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What happens when you throw a bunch of Puella with issues in a room with romantic music, extravagant dinner, dancing...And Miss White?

Date: 2016-02-22
Pose Count: 41
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-22 00:59:51 30386
    It's a beautiful evening in the private Rideau concert hall - the perfect setting for a romantic dinner and dance to the sound of beautiful classical music performed by none other than Kyousuke Kamijou, the young and coming Violinist! Since his hands were fully healed, he had launched straight back into his violin career, determined to make the most of his little miracle and share his passion with the world. He is not solo tonight but is joined by three other string players, forming a beautiful string quartet.

    As for the setting, it is quite exclusive; A beautiful ballroom decked out in the most elaborate decorations; Candle lights, elaborate floral arrangements, exquisite dinner tables and of course a dance floor. All very classical, upscale, and likely very expensive. Not only that, but it seems that only the most rich or famous people have been invited here, quite possibly people of royalty judging by their attire and formal language.

    Fortunately, Sayaka had managed to snag a couple of tickets for her friends, although her original intentions had not taken into account the recent events that had left her mood rather sour. In the end, Sayaka had arrived at the elaborate ball alone, dressed in a beautiful sapphire sequined strapless cocktail dress and matching sparkly shoes; Yet, she arrived alone, feeling terribly awkward.

    Still, she had promised Kamijou-kun that she would come and see his concert, even if things were pretty awkward right now.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-02-22 01:07:31 30388
    Kyouko had worried over whether or not to go to this particular concert event. Sayaka had given her the ticket before Walpurgisnacht, and before everything else that had happened between then and now. Although texting with Sayaka the other night had made her feel slightly better, she still hadn't actually seen the girl face-to-face in a few weeks.

    But in the end, she decided to go, because she didn't want the ticket to go to waste. It was a fancy, expensive event, after all- and Kyouko hates waste. That's probably the thing which tips the scales. It might not be food, but the thought of all that money (even if Sayaka didn't actually pay for the tickets or got a discount or something) would drive her crazy.

    So here she is. She's wearing the same red dress she wore to the WPS Gala ages ago- it's really her only fancy dress. It's probably terribly cheap compared to those worn by most here, but at least at a glance it'll look like she fits in. She's also wearing the hairpin Sayaka gave her for Christmas in her hair.

    She pauses inside the entry, looking around and wondering if this was a bad idea- not just because of how things stand with Sayaka, but because this really isn't her 'scene' and that makes her feel awkward as well. She spots Sayaka across the room, and hesitates near the door.. possibly considering just fleeing back out of it.

    After a moment though she sets her jaw. She's Kyouko Godamned Sakura. She won't run away. So she marches down into the room, doing her best impression of elegance. At least she's wearing flats this time.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-22 01:19:43 30391
Being a CEO can be a pain. For example, having to show up to a concert that one really doesn't care about. Though she'd never once doubt the talent of the performers on stage, particularly the violin-wielding young man subject to a swift recovery, Hannah Sharpe, and by extension, Kasagami White simply doesn't like classical music. She owns a jazz club, and would much rather be rubbing elbows with the rich and powerful there. But sometimes, one must make sacrifices.

Thus, she's already here. Hannah has turned her Barrier Jacket into a far more fancy version of her usual suit, a three piece affair with copious amounts of gold. It'd be gaudy on just about anyone, if she hadn't had the gall to pop her collar and not bother with a tie with a button undone just for American lack of elegance. Between her cocksure grin, her attire, and how she walks in like she owns the place? She at least puts up the image of someone who belongs, less through truly being part of the scene, and more for simply demanding that the scene match up with her! The arrogance on display might be maddening to older money and traditional japanese businessmen and women.

Thus, she's hanging out with one of the more flexible japanese governmental members.

"And then the next thing I know, me and this Arab oil-tycoon prince are sharing drinks at a seedy bar where I'm /way/ too young to be, and this punk slugs me in the face! I do my damned American right and defend myself. This other jerk comes up, tries to hit me from behind! But God bless his soul, my oil tycoon buddy grabs a chair, blocks it, and gives the most beautiful right hook I have ever seen in my life! He's good people! I'd invest in anybody who can run an oil empire /and/ punch out a dude six beers in!"
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-22 01:22:43 30392
    Madoka is here for Kyousuke's concert, having come with Homura using the tickets that Sayaka had given the two of them. Naturally they were going to be seated right alongside her childhood friend, and Madoka was hoping that Kyouko and Mami might be there as well. Mostly Kyouko though, because she can't think of a cuter situation than what might turn out to be something akin to a double date.

    Because of this she's dressed herself up all the way, wearing a long gown that extends all the way to the floor, colored a soft nearly-white pink. It isn't ostentatious enough to have a fully flared skirt, but it does flare out a little. The skirt is two-tiered, with a knee length opaque under skirt and an outer layer of flowing chiffon that ruffles and shifts with her every movement, just transparent enough to give the impression of her stocking clad legs and inch high heels beneath.

    The top of the dress is very ruffly with a tight bodice and a sweetheart collar and inch and a half shoulder straps. The back of the dress, however, has a large cutout. Though she isn't wearing her ridiculous necklace she does have some jewelry, a pair of earrings consisting of pale pink diamond shaped gems dangling from silver. For once in her life she's actually asked her mother to help put on a bit of makeup as well; just a dusting of foundation to smooth her skin tone and a tease of blush on her rosy cheeks. Her hair is worn down rather than up and brushed neatly into waves, her usual ribbons set aside for one night with tiny freshly budded pink roses worked through it instead.

    She enters with Homura on her arm and with a radiant smile on her face that only grows when she enters, her eyes widening. "I didn't realize there would be dancing! Oh, wow, tonight is going to be so much fun!" She looks around a little as she walks further into the large concert hall, only to give Homura's arm a squeeze before relinquishing it and running happily over to Sayaka. She passes Kyouko along the way in a breeze of light, expensive fabric, turning her head to look at the redhead and giving her a playful giggle and wink.

    She's all fluttery excitement as she finally makes it over to her childhood friend, "Sayaka-chaaaan!" Whether or not the blue-haired girl wants it she's going to find herself wrapped up in a happy, giggly hug. "Everything here is so wonderful, thank you so much for the tickets. We're going to have so much fun tonight!" She then leans in and whispers, "Have you seen Kyouko yet? She looks gorgeus~!" She pulls away after leaving her with that little tidbit.
Homura Akemi 2016-02-22 01:36:00 30395
    Going to a formal concert with people who have tried to kill you in the past and may try to kill you in the future.

    Just Puella Magi things.

    Homura arrives with Madoka, because of course she does, and like her partner she's dressed to the nines. Long flowing three-layered dress, with the outermost layer being a pale lavender that splits in the middle below the waist, with the second layer being white frill-less, and the innermost layer being white but still frilled. A light blue sash is wrapped around her waist like a belt and tied into a ribbon in the front, and the lavender and white part of her dress goes up her torso and disappears underneath the tall frilly collar. She wears a choker which has a centerpiece not unlike a purple soul gem if one looks at it from the right angle. Her light blue gloves match her sash, and both gloves and sash have a gold lining near the hem. Her hair band is a simple black affair, for a more mature look.

