Extra Witchy Business

WPS goes on a Witch Hunt.

Date: 2016-03-04
Pose Count: 27
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-04 01:49:00 32057
Miss White has called both employees, and a certain new potential hire, to a small metal-casting plant on the outskirts of Tokyo. It's a two story tall factory, all concrete and made for function over form. The front leads to a small lobby, and then a few administrative buildings. Further in, a shining, modern factory floor lays abandoned, with machine-presses, metal etching machines, and conveyor belts all silent.

Miss White meets her compatriots at the double doors leading to the factory's interior, leaning against it with a smile on her face.

"So here's the story people: about a month back, this place went bankrupt after a manager committed suicide and a lot of investors pulled out. I bought it up. Then we got a number of complaints. Weird ones. One shutdown and investigation later, we get telltale signs of a Witch. C'mon. This shouldn't be much given all of us here, but don't get stupid. First rule for those of you new here: No dieing. Second: Work with each other. We're a team!"

Then, she pushes open the doors. After some walking, she ducks under a conveyor belt towards an elevator. Unlocking a key and putting in some numbers, there's a short (crowded) elevator ride complete with awful corporate music. Ding!

It's a basement, dingy and ill-light by the minimal power being kept on. It seems to be a boiler room with geothermal stacks providing heat, and boilers providing hot water in the system as needed. Between two man-sized boilers, the feeling of despair is clear.

"Everyone ready?"

Then, Miss White steps in, dissappearing. On the other side, the group will find themselves in what appears to be the entranceway to a massive castle, with gates unguarded. The entire thing seems to be sinking down into what could be lava, or maybe molten metal. The castle itself seems to be made almost entirely of metal.

Heat from the place may well be as oppressive as the emotions flowing from within. Despair, anger, and hatred mix with the sounds of dozens of hammers hitting anvils, and lock-step marching from within.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-04 01:56:14 32059
Shadow Witch Shiniko is the new girl, walking alongside miss White on those shadowy tendrils that look like hair. "Don't worry, I don't intend to die." She giggles, the high-pitched sound seems a bit off, "And I'll work together, it'll be nice for a change, see how all these lovely girls fight."

She follows into the Labyrinth, one of the shadowy hands formed from stuff as the tendrils she walks on creates an open palm, some liquid shadow pooling within and then going ablaze in some kind of inverted fire, sucking heat out of the surroundings, casting shadows of light instead of dark, it seems like the girl uses it as a torch.

"This place is quite lovely, I have to say." She giggles again, the exact same way, "I guess it's too much to ask to make it ours after we get rid of its current occupant?" She strides forwards.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-04 02:20:21 32063
Miss Blue has followed along with the others, in her familiar blue suit with sash and sword at her side. She offers the new girl a warm smile of welcome as they meet up. "Always glad to see another new face about," she says, "Pleased to meet you."

'No dying' is a rule she's quite familiar with - and a big believer in. So she already has a dozen flickering, nearly-invisible darts of light orbiting above her as the group enters the factory, and every few seconds, a new one joins them.

"It is an interesting sort of place," she agrees, "But the construction and location don't seem to lend themselves well to permanent habitation. I'll wager a guess that you're right about the Load-Bearing Boss." She loosens her blade in its sheathe and a spell-glyph briefly appears under her feet, casting a quick shield to protect her boots from any molten metal spills that might arise.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-04 02:26:26 32064
    Sayaka had undoubtedly heard about this little witch problem through the grapevine; or alternatively, through Miss White herself after expressing a possible desire and interest in joining WPS. What better way to decide if this is for her, than to join in on a few witch hunts?

    And so, she steps in line with the others, peering around at some new faces - one in particular seems to be a new-comer, and someone she is certainly not familiar with herself. She smiles at the girl calling herself a 'witch', although hopefully she's not 'that' kind of witch.

    "So, your name is Shadow witch Shiniko-san, huh? Nice to meet you, I'm Sayaka Miki." Just Sayaka. No fancy magical girl name for her, really!

