Mammoth Noises

A number of magical heroes take on a Noise.

Date: 2016-02-25
Pose Count: 33
Kanata Shirahime 2016-02-25 01:41:58 31098
It's a perfectly normal evening in Uminari City. At this time of night, boys and girls should be safe and warm at home, not out and about where who-knows-what can happen. Of course, sometimes you don't really have the option of staying in, and sometimes trouble finds you.

Kanata Shirahime is in a situation just like this. Dressed in puple and black and bundled up for the weather, with his long silver hair trailing behind him, Kanata roams the streets with his arms full of bags with what look like groceries. He's probably headed to catch a bus, but it's still a weird hour to be doing any kind of shopping.

Unless your talking cat emptied the refridgerator and neglected to tell you until the very last minute, that is.

"But this is great, right?" Moeru says, the golden-furred cat trailing along behind Kanata while he cuts through the otherwise-empty side street. "Maybe you can get some experience --"

"I'm not doing it," Kanata says flatly. "So stop talking about it. There's nothing out here, anyway; that must've just been a... a fluke! Something mother setup."

He still can't believe talking to his cat is a thing. When did this become his life?
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-02-25 01:52:42 31099
It's a fine evening to go flying. Sure it's February in Tokyo, but a Barrier Jacket that can tank high-caliber rifle fire with ease can certainly ignore inclement weather. That said, however, the clear skies and lack of wind have brought the Mages known as 'Miss Blue' and 'Firebird' out of their Secret Headquarters to take to the skies.

'Miss Blue', at least, is quite happy to be out of there, having been bedridden for days with an injury. This is her first opportunity to get up and away, and she's making the most of it, soaring through the skies, pulling off wild aerobatics, and generally acting completely hyper. The word "Wheeeee!" seems to constitute the entirety of her vocabulary for the moment.

She'll settle down in time. But not right away. She's having far too much fun for that.
Jun Kaneko 2016-02-25 01:52:55 31100
    It is a perfectly normal evening in Uminari City. At this time of night, evil lurks in the corners and the alleyways. Shadowy figures wait on rooftops. Creatures stalk the hidden streets, as the streelamps flicker and fade with their approach and passing.

    Passing by the boy and his talking cat is another cat, this one running at top speed away from Kanata from behind.

    There is a loud trumpeting sound, like an elephant, before a smashing crunch of metal and glass. A streetlamp snappped in two, sparking and falling like a tree - or a club - into a nearby parked car.

    Four masked figures stalk the street, each wearing a tusked and trunked tiki-mask, as huge, bulky semi-anthromorphized //wooly freaking mammoth// moves around picking up and throwing pieces of the scenery into houses, cars, and the street.

    The night is pierced with another trumpeting cry, and the sparking lights of the fallen streetlamp reveal the masked visage of the Mammoth-Creature, a form-fitting white mask placed over its head and face, covered in black runes that glow and seethe with a dark pulse.
Hinote Kagari 2016-02-25 01:55:53 31101
Guardian Hino swears to god if he ever finds his girlfriend, he's going to kill her. Well. He thinks, she might be a witch. Then he might. Then he thinks this thought is in poor taste and it causes him to frown as he hops from rooftop to rooftop. aimlessly searching.

Maybe, he thinks, she just doesn't want to talk about it.
Maybe, he thinks, she's given up.

Maybe.. maybe he's just worrying and she's busy. He did get Valentines chocolate, afterall.

He still doesn't particularly stop his search, looking around--- landing somewhere over a shop as he perches on the edge and looks over.

His attention is grabbed by a trumpeting sound-- and there's um. A mammoth is throwing things, and goons in masks. He frowns.

