Practice Interrupted

Infinity's Kickboxing Club welcomes one and all to partake in and view its pre-tournament practice! A youma descends to devour school spirit and those attending! One brave young man and the mysterious Storm Knight save the day!

Date: 2015-05-23
Pose Count: 19
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-23 01:07:50 433
Ads for the pre-tournament Kickboxing Club at Infinity U have been plastered everywhere by its overzealous, slightly shifty looking members. Social networking, fliers, even the school newspaper has had them shoved down people's throats. A majority of the members are ex-delinquents, and thus, they approach it with the same 'enthusiasm'. Rough, loud, but at least well intentioned. It'd be hard to /not/ know it's going on.

The training area is the gym, and a big boxing ring has been set up. Bleachers are set up, and punching bags are rigorously being worked at by various members. There's even refreshments being served by a big punk with a large pompadour sitting beside a black-haired, scrawny, thin-looking girl.

WHAM! A slightly smaller girl goes flat to the mat after a hard right hook from Hannah. She lays there, dazed, before the team's coach calls it off. Hannah helps her back up, and after ruffling her hair. Water bottles are passed out, and the scrawny girl cheers.

"Gooo Hannah-chan! You're looking great out there!" Hannah looks absolutely pleased, only to get punched hard by the coach. She takes it well, but it gets the point across. Another club member takes to the ring, and they square off! Fists fly!

But for all of this, there's a strange feeling in the air to the magically sensitive. Hannah's too caught up in her training to notice, but there's certainly something ominous tonight despite the cheers and confidence of those rooting for Infinity's Iron Lily.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-23 01:17:10 434
     Kickboxing club? Yeah, that was right up Suzuki's alleyway! Okay, maybe not entirely. She was more of a kendo kind of girl, but she could definitely respect the martial art that is kickboxing! That and, well, getting to see people from the other schools might be good. And Homura went to this academy, so... maybe she could see her acquaintance again!

That and she needed to get out. She'd been sitting there with her nose in some books recently, trying to puzzle her way through figuring out the language that her device had been speaking. Unfortunately, all of the strange symbols and letters didn't really say anything about the actual pronunciation of the language. Eventually she'd probably have to ask someone about it.

But, regardless, Suzuki was here! She was in the crowd, standing somewhat towards the back of the other kids, so that she wasn't getting in the other girls' way, being a few inches taller than many of them. Let's see. That one looked skilled, the one who had just recieved the punch from her coach. She must have performed a foul or something? Interesting. Suzuki began to inch her way through the crowd to try to make her way slightly towards the girl who'd been cheering, doing her best not to be in the way the whole time! Needless to say, it was somewhat of a long and convoluted path.

Also her device was buzzing at her a bit, trying to feed her information about the strange feeling in the air. Suzuki was somewhat aware of it, but unfortunately she couldn't understand what her device was actually transmitting to her.

Language barriers. Ugh.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-23 01:32:45 435
Junpei Matsuo honestly didn't like 'let's beat each other to a pulp' clubs, but he wasn't here for his own sake. In the spirit of cooperation his band's drummer as well as several representatives from Seiyou's own kickvoxi club had made an appearance. Junpei was just here to give his friend moral support and to show solidarity by wearing the band's colors. He wasn't in the front near the thick of things though. He happened to be near Suzuki, though he didn't hear her Device over the crowd. Things felt... Was this how it felt before these clubs started anything? He didn't like this feeling very much. So he just looked ahead in an attempt to be stoic, and instead looked vaguely sick.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-23 01:52:54 436
Suzuki's push through the crowd is easy at first. Then she gets to the line of hardcore 'Iron Lily' fans and benched members of the club in leather jackets.

"Gooooo Lily!"

"Beat his a...butt Aniki!"

"Send 'em all to hell Aniki! Ain't any other school than Infinity gonna survive the Infinity Dempsy Roll!"

Thankfully, the scrawny girl notices Suzu, and with a nervous smile and bow, manages to part the sea of overzealous fans. She does get swatted by a few waving flags though.

"Don't mind all of those ruffians! They have heart, you see. There's room for one more up front if you don't mind helping me pass out water and gatorade. Are you a fan of the club?" Then she grins.

"Or maybe just a fan of Hannah? I'm Ao." She'll all but pull Suzu towards the refreshment stand and into a chair near the big pompadour guy. He flashes a gap-toothed smile and a thumbs up. It's to be noted, however, that Ao has all of the strength of a goldfish.

