Familiar Faces

An escaped Familiar of Homulilly's tracks down Madoka and makes a nuisance of itself while Homura and Sayaka are both nearby and intervene. After defeating it the three have a chance to talk together for the first time since Homura's Witching and redemption and Madoka's becoming a Puella Magi; both of which are new facts to Sayaka!

Date: 2016-02-19
Pose Count: 22
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-19 03:40:28 29780
    Madoka is walking home at night after spending the evening volunteering at Mitakihara General. As usual it was tiring but rewarding, and she stifles a yawn, idly wondering what her father is going to have ready for her for lunch. She is paying a little attention to her surroundings but not too much. These sidewalks very familiar to her, having walked this path hundreds of times since having moved back to Tokyo.

    In the shadows danger lurks in the form of what appears to be a girl with short orange hair and a dress of black and white, a small hat set upon her head at a jaunty angle. Not everything is right with this girl, however. Something about her appears wrong, appearing as if drawn and colored by a talented child. Her smile is far too wide and with a viscous look to it, her eyes solid blue save for little black pupils.

    To anyone who would recognize the type she's obviously a Familiar that's escaped her mother Witch's Labyrinth. She's a powerful type of familiar as well, likely capable of eating up enough people to transform herself into a fully fledged Witch in a single night if she wanted.

    But why would she want to change into something so inferior as a copy of Homulilly? No, she has a different purpose in mind. Intelligent enough to be dangerous she's darting between the alleyways, staying far enough behind Madoka not to be noticed as she passes, every once in a while her head sticking out so that she can grin cruelly at the pink-haired girl's back. Slowly the streets depopulate, by virtue of both the hour and the Familiar's influence, people deciding a different route would be better.

    Madoka is, of course, immune to this influence as a Magical Girl, and lost enough in her own thoughts that she doesn't notice her sudden loneliness. What she does notice is when the Clara Doll steps out of an alley directly ahead of her instead of behind. It's appearance shocks her, and with a barking laugh it holds up it's hand and flings a rotten tomato directly into her face, the overripe fruit splattering all over her and unleashing a disgusting smell- it wasn't magical, the Familiar took the time to hunt down the real thing before confronting the pink-haired girl.

    The creepy girl familiar then proceeds to point and laugh, covering her mouth with one hand, seeming to find no end to the hilarity of what she's just done. A moment later there's a sparkle of Witch magic and a much more dangerous magical apple appears in her hand, her Cheshire grin widening enormously as she pulls back her arm. Madoka coughs and gags while swiping the disgusting rotten fruit off of her face, a small labyrinth like barrier forming around them in the image of a city burning down.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-19 03:57:03 29785
    Sayaka's doing her usual rounds, trying to keep on top of the game, trying to stay focused on the eternal task at hand: Hunting witches. Her hunts have slowed down a bit ever since she ran into Uasgi and had that little chat with her about Kyouko.

    She had decided since then, that she wouldnt let herself die, or become consumed by the despair from which witches are born. However, Sayaka was still determined to do whatever good she could, and maybe even work out some of her issues on the witches before she would return to Kyouko's side.

    With her Soulgem at the ready, she has managed to track down the Clara familiar, suspecting that the witch may be somewhere near. Sayaka already knew that familiars did not produce griefseeds, but this had never stopped her from playing hero and ending them before an innocent got hurt regardless of the lack of reward for her efforts.

    And this is no different.

    Eyes narrow as she spies the familiar, throwing a tomato at some girl, whom she doesn't instantly recognize from behind. Sayaka does instantly transform however, readying herself for a fight.

    "Hey you! Leave the girl alone!" she shouts as she brings up her soulgem to transform.
Homura Akemi 2016-02-19 04:00:03 29787
    Homura Akemi actually isn't stalking Madoka tonight. Madoka can take care of herself now, and she has Homura's number. While Homura is more than happy to come to her rescue, Homura also thinks that she has to let Madoka learn to handle things on her own. Otherwise, how can she ever be sure of Madoka's safety?

    What Homura is doing is tracking a Familiar. Normally, Homura wouldn't even have noticed this Familiar. Sure, she'd kill one if she came across one. If she had enough Grief Seeds to be sure that she wasn't endangering herself. Familiars are murderers and what goes around comes around, right?