    She could probably wear the best stuff in her wardrobe and still not be able to compete with what some people are wearing here, but at least among the other magical girls attending she'll fit in.

    "Dancing?" asks Homura, when Madoka mentions it. "Well, if you wanted to." Homura's never turned down a dance with Madoka before.

    Since Sayaka is the one who invited them, it makes sense to seek Sayaka out first, so when Madoka moves towards her Homura follows. She is... kindof using Madoka as a social shield here, since Sayaka is at least somewhat less likely to try to stab her if Madoka's around. It didn't take long for Homura to start depending on Madoka again, did it? Well, on the other hand, she doubts Madoka would mind much.

    "Hello Sayaka-san." Homura notices Kyouko approaching and nods to her. "Kyouko-san."

    Somewhere nearby Homura overhears a familiar voice telling a story that she may or may not have heard before. She turns around to see Hannah Sharpe and, if she catches her eye, waves.

    "So. We're all here. I suppose Mami-san couldn't make it."
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-22 01:43:24 30397
    Well..Sayaka did have a totally different mindset when she initially gave everyone those tickets..And it would be rude to expect them all to stay away after she did invite them afterall. Glancing around at all the fancy upscale and famous people, Sayaka does feel just a little out of place..Until she sees some familiar faces amidst the crowds.

    Madoka and Homura reach her first, and she smiles faintly at Madoka, giving Homura a polite nod. It's true, things have always been tense between herself and the time traveller, but she DID invite her here in the hopes that they could at least try to get along.

    "Madoka-chan, Homura-san! I'm so glad you could make it!" She smiles faintly, although Sayaka still seems pretty reserved, moreso than usual. "I haven't seen Mami-san yet, but...Ah...." And there is Kyouko, some how looking more amazing than she remembered. Perhaps it's because she hasnt seen her in so long, and she really missed her. Whatever the case, Sayaka watches her a bit shyly, feeling all those confused feelings, before quickly looking away. "Um..We should really find a seat. According to our tickets, we're all assigned to table 4, by the window in the corner over there.." she points to one of the elegantly clad tables with a bit '4' flag in the center. Oh yeah, Hannah's ticket will have the same number too!
Kyouko Sakura 2016-02-22 01:50:41 30399
    Kyouko is not really approaching so much as she is hovering in the near-background looking like she doesn't quite know what to do with herself. After everything that's passed between her and Sayaka, just marching up to the girl like 'yo' seems like an awfully tawdry way to go about things. She's trying to make a good impression- or maybe she's just a bit of a coward about social situations. Not like she's had a ton of practice.

    Madoka runs by and offers her that smile, and Kyouko quirks a little smile back- Madoka, at least, is one person she knows how to react to. Homura greets her politely as she passes as well, and Kyouko inclines her head in reserved respect- probably the closest to a friendly greeting she's ever given the other veteran. "Homura." No honorifics from her, but then again it's never relly been her style. She hears Miss White nearby, and gives the woman a glance, but that's all- she's neutral towards the WPS CEO at the moment, which means no greeting but also no attempted murder on sight.

    Then she sees Sayaka looking at her across the intervening space. She meets the blue-haired girl's eyes for a moment, and gives one of those little lopsided smiles of hers, not intended for anyone else. But she doesn't move to join the group.. instead turning to walk over towards the table on her own and pull out one of the seats to flump into- perhaps still working on trying to feel confident at being here in the first place.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-22 01:50:52 30400
Miss White, even while chatting up governmental (potentially bribe-able) officials, never is lacking time for magical girls. They're just so much more interesting in her experience. She checks her ticket, and then heads over to the table.

And is oddly caught between outrage and utter delight. There's the familiar figure of Homura, and quite a few magical girls that she knows. But the implications are clear: she's being kicked to the little girl's table.

There will be vengeance. WPS is so going to gain a minor subsidiary after tonight!

Too bad she can't sneak up on two pairs of lovebirds! She tries anyway! "I spy with my little eye~! Two pairs of adorable couples!" A warm laugh echoes from her. One arm wraps around Madoka's shoulders from behind if she allows it. Then she wiggles, and then scowls. Sayaka is spared, simply because there's no replacment arm yet! "Hiya! Enjoying the concert so far, kids? Looks like I"ve been snubbed." Frown. Grin!

"That's okay. Old money is a pile of jerks anyway. Aside from that one prince oil tycoon guy! Seriously though, you guys enjoying tonight? Looking good everyone!" Another warm laugh. Homura has /so/ heard that story before!
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-22 02:02:14 30401
    When Madoka first saw what Homura was wearing to the concert her eyes lit up and she squeed and fawned over her for five whole minutes, effectively fangirling over the beauty of her own girlfriend. A very good thing they met up before arriving at the venue.

    When Madoka catches Sayaka looking at Kyouko she giggles a little and inches back over to Homura, discreetly elbowing her before looking up and giving her a bright smile. If the two thought they were going to get out of this without some unsubtle shipping attempts they were sorely mistaken.

    Sayaka starts going over towards the table and Kyouko beats them there. Madoka snags her arm around Homura's and starts leading her over towards the table. Hannah manages to sneak up on her and she lets out a squeak of surprise as the arm goes around her shoulder, "Ah! White-san! I didn't know you were coming too." She gives her a pleasant smile. This is perfect. Madoka takes a seat next to Kyouko, and naturally Homura will sit next to her. That will put Miss White beside Homura, with Sayaka having literally no choice but to sit next to Kyouko.

    Ok, she probably would have anyway but Madoka is not leaving this up to chance!

    "I'm enjoying it very much so far, White-san." A short pause and she leans over into Homura, slipping her arm around her, "Especially since I get to come here with my beautiful girlfriend~!" Her voice is sugary sweet enough to choke a horse, and she turns her head up to look into Homura's eyes with bright, sparkling pink ones of her own. She emits a little giggle and then leans over, pressing a kiss to her cheek in a very public display of affection.

    Oh yes, she's laying it on thick. But the fun part is she doesn't even have to pretend, but instead just let her innocent feelings into the open!
Homura Akemi 2016-02-22 02:08:26 30405
    Table four. The number of death. Awesome. Or at least that's what Homura thinks when she saw where they'd be seated. She notices the glances between Sayaka and Kyouko for a moment, purple eyes shifting between one and the other. She doesn't say it, but she's glad that Sayaka seems to at least have gotten past her rough spot, or at the very least hasn't seemed terribly depressed as she has been recently.

    When Madoka elbows her and indicates the two of them, Homura smiles lightly at her.

    Her face is a little more expressive than what some of the other girls here might be used to, but only a bit. Madoka might've grown used to her smiles and giggles, but tonight she's a little more guarded. People dressing up too fancy might have an agenda, and for once she's actually grateful to not be regarded as a political powerhouse of some kind. Walking arm-in-arm with Madoka is nice though, so she's going to enjoy that.