    As for the others, she's met all of them at one time or the other, and she grins and nods to each of them in turn. "Good to see y'all. It's been a while. So what sort of witch are we hunting today?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-04 02:29:20 32066
Cure Gull follows along with a smile and a listening patiently. This stuff always stunk, but! Here she was! She followed along and jumped over the convyeror belt, just to be contraion as she steps into the elevator and listens. Da-- Da- da- dun dun dun the lady from inpamena was.. something something sommmmmething. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFbKKsEoQNg) Da daaah dahh da da da da.

Look, sometimes this music is catchy. She isn't humming it at least.

She eyes Shadow Witch Shiniko and purses her lips and frowns a bit. Something about that outfit reminds her of worse times... bad times she'd rather forget. Scorn was a 'dark witch' after all-- though more like a priestess. Ugh, she doesn't let it affect her too much.

"Sometimes that's the plan! But I dunno what White-chan is gonna do after this with this place. Maybe the Witch is loadbearing." she says.

She eyes Shiniko as she steps into the oppressive basment and shivers. "So what brings you intrest in joining up?" she asks with a best smile she can despite the oppressive nature of the basement.

She looks to Sayaka and smiles quite wide. "Sayaka-chan! You're with us today, nice!" she says. "Seems we got two prospects then~" she was teasingly.

She looks to Miss Blue and side-eyes her and says nothing for a moment. She reminds herself to talk to her about a thing in private as she taps her chin.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-04 02:32:48 32067
"That's my biggest advantage! I have a group of varied, talented individuals working for me with a lot of ambition and skill. We'll see if you measure up, Shiniko." Her tone's still warm, even if this is clearly a job interview.

Miss White doesn't need the torchlight, but a bit of reduction in heat is nice.

Smirk. "Sadly, no. This is basically an anchored pocket dimension. You kill the one who made it? Well. Load Bearing Witch. Thankfully there's no fancy escape sequence to worry about. Yeesh, otherwise, the iron in this place alone would serve my investments for /years/!"

Finger-gun to Gull!

"What she said!" A smile, but otherwise she's letting Gull chat up Shiniko!

Miss Blue gets a grin. "Witches are rarely without interesting places to live. It would be creative. You know. If they weren't absolute monsters that prey on humanity." There's more to it, but she's kept her word regarding the origins of a Witch.

Sayaka is met with a wave. "Well, judging by the scenery, something that likes a heavy, ill-built if highly defensible castle. I have to admit, I'm kinda impressed. Though it's strange that there aren't any..."

Up on the battlements, cannons are rolled out by armored soldiers, vaguely glowing atop the walls. That lock-step sound becomes clear as to its origins, as a full phalanx of Familiars come marching through the castle gates. Their movements are jerky, and each one seems to leak molten metals from pot-helms and various other medieval sorts of armor. Each one has a tower shield and a long spear, the wall of creatures advancing on the only obvious path.

"Shouldn't have said anything! Take out those cannons, guys! Hey, Gull, Sayaka? Let's start clearing out the spear users and cut a path through!"

Orders given, she kicks a burst of wind at the front ranks, sending several careening into the molten moat below. Something big leaps from the magma, and devours the falling soldiers!

It's a lava-shark!
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-04 02:46:43 32069
"Rid the world of some nasties and make some money doing it." Shiniko answers casually why she's interested in helping out, at the least the order in which she mentions doing it suggests she cares more about the ridding of nasties than the money. "Nice to meet you to, Miki-san"

"Oooh, the target's minions are coming out to play?" Shiniko giggles when they do, and her eyes seem to glow with a sort of glee. The shadow hand that isn't currently holding shadow fire pulls a shadow bow out of nowhere, and the other hand pulls back the string, aiming at one of the cannons up on the walls.

"Didn't they tell these guys it's rude to shoot cannons at a lady?" She asks, as she lets go of the first arrow, made out of solid shadow, coated in flames cold enough to hurt people on contact, apparently these flames like to stick to what they touch and spread, like some kind of shadow napalm.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-04 02:53:32 32071
Cure Gull thumbs up to Hannah. "Got it." she says as she steps to the right and whews as cannon fire begins to happen. She sort of motions to Sayaka. "Come on Sayaka-chan, let's punch some armored jerks..." tower shields...