    However, this Familiar was special. It was something she recognized, and something she couldn't tolerate. It was one of hers, and one of the more powerful and obnoxious ones, too. A Clara Doll. She wasn't sure how she came to know that name, but it made sense, in some kind of bizarrely paradoxical way.

    So she tracks this Familiar, going around as it moves in a strange pattern. It almost seems to be taking the same kind of route that Madoka would take, Homura notes. Now why would that be?

    She henshins, leaping up to a rooftop before jumping and running across roofs to make quicker time. When she looks in the street, she sees Madoka-- her face covered in rotten Tomato!-- and the Clara Doll acting like it's some kind of hilarious joke.

    If there's ever an instant and immediate way to pick a fight with Homura Akemi, this is it. She is already angry when Madoka and the Clara Doll vanish into the Familiar's labyrinth, and Homura leaps in after them.

    Sayaka is here too, Homura notices. She doesn't really see the girl, but she hears the sound of her indignation. Well, since it's a Familiar, that means there's no Grief Seed for the three of them to fight over, right?

    "Disgusting creature!" Homura levels a shotgun at the Clara Doll, placing herself between it and Madoka. "I don't know how you escaped my Labyrinth, but I'll make sure you die here!"
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-19 04:13:55 29793
    Her hands sodden with icky gooey tomato, Madoka manages to clear her eyes enough to see that the Familiar in front of her means to do more than just annoy her. She hears a voice shouting behind her that she instantly recognizes, calling out, "Sayaka-chan!" Unlike the blue Puella might expect upon realizing it's Madoka in front of her her voice is not filled with distress, nor does she go running to hide behind her friend. She is still annoyed and upset, but mostly she sounds happy to have bumped into Sayaka, even if it's in a situation like this.

    The reason for that becomes quickly apparent as Madoka holds her hand out in front of her and a bright pink energy envelops and obscures her, only for her clothes to suddenly be replaced by the appearance of a pink white and yellow dress, heeled red shoes with bows on the backs of them, and much larger red ribbons in her hair. The hand she holds forward suddenly manifests a bow, and as the Familiar lobs it's dangerous projectile towards her she draws back it's magical string, a large pink magical arrow manifesting, only to fire and explode the magical apple mid-air, which the Familiar seems to take particular offense to.

    It's demeanor changes from upset to gleeful, however, when Homura appears in front of Madoka. Her creepy blue eyes seem almost to glow, and directly behind her there's a small explosion. Up from the ground quickly rises a tall wooden structure, a large slanted blade set into a slot and held at the top by means of a rope, a set of slotted wooden stocks open and ready to accept an unwilling prisoner. A guillotine.

    The Clara Doll doesn't hesitate once she recognizes her former master, charging towards Homura at a rapid pace, though being intelligent enough not to take a direct route towards that shotgun. She reaches out towards her with grabby hands, and her intentions couldn't be more obvious.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-19 04:28:02 29800
    Sayaka is about to dash in front of Madoka protectively, effectively planning exactly what Homura herself does first, beating her to the punch. Sayaka frowns upon seeing Homura, clearly not having completely forgiven her for the secrets she kept from her. However, remembering the bad state she was in the last time, Sayaka is quite relieved at least to see that she's doing considerably better since then.

    When she mentions that the familiar escaped from her labrynth however, it causes Sayaka to start, totally caught off-guard by that. And then Madoka does something even more shocking.

    She transforms.

    Sayaka stares, wide-eyed at her, understandably shocked, surprised..Maybe even a little angry. She glares at Homura, trying to figure out what's going on and she pulls out a sword as she advances towards her, pointing it threatenningly at her.

    "What did you do, Homura!? You KNOW the fate of a Magical Girl! Why did you let her do it? Why!?" She doesn't even try and stop the Clara doll from attacking the Time traveller.
Homura Akemi 2016-02-19 04:41:18 29804
    Homura reaches into her shield and pulls out a white towel, handing it to Madoka as she sees the tomato bits on her face. "You might be surprised at how often someone needs one of these." Whether Madoka accepts it or not, Homura's attention quickly goes back to the Clara Doll. Purple eyes turn towards the guillotine rise up from the ground, only to look quickly back at the Clara Doll. "It's too late for that now. You had your chance."

    Homura fires her shotgun, but her buckshot flies past the dodging Clara Doll and flies towards the guillotine. The Clara Doll grabs onto Homura, and the Puella grits her teeth as she glares into its otherworldly eyes. Homura allows the grapple for the moment, only to shift onto one foot, throw her whole body's weight against the grip, and pivots on one foot to grab the Clara Doll with her free hand.

