Birthday Shenanigans!

A birthday tea party is thrown for Reiko! At first it seems great and wonderful... until things start to look wrong, and then the one singing 'happy birthday' turns out to be Maeko! A fight ensues, leaving the birthday girl crying.

Date: 2016-02-20
Pose Count: 55
Misa Sakagami 2016-02-20 01:08:22 29951
     It's time for Reiko's birthday party! And, as the invitations had said, there seemed to be a party set up in the park! It was... actually a very bright and cheerful looking setup, with a lot of white and orange decorations. Several koi lamps seeming to be hovering in the air mysteriously, and there seemed to be fluffy paper tubes that were wrapped around trees and spread throughout the entire park.

     These paper of fluffy tubes seem to line each path, leading to the very center of the park. Where there seemed to be row upon row of small circular tables. Each table had a pot of steaming tea and 6 teacups per table, with six seats at each table. Each seat was comfortable, and almost looks like a throne.

     At the tables, there are many boys and girls in beautiful dresses and neat tuxedos, sitting around the edges in a pattern of boy girl boy girl. Most of them are from Seishou school, and each one seems to be happily chattering away, drinking tea and eating cookies. The very center of the array of tables has four tables around a central table.

     Hovering above the central table there is what appears to be carefully arranged sparklers (that don't seem to actually be burning away) in a giant 'REIKO' written out in elegant kanji. With the most elegantly decorated table, absolutely covered in orange and white cupcakes, with a giant koicake in the center of it, as well as a comically oversized teakettle sitting next to it.

     Those four tables and the middle table are empty, and those that arrive(Especially reiko's close friends) would be ushered to those middle five tables by several women, all dressed up in elegant gothic lolita dresses that are an almost garish mixture of orange and white colors, each one with extremely overdone makeup. As a note, almost everyone doesn't seem to respond ... like a human. They don't make conversation among each other, and the chatter of everyone in the outter tables is completely unnatural. Nobody seeming to actually talk about /anything/.

     But that doesn't make it any less cheerful!
Reiko Touyama 2016-02-20 01:16:17 29954
Reiko Touyama knows there was a surprise party happening for her. She has no clue who is running the party who got invited. Probably, lots of people got invitied. She wonders who had planned the party. Was it Hoshi...? No. She'd only started hanging around with her more often recently. It wasn't Mei... Tadase-kun!? Her eyes sparkle... maybe... it was a tea party.. supposedly. Was it her parents!? Maybe they planned this from a distance.

Nrrrrrg then she arrives at the party and.. woah!

This is a lot of everything! It's koi themed... there's tables and chairs. It's fancily decorated and her eyes go wiiiiide.

"Woah...!" she says with wide eyes, turning around a bit with a smile.

"This is awesome..." she says as she she looks around towards other arriving people. She gives a wave, it's bashful. This is a loooot of work.

The people... here, obviously here to chaperone the party, she figures-- are acting odd. Very odd- but they're obviously hired help. Right?

"Hrm..." she mutters under her breath.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-20 01:35:51 29957
    Sayaka was walking alone in the park, texting to Kyouko and feeling all lonely and lost without her..When she literally stumbles upon the 'surprise party!' well..She doesn't exactly know whose party this is, or who put it on, but it's in a public enough place, and besides, when she is randomly handed an invitation to join, how can she say no?

    "Well then, I suppose I might as well check it out. All this witch hunting's made me pretty hungry afterall.." She murmurs, straightenning out her school uniform (hardly party attire but it'll do in a pinch!) and she heads towards said party!
Haru Zinoro 2016-02-20 01:41:04 29960
    Haru actually didn't know Reiko's birthday was today. But it seems he got invited because he went to the same school. Really, he doesn't know her all that well. But that's all right. He's still going. Not before he gets her a gift though. Even if he really doesn't know what to get for her.

    Haru arrives at the place and time, gift in hand. His dark green, near-black hair is gathered in a braid down his back. He wears a forest-green colored blazer and slacks, a light blue dress shirt with a skinny black square-end tie, an emerald green vest. A pair of shiny black dress shoes adorns his feet.

    His gift? Well, the white long box he carries cradled in one arm is probably a very good clue as to what it is. Also he's a florist. So no prizes for guessing what's actually in that white box. Speaking of that box, he does need to deliver it. As he enters the park, he greets those he meets with a polite wave and a smile, searching for the birthday girl.
Ikiko Hisakata 2016-02-20 02:08:43 29966
Ikiko Hisakata walks up to the party, a small bag in her hands. "Wow, whoever set this up certainly went all-out!" she says, her eyes sparkling at all of the decorations.

When she spots her orange friend, she waves. "Hi, Reiko-chan!" she beams.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-02-20 02:11:08 29967
Ayana arrives with Ikiko, dressed in a pair of bike shorts beneath a too-short dress. Like Ikiko, she is carrying a small bag in her hands, though she looks somewhat confused. "Is this what a birthday part is supposed to look ilke?" Ayana asks Ikiko quietly. "When I threw a party for Riventon, it was not anything like this. I guess I must have messed it up."
Misa Sakagami 2016-02-20 02:20:22 29971
     When Reiko arrives, she gets no less than /6/ of the dressed up people arriving, two of them walking alongside her to lead her, two in front rolling out a carpet, and two behind rolling it back up behind her as she's lead to her table, and occasionally others began to attempt to slip white and orange flowers into Reiko's hair, doing it up beautifully if they're not stopped -- and several presents were set into her arms. Once she was at her seat, it would be easy enough to see that there was an absolutely /massive/ present set behind her table. Person sized at the very least.

     But the present isn't mentioned or directed for her to open yet, and food begins to be placed in front of Reiko and everyone at the party -- all of which seem to be Reiko's favorite foods. Some of the kids on the outter edge of the party seem to look around confused, but only for brief moments before going back to the cheerful chattering and enjoying of cookies and tea.

     When Sayaka steps into the party, there is a sudden, distinct feeling that she is being watched. But it's only for a few moments, before she's ushered into one of the four middle groups by two of the adults. She's put somewhat further away from Reiko, but still provided with food, delicious tea, and cookies.

     Haru similarly gets this brief, distinct feeling of being watched. But only for a moment, before he is ushered to the SAME table as Reiko. Where a chair is pulled out for him to take a seat, and a teacup is filled with tea. It is around this time that one of the gothic ushers is beginning to carefully place 11 large candles into that similarly giant koi-cake.

     The ushers seem to be slightly hesitant as they lead Ikiko to Reiko's table, but they're no less friendly and cheerful towards her after that brief hesitance. SOMETHING about her seemed to put them on edge, though. Still, she's set at the table. As everyone begins to stand and turn towards Reiko all at once.

     The ushers motion for everyone else to stand and face Reiko, as each and every one of the candles is lit. Everyone's mouths open and begin to sing -- but again... it's strangely... it sounds like happy birthday, but nobody is actually SAYING anything while they sing, save for those who just arrived.

     Oh, and a VERY familliar voice.

~Happy birthday to you~.~
~Happy birthday to you~.~

     And Maeko's voice continues that way throughout the entire happy birthday song, and yet... there's a strange lack of menace to her voice. And there is no threat within the area at all. Though now that she was singing and no longer hidden (Within the giant present nearby Reiko), there was a cursory amount of darkness emanating from the much more festively cheerfully dressed Forsaken Doll Maeko. "Happy birthday to you, Reiko."

