Exercise Encounters

Hannah and Boris go jogging, and meet new and old faces alike.

Date: 2015-05-24
Pose Count: 24
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-24 02:04:14 453
It's a nice, sunny day in Mitakihara's lovely park. Birds chirp, children have dominated a clearing for an impromptu game of soccer, and dog-owners are out in full force with frisbees and balls being tossed!

Hannah Sharpe is about too! She's currently in jogging shorts and a tanktop, a bottle of water in a pack at her side along with a towel. She jogs at a brisk, easy pace, taking it easy after her bruised ribs as the doctor ordered! With her is her four-legged companion, Boris, tail wagging as he leads Hannah along and tongue lolling. Seems she's a regular, as the pair get many a passing hello's that are returned as she runs by! Boris is kind enough to bark as well! The old dog does a good job of keeping pace, and keeping Hannah from colliding with anyone. Given how often they take this path, it helps that Hannah has it memorized by now!
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-24 02:20:34 454
Junpei was actually set up along the jogging path in the center of several drums. Each drum was fairly light, little more than a stretched skin over a frame stuck to a wire stand. He didn't think the sound they made was very good, but unlike drum hero or taiko bang bang or whatever game his brother was trying to get him to attempt it felt 'right' to him.

His motions moved through several different patterns of hitting the sides, center, two sticks on one drum, movingalong the different drums. He found relaxation in the motion. He just wished they sounded more like proper drums. They were too tinny. Too washed out and not enough depth. Oh well. Fresh air and sun trumped cooped up inside banging on pertend drums and maybe getting the hit pressure wrong.
Phantom 2015-05-24 02:22:45 455
Yurei Fukuhara stands somewhere in the grass, hands at his side as he watches the people go about thier daily lives, there's some children playing soccer nearby, people playing with dogs, and a frisbee flies in front of his path nearby, soon a dog chasing after it.

Hannah happens to be running by the path nearby and when she passes he says nothing, but gives her a slight glance. He just stands there, not saying a word as his attention is drawn to some drumming over on the other side of the path. Drums? Why would someone be playing drums openly here?

He seems to be looking for the tin can- like as if he was a Street Performer. He makes broad assumptions in his head it seems.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-24 02:28:59 456
Hannah slows down as the need for breath and the sound of drums catches her ears. Pausing, she lets Boris guide her closer, sharp ears taking in each strike of the drum. Pulling out her towel and water bottle, she wipes herself down and takes a swig. Boris it seems wants to greet Junpei!

Bark! Bark bark! Goes the big huskie, and then Hannah's frowning.

"Boris! Do not interrupt! We rarely get street performers." Chastises the woman, the dog lowering his head. Yurei gets a bark too, though it's far lower in tone though. Sad doggy!
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-24 02:35:25 457
Junpei Matsuo grinned at Boris and nodded as he continued his set. An audiance huh? He pivoted to hit the tall back drum and gave another nod to Yurei without breaking momentum. He was in a sleeveless shirt showing off fairly well muscled arms coated in sweat as he changed patterns to close out. Then a bow to noone in particular beofre setting his bachi down to get a waterbottle from the cooler he'd brought. "Hello Boris-san. Sharpe-san. I'm glad you're both well." Then a friendly wave to Yurei, "Hello there." He sounded slightly winded, which was understandable since he'd been playing non-stop for the past half hour. "Not mine. School property they have kindly allowed me to borrow on occasion." Not to mention with his parents keeping a heft ydeposit fee on hand whenever he wanted to borrow the things. "I like playing in the park. It feels... better than stuck in some auditorium." Not to mention has bettrer accoustics, no echo to mess with how his hits sound.
Phantom 2015-05-24 02:46:48 460
Yurei Fukuhara looks down at the dog and narrows his eyes a bit. He says nothing. Suspicious! Doesn't everyone love dogs? Regardless, he walks towards the group with one hand in his pocket and when he's said hello to, he pauses a moment and merely goes... "Hello." he says in an unintrested tone.

He ponders a bit, the boy as he gives him an apprasing look. "Have you considered buying your own?" he asks curiously. "Instead of borrowing the school's?" he asks curiously. It seems like a straight forward question.

He looks back over at the girl, and her dog. Hrmmmmmmmm.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-24 02:48:27 461
It takes her a moment, but Hannah smiles widely as realization dawns. She claps for the drummer! Boris wags his tail, clearly appreciating it as well!