Junpei is also assaulted by the overzealous crowd. Namely in the form of one of the big, muscled, burly delinquent types that make up a majority of the fanbase and club itself. An arm is thrown around Junpei's shoulders.

"Oiiiii, brother! What side you on, huh? IU or Sei? Heh heh heh, Lily's lookin' great this year. But heard Sei's got some new hotshots!" Then there's a flask being shoved at him.

"To the power of punching! Aniki always says that fists can tell you more about a man than livin' with 'em!" You sometimes can't take the delinquent out of the delinquent.

That feeling grows stronger. There's a sound of...skittering? Seemingly coming from the roof. Most of the people don't seem to notice. One or two actually look up, then shrug. To those with sensitivity, it might seem plain as day.

Hannah, for her part, dodges a series of jabs. The big man, apparently one from the opposing team, is quick for someone so huge. Normally it wouldn't be allowed in a true tournament, but Hannah Sharpe said that she'd take on anyone. She'd been good on her word. Wham! Right in the eye. That'll leave a mark. She staggers back, ducks a right hook as her ears pick up the sound of it coming in. Boxing blind is half instinct, half really good ears. She's so caught up in facing down the bigger, stronger opponent, she doesn't notice as people begin to fall unsconscious. First it's a few in the back rows. Then, right next to Suzuki, Ao rubs her head.

"Feel...weird..." Flump! Right onto the other girl. The big fan with Junpei groans.

"Ugh...tha hell? Didn't drink that mu..." He's set to collapsing on Jun, right as the ceiling above the ring ripples. A massive creature, half-spider half-person, phases through the ceiling and /lurks/ up there. The tanktop clad upper half folds her arms, and grins, staring at the two in the ring. Tension fills the air as people pass out. Hannah and her opponent go at it regardless, oblivious to anything else and the creature above them.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-23 02:08:28 437
     Being tall had its perks. Which included being able to get through crowds relatively easy. Though she was a bit hesitent once things began to get thicker. Suzuki began to focus a bit more, just focusing on one person over the other -- that was, until she realized that there was a scrawny girl noticing her and parting the crowd for her.

"Ah, thank you." Suzuki murmurs as that heppens. "I don't mind helping pass out drinks." She adds, as she begins to move towards the front of the crowd with her, beginning to do so carefully!

"I actually was trying to get closer to someone who seemed to understand the event; like why the coach punched the one I presume to be Hannah." Suzuki responds a bit sheepishly, giving a small smile. "I'm Suzuki Natsume, a member of the Seiyou Kendo Club." She adds, introducing herself slightly. She allows herself to be lead to the seat, giving a slightly awkward thumbs-up towards the pompadour guy.

She could possibly only look more uncomfortable if she didn't have Ao there talking to her.

Suzuki opens her mouth as if she were about to talk more -- until there was that sound of ... skittering. And her mouth promptly closes, as Verdrehen Sturm pinged several warnings in her ear. Suzuki's lips shifted to a thin line. She'd taken her time to converse ... as much as she could with Verdrehen Sturm, so she knew a few of the basic things to do. At least, a few.

However, her attention is pulled straight to Ao as she flumps over onto her, Suzuki's arms lifting up to reflexively wrap around her protectively. Almost immediately afterwards, she and Ao had been juxaposed, as Suzuki set her into the seat. She reaches a hand to test her forehead, beginning to check for fevers or signs of other issues. Until, well, she felt it. Almost immediately behind her and up. There was SOMETHING there. And Suzuki glanced up towards it. "...Oh fudgesticks." She murmurs. She reaches to tap the Pompadour man's shoulder. "You. Start getting people out of here. Get her." She motions towards Ao. "To a medical facility if you can." Suzuki adds, before straightening up. "...I think something is about to go very wrong."

Really, Suzuki didn't know to care about having a secret identity, but she did move to get briefly lost in the middle of the crowd -- just long enough to get to a spot where she was unlikely to be spotted, behind a row of seats, or behind people too invested in the fight to notice. "Verdrehen Sturm, set up."