            ~Don't forget to blow out the candles.~
Reiko Touyama 2016-02-20 02:25:13 29972
Reiko Touyama smiles and bows to Sayaka. "Welcome!" she says. She doesn't seem to mind the visitor. She grins. "This appears to be my party! I guess some friends wanted to surprise me..." she says. She looks over to Haru and blinks, and then softly blushes a bit-a--a boy!? Here!? Ugh! This has gotta be the runners idea of a teasy joke. Still she jogs over and bows. "Hello! Welcome to my party--um.." she looks to the two and bows again. "My name is Reiko Touyama." she says with a smile. "I hope this is fun!" she says.

She looks over to Ayana and Ikiko and her eyes go wide! "Ikiko! Ayana!" she says as she smiles and practically launches herself over there to give them both great big hugs! "How are you both....? Oh.. you don't... know who's running it either?" she asks curiously. She frowns a bit.. something suddenly. Feels off. Does ANYONE knows who's running this party?

Oh suddenly, hair flowers. And she's being ushered!? Oh my! She kind of feels like a princess.

---and then things begin to go bad. Her eyes go wide when the voice begins to assault her senses. She frowns a bit.... she does not blow out candles. She looks around with a sharp pointed look. Was this all a trap? Was Maeko just ruining her day.

She gets right to the point.

"Give back Misa." she says through grated teeth. "It's time for her to come home, Maeko you can't... can't keep doing this!" she snaps out loud.

This may be confusing to some of the party goers.

Ugh... this was turning out to actually... be a neat party too. She looks a little sad that this is how her birthday is going.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-20 02:36:30 29978
    Sayaka suddenly realizes as she is being ushered, that she didnt bring a present for the special guest. "Oh no! I feel so bad.." as Reiko is pointed out, she peers at her curiously and smiles all the same. Looks like she has lots of presents all the same. Maybe they wont noticed.

    She is ushered to her seat, and she gets a weird feeling like she's being watched! What's this? And then the birthday song is sung, but no one seems to be actually moving their lips? What's going on!?

    Peering at the other guests, she briefly recognizes Ikiko and Ayana, and bites her lip, realizing she never kept her promise to help save Ayana - although she certainly looks different now, for some odd reason. In the midst of all the weirdness however, Sayaka's attention is primarily focused on Maeko, one hand hovering over her ring, just incase. What a creepy party..
Haru Zinoro 2016-02-20 02:39:53 29979
    It's very odd, that momentary feeling of being watched. But the introduction from Reiko gets a smile, and he returns, "Happy birthday, Reiko-chan." She is younger than he is, so he doesn't think it's too weird to call her that. And he also offers an introduction in return! He bows elegantly and says, "My name is Haru Zinoro. It's a pleasure to meet you."

    Oh, but he ends up at Reiko's table, too! He sets the long box he's carrying on the table next to him, intending to present it to her when her presents are given to her. Food and drinks are offered too. Very nice!

    He stands when directed to, and turns to face Reiko, with a charming smile. The birthday song is sung... and the hairs at the back of his neck stand on end. He almost joins in... but that's not a voice. Not a spoken one, anyway. And sure enough, Anthos Armonia pings softly from his breast pocket. He hears the Device's deep, smooth voice in his head.

    <<High levels of magic in this immediate area.>> Haru's eyes narrow slightly as the Device gives him the approximate magic level in the area. That's way above what it normally senses, even around the magical types. <<Several humans in your area scanned; they are under magical control. This one suggests deploying Barrier.>>

    ('Not yet. Everyone will see, and several of these people don't look like they're under control,') Haru answers back. And he can't get away to change yet. For now his carnellian gaze rests on Reiko, since she seems to have some clue as to what's going on.
Ikiko Hisakata 2016-02-20 02:52:51 29990
Ikiko Hisakata gives Reiko a biiig hug! She gives the ushers an odd glance when they hesistate for a moment, but sits at the table. When the singing starts, she starts to sing along--

--but those words aren't being voiced. Uh oh.

She looks around warily, trying to spot the doll. "I don't like this," she growls quietly. "The party's nice and all, but something feels wrong here."
Ayana Tasogare 2016-02-20 02:58:01 29994
Ayana hugs Reiko as well, then blinks in surprise and startlement when Ikiko gets escorted to a table, and she is left ... alone? The orange-haired girl frowns and crosses her arms, but doesn't say anything. When the singing starts, she looks even more confused, and her hair seems to move.

Ayana looks around at everyone near her, concerned and confused that everyone is singing the same song. And Ayana doesn't know the words.
Misa Sakagami 2016-02-20 03:02:32 29996

    ~There is no need for hostilities. I am throwing you a birthday party. And I have not done such maliciously, even!~ Maeko says softly towards Reiko, her lips twisting up into an ALMOST friendly smile, though she seemed to have an edge of her malice behind it. But she was trying REALLY hard not to look malicious. It was legitimately just how she's painted in this case. ~I learned all your favorite foods. I sent invitations to all your little friends. I figured out who were your classmates and which of them were friends. I even recruited several of their parents to help with the party! Most of them were even willing.~ Maeko sweeps her hand towards the people there. The ushers suddenly began to look much more familliar, like parents seen briefly when heading to or from school, or when visiting people.

     ~I even got you presents.~ She moves her hand towards several of the presents, which began to float and spin around Reiko. ~All for you. And not done with intent to harm or upset anyone.~ For Sayaka... it wouldn't be that hard for Maeko to feel ALMOST like a witch. Not an actual witch, but a similar kind of ... dark, twisted energy. Something that was once good and benevolent, that now has been twisted into something far worse.

     And Maeko /was/ beginning to get upset. A rumbling, boiling feeling and undercurrent to the party. ~And all you have to say to me is 'GIVE MISA BACK, GIVE MISA BACK'. You know what I said before. I couldn't even if I wanted to. We are connected. We are one and the same.~ She takes a slooooow breath, before motioning towards the cake. ~It will all end. And I will disappear. Just blow out the candles. I will not have all my work be for naught because you are too focused.~

     The parents and children were beginning to take steps back, moving out of the immediate area. Everyone under the magical effects seemed to be giving them space. Possibly in anticipation of a fight. Which is... odd... for Maeko. Why would she care to do that?

     For the Ikiko trying to spot Maeko... well. Maeko is literally standing there nearby Reiko. In plain sight. Not even trying to hide. She /also/ didn't even seem to have her weapon, though those familiar with magic would know that didn't necessarily mean anything. ~Come now Ikiko. I know that I'm painted a little oddly, but /that/ is just rude.~

     Strangely, there is no retaliation just yet. Maybe she legitimately /was/ just trying to hold a birthday party for Reiko? Maybe. Ayana is totally ignored because Maeko doesn't recognize her and she's just allowed as a guest right now. Though. The girl /was/ orange-haired. Hmmm. She should have recruited her to be part of the decorations! But Maeko was focused right now. A few of the ushers might be trying to help ensure that she was at a safe distance too, possibly forced to be even further away from Ikiko! ... Which might result in an unhappy fox.
Reiko Touyama 2016-02-20 03:10:18 29998
Reiko Touyama was most certainly all blushed and entranced by the pretty boy who'd showed up to her party, oh my. "H--hi. Haru-san." she says softly. She is however, quickly picked up by the going ons after as her previous pose stated.