"Matsuo-san, good evening. You as well. Practice makes perfect, hmm? How fortunate to have a permissive band. Just practicing, or do you have a performance upcoming?" Inquires the woman before she's offering Junpei a second water bottle.

A little chuckle here. "Mmm, I can sympathize. Our gym is...erm, was...very nice, but the wind in your face, sun on your skin...and well, here I can run with Boris without making coach mad." A little sheepish grin.

Then she turns about, face curious. "Ah, is someone else there, Matsuo-san?" She asks the other man, putting on a warm smile just in case whoever Junpei has spotted is nearby. Boris doesn't bother helping. Always best in these situations to hide his being a familiar!

But the dog sure does watch Yurei as he approaches and narrows his eyes. The husky's deep blues are oddly sharp and deep, intelligent orbs that make little effort to hide its protective streak. The dog gives a low little arf. Not quite a growl, but almost.

Hannah scowls, leans down, and tweaks a doggie ear.

"Boris! Why are you being so troublesome? No treats for you today." Cue a whimper from Boris.

Then she's standing, and bowing. "Good evening, Sir! Please forgive Boris, he has been out of sorts ever since his vet visit. Grumpy old mongrel!" She comes politely, a foot rubbing Boris' head.

And the man has a point. "Ah, yes, are they particularly expensive, Matsuo-san?"

Right, introductions. "Hannah Sharpe. A pleasure to make your acquaintance." She motions to Matsuo.

"Junpei Matsuo-san, drummer and motivator of boy bands." Cue a grin, her voice teasing.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-24 02:54:59 462
For once, Yuko's actually outside and not clocked in for work! No, she's enjoying herself today, just strolling through the park with not a care in the world. Just her, a bag of drumsticks, and a whole park to explore!

Not drumsticks for drumming, of course. The edible sort from a chicken! Hearing the drumming coming from further into the park, however, she does make her way over there to observe the small gathering, eventually spotting a few familiar faces in Hannah, Junpei, and Boris, and an unfamiliar one in Yurei.

"Mmrf. Good evening, Matsuo-san and Sharpe-san. Hi, Boris." She bows to the first two lightly and offers a light wave to the third, finishing one of the previously-mentioned drumsticks before dropping it into a secondary bone-holding bag. The streets need to be kept clean!

"Looks like everyone's being active tonight... Hmm." She turns slightly to try and not so subtly hide that bag of food behind her back, although her attention soon shifts to Yurei while watching him and Boris curiously. "A new friend of yours?"
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-24 02:57:27 463
Junpei Matsuo shook his head slowly at Yurei, "Unfortunately one of my bandmates recently had their guitar stolen so several of us chipped in for a proper replacement." He looked at Yurei's disinterest in Boris with maybe a small shrug. Then again he could just be catching his breat hwhile having a sip of water. "Plus a proper set is very expensive and I had spent most of my disposible money on a new bike." He jerked a thumb at a fairly expensive looking road bike locked to a nearby stand. Said bike had behind seat stowage rack and panniers covering the sides of the back wheel along with an electric motor attached to the back wheel. Essentially if anyone knew bikes they could tell the thing cost a lot purely on the moped bits.

Wait Motivator of- Oh lord. Junpei's face flushed and he muttered several impolite words along with, "That actually happened?" Quick headshake before straightening, taking Hannah's offered water bottle, "Thank you Sharpe-San. I had heard your gym had something happen, is everyone alright?" Sincere voice as he asked. Nevermind he was there, he was too wrung out at the time to bother doing more than getting Hannah out of the ring after everything stopped being weird.

A grunt as he tried to find something less... strange to talk about. Oh right! "I'm actually in Seiyou's Taiko group. Picked it up at my parents suggestion after... Well..." He coughed, not quite sure how to bring the Tsunami up "After a few years back. Said it might help me find my focus again."

Then suddenly Yuko! "Minami-san!" Junpei smiled at the grocery girl, "No deliverys today? You get to enjoy the day for a little while?" He gestured to Yurei, "Just met actually."
Phantom 2015-05-24 02:59:49 464
Yurei Fukuhara hears introductions. This is painful for him. He hates it. He pauses for another minute before he speaks. "My name is.. Yurei Fukuhara." he says. He looks down at the dog, and merely hrmphs to himself under his breath. He may not like the dog. He's not even attempted to pet the Husky.