"Ugh. Really?" asked Hino, as he placed his hand onto the hilt of his longsword and leaped over to a closer rooftop.
Minoke Sato 2016-02-25 01:56:41 31102
Firebird is flying along with Miss Blue, just grinning widely at the childlike enthusiasm of Mikoto as she is finally 'free'. "I've made great strides on my Traveling spell too." She giggles as she watches. "You look like you're having fun..." She then accelerates, touches Blue as she flies, and yells, 'tag, you're it!' She zooms off - then screeches to a halt as she sees the situation. "We have trouble, Miss Blue. Look down there." She points towards the developing situation.
Kimi Takeda 2016-02-25 01:58:44 31103
    One would expect most people to be safe and warm at home in Uminari City. Unfortunately, for one jet-lagged foreign-exchange-student-returned-home, the day is only beginning. Having only got off the plane a couple days ago, Kimi Takeda is still roughly 9-10 hours in the future and it's morning time on her Circadian Rhythm.

    This results in a nightown of a blonde girl wandering the streets, chewing on a piece of gum and whistling as she goes. Having picked up American affectations while across the pond, she's generally less polite in her strolling than the average girl her age and has only served to refine her Japanese Rebellious Teenager persona upon having it make contact with REAL AMERICAN TEENAGERS.

    Of course, her wandering and strolling are swiftly interrupted when she comes across four masked men and a much larger mammoth rampaging through the streets. On her first day back. She tilts her head a little bit and says in pretty fluent English, "<Are uh... Are you fucking serious?>"
Kouki Akiyama 2016-02-25 02:01:02 31106
     Sorahi Otohime has reason to be nearby Verone Academy. Lots of reasons. Many of them involve things like --- well, that's a trumpet. Someone who does music knows that, obviously, so the blue-caped, snowflake-adorned princess-dress wearing girl darts through the streets boldly, a wand in her grip as she promptly runs right into the group of people. Or, well, nearby them, coming to a halt.

     There's a hiss of noise behind her, one that sounds like a bit of a tonal whinny. The Otahime tilts her head, glancing back. "What's wrong, Niji?" She asks. "Everything!" The rainbow-scaled, sparkly creature replies to her. She avoids rolling her eyes and going 'no duh.'
Haru Zinoro 2016-02-25 02:05:14 31110
It's true. A good many boys and girls would be home and warm right then. However, Haru is not one of them. He's got something on his mind, and he needs quiet to think about it. His parents probably even aren't aware he's left the house. They work so hard at the flower shop that they sleep quite soundly. What's he got on his mind? Reiko, mainly. And what Hoshi said when they left his house. Even if he is quite embarrassed about it all.

Suddenly there's commotion, and a soft ping from his breast pocket. <<Disturbance detected,>> Haru hears, the deep voice of his Device in his head.

Haru lifts his head, looking surprised. "What in the...?" Pause. Frown. "Well, that won't do," he decides. He frowns, and dashes into a back alley. It looks for all the world like he's just escaping from what's clearly a drunken street performer. But that's not all he's doing. Once he's hidden from sight, he draws the teardrop-shaped emerald from his pocket. That's where the ping came from. "Anthos Armonia, Set Up."

Suddenly a Mid-Childan magic circle appears underneath his feet, ruffling hair and clothes in winds that weren't there a moment ago. In emerald green swirls of magic that crawl over his body like vines his outfit changes, and he becomes the green cloaked, hooded Hunter. His Device too, becomes a trident-like staff, which he grasps the haft of when it has finished changing.

He flies around the other side of the building, and then up into the air, to get a better view of the trouble. That's Hunter up there, for those who know him by henshin.
Kanata Shirahime 2016-02-25 02:25:16 31113
Streetlamps flicker and die. A cat rushes past him, and Moeru watches it curiously, looking behind them. Kanata stops. He thinks he hears something, like his ears are ringing. "Huh? Do you --"

In an instant, the sound goes from a whine to a

----=^v./\v-* SCREECH *v^\/'=----

in Kanata's head. He doubles over, dropping his bags and scattering groceries in the street, his hands going to his ears to no avail. He clenches his teeth, waiting while it dies down to a dull roar in seconds that feels like minutes. He still feels a tugging, a sort of dissonance that pulls him back. Something /behind/ him.