She grits her teeth.. she's tired of... people. Trying to hurt her. Because she's helping people. Or trying to at least. First it was that strange shadow-self Riven-baka made. Now Maeko was here... She merely just clenched her teeth and her fists and continued to do so through the singing.

"I don't belive that, Maeko... if you cared, you'd stop possessing my friend because your're jealous." she says through gritted teeth.

She shakes a bit, yeah she's upset and this is slowly getting to a breaking point in her head.

"If you really care then give me a birthday gift. Give me back Misa." she says curtly.

It's an earnest request!
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-20 03:12:20 29999
    Sayaka peers at Reiko chan. Classmate huh? Actually she's from a different school altogether. But, Sayaka still offers her a friendly smile. "I'm sorry, Reiko-chan! I didnt realize this was a bithday party..I didnt get a present for you. Is..This a friend of yours?"

    She nods towards the girl named Maeko, although the girl is giving off incredible bad vibes..Not quite a witch, but still somehow dark and twisted. More quietly, she whispers to Reiko. "What's going on? What do you mean, possessed?" Still, she makes no move to attack just yet. Hey, there are guests here, and it's supposed to be a party. She doesn't want anyone to get harmed in the cross fire.

    Finally, Sayaka glances towards Ikiko and Ayana, recognizing them from prior run-ins. Ayana she peers at the longest, wondering why she seems somehow different, but a smile is given both of them regardless. "Ikiko-chan, Ayana-chan..It's been a while. Do you know her?" A nod towards the creepy Maeko Doll.

    Finally a curious glance towards Haru. Someone she doesn't know and so she just nods and smiles politely to him.
Haru Zinoro 2016-02-20 03:15:46 30000
    Haru just... remains quiet. He's probably amongst those guests that are being ushered back to a safer spot. He does not fight this at all. In fact, he picks up his long box as he does, so as to keep it out of the line of any fire. However, he does assure Reiko, "I'll give you this when things calm down some, ne?" He offers a playful wink. He shows no signs of having seen the doll, and seems to really not know what's going on at all.

    Oh but he hears it. He hears all of it. Even as he pretends to back away with the other guests, he's looking around for a place he can dsappear to. Just in case Hunter is needed. ('Be ready, Anthy. We might need to help out here.')

Ikiko Hisakata 2016-02-20 03:31:02 30005
"Folklore has many tales of those who eat magical food, especially when it's offered so directly," Ikiko replies, keeping an eye on Maeko. "They usually don't end well, except for maybe the hosts."

She glances at Sayaka and shrugs. "Somewhat, yes; it's a bit of a long story," Ikiko explains. "Reiko-chan knows her better than I, though."
Ayana Tasogare 2016-02-20 03:32:39 30006
Ayana startles again as she is gently usherred backwards, then she starts to growl. A pair of foxlike orange ears emerge from her hair, folded back against the side of her head. Or maybe that's just a trick of the imagination.

"You want to move," Ayana informs the adults barring her way. "Or better yet you want to take me to Iki-chan and Reiko-chan."
Misa Sakagami 2016-02-20 03:36:29 30009
                A sigh.

    ~I suppose a Curse cannot dare hope. I can't even explain why I even was.~ Hope about what? She doesn't really go into detail, her hands shift slightly though. ~You are not the one I wish to take my revenge upon. I do not care to torture you. If you wish to transform, I will you give this chance. It *is* your birthday after all.~

     Maeko's hand lowers, that giant cleaver beginning to flicker into existence, created from a purple fire. ~I am the forsaken doll Maeko. You shall join me in the fog of forgotten memories.~

     Around Haru, there is... well. There's a crowd. Lots of people all of which seem to be in almost a dazed, entranced state. Though at the back, the crowd is gradually beginning to turn and simply walk away. Evacuating themselves? How strange. Still, it didn't seem like anyone was even looking at Haru. Or... much of anything, for that matter. Which meant it MIGHT be safe, or at least easy enough to find a place to hide without being hindered.

     Maeko is briefly drawn away from Reiko though, her gaze falling on Sayaka Miki. ~I will give you a chance to leave if you wish to. I do not know you. It would not be cowardice to run in the face of the forsaken doll.~ As the classmates left, the spells over them began to lessen, and the thinly-spread magic that was over the area was beginning to concentrate.

     ~I assure you. This food is just food. Though I doubt you will believe me.~ Maeko responds calmly to Ikiko, her hand motioning towards the food. It was. In fact. Just food. And not even poisoned! Most of the magic was in the decorations and the people. ~You are not allowed to leave though. You are too much of a threat.~

     Fox ears appear. The ensorceled adults simply move out of the way as Maeko recognizes the threat. And the adults simply... move. Continuing on their slow movement away from the center of the park, as people gradually continue to leave and disappear.

     Some of the ushers *did* seem to morph, their disguises tearing off of them like wrapped presents, revealing humanoid dolls with scythes for arms. But none of those were stopping Ayana, rather forming a ring around those still in the center. Seemingly intent on stopping people from leaving and very little else.
Reiko Touyama 2016-02-20 03:43:36 30012
Reiko Touyama frowns at Maeko--she doesn't care anymore, who sees....."Chroma Prism Orange, Transform!" she calls out, throwing her hand out. There's an orange burst... and koi burst from around her-- wraping her magical outfit around her-- tying her hair bow and one becomes a clip in her bow.

She's now Prism Keeper Orange. She frowns and clenches her Chroma Wand in her hand. She takes a deep hard breath.

"Let my friends go.. if it's me you wanna deal with, fine- but you let Haru-san and Sayaka-san and Ikiko and Ayana-chan go!" she huffs loudly.

"They're just my friends!" she says staring. "Let Misa go..." she asks again.

"LET HER GO!" she yells more irrationally and angry.

She notices the people shifting, she shakes a little, she's so angry right now. So upset....
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-20 03:50:38 30017
    Sayaka is surprised when the creepy doll girl allows her to leave. However, she'd never abandon people who need her help. "Sorry, that's not an option. As long as you're threatenning these people, I cant leave!" She actually grimaces when the doll seems not to perceive her as a threat. But perhaps that is because her ring is safely concealing her magic at the moment, and she has yet to transform.

    Finally, it seems most of the guests are backing away and leaving..Either because they're scared, or the creepy doll thing is allowing them to flee out of harm's way. Those scythe weilding ushers however, are another story, and now Sayaka realizes just how dire the situation is.

    "Alright, guess that's my cue. Sorry, but I'm gonna stay and fight if a fight is what you want!" openning up her hand containing the ring, she lifts the ring to the sky where it transforms into a large sapphire gold guilded egg, and begins to transform into a Puella Magi!
Haru Zinoro 2016-02-20 03:59:38 30019
    She's telling the truth, Haru realized. The doll is telling the truth. Or is she? Magical creatures are hard to read. ('Anthy, can you scan the food?')