He looks over to the newcomer and his eyes narrow more. This gathering is getting big. He hates big. Also that Dog. Ugh.

"Hello." he says to newcomer, before he looks back over to the new bike.

Why did humans buy such frivilous flashy things?
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-24 03:10:35 465
More voices! And what smells distinctly like chicken. Hannah tries to not look jealous here as she bows.

"Minami-san! Of course! Some of our members are injured, so I have to work three times as hard! We will not lose!" Cue the blind girl throwing a few jabs at air! Then she flexes her arm proudly.

Boris, for his part, finally parts Hannah and sits in front of Yuko. There's the look of a dog that /knows/ there's food at hand. Big blue husky eyes bore into Yuko's own as if trying to peer into her soul. Her chicken-grasping soul!

"Here exercising too? You should join me! Two runs a day, one at five-thirty am, then one around now! Oh, and weight lifting and stretching and..." She's all grins, the fitness freak.

Wince. "Sorry to hear that, Matsuo-san. It still sounded good! Your music, I mean."

"A few broken bones, wooziness for some. But nothing that they will not recover from. My team is tough! I guess we will be seeing each other more often, Seiyou offered to let us use their facilities."

Boris gives a grumpy arf to Yurei! What a jerk, not even petting the cute dog! His pride is wounded!

"Charmed, Fukuhara-san. Ahh, but do I detect an air of mystery about you? Tall, dark and handsome, no doubt, sent here to entrance we maidens!" She motions towards herself and Yuko.

Then she just laughs. "A local by chance?" She finally adds.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-24 03:16:56 466
"Mmhm! Well.. It's more like I got off work for the day. I didn't feel like just watching stuff for once, so I figured I'd come out and just... Erm." Sighing lightly, Yuko gives up on trying to hide the presence of that food bag. "I got hungry after work."

Turning to Yurei as he introduces himself, the green-haired girl offers him a quick bow and smile. "Minami Yuko. Good to meet you, Fukuhara-san." Even through the smile however, there's a slight unease in her expression. Just what's causing it, though? Is it the way he's eyeing Boris? Or the bike? Or the way he looks, even?

Or maybe it's just indigestion. She did just polish off three drumsticks between buying them and coming here, after all. The mention of something happening draws a concerned look from Yuko, and she turns to Hannah to look her over quickly for injuries. "You didn't get hurt or anything, did you? Aah.. What kind of club is this, anyway?" The jabs are something of a surprise to Yuko, and the exercise regimen she's offering is just as startling.

"Th-that early? I've been meaning to, yeah, but is that a little too early...?" She's certainly considering it, at least, but there's a clear difference between FITNESS FREAK HANNAH and EFFICIENCY EXPERT YUKO.

Boris gets a blank look, although he does provide a useful distraction for Yuko to avoid committing to the idea of exercise just yet. "Er... Is Boris on any specific diets, Sharpe-san?" She doesn't want to get sued for ruining his organs with fried chicken or anything. Better safe than sorry!
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-24 03:21:46 468
Not at all flashy! Try carrying things from place to place especially in a crowded city like Tokyo. Bikes were sensical, and the motor was always a good precaution against fatigue. He smiled broadly, "We even have several very competent women this year who I am grateful to say are being allowed to show their spirit and prowess." It was clear from his voice he was proud of this even if one of these women he continually had to essentially defend his own place as one of the primary group players from. "I am glad to say the drums have helped me."

"It could have been much worse, and I am grateful Seiyou is able to help while Infinity searches for what caused this." While Seiyou was a public school and Infinity was for people with Money or Talent he was not going to press the fact that they were getting help from a public institute. After all Seiyou's good fortune came from 'inhereting' an almost palatial facility. So it would be wrong to lord such fortune as anything but.

