Dinner at Sharpe's

Haruna meets Hannah's parents.

Date: 2016-02-12
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Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-12 19:41:31 28317
The Sharpe household is relatively small, as most in Japan tend to be. It's slightly more than an apartment, enough for the two parents and occasionally their child, filled with pictures of a much younger Hannah and family. Several athletics trophies are all prominently displayed, alongside the odd inclusion of a cast iron stove amidst local stylings. There's even an American style living room!

Hannah fidges with her blue skirt and yellow shirt, awaiting the arrival of Haruna. She's on the couch, tapping her fingers on the nearby table. Her mother looks very much like Hannah herself, if slightly shorter and with brown hair. Her Father is a beast of a man, shaved in a crew cut with a grin on his face. He wraps an arm around his daughter's shoulders.

"Don't you worry now! I ain't gonna grill her!"

Hannah scowls. "Like you didn't grill Mamoru?"

The big man laughs. "You gotta watch out for boys at your age! That's dif..."


A newpaper to the back of the head courtesy of Miss Sharpe.

"Be good, darling." The woman says with a smile. Mister Sharpe laughs nervously.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-02-12 19:49:04 28318
oh god.

Oh god.

Haruna Kurosawa is not ready for this. She's obtained a light green button down blouse, a white vest that's buttoned up at the few bottom buttons, and a light yellow skirt and also, her hair is in a single pony tail with a yellow ribbon because that's what the girl she met told her would work good. It does. She looks good. She's not worried about her looks.

She has, in her hands, a seagull! No-- not Corvus, this one is porcelin and is also a gravy boat. It has a red bow wrapped around it's neck. It's a traditional house gift you bring when you visit a house for the first time.

She's practicing to herself as she politely rings the door bell.

"Not Miss Sharpe-san. Not Mr. Sharpe-san. Just.. Sharpe-san! Or-- um.. Misses? WAIT!? Is it miss or misses!?" Oh no!

She's already rung the doorbell. She just shuts up talking to herself now and smiles nervously.

Just look pretty and maybe they'll overlook everything else!
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-12 20:00:09 28319
Paul Sharpe walks towards the door as the doorbell is rung, and the door swiftly opens. The big man has simple jeans and a t-shirt, and almost immediately? A grin on his face. His wife peeks out from behind him, smiling just as warmly, if more gently.

"Hey there! Took you a while to get here! Haruna, right? Come on in!" Paul Sharpe will then all but drag poor Haruna into the living room, Boris giving a woof in greetings as he noms on a bone!

Anna Sharpe chuckles and pats Haruna's shoulder.

"Nice to finally meet you, darlin'. I'm Anna. This big lug here is Paul. Would you like anything? I have some tea goin' if you'd like." Smile!

"HEY GIRL, YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S HERE!" Yells Paul. There's a groan from the living room.



Five seconds later? Hannah and Paul Sharpe are both wrestling on the living room floor, Hannah gnawing on his head while Paul pins his smaller daughter down. They're both looking way too pleased about this.

Anna just sighs.

"Sit down, darlin', ignore my lovable idiots. So tell me about yourself, Haruna." Smile. It's the smile of the long suffering.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-02-12 20:11:13 28320
Haruna Kurosawa walks into the house. "Ahahaha-- Hi Miss Sharpe-san." and then a look of despair because she said the one thing she's been telling herself NOT to. "I mean Misses Sharpe! Ugh..." yeah she looks forlorn. She looks down to her ceramic seagull gravy boat. "Oh! Um, this is for you! It's a seagull gravy boat! I thought it was cute.. um..."

"...is it always like this?" she asks peeking through the opening into the living room. Huh. American style living room. Like you see on the import movies! Neat, she thinks. She looks to Mom Sharpe- commiting the name 'Anna' to her headspace.

"Is it..always like this?" she asks with a short giggle.

"Oh--um. Tea. Tea is fine! I'd like some tea!" she says with a smile.

"We-ll.. My name is Haruna Kurosawa! I'm in ninth grade, um. I'm in the kickboxing club with Hannah-chan! Um. I have a sister, her name is Aki! I have a pet seagull!" she says.

Yeah that's a lot, but she figures this will help distract Hannah's mom from the Sharpe Federation Wrestling match going on in the living room for the title championship of 'King and/or Queen for the House!?'.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-12 20:21:51 28321
Poor forlorn Gulls! Anna simply offers a kind smile, and reaches down to squeeze her shoulder. There's a small chuckle.

"Don't you worry yourself none, Haruna. You just settle in nice. I have a feeling you're a nice young lady." She gives a little wink.

And then there's the gravy boat! The woman breaks out into a patented Sharpe family grin.