    Anger burns in her eyes as she addresses the familiar, gesturing towards the guillotine. "Or maybe you'd like a turn at that thing? I know you hate me, but really, is that something you should lose your head over?"

    Then she hears Sayaka's voice, and what she says. So, Sayaka didn't know that Madoka had made a contract yet. "It wasn't up to me. She knew what it entails, what the fate of a Puella Magi is, and she made the choice. If she wants to make a sacrifice like that, then isn't that up to her? This way, she can spend her life doing something she's good at, something she believes in, without being a helpless bystander while other people risk their lives."

    It wasn't that simple, and Homura knew it. She didn't like the idea that Madoka might die or Witch one day, but her mortality was something she had to make peace with if she didn't want to waste Madoka's wish by becoming a Witch again. Even if Homura was going to do everything she could to put off the inevitable for as long as possible.

    "As for what I did... well... I became a Witch. This was one of my Familiars that escaped, so I'm very interested in making sure that it doesn't escape a second time."

    She explains all of this while grappling with the Clara Doll, which means... she's very distracted. The Familiar might be pushing or dragging Homura towards the guillotine, but Homura seems to have the idea of doing the same to the Familiar first, and the wrestling and grappling between them seems to be more along the lines of 'whose head ends up on the chopping block?'
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-19 05:00:48 29811
    Madoka takes the towel and quickly wipes her face off with it. The white towel is now stained red, but rotten tomato will come out a lot better than blood. "Eheh, thanks Homura-chan." She lets out a squeak then as the Doll rushes in and manages to evade Homura's shot, wishing she'd have kept firing arrows rather than having taken the time to clean herself, especially once it gets a grip on Homura.

    The Clara Doll is no joke- it's almost a match for a Puella Magi, and right now it has Homura at a bit of a disadvantage, though the Veteran Puella is able to struggle well enough to at least maintain parity as she throws herself against it's grip.

    If there were more of them around Homura would be in very serious trouble, but this luckily is only a single lone Familiar. As Homura motions towards the guillotine she begins fighting to drag her over- the fight over who gets their head chopped off is one she's willing to take. She'd be perfectly fine with both, even. She even says as much in her incomprehensible Witch language as Homura's angry eyes meet hers.

    As they struggle Madoka turns around and confronts Sayaka, holding a hand out, "Sayaka-chan, she didn't 'let' me do anything! I made my own decision. Homura-chan did everything she could to try to convince me otherwise, and when she thought she wouldn't be able to stop me she fell into despair. So don't blame her for anything that's happened with me! She's done more to try and protect me than you know."

    Really she'd be rushing over and helping Homura herself if she had... pretty much any kind of melee weapon, but all she has is her bow. The two start getting dangerously close to the guillotine, and the Clara Doll proves exactly how dangerously intelligent she is; rather than trying to force Homura's head into the stocks she lets herself begin to get forced over then, suddenly letting go of Homura's body and shifting her grip to her wrist, trying to line up her Soul Gem under the blade's eventual path and struggling to pull free the rope.

    Seeing this Madoka lets out a cry of, "Homura-chan!" and runs over, not quite willing to risk shooting /through/ the dark haired Puella Magi in order to get to the familiar behind her. Instead she holds into her bow with both hands and starts trying to physically beat the Clara Doll into submission with it, seeming to have forgotten how she handled this the last time by destroying the guillotine itself.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-19 05:22:24 29820
    Sayaka frowns at Homura, wondering for a moment if Madoka did indeed become a Puella in order to protect her friend. And her fears are soon realized as Homura confirms just that.

    More concerning is the fact that Homura had truly become a witch, and lived to tell the tale. "What? I dont understand...You're a witch? But..You just look like a Puella." But wait, 'Became a witch' is what causes her to pause. "So what, you're no longer a witch? How is that even possible..?" Sayaka rubs her eyes, totally confused by all of this, not sure who she should be attacking: the familiar or Homura?

    Finally, she looks helplessly to Madoka for answers, only to learn that Madoka (not surprisingly) brought this upon herself. "I dont understand any of this, Madoka-chan..But I sure as hell wont let you get hurt again..Even if it means assisting Homura.."