A lot like Boost-chan's...

She frowns. But it's only one! She spins and jumps into the fray and smack into the middle of a group--- using her wings to jump nice and high in the air----

"Gull Windy... Hurricane!" she calls out, throwing her arm up and causing a whirlwind of air around her- trying to pick up and spins the closest familars out to the her-- then she jumps upwards...

And begins to kick whirling familars back down into the others in rapid succession--- going into a series of rapid movements.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-04 02:56:02 32072
"They don't seem to care how rude they are," Miss Blue remarks, offering a brief nod to the Shadow Witch. "I'll handle defense, everyone else, have fun blowing them up." She lifts a hand, holding it palm out in the air, as if commanding them to stop...


A spell-glyph springs into being in the air before the intruders, three circles arranged in a triangle around a cross, the whole surrounded by another circle. Runes are inscribed on each circle, the whole thing made of glowing lines in the air, and it moves. Each of the smaller circles rotates, and the larger circle counter-rotates about them. The whole thing is angled to deflect incoming shots, as much as repel them with its power. It's a familiar sight to anyone who's worked with, or fought, a Belkan mage-knight before.

"Good shooting." She offers another of her pleasant little smiles as she watches the castle, noting the placement of each familiar. "The crew of the one on the far right seems to be a little quicker to reload. Might want to tag them next. And don't worry, the shield won't block outgoing shots."

And above her, more and more flickers of light trickle into her little arsenal....
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-04 03:00:12 32074
    Sayaka smiles at Miss White. "Good to see you again, White-san!" and even if Kyouko isnt here, Sayaka certainly seems to be happy to bury whatever hatchets they had in the past. She glances around, searching Miss White's associates for her fellow Puella who is also rumoured to have joined WPS.

    However it seems that Shinobu, and her friend Minoke are absent today. Sayaka is a bit worried about how much exactly that Miss White knows about the ultimate fate of Puella with Minoke and Shinobu working for her, but she has bigger, more immediate worries right now as the Witch-of-the-day's familiars start to gather, beyond castle walls.

    "Heh, they sure have imagination, I'll give you that!" she murmurs as she pulls out a pair of cutlasses, preparing to face off against the spear wielding knights. "No need to tell me twice, I'm right behind you, Gull-chan!" she grins and winks at Cure Gull, having always enjoyed her carefree attitude and altogether cheerful company in the past.

    Without anymore hesitation, she launches herself into the fray, pausing only briefly to allow Miss Blue to cover them with her magical shields. Then she dives right in, hacking and slashing, spinning and dancings to the beat of her singing swords as she cuts a path through the metal soldiers.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-04 03:21:19 32077
/Twang/! Out goes that shadow bow, piercing straight through the cannon and into whatever serves as gunpowder. In between pinning its two-Familiar crew, it subsequently explodes, sending bits of iron falling down upon a few Familiars, crushing them! A few bits of debris lash out for Shiniko!

Gull's leap into the group is quickly followed by Miss White, lending her own wind to double up the power of it! Rather than jump, she stays on the ground, shields from her Device blocking many of the strikes of the spears. One or two catch her on the side, but she quickly smashes molten skulls in. Her hand comes out steaming, and she's forced to use a wind blast to knock away some molten metal!

"Good going Gull! Watch out everyone, these things will burn you if you're not careful!" She cautions. Gull's wind burst and kicks clear out a good number of them!

A swift nod to Blue, and those shields prove useful. Several shots burst against the glyphs, but the curvature has them sliding off harmlessly into the moat. They stand up to the powerful shots!

"You too, Saya!" Grin! PUnch! PUNCH!

Sayaka's blades sing well, her dancing strikes avoiding the onrushing spears, cutting them up and sending more soldiers sliced in half or tumbling off! She too will have to watch out for spilling magma whenever they're sliced apart! Even in death, these Familiars are a danger!

Soon enough, though it'll take some jumping to steer clear of the magma, the path is clear. There's no reinforcements, and the remaining cannon crew is stalling in their reloading.