            <STANDBY READY. SET UP.>

Immediately afterwards, Suzuki's clothing exploded just like last time, revealing her Knight Clothing immediately underneath it, as Verdrehen Sturm took on its full naginata form. She did not, however, immediately leap into battle, instead opting to try and wait long enough for the pompadour guy to /hopefully/ get people out of there.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-23 02:27:13 438
SUDDENLY PERSON WRAPPING ARM AROUND SELF! Junpei tried to worm his way free of the ruffian's grip, tried speaking but just for the life of him even though he was fairly tall and muscled couldn't politely get the guy to let go. "Oi I'm having about enough of-"Just as Junpei had about enough to force him to think to get physical it started. One of if not the last thought he had was to try pushing Mr loud obnoxious so he'd pitch back into a seated position instead of pitching forward. Unfortunately he had no special immunities so went down along with all of the other normal people.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-23 02:40:22 439
Ao laughs at Suzuki's question!

"Hannah is getting cocky again. She's good. /Really/ good. But sometimes that goes to her head. A jab or two keeps her head from getting too big, you know?" Ao then whispers.

"She has a 'glass jaw'. All power. Don't tell her I said that, though, she's self-conscious about her body that way." A wink from the woman before she goes to la-la youma land.

Pompadour Man looks briefly confused, then he notes Ao. A gasp, and she's picked up effortlessly. She's not a heavy woman at all! And Pompadour is pretty burly. There's no signs of illness, but there /is/ concern in the big man's eyes.

"I don't know what's going on, but that's a good idea!"

He turns around, and yells. "Oiiiii! Get outta hear, somethin' bad's happenin'!" Comes the man with all the volume of someone that big. Hannah and her opponent pause. A few amongst the crowd manage to get out, but most are out for the count. The big man has Ao in his arms, and staggers out of the building. He very nearly passes out himself, but love for the sport and concern for Hannah's best friend gives him the power to surge on!

And call the authorities. There'll be help here, eventually, but for now there's a spider-youma to deal with.

Mister Loud is a very, very heavy sack of potatoes. And a clingy drunk, as it turns out. "Don't be so stingy brother! The world's gonna be..."

Whump! Down he goes, alongside Junpei. Thankfully, he rolls off of the other man.

Hannah's opponent finally succumbs, and Hannah herself has a moment of indecision. To run and Henshin, or save her fellow fighter. When the bulk of the creature above starts to fall, Raging Tempest screaming in her mind, she grabs the collapsing form of the other highschooler, shoves him as gently as she can past the ropes and onto the mats below, and narrowly avoids being crushed by the spider-youma as she descends in a leap. The ring collapses inwards, and Hannah stumbles. She can't transform here. It'd expose her too much.

It's that very thought that has the spider-youma striking. Hannah's arms instinctively go up to guard her body and head, her well-trained body moving to dodge. A left-handed jab impacts one of the chitinous, black plates on the monster's arm. On a mortal, it'd be a hard blow. Hannah's muscles strain against that armor, doing absolutely nothing. The youma laughs.

"Puny human! So brave! If only you weren't WEAK!" A spidery leg slams into Hannah, sending her flying to land in a heap. She falls unconscious as she lands, mortal shell unable to take the impact. She's alive, but certainly hurt.

The youma laughs at her seeming victory.

"PATHETIC! Oh, I cannot /wait/ to dine on all of this powerful life energy! Come heeeere little boxing morsel~!" Then the creature leaps into the air, intending to fall upon Hannah!
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-23 02:49:55 440
     Alright. At least a few got out, though it looks like almost as many have stumbled and fallen unconscious. Crap. That's a lot of people she's going to have to worry about. Suzuki shifts her gaze over them briefly. Luckily, there was a relatively wide area around the ring that should be clear of people. Suzuki immediately leaps for it, shortly after watching Hannah save her opponent and then get downed, herself!

Suzuki lifts her Naginata up briefly, as Verdrehen Sturm pings the spell as it's cast!


Suzuki then brings the blade slashing up quickly towards the Drider! While the blade itself doesn't even remotely strike directly, a whirlwind is sent flying towards the drider, attempting to knock it back and encircle it in cutting winds!

Now that the element of surprise had been taken advantage of, Suzuki called out! "Picking on those weaker than you, after they gallantly save their very opponent? You should feel ashamed of yourself, monster. I shall be the one to punish you!"
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-23 02:58:49 441
For all of its initial stealth, this youma seems pretty oblivious, too focused on the delicious magical treat that is Hannah to notice Suzuki and her henshin-ing! Mid-leap, it's head turns about, realization hitting it.

