Lessons in Self-Defence

Date: 2016-02-20
Pose Count: 38
Utau Hoshina 2016-02-20 00:11:46 29944
    It's a mild winter day in Uminari city today. Utau has been practicing most of the day for her upcoming performance, slated for a week from today. In the few days leading up to her big show, she's not..Getting butterflies, but she certainly is feeling pensive. The afternoon finds her alone on the docks again, having sneaked away from the stage in the park to rest her voice and relax a bit after a hard day of work.

    Iru and Eru are with her, playing in the water. Fortunately, Iru is more careful this time as she doesn't want to drown again. Although not much of a swimmer, it helps that she can fly around as long as she's not caught off-guard.

    Somewhere not far away, a group of three teens spy Utau, and slowly make their way towards her. "Heya pretty lady!" they call out, although at this distance, it's difficult to tell if they're just eager fans or trouble makers.
Minako Aino 2016-02-20 00:17:08 29945
Minako Aino is also a troublemaker, albeit more of the mischievous and obnoxious sort than the aggressive, upsetting sort.

"HEY! Pretty laaaaaady!" she shouts, not really near the cat-calls or docks but immediately making her way there after hearing the shouts.

"Did somebody call for me? It sounds like somebody called for me!" she shouts, nowhere near a polite speaking distance but still insisting on making her opinion known.
Kukai Souma 2016-02-20 00:28:44 29946
Kukai Souma didn't know why, exactly, he was doing it. Thanks to his position as a Guardian and luckily noticing one of the students at Seiyou Public carrying around a binder with Utau's picture on it, with a few words of encoruagement he'd gotten onto the Offical Unofficial Utau Hoshina Fan Club And Location Group list, and when someone in the group mentioned they'd seen someone who looked something like 'Utau-chan' at the harbor he'd pulled on his jacket and gone.

It's not like Tadase or Virtue or any one of a half a dozen other numbers could've called him at any time to drag him off to something more important. But this felt... different. This was back in the Jack's wheelhouse, even if all this sneaking around and being stealthy wasn't entirely what he did. Well. Sort of. He was good with words and intimations and meaning. Not being seen by a girl perpetually on edge was a lot harder.

He was a little thankful when people started calling after her, though - it made the chance that she'd be looking back at him a lot less. At least, he hoped so. And one of the voices sounded familiar, maybe, but he couldn't place the name or face.
Utau Hoshina 2016-02-20 00:30:20 29947
    Utau narrows her eyes as she hears the catcalls, and spins around to face the three teens. They're pretty big, muscular, dressed in their matching letterman sports jackets. Probably football players from the looks of it. And from what she is sensing, they probably have some relatively strong heart's eggs. Well, perfect. Three for the price of one. Sanjou-san will be pleased with her, and a chance to practice for the big show to boot. Might as well toy with them a bit first.

    "Hmm? Are you looking for me?" The forced smile on her face is charming yet cold. "Let me guess, more rabid fans.." Slowly, Iru and Eru rise out of the river behind her, fluttering protectively at her shoulders.

    The three teens grin mischevously, "Yeah, something like that. BIG rabid fans! How 'bout a little song and a little kiss too, eh, sugarlips?" one of them winks as he continues to advance upon her. The third pauses as he hears another girl answer, smirking as he turns to face Minako. "Ooh, another pretty bird! Come to join the party, have you?" He begins to advance upon Minako now, arms wide open to grab her. "~Come to papa!~"

    No one has noticed the sneaky Kukai yet!
Minako Aino 2016-02-20 00:34:41 29948
Minako Aino goes from her chipper, pleasant, chirpy self to restraining a little growl deep in her throat.

"You're not my father!" she claims, sounding reasonably confident in her claim.

She could live with shouts and catcalls so long as she's roughly the center of attention, but not like this.

"You're just bein' creepy. And not even in a cute way," she huffs, straightening herself up and pursing her lips like she's about to beat down somebody with her backpack.
Kukai Souma 2016-02-20 00:41:17 29949
Kukai Souma blinks. The other girl was yelling back at the boys, and he was sure he'd heard that voice and seen her before. Where escaped him, though. What he wasn't missing was the predatory look in Utau's eyes over all of them. He took a seat at a nearby booth, reaching for a menu, and kept his eyes on the escalating scene. "Daichi, be ready, ok? We may need to move quick." Daichi, for his part, pokes his head up out of a pocket and nods, then scoots back down in.
Utau Hoshina 2016-02-20 00:57:16 29950
    "C'mon then, how 'bout a kiss?" the first thuggish teen advances upon Utau, openning up his arms to wrap her in a thuggish bear hug! She flinches and pulls away, amethyst eyes glowering. "Alright. I'll give you what you want, but how about a song first?"