Moeru notices the look on his face, and gets marginally more serious. "A Noise? Then, you've gotta...!!" Suddenly, there are stars in his eyes. He looks so hopeful.

Kanata turns back the way he came. "I've just got to fight them, right?" He looks around, and finds a plank tucked into someone's garbage. Kanata yanks it out, hefting it and running back towards the source of the dissonance. It's so /loud/. Last time, it was only that bad when it was right next to him --

He turns the corner and is immediately face-to-back with the mammoth. His jaw drops. "Huge--!"

Moeru stays a bit further back, but sticks his head out. "Transform! Kana-taaaan~!"

As if in protest of the entire idea, Kanata promptly drops his impromptu weapon, steels his nerves, and charges forward. The silver-haired teen takes a running leap at the back of the mammoth-man, trying to get a grip on him. If he can get to his shoulders and get an arm around its neck, he could probably wrestle it to the ground, right? Right??

(Okay no this is really just a terrible idea.)
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-02-25 02:32:01 31114
Miss Blue looks down where Firebird points, surveying the scene. Monsters. Another fight. What a way to break up an otherwise outstanding night. "Well, that's a beautiful night ruined, isn't it?" She rolls about to get into position, and translucent shards of mana begin to form around her as she starts to summon her familiar arsenal.

There's a brief, more visible flash, as her Barrier Jacket alters itself. The sharp, elegant-looking blue business suit is supplemented now by a fancily-embroidered sash, going from her left shoulder to right hip, and from this baldric hangs the scabbard of a long, slim-bladed sword. Miss Blue is ready for a fight.

"Let's go have a look, shall we?"
Jun Kaneko 2016-02-25 02:45:08 31120
    Masked Mammoth trumpets again, this time moving to one of the parked and UNDAMAGED cars, lifting it up with a single flat 'arm', which is seemingly impossible, except for the power of SUPER ARM and EVIL MAGIC. The car is sent flying down the street, bouncing with a sharp 'crunch!' as it screeches to a halt, a few potholes and ground up bits of street later. This conveniently misses Kimi Takeda, who is at street level, the wandering delinquent, but hey there's LITERALLY A CAR FLYING AT YOU.

    No, we are not kidding you.

    The four goons break off, spreading out, most of them drawing out weapons of some sort as they start looking up and... "Mages!" One shouts, sounding like a trumpet himself, as he levells his NET-GUN at the fliers, firing up.

    Masked Mammoth almost picks up another car to throw at the spotted fliers before something JUSTICE CRASHES (or is it JUSTICE TACKLES?) into its back, causing a confused nosehorning.

    The weight of one effete boy, hoever, is NOT ENOUGH! The massive tusked creature shakes its neck left and right, before reaching one of those flat 'hands' back and...

    Throws HIM up at the flying magical girls with an enraged trumpet.

Kouki Akiyama 2016-02-25 02:56:15 31124
     "Oh no--"

     The Princess twirls her device, lifting it into the sky. "This is really too nice of weather to be having a fight like this in, don't you think? So! BY MY ROYAL DECREE! Weather storm!" She waves her device like a baton. This has several effects - first and foremost, out of the magic that she weilds, a series of stormclouds drift into the general area, for the most part buzzing and rumbling with the threat of rain... and ... oh, well. She flicks her wand down at the enemies, as they were, and thunderbolts flash down from the clouds.

     (as a bonus, if no one catches Kanata, they'll provide a landing spot. A kinda... prickly one. One wonders what happens when /all/ of Kanata's hair stands up on end.)
Kimi Takeda 2016-02-25 03:13:04 31129
    Kimi blandly stares at the Mammoth creature and intones in English, "<Already with this?>" She inquires, though is at least smart enough to duck to the side as it flies back her and slams into the street behind her. She's MOSTLY okay, save for the fact that there's dirt on her jacket, "<Nope. I'm out.>" She holds up both her hands and then makes a hand-wiping gesture before turning and walking away down a side-alley. Kimi Takeda will have none of this.