    Homura looks over as Hannah comes to their table and sits down next to them. Ridiculous. "Hi, White. How's it been? I have to admit I'm surprised to see you at this table." The implications aren't lost on her. She assumes that there will be a retaliation sooner or later. A learning experience, meaning that someone or other will be learning a valuable lesson.

    Still no arm replacement. Well, Homura doesn't doubt it'll come sooner or later. Either that or Hannah will prove that she can make it just fine without one.

    Her girlfriend compliments her, and Homura turns to grin at Madoka, getting kissed on the cheek and leaning a bit closer to Madoka. "You're so sweet, Madoka-chan."
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-22 02:12:01 30406
    Well, at least she can get something to eat and enjoy the concert. Sayaka is happy to be able to hear Kyousuke play the violin again..It seems like forever since she heard his beautiful music, and it instantly soothes her, inspite of all that she is going through right now.

    She sniffs the air and can smell the food cooking already. Mmm delicious, smells like fresh seafood with all the trimmings. Should be scrumptious. Idly, she wonders since when did Kyousuke become so big and important that he got to play at such highclass concerts? Well, she certainly isn't complaining!

    With a slight smile towards Madoka and Homura, Sayaka makes her way to table #4, noticing out of the corner of her eye that Kyouko is also headed to the same table. Not that she is surprised. Afterall, Kyousuke did explain the tickets beforehand. But all the same, it makes her a little nervous. Sayaka said some big things in that letter she wrote to Kyouko. Things that made her blush. And after not seeing her for so long, it's gonna be pretty awkward.

    She IS surprised to see that Miss White will be joining their table however, but not surprised that she is here in the first place. Afterall, she was supposed to be some pretty prominent face from what she's heard. Plus, there was something that Sayaka needed to talk to her about. "White-san." She smiles, "Good to see you again, it's been a while. How..Have you been?" Sayaka can't help but notice the missing arm, remembering how she was in bad shape at the end of the Walpurgis battle. However, the 'two pairs of adorable couples' comment does cause her to blush, looking away quickly.

    It doesn't help that Madoka's laying it on thick, and forcing her to take a seat next to Kyouko. Ack! This is gonna be sooo awkward! She bites her lip, sitting down, wrapping the black fur stole tightly around her shoulders, trying to keep herself busy so she doesnt have to face awkwardness!
Kyouko Sakura 2016-02-22 02:18:42 30410
    Kyouko is already sitting by the time the other arrive, which of course means that she has no control over where the others sit, and Madoka's plan to arrange the seating to her liking has little contention. She casts a glance to Sayaka out of the corner of her eye, but doesn't actually turn to face her. Instead, she allows herself to be distracted by Madoka on her other side, turning to give the girl another little smile. "Madoka-chan. You look like you're in a good mood as usual."

    Homura gets another nod, but when Miss White comes over and starts being her usual boisterous self, in addition to making comments about "two adorable couples", even Kyouko blushes, although she adds a scowl on top of it. "I thought this was a classy occasion." She mutters, giving the woman a bit of a glare, and seeming to not realize this is an extreme case of a pot calling a kettle black.

    After a moment, she takes a breath, and turns her head to look at Sayaka, who of course is sitting right next to her. "Sayaka," She says, not adding a '-chan' to the end in case it seemed too familiar. "You.. look good. It's good to see you."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-22 02:22:46 30413
Smirk! "Hiya pinkball! Anyone who has any sort of influence is here, kiddo! Congrats! That means you're important! I mean, in the social sphere. You were already important anyway!" Reeeeeeach! There's no escaping the ruffle of hair!

And then Homura gets the grin of adorable! To Hannah, at least! "Ain't that right! Good choice tonight, Homura! Not bad, not bad as these things go! Still breathing, so I can't complain. And I haven't gained a person who wants to kill me outright in over two weeks! That has to be a record or something!" A laugh. Cue a slap on Homura's back!

Leeeean. "Give her a hug, darnit!" She whispers to Homura. Twitch. Sayaka only makes things worse. "...Not bad, overall, but I've got a bunch of old guys to surpass. Pain in the rear, I tell you! Seriously. Don't ever become old money, Saya-chan. Bunch of arrogant jerks. And arrogant jerks without /backing/! I mean, seriously, I'm a jerk, but at least back it up, right? Don't relegate me to the kid's table!" Pause. Grin.

"Bunch of idiots! They don't even get it!" A wink to the magical girls.

Kyouko gets a smile! "Classy as heck! And you and Sayaka are pretty classy tonight!" She offers encouragingly to Kyouko! And then a smack to the back! Whisper whisper!

"...Hey. Good luck, huh?" Wink.
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-22 02:32:13 30416
    Madoka settles happily into her seat, casting her eyes towards the stage where the quartet is playing. "I'm so happy for Kamijou-san. Playing at events like this always meant so much to him, and this is so classy and extravagant! His music certainly fits in here too." She knows about how Kyousuke feels primarily through conversations with Sayaka, of course. Unlike Hitomi Madoka always made sure to keep a friendly but deliberate distance between herself and Sayaka's longtime crush, even when they were children. Her eyes sparkle a bit and she leans over the table the tiniest bit, "What he's doing tonight... it's all thanks to you, Sayaka-chan!" She giggles softly before sitting back normally in her chair.

    She looks over to Kyouko then and gives the girl a happy nod, "I am in a good mood. The atmosphere here is wonderful and I get to be here with so many of my wonderful friends." Yes, she's even looking directly at Kyouko when she says that, very much including her amongst that group.

    Hannah's hair ruffling actually gets a sound of indignation, because she actually spent a really long time getting it just right tonight. Madoka very, very carefully combs her hair back into place with her fingers but actually gives Miss White a bit of a glare! Grr! Still, she's not too horribly upset, "It's not me that's important, White-san, I'm just here as a guest of Sayaka-chan's! She's the one with the connections."

    She dials down the sugar levels a bit, but decides to keep her arm around Homura for the moment, "Hehe, thank you, Homura-chan. I'm only so sweet because you're so elegant and beautiful that I can hardly help myself."
Homura Akemi 2016-02-22 02:43:15 30418
    The awkwardness between Sayaka and Kyouko isn't lost on Homura, and while to a certain extent it's none of her business, she can't help but make a note of it. Well, Kyouko and Sayaka can work out their own problems. No reason to get too involved in that if it isn't necessary.

    She's still gonna ship it, though.

    Kyouko gets another polite nod from Homura. The comment about classy occasions is made, and Homura's smile just gets a little more wry. For a number of reasons. Hannah's response is one of them. "At least the music is nice. Kamijou-san really does have serious talent, doesn't he?"

    Homura sticks her tongue out as she's told to hug Madoka, but she leans over to give her a hug anyways, because it's not like she needs an excuse to hug her girlfriend. Hugging in these chairs is a little more awkward than she's used to, but they don't seem to have a couch available so it'll have to do.

    She shrugs as Hannah talks about 'old money'. "I find if they can't back it up then they usually aren't worth it. People like that get arrogant when they think they can hide their insecurities behind something like money or power. Though, I've never really thought of you as arrogant, White-san." No denial on the jerk part.