    <<Only surface scan. No abnormalities found.>>

    Curious. Still, maybe there's something deeper in the food that Anthy can't scan from here. But then suddenly Haru notices that people seem to be wandering off. As if in a daze. Curiouser. And then the ushers sprouts scythes for arms! Curiouser and curiouse-- WHAT THE HECK?!

    More surprises come when Reiko suddenly becomes PRism Keeper Orange. Haru can't contain a small gasp of shock. However, he is being allowed to leave, along with the other 'mundane' people. So he quickly turns, to mask the gasp, and begins to meander away, like the others.

    However, where he's going isn't away. He waits until he's out of sight, and then runs to a place where he's well and truly hidden. He places the long box down on the ground, and then as he straightens, extracts the teardrop-shaped emerald out of his breast pocket. In an authoritative tone, he directs, "Anthos Armonia, Set Up."

    An emerald green green magic circle appears below him, one that marks the Device as Mid-Childan. He begins to float over the circle, the faceted emerald before him. And then, in flashes of green energy that creep around him like vines growing from nothing, his outfit changes. The Barrier Jacket deploys, and in short order, Haru is nowhere to be found. In his place is the hooded Hunter.

    The gem has reconfigured itself too. Instead of a mere gem, it's now a staff. The haft is dark green, and it almost looks like a trident at the top, though the prongs have a tulip-like shape. they sit on either side of the gem in the center.
Ikiko Hisakata 2016-02-20 04:10:39 30025
Ikiko Hisakata turns towards the scythe-armed ushers. "Reiko will reach her better than I could," she remarks, as if challenging them. "So, I just need to keep you from interrupting her."

"Lycan Locket!" she calls as she touches a hand to the locket around her neck. There's a flash of silver, then Cute Wolf Tsukiko appears, guarding Orange's back. "Go for it, Orange-chan," the wolfgirl murmurs encouragingly to her colorful friend.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-02-20 04:14:54 30027
The kitsune's ears perk up confusedly, fanning left and right both as the ushers simply back away. When they tear their clothes off to reveal those scythe-like arms, understanding hits, and Ayana makes a determinedly unhappy face.

"Hoshi-no-tama!" she says, almost exaclty in unison with Ikiko, as she touches the ball of steel and glass dangling from the collar at her throat. That ball explodes outwards in a spray of glass that engulfs the kitsune, shredding her appearance. It then reforms once again, and Cute Fox Inariko appears.

Angry, Inariko turns and points at one of the tables. "Twilight Possession," she declares with a snap of her fingers, and several of the beautifully arrayed plates begin to spin like saucers, floating up into the air under the Kitsune's control. Inariko's eyes glow blue as she focuses on her powers. "Orange-chan, your girlfriend is a jerk!" she says angrily, then swipes her hand through the air. The plates move suddenly, shot like discs from a launcher towards the scythe-handed adults.
Misa Sakagami 2016-02-20 04:20:38 30029
     ~Haru-san, Sayaka-san, and Ayana-san may go. But I do not believe they will. They are showing that thing that you humans share. Friendship. Comraderie. Things of that nature.~ Maeko responds calmly as Reiko transforms. Anger. So much anger coming from Prism Keeper Orange. Maeko watches her silently as she yells.

     Listens at the pleading to let Misa go. Maeko does not respond to it. That anger, though. That she does respond to. ~My... my... my. You might want to control your temper. You are letting it control you too much. I wonder how long until your anger consumes you, and you become a CURSE too. Did you not get purified of the curse I placed upon you before?~

     And then... the Puella Magi transforms. Maeko's gaze flicks towards her. ~That tarnished magic again. How strange.~ She murmurs thoughtfully, and yet... this person seemed like a hero. Hmmm. At least, more heroic than Homura and Kyouko. And perhaps more pure? Well. It seemed there were multiple people she would have to fight. Darkness was beginning to gather over the area, a palpable wave of unsettling loathing. But also this feeling of ... hopelessness. Loneliness. The pain and sorrow of wishing for people, but being unable to be with them.

     And the loathing that it eventually breeds. The culmination of Maeko's CURSE in the air around her. A curse that could draw in and begin to drive the weak of heart and mind into its depths.

     Haru is allowed to leave, as it seems Maeko just wants to claim Reiko and do ... something ... with Ikiko, though if he hadn't left fast enough he might have been effected by Maeko's CURSE. As he transforms, nothing accosts him, and he is free to do as he wishes, for now!

     Lycan locket! And then... there was Cute Wolf Tsukiko there. And... focused on the scythe-armed ushers, which were still continuing to just stand in that ring to keep them boxed in, so to speak. They didn't seem upset with the fact they were the target, and four of them even began to step forward once the challenge was ushered. Yep. The plan was TOTALLY for them to stop Reiko. Really! Yep!

     The foxgirl full-blown turned into a magical girl! ... One that Maeko didn't recognize, but Ayana she /did/ recognize. So ... that must be her? Oh well! Now that everyone had transformed (Or so Maeko thought), she shifted slightly. Seemingly keeping her word.

     She didn't attack until everyone who was going to transformed. And now she would. She lifts her hand, snapping her fingers. Dark energy gathered above her hand, forming into several thin wires suddenly to begin to attempt to wrap Reiko and slowly squeeze her.

     Meanwhile, the scythe-armed puppets charge towards Inariko and Tsukiko, one attempting to do a rapid spin and catch Inariko with the sharp outter edge of its blade, while another takes a plate to the face, causing its face to crack and begin to fall apart. Meanwhile, the other two simply begin to spin and dance around the two, seeming to leave behind wires...

     For now, Sayaka is left alone. And Maeko is unaware that Hunter is going to come back at present.
Misa Sakagami 2016-02-20 04:21:23 30030
     Maeko does not seem to react to the comment of her being Reiko's girlfriend. Possibly because she just finds it mildly amusing, but she's focused on being a horrible evil person in spite of a small part of her wanting to go back to how things used to be.
Reiko Touyama 2016-02-20 04:28:22 30034
Prism Keeper Orange blinks at Ayana-chan. "I.. I told you before she's just a friend!" she snaps! "A friend who needs my help right now!" she says. This sounds very much like the truth and not some sort of coy (koi!?) hesitant tone. She looks back to Maeko and frowns--

Puppets come to life. She raises her wand and blasts with with an orange blast towards them as wires grab her and stop this---she has to stop her assault as her eyes go wide.. "S..stop this!" she calls out.

"STOP IT!" she says. She tries to break free- she does this by summoning up some koi, which begin both nibbling and pulling at the wires!

She frowns, upset at Maeko.

"Curses only affect you if you let them...Misa... fight it..." she tries to urge very very hard to get through.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-20 04:47:39 30042
    Sayaka peers at the doll, still not sure what she is, although she kinda reminds her of one of Homura's creepy Clara doll familiars. "Huh. A talking doll. And you're somehow possessing some girl named Misa? Why are you doing this?" Okay, she's definitely not a witch, although the dark twisted magics around her still remind her of the like, somehow. A familiar perhaps? although they're not generally into the possessing of others.

    Well whatever. Sayaka shivers a bit as the hopeless aura of darkness settles on the area. She was already vulnerable to feelings of despair and hopelessness. Loneliness too. She grits her teeth, summoning a cutlass. Dammit. She'd like to shred that doll to bits, but something tells her it's not as simple as that.