    The two thugs grin sleazily as they surround her, nodding with a hungry look in their eyes. Oddly enough, Utau doesn't look terribly afraid. Instead, she continues to smile coldly, nodding to Iru. For those who are magical sensitive, they may notice small black batwings slowly materialize behind her shoulderblades as she begins to sing in an oddly mesmerizing way..

    Meanwhile, the third thug also grins at Minako with a creepy look of hunger in his eyes. He also opens up his arms, looking to get up close and personal with her. "Aww, c'mon now! I aint creepy one bit! Come with me and I'll give you the best time of your life!" and he attempts to wrap his arms around Minako in a bear hug as well.
Minako Aino 2016-02-20 01:08:56 29952
Minako Aino responds with narrowed eyes and swinging backpacks. "Urrrg. That's like three lies in a row, mate," she exclaims, in a British accent. She chucks her backpack into her almost-hugfriend's chest with all the intensity of a baseball pitcher in the World Series, kicking her her leg and Seiyou uniform and hair all about her.

She probably wouldn't have chucked it that hard, but something in the back of her minds keys her into something dangerous - more dangerous than overly affectionate boys. Weird wings, strange singing.

Unfortunately, the boy bears the full brunt of her initial suspicions. She has books, personal supplies, and a cat inside. It's pretty heavy.
Kukai Souma 2016-02-20 01:14:42 29953
Kukai Souma 's heart starts beating fast as Utau transforms. Oh crap. What's she doing now... His connection to Daichi keeps him from being in danger from the song, but the three boys (and maybe the girl?) will be affected. But what's it doing? He can't just jump on her for defending himself, and these three aren't the best guys he's ever seen... He stays still for the moment, watching from one side.
Utau Hoshina 2016-02-20 01:23:55 29955
    "Heh." Minako's hugfriend grins all sleazily like as the blonde swings her backpack at him, knocking him in the chest and sending him stumbling back a few steps. Any normal person would probably be easily knocked out by such a powerful throw, however, this guy is a member of an elite highschool football team, he's big, he's tough as nails..And it's gonna take more than a backpack to bring him down.

    "Nice try kiddie!" He grins evilly, his breath smells like alcohol, and he attempts to jump-tackle her to the ground. Looks like these guys are serious!

    And indeed, Utau can always claim that she's merely defending herself as the two other thugs continue to advance up on her, making creepy grabby hands at her, and probably gonna attempt bad things too..And that's when her magical music kicks in. Still watching the two thugs calmly, without a care in the world, Utau continues to sing, a subtle, dark aura surrounding her, yet invisible to all but those sensitive to such magics.

    Her voice, her song, even the atmosphere is soul-stirring that the two thugs, and the thug attempting to tackle Minako are all mesmerized, momentarily paralyzed as she sings, and points at all three of them.

    And that's when it starts: They all stare blankly at her, their heart's eggs melting out of their bodies and floating towards her. Then they suddenly drop to the ground like a stone as if from extreme exhaustion.
Minako Aino 2016-02-20 01:31:10 29956
Minako Aino raises up her hands and steps away from the concussed boy and the concussed cat-in-her-bag after the first boy collapses on the ground after the song.

She isn't immediately sure if the weird singing or her smack to the head caused him to collapse, but she's trying to create 'plausible deniability' in case anybody accuses her of murder (even though that's not how plausible deniability works).

"He... he was already passed out before I hit him," she claims, which really isn't a good excuse or confession, either.
Kukai Souma 2016-02-20 01:37:54 29958
Kukai Souma mentally swears to himself. Crap, crap, crap. This is the moment he'd been dreading. He'd wanted to not play his hand so soon, but as the thugs' Heart Eggs emerge from their chests Kukai gets up, walking away from the fight and looking for a place to change into Sky Jack - there, down that alley, out of sight. "Daichi, come on! Chara Transform!"
Kukai Souma 2016-02-20 01:38:18 29959
Sky Jack pulls his hovering skateboard to him, hopping on and pulling the top up sharping, gaining altitude to pop up over the top of the short skyline. He circles around, looking for Utau - Il, now, and when he sees her calls out. "Hey! Put those back where they belong!"
Utau Hoshina 2016-02-20 01:45:26 29962
    "Hmph." Utau sighs, almost boredly. That was a little..Too easy. Stupid thugs, trying to pick her up like that. And..Well, Utau's not sure who the other girl is, she might have delicious dreams to steal too, but for now, Utau's quite satisfied with the three X-eggs that emerge from the thugs.

