Confide and Seek

Amu is hiding from boys on Valentine's day. Kukai runs across her anyways.

Date: 2016-02-15
Pose Count: 14
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-15 06:35:15 28911
Valentines Day is coming slowly to a close, and pretty much none of the Guardians have managed to catch sight of Amu Hinamori. She hasn't been home, hasn't been at the school, and her parents have no idea where she's at. She did leave some very nice chocolates (made by Su) at Tadase and Nadeshiko's homes, and she even similar at Kukai's (albeit with a decidedly more appropriate 'friendship' note)! She's been busy, even if she hasn't been visible. Likely she's been cheating with Ran's help to deliver swiftly and get away before she's noticed.

Somehow she's managed to evade notice all day, and Amu is just fine keeping it that way. The teen is curled up in the park, back to a tree and cell phone in hand, staring at the device as if it might hold all the answers to the problems of the universe. Ran and Miki are off having a snowball fight, but Su is nearby, humming to herself as she makes little snow-angels at Amu's side.
Kukai Souma 2016-02-15 06:48:24 28918
Kukai Souma had decided today was a good day to walk through the park. Tokyo was getting back to normal after the past few weeks, and what with it being Valentine's Day Kukai usually made a point to skip out on as much of the day's festivities as he could - he'd still have the chocolates girls would leave for him and he'd return them on White Day, but without somebody specific to look forward to it was usually just a parade of blushes and not being sure what to say to girls who usually just thrust their packages at him and either fled or giggled to the point where they couldn't respond.

So here he was, out in the park, in heavy jacket and long pants, with Daichi wrapped up in an appropriate sized scarf as well, looking at the various couples lost in one another as they walked along and thinking about who all he actually should see today. Laughter rang out from a nearby pile of snow next to a tree, and something about it made Kukai's ears perk up. That sounded like somebody - rather, two little somebodies - he knew. "Hey, Amu. That you back there?" He walks towards the snow pile to see if he's right.
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-15 06:53:57 28921
Betrayed by her own charas! Amu turns to glare at the giggling, snowball fighting pair, then sighs and hunches up even deeper in her jacket. Maybe if she doesn't say anything, Kukai won't notice her. But no, that never works. Especially with Kukai.

"How is it you always manage to find me when I don't want to be found?" Amu asks Kukai past the bushes quietly. She sighs and reaches up to push her hair out of her face. No customary black hairclip for her, today. Her hair's just allowed to go down and wild, get caught up in her scarf, and it's generally a everywhere. "Yeah, it's me."
Kukai Souma 2016-02-15 07:02:12 28928
Kukai Souma looks down at her, then grins, sitting down near her, just under the edge of the tree. "I dunno. We think a lot alike in some ways." He looks closely at her, then grins. "Usually when I find you out and alone and upset like this I insist we do some heavy training to get your mind off it, but you look like this is more a mental problem than a physical one. In fact you look worse than I have recently, and I... well." He looks down, something flickering behind his eyes.

After a moment of silence, however, he looks back up at her, grinning. "Anyway! Just trying to avoid the mass of boys this year so you don't have to give out any chocolates? Your fan club's bigger than mine, and I've already had to decide I need to either get a part time job or give up lunch at school to pay for White Day."

Daichi has already gone over to make it a three way snowball war, complete with little defensive position and piles of snowballs.
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-15 07:10:22 28930
Miki doesn't stand a chance in this game, except by sabotage and subterfuge. With two highly athletic charas as opponents, the blue girl is quickly overwhelmed. "Su, Su, help me!" Miki calls, laughing and giggling as she's buried under snowballs.

"Miki-chi," Su cries, zipping off quickly to dig Miki out. "noo! You mutht live!" Su digs her out and quickly joins in helping Miki in the two-sided war. This makes it two-on-one-on-one, which is decidedly unfair, but at least none of Amu's charas are complaining. They're too busy having fun.