The next area proves slightly less chaotic. The courtyard of the castle is filled with indents in the floor, with metal-clad Familiar armorsmiths banging loudly on metal. Each one seems to be pouring and casting a new metal FAmiliar soldier. One or two is starting to stand up! There's a door on the farther end, leading deeper to where the most despair-filled area would be. The banging there is even louder, as if some giant is going to work.

Miss White is already swinging, destroying one of the blacksmiths and its creation.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-04 03:43:02 32078
"That's how you can tell they're the worst, when they don't even care about rude." Shiniko responds to Miss Blue's comment on the familiar tendenc to be rude, "That's a handy shield you've got there.

Shiniko's hair fans out in front of her to block the debris from falling on her, and follows on to the next area after. When she sees the blacksmiths building more minions for the Witch, she stops using her shadow flames and bow, instead going for two handguns made out of shadow.

Well, if handguns fired ammo the size of cannonballs, apparently they don't work like real guns, the opening flaring wide every time she fires one, aiming for a group of half finished minions and the creature that is creating them to clear out some space.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-04 03:45:10 32079
Cure Gull hops over the lava and lands down with a dramatic pose. "Hey! I'm always careful!" she winks at Hannah.

She looks about the courtyard. "Yeah okay. I see." she says.

"Hiii yah!" a wind kick into one of the standing familars--- as she begins to use the wind to throw up another one into one of the blacksmiths to help Hannah along.

She eyes SHiniko's power and frowns a bit---

Ugh.. stuff like that makes her uneasy, but she figures it's just that, uneasyiness. She knew she was gonna run into something like this sooner or later hanging out with Hannah-chan. It's not a surprise. She'll get used to it!
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-04 03:51:00 32081
Miss Blue follows along with the rest, both hands held high as she keeps projecting those oh so useful shields. She's surely earning her pay today, keeping most of the attacks off of everyone else. "Why, thank you, my dear. I do try to keep up with the neighbors." she says to answer Shiniko's compliment.

At least she can keep up with the others while doing that. Only a tiny trickle of flickers makes it up to her orbiting arsenal, most of her power going into the shields. "Do keep an eye on your left, Gull!" A shield manifests there to bat aside an attacking familiar, and continues following the verdant PreCure.

"And yes, pretty much every witch is like this," she comments to Shiniko as the group presses on. "A horde or three of familiars, mysterious landscapes, strange twists to the laws of physics..."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-04 03:51:51 32082
    "No sweat, I got it!" Sayaka smiles at Miss White, beaming as she and Gull manage to cut a big enough path for the rest to follow. Indeed that molten magma is something to watch out for, and Sayaka blinks, leaping back and to the side to avoid getting burnt. Fortunately she's pretty fast, but there are a lot of them and she does manage to get splashed on the leg by one of the fallen metal soldiers.

    "Ack!" she winces at the burns, but fortunately they heal up pretty quickly. With a smirk, she trudges on, barely skipping a beat as they enter the next area. "Wow, what a load of work..Not that I'm complaining or anything! Guess we'd better take out the armour smiths first!" they're already building more soldiers, but she focuses primarily upon the makers of those creatures. This time, Sayaka spins around, fast enough to conjure up her own typhoon of blades and magical winds, clearing a wide swath through a number of the black smiths. "Tempestuoso Typhoon!" she yells.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-07 02:00:56 32372
BLAM! Cannonballs seem to be the thing of the day, as suddenly there's not-fire shadowballs being shot at several blacksmith familiars! Several are blown up, and utterly destroyed, leaving far less minions to come walking towards the heroes.

Whoosh! More wind from Gull, and a powerful PreCure Kick! A familiar goes flying into one of the blacksmiths mid hammer-strike, effectively welding the two familiars together. The blacksmith grunts, and grabs both, squeezing them into a ball of metal before tossing them into the room beyond the courtyard. The two familiars scream, and there's the sound of fire.

Several of the remaining blacksmiths and soldier Familiars are looking to Blue and Sayaka. Still hot spears, freshly smelted slam against Blue's sheilds! Even a hammer or two is thrown, smacking against them and falling! For now, everyone's safe!