    "Hmm..Perhaps I went a bit overboard. I didn't mean to knock them out completely. However, it doesn't matter, as long as I have these." Let's see now..Three young teens, aspiring to become world famous football players - if they can only pass highschool. She sneers. What a bunch of losers. But, all the same, perhaps the embryo is hiding in one of these eggs.

    Utau's only briefly distracted by Minako's comment, smirking slightly, "Of course you did nothing. They attacked us first. We were just giving them some lessons in..Self defense. Nice hit, by the way."

    Iru grins and cackles wickedly on her shoulder, still keeping the chara change going with those black bat wings of hers, although it seems things are starting to wind down..Or are they?

    "Utau-chan! There's another guardian chara nearby! I can sense powerful transformation magic!" Wait, what!? Then there he is. She narrows her eyes. "These X-eggs belong to me now. So.." She smirks, "Oh, it's you again..So, you can chara-transform too? Hmph. Impressive. Now, go away."
Minako Aino 2016-02-20 01:49:42 29963
Minako Aino blinks her eyes, looking very suspicious about the whole event and at all the people around her, whether they're standing or not.

She also takes a moment to stress her innocence: "It wasn't a good hit. That's my point. It was a terrible, not-good, definitely not-fatal hit!"

She's a little hesitant to make any further accusations, instead pursing her eyes and tensing her legs as if she's about to move fast and away. She pauses at the arrival of Sky Jack, passive for now.
Kukai Souma 2016-02-20 01:56:26 29964
Sky Jack sweeps down to hover in front of Utau, looking down at her, and shakes a finger at her. "Come on! You know this is wrong! These are their dreams, their hopes! How can you steal that from them for your own gain! Change them back before I have to make you!" He's not entirely sure if he -could- make her - he's certainly not capable enough of changing X Eggs back to Heart Eggs, and the idea of fighting her alone makes the hair on the back of his neck rise.

Still. He's never backed down from a fight before it started before, and this isn't going to be the first time. He wishes he'd had time or presence of mind to call Amu. Or Tadase. Or Mami. Or Hoshi. Or anybody. "I'm not gonna let you just destroy them!"
Utau Hoshina 2016-02-20 02:06:23 29965
    Utau arches a brow at Minako, finding her sense of humour oddly..well, odd. Actually, she's not sure how to respond to her comment, other than to give her an odd look. "Looks like this guy's here to cause trouble too. Probably be best if you fled the area." She warns.

    The thugs are definitely not dead. In fact, they're already stirring back to wakefulness, although they amble and stumble around as if in some sort of drunken stupor. "Hopeless...Lost...Sad.." They murmur over and over again, their eyes empty and lacking the fire they once held.

    Utau pays them little attention, reaching out her hand as the three eggs hover towards her. "Hmph." She snatches them from the air before turning to face Sky Jack. "You know nothing. I need these eggs. Don't try to interfere, or I will have to use force on you, and I'm already late for my rehearsal."

    She looks pretty tired as she says that, and Iru glares back at Sky Jack and Daichi, punching and kicking at the air, eager for a fight. "C'mon, Utau-chan! Let's put him in his place!" Utau glances thoughtfully at Iru, wondering if she has time for a battle right now. For now, she lifts up a hand towards Sky Jack, sending a powerful force blast his way to try and push him out of the way.
Minako Aino 2016-02-20 02:15:07 29968
Minako Aino does scoot herself right off, in the opposite direction of depression individuals and excited fighters getting uppity with each other.

She doesn't really know what's going on, but decides to watch from a distance - she can always come back to help if things look grim or sneak away if everything conveniently works itself out.

She'll probably be back, though.

First, things never conveniently work themselves out.

Secondly, she forgot Artemis.
Kukai Souma 2016-02-20 02:19:15 29970
Sky Jack reaches down, grabbing his board and spinning rapidly as he sees Utau reach up, pointing at him, so the force blast richochets off the bottom of his board, deflected harmlessly up into the sky. The thing is, Kukai's fought demons. He's fought witches. He's fought Shades, and Vertexes, and all these other foes. Utau's blast is considerably more powerful than any of those. But more importantly? It's faster. It's out of her hand almost as she raises it. He has time to register how fast he's moving a second before he rebounds off the nearby wall and caroms up into the sky, hanging onto his board. "AAH!"
Utau Hoshina 2016-02-20 02:26:43 29974
    Utau sighs, watching as Sky Jack flies off into the air. For a moment, she feels a bit of concern. She has no desire to kill anyone tonight, and is simply following orders.