    And she's gone.

    /SUIT UP/

    With a bow-glaive in hand, out of the shadows of a DIFFERENT alley, steps the Ace of Hearts, long-absent magical girl and defender of the world against Card-based monsters and their shenanigans.

    She drags the tip of her glaive behind her as she walks, slowly carving up the street, "Returning from the darkness like love itself, ready to deliver a slow and steady beating. The Ace of Hearts once again walks the streets of Uminari City," She ominously threatens.
Minoke Sato 2016-02-25 03:14:29 31130
Firebird blinks. "I like the new Jacket. I should make a new one sometime," she muses as she looks around. "Any idea what they are?" she asks Vortex. "No, Mistress. The youmas do not conform to previously-encountered phenomena." She hmmmms as she smiles. "Well, we've had worst dates. Besides, I bet you're itching for a fight after getting hurt."

"Alert. A person has been thrown into the air." Vortex provides an arrow in a dark red color. She gestures and is so focused no the flying guy (which she manages to encase in a zero-g bubble to float in the air, limned in a red-black aura) - then squawks as she got hit with one of the nets. "EEEEEEEK!" she squawks as she was sent a bit towards the ground before she stabilized as she tried to get free of the net - it wrapped hard around her legs and she can't really get it off.
Kanata Shirahime 2016-02-25 03:32:33 31137
That flat 'hand' grabs him. Kanata's plans for basically putting the mammoth-youma into a submission hold of some kind are cut woefully short. "Erk."

It is about this time that Kanata realizes he may have made a poor decision.

Kanata becomes a silver streak in the air, his hair billowing out behind him. He squeezes his eyes shut, expecting to be hurled into an object instead of upwards, but when he realizes the ground is getting further away /extremely/ quickly, he starts flailing almost wildly. If he gets close to something, maybe he can grab hold and /not/ turn into street pizza!

For the first time, and probably the last, Kanata wonders if he should have listened to the cat.

Fortunately, one of the figures in the air keeps him from becoming a casualty. Kanata slows and stops, momentum killed as he's encased in a bubble of zero gravity. He feels a little ill. Kanata looks around, blinking at what he assumes are other magical girls not moments before the nets catch the one who saved him. Except, he's a sitting duck up her, and that thing is throwing /cars/.

He hardly has time to think about it. He's going to just have to swallow his pride. "If I'm going to go down, then...!" Kanata rotates gently in the sphere of zero gravity. He ends up right-side up, and extends a hand upwards, taking a deep breath. 'Spin your Meaningful Words,' he thinks.

"Spread widely," Kanata declares, raising his voice as something -- a blue-grey staff taller than he is, topped with a glittering orb -- materializes in his hand, "to the end of the sky!"

A shaft of sky blue light envelops him, growing from the staff. Within it, glittering, sparkling motes of light -- bright pink and ever-multiplying -- swirl around his body. In a transformation sequence that he hopes nobody catches on video, Kanata's clothes are whisked away, replaced with something altogether different. Something lighter. Something... with a skirt.

The sudden burst of magic evaporates the bubble. Kanata plummets towards the ground, 'her' skirt and silver pigtails fluttering in the wind. With one leg extended, Kanata drops like a meteor towards the mammoth, streaking past the bolts of lightning and the thunderous clouds like the magical girl approximation of a cruise missile.

Well, if magical girls did Rider Kicks from high altitude, anyway.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-02-25 03:35:03 31141
Nets wrap around Miss Blue as she flies through the air. Not moving fast enough to activate her auto-defense, she hasn't bothered to shield against them. "Well that's a sticky wicket." is her only comment, before she flares her flight spell in time to ensure a gentle landing on a nearby rooftop.