    The scythe weilding ushers do not directly attack her for now, however Sayaka's attention is primarily focused upon Maeko, and her binding wires that wrap around Orange. "Well, that's pretty nasty of you! why dont you at least grant her her birthday wish and bring back her friend, instead of holding her hostage like that?" with a snarl, she darts towards Orange, slashing and slicing at the wires that bind her.
Haru Zinoro 2016-02-20 04:48:53 30043
    Hunter does not take the staff yet. "Hunter Mode," he directs instead. There is a soft ping from the staff, and it obeys. Obligingly it twists and reconfigures itself further, until it has a shape like an arch. And then a thin beam of emerald green magic shoots from one end of the arch to the other, to serve as a string. That done, Hunter grasps the handle of the staff-turned-longbow and takes to the air.

    He flies back to the party, stopping overhead to look and see what's going on. He floats silently overhead, hood hiding his face as he watches. And when he sees that trouble has begun, he nods. "Anthy. Deploy Barrier," he murmurs. A soft ping from the green gem on the longbow's arrow rest, and then a multicolored sphere expands out from his position.

    The sphere doesn't hurt any of the magical heroes there, the enemies, or Maeko. But any mundane people in the area will seem to disappear from sight. From their perspective, everything weird just... disappeared. Was it ever really there? Probably not. From everyone else's perspective, though, the area has a very definite Barrier around it.

    Hunter remains in the air for now, just watching. Neither attacking nor fleeing.
Ikiko Hisakata 2016-02-20 05:04:42 30047
Cute Wolf Tsukiko jumps upward, trying her best to not step on the wires left behind by the scythe-arm ushers. She glances around at the sudden appearance of a Barrier, but her focus is on the foes dancing around her.

Well, one thing at a time, then. After landing clear of the ushers, the wolfgirl bounds towards them, leaping forward to deliver a kick to one before they can bring their blades to bear on her.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-02-20 05:04:59 30048
Inariko chases Tsukiko into the fight, sidestepping a clawed usher's attack so that she can get behind him and snap-kick the usher in the back. "Whatever, she's still a jerk!" Inariko calls to Prism Keeper Orange.

But then she realises that Orange is being crushed, and she mumbles, "Tsukiko, cover me," then her eyes shine blue once more as she activates another Twilight Possession: this time the cake-cutting knife starts to float on its own, heading straight for Reiko. Inariko is forced to stand still while she manipulates the knife at range, sending it to very carefully start trying to cut through the cords squeezing Reiko.
Misa Sakagami 2016-02-20 05:12:11 30050
     ~'Misa, fight it. Give me Misa back.' You're like a broken record. You don't even understand the situation. Misa had the misfortune of picking a curse that not even *I* could keep away from her if I wanted to.~ Koi nibbling at the wires is... surprisingly effective, likely largely due to the positive nature of the Koi's creation. Maeko rests her hands on the wires, gripping them. As the koi nibble, dark energy is sent racing along the wires, even as the blast flies towards one of the puppets -- which ... again, doesn't seem to be particularly effective at dodging it. Just taking it and parts of it beginning to break. Half of its chest missing.

     That dark energy would be targetted at the KOI rather than Reiko herself, intent on filling them with dark energy, as those wires would begin to pull Reiko in towards Maeko, who was beginning to step towards Reiko. Though the dark energy was aimed at the koi, it would also begin to fill Reiko unless it's stopped. It would give her power, but it was laced with Maeko's CURSE, which would begin to fill her with loneliness, and loathing towards those who would leave her or make her lonely.

     Maeko's gaze shifts towards her. ~She bought me. So I inhabited her.~ Is the simple explanation to the question of why. It was a LOT more than that, but she doesn't explain more than that. Especially as Sayaka's blades slash cleanly through those wires, freeing Reiko! Maeko lashes her hand out towards Sayaka after that, the remains of the wires lashing out towards Sayaka, attempting to send her flying towards the ring of dolls. ~I do not need you.~

     Maeko continues to step towards Reiko. It seemed she did need Reiko though. For what, though? Only time would tell, she was sure.

     The barrier expands, spreading over the area and making the (leaving, and likely now confused as the barrier cuts off Maeko's magic) people who were still there disappear from existence. Maeko didn't stop it, as it didn't seem to be immediately dangerous to her... it did, however, bring her attention to Hunter. Several of the scythe-armed dolls turned, seeming to just silently... /stare/ at Hunter.

     KICK! Crack! The kick that impacts with the 'usher' with a satisfying crack and crunch, as another part of it begins to fall from its body. Being that close to the scythe-arm usher was possibly not the best idea though, as its arms suddenly and rapidly turned, attempting to both snap in towards the leg and attempt to pin it against itself with surprising speed. Black lightning would then arc along the blade, attempting to fill Tsukiko with an unpleasant, burning sensation!

     Another kick, this time... the doll manages to *just* dodge the incoming kick from Cute Fox Inariko, whos' attempts with the knife can easily free Reiko from the remains of her bonds which were still likely wrapped rather tightly! Meanwhile, the doll that managed to dodge strikes the tips of its blades against each other, causing another black arcing lightning... that forms a ball of dark energy! This is sent towards Inariko, attempting to strike her in her back while she was immobile!

     ~Fox. Stop using her birthday dinner as a weapon. It's incredibly disrespectful.~ Maeko comments, a hand sweeping towards the tables and chairs to move them OUT of the larger ring of largely immobile dolls. Yes. She is taking offense at Inariko 'ruining' the birthday dinner. As if it was her that did it. Really. ... Nobody said the doll was rational.
Reiko Touyama 2016-02-20 05:23:48 30053
Prism Keeper Orange works on freeing herself-- then a barrier forms- she remembers this from before! She looks around and eyes Hunter up there, she smiles a bit, but then looks back down to the situation at hand-- the koi get 'shocked' away from dark energy as Reiko does her best to fight off the feeling, that curse trying to infect her. She tries to will herself to ignore it. She's been lonely before. It sucks but....

Not right now! Her friends are here, right?...

She frowns and pushes forward... Maeko starts moving for her, well..if Maeko wants Reiko, she's getting Reiko. She raises her wand and fires off a beam of color energy at Maeko, frowning.

"I'm a broken record because I'll never give up, just like a skipping record! until they're /stopped/..." she hisses. "Or the song is allowed to continue!" she cries out.

"I won't give up on my friend because you have!" she cries out more.
Haru Zinoro 2016-02-20 05:28:20 30056
    Hunter's gaze is brought to Reiko's plight, and the corner of his mouth turns down at her situation. He's about to go down there and help her himself... when between Sayaka and the Cute Fox, they cut the birthday girl free. Hopefully she can handle herself against the approaching doll. Hunter seems to have a whole 'situation' on his hands.

    He turns to the scythe dolls staring at him. And the corners of his mouth turn up, in an almost evil smile. "Upshot," he mutters. Then he shifts, to aim the bow... upwards? He pulls the string back; as he does, a thick arrow made of the same emerald green energy forms. It's almost blazing with energy. As he pulls the string back to his cheek, his fingers grasp the 'fletching' of the arrow of energy. And then he looses it.