Amu, meanwhile, sighs at Kukai. "Yeah, well, I mostly don't give out even obligation chocolate. That's probably part of how I got my reputation," as the cool and spicy girl, no doubt. "But I did leave some for Tadase and N--" she cuts off instantly, choking on the words. "And another boy I know. And of course, I left some for you."
Kukai Souma 2016-02-15 07:22:23 28934
Kukai Souma smiles and nods. "Well. I'll get you some on White Day. That's no problem." He thinks. "Kinda surprised Nadeshiko didn't give me any, though. Last year she made a big thing of giving me a box. Maybe it's at home. I'll find out later. But for now..." Kukai leans in close, looking at her. "You look like you had your heart broken. Today, of all days. I'm not gonna ask who, but even if I'm wrong you still look like you would like to sit under this tree till you grew attached to the grass."

Daichi catches a couple of snowballs with his forehead from both directions. He acks and dives beneath his bunker, but continues the assault. The thought crosses his mind to go team up with Ran, and he even looks over that way from time to time, but he holds his position for now, trying not to get overwhelmed!
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-15 07:26:10 28937
Amu sticks out her lip in a little pout and looks away from Kukai. "More like I did the breaking," she mumbles. "I think I hurt Tadase-kun a lot," she explains softly. "But well ... there's this other boy who also likes me like maybe as much or more than Tadase-kun does, and I sorta ... told Tadata that we should talk together. And it went okay, I guess, but I don't think Tadase-kun was happy. And now I feel like I'm basically the worst person ever. He told me he wants me to be his girlfriend, and I want that. But not if it hurts this other boy. And now I don't know what to do because I didn't want to hurt Tadase-kun, either."

Ran, also, is suddenly overwhelmed by the uneven odds. Sure, she's more athletic than Miki and Su, but two against one isn't fair! "Ack, ack! not fair not fair!" she calls, then zips--giggling--behind a tree. From there she sticks her face back out for an akanbe, only to receive a snowball to the tongue. Ick-pth. Miki and Su are busy laughing so hard they nearly fall over, which gives Daichi and Ran an opportunity to counter attack. Quick, go now before they recover!
Kukai Souma 2016-02-15 07:37:03 28941
Kukai Souma thinks for a long moment, considering what Amu said. "So... let me ask you something. What happens every time my team wins a game? Or when we stop some villain from doing something awful?" He looks over at the charas for a moment, where Daichi has teamed up with Ran for the moment to circle around Su and Miki and give them their own thrown snowball dinners.

"But with most of them, we make a point to not overdo it. To not hurt people if we can avoid it. We're Guardians, and that means we defend every student of Seiyou Public School, including each other." He laughs for a moment. "We probably should expand our charter at some point. What I'm saying is that we can't make it so that everybody wins all the time. But we can make it so that we're friends afterwards. Supportive in victory and gracious in defeat, and not worrying who the next winner is."

Daichi ends up straight aross from Ran. This means that when he throws, he gets Su, Miki, and Ran all in a line, but more than likely catches one from Ran, too, which ends up knocking him over onto his backside. He sits up after a second, spitting out snow, then bursts out into laughter!
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-15 08:01:42 28947
Amu grimaces at Kukai's words. Any other time, maybe they'd be heartening. Instead, they simply seem to send her spiraling into a fit of even deeper uncertainty. Amu hugs her knees to her chest and buries her face against them, then sighs. Yet another thing she did wrong. But at least she can fix it, soon. Probably. Hopefully.

Amu shakes her head just a little, then looks back up at Kukai. "I know, I just ... maybe I shouldn't have told Tadata I have a crush on him at all. I feel like I'm the worst person ever. I don't deserve to be his girlfriend if I can't even comit to him. You know?"