"My apologies, Meister. The object was not detected as a threat."

Mikoto shakes her head. "Don't worry about it, just cut me out of here."

A pair of flickers of light detach from the ever-growing swarm that orbits the battlefield above her, slicing down to spiral swiftly around her. The net is quickly left in tatters on the rooftop around her. She stretches out and smiles. "Much better." Then she draws her sword and smiles.
Jun Kaneko 2016-02-25 03:45:26 31144
    As thunder and lightning crashes in the Suddenly and Magically Bad weather, the masked goons firing net-guns up innacurately at the flying get the absolute worst of it. One succeeds in netting Firebird! But... She's still floating.


    A bolt of electricity smashes directly into one of the Goon's mask, turning it into a powder that flakes off into flecks of darkness, causing the now maskless goon to become depowered, and decide to dash off. Because they know when they're beaten! Better not to take horrible lumps, either. So, the demasked goon (an adult male) runs off trailing a cloud of smoke and ozone, as the remaining three try to shoot more weighted nets at the fliers. And...

    And this is met with not much success. These guys are goons, shooting nets at fliers. It seemed like a good idea at the time! But they're dumb mooks.

    Masked Mammoth roars fiercely, trumpeting its defiance at the fliers, before turning to the Ace of Hearts as she makes a speech involving a delightful pun.

    One of the gruns groans. "That's actually pretty good!"

    Masked Mammoth reaches down and picks up a mailbox-sized piece of the road casually and is about to send it into the Ace before inclement Magical Boy weather drives a RIDER KICK right to the back of its head, this time sending it down to the ground directly.

    A confused nosehonk follows, as Kanata delivers POWER HEEL.

    Mikoto gets pointed out by a goon. "She's got a sword!"

    Another tosses his net gun away. "And we've got /power/ tusks!"
Minoke Sato 2016-02-25 03:50:13 31146
Firebird is still struggling with the net, trying to get her arms free. "Miss Blue... help..." she states as she glares down at the mooks. "Jupiter Field!" she chants as a magical circle forms under the Mammoth... as suddenly the mammoth's weight would triple. She can't really do much mroe as she floats closer to Miss Blue, Vortex floating on its own near her.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-02-25 03:55:16 31148
[ansi(uw,"Extraction underway. Please remain still.")] Another pair of light-darts descend from the orbiting mass to perform the familiar spiral around Firebird. Hopefully she won't move too much during it, they're quite sharp.

"Why, yes, I do have a sword. It's a quite nice one, too." She waves it a bit... and from its tip, a trio of spiraling mana vortices lash out towards the mammoth, roaring through the air at high speed.


"See? Lovely sword. 'Power tusks'? So last epoch." She chuckles dismissively at the mooks. "If you'd care to surrender now, we'll be glad to turn you over to the police... and not do anything worse."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-02-25 03:55:43 31149
"Extraction underway. Please remain still." Another pair of light-darts descend from the orbiting mass to perform the familiar spiral around Firebird. Hopefully she won't move too much during it, they're quite sharp.

"Why, yes, I do have a sword. It's a quite nice one, too." She waves it a bit... and from its tip, a trio of spiraling mana vortices lash out towards the mammoth, roaring through the air at high speed.


"See? Lovely sword. 'Power tusks'? So last epoch." She chuckles dismissively at the mooks. "If you'd care to surrender now, we'll be glad to turn you over to the police... and not do anything worse."
Kimi Takeda 2016-02-25 04:06:00 31152
    "I don't really have time to do this rigmarole with you today," the Ace of Hearts says with a flat-eyed stare at the Masked Mammoth. She sighs a bit and then flips one of her twintails back behind her and flicking her skirt downward with an idle motion of the hand, "So I'm just not gonna. I'm gonna cut all of this down. But first."