    The arrow travels up, up, up... and then seems to shatter. In the next instant, smaller energy arrows are raining down, all over the group of dolls that were staring at him.
Ikiko Hisakata 2016-02-20 05:41:21 30062
Being caught is troublesome for an agile wolfgirl, but the pain of the burning darkness isn't as bad when you've had experience with hugging people while they're draining your energy. The CURSE attached to the energy is a bit more troublesome, but Tsukiko knows that she has friends and loved ones here -- she is not alone, and that gives her strength!

Focusing a bit of magic into her mouth, Tsukiko's fanglies lengthen and sharpen, and she bites into an arm of the usher, right below where it turns into a blade. The wolfgirl then kicks her way free of the grapple, then dives to intercept the dark energy ball heading towards her kitsune girlfriend.

This is going to hurt more, but Inariko asked Tsukiko to protect her, and that is what the wolfgirl is going to do!
Ayana Tasogare 2016-02-20 05:49:12 30063
With Reiko's binds cut, Inariko tilts her head just a little, ears flickering in concentration. She's so very still, other than those subtle movements, eyes glowing eerily blue as she sends the knife whirling through the air. It does a summersault, then dances towards Maeko, just drawing near the doll girl. "It is disrespectful to make a girl unhappy on her birthday." the fox counters, her own voice booming just faintly, though she speaks calmly.

"It is also disrespectful to separate a girl from her girlfriend. You have done both." The knife darts back and forth, then slices towards Maeko very suddenly, trying to slice at any her stomach. "I am sure one of us has been disrespectful. But it is not me."
Misa Sakagami 2016-02-20 05:54:58 30064
     But where were her friends? Sure, there were Ikiko, Ayana, and Hunter there... but what about the others? What about her crush? Did they really care about her? Surely they got those invitations too... why wouldn't her closest friends be there? Could Reiko really rely on her friends? Were they really going to help her and be there when she needs them most? Foreign questions like that would begin to plague at Reiko's mind. Just a tiny little voice that goes against her otherwise righteous thoughts and feelings. Easily ignorable, but possibly sewing the seeds of doubt.

     As that blast of energy is sent towards Maeko, she doesn't just... take it this time. Her top half of her torso simply ... rotates unnaturally, her legs continuing to move her forward as her torso turns completely sideways, allowing the positive energy beam to glance off of her shoulder mid-turn instead of taking it directly. It still caused much of her shoulder to simply... disappear, but it was much less damage than the usual. Her body returning back to its normal positioning. ~But if that record is scratched beyond recognition, will it ever actually continue to sing its song?~ Maeko whispers. ~Are you sure that which you fight so hard for is truly something that can be saved? What if she was lost in her hopelessness before I ever existed?~

     Maeko lifts a single finger, a small black bolt of energy forming, which she aims to send flying towards Reiko's upper-left shoulder. A small bolt of energy, but it would hit *hard*, energy compressed into a small point like an arrow, rather than something wider. ~For that matter... I wonder if you truly can defeat me. I am a rather old curse, after all...~

     Arrows rain down from the heavens, striking at the ring of dolls. They hadn't been moving before, but now they were trying (ineffectively) to dodge. Many of them simply rendered into small, much more normal dolls after they're struck as Maeko's attention diverts from them to save her energy. She was being worn down, even if she was still fighting. The number of overall scythe-armed dolls seemed to just halve itself, even those that weren't being attacked being sacrificed to free up energy for the others. Dropping down from ~20 total dolls... to 10... finally to 6. Two of which begin sending balls of negative energy flying towards Hunter.

     BITE! KICK! Tsukiko successfully manages to free herself from the doll that was holding her, the magic of the fangs allowing her to slice through the doll's flesh easily in spite of the fact it would normally be unpleasant due to being made of porcelain. The mouthful of dark-energy-laden porcelain is likely not particularly tasty, of course, but it's likely preferable to being held by the leg by a pair of scythes!

     Taking the energy blast head-on might not be nearly as preferable though, as after the impact, that energy ball would suddenly expand to a much larger size, exploding outwards with black energy and dark electricity, mingled with a blast of force. Something odd was happening with the doll that Tsukiko bit though. It seemed to be... flickering? Shifting back to that state it was in when it was being the 'usher' more normally, before returning to the scythe-armed form. It seemed about to settle more fully on the usher form... before it suddenly disappeared, replaced with a normal doll, wearing an outfit much like the one that it had been wearing before it revealed itself as one of the doll woman's Youma.

     ~There is some truth to your words." Is all that Maeko admits in response to Inariko, as the knife comes towards her. The doll moved rather swiftly though, as the blade danced and slashed towards her... she simply reached to catch the hilt of the knife. If it STAYED in her hand was debatable, but she grabbed the knife to stop its swipe at her. The doll infused it with her energy and her darkness to make it harder to control... and then simply dropped it.

     Her cleaver appeared in her hand instead. Several feet long and incredibly oversized, it looked like the doll shouldn't be able to carry it. She doesn't make use of it immediately though...
Reiko Touyama 2016-02-20 06:05:31 30067
Prism Keeper Orange goes to talk, but then a sharp bolt of energy shoots into her shoulder and her eyes go wide..."Ah----!" she shrieks out, as she grabs for her shoulder-- she has to fall down for a moment, her legs collapsing in a heap under her--- not where she wants to be but it feels like everything is burning at once as that dark energy surges in her... she seethes.

"My record will never become unplayable.." she says still using that representation. "--I don't need to defeat you, I just need to drive you out of Misa." she snaps. Just like they didn't need to 'defeat' Riventon, just take the Riventon out of her.

She seethes hard, She raises her wand and-- despite the feelings and lingering doubts in her mind... she tries to summon up what she can...

"...Prism Aegis Power...! Orange Outburst!" she calls out-- she doesn't have the wherewitall to summon up her more powerful purifiying move, but she can launch the regular big ol' purification beam as she launches the attack at Maeko.

"Let. Her. Go!" she snaps! "LET HER GO!" she shrieks.
Haru Zinoro 2016-02-20 06:14:49 30068
    Hunter's lips part as he sees the energy orbs coming at him. Rather than conjur up a shield, though, as most Device users would do, he zooms away into the air. Though he doesn't quite dodge fast enough, and as he turns, one of those balls of negative energy impacts solidly with his back. He emits a gasp, and the impact sends him tumbling. He doesn't seem to be exactly the tanky type. Nor the dodgemonkey type.

    It takes him a moment, but he manages to right himself, just marely managing not to hit the ground. He frowns. "Device Mode," he instructs. A ping, and then the bow reconfigures itself into a staff again. Then he flies back up into the air, above the party, raising the staff into the air above him. "Flu-Flu."

    The air around the prongs of the tulip-shaped trident begins to sparkle and glitter, and then golden dust begins to fall from the prongs. Swinging the staff in a wide arc before him, he flings the dust across the battlefield.

    It might start messing with the perceptions of the dolls. It might start making them fall asleep. It might start eating away at their reserves of negative energy. Might even make them sneeze! Or... or it might do nothing at all...
Ikiko Hisakata 2016-02-20 06:27:37 30073
The blast sends Tsukiko skidding backwards, with the wolfgirl losing her balance and landing on her rear as she comes to a halt. "Oof," she grunts as she climbs back to her feet. "Gonna neext extra sleep tonight."