"Wh...How're you still conscious!? BLURGH!" A wind blast catches the creature just as it's about to turn the down-and-out kickboxer into paste, sending it flying into a wall! Thankfully the school has amazing insurance, and the resulting eight foot tall hole won't be much of a problem. The youma staggers to its many-legged feet, and /hisses/ at Suzuki!

"Shame? Bah! The strong eat the weak! That's how this world works! And I'm stronger than you! SO BECOME MY FOOD HUMAN!" All eight legs clench, and then propel the great creature towards the magical girl and her Device! Spindly, sharp spider legs lash out, trying to impale the naginata-wielding woman in a flurry of blows! Sharp leg-tips seek for limbs and chest of the defender of justic!
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-23 03:11:21 442
     "While that may be a very good question, I believe there's more important things to worry about than if I'm conscious or not." Suzuki responds calmly to the Youma, watching as it ... hits the wall and more or less seems to go through it. Verdrehen Sturm still surprised her with how strong it was! Of course, it never occured to her that that was at least in part her /own/ strength.

Of course, there were also more important things for HER to worry about. Like the spider that was speeding towards her! At first, Suzuki had put her naginata out as if to catch the spider's charge on the end of her spear. Aaaand then she realized what was happening. "Verdrehen Sturm!"


As the legs come in towards Suzuki, a shield appeared between them, radiating from around the end of the spear and blocking several of the hits! However, with each hit, the force of it began to make Suzuki slide back, until finally one of the strikes broke through! The shield shattered, and the leg-tips strike Suzuki straight on, sending her to the ground with a tear in her barrier jacket. Luckily the barrier jacket had absorbed most of the damage, leaving only a cut on Suzuki's body.

"Nnnh." Suzuki quickly took hold of Verdrehen sturm, "You know, you really... should fight your opponent before deciding that it's weaker than you." Suzuki says, as wind began to engulf the blade of the naginata, and Suzuki began to get to her feet in a spin! The blade of her Naginata was brought towards the legs of the drider, attempting to sweep it off of its legs!

            <SCHWALL FEGEN.>

Regardless of if it successfully tripped the drider or not, Suzuki followed up immediately with a diagonal slash, attempting to strike along the drider's body from shoulder to hip while still engulfed in that wind!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-23 03:23:24 443
Legs strike and stab, seeking all of those vulnerable places on the magical girl that the youma's currently trying to prey on! She laughs as she leaps and strikes, confident and assured of victory! Her weight is horrendous, every leap threatening to shatter the floor!

But the landing creature only manages a cut, cracking the concrete as she lands. The spinning strike has the nimble creature leaping upwards, it's spider backside pointed at the girl!

"Too slow! I know the weak when I see the...." She's cut off, as just as she spits out a goopy glob of spider-silk for Suzuki, that blade strikes again! The slash collides against the unarmored body of the drider, and the resulting wind-blast sends her head-over-heels right back into the ring! Wobbling, she finally gets back up, the ring utterly destroyed.

The creature is clearly wounded, breathing heavily as black, oozing blood drips from its wound! Rage fills it, and the being draws up on its hind legs!

"I...I WON'T BE DEFEATED BY A MERE HUMAN! DIEEEEEE!" Dark magic forms in the creatures legs, six beams of pure hate and hunger coalescing on their tips! One by one, she fires them off, each strike powerful enough to punch holes through the walls of the building! She aims not only for Suzuki's body, but for that weapon of hers!
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-23 03:37:39 444
Junpei Matsuo grumbled and threw an arm up which happened to knock debris away. Honestly it was almost like that was intentional even if he clearly was still out of it. The shock of thing impacting hand made his mind focus. Didn't want to? Sleep good. But thing screaming and making loud noises. Go way spider thing.

Wait where were we?

Junpei slowly sat up and looked around as he tried to brush out the cobwebs in his head that threatened to spawn thousands of tiny spiderlings all wanting him to lay back down. Slowly, drunkadly, he got to his feet and shuffled for the nearest exit, with luck or some unseen hand protecting him from debris. At least that's how it looked as first one drider-blow was just ahead of him, a thrown chunk of something just behind.

At the exit Junpei slipped his ear buds in and cranked his 'wake uop' music. THAT got his attention! "Oh... Drek not this nightmare again."

Then emboldened by the fact he realized he was dreaming Junpei let out a shrill ear splitting whistle. "Hey fishbait! Yea, eight legs zero fashion sense! You want a piece?" He posed, flexing, taunting for a moment to try getting the Yuma's attention before running off like his hair was on fire, slapping the nearest fire alarm in the process of attempting to draw it away from the crowd.