    "Utau-chan!" Eru cries, tugging at her sleeve. "Let's not do this, it's wrong! Let's not hurt people!" but she just shakes her head, starting to walk away. "This is not my choice. If I do not follow orders, they will harm Ikuto. Simple as that. I cannot let that happen. Even if..." Even if she must resort to such disgusting tactics. She doesnt like it.

    Utau doesn't leave right away, pauses, staring down at the X-eggs in her hands, Sky Jack's words echoing in her mind. "..You know this is wrong! These are their dreams, their hopes! How can you steal that from them for your own gain!"

    Iru snarls, punching the air as she rests on her other shoulder. "Forget it, Utau-chan! Let's make a run for it before he comes back! We got what we came for!"

    Still, she hesitates, watching the three thugs wandering hopelessly along the harbour, bumping into each other as they tiredly run around in circles, totally lost without their heart's eggs.
Minako Aino 2016-02-20 02:31:03 29975
Minako Aino has nothing she needs to do and just watches like a voyeur from some bushes.

Somewhere in observing the fighting and trying to clue in to what's going on based on the talking, she sees her backpack and a very annoyed pair of cat eyes glowing from within.

She doesn't return just yet.
Mara Brando 2016-02-20 02:32:35 29976
    Mara was out for a bit of a walk, not really seeming to care too much about her surroundings. However, she does see three people bumping into each other. "Huh...?"

    Mara starts to look around for cameras for a few moments, not even noticing the altercation that had just happened somewhere else.

    Mara begins to look around a little bit, and even gets her soul gem to form in her hand from the bracelet it was. She takes a quick look at it, "Not a witch.." It then forms back into a bracelet.

    Mara walks up to the three stooges that are bumping into each other, "Hey! What's going on here?"
Kukai Souma 2016-02-20 02:40:03 29980
Sky Jack catches himself after getting some altitude. That was a little scary, but he grits his teeth. He can't just let her go unimpeded.

Jack skirts around behind Utau while she's watching the thugs, then goes into a perilously steep dive, letting out a cry as he pulls up hard on his board just before impacting the ground, coming in fast straight at Utau! But he doesn't seem to be attacking - his attention seems to be on trying to grab the X-Eggs out of her hands before she can get away!
Utau Hoshina 2016-02-20 02:50:29 29986
    Initially, the three teens seem to just stumble around, mindlessly, lost. But the longer their heart's eggs are absent from their bodies, and the longer the hearts eggs are corrupted, it slowly has a negative effect on the three teens. Suddenly a dark aura surrounds them and they become violent.

    "Empty...Empty..Empty!!" They yell. One of them starts to kick at Minako's discarded bag. Another ambles towards Minako's hiding spot, blindly swinging a dark-infused branch. The third turns to face Mara, and blindly swings his fist at her, enhanced by dark infused energy. "Empty....." He murmurs.

    And in the midst of all this chaos, Utau begins to make her exit, before Sky Jack angles back towards her, heading straight for her. Quickly, she darts to the side, her bat wings carrying her into the air and out of harm's way..However, during the altercation, two of the three X-eggs go flying perilously into the air, and dangerously close to the nearby water on the docks edge below..
Minako Aino 2016-02-20 02:54:58 29991
Minako Aino/Sailor V gives a single sharp crack of her little golden chained whip so it neatly loops in on itself instead of smacking into the bag-kicking boy's head at full velocity. It's actually an attack that would get her in trouble, but it's only a concussion. She presumes football players don't mind those.

Her next attack is almost aimed towards falling eggs, but she decides that they'll probably be fine falling in the water. 'Whatever they are.'

She gives a gentle nudge of the bag and a gesture to the water with her chin. Then, whispered, "I saved your life." The cat doesn't want to go into the water, as expected.
Mara Brando 2016-02-20 02:55:40 29993
    "Empty?" Mara stares at the guy, and just stands there as she is punched in the face. Mara's head turns a bit, but that is about it. It is almost as if she doesn't even feel it, but she does.. She steps forward and pushes the guy back, and doesn't bother to hide herself when she henshins! That could be bad.