    With a sigh, she pulls out her sword and rushes at the Clara doll, attempting to stab it through and finish it off. She could probably attempt to destroy the guillotine itself, but with Homura and the familiar so close right now, it could come down at any second and chop either of them to bits.
Homura Akemi 2016-02-19 05:33:45 29824
    Homura gave her a white towel for a reason: Bleach! ... though not even bleach can defeat some stains. Well whatever. These towels are cheap and therefore expendable as far as Homura's concerned. As a habit she doesn't lend anything out that she actually expects to get back, and emergency supplies are meant to be used in emergencies.

    If there were more Clara Dolls, Homura would be handling this fight very differently. However, as it is, she's the one with numbers on her side, even if the Clara Doll won't let go of her. Madoka won't shoot if it would hit Homura. She's about to tell her to, but... would Homura really shoot Madoka? Actually, Homura did once, and it was horrible. She decides not to ask that of her girlfriend.

    She hears the Clara speak to her in that strange Witch language, and while she doesn't understand the words she can guess at the intent. This Familiar was a part of her, after all. "You're mistaken. The only thing that will die today is you."

    As the Familiar seems to grapple with the rope, Homura... actually stops, letting her Soul Gem rest on the guillotine's path. Is she really planning on just letting this happen? She waits until the Familiar succeeds in freeing the rope, letting the blade drop.

    Then all of time stops. The familiar isn't paused, but the guillotine is, its blade only having gone halfway down. Homura stone-faced glares at the Clara Doll. "Don't you know who I am?" A wicked grin creeps across her face. "I am your master. You can't kill me without my permission."

    In this time frozen moment, Homura sees Sayaka coming up to the Familiar, sword drawn. Homura could continue trying to solve this herself, in what would be roughly a 50/50 chance of victory, but instead she makes the smarter move to rely on Sayaka.

    She yanks her hand away from the guillotine as hard as she can as time resumes, lifting up a foot to the Clara Doll's chest, shoving her towards Sayaka's blade.

    After the Familiar falls, Homura rubs her arm where she had been gripped. That hurt, and she's not willing to spend the magic to cut off her nerves right now. "Madoka-chan wished for the power to turn Witches back into Puella Magi. That's why you see me as I am now. I was a Witch for only a short time, but even in that short time that creature apparently escaped."
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-19 05:49:00 29829
    Madoka's beatings on the Clara Doll with her bow might be enough to destroy a weak Familiar, but not a powerful one like this. It hinders the creature, but not enough to put a dent in her plans. The Clara Doll laughs again even though it can't cover it's mouth, because it has Homura's hand right where it wants it, the blade starting to drop.

    The grin vanishes as time stops and the Familiar loudly declares that Homura is a dirty cheater that deserves to die in a language no one can comprehend. It starts thrashing when Homura calls herself it's master, and suddenly takes a different track, trying to lean in and bite her, only to lose the ensuing struggle and get kicked into Sayaka's sword. She vanishes almost instantly, as Familiars tend to do, a hole forming in her where the stabwound was made and rapidly expanding outward in a burst of Witch magic.

    As soon as she's defeated the mini labyrinth dissipates and vanishes, and as everyone likely expected no Grief Seed is dropped.

    Madoka lets go of her bow and it glows pink and disappears, giving the other two Puella a relieved look. "Homura-chan, you're okay! Thank goodness. Thanks, Sayaka-chan. I need to figure out what to do if that happens again. If one of us got tangled up when fighting a Witch I need to be ready to do something about it."

    She then gives a little nod to Homura before looking back to Sayaka, "She's right. Puella Magi that have turned into Witches- I can return them to the way they were and take away much of their burden. Though I'm not sure if I could again so soon- it takes a lot out of me to do it." She isn't sure if she's mentioned that part to Homura yet, so she offers the her girlfriend an apologetic smile.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-19 05:53:36 29831
    Sayaka finds it pretty creepy the way Homura speaks of having been a witch at one time. Which would kinda explain how she speaks almost familiarly towards the familiar. But..She's just a Puella now..Right?

    Time stops briefly, and Homura's in a different place from where she started, suggesting that Homura had used her annoying power again. Sayaka blinks in brief confusion before the doll is impaled on her sword, and instantly defeated. Naturally, the labrynth rapidly begins to fade and all returns to normal.

    Sayaka breathes a sigh of relief, not because she feared that they couldn't defeat it between the three of them; But because Madoka at least made a wise wish. But even so, what will eventually become of Madoka when she will become a witch inevitably? Sayaka shivers at the thought, but nods slowly.

