Chara Napping.

Amu sends her chara to kidnap Yoru!

Date: 2016-02-23
Pose Count: 14
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-23 04:03:50 30684
That little bubble travels well, and Miki and Ran--although very uncertain of what they're doing--show no signs of stopping until they reach Amu's house! The pair float Yoru up into Amu's bedroom, then fuss worriedly, talking between themselves and not at all to Yoru, for the next ten minutes. Is Amu-chan okay? Did they really do the right thing? Will Ikuto be okay? They seem entirely uncertain of this whole plan.

Amu and Su arrive only a few minutes later, pushing open the door to Amu's bedroom. Amu sighs and leans up against the doorway a moment, then pushes away and sets a bag of Niboshi down at Yoru's side. She hesitates a moment, glancing around the room, then motions, "Su, go ahead and let him out."

Just like that, the honey bubble pops, and Yoru is free ... insomuch as 'Amu's Bedroom' counts as 'Free'. "Hi," Amu says to Yoru, as she sits down on her bed. "I'm sure you're really mad at me, and really worried about Ikuto, but ... this is the only way, Yoru. I'm sorry."
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-02-23 04:15:10 30689
For his part Yoru had remained silent the whole trip. He hadn't been trying to escape since the battlefield had disappeared from sight. But he'd remained facing in that direction, ears down and pointing out, as if hoping Ikuto would suddenly appear. Reaching Amu's room only gave rise to more abnormal behavior. When they entered, Yoru's ears drooped more, if such a thing was possible, and his head lowered. He sat in the bubble and said nothing.

Amu and Su's reappearance gets a look in their direction, but he soon turns back to the window. The bubble popping gets his attention again... and then he sees the bag. His eyes go wide, and he hugs the back suddenly. Not because it's niboshi. Well, not just because it's niboshi. He knew the bag, and it still had Ikuto's scent on it.

Amu's words bring his attention to her, and the cat Chara frowns sharply. Fly up to eye level with Amu, he points one digit of his hand-paw at her. "Darn right I'm mad-nya!" he growls, his ears pinned back angrily. "I'm the only one lookin' out for 'im! He goes back there now and he's all alone-nya!" The anger drained quickly, though, and he dropped his arm. Seeming to hang in the air, head down and ears flattened out to the sides sadly, he said, "...But I guess... there really wasn't another way. He wasn't really doing too good a job of helping her anyway-nya. ...Maybe there wasn't anything he could do anyway..."
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-23 04:18:47 30693
Amu's eyes cross as she stares down her nose at that little pointing paw. She shakes her head to clear the confused look, then focuses on Yoru more directly. "Mikoto-san is looking out for him, too," she points out. "And so am I. Or at least I'm trying to. But stealing peoples' heart's eggs ... Yoru, I can't allow him to do that anymore. I can't let him crush peoples' dreams like that."
Amu sighs and pushes herself up onto the bed, then crosses her legs and addresses Yoru directly, as if an equal. "I'm really worried about him, Yoru, but I've tried to ask him so many times to stop. There comes a point when I have to draw the line and stop him. Today was that line, and this was the only way I knew how to do it without actually hurting him. I promise, just as soon as Easter lets him go, I will give you back. I don't want you to have to stay here. I don't like this. But it's the only way I can protect the people he's been hurting."

It's Miki that notices it. She flies up next to Yoru, looks between the catboy and Amu, then asks, "Helping who?"
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-02-23 04:27:58 30699
Yoru doesn't say anything to the words of Ikuto stealing dreams. He can't; he knows it had to stop. But he couldn't shake the bad feeling he had. Maybe it was just paranoia. He hoped it was, and that everythign would be all right. "...Well, I guess... if he can't take X-Eggs anymore, they'll have to fire him-nya," Yoru reasons. "But they might come after you too. Or people you care about. Those people aren't people you want to cross unless ya have to-nya."

He pauses again when Amu asks him that question. Who is Ikuto trying to help? He'd been keeping it from them for so long. Maybe it's time to come clean. He doesn't like lying anyway. "...His sister. Easter has her too-nya." His voice is soft. "He's been tryin' ta shoulder most of it so they'll leave her alone. Now that he can't take X-Eggs, they'll probably expect her to start doin' it-nya..."
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-23 04:42:28 30711
Amu winces at that information, then reaches up to rub at her face. "Ugh, of course he has a sister that he's never told me about. Am I going to have to steal her charas, too!?" Amu asks Yoru frustratedly. "I'm not afraid of whoever he's working for, Yoru. Whoever it is, I'll fight against them. And I'll win that fight, because I have to."

Amu calms herself, then admits, "I'm hoping they'll decide he's useless and throw him out," she explains. "If all they want are the X-EGgs so they can find the Embryo, and he can't do that, then they have no reason to keep him. " And she really hopes they won't kill him, but that is the one glaring flaw in her plan.
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-02-23 04:50:35 30714
Yoru is quiet as Amu speaks, and he descends to sit next to the bag of niboshi again. He doesn't open it. He's not going to it to eat any; he's going to it because it still smells like Ikuto. Of course he misses Ikuto. Amu probably knows that. She had to have thought this out beforehand. She has to know how he feels.