    Homura looks over at Madoka and notices the lack of cuteness. She's a little more reserved since they're in public, but she does reach over to give her another, longer hug. "I think you have a few better connections than you realize, Madoka-chan. Though it's true it was Sayaka-san who gave us the tickets. Thanks for that, by the way, Sayaka-san."

    She moves closer to Madoka's ear and whispers something in response that she apparently doesn't want people to hear!
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-22 02:49:31 30420
    Sayaka sighs wistfully as she watches Madoka's lovey-dovey exchanges with Homura. They really are quite adorable together. Her words of praise toward Kyousuke, and implying that Sayaka's wish wasn't a foolish one afterall affords her a happy smile from Sayaka. "Thank you, Madoka-chan..I'm so glad that I could make his dream come true."

    Trust Madoka to put everyone at ease. Sayaka even smiles warmly at Miss White, not seeming as hostile towards her as she once was. One of her associates had once told Sayaka that 'kid' was an affectionate word, akin to 'chan' and so she decides to roll with it for now.

    "Heh, what a surprise! Having you sit at our table! Although.." Well, there was something she needed to talk to her about. But would it make things even more akward if she talked to her about it here? However, Sayaka has been having trouble getting in touch with Miss White lately, so she may not get another chance. For now, Sayaka decides to take it slow. Things are already pretty tense here.

    "Well, actually my friend Kyousuke-kun is playing in the string quartet. He's pretty famous y'know? Anyways, he generously provided me with some tickets so I could invite my friends." See? There is a good reason why they're here too! "You look well though, White-san..Did you bring a date.?"

    Fortunately, Sayaka didnt catch what was whispered to Kyouko, although eventually she has to acknowledge the redhead. Which she does with a rather shy smile. "Um...Kyouko...Hi." She plays with her stole a bit more. "You...Look good too..Um..." She looks away awkwardly, not really sure what to follow up with that wouldn't sound too abrupt or foolish.

    Fortunately, she has a chance to focus on Homura for a moment as she thanks her for the tickets. "Oh. You're welcome, Homura-san. Glad you could all make it. It's nice to be able to relax after everything.." She'll just leave that part vague, cuz she hasnt' been terribly friendly towards Homura lately, but maybe this is one way she can make it up to her.

    Around this time, dinner is served! Looks like lobster macaroni and cheese, garnished with elaborate spices like garlic, a dash of red pepper and cilantro; And a tasty fresh Ceasar salad with all the trimmings. Guests are given the option of aged wine or fruit juice to go with their meals.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-02-22 02:56:58 30422
    Kyouko gets slapped on the back by Miss White, and the woman whispers in her ear, which for some reason only makes her cheeks color a bit more and her scowl even more intense. "Yeah, yeah, just sit down, alright? This ain't the freakin' comedy hour, so stop jokin' around." She makes shooing motions, trying to get Miss White to move along to her seat.

    Madoka just gets another smile, but the way she's being all cuddley with Homura gets some askew glances from Kyouko. It's not that she finds it inappropriate, or that she's jealous, exactly. It's just.. well. Is that really the sort of thing you do in public? Kyouko doesn't think it is- but on the other hand, she doesn't really know. What if she's wrong?

    She's interrupted as she's thinking this thought by Sayaka finally responding to her, and the blue-haired girl's voice at just that moment causes her to jump and let out a little yelp, turning to stare at the girl with wide eyes.. then blush the same color as her hair and quickly look the other way, enough so that her ponytail flips in the air behind her. "T-thanks, Saya-chan." She says, using the nickname without thinking in her flusteredness. "I mean, I know I'm not the sort who belongs at this sort of thing, but I didn't want the ticket to go to waste and.. I kinda wanted to see you.."

    She's trailing off after this when she's saved by the food arriving. If there's one thing which can relax Kyouko, it's fod, so as this high-class fare is put in front of her, her eyes widen. "Holy crap, what a spread!" She exclaims, proving why people don't invite her to classy parties. She then begins to devour her portion with typical fervor.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-22 02:59:34 30424
Madoka gets an utterly brilliant grin in return, even at that glare! "That's still more than most people, right? Don't misunderstand your connections kiddo! They're useful! So keep them in mind."

Her voice lowers. "Besides. You've got /real/ power now! Don't forget that. And don't neglect it either. Find out what you want out of life, Madoka, and use that power to obtain that you want." She then backs off, offering a gentle push towards Homura. Smirk!

Homura gets am honest nod! "Most violinists that aren't involved in Nightwish annoy me! This kid could be a front man for the band! You're darn right I like him, even if he isn't my kind of music! Talented, and I'd wager ambitious. Not like I can deny that kind of guy, right?" Smile!

Pause. "...Really? Well, great to hear it! I'd rather not be, certainly!" Cue a nervous laugh! Hannah even blushes a bit!

As for a date? A shrug to Sayaka. "Gull is occupied right now. A shame, really! Poor me, all alone~!" She offers, then winks. Fascitiousness is alight in the Hanners this night!

"I'm fine though. Plenty of contacts that don't piss me off tonight. There's a few Japanese ministers that actually have things like /progression/ in their hearts!"

Incoming dinner! Hannah has a country fried steak, sausage gravy, and cheese grits! Who knows what she had to do to get such a fair for a southerner like her!

Amidst a bite of food, she 'peeks' to Sayaka.

"Don't be nervous. You look like you've got something on your mind, Sayaka." She offers bluntly.

Not a comedy hour!? "For you, maybe! I'm going to get some entertainment out of this night if it kills me! Seriously, you guys are better than most of the people here@" A long, hard laugh! Pause.

She whispers to Kyouko.

"Don't worry too much. Just act like you own the place. You'll be fine with Saya-chan~!" Tease tease!
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-22 03:06:30 30427
    When Homura leans over and gives her a hug Madoka's eyes light up and she giggles happily, turning in her seat so she can lean over and hug her girlfriend right back, letting out a happy sigh. Hugs make everything better.

    She stays mostly out of the conversation about old money and the attitudes of the people that have it. In her mind if it means they can have amazing events like this to go to they can't be all that bad. Sure, the only reason they're able to attend is because Sayaka is friends with one of the quartet members, but it's still a whole lot of fun to get to have a night meant for the rich and powerful.

    To Sayaka she gives a softer, warmer smile. "You really did. Look how happy he his up there; he's so engrossed in his music. He's lucky to have a friend like you, Sayaka-chan."

    Madoka gives a little tilt of her head to Miss White as the woman tries to encourage her. "That's not something you need to tell me, White-san. I used my power to get what I wanted as soon as I received it!" An eyepeek over towards Homura, "But if you're saying I need to use it to hold onto and protect what's precious to me... I will."

    Homura reaches over and gives her an even longer one than the last, and Madoka takes a deep breath and lets it out as a happy sigh melting happily into her girlfriends arms, not caring for the moment if this is a bit of a breach of proper etiquette. It's plainly obvious just how happy she is with Homura.