    "HEY YOU! My friend gave me these to get me back in the swing of this Magical Girl gig after some time off. But I really can't be bothered. You take it and use it," She says as she flicks her hand to her beltline and takes out a pair of cards. It's the 4 and of Diamonds, Shoot Hedgehog and Flame Salamander. She lazily tosses it towards Kanata Shirahime, flying directly towards him as if following a direction to go there, "Just use the cards and help me deal with this guy." She barks in annoyance.

    "So. Quick version of this. You: Ha ha ha. Me: Stop it. You: Ha ha ha. EVIL. HA HA HA. Me: I said stop it. You: Ha ha ha. Power. EVIL. AGENDA. Me:" She cuts off there.

    She reaches towards her beltline and draws three cards out. A 2 of Hearts, a 4 of hearts, a 6 of Hearts, and a 6 of diamonds. She lifts up her glaive and starts sliding them in.




    Kimi grins, "Whirlwind Dance..." The glaive swirls and surrounds her with magical girl energy, as weapons are so wont to do. Glowing orange and grey and golden, she twirls nimbly, rising into the air and ascending skyward. She flips over in the air and shouts, "DRIVER!"

    With a massive blowback of wind, she has risen and then dove straight down towards the massive rhino with with a finisher right off the bat. A spinning drill kick of immense power.
Kouki Akiyama 2016-02-25 04:06:44 31153
     "Eeee! Take off the masks, other magical girls!"

     She may have not realized about Kanata, yet. Sorahi Otohime twirls her device in her hands again, before she lifts her hands to the sky, disappating the storm clouds, but keeping a lightning bolt, seemingly able to handle it without any problems. (Elemental control and manipulation: You can do Everything*.) She then charges straight into the midst of the goons, swinging the bolt around like it's a giant, electricity-filled club. Which it is.

     *cannot reinact the forces of love. Does not make her a moon princess, a sailor senshi, or a elemental guardian.
Kanata Shirahime 2016-02-25 04:30:47 31165
Kanata feels a thrill run through his body on the way to the ground. He connects with the Mammoth, the shock from dropping from that high up barely felt as he drives it straight into the pavement. This kind of strength... is this the power of a magical girl?

Kana-tan jumps backwards, kicking off the Mammoth's head and landing with his staff held in a two-handed grip in the broken street. The remaining goons are marked, and he shifts his stance to keep his back away from any of them. Someone with a sword... "They're... not right!" He sounds kind of unsure, but he's addressing Mikoto. "I'm not sure if they're actually --"

The Princess of Shooting Lightning Bolts calls it out. Masks. Kanata starts to get ready to strike -- and then he's got cards passed his way. He blinks a couple of times at the Ace of Hearts, and fumbles the catch on the propelled cards. He gets both in one hand. "Use them? What am I supposed to do with them?!"

"Use your magic, Kana-tan!" Moeru calls, the cat having found a perch on an overhang by this point. "Concentrate!"

"I don't know a damn thing about magic," Kanata yells back, "and /don't call me that/!"

"Well, Kana-tan is Kana-tan, right~?" Moeru replies easily, waving a paw. "It's much cuter, Kana-tan~! And anyway, those are magic, so just concentrate on making them work!"

"Tch!" Kanata turns away, fist only not clenched because he's got the cards in his hand. He looks down at them, and then up at the much heavier mammoth. Back at the cards, and then at the mammoth. Kanata lowers his head, closing his eyes. The orb at the end of his staff glows, shining with some kind of light. His eyes snap open. Kanata chokes up his grip on it, swinging it up under his arm and pointing it down the street. He moves the cards over, and gingerly touches them to the glowing staff --

-- and a pillar of flame EXPLODES out of the end, a raging inferno that rips across the Mammoth and tears down the street in a snaking vortex of heat and fire. Kanata freaks out, screaming for a couple seconds in shock and surprise, and ends up knocked backwards and pitching his staff upwards in the process. The BLAZE SHOOTER gets turned to the sky, a fountain of fire that lights up the night.