Meanwhile, the charas are all too busy laughing at their silly antics to continue the snowball fight. Every one of them has fallen over into the snow, covered with the evidence of their war as they giggle at the fun. Such a different world from the conversation Kukai and Amu are sharing.
Kukai Souma 2016-02-15 08:13:10 28950
Kukai Souma looks down again, then reaches over and pats her shoulder. "So in the past few months I've gotten to know some new people. And I'm realizing that the world is much, much bigger than we thought when we were in school. It's still the most important thing to me, to be a Seiyou Public Guardian, and to perform the duties and tasks therein, but I'm starting to realize that things get a lot crazier than what we've been exposed to." A thought - maybe a memory - crosses his face for a moment, but he smiles, warding it away. "We have the chance to do wonderful, amazing things. We can tell people we like them, we can work with people we're friends with, we can be who we want to be. And for you, part of that might be making a choice and then changing."

He nods at the charas again. "I think that's part of why you have three charas. You don't know anything about what you wanna do, Amu-chan. But that's not bad. That's just who you are. I have faith that when the right moment comes you'll make the right choice." Kukai chuckles and then leans down, looking at her. "But I'd tell you, you should make one quick while you still have the chance. And don't worry if it's the 'right' one - you'll always make the right choice, even if it's the wrong choice. OK?"

Daichi can't stop laughing. He's gotten up and gone over to sit with his friends and hug Su and Miki, and give Ran a playful noogie-hug! It's such a great day.
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-15 08:22:13 28952
Miki and Su return the hugs, and Ran squawks at the nogiges, then tackles Daichi to the ground and returns the favor before flipping away in a cartwheel to giggle playfully. Before Daichi can get up, Miki takes Ran's spot and gives poor Daichi a sudden fierce kiss right on the lips! "Happy Valentines Day!" Miki says, before zipping off, too, leaving Su to stare dumbfounded at the whole affair.

Amu looks up at Kukai thoughtfully, then tilts her head. Just make a choice, no matter what? Even if it's not the right choice? That sounds so terrifying. But on the other hand ... Amu frowns just faintly, then takes a deep breath and nods. "I guess you're right," she says softly. "I do owe him a decision, one way or another. I hope no matter what I decide he'll still be my friend."
Kukai Souma 2016-02-15 08:30:54 28955
Kukai Souma waves his hand dismissively at the idea that Tadase wouldn't be her friend even if she wasn't his girlfriend. "Nah, nah. Nothing to worry about there! Tadase will always be your friend no matter what. Of course you've been trying to make him your boyfriend forever, so..." He grins. "Whatever you decide is right. And if it turns out to be wrong, it's still something to learn from. Losing is as important as winning." He squeezes her shoulder and then grins, feeling like he's done right by Amu. "And already you look like your old self, full of determination and grit! You should see your face from this angle. It's all grit." The Jack of Guardian's nose might be getting just a -little- longer as his grin widens.

Daichi lies still for a minute, head spinning, then sits up. First chara he sees? Su. "Su? ... What was that? Was that a Valentine's Day wish?"
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-15 08:44:57 28959
Amu sticks out her tongue at Kukai, then reaches up to pull down her eye. "Nyehhhhhhh," she says to him, before smiling and reaching up to pull Kukai into a hug. "You're a good friend, Kukai-kun," she says to him honestly.

"I fink Miki-chi wanted to kiss you," Su states the obvious, still a little confused, herself. "She's been doing that to a lot of charas lately. You. Kiseki. Yoru. Sighh. Isn't it romantic?"
Kukai Souma 2016-02-15 08:50:26 28961
Kukai Souma snorts and sticks his tongue back out at her, then grins and hugs her back, patting her shoulders, before standing up. "It's what I'm here for. Now come on, there's a whole great big beautiful world out there to explore! Even if it's got a bunch of guys who want you to give them chocolate in it. What do you say we go see what's worth doing?"

Daichi thinks about that for a minute, then suddenly acks! "Oh, ew, ew, ew! No wonder she tasted like cat! Aaah!" Daichi flees back to the safety of Kukai's pocket, peering out for more ambushes from an over-smoochy Miki. Kukai looks down at him, a little confused. "Everything ok down there?"