    And then she gets whispered to and her cheeks flush. Soft pink eyes turn up and look into Homura's, sparkling in the candlelight, her head tilting almost imperceptibly. There's the shortest moment when she quietly regards her girlfriend, only to lean in suddenly and press her lips to Homura's. One arm wraps around her shoulder and the other reaches up to stroke the side of her face, only to move back and pet along the full length of her black hair. Everyone is treated to a long, happy whimpering like sound as she sighs again through her nose.

    Dinner is served, and Madoka doesn't even notice.

    So much for dialing it back a bit!
Kyouko Sakura 2016-02-22 03:08:03 30429
    "Good lord, have some dignity." Kyouko mutters at this, with macaroni and cheese smeared across one cheek.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-22 03:10:25 30431
"Dignity is over-rated!" Offers Miss White in turn, thumbs-up/ing Homura and Madoka!
Kyouko Sakura 2016-02-22 03:14:15 30435
    "How would you know? You'd have to have some first!" Kyouko snaps at Miss White across Sayaka, who is between them, jabbing a fork full in her direction for emphasis.
Homura Akemi 2016-02-22 03:16:03 30436
    Homura doesn't particularly think that there's anything that needs to be 'made up' to her, but if she sees an opportunity to avoid a situation where she has to fight Madoka's childhood friend then she is going to gladly take it. "It is! A lot's happened recently, so we're overdue for a break."

    Not that Homura isn't the poster child for worrying too much.

    Dinner is served, and Homura makes note of the delicious seafood. Lobster macaroni and cheese, huh? Well, she can't complain. While she wouldn't mind wine, she doubts she can get away with ordering it here, so she goes for the juice instead.

    The comment about Nightwish gets a giggle from Homura. Homura still doesn't know about Madoka's reaction to the one Nightwish song she linked to her, though. "I'll admit, he's very driven. He always has been. Skill like his will take him as far as he wants to go in this line of work, I imagine."

    Homura shakes her head. "There's a big difference between confidence and arrogance. You've never doubted yourself, and you've always tried to lift people up, in your own way. That's not arrogance. That's confidence." There is a reason why Homura worked for her as long as she did, after all.

    Homura nods as Hannah speaks. "It's good to see people who really want to make a difference, isn't it?"

    Then Madoka is kissing her, and she's not holding back either! Well, considering what Homura just said she's not terribly surprised. Her eyes close, and her arms stay around Madoka, holding her tightly through the kiss, though after a moment or two she opens one of her eyes, notices the food, and scoops up a bit from her plate... and the moment the kiss breaks she tries to feed Madoka!

    "Dignity? What's that?" she asks, a bit too innocently.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-22 03:26:44 30439
    Sayaka suddenly feels all self conscious when Kyouko calls her 'Saya-chan', although she does manage a full smile, managing to looking at Kyouko for a decent amount of time. "Of course you belong here. You belong here because I'....Er..." she coughs, taking a sip of white wine. "Anyways, I gave you all tickets so of course I wanted you all to come."

     Sayaka does smile at the comment towards the food. "Well, I hope you enjoy the food." Sayaka's pretty used to these sorts of things really. Kyousuke invites her to a lot of concerts, plus her parents are pretty wealthy people to boot.

    She glances over at Hannah next, smirking at her comment, not sure if she's serious or joking. "Hm. Well, there WAS something I wanted to discuss with you, actually. Y'know, all that hatchet-burying stuff. Got me thinking about something. Err..." She glances nervously over at Kyouko, uncertain how she would take what Sayaka wants to say next, uncertain if she should proceed any further.

    Madoka's comment causes her to chuckle a little. "Thank you again, Madoka. And, you know..You're a very wise person. I was confused at first. But, now I see that you made a very wise decision." She's talking about her wish of course, not wanting to go too deep into such topics however. Even Homura is given a smile, "I mean, I can see how much you mean to each other. That's something I could never regret.."

    When she says that, Sayaka glances thoughtfully towards Kyouko, although..Somehow the sight of her food smeered face kinda ruins the moment. "Eh..Hehehe..." She laughs nervously as she very delicately pokes at her dish with her cutlery. At least Sayaka has some manners!

    Then Madoka suddenly kisses Homura long and hard....Sayaka's face turns bright red, trying to look away politely.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-22 03:35:35 30443
Pause. Squint. Grin! "You're probably right! Dignity is for the WEAK!"

Kyouko truly knows what's up!

Miss White rubs the back of her head. "No doubt. As long as he strives forward? Then there's little he can't accomplish! A shame he's not a magical boy. Anyone with that kind of drive and talent...well. I'd actually have to be a bit wary!" A warm smile. She can truly appreciate the young man's abilities.

Cue a small sigh from Hannah. "You have no idea. It's one thing to seek strength and selfish gain alongside improvement for the world...but simple selfishness is just too plain if you ask me!" She huffs at Homura!

Miss White pauses. "You have something to say to me? No offense, kiddo, but that's pretty surprising! Still. I'm interested. And yeah, I want to bury the old sins. Speak up, bluntly. What's up?"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-02-22 03:36:36 30444
    Kyouko has no idea she just ruined a moment- which is exactly typical of her. At least she seems to realize a moment later that she has food on her cheek, because she picks up a napkin and wipes it off, before taking another forkful, casting suspicious glances around at the rest of the table as if wondering if anyone saw, not realizing probably everyone did.

    Kyouko glances over at Sayaka then, as the girl starts to say something to her, blinking a little bit... then smiling in return, and going along with Miss White's advice. Just act like you own the place. "'Course I belong here." She says, infusing her tone with that oh-so-Kyouko confidence, even if she doesn't really feel it. "We're partners, right? Anywhere you go is a place I can belong." She totally doesn't even think about how this might sound until after she says it. At which point she blinks, then flushes again and begins forking mac and cheese into her mouth as a way to distract herself.

    She's totally unaware of Sayaka's attempt to ask Miss White something, and all Madoka and Homura get is a 'ha ha, so funny' look while her mouth is full, directed at Homura.
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-22 03:44:26 30447
    Madoka blushes as Homura and Hannah talk about Nightwish, because she still remembers that song very well. She only played it once but..geeze! ...actually, maybe she should give it another try now that her situation has changed a bit. Hmm.

    She's very eager to nod along with Homura as she talks to Sayaka, "We do deserve a break. Difficult things have happened and it's easy to forget how wonderful life can be. So long as we have times like this to enjoy and remember, I think everything will turn out okay."

    A part of her cheers inside when Sayaka tells Kyouko that she belongs here with them at the table. Belongs there with her. Hee hee hee!

    She then giggles and blushes when Sayaka talks about her own wish, "Thank you. That's, well, I can't deny it. Homura-chan means a lot to me, and I couldn't stand the idea of being without her for the rest of my life." After a moment she adds, "I don't think you should ever regret your own decision, Sayaka-chan. You gave someone back a part of themselves that they couldn't feel whole without. You're a true hero!"

    Kyouko replies to Sayaka by saying she belongs at her side and Madoka cheers, out loud. Oops, um... " partners!" she says happily. That totally smoothes that over, right?