Finally, Sayaka offers a landslide of steel that hacks off heads and stabs into chests. Miss White keeps ducked the entire time, making sure she doesn't accidentally take a blade! A grin as she watches her employees so effectively take out the creatures. One more Familiar stumbles forward, and Hannah raises a foot, smacking down into the hilt of one of Sayaka's blades, pinning it to the ground.

Miss White takes a breath, dusts off her Barrier Jacket, and then nods to the others. Letting everyone group up and take a quick breather, she waves people on. "Keep it up people!"

Then, she takes point, running past the now empty courtyard and into the main part of the keep. It's yet another iron floor and is positively sweltering. The reason is that this impossibly large keep area is entirely a forging one: a ten-armed creature made entirely of clockwork parts is mechanically grabbing the shattered remains of familiars, and throwing them into a smelter that could easily be the lava outside. It's an entire ocean of the stuff that's being poured into other parts of the labyrinth, with little rhyme or reason to where the pipes are flowing. One spider hand reaches up, even as the six-eyed, helmeted head twists backwards to look at the group and scream! The Witch pulls a lever, and Miss White is quickly doused in smoldering lava! There's a brief howl of pain, before a burst of wind throws it off, sending a tumbling Hannah to slide, crouched on one knee. Her outer jacket is burnt away, her skin is deep red like a sunburn, and she's actively growling!

"THAT WAS MY BEST SUIT! VENGEANCE FOR MY TIE, WPS!" She gathers spinning wind energy into her hand, and rushes for the offending arm, slamming into it and shattering hand and lever! But seven more are already reaching for more levers, dumping lava on Sayaka and Gull's location, while piles of metal fall form the ceiling towards the /real/ Witch of the group and Blue!
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-07 02:17:51 32374
Before anything else, shadows coalesce to grant Miss White the appearance of wearing a full suit, complete with black undershirt and tie. It probably feels weird, and somewhat cold, but not too unpleasant. Shiniko giggles when she does that, until she feels the metal fall on top of her hat.

It hurts, even though her hat is big enough to cushion the blow; it's no substitute to dodging or properly blocking, and she even stumbles a little, cutting the giggle short. The Shadow Witch is not immune to pain, unfortunately.

Her response is to attack the Witch, there's now a kind of angry scowl to replace her prior disturbing glee, and somehow it feels more genuine. Like the whole creepy witch thing is, at least partially, an act; while this isn't. Her shadow hands come to hold two long poles, each of them made entirely out of solid shadow, and thin enough that they seem like they should be flimsy.

She throws them at the witch, trying to get them in between the clockwork gears, to halt the motion. She has no idea if that would even /do/ anything, but in her angry state of mind, breaking the machine seems better than destroying it.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-07 02:23:01 32375
Miss Blue steps in closer, throwing shields up around White and Shiniko as she sees more attacks converging on them. She might not be quick enough to catch all of them, but she tries! And the shields are in place for the next set of witchy annoyance.

"Looks good on you, White-chan," she comments. "Let's see if we can't get her away from her toys."

One particularly large and brightly-glowing shield-glyph starts spinning even faster as it pushes rapidly forward, guided by tiny gestures of her fingers. Every moment it travels it gains speed, until it's almost a whirlwind when it impacts the witch, applying its pressure to try to push her away from the Lava Lever.

"Get bent, old lady!"
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-07 02:24:27 32377
    "Alright!" Sayaka grins as she slices through the second round of guards and molten lava. "I'm just getting warmed up! Time for the big boss!" Seems she's in a relatively good mood today, or perhaps fighting bad guys cheers her up. She merely dusts the dirt off her cape, before running after Miss White into the next level of the labrynth. Honestly, she's feeling a bit impatient to get this over and done with for good.

    When they *finally* reach the next stage, and Sayaka spies what might possibly be the witch and the brains behind this craziness, she smirks, running towards the creature, getting ready to cut it up. It sure is hot in here, but she sure isn't stopping now!