    A bright, but deep red light surrounds Mara as she quickly transforms into her magical girl state, but... Who said magical girls couldn't wear armor and have a great axe?

    "Hehe.. haha.." Mara starts to laugh maniacally, "Something is wrong with you.." She glances around a little bit. "Give me a choice between pleasure and pain.... I choose pain.." Her eyes start to scan the area as she waits for the guy that just punched her to come back.

    Minako likely saw Mara transform if she was paying attention.
Kukai Souma 2016-02-20 03:28:58 30003
Sky Jack looks at Utau for a moment, then turns sharply, lunging at the X-Eggs, trying to catch them even as he puts his back to her and the other people beginning to show up at the scene. He just prays he doesn't get blasted for this...
Utau Hoshina 2016-02-20 03:33:51 30008
    SNAP! And Minako's whip smacks the bag kicker moments before he can smash the bag - and its catty contents - to smithereens! He stumbles forward, falling flat on his face, knocked out but still emitting dark auras, as if he could get back up at any moment.

    The second thug continues to round in on Minako, still swinging his dark infused branch rather blindly towards her. "Emmmmpty...." He drawls, his eyes blank and unseeing as he tries to fill the empty hole left from the stolen egg.

    And the third thug gets shoved back, causing him to stumble, but not to lose his balance. He picks up a baseball bat which glows with dark energy, and charges again towards Puella Mara, swinging it at her with incredible force..

    Although he is a football star, and his baseball bat is slightly infused with dark energy, making him quite a bit more powerful than your average person, he is still a mundane, and not a huge threat against a Puella. Still, it's sure to hurt more than a normal bat.

    Still airbound, Utau grips a hand tightly around the remaining X-egg, curiously watching as Sky Jack lunges for the remaining two that fell out of her hand. "Utau..Let's go! Enough harm's been done tonight!" Eru cries, still tugging on Utau's sleeve. She actually doesn't attack Sky Jack as he lunges for the eggs, but simply watches blankly, idly wondering if he even has the power to change them back. "What will you do? Do you even have the power to heal them? It's pointless anyway, they're just a bunch of thugs who tried to attack me, and that girl too.." she murmurs. But with two Mahou here, and a girl who would likely fight her if given the chance, Utau's not about to transform and battle all three. Sanjou-san might forgive her if she returned with three eggs however..
Minako Aino 2016-02-20 03:40:12 30010
Minako Aino/Sailor V snaps her whip a few more times, this time at a branch. It makes loud cracks that she hopes intimidates enough to discourage any more attacks.

She mostly wants to subtly try to nudge her cat into the water without anybody seeing, because it would look suspicious (and be a terrible blow for Sailor V fans in the world).

"Quit fighting me. I'm a fan of all sports! Even dumb American ones!" she claims, spoken like she's a saint.

"Stand down and nobody will get hurt."

"From here on, I mean," she adds, remembering the thug she brained.
Mara Brando 2016-02-20 03:41:39 30011
    Mara stares at the guy she pushed away who now holds a baseball bat. She sighs a little bit, as her great axe appears in her right hand. "I'm pretty sure I win this messed up game of rock, paper, scissors..."

    Mara uses the axe haft to block the swing of the baseball bat, then kicks him softly to the gut as to only knock him away a bit, before swinging her axe around at full strength and speed. She makes sure the axe head does not touch the guy, but makes sure the axe haft catches his knees possibly taking him out of football for quite a while if this dark energy doesn't make him much tougher.
Kukai Souma 2016-02-20 03:48:03 30015
Sky Jack quickly stuffs the two wriggling X-Eggs into his pockets, sealing them closed, keeping his eyes on Utau and the one in her hand. He could go after it, risk it breaking, risk the two he's got breaking, risk her blowing a hole in him. "No matter who they are, they deserve the chance to grow up! This was like bringing body armor and a machine gun to a fist fight!"

Jack looks at her for a minute, then shakes his head. "I'll find a way to change them back. I have friends. There's always hope." He seems to be wheeling his board backwards, trying to decide if he wants to disengage from the evil songstress. He spares a moment to look over, then blinks as he sees a girl in armor with a giant axe fighting the three eggless boys. "Hey, don't hurt them, they don't know what they're doing!" The mandate to guard and protect everyone tugs at him. "Geez, this is getting out of hand...."
Utau Hoshina 2016-02-20 03:58:12 30018
    Indeed, it is getting out of hand. Utau didn't intend to gather such a crowd of people, and now the infected teens are causing a scene. She wouldn't want to attract too much attention, being a pop idol and all.