    Whatever embarrassment she might have is wiped away by her loving sweet kiss with Homura. The dark haired girl can positively feel the heat of her bright blush as it draws reactions from the rest of the table, but it doesn't stop her. The kiss breaks and Madoka's eyes are only for Homura, which means she completely misses the food coming her way. Her lips part in surprise but she picks up what's happening right away, eating the bite and letting out an, "Mmm!

    When she's finished chewing and swallowing it she comments, "Wow, this is amazing, Sayaka-chan. Thank you so much for the ticket!"

    Becuase this is apparently what they're doing now she gets her own fork and picks up a scoop of lobster mac and cheese from her own plate, delicately hovering it towards Homura's mouth to try and feed her.

    Once the fork is safely out of her mouth she leans in to whisper into Homura's ear.
Homura Akemi 2016-02-22 03:50:46 30451
    Homura hears what Sayaka is saying to Hannah. She doesn't really suspect Sayaka's true intentions, but she does wonder what she'd have to talk to Hannah about. Homura anticipated a lot more hostility from Sayaka against Hannah, but they have been talking about burying the hatchet for a while...

    Well, Hannah just encouraged her to speak up. Of course she did. It's Hannah.

    Sayaka says that Madoka's wish was a wise decision, and Homura, despite her earlier strong stance against Madoka making a wish, has to agree. "I doubt anyone else could've done what she has, and she does mean a lot to me. I'm happy that I get to spend more time with her." She returns the smile, and nods at Madoka's words. "It's true. You've given him something he couldn't have otherwise. It's because of you that he's even here."

    Hannah gets another nod from Homura, but she doesn't have much else to add to that conversation, so she lets it segue into whatever Sayaka may or may not say.

    Homura totally noticed the food on Kyouko's cheek. She just didn't say anything and pretended not to see it, much like everyone else did. When it's wiped off, she doesn't pay any mind to it, her eyes clearly elsewhere.

    She does notice Madoka's cheer, and attempt to hide it, instead raising her juice glass as a bit of a toast and says, "To partners!" Does it work? Homura doesn't know, she's just going to roll with it.

    She successfully feeds Madoka. Yes! Madoka tries to feed her in turn, and Homura opens up to accept it, blushing with her mouth full as Madoka whispers into her ear.

    While she chews her food she considers what a wonderful evening this is turning out to be.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-22 03:57:42 30453
    Sayaka regards Hannah with an air of seriousness. Sure, it's all fun and games, but she really does need to say something important. But, she really doesn't want to upset Kyouko either. So she attempts to speak quietly enough for only Miss White to hear her, using the violin music to her advantage. And yay, someone's singing now too, great cover!

    "Hmm, well. After seeing how hard you fought during that, erm..'Storm', I guess I've earned a bit more respect for you. I think..Maybe I can help you. Professionally." She smiles nervously, "Y'know, cuz that's what I do anyway.."

    Aaaah, did she manage to say it delicately enough without angering Kyouko? She glances nervously at Kyouko. Smiling and blushing at her comment about them being 'partners'. Did she mean..The two of them? "Er..Heh. Of course." She smiles, trying to finish the rest of her dinner. At least Sayaka didn't take a large plate. Gotta leave room for desert and dancing too, right?

    As usual Madoka makes her blush more, but Sayaka is feeling a bit bolder as she lifts her glass towards Madoka's, glancing directly at Kyouko as she speaks. "Yes. To partners!"

    It's only afterwards that Sayaka is a little worried. Kyouko is her 'partner'. Could she possibly talk her into joining up with Miss White too?
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-22 04:04:35 30458
Hannah focuses entirely upon Sayaka. She smiles, at that whisper, and rubs the back of her head.

"Well. I haven't you're willing to listen? Alright. Fine." She raises her voice, eyes mostly pointed at Kyouko.

"...I did something horrible. So, if you want to hurt me for it? Go ahead, Kyouko." A long, drawn out pause.

Then a shrug. "But otherwise, it's business as usual." Then she equally leans in to Sayaka. "what can I say? You can't gain power if there's nothing left, after all! Oh? Can you now? Well. You have enough strength to join me. But why? What's your purpose? Your /GOAL/! Any ambitionless person...well. I don't need that." A shrug.

"So what do you have in mind, Sayaka?"

And kyou's off! "Don't forget to try the ribs! They're delicious!"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-02-22 04:07:01 30459
    Kyouko shoots a little glare across the table at Madoka's cheer, but it's an embarassed one, not an angry one. Madoka may get an irate text about that later. But that's driven from Kyouko's mind, because she does hear what Sayaka says to MIss White. Regardless of how it seems sometimes, Kyouko isn't a dummy- she can put two and two together quickly enough.

    She turns and glances at Sayaka, with an expression on her face that's half wounded pride and half resignation. She doesn't lift her glass to join in the toast with the others.. instead just sort of looking at Sayaka with her brows slightly drawn together, but not saying anything.

    She turns her gaze on Miss White as the woman addresses her directly. Is that an apology? Well.. an admission of guilt, at least. After a long pause, Kyouko shakes her head. "I don't want to hurt you." She tells Miss White. "There's been enough hurting for both of us." A glance cast at Miss White's missing arm.

    After a moment she gets up, rather abruptly, from the table, pushing the chair back. "I'm just gonna go find the bathroom." She says, her tone casual. She suddenly seems a lot more relaxed, but that might just be her faking it. "You all continue talking." This seems to be directed at Miss White and Sayaka in particular. "I'll.. be back in a few minutes." And then she's walking away from the table, towards one of the side corridors. Her plate isn't even totally empty yet.
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-22 04:25:41 30465
    Madoka lets out an inward sigh of relief as her cheer seems to have been covered well enough. If she has to endure Kyouko's text message wrath that's not so bad. Probably.

    Then something... really interesting happens. Sayaka seems to be offering her services to Miss White and Madoka is suddenly sitting there staring at her with an incredibly confused expression. Wait, what? Really? The girl who freaks out about any little injustice and digs her heels in until it literally kills her is going to go to work for someone with incredibly shady bosses and connections? She can't quite wrap her head around it.

    The tension between Miss White and Kyouko is suddenly present... and then Kyouko seems to let it go just like that. Too much hurting- yeah, that sounds exactly right. That the people around her are so willing to bury their pasts and start again with a fresh outlook. Well... it's hardly more than Madoka could ever have asked for. This is exactly the kind of thing she's always wanted to see happen.

    True, she's still worried for Sayaka. She is, at some point, going to have to quietly let her know to be careful about Miss White's employers. The last thing she wants is for Sayaka to end up hating herself because she ended up doing some harm without realizing it. It's not like she can ask Homura to give any warnings either; it'd be incredibly rude to make her talk against her former employer in that way and it's not like they're actually on bad terms. Plus Sayaka might take it as Homura merely being a jerk and wanting to pooh pooh what she wants to do.

    Ugh, Puella Politicks. Well, she's a part of it now directly herself. This came right along with the Soul Gem.