    "I see..You would make that sacrifice for Homura. I suppose, you outsmarted Kyubey there, but..How often can you purify a magical girl? Eventually everyone will become a witch and you cant purify all of us.." There's a glimmer of hope there, but not much, Sayaka realizes with a sigh.
Homura Akemi 2016-02-19 06:04:48 29836
    Homura is suddenly very glad that Clara teeth didn't just sink into her, because that would've hurt even worse. Instead she just has some bruises to deal with from where she was grappled. Bruises that will heal in time.

    Homura smiles at Madoka. "I'm alright. That particular familiar is tough... I'm not actually sure how my Witch was able to create something that strong, but... there it is."

    When Madoka says she should figure out what to do when that happens, Homura has a few suggestions in mind. "Well, first off, in this case it would've been fine as long as you avoided my Soul Gem. I would've healed even if you hurt me by accident. However, you aren't always going to have that advantage, especially if the one who gets grabbed isn't a Puella Magi. In some situations, and against some youma, it might not even be a magical girl."

    Her voice takes on a lecture tone that Homura is annoyed with herself about, but she keeps talking anyways. "Your attacks tend to be overpowering, but that could work to your disadvantage here. If your aim is good enough, you could take tiny shots at the enemy and be sure that they won't hit me. Another option is to use your more powerful arrows, the larger ones, and instead of trying to hit the enemy directly you try to graze them on the side. Indirect hits can still deal damage. It's less efficient that way, but it's an option."

    Homura puts her shotgun back into her shield. She actually didn't know about Madoka only being able to do it so often, but she did know that it made her tired to be Madokami. She probably shouldn't be surprised. She smiles back at Madoka, but her smile is a little sad. Well, of course nothing ever really works out perfectly for Puella Magi, right?

    "As long as we don't all turn into Witches at once, she should still be able to restore some of us. It's not hopeless, and if it works it'll be better than the fate that already awaited us."
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-19 06:24:39 29846
    "I don't think he was expecting me to wish for anything more than saving Homura, but I don't think this is anything Kyubey can't take into account. I wouldn't say I outsmarted him so much as having caught him off guard." Madoka gives a smile to Sayaka, but shakes her head a little, "I'm not sure. It isn't something very distinct. It's- it isn't magic that it costs me but... something else?" She doesn't know how to explain it because she doesn't have any kind of reference.

    When Homura offers her options for what she might do Madoka turns her gaze to her and listens attentively. If the lecturing tone annoys her she doesn't show it. "I think my aim is good, but I don't know if I trust it enough in a hostage situation like that; at least not if the other person isn't even a magical girl." Larger, more powerful arrows? She reaches up and rubs the back of her head, "My stronger attacks usually shoot more smaller ones. Eheh... maybe I should think about learning stronger direct attacks, though? There are bad people with barriers and shields that would probably stop lots of smaller arrows." She is, of course, thinking of Riventon.

    She's equally quick to agree with Homura, looking to Sayaka and trying to convince her, "I know it might seem bleak because that's how it usually ends... but it doesn't have to be that way! It was twelve years before Homura-chan became a Witch, and now she knows what to look out for. It's been a long time for Mami-san and Kyouko-san as well."

    She offers her friend a warm smile, "I know this isn't a perfect solution and that the idea of becoming a Witch is terrifying- but now even if it does happen you can all have a second chance. That might not be something any Puella Magi has ever had. I don't think there's something that says Puella Magi have to become Witches, but I'm sure that's what Kyubey wants us to believe. Just look at what it did to all of you, learning about them. You've been acting scary lately, Sayaka-chan, and for a while Mami-san was as well. I just- I just wanted to be able to help all of you, who have been trying so hard!"
Homura Akemi 2016-02-19 06:51:20 29855
    "Huh..." says Homura, placing a hand on her hip and scratching her chin at Madoka's response. Then she shrugs. "Yeah... actually that sounds about right. I thought you could create bigger arrows by charging them up, but that might not be a thing here." It's also been a while since Homura saw Madoka fight, so she could be remembering wrong. "Honestly if it were me I'd use a more precise weapon like a sniper rifle. I'd use the scope to be even more sure. However, our powers work very differently, so I don't really know what you could do about that. We can work on your aim sometime if you want to. Maybe we could find a sunken aircraft carrier and set up a firing range on the deck?"