"THAT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!" Moeru yells, running in figure-eights on the roof. "THAT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!"
Jun Kaneko 2016-02-25 04:50:47 31179
    Masked Mammoth has been driven to the ground, and then Firebird's Jupiter Field spell causing a heavy gravitic disturbance, visible pressure lines bearing down on it. However, even at three times gravity, the form of the Mammoth swells with abnormal musculature, as the dark lines on the mask burn brightly. It raises up one meaty leg and stomps down, creating a shockwave of rather ludicrous proprotions that shatters pavement and glass in a wide area - at nearly three times the power it had shown before! Certainly it is much slower, but the impossible strength of the Mammoth turns that weight into a new weapon.

    It is about to lariat around like a horrible tusked Zangief recolor when it is buffeted by the trio of whirlwinds from Mikoto, one of them containing a goon which just incidentally gets his mask smashed off before getting flown away.

    The other two, trying to tusk at Kouki, get homerunned by a LITERAL lightningbolt. They are dispatched with nary a meaningful attack, their masks exploding as well.

    That just leaves the Mammoth.

    Kimi - the Ace of hearts - has had ENOUGH of this pre-fight banter and leadup, and goes in right for the Rider Kick, a powerful combo of magical energy rising into the air.

    Masked Mammoth raises up its two meaty fists to block and...

    The BLAZE SHOOTER from Kanata-tan explodes forth chaotically, engulfing the street, Masked Mammoth, and the air under the flying Ace of Hearts, creating a ring of fire around the Jupiter Field'ed Masked Mammoth and dropping the guard of it, and... Well, most people in the greater Tokyo area with the massive column of flame.

    Kimi's flying whirlwind kick strikes home directly on the mammoth's forehead, sending a spiderweb of cracks all along the mask and sending it driven back into the ground, this time on its back.

    Kanata, for no reason, has orange highlights in his hair.

    Where his hair has simply become (harmless) licks of flame instead of normal fire. Whoops!
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-02-25 04:55:09 31181
Miss Blue hmmms. Well. Someone else has taken care of all the mooks. And the masks are, apparently, the key? Very well. She flicks her blade again, and a stream of light-shards flows down from the sky, swirling around the Masked Mammoth, ripping and tearing at the cracked mask.

"Well, that was ... interesting," she muses. "Are you alright, Firebird?" She takes a moment to look over the other magical girls present, hmming softly.
Minoke Sato 2016-02-25 04:57:53 31183
Firebird glances around. "Well. Let's have some fun." She thenfinds a flaming wrecked car and points at it. "Leviatate," she commands as the flaming mangled metal floats inthe air. "Yeah, I'm fine - thanks for not cutting me with your flicker shots..." She just gestures with Vortex as the debris shoots up into the air (abount a ton of flaming metal) and arcs down with preternatural aim, aiming right at the mammoth. "Did you get hurt?"
Kouki Akiyama 2016-02-25 05:01:05 31187
     "I... oh wow, that's..."

     That's a lot of fire.

     Sorahi Otohime pauses, before she brings the rod to her chest, humming something under her breath. Her magic twirls around in the sky again, but instead of a series of thunderclouds, there is now a tiny rain cloud just for Kanata, and much bigger ones that she tries to direct to the worst of the fires.
Kimi Takeda 2016-02-25 05:03:46 31188
    "DUDE! Come on! I trusted you with this! <What the fuck?!>" The Ace of Cards shouts in annoyance at Kana-tan as she stamps her foot on the ground repeatedly in the aftermath of her attack, "How did you light it all on fire!? This is the last time I trust anyone with that stupid, lazy, slacker cat's cards!" Kimi grouses in annoyance, resolving to not lend out any more cards until the next time she lends out cards because she forgot about the promise.

    Other present Magical Girls are not quite noticed by her in light of having to yell at the kid that misused her friend's power and be suitably anime-annoyed at him, "They must have really lowered the bar when I was gone," She huffs at Kanata before crossing her arms and looking back to the Mammoth as people start mop-up operations and finishing off the mammoth.