"Well aren't you just the sweetest? Hannah! You did good for...this...one..."

Hannah has her Father pinned, chewing on his shoulder now.

"Uncle! Uncle! You win!" Comes Paul, and then Hannah stands up.

"Victory!" Hannah gently plants a foot on ther back of her Dad's head, then helps him up.

Anna sighs. "Every single time our daughter is over, this is what you get. They're a bit /too/ similar sometimes." It's said with exhausted pride.

The two far more delinquent Sharpes are soon flopped onto the couch like a pair of exhausted fools.

"Hi Haruna!" Hannah finally says. Grin.

Her Father grins too! "Tell us all about your sister! She's party of the family now too after all! And the bird too!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-02-12 20:34:41 28322
Haruna Kurosawa beams! "I do my best!" she says softly. She grins. "Seagulls are kinda.. a favorite animal. Oh! Um-- my seagull's name is Corvus." named for a crow, which is odd-- it's true- Hoshi-chan brought it up last night! But still, she says. "He's a sweetie." she says, not being specific.

She giggles at the sight. "Of course Hannah would win~ I don't think this'd been over until she won!" she insists.

She grins and smiles at Hannah as her eyes trace to Paul Sharpe. She gives a soft bow. "Hello, Mister Sharpe! Um-- Aki is... she's my sister. She woke up from a two year coma not too long ago... s'thought she was dead all that time." she says a little sadly, but not too sadly, because--- she's okay. Isn't she? "She's in the Dance Club, she works at the Minami Mart downtown." she says. "She's nice! If a little brash sometimes."

She smiles.

"Um, So I've told you about me... um. What about you two!" she asks.

She politely tip toes over to the couch.

"May I sit down?" she asks, looking to the group.

Her leg is mostly healed. She's still favoring the other leg clearly though.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-12 20:46:42 28323
Anna considers. Rubbing her chin, she leans in. "A good birdie then? Save a few feathers for me. I have an idea." She whispers conspiratorially.

Then, as the wrestling match ends, she sits down primly, looking all the world like a proper matriarch of the family. Hannah, meanwhile pumps a fist in the air. Poor Paul looks shamed!

"Maybe I really am gettin' old." There's a hint of sadness there, at not being able to keep up with his daughter. There's almost instantly a one-armed hug of the bear of a man from Hannah.

"You win some you lose some. I love you anyway, Dad."

Paul Sharpe almost instantly has the look of a man wanting to cry, but too stubborn and manly to actually do so in front of a guest.

The big man also looks to Haruna with a look that's nothing but sympathy.

"My da' was in the Marines. He...had a bad mission. Got everyone else out, but..." There's perhaps a familiar mix of sadness and then joy.

"Well. I know what it's like. Glad she made it. Treasure every moment with your family, Haruna-chan. Can I call you that, kiddo?" Grin. One guess where Hannah's habit of /that/ came from!

Anna Sharpe smiles. "...I'll bet your sister and Hannah fight a lot."

Hannah wilts just a bit.

Paul grips wife and daughter with a renewed smile. "Well, I'd just retired from the Marines. Anna here is a Doctor, you see. We grew up in the same town! Decided to celebrate coming home, a party, we met up again after being friends in high school. Well. One thing lead to another, we married, and then we had the best blessing anyone could ever have." A big, meaty hand comes down upon Hannah's head. She eee's as she's roughly hair-ruffled!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-02-12 21:05:11 28324
Haruna Kurosawa beams. "You can call me Haurna-chan, yes!" she says quite happily. She looks down. Treasure your family? How can she? Well. Her sister. Yes. Corvus, double yes. But mom and dad...? Probably not happening anytime this year. Maybe next year. Maybe next year she can beat the sense into them. She still doesn't feel ready. She shakes herself out of her internal thoughts a bit.

"Actually. They do." she says. "Aki... is kind of protective of me. N' even more so after I was alone for two years and lots of stuff bothered her about that is all. I think she's warming up to Hannah-chan though!" she says.

Yeah, kinda giving an arm to save your sister isn't something you can particularly ignore or pass off as 'she's just fakin it' or anything. Aki's too stoneheaded to apologize in person.

She beams at Hannah. She seems to be enjoyign herself. Hannah's parents are pretty great!

She whispers back. "I'll save ya some feathers. He'll start shedding 'em soon like crazy- spring comin in, n' all." she says.

She smiles.

"Hannah's really lucky!" she beams.

She thinks a moment.