    With a sigh, she flits into the sky. "Fine, you can keep those eggs, but I'm taking the third one. If you care so much about these thugs that have no respect for girls, then do what you will. I have no desire to fight you..Eru.."

    Eru lights up, changing places with Iru, and replacing black batwings with small white angel wings. With that, she opens her palm towards the three thugs, causing the dark energy about them to dissipate, but causing them to fall to the ground, unconscious. "Let's see how well you deal with those thugs, who would waste their dreams on harming others, rather than using them to inspire people!"

    Oh, the irony.
Minako Aino 2016-02-20 04:03:06 30022
Minako Aino/Sailor V mostly calms herself down after the boys fall down. She also claims she didn't do that one, but it seems they're not injured, at least.

She also continues nudging her cat towards water until he whispers something about Sky Jack getting the weird things V was willing to push him into the water to get. She knew, of course, but stops trying to get her cat to swim.

Momentarily confused, she looks about, not sure what to do. Not the usual dramatic ending to an encounter as she is used to, neither requiring her to blow somebody up or escape frantically.
Mara Brando 2016-02-20 04:08:10 30024
    Mara frowns as she stops her axe from hitting the guy's legs, "Well! That isn't any fun at all!" She turns her head to look to Utau, then to Jack, and finally, Sailor V.. "Well, crap! What the heck am I going to do to work all this violence I have stored up in me?!" She slams her axe into the ground right next to the fella that collapsed.

    "Who's going to take responsibility?! Huh?" Mara moves her axe to rest on her shoulder, then turns to look to Sailor V, "Cosplayer! What are you doing here?!" She grins widely and starts to walk towards Sailor V.
Kukai Souma 2016-02-20 04:33:37 30035
Sky Jack lets out a breath as Utau changes form, the mood changing for now. "For what it's worth, I don't wanna fight you either." He looks at her angel form for a minute, then shakes his head. "What they did wasn't right, but neither was what you did. Two wrongs don't make a right." He keeps his hands over his pockets, watching her.

"... I'm a Guardian. The Jack. I lied the other night. Sorry." He's not entirely sure why he tells her that, but something tells him it's the right thing to do. "Go on. Get outta here." For a moment he looks like he wants to say something else, but instead he turns and begins racing away, his hoverboard carrying him away from the fight, from the rotten, unconscious boys, from the mahou, and from Utau.
Utau Hoshina 2016-02-20 04:40:04 30036
    Without their hearts eggs, their dreams will quickly die, and perhaps whatever futures they once held dear..At least unless those X-eggs can be purified. For now however, the three teens eventually wake up, no longer possessed but still missing their hearts eggs. They stare around blankly, now lacking the fire they possessed earlier.

    "Dude, what's going on?" Scratching their heads in confusion, the three teens stare at the weirdo cosplayers..And quickly decide to get out of there before more weird stuff happens.

    Utau continues to watch from the sky, still hovering on the wings of an angel, although smaller than her transformed ones.

    "What a waste, why would you waste your energies on a humanity that is so undeserving of your efforts?" Her amethyst eyes narrow upon Mara, who is so eager to battle. What a fool she is, and that girl..Who wears a uniform. But carries a golden chain, and talks to her bag. What a weirdo. But a potential victim for next time.

    "So. You admit it then. Sky Jack of the Guardians. I look forward to meeting your friends. Til next time." And next time, she'll grab those stolen eggs from him too! With a sigh, Utau turns skywards and heads off into the night, leaving the two girls below to clean up the mess.
Minako Aino 2016-02-20 04:42:46 30038
Minako Aino/Sailor V eventually shouts something about not calling her a cosplayer and tries to define the word for Mara.

"I'm always near wherever there's trouble!" she claims, heroically.

"I mean, after the trouble starts. To help fix the trouble. I'm a hero."

After a moment, she looks up in the air, perplexed.

"Oh. Oh. Oh, hey, they're both running away. Grrr."
Mara Brando 2016-02-20 04:45:21 30039
    Mara walks right up to Sailor V, and still has that wicked grin, "You're going to the arcade with me, and you're going to get your butt kicked in some fighting games. That is unless you want to fight here?" Her smile a little more innocent now. Her axe vanishes, "Also, heroes don't let the villains get away."

    Mara turns her back to Sailor V, expecting her to follow! "Lets go! To the arcade!"