an OC?)

School: What School does your character go to? See ‘News Schools’ for more information about the schools on MahouMUSH.

Grade: What Grade is your character in initially? 8th Graders are usually 13-14 years old as a note.

Faction: What faction does your character belong to? If they don’t belong to any faction, simply put ‘Unaffiliated’.

Quote: Something your character might say: a Henshin Phrase, a pre-battle speech, or just a pithy quote.

Profile: A paragraph or so about your character. Who are they? What do they do in their spare time? How did they come across their magical powers? Why are they good or evil? These are examples of some items that should be in a profile. Featured Characters may have their own profile already, but appers should feel free to write their own replacements that indicate the direction they wish to take the character in. Profiles on the MUSH for characters not currently played may hint at things or story angles which are not necessarily set in stone.

Skills: A list of things your character knows, can do easily, or maybe some silly musings.

On MahouMUSH, you can change the Quote, Profile, and Skills of your character using commands after their initial setting by staff. Major changes to your character , such as faction or additional henshin forms, still need to be passed through staff. Type ‘+help +finger’ to learn how.

#3.) A History Lesson What’s your character’s past? What put them where they are when they start the game? If they haven’t discovered their secret magical life yet, please include, briefly, how you expect that to happen.

#4.) With All My Hopes and Dreams-- and Help From My Friends! What is your character’s personality? What do they do in their spare time? What school clubs are they a part of? What dreams do they have for the future? How do they feel about their secret magical life? How do they feel about their friends, and who are these friends?

#5.) Let Me Show You My True Power! Here, we’ll deal with the combat section of the application, and deal with your stats! MahouMUSH keeps it pretty simple, so this form should be easy to fill out! Staff reserve the right to modify or set your stats for you (to get you on the MUSH quicker), and will set them for you from the get-go if you ask nicely.

Don’t just fill out the raw numbers, however -- it’s just as important to describe your character's powers and general style of combat here, and name and describe at least one Iconic Attack. A character may have more than one, but all characters should have at least one.

Most characters will have at least two stat blocks here: one for their ‘base form’ (or human disguise, if a youma/antagonist type) and one for their combat form. Some antagonists that do not have a disguise will only have a combat form (e.g. Queen Beryl).

Base Henshin: For the base (or disguise) form, all characters have 25 points to spend between the two primary stats of Spirit (Offense) and Heart (Defense); these stats individually cannot be lower than 5 or higher than 20.

Combat Henshin(s): Currently, for the combat henshin, all characters have 60 points to spend between their two primary stats: Spirit (Offense) and Heart (defense). Currently, these stats cannot be lower than 15 or higher than 45. If you happen to have multiple combat henshins, you may list separate stat sets for each henshin.

The numbers are subject to change as characters grow and evolve (and gain new power-ups, as Mahou Shoujo tradition demands!) and as the combat system evolves as well.

If your Theme exists already, then you’re ready to submit your application here following the directions at the top of the document!

If your theme is new (FC or OC), please fill out the following information:

#6.) Theme Profile Give us a brief one to three paragraphs about what your theme is about. This will be included into the +theme’s listing for your theme, to let others know what your theme is about, so please keep this in mind.

#7.) Theme Questions Tell us a little more about your theme. What is your theme named, and what is it about? and Why is it about what it is. This is how staff will determine how fit the theme is for the MUSH, and let us have a dialogue about it with you if it needs some fixes to fit into the game. If there’s any ‘surprises’ in your theme that need to discussed before the theme goes live, here’s a way to tell us without letting the rest of the MUSH know, too!

That’s it, you’re done! Follow the directions at the top of the document, to send in your application!