"As for concerts..." He laughed softly, "Nothing from the drum squad, but the band I am in has been invited to an eight band concert. More of a tournament really, with winner getting a selection of their music played for one week on the radio courtasy of-" He made a dismissive gesture. "I apologize, these are details you probably would be bored by. Admission is free, though sadly concessions are overpriced and our benefactors are taking a fairly high percentage of merch sales." A bit of regret in his voice at that. Sure indie bands had an easier time now than ever before. However there was still a bit of prestige in his mind to getting one's music on the radio. "I can email you specifics if you like." Try dodging around Hannah's lack of sight around new people. It would be embarassing for his friend, which he did not want.
Phantom 2015-05-24 03:24:05 470
Yurei Fukuhara is most certainly hunting maidens! But these two don't LOOK like Pretty Cure, at least, not right now. "No such thing." he says stoticly- with that perfect hint of montone. It seems like this guy can't take a joke, or kidding around easily. Or maybe he can, and this is his way of defusing it? It's really hard to tell probably.

He looks down at Boris again and gives him another narrowed eye look. Can the dog not figure out he doesn't want to be bothered by it?

He looks back up at Yuko, the slight unease apparent in her face, he ponders, perhaps just a moment. He hrmmms but looks away to Junpei. "Ah, you attend school at Seiyou, too? I'm in my 2nd year of High School. I transfered fairly recently." he says. "It is odd. Is it not?" he asks.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-24 03:27:34 471
Hannah frowns lightly. "Apparently our gym was not built up to code. My club mates and I were practicing for the upcoming tournament when part of the building collapsed! Bruised a rib, but I am otherwise fine. Not everyone was so lucky. But people are /alive/." Comes Hannah with a bit of a fib. She can't exactly say she got punched by a giant spider.

Arms cross, and Hannah manages to peer at Yuko! "Of course! One has to make the most of each day, you know? Earlier is better! Work out the body in the morning, and the soul swiftly rises!"

Boris is wagging his tail rapidly as taht bag comes out. Hannah gives a slow nod. "Just one!" Boris barks, and leaps up on his hind legs for Yuko! Feeeed me!

Hannah perks up, and finally nods. "I would not mind the email. I drag enough people into my own, that I think another non-kickboxing tournament would be good for me." Comes Hannah to Junpei.

Ah, then she asides to Yuko. "Oh! I am the president of Infinity's kickboxing club." She explains to the other woman.

Then, to Yurei, she sighs a little. "The serious type? Mmm. Risky~." She offers, then leans back to stretch.

Boris, thankfully, is now too distracted by chicken to bother Yurei.

"A transfer? I hope you enjoying the area so far, Yurei-san."
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-24 03:45:27 473
A transfer student? Well!

Junpei bowed polightly to Yurei, "I hope you have found Seiyou to be a good place Fukuhara-san." Polite voice interrupted by more water. "Are you in any clubs?" Must not act like he is vaguely unsettled by this guy. Maybe it is like Ail and it is just how he is. Be polite Junpei-san. Be polite.

"My band's drummer is in Seiyou's kickboxing club and is why I was there. Am glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been." Wait he's not the band drumer? What sort of madness is this?

He gave a rueful laugh as if suddenly realizing potential confusion and offered a possible explaination, "I know how to use a modern drum set, so if need be I can fill our proper drummer's spot, but I prefer the bass." Aaaah, guitarest then. "While I cannot endorse such I have heard it recommended you bring your own food as bands do not get any percentage of concession sales, and they are quite expensive for what is offered." He took off the armbands at his wrists and headband before laying them to one side. "Ten minute breather is good. Keeps me from overworking since it is a long ride home." This might explain the electric motor on his bike.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-24 03:52:48 474
Junpei said the magic word! "If I'm not stuck at work, I might drop by for that." Yuko pauses for a moment, them continues. "Well... If nothing big comes out beforehand. Then... We'll see?" She chuckles awkwardly and glances around, furrowing her brow a bit to try and remember if there actually are any big releases coming up.

"Still, I'm sure you'll do fine there. You've got a lot more energy than other local bands I've seen and heard, so if everyone in your group is like this? You'll get a lot of new fans for sure."

Yurei's look doesn't draw much further suspicion from the green-haired girl, although his munch just might have been on the money this time around! "Another Seiyou student? Huh... I've been meeting a lot lately. Matsuo-san, you, that... Er. Domen-san, was it?" She gestures at each presently named person, then stumbles briefly when Boris starts standing out of nowhere.

"E-easy, Boris. Sharpe-san said one, so..." She digs into that bag and fishes out one of the prizes he seeks: A freshly fried drumstick! Relatively fresh, anyway, considering how it's from a street cart, but fresh enough! She dangles it towards the huskie carefully so as to not get it into his eye or something, but far enough away that she doesn't accidentally get her hand eaten."