    On the topic of Barriers, Homura's chin scratching hand drops to her side. "It would probably be to your advantage. A single good solid shot could break through in a situation like that... but it really depends. There are going to be times when a barrier is weaker to many small attacks than one large one, and you can overwhelm it that way."

    Homura doesn't have much to add to the conversation that Madoka is having with Sayaka. Sayaka is acting a lot more sane today than usual, and that's a good sign, but it might be temporary or situational as far as Homura knows. All that Homura really knows is that she is really bad at the whole 'encouragement' thing, or at least that's how she sees it.

    Still she tries. "I think the tipping point for all of us is when we lose hope. As long as we have something to hope in, and also as long as we don't use too much magic, we should be safe."

    She shrugs. There isn't much else she can say along those lines. "With Madoka here, if we play our cards right, we should at least be able to last a bit longer. Who knows? We might be the first Puella Magi to grow old." Wishful thinking, probably, but Homura doesn't really know that she's wrong. She's never met anyone who has turned into a Witch twice.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-19 07:00:19 29861
    When Homura starts lecturing Madoka on how to fight using her bow and arrows, Sayaka just sighs and rolls her eyes. Why's she always have to be so damn weird!? Well, whatever. Madoka is safe, for now, and at least Sayaka doesn't have to worry about her getting attacked by witches or being defenseless. However, she is concerned about Madoka's ultimate fate.

    "Hmph. I still dont like it, Madoka-chan, but I guess it's too late to go back now." she seems sad about that, but. "But..I'm glad that you can bring some hope to us Puella." Speaking of which.

    "You know, I've been giving it some thought. I wanted to use whatever time I have left to fight as many witches as I can. But hearing that Kyouko was injured again made me realize that I dont want to miss the people I care about while I'm trying to redeem myself. Even so..I'm not sure I'm ready to come to terms with it yet. I just need a little more time. Until then..."

    With a sweep of her cape, she simply turns and leaps off into the night, caught up in her own thoughts and worries.
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-19 07:09:15 29866
    "Maybe I could if I tried?" Madoka says questioningly with a tilt of her head. "It would make sense for it to work that way, but so far every time I've intentionally fired more powerful attacks it's come out as a lot of smaller arrows. That's good against Familiars normally since I can shoot more than one at a time that way and it worked fine against that Witch."

    Madoka blinks a little when Homura mentions finding an aircraft carrier, "Do you think there are any around here? That would be kind of crazy! Aren't those as big as buildings?" She considers for a moment and realizes something. "The deck would be really good for a dance floor... though it'd be outside." Getting back on track she smiles, "I think a shooting range would be a good idea, Homura-chan. I'd like that."

    Madoka notices Sayaka's reaction to Homura offering her good, legitimate help and lets out a long suffering sigh as her stubborn friend takes it in one of the worst ways possible. Well, at least she's not pointing her sword at Homura anymore. "I know. I wouldn't have made my if I could help it, but I wasn't willing to give up on Homura-chan so easily. I hope you understand, Sayaka-chan; there are things in this world worth giving up everything for." Even as she says that she smiles. To her it's a good thing; what kind of world would it be if there truly was nothing worth doing anything more than looking out for yourself for?

    After she jumps off she gives Homura an slightly embarrassed look for her friend, as if to say sorry. She'd ask if Sayaka was always this stubborn, but she's seen the answer for herself now.

    With Sayaka gone she turns to Homura and takes a few steps towards her. "Are you okay, Homura-chan? Meeting and fighting one of your own Familiars like this, I can see how it might be hard on you." Especially with what it was trying to do.
Homura Akemi 2016-02-19 07:27:01 29872
    "Not sure if there are any around. I was lucky to find as many destroyers as I did, and then Walpurgisnacht broke most of those in half." Homura shrugs. "I'll look, though. If not, we could always go a little ways out of town. Either way it'd be best to do it in a safe place, and also make sure we're well stocked on Grief Seeds."

    Homura's feelings on Madoka using her wish for her sake are a mix of guilt and warmth. On the one hand, Madoka entered into a potentially terrible fate for Homura's sake. On the other hand, this is really what makes Madoka happy in the end, and with Walpurgisnacht gone Madoka should last alot longer than she normally would. That's what Homura wanted, right?