She gives her girlfriend an encouraging smile, then turns to face Maeko. "Never underestimate the power of friendship!" Tsukiko shouts. "It's part of how we saved Ayana... and it'll be part of how we save Misa!" The wolfgirl takes a deep breath--

--and howls.

She wordlessly sings of the fun of hanging out together, of the joy of celebrating accomplishments and the comfort of mutual commiseration. Of the warmth of a friendly smile, and the pleasure of brightening their day.

And beneath it all, an upbeat question is implied: can Misa come out to play?
Ayana Tasogare 2016-02-20 06:42:07 30076
Inariko's eyes flash back to their normal shade of blue when the knife is caught by Maeko. She blinks once, twice, startled as she's returned from her twilight possession. "Kon-kon?" she asks confusedly. Then she hears Tsukiko's howl.

Shaking her head clear of the cobwebs, it's the fox's turn, now, to defend her girlfriend. While the cute wolf sings her song, Inariko dashes towards nearby scythe-armed dolls, punching and kicking to keep them away from her girlfriend.
Misa Sakagami 2016-02-20 06:49:18 30081
     ~Oh, Reiko. You misunderstand. I was not talking about your record.~ Maeko says softly, shaking her head slowly as Reiko speaks. And then... that gathered energy. That thrown big ol' purification beam. Maeko is too close to properly evade that big purification beam. It consumes her. And she SCREAMS. It was not Misa's scream. It was not the scream of when she was separating from Misa. No. That was /Maeko's/ agony. Something that was likely satisfying to hear in a part of Reiko's mind with that curse attempting to entrap her in its net of negativity. Of anger. Of hatred. Of loathing. Of loneliness. Of mistrust. Of pain. Misery loves company... and it seemed Maeko might be trying to acquire Reiko to be company to her misery.

     'Flu-Flu' spreads across the battlefield! That golden dust. It falls over the dolls, though Prism Keeper Orange's energy blast keeps the worst of it away from Maeko. What it /did/ do however, was make two of the weaker dolls begin to revert to, well. Toys. The other four were moving more sluggishly, as well. Also possibly make the food less tasty. The poor food. Why did she have to leave innocent bystanders on the field?!

     Never underestimate the power of friendship. As she finally escapes Prism Keeper Orange's beam, Maeko breathes slowly, her head tilting to the side with a ~CRACK~. She turns her gaze towards Tsukiko as she speaks. ~Do not underestimate the power of the DAMAGE that friendship can cause as well. When your friends disappear. When your friends die. When your friends change and break friendship with you.~ Maeko responds calmly, her eyes glowing faintly as she turns her gaze towards Ikiko, and then... that *HOWL*. It runs through her. That song runs through the doll, and she visibly recoils from it. It brought memories to the doll. Memories she didn't want to remember, because it brought with them the PAIN of remembering what happened afterwards. Were those... tears forming in the Doll's eyes?

     Somewhere, quietly within the doll... Misa recoils, retreats. It was safe. She couldn't get anyone hurt where she was. It was safe. She was safe. People wouldn't be in danger because of her. But... an invisible chain was weakened. Teetering on breaking.

     The flu-flu was doing its job as Inariko moved to atack the scythe-armed dolls, those punches and kicks ALL struck soundly, and hard. Their movements sluggish even as they tried to counter-attack. And the damage recieved previously was enough that... gradually, over the course of several punches and kicks, they all reverted to harmless toys once more.

            ~THAT. IS. ENOUGH!~

     Maeko straightened up, her screeching yell sending a shockwave of dark energy out from her, as she lifts her cleaver, pointing it up to the sky. ~Forsaken Reaping.~ Maeko shifts slightly, her legs bending... and then... she LEAPS at high speeds, flying up towards the upper edge of the shield, where the dome reached its highest. And then... her blade would attempt to stab into it.

     If Hunter still had a connection to the shield that was not cut immediately, he would find his energy RAPIDLY draining to attempt to maintain the shield, as Maeko's 'free' hand pointed down. Any energy drained from the shield was then sent out in a wide-area burst of dark energy, with multiple aims. One: To leave a heavy taint on the area that they would have to solve, lest it cause problems for civilians... and two: To propel herself away at high speeds. Effectively flying through a dark magic blast. She didn't really necessarily /need/ to, but it would make it so that those there would not necessarily have any particular immediate wish to follow her.
Reiko Touyama 2016-02-20 06:55:38 30084
Prism Keeper Orange seethes and she forces herself up through the agony and the feelings--she's so used to feeling like this that she doesn't really notice the difference right now- but it's causing her to drain her energy faster regardless--- and she moves to try to get another blast in...

But she can't.

She just collpases again into herself, backwards- she not that she can't, but she won't.

She just... sort of buries her head between her knees and just begins sobbing to herself unintelligbly- if these are even words she's mumbling. Almost immediatly that henshin of hers dissapates, unable to keep it through this particular bit of upset sorrow.
Haru Zinoro 2016-02-20 07:06:24 30089
    Thankfully the Barriers are just Barriers-- Hunter has no real connection to it once it's put up. Anthos Armonia does however, ping softly and announce, <<Barrier strength weakening.>> Unable to sustain itself, the Barrier sputters, flickering a few seconds, before disappearing. Hunter tilts his head to look up. It's just before that large blast of negative energy is released.

    He's looking up, so he doesn't see it coming. The blast throws him back, and he emits a choked sound of surprise as he flies back through the air. He needs a moment to right himself. In fact it's Anthos Armonia that does this, conjuring a Mid-Childan magic circle under his feet and holding him in place in the air long enough to stabilize him.

    When he finally does right himself, he notices Prism Keeper Orange-- no, Reiko-- so upset. He frowns, and descends from the air, almost seeming to be walking down an invisible staircase. He descends next to Reiko... and without a word, extends his hand. He's planning on helping her up from the ground. But if she wants a hug, he is totally there.
Ikiko Hisakata 2016-02-20 07:13:07 30093
Cute Wolf Tsukiko staggers a bit from the rocket-like blast of dark energy, but the immediate threat is gone. She looks at the rapidly-disappearing Maeko, then sighs and shakes her head. This lingering gloominess isn't something the wolfgirl is well-suited for cleaning up, but she does know someone who might be able to purify the area.

And that someone has broken down into tears.

Tsukiko steps over to Reiko, then kneels and gives her a big hug, patting the younger girl on the back comfortingly. "We'll get Misa back someday," the wolfgirl murmurs. "Together. You know it."
Ayana Tasogare 2016-02-20 07:15:28 30094
Inariko's ears perk up alertly as the barrier fades. She looks left, looks right, looks everywhere but up for signs of Maeko. When she doesn't find the girl, Inariko huffs and stomps off towards the cake. Picking up the knife that Maeko dropped on the ground, Inariko wipes it on her skirt, then cuts the cake.