"Um..." she pulls out her phone and slides up to the group. "Okay-- that's.. Corvus!" she shows a picture of Corvus- he's a seagull. He's looking at the camera grumpily. "Here he is being grumpy..." then she slides. Corvus in a hat, looking goofy. "..and this is him in a tiny top hat..." then she flicks, Aki! shorter hair, not a twin, but obviously related to Haruna, her eyes are a sea-green. "This is Aki." she says.

She does NOT talk about her parents at all.

"To be honest..." she admits. "I was a little nervous! Ahaha-- I used to be very hard to get out of my dorm! n' I'm still kinda shy, but not as much!" she says. "But--you gotta move forward and say... hello!" she insists.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-12 21:19:51 28325
There's a collective look between the Sharpe family at how hesitant Haruna seems about her parents. Not a one directly brings it up, but it's no doubt the elephant in the room. No one here is so rude as to simply bring it up.

AT least right now. It's Hannah that breaks the awkwardness.

"I hope you can call my mom and dad family, Haruna." She says, smiling in an intentionally gentle manner.

Anna latches onto Aki quickly. "It sounds like someone needs to come over for dinner! Does she like fried chicken? We'll make her something she'll like! I taught my daugher how to cook, after all!"


Hannah grins.

"I'm better now though!"

"That a challenge?" Grin.

Both women are off in a rush towards the kitchen about five seconds later.

Paul shakes his head.

"I hope you're hungry, Haruna-chan! We;re going to have stuffed bellies now that they're competin'!"

Then, the man is leaning in. Boris has by now crawled up onto the couch, laid out as pictures are shared. Paul gently scritches old doggie ears!

"Well ain't he adorable? As long as he doesn't peck at fingers, I like 'im! Awww, your sister's cute too!" Grin! The man seems tickled pink about Haruna's family, such as it is. She might still catch the worried look on his face, though.

"Well you're doing pretty good so far! Don't you worry! Come over enough, you'll feel right at home! Anyone around Hannah will open up eventually! She's like a hammer. A sledgehammer to emotional walls!"

From the kitchen? "I heard that, Dad!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-02-12 21:38:55 28326
Haruna Kurosawa watches Hannah-chan and Anna head off to the kitchen and she sniffs. "I've been learning to cook, too.... Hannah does a lot.. you know? So--I like making sure she has good stuff to come back to- instead of worrying about cookin n' stuff." she says.

She does catch that awkwardness--- and she looks to Mister Sharpe. "Ah--ha-- I know what you must be wondering. I just. It's hard. You know?" she says. "N' it ain't fair for me to leave you wondering..."


"Mom and Dad are....um.... 'Traditional' and--- um..." she kinda bumbles about.

"Um one day dad took it too far n' Aki ran away with me after packing as much as she could into three backpacks n' that's why she's so important to me. They'll still talk to Aki but they try very hard to pretend I don't exist." she says a little sadly.

"I feel bad because... Hannah's so happy to introduce me to you and your wife! But--- I can't reciprocate because they'd probably just be as hostile to Hannah as they were me for---the thing- even if they would aknowledge me for the moment." she's trying to lampshade this as much as possible. She's also trying to keep her voice low so the others don't hear.

Then she pipes up. "But it's true~" she sings out teasingly.

She giggles. "I used to.. be a shut-in... n'... then I started...."

Best words... "...'making trouble' n' Hannah-chan was there to bail me out n' she's the reason I started talking to people instead of trying to avoid everyone. I mean..."

"Hannah's rubbed off on me a lot. Sometimes. I get up to mischief just to see how it feels! Nothing terribly wrong! I think this is why Aki kind of sees her as a bad influence at times." she smirks a little on the aside.

She reaches over and gives Boris-kun a pet. "Boris-kun~" she sings out to the pup.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-12 21:53:57 28327
The pair of Sharpe parents look at one another, Anna sneaking back in while Hannah works on dinner. They have a collective grimace, and a slight silence, before Anna simply walks over and gives Haruna a hug. Paul follows.

"That ain't right." The pair say almost at once. Anna has tears in her eyes. It's all close hugs and care for the girl before them.

"Family should stick together. That's what we believe. Tradition isn't worth hurting your daughter. Don't you worry none. I'd probably have /words/ with people who'd throw out such a kind, lovely girl as you, Haruna. Stay whenever you'd like. You're a good girl."

Paul grins as they all let go.

"You're young! Time to make mistakes and get into mischief! I think you're doing just fine!" A laugh.

"But don't get too rubbed off on! My daughter's a troublemaker!"

There's a sigh from the kitchen, and soon enough, food's being brought out.

Boris then licks Haruna's face as the family gathers for dinner, Hannah all but tugging Haruna towards food!

"Come on! It's chicken and rice night. Don't get /too/ sappy here! There's food!" Hannah's stomach grounds.