    Except when it tosses lava her way, and she yelps, bringing her cape around herself to protect against some of the burns, but some of it still gets through, burning her badly, singing some of her skin nearly black. Fortunately, her super healing factor kicks in almost instantly, rapidly healing whatever burns cover her body. "Nice try, it's gonna take more than that to slow me down!" With a yell, she rushes at the witch, aiming first and foremost to hack off some of those arms and hopefully reduce the dangers.

    "Arioso Grando!" she yells, swinging out her cutlass at several of the arms. The sword rapidly extends and lengthens into a chain link sword, unleashing an arc of blue energy as she attempts to slice through the arms.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-07 02:46:54 32383
Suddenly, a shadow-suit! Blink blink. Miss White adjusts her tie, straightens her collar, and slowly nods.

"Oh that seals it. You're hired, Shiniko!" In some ways, she's reasonably easily impressed!

A chuck of a pair of poles might not seem too effective, but while one is grabbed and tossed into the lava sea, the other catches in a gear! It grinds to a half, breaks the pole, but now there's smoke billowing from the Witch! The creature howls, ripping off its own malfunctioning arm and trying to actively bludgeon Shiniko!

WHUMP! Blue's spinning shield impacts into the Witch, pushing it away from the lever and towards it own lava! One foot sinks in, quickly melting, and now the Witch is listing! In comes Sayaka right behind! It has no retort from Sayaka, but it does scoop up some lava, and again tosses it at her! Then she comes in with a hacking sword-chain, slashing through all but two arms! The creature writhes, partially submerged and melting, and bleeding from the loss of limbs!

Miss White charges in, aiming a hard kick, and then another, and then another towards its midsection! Each one sends metallic sounds and bits of gear torn away. Each time, Miss Blue's shields help keep up Hannah's defenses as she recklessly kicks away, making a good dent each time. The Witch, in turn, smacks against MIss White's shields and Blue's. By now, she's looking a bit bruised despite all the defenses, but she doesn't back down! The creature tips, and falls into the lava!

Then, the woman leaps back warily. There's no greif seed yet.

With a scream of pure agony, it rises again, covered and actively melting in lava as it leaps from the lava sea! The two remaining arms grasp stone-like swords in each, lashing out in a wide arc that cuts the iron of the keep as it tries to slash the entire group at once! Miss White puts all of her magic into defence, green joining with blue, as she tries to hold that slash back!

"Shiniko! Now's the time to prove yourself! Kill it everyone!"
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-07 02:58:40 32387
"Thank you. The suit will fade over time." Shiniko warms, giving a proper disclaimer on the nature of the suit, it wouldn't do to let her new boss go out and suddenly have her suit vanish in public unexpectedly, would it. "But it should last long enough to get a chance of clothes."

Then, an arm is thrown straight for her, and her shadow hair hands cross in front of her face, the shadows fanning out into a proper shield, and the shadow pole stuck within facing that way and turning into a large shadow spring, this minimizing the impact of that attack.

It looks like it's time to act, and miss White's reminder wasn't necessary to tell her to. She flips through the pages of her book, and then points with one real hand along with her shadow hands at the monster they're fighting. "Shadow Flare"

Shadows coalesce into a large ball of shadow fires, emanating shadows as it flies towards the Witch, where the ensuing explosion spreads wide, sucking a rather large amount of heat out of the immediate surroundings. If there was water there, it would now be ice.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-07 03:12:03 32391
A sharp, bright laugh marks Miss Blue's agreement with White's command.

Maintaining the shields takes up much of her effort, especially the big one keeping the Witch pinned. But that's okay. That's one of the reasons why she prefers to stack her Flicker Shots in advance. Because then she can send a wave of them in while still focusing her current casting on other things.

Dropping ou t of their near-invisibility in the shadows, the darts of light spiral along, gleaming blue, swirling towards the witch.

"Time to sleep, majou-chan. Better luck next life." And with that, the spiralling darts strike home.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-07 03:16:06 32393
    Sayaka smirks as she cuts through some of the witch's arms. Combined with the teamwork of the others, they manage to push it into the lava pit and weaken its defences..But no grief seed yet. "Dammit!" She growls as the witch resurfaces, covered in lava. A splash of lava is hurled at her, and this time she leaps to safety, leaping again when the witch sends out a massive sword slash attack at the entire group at once!