She serves a piece on a plate, then grabs a fork and brings both of these to Reiko. "Reiko-chan," she says. "Stop being sad. It took a long time to save me. It will take some time to save her, too. But you can do it."
Misa Sakagami 2016-02-20 07:16:23 30095
     As Maeko disappears into the distance, the tables begin to set themselves. They begin to move back into place. The presents begin to gather around Reiko, and the cake is still there. And if Reiko bothers to open the presents? They're... actually... rather nice. Little koi stuffies. A few koi pillows. And then a very small, seemingly hand-sewn doll of Misa. Each one is labeled 'From Misa'. Except the hand-sewn doll. That one is 'From Maeko'.

     The food is well-made and tasty. The cake is a tasty chocolate cake with orange flavored icing. And beyond some minor damage to the decorations, they are still up, and would still be a good basis for a party. And many people still had invites.

     And moving things back into place *did* seem to lesson the dark miasma that was hanging over hte area. Maybe Maeko /had/ just legitimately wanted to throw a party for Reiko? For... some reason?
Reiko Touyama 2016-02-20 07:23:48 30098
Reiko Touyama is sort of just crying and crying. Usually she cries where no one can see her. Right now everything is just getting overwhelming to her. She looks up softly and she does take Hunter's offered hand. "Ahaha---t..thanks Hunter-san.." she says with a sniff. "Haha--so-sorry, I know it's not very flattering of me to be crying right now...I'm sorry..." she says softly wiping her eyes with her sleeve a moment.

She looks around at the gifts and the food and just sighs. "I'm gonna... open these later soon I guess... for all I know there's dangerous things in them..." she says as she squeezes her fists together hard.

She just looks to Ikiko and Ayana. "Riventon..." she says. "Made an evil twin of me. She has grey eyes, so.. if you see her around or see me acting not like myself..." she mutters. "Or my koi are pihranas..." she says.

She just sniffs a bit. " I had to deal with this too.." she says as she moves to sit down.

"She hit me good with....whatever that was..." she says softly. She just kind of softly looks down.
Haru Zinoro 2016-02-20 07:33:06 30102
    Hunter offers a gentle smile when Reiko stands. "It's all right," he assures her. "If that doll has possessed your friend, it's natural to be sad to be unable to free her. But keep trying. Keep reaching out. One day she will find the courage to take your outstretched hand." He looks to the others still here and offers a smile. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Hunter." He raises his staff. "My partner is Anthos Armonia."

    A soft ping from the Device, and that smooth baritone voice declares, <<Greetings.>>

    As for the party fixings? He looks around at them. "I can see if they're tainted. It doesn't seem so. The food seemed all right a moment or two ago." A pause, though, at the warning of the double of Reiko. Sure, it wasn't aimed in his direction, but he heard it.

    And then he remembers something. "...Hold on a moment. I forgot something." He bows, levitates into the air, and then heads away temporarily. Where's he going? Why, where he left that long box.

    They'll see him return with he long box. "I believe someone was trying to give this to you, Reiko-chan." He presents her with the box.

    What's in it? A bouquet of flowers, of course. It's a large bouquet of violets, dotted here and there with tiny white baby's breath flowers and vibrant green foliage. The whole thing is wrapped in orange paper. Should she open it, Hunter will offer, "Violets are February's flower. They are symbols of truth, constancy, and devotion."
Ikiko Hisakata 2016-02-20 07:45:29 30105
Cute Wolf Tsukiko give Reiko another hug. "Thanks for the warning," she smiles. "And if he's made one evil twin, he could probably make more of them. So if we see grey-eyed copies of our friends acting strangely, we'll at least know what's going on, right?"

The bouquet in the box reminds the wolfgirl of something. "Oh! Almost forgot," she says, reaching into her vest and pulling out the small bag she had earlier, then offering it to Reiko. Inside is another plush koi, this one made from a fabric that looks like it has canine footprints on it.

"Happy birthday, Reiko-chan!" the wolfgirl smiles, giving her another hug.
Ayana Tasogare 2016-02-20 07:48:19 30107
Ayana sighs and puts the plate gently in Reiko's hands. "It will be okay," she reiterates quietly. "Just remember: every day is one day closer to when your girlfriend will be free. That's what worked for Ikiko," she points out.

She totally doesn't get it.

"Anyways," the kitsune pulls out another small bag, and offers it to Reiko. Within are several small orange marbles, each glimmering with a little bit of starlight. "It's not much, but it should be enough to play a game of marbles, if you'd like to." At least they're the right colour.
Reiko Touyama 2016-02-20 07:54:29 30110
Reiko Touyama blinks at the box as she takes it. "Oh.. this was the box from... Haru-san..." she says softly. She blushes a bit. Nrg. Some sort of handsome guy she doesn't know shows up to her party and then this happens. She'll probably never see him again after that. Nrg. She gently opens the box carefully despite her mood and blinks at the contents and blushes fiercely, flowers!? From a boy!? Oh my, she thinks! And Hunter seems to know what they mean. She takes them out and gives them a biiiiiig sniff. "H---hehe." she says. "Thanks for..pointing them out I guess..I need to fidn him and thank him..if he isn't chased away from me.." she says, smiling just a little.

She looks to the koi Ikiko gives her and she smiles. She gives Ikiko-chan and Ayana-chan a hug~ "Thanks Ikiko, Thanks Ayana..." she doesn't even correct her on the girlfriend bit, she doesn't have the strength to correct her this time.

She does look back toward's Hunter and also offers a hug to the hooded figure. He seemed kind of guarded at the dance, so she doesn't want to assume there...
Haru Zinoro 2016-02-20 07:57:40 30112
    Hunter nods to Ikiko's words. "Something to keep in mind," he agrees. Though his own eyes are obscured, so how would anybody know if a gray-eyed copy of him was made? And he also smiles when Ikiko says her birthday greetings. Once Ayana's given her gift as well, he nods. "Happy Birthday, Reiko-chan," he offers, his smile widening.

    As for the unknown boy being chased away? His smile goes a little mysterious. "I think it'll take more than that. You will probably see him again." And he does indeed accept the hug, returning it with one of his own. Magical hugs! Actually no, it's a regular hug. But it's a hug!
Ikiko Hisakata 2016-02-20 08:04:37 30116
Cute Wolf Tsukiko seems to belatedly realize that she's currently still a wolfgirl. With a shrug, she returns to being a normal person, then gives Reiko one more hug for good measure.

She looks around at the now-restored party, then thinks for a moment. "Well, Hunter-san said that the food was still good, so... how about if we eat?" Ikiko grins. "That should help us feel better, at least a little bit!"
Reiko Touyama 2016-02-20 08:15:24 30120
Reiko Touyama accepts hugs, yes, she needs them right now...

She's still upset. A birthday party she'd been looking forward to turned out to be a trap. She should had known it'd been too good to be true. On the other hand... hugs from friends... flowers from a boy. (omg. n_n) and gifts from friends....

She nods. "Yeah lets..let's eat some maybe it'll help my mood..." she says as she eyes said food.. and the gifts. All labeled 'from Misa' with one labeled 'from Maeko'. This makes her a little sad, but she'll begin bringing them to the table and opening them one by one over the course of eating. She's glad she brought a backpack with her. Sheesh!

It occurs to her that Hoshi's late. She checks her phone indeed, there's a message--whoops! Hoshi had dad sidetrack her. She figures.. that's for the best. Hoshi doesn't need to deal with her personal garbage. That's at least one silver lining.