    Sayaka leaves, and Madoka starts approaching her. Homura nods in response to Madoka's question. "I'm alright. I mean, it hurt a bit, but I'm okay now. Mostly what I'm worried about is... what if that wasn't the only Familiar to escape? I'd really hate it if my Witching ended up killing people anyways, even after everything I did to try to contain it."

    She sighs, shaking her head. "Still, there's not much I can do about that. It's not as if they're still connected to me. At best all I can do is recognize one when I feel it."

    She walks up to Madoka, meeting her partway, and taking her into a hug. "How about you? Are you okay? That monster attacked you first. It almost seems like it was stalking you."

    Not that Homura would ever do that!
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-19 07:48:25 29876
    "It might be good to have one if you can find it. At least, it might be if you plan on getting new helicopters or airplanes; I can't imagine it's very easy finding places to hide those!" Madoka then looks a tiny big shifty eyed, "It'd also be really cool to have a crazy secret base like that!" She gives Homura a grin and giggles; yes, she is susceptible to just how awesome some of the things magical girls can do are. It's one of the reasons she was so excited to be one herself, so, so long ago in a time that no longer even existed.

    When Homura mentions that seeing the Familiar did hurt a bit she moves in close to give her a quick hug, offering a bit of support while trying not to make an issue out of it. The thought of other Familiars being around makes Madoka hum, her expression changing to a serious, thoughtful one. "Maybe... but that Familiar didn't seem interested in killing innocent people for some reason. It was so strong it probably could have. And... actually, I think if there were others they'd have been working together. You didn't fight them yourself, but they did tend to work in groups. That and... it ambushed me. I think it was after me specifically. If there were more of them, they'd probably have been doing the same thing."

    She gets a hug of her own and nods, "I'm fine. If it had come at me seriously from the start it might have been bad, but if it's just something gross I don't mind. Especially if it means it didn't attack someone who couldn't protect themselves instead."

    She lets out a little sigh, "I'm late for dinner again, and I didn't call ahead this time." This seems to be the thing that has her more upset!
Homura Akemi 2016-02-19 08:04:38 29879
    Using an Aircraft Carrier as a secret base... hm. "That... actually wouldn't be a bad plan. It's big enough that it could service airplanes and helicopters, too. The hard part would be hiding something like that. I wonder if there'd be a way to convert it into a submarine."

    Well, it's something to think about. It would be nice if Homura could have a base like that. Someplace to meet that wasn't her house, and a place where allied magical girls could go to... do what exactly? Defend Tokyo probably. Right now, the status quo works in Homura's favor, so there's no reason for her to not try to maintain it, and it's the kind of goal that would ally her with the right kind of magical girl.

    "Well... some of the familiars did work together, though I remember some of the familiars fought amongst each other. Those Clara Dolls fought with the... Lottes?" How does Homura know those words? Well, whatever. "I think that's what they were called, but you're probably right. That kind of Familiar could've easily become a Witch in this time if it wanted to, and it wouldn't be here without its friends."

    Homura is happy as Madoka says she's alright, and her smile says as much. "I'm glad." Then, her smile turns into a frown as she hears that Madoka is late for dinner again, and didn't call ahead of time. "Ahh... um..."

    She scratches the back of her head, and looks off in the direction of Madoka's house. "I could probably stop time and we could jump back to your house? I mean, it'd be fast. We'd have to hold onto each other the whole time. I'm pretty sure I could manage it, if you wanted to. Stopping time actually isn't that expensive for me." Mostly it's all the empowered shots she uses during timestops that are the costly thing.
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-19 08:27:51 29881
    Madoka giggles, "I think it'd be really neat! If it holds planes it might even have the things to fix them when they get damaged, too." Which is almost what Homura just said but a bit less technical. Hiding it would be hard? "Oh, I thought you could just sink it like the destroyer when you didn't need it. Though I guess that might be hard? If it could do it on purpose without magic though, wow, that'd be incredible!"

    It sounds to Madoka like the kind of thing an entire magical girl organization would use as their base. But considering the fact that Homura has already proven pretty capable, why couldn't she have one? Besides, it'd sure be a good way to show people how awesome and reliable she was, inviting them over to a base like that.

    "The really strong ones got mad at the soldier Familiars for trying to protect me, I think. They all hated Kyubey, though." She reaches up and rubs the back of her head. She does feel bad for throwing him to the wolves; she doesn't wish harm on anyone, but she's also heard him say just how much it doesn't matter if one of his bodies dies.