    With a yelp, she rolls out of the way again, but the edge of her cape is torn, cutting through to her shoulder, deep enough to cut into flesh and spurt a little blood. She winces from the wound, clutching her wounded shoulder. Sometimes its hard to get used to the pain, and she has to remember to focus her magic into cutting off her pain receptors before using more magic to rapidly heal it. There, good as new!

    Climbing to her feet, she glares at the witch, bringing back her chain-link sword to fuse into its original cutlass form. "Alright, let's end this then..Shooting Stinger!" she yells, lifting her hands skywards as she summons nine big swords to encircle and dance around her, before redirecting them to rain down upon the witch.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-07 03:28:09 32397
Hurk! "G...good to know!" Brief images of a board meeting and in her undershirt flashes through her mind, but Massive Witch With Swords quickly gets her back in the game.

Blue's mass of Flicker Shots homes in, and slams into the Witch! It's chest bleeds from the magical impact, bits of metal and then decaying flesh melt into the lava, sending up plumes of smoke amidst the fight! More screams from the Witch, and it tries to slam its swords down upon Blue! But the shields before it arrest it's strike, even as they begin to crack!

Sayaka's swords rain down upon the Witch, impaling it in the lava! Only it's arms have any sort of movement left, and it strains and rips apart its own flesh to try to get at its assailants, angry shrieks growing weaker as the Witch weakens!

And then, a massive explosive ball of fire is tossed at the thing, that implodes into anti-fire! From lava, and a burning Witch, to a frozen hellscape as heat itself inverts! The flashfreeze causes the swords to halt, and the Witch to finally expire as lava and iron shatters alike. Reality fades back in from the labyrinth, and a single Grief Seed floats in the air.

Miss White lets out a sigh, brushes herself off, and grins to everyone.

"And that, ladies and ladies, is that! Good job!" A pause.

"You okay, Sayaka?" Yoink! Out comes one first aid kit!

But not before snatching up the Grief Seed. This one will likely go to Sayaka, but there's paperwork! Curse thee corporate red tape! She's already walking over, ready to bandage that shoulder.

A look to Shiniko. "So. That's what we do. You're strong enough. What do you say, kiddo?"
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-07 03:36:37 32399
Shinoko looks at the outcome of therir activities, and seems satisfied with her handiwork. "Sounds right up my alley." She answers miss White, walking into a corner of the place as her shadows start to cloud it entirely, physical shadow fogging up lights, and these shadows get the heaviest in her corner, until all that can be seen is a silhouette.

"You know how to contact me, miss White." Shiniko's voice doesn't quite seem to come from the right place, and a while later, the shadows fade, including the inanimate shadowy construct that had Shiniko's shape.

She's gone.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-07 03:43:26 32406
The shields - except for a few basic ones - fade away, no longer needed, with the Witch's defeat. Miss Blue still has her paranoid moments. Especially with the prospective new hire disappearing on her like that.

Still, that doesn't say that Blue didn't enjoy watching the Witch go down. She most certainly did.

"Good work," she offers to Shiniko. "I hope you enjoy working with us."

She takes a moment to stretch out and smile. "Indeed, good work everyone."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-07 03:43:58 32407
    "Phew.." Sayaka pauses only briefly, still clutching her wounded shoulder. It's a deeper wound than expected, and she can feel it a little, even when she cuts off the pain to the wound. It'll take her a moment longer to heal it, and she just smirks at Miss White as she comes over with a first aid kit.

    "No worries! Rapid healing is one of my specialties. Better save it for someone who really needs it.." She glances around, checking on the others briefly, and breathes a sigh of relief as she sees the Witch is finally defeated.

    Up comes the grief seed, and her eyes narrow upon it..However, Miss White grabs it first, and Sayaka watches uncertainly, wondering what she will do with it. However, for the moment, she focuses upon her wound. And while it takes a little while longer to heal, it does heal up pretty quickly, almost good as new.

    "There we go.." She smiles, flexing her shoulder socket, making sure it works just as well and it does, miraculously.