Why did he keep having these weird nightmares?
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-23 03:40:22 445
     "...Too slow, huh?" Suzuki murmurs, shifting into a defensive position and planting her legs rather firmly, as the drider began to draw up on its hind legs. The ring was utterly destroyed, but it was better the ring destroyed, than several people! Still, Suzuki was focused on the creature. Huh. It could bleed? What sort of monster /was/ that? Beyond half-spider. Ugh, kind of creepy.

Also there was screeching and anger from the drider, which was rearing up. Suzuki began to step in towards it almost immediately as it began to rear up and gather its hate beams. "I am not a mere human. I am S--Storm Knight, from a long line of defenders of this planet! A protector of the weak, and destroyer of evil like you!" Also kind of a noob, but she had the Heart, and that was what mattered! As the hate beams came in, Suzuki used a reactive spell of her own!


Radiating out from Verdrehen Sturm, a shield rapidly formed over the two, working at defending against the magical beams of hate and blocking the worst of them. This was more of a wide-area defense spell though, so beams did manage to get through, cutting through Suzuki's side and her left leg. She faltered briefly in her approach, giving a whimper of pain. Oh goddess that hurt. But she wasn't ready to stop, there were people who needed her help!

Once she was close enough, Suzuki lifted her Naginata, quickly thrusting it up towards the center of the drider's mass! It ... stoppped just before it, however. "I would have you leave, whatever you are."


Immediately after that chime from her device, the tip of the blade woudl give off an arrow-shaped bolt of electricity, attempting to shoot straight into the drider from point blank! "I have more than enough speed for the likes of you." Suzuki says calmly, almost coldly towards the drider.

And then suddenly, there was a call out from Junpei, which caused her attention to divert briefly, glancing towards the man as he pulls the fire alarm! ...The water and the lightning may have just activated at the right time to give the drider an extra-special shock! "H-hey! Y-you need to get out of here, quickly! I-it's not safe!" Suzuki calls out, somewhat caught off-guard!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-23 03:50:16 446
The creature /laughs/ as it sees its beams cut through that shield, sharp-pointy teeth visible as it /looms/ over Suzuki!

"Storm Knight, huh? Fah! Evil is strength! And I'll get even stronger after I..." But the being is too slow to react, as that spear is pointed at its heart. The thing pauses, indecision written on its features!

It very nearly gives up, but Suzuki's words sink in.

"Pity, from a /HUMAN/! Never! I won't sink that low!" Its jaws open disturbingly wide, and its human hand grabs the length of the Device! Attempting to rip it from Suzuki's grasp, the great creature lunges for her throat!

It's right then that Junpei hits the fire alarm, and the school's advanced sprinkler system douses the youma utterly. As well as pretty much everyone. Hannah slowly, oh-so-slowly, wakes up as consciousness returns. She hears that woman she remembers from the concert, wielding a Device like hers. And the boy who kept their hearts raised.

Lightning crashes, coursing through the soaked youma! Seizing up, it screams, body tensing and curling up as the combination of lightning magic and water does the inevitable. Body smoking, it falters, and thuds to the side in a smoking heap.

Slowly, the creature's body fades in plumes of magic. The sprinklers shut off, and people begin to get up as the ambulances arrive. Hannah shakily stands up, rubbing her head. She's delirious, and shakey after the blow from earlier.

"What...happened?" Pause.

"Why am I soaked?" she asks the room, threatening to tip right back over! Youma hit hard to a mere, un-magic'd girl.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-23 03:57:06 447
Junpei Matsuo stopped as soon as his brain registered no crashing screaming thing from lovecraft's own nightmares chasing him. Instead he doubled back around just in time to see drider turn into smoking mess that dissolved. He was still groggy feeling, wrung out, like he'd done a full set on drums, then an all nighter with the band THEN a twenty mile uphill cycle climb.

When EMTs apprached him Junpei brushed them off, "Probably in shock," He muttered as he approached, "Coherent enough to get home. Will sign release forms later. Go help people not waking up yet." His speech was slurred now that adremaline was fading and he realized he was awake.