    She takes her mind off these pressing issues she can't actually do anything about right now by focusing on her girlfriend, who blushes at her whisper in a manner Madoka can't help but find enticingly pretty. She giggles happily and keeps trading bites of food with Homura if she wants to keep feeding her as well, otherwise she'll be good and start eating with her own plate, only to slip one foot out of her heeled shoes and start trying to engage her in a hidden game of footsie.
Homura Akemi 2016-02-22 04:32:06 30466
    Waiiiit. Is Sayaka thinking of joining up with Miss White? Homura blinks at what Sayaka's saying. Professionally...?

    Homura stares at her for a bit, and then at Hannah, and then back at Sayaka, and then at Kyouko. What's going on here? Sure, it's not really Homura's business, but at the same time... she never expected Sayaka of all people to want to work with WPS!

    While she can't really get indignant about it, considering that Homura was there when WPS started, she still thinks that this has been a huge 180 from before. Still, it's not her place to say anything, and Madoka's in a much better position to give those warnings.

    Homura shrugs at that, commenting, "Looks like you'll find someone to fill my shoes after all, White-san." Then Kyouko gets up and walks off. Uh oh. Well, things with Kyouko are never simple. Half a year ago she'd consider it a miracle that they were just sitting and eating together, instead of just throwing slushies at each other's heads.

    A Homu never forgets.

    (That's a lie. Homura forgets a lot of things.)

    Homura distracts herself from problems by continuing to try to feed Madoka, but after a while of that she messes up and nearly spills some on her dress! Luckily it was caught by the table instead. Giggling, she says, "Maybe we better not get too carried away," as she grabs a napkin and tries to clean up the mess before it gets worse.

    She goes back to eating her own food, like a normal person, and when the game of footsies starts she starts playing right along with Madoka.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-22 04:34:15 30468
    Sayaka looks intently at Miss White as she speaks, totally focused on the subject at hand for the time being, once the toast is over and done with. "I know what you did to Kyou-chan..What both you and Homura did. But, I believe in forgiveness and redemption. And what I saw during..The 'storm'.. Everyone working together against a common evil..That is my purpose, Miss White. My fate, my destiny is unknown. Knowing that my wish was a curse as well, well..."

    She pauses, glancing briefly towards the others. And that's when Kyouko abruptly gets up and walks away. Sayaka notices how she watches her, and knows that she's probably deeply upset her, but..Sayaka is determined to make her life mean something. Surely Kyouko can understand that? Still, there's pain in her eyes as she watches her go.

    "Kyouko.." She murmurs, staring after her for a long moment, briefly losing her train of thought before she glances over at Hannah again, a little uncertain this time. "I....I dont want to see her hurt. Ever again. Especially not by me. That is my reaon, Miss White. I want to protect as many people I can, especially her. I want my..Abilities to be good for something, and not just for destruction. And your proffession is to fight..'Them'. So is mine. We might as well work together and bring down as many as we can, right?"

    Of course, Sayaka is still very naieve when it comes to WPS. All she knows about them is that they fight witches. She's made that her primary purpose in life too. However, that's enough of business talk. She glances over at Madoka and Homura. "I'm so glad you all got to come here tonight. I hope we can have many more peaceful, happy nights like this in the future too. That's why."

    She takes another mouthful of food, pushing the rest of her plate away as she waits impatiently for Kyouko to return. "Oh, and one last thing. No more shady business, of course." Of course. She wants to be a positive influence in Miss White's life. Yes. Very naieve.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-22 04:47:26 30473
Hannah laughs, long and bitter. "...I don't disagree. Yeah. That's true. I want any Puella Magi...especially someone as strong as be okay." A shrug. She lets Kyouko haul off. Then she gasps.

"...What a pain. Admitting when you're wrong is awful." She mutters to herself.

Hannah honestly looks as surprised as Homura! A peer to her first employee. "...That's pretty big shoes. We'll see." She offers, both respectfully and more than a little sceptically. Then, her focus is on Sayaka.

Hannah offers a full, /real/ smile. "It was beautiful, right? All of us, working together to save this city? I agree. That was one of my shining moments as a magical, as a person. All of you guys, I..." Gulp. She looks away, and coughs.

"But yeah. I agree. It was a good moment."

One eye closes, and she can more than understand Sayaka's reasoning. She offers an oddly warm smile. "Well. If she doesn't get in the way? I don't really have a reason to fight her, aside from the two of us just enjoying it! That aside, well? I consider her someone I respect."


"GET YOUR HAIR IN PLACE KYOUKO SAKURA, AND IMPRESS THAT GIRL!" She yells out at the retreating Kyouko blatantly.


One eye squints. "Well. You're right. Fate? Incubators? The horrible circumstances of the Puella Magi? You're right. Call my methods what you want, but I want to turn you brilliant girls into real, functioning mages without being a slave to that manipulative rat! Still. Shadey business?" Miss White laughs, long and hard!

"Let me make things clear, kiddo. I'll do whatever I have to in order to obtain my goals. Shady or not? I don't really care. As long as I still have my morals...then I'm fine. Come down to the office, we'll make an agreement. For someone like you? I'll give you the 'Gull Contract'. Follow my orders, but if you don't like them? Well. Conflict breeds strength! Then oppose me physically. Frankly, Sayaka? Anything else I think would be to your detriment." Reeeach. She tries to ruffle the bluenette.

Then she turns to Homura. "...Though I'd leave that kind of judgement to my former colleague." Wink. She'd trust Homura to know Puella better than her any day.
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-22 04:58:21 30478
    Madoka turns her confused eyes towards Homura. Where before she nudged her while looking giddily between Sayaka and Kyouko she now gives her a baffled look after elbowing her lightly before looking between Sayaka and Miss White. The confusion is palpable.

    She decides to focus for a moment on eating her meal since she can't imagine what she could add to this bizarre conversation as Miss White and Sayaka seem to vet each other out. Luckily the food is very good, and now that she's no longer feeding Homura bite by bite she can focus on eating a bit more quickly.

    Though she would have rather continued romantically feeding her girlfriend.

    Oh well, expensive dresses are expensive. And besides, Homura's leg feels so nice against the top of her stockinged foot. Hehehe!

    This all seems to be going fairly well, the pink-haired girl staying mostly quiet while eating and listening to the conversation.
    And then Sayaka casually lays out that Miss White is not supposed to do anything shady anymore. Madoka nearly swallows her fork.

    Her face scrunches up into a look of embarrassment, her eyes closed and her eyebrows pinched towards the center of her face, "Sayaka-chan..."

    She is honestly half expecting Hannah to explode at her for daring to tell her what she can and can not do. Much to her surprise Miss White... actually has contingency contracts for dealing with that? She'd even let Sayaka oppose her with violence if she thought what she was doing was wrong?

    Of course Hannah does shout, but it's at Kyouko rather than Sayaka and right along the lines of what Madoka was thinking, though somehow even less subtle than the matchmaking she was attempting herself!

    Madoka lets out a little sigh, "You really are hard to understand, White-san. Though maybe I've been over thinking it a bit. You're saying you'll do whatever it takes, except cross a moral line no one else can see?" She has a feeling that line isn't exactly very solid in it's placement, either.
Homura Akemi 2016-02-22 05:18:14 30488
    Homura leans over to Madoka and whispers into her ear. "We may want to talk later." Her tone of voice indicates that she's thinking of something a bit less fun than kissing and cuddling. From what Sayaka's saying, and what she knows about Miss White, Hannah might very well reject the idea outright. Or Sayaka might, because it's not like Hannah hides the nature of her business from her employees. Still, Homura can just tell that this is something that her girlfriend would want to interfere in.

