Where you lay your head (Sierra Earhart)

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Where you lay your head (Sierra Earhart)
Date of Cutscene: 10 April 2016
Location: Sierra's Bedroom
Synopsis: After leaving the park on her first day in Tokyo, Sierra goes to organize her new bedroom.
Cast of Characters: Sierra Earhart

The walk through the park had calmed Sierra's nerves. She desperately needed that after meeting one of her pop idols as well as a cute guy and some other American girl. Meeting Utau had set her on edge. When someone looks like they are going to tear you apart, you tend to get a little edge. When that particular someone is someone you look up to, It really sorta hurts. Still that was the least of her worries. Those voices. That is what pushed her towards the park in the first place. Where were they coming from? More importantly, What was all this talk of eggs and Guardians? That was all messed up.

Slowly the elevator ascended to the third floor. It bothered her that they were to live so high off the ground. Thankfully there weren't any windows in the elevator. As the lift stops and the doors open, Sierra steps out and enters her family's apartment. Quickly she eats her dinner and then its off to her room. Her room is actually fairly large. She has a large bed, a closet, a dresser, a desk and a big window. Quickly she gets settled in. Box after box, she starts going through them and setting things up.

A few hours pass. The barren room slowly turns from what could be described as a cave, into a teenage girls room... or at least what passes for one when you fantasize about taking flight. There are posters on the walls. There one that has a certain pop idol on it but the real oddity though is the fact that there are a lot of pictures of planes on the walls. Many of them are prop planes, bi-planes and mono-planes. Images of them in the clouds, flying free over golden horizons.

As she finishes up for the evening, her gaze shifts to the window. Part of her wants to look out and see the view. She quietly moves closer to the window. "It's okay. I'm safe. I'm not going to fall. It's alright. Come on Sierra. You can do this." She peeks out for a brief moment only to let out a shriek before she quickly withdraws herself to her bed. She is left shaking in complete and total fear. She has gone white as a ghost on top of this. A knock echos throughout the room. A moment later, the door opens and in walks her Mother.

"I heard a scream, Are you alright?" The moment she looks at her daughter she knows what happened. "It's okay baby, You're safe. We will find a way to help you get over this, I promise you." She moves in and hugs Sierra. "You're alright, I promise your dad and I will do all we can to help you get through this."

"It's not just that Mom. I'm scared to make friends here. I keep thinking Dad is going to get relocated again I'll have to leave. I don't wanna be alone anymore. I just wanna be at home. That's all I want right now." She stops for a few moments and then starts talking again, "Mom I can't shake this. I want to be a pilot more then anything but I can't stand to be off the ground more than a foot! Its too scary. I'll fall, I just know it. It's just.... Pointless!" She takes her pilot's pin off her jacket and throws it across the room.

Deep inside her, A brown and orange egg, with a set of familiar looking pilot wings just seems to pout.

Her mother pulls her closer, "Listen, No dream is easy. In fact, a true dream is very hard to obtain. It takes everything for you to achieve them. You have the dream in your heart, but that's only the first step. When you let that dream build and grow stronger, It becomes a passion and that passion will drive you to overcome any fear. You've not stopped talking about how great it was when you seen the tops of the clouds. Don't give up on that now." Her mother smiles to her daughter, "I'm not letting you give up on this." Then she changes gears. "You know, When your dad joined the military, and we made our first move, I couldn't sleep. I missed my friends. I missed my family. Your father told me something that has helped me all of these years. Home is where you lay your head. No matter where we went, Where we laid our head was always our home."

"Thank you Momma. I won't give up. Not yet. I am just so scared. How can I even begin to shake this? It doesn't matter. I'll keep trying. I have to keep trying right?" She states. "I guess since my I lay my head here now, this is home. I hope I can make some friends. Maybe things will get better when school starts up again."