Was he awake the whole time? What happened here? Explosion? Didn't make sense. No it... Sigh. His shoulders slumped as he approached the ring in time to offer Hannah a shoulder to lean on. "Lean on me. C'mon it's alright. Big scary thing fried. We can talk later, c'mon up and at 'em girl lets go." He sounded tired, but it felt right to try getting Hannah away before she could get carted off.
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-23 04:01:09 448
     Okay. That was terrifying. If Suzuki had not been raised to be a balanced girl who is calm in an emergency, she would probably be panicing right now, considering that the spider had just /gone/ for her /neck/. Luckily, lightning is faster than drider-ladies!

Still, Suzuki had taking several steps back and lifted a hand to rest her hand over her neck protectively. Nope, nope, no vampire-biting her neck today! Not for this girl! "...It would have been better if you'd just left." Storm Knight mumbles, watching as the drider began to turn into plumes of magical smoke. She shifts the naginata, leaning it against her shoulder carefully, and possibly leaning /slightly/ on it. Oh goddess. That hurt. The last one had only gotten her indirectly and kicked her, this one had cut her /and/ shot her with hate-beams!

Still. Important things. Yes. There were a bunch of unconscious people, and emergency vehicles arriving to help people who had passed out. "...You saved your opponent from a fight, but you were attacked. Everything is fine now, though." Storm Knight says honestly towards her.

Her gaze turns towards Junpei carefully, watching him as he returns and starts to help Hannah and the others. Okay. Everyone seemed more or less fine, the room was trashed, but it shouldn't be too bad! She'd defeated the monster! And it seemed like she was better in-sync with Verdrehen Sturm than the last time she fought alongside her. "I believe that he's the reason you're soaked." She says, gesturing towards Junpei. She was also soaked. Well, at least her hair and head. Her clothing was made out of magic so it was not quite as susceptible to things like 'water'. "A very timely distraction, too."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-23 04:08:51 449
Hannah is hardly going to complain, soaked in boxing shorts and a tank top. She feels absolutely /frigid/ and exhausted. Half certain she has a bruised rib, for tha matter. The tall girl is a leaden, stumbling lump in Junpei's arms as he helps her towards the door.

The EMT's, despite the chaos, are complete professionals. A most frightented-looking Ao walks right back in, helping her fellow EMT's after a relieved look to Hannah. For all that she'd been unconscious a few minutes ago, Ao is right there with the rest, getting those waking up out or otherwise into ambulances when it's necessary.

"Fried...thing. Right. Gonna be okay. Matsuo-san?" She mutters incoherently. Suzuki's voice then hits her. She smiles groggily.

"Had worse hits...heh...terrible technique. hundred years too young!" Comes Infinity's Iron Lily, utterly punch-drunk. Or spider-drunk, in this case.

Some of the more aware in the crowd look to Suzuki as they wake up.

"Oi...dunno what happened, but did that girl save us?"

"Must've been an explosion! Always said the tech around here was shifty."

"Oiiii! Helpin' Aniki out like dat! We ain't gonna forget ya!" Come some of the Club Members, cheering on the newly minted Storm Knight. They root and holler, chanting her name.

And thus a new magical girl was born, even /if/ the whole event will be pinned on a poorly built building and sprinkler malfunction.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-23 04:12:54 450
Well Hannah seemed OK so Junpei was willing to set her down and let actual professional people take over, but it felt weird it went for her first. Something bugged him. Still, he looked to this Storm Knight and nodded. "Saw you at fair. Pretty sure my brain's out to lunch right now. If I'm not all twitchy later I'll wanna talk. Don't think it's good to keep getting mixed up in these things." His speech was still somewhat slurred as he started trudging off, relieved of the exeedingly athletic girl. "Thank you. Even if I've gone delusional. Thank you."
Suzuki Natsume 2015-05-23 04:16:26 451
     Well, Hannah seemed to be fine! And people were beginning to wake up. Suzuki began to come down from the adrenaline of battle. "...Yeah, it was one hundred years too young." Storm Knight says towards Hannah, giving a small smile towards her. Of course, what happened next?

Well, Storm Knight proved to be rather skittish, as the sudden attention caused her to balk briefly. She was suddenly the center of attention and people were chanting her name. She take a few breaths, before giving a slightly more nervous smile. "I-I just did what I could to ensure that nobody got hurt too badly... uhm. T-take care, everyone!" Storm Knight calls out, quickly beginning to make her way out the hole that the drider had made for no logical reason.

However, as she leaves the building, she glances towards Matsuo briefly, "Y-yeah, sure, sometime!" And then Storm Knight bravely runs away. She can handle fighting a drider, but a crowd of people cheering her on? Nope, that was too much for her.