"I hope so. Director-san went through a lot of trouble to get Ikuto back-nya," Yoru ventures. "He was still little." One of his handpaws reaches to touch the bag, and it starts to 'knead' the bag gently. Crinkle. Crinkle. "I dunno what he'll do-nya..."
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-23 04:56:09 30717
"He gave me the niboshi for you," Amu explains quietly, watching Yoru worriedly. "And Reiko is going to get you Chocolate Taiyaki, too. He's going to try to convince Director-san that he's lost you, permanently. And he's going to avoid telling him it was me."

Amu sighs and shakes her head. "Look, Yoru, I just ... I need you to stay with me until we know he's safe again, okay? And if it's clear they're making it worse instead of helping him, we'll work together to find a better solution. My brains, and your insider knowledge. I want to help him. I just can't let him hurt anyone else. You understand that, right?"
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-02-23 05:06:16 30725
"...That sounds like him-nya," Yoru replies. "He's been trying to protect you since the beginning. Not just you, but Tadase too-nya. He doesn't want you guys involved." Keeping it a secret didn't seem like it was really worth it anymore. Either Ikuto would be freed or they'd have to bust him out, right? Ikuto would probably tell them once he got free anyway. Yoru had to believe that... that Ikuto would come back, and it would be all right.

"Yeah. I know," Yoru replies. "Won't stop me from worryin' about 'im-nya. There's not really anybody else who cares about him there. An' I know he's gotta go back, to tell 'em. He's goin' into a den of sharks with no protection, and I don't want 'im to get bit-nya."
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-23 05:17:08 30730
"Yeah, I know," Amu says quietly, with a frown. "I've known he was just trying to protect me all along. I mean, I hate how much of a pervert he is," she says. "But I've always known it was just an act to try and get me to ... do whatever it is he wants. I don't know how I've known. I just did."

She shrugs, just a little, then asks, "Can I trust you not to run away? I don't want to keep you cooped up here in my room; I'd like you to hang out in my box," she motions towards it, "when I go to school. Stay near so I can keep an eye on you, and so if anything happens we can talk about it. Can I trust you to do that? I'll let you out as often as you want to play or eat, as long as you don't run away. Okay?"
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-02-23 05:40:08 30743
Yoru nods. He doesn't bother to explain more about Ikuto's motivations. Ikuto could explain everything when he got back. Not 'if'. 'When'. Because he would. As for how she'd known? "Ikuto's not a good liar-nya," Yoru notes. Which probably explains a lot about Yoru, actually.

A look to the box. "You really think all four of us'll fit in there-nya?" he asks. "I don't wanna be squished by all the girls." Yeah, he does still believe the cooties thing. He's just glad he got his cootie shot a while back!
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-23 05:54:16 30751
Amu covers a giggle at Yoru's reaction, then looks to her Charas with a little shrug. They all sigh and roll their eyes, but Miki actually looks put out. "Don't worry," Amu says, "I won't make you stay in there with the girls. They can all just hang out on my shoulder or in my backpack. You get the box all to yourself."
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-02-23 06:04:01 30757
Yoru breathes a sigh of relief. "Good," he decides. He does look at the three Charas, with a rather childish akanbe. He's teasing, he really is. He doesn't dislike them. Just... GIRLS! Why do they all have to be gi-- oh right.

But! Yoru has something to say. "I'm not gonna wait forever though," he says. "I'm gonna trust you for now, because Ikuto wouldn't have given you that if he didn't-nya. But! If I don't hear from him in a couple weeks, I'm gonna go lookin' for 'im myself, got it? Even if I gotta bust outta here-nya."

Feline impatience aside, if Ikuto hasn't contacted anyone in a few weeks, that probably means there's something seriously wrong, and it needs to be looked into anyway.
Amu Hinamori 2016-02-23 06:06:27 30759
As one, the trio of female charas match Yoru's akanbe, tongue for tongue and eye for eye! Then they collapse into giggles, since the tension of the situation seems to have broken. Amu smiles at the antics of the charas, then looks back to Yoru. "I don't expect you to wait forever," she agrees. "But when you think that time has come, tell me and I'll go with you, okay? I promised Ikuto I'd keep you safe. I mean to keep that promise."
Ikuto Tsukiyomi 2016-02-23 06:17:32 30766
Yoru smirks as the Charas fall over giggling. That's partially what he was trying to accomplish. But he is part of Ikuto. Far be it from him to actually admit he was trying to make the Charas feel better about this whole thing. But Amu's request is reasonable, Yoru figures. So he nods. "I will," he promises. Voicing the earlier thought, "'Cause if that long's gone by, somethin's pro'bly wrong anyway-nya."