    "It's not even one of MY cards. What a pain," She grumbles, reaching to a card pouch at her side before drawing a blank card. She idly flicks it at the Mammoth, letting it sail out towards the mask, "Ante Up. Card Seal."
Kanata Shirahime 2016-02-25 05:16:05 31191
Kanata ends up falling the heck down, knocked over by the rumble of the earth from the hugely-heavy Mammoth. He's on his butt, clinging to his fire-spitting staff even after it's finally run out of 'fuel.' The light in the orb at the tip goes out, flickering and fading away. Kanata remains clinging to it, seated firmly in the street on the edge of his short skirt. His hair is still partly flaming.

Then it starts to rain. Kanata squints upwards for a second, sighing heavily. His staff and his hair are both steaming from the drizzle. All it serves to do is make him wet, which further makes him realize he is now both in girl's clothes and gradually getting soaked in front of all these strangers. His cheeks heat up -- and so does the air around him, an obvious heat shimmer growing while the fiery highlights in his pigtails seem to expand.

"S-sorry! I... I..." His embarrassment increases at the admonishment. He's either tearing up, or was looking up when the rain came down; even odds, really. The heat gets a little more intense. The steam that's rising is kind of a cloud of animated misery.

Then, he jumps up, pointing at Miss Blue and Firebird. "Hey! Don't just be so casual about this! What the hell?!" He takes a step forward -- and he suddenly feels the ache of the impact from before running up his legs, making him wobble a little. Why is he so tired?

Moeru pointedly stays away from the rain, sitting under the lip of a roof. "Kana-tan just needs some practice," he says helpfully, as if he wasn't just running in panicked loops a moment ago.
Jun Kaneko 2016-02-25 05:27:59 31195
    Thanks to the SAVING GRACE of weather witch... Cleric? The magical fires that could have ravaged this part of Tokyo are put out in a deluge of equally magical rain! Saving the actual day, rather than the magical day...

    Isn't that what adventurers do? It's too bad the Adventurer's Guild is in another dimension, and nobody will pay you thousands of gold pieces for saving the day!

    Miss Blue and Firebird send flicks of their sword and the flaming wreckage of a car to 'casually' smash away the last bits of the mask, the burnt husk of a car bouncing off the belly of the downed mammoth just as the card flicks right into the cleared forehead, the sealing magic sucking the mammoth into the magical card.

    There is a... happy mammoth trumpet? ... as the card flips back towards the Ace of Hearts' hand, and, beyond the rather serious damage to the street...

    It seems like the day is saved!
Kouki Akiyama 2016-02-25 05:33:36 31197
     Sorahi Otohime waves her hands and magical instrument again, and the rains disappear, a guilty look on her face. "Sorry!" She calls out to Kana-tan.

     She does eventually wander closer, the silver crown on her head glinting as the weather starts to clear back out to it's natural rather than magically induced state. "Are you okay?"
Kanata Shirahime 2016-02-25 05:54:03 31201
Kanata plants his staff and leans on it, taking a deep breath while the rain disappears. The fire goes out as he hands over the cards and the Ace flees the scene. Kanata feels a bit worn out, kind of damp, and a little bit like he's in over his head. It's a good thing he wasn't here alone.

"Um... I think so," Kanata says. "What do we do about, er..." He gestures down the street. You know, at all the wreckage.
Kouki Akiyama 2016-02-25 05:56:54 31202
     "I've got contacts." The Princess says, considering her affiliation with Virtue. She tucks a bit of long blue hair behind her ear, and curtsies elegantly. "I'll let them know. For now, though... away with us, I think. Away with me, certainly. I have things to do, and councils to speak with. So be it; by Sorahi Otohime's decree!"

     That's insanely weird. That done, she turns and disappears down a pathway; heading out towards her council.