    Then she finds herself as a part of her conversation, and well... all things considered, she may as well say what she really thinks. She clears her throat, and starts with a bit of a disclaimer. "Well, first off, I'm not trying to tell you what to do here. It would be different if I thought you were going to get yourself killed or something, but I don't think it will lead to that. That said, Sayaka-san, I'm not entirely sure this will work out."

    She shrugs, holding up her hands for emphasis. "White-san does a lot of shady things, but I've never known her to be dishonest. She'll tell you exactly what she's doing and why. She wasn't willing to back away from it for my sake or anyone else's, and I doubt you'll change that. I've been wrong before, obviously, but you aren't the first to try. She's determined to do what she feels like she needs to."

    Then she turns to Hannah and shrugs. "I think if she works for you then this will eventually end with her walking away, at best. I'm not going to rat you out at the table but I can't imagine her working there for long without... objecting. That said you're going to have to use your own judgement, because frankly I've never seen a Sayaka Miki who survived Walpurgisnacht before. We're past the point where my advanced knowledge is useful."

    To Madoka, she shrugs helplessly. These are two very strong willed people, and Homura isn't exactly trustworthy to either of them right now. Talking them out of it is kind of futile for her.
Sayaka Miki 2016-02-22 05:31:13 30494
    Sayaka smiles and nods. "Then, it seems we have an understanding." There are of course other reasons she wants to join her too; Specifically to help her find a 'cure' for all Puella, a more permanent one than what Madoka can offer even. When Miss White mentions 'Incubator', Sayaka arches a brow, peering curiously at Homura, and wondering how much she knows about a Puella's true fate.

    "So I'll give it my all, and I promise I wont let you down." Miss White ruffles her hair and Sayaka simply smirks, not yelling at her this time. "Alright then. I still have your business card. I'll be sure to follow up. But in the meantime, let's enjoy the rest of our night.."

    Then Homura says her peace, and Sayaka listens thoughtfully to her words of advice and perhaps warnings too. However, they are vague as is often the case, and right now Sayaka has a single-minded purpose, determined to fight every last witch and redeem herself and that is that.

    Who knows, maybe she is right and such a partnership wont last long. But then again it just might. Sayaka just shrugs and smirks at Homura. "Well, we'll see.."

    She continues to glance around nervously, eagerly waiting for Kyouko to return. Dessert is being served by now, and there are trays with a wide array of choices: Cherry cream cheese pie with whipped cream on top, rocky road ice cream, Hot apple pie..And so much more.

    Oh yeah, and Miss White yelling at Kyouko to 'Impress that girl!'. Sayaka's face turns red as a beet. Again..
Hannah Sharpe 2016-02-22 05:31:47 30495
Hannah turns to Madoka, and squints pointedly!

"What are you talking about, Madoka? I'm not weak enough that I won't obtain my goals without standards! I won't kill anyone who doesn't really deserve it! I won't give a raw deal to anyone who works with me! And I won't do anything I consider 'cheating' in order to become someone who can end all of the pain and misery of this world!" She offers to the young woman sharply.

A chuckle. "Like I said. I want strength. /POWER/, Madoka! I don't need weak tactics to obtain what I want. Just pure, unbridled, endless power!"

Hannah smiles as Homura speaks, and she nods in agreement!

"Homura's right. I'm no saint. I never tried to be. I have my goals, and I'll pursue them until I die. That's my purpose in life. Take it or leave it, Sayaka."

Then she turns to Homura.

"So she's using me for my rsources and power? Well. I can't exactly say I wouldn't do the same! Is that true, Sayaka Miki? You'll oblige or walk away based on what you think is right?" A pause. She laughs.

"I like this girl, Homura. If I have anything to do with it, she'll survive at least for enough time to fight me. Or longer. I'd prefer longer." A chuckle, and a weak one.

A squint. "You don't wish to underminde me? Don't say things like that so casually. For your sake? I'll let you watch a bit. Get the feel of my company. If you want to walk away? Fine. Just don't overextend yourself, okay?" She smiles to Sayaka.

A pause, and then a nod.

"...Okay, fine. Prove to me you'll work for me, at least for a time. I need to replace Homura, after all. And you might just be the ticket!" A dire grin, and Hannah finally gives a one-handed thumbs up!
Madoka Akemi 2016-02-22 05:47:39 30501
    Madoka looks over to Homura and nods, the conversation having put her into a bit more of a serious mood as well. The dark haired Puella then goes on to lay out a whole bunch of things to Sayaka, being open and honest, and Madoka smiles to her for making the effort. Even so it seems mostly shrugged off.

    Madoka gives a little shake of her head but, well, it's Sayaka's decision to make. She'll get a chance to see what kinds of things Miss White is involved in, moreso than what Madoka even knows about herself probably. In truth most of her information and worry over Miss White is seeing the kinds of things she's gotten involved in with the past and knowing that there are some pretty not nice people up the food chain from her, though their exact nature is almost completely unknown to her. Whoever they are they're unsavory enough to Homura, whose opinion she's always held in high regard.

    She looks towards Miss white and winces a little, giving a small apologetic shake of her head, "Sorry, I didn't mean to say it that way. I know you have morals, and I think you're a good person, White-san, I just have a very hard time trying to understand how far you're willing to go." Farther than Madoka would herself is obvious, but then Madoka wouldn't generally dip her fingers into shady dealings unless her hand was forced.

    She doesn't want to be a downer on Sayaka, so in the end she bites her tongue and stuffs her mouth with more lobster mac and cheese. It's still good, but maybe not quite as good as it was a few minutes ago.
Homura Akemi 2016-02-22 06:00:03 30503
    To Madoka, all Homura can say is, "Don't forget that one of the primary reasons for me leaving was wanting to work for myself. Part of that was not wanting to be a part of something I didn't like, true, but it's not that simple. I need to have control over my life and what happens to me, and I can't have that at the level I need it at if I'm accepting a paycheck."

    "If I'm going to eat blame for something, I'd rather it be something that I've not only personally done, but decided to do and personally initiated. At least then it's something I can feel like I can make better, instead of just making excuses for."

    She shakes her head, and starts looking over the various dessert offerings, considering each of them in turn. "It's true that Hannah does have her own moral standard, but so does everyone else. Most people like to feel that their way of living is in some way justified. Even someone like Riventon probably feels that way. Believe it or not... Mami, Kyouko, Sayaka, you, myself... we're pretty different in that regard."

    So... this is really happening. Homura remembers when Takashi and Madoka started dating and thinking that it was going to be a train wreck. It actually didn't turn out as bad as she thought, but it still ended.

    She turns to Madoka with an apologetic smile. There's not much she can do about it now. She tries to find something to cheer her up, "Maybe after dessert we can go dancing, if you'd like?"