"Mm... Yeah, maybe it'll give me an excuse not to go in to work so early, at least. Do you have a phone with you, Sharpe-san? It might be easier to join you if I'm... Uh. Awake, too."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-24 03:58:17 475
Hannah mmm's thoughtfully. "I never took you for a bass player, Matsuo-san. Quite the array of musical skill!" She smirks then.

"I hope I did not hurt him too badly~." Teases the girl, remembering quite a few Seiyou hopefuls she fought. Then the memory of shoving one out of the way of that damn spider hits her. She shudders a moment, confidence fading a moment. Then she covers it with a smile.

"Tell them to keep it up. Else I will become bored with weaklings!" Cue a flexed arm.

Boris all but leaps at that chicken, snatching it and turning it into a picked bone in the space of several seconds. Cue Boris curling around Yuko's legs, happy as a clan. Bark bark nuzzle! You have earned a friend, Yuko-san.

Hannah produces a phone. And offers her number! "Mmm-hmm! Do not worry, I will be certain to ensure you are up." She will blast death metal at poor Yuko as she has to. Then she slaps a hand upon her back.

"Good to hear it, however. It will be fun, promise!" Or physical torture. Either way, after numbers are exchagned, she bows to the other three.

"I should finish up my run and get some classwork done. A pleasure, Yuko-san, Matuso-san, Fukuhara-san! Come, Boris!" Then, they're off, jogging away!
Phantom 2015-05-24 04:16:28 476
Yurei Fukuhara watches Hannah leave as he hrmmmms. That dog couldn't sense who he really was.... right? Right.

He looks back down at Junpei and Yuko, he gives Yuko another apprasing look, perhaps just to see how uneasy she becomes again. he hrmms a bit. "So you cook?" he asks curiously at Yuko, before looking back at Junpei. "And he plays the drums..." he thinks a bit.

"What an odd group of people." he seems to insist. Like he's the poster child for people who are not odd.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-24 04:26:20 477
Junpei Matsuo gave a rich laugh at the description, "The world is to wonderous and varied to bother with something so boring as 'normal.' Maybe 'the nail that stands out gets pounded down', but I plan on enjoying myself til that happens." Life is short. Play hard.
Yuko Minami 2015-05-24 04:29:27 478
Saving Hannah's information to her own phone (and somehow not getting fried chicken grease on it), Yuko turns to Yurei and half-nods.

"Once in a while. I usually just buy stuff because it tastes a lot better and doesn't take time I could use to work at the store or do something else." In comparison to Hannah, at least, she's definitely not the thin one of today's gathering by any means.

"I work at the market by the harbor, so you should stop by if you ever need to buy an... Anything. You know. Instead of from someone else. And what do you do that's not so weird, Fukuhara-san?" She asks in a joking tone of voice, sounding more amused than offended at being called odd. "Matsuo-san's got the right idea. Normal's too... Normal. Ryoma didn't get anywhere being normal even in his original appearance!"
Phantom 2015-05-24 04:38:12 480
Yurei Fukuhara hrmphs! "I'm merely making the astute obeservation." he says as he looks to the right, turning his whole body away. "Netherless. I'm done here. Goodbye." he says as politely as he can muster and begins walking down the path, opposite the direction Hannah took, at a brisk pace. He obviously sees no more reason to be here.
Matsuo Junpei 2015-05-24 04:40:57 481
Junpei Matsuo shrugged at Yurei's fairly... brisque mannner, but it really did take all tipes for the world to work. So instead he looked over to Yuko, "Minami-san. That was.... different." Then in attempt to keep from dwelling on how off put he felt he bent down to pick up his well used bachi. "If you wish to stay I am about to play for another half hourish or so before going home."
Yuko Minami 2015-05-24 04:43:47 482
What a strange guy. Yuko has a bit of trouble figuring out how to even react to that, eventually raising her hand in an awkward wave. "Uh. Good night, then. Fukuhara... -san." She watches him for a short while before turning to Junpei as if expecting him to be just as confused.

"Yeah... Huh. Still, someone else to look out for at school." She laughs lightly and eyes the drum, then shrugs and finds a spot to squat with her chicken while watching.

"Sure. I've never seen this up close before, anyway."