    As Homura offers her a potential way out she considers for a moment, and then gives a shake of her head, dropping out of her henshin in a burst of pink sparkles(not strictly necessary, but it looks neat!)

    She pulls her phone out of her pocket then and calls her parents, "It's okay. They'll understand, and even if it's only a little it's not worth using magic on. I might say yes if we could make it on time but I'm already late."

    A short conversation follows where Madoka apologizes to her father and tells him something important came up and she's calling them as soon as she got the chance. She makes the assumption Homura won't mind spending more time with her and tells him she's going to stay out a while longer, eventually hanging up after saying to tell everyone else she loves them.

    "Ehehe... Mama was late again too so it ended up just being Papa and Tatsuya anyway so I'm off the hook. We'll just try again tomorrow." She tilts her head a little and smiles at Homura, bouncing on her heels once. "But... that means my night is free. Homura-chan! Do you want to go dancing with me?" She gives her girlfriend a bright smile and a small shake of her head, "I don't mind where. We could dress up and go somewhere fancy, find somewhere secluded, or maybe go to your house?"
Homura Akemi 2016-02-19 08:57:16 29884
    "I could," confirms Homura. "The problem is that it requires a lot of magic to do that and that's why I only bring those out for city-wide emergencies. If it's going to be a day to day thing then I need a way of doing it that doesn't require magic. Or, failing that, I need to do it in a way that at least lowers the magic costs." Her eyes roll up and to the side as she crunches numbers in her head. She has a lot of things she'd have to consider if she did that.

    Homura flips her hand back and forth as she goes on about the various considerations and problems. "Plus, if we were to treat it like a base, then we'd need to patch up the hull damage. Otherwise portions of our secret base would be getting flooded on a regular basis and that's not generally a good idea. Converting it to a base a bit more involved than just raising it up and firing some guns." After a pause, Homura considers it. "Not that I'm against the idea. Just... would want to think it through first. Plus, I'd have to do a lot of engineering research just to figure out what exactly needs to be done. Probably the -best- thing I could do is find a magical artifact that helps me, but I'm not really in the business of chasing those down."

    Homura nods as Madoka says that it's too late for that to matter. "Well, up to you." Homura doesn't really have a lot of context, since her family wasn't really close enough for it to matter if she was late to dinner. Madoka's assumption is a safe one, as Homura is more than glad to spend time with her... if it doesn't get Madoka into trouble. When the phone call concludes, Homura listens to Madoka's explanation.

    Madoka's free? And wants to go dancing? Homura leans in pressing her hands together. "I'd love to! Um... where to...?" Homura considers, voicing her thoughts out loud. "I don't know of any fancy dances happening tonight, though we might find one that we can crash. Somewhere secluded would be alright. There might be a few places in the park we could dance in. Of course... my house has a den that is mostly empty. It's large enough for us to go dancing in. I haven't officially made it my dance floor yet but it'd be a good place!"

    She thinks it over, letting her henshin fade away. "My house would probably be the easiest. You could use one of my dresses if you wanted to dress up for it."
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-19 09:08:58 29886
    So the ridiculous idea would be incredibly difficult to manage and require a lot of forethought and an actual plan of action rather than just being something they could run off and do because it'd be cool. Madoka isn't exactly crestfallen but it does sound like it's something far more likely to be cool to think about than it is something that would actually happen.

    She's very much listening to everything Homura says, and one of the earlier ones puts a frown on her face. She waits for Homura to finish talking before speaking her mind. "I see; it's not something you could do just because you felt like it. But, Homura-chan... wanting to set up a shooting range for us is not really a city-wide emergency. If it's something that would really take that much magic we'd be much better off taking a train to somewhere secluded." It does occur to her that Homura said the aircraft carrier part before actually considering the cost of doing so, but she still thinks it's worth mentioning.

    Her face brightens up happily when Homura seems so excited to dance with her. The fact that they'd actually need to know a place holding a fancy dance didn't occur to Madoka and she blushes a bit, though in the end the idea of trying on and wearing one of Homura's dresses seems to be more than enough to sway her opinion of what they should do.

    "Yes! That would be amazing, Homura-chan! I'd love to wear something of yours. Dressing up isn't required... but it is a lot of the fun of going to fancy dances." She giggles and steps in a little closer, peeking up at Homura through her eyelashes, "That and... I really enjoy the idea of dressing up pretty for you!" Madoka giggles again, reaching out to take Homura's hand and start heading off to her house!