Abandoned Labs

WPS investigates another abandoned lab.

Date: 2016-03-05
Pose Count: 22
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-05 01:58:48 32095
Another day, another mission into a dingy laboratory on behalf of Miss White's masters, and in particular, her teacher. On a quest to have her arm rebuilt, she jumped at the chance to investigate the happenings at yet another rediscovered lab from a former company of Eclipse long since written off.

And one that's far less magically hidden than the others. Miss White has a barrier set up on a corner of the city's center for night life, at least near Mitakihara. It's plain as day for any magical persons, but those without any magic seem to be avoiding this particular street corner. The white-suited young woman is standing above a sewer grate. And has a bandanna and scarf loose around her neck.

Griiiin! It's somehow slightly less enthusiastic today. Mainly because she has sensitive faculties, and that includes her nose. "Hey everyone. Alright, so, you know the score: abandoned lab, get in, get out, grab everything you can that's of interest. What we're particularly after tonight is a lost logia. No, we have no idea what it looks like, or what it does. Just that it's powerful given how much magic is being put off. So! I hope everyone brought something to cover their noses with!"

Yoink. Up the manhole cover goes, and down goes one Miss White. She lands solidly on the concrete siding, deftly avoiding landing in the muck. She ties on the bandanna and scarf, then hops over a gap.

"Oh, and flashlights and anything giving light would be good for you guys!" For now, she's just walking along as she consults a braille map. The magic in this particular area of the (very fetid) sewer is low. There might be some old, weak youma along the way, but nothing that this group can't handle!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-05 02:05:07 32097
Cure Gull has arrived onto the scene with Corvus, who is on Gulls shoulder puts a surgical mask on and so does Gull because /the sewer/ ewwwww. She listens to Hannah and gives a severe thumbs up! "Let's go!" she says softly. "I'm ready!" she says.

Corvus says. "Taaaaaaalk for yourself , Gull. That's a sewer! Seagulls belong in the air! Not underground!" whines Corvus. "Ohhhh get over yourself!" says Gull cheerfully.

She lands on the ground and she turns on... her shoulder light! Wait no, that's just Corvus with a big ol' flashlight. This leaves her hands free. "So that's the only reason I was invited along this time, huh?" asks Corvus cheekily.

"Yup!" says Gull. Corvus sort of fidgets however, for some strange reason.

"Ugh why would anyone keep anything down here." says Gull. "I think I like the weird old closed staked space we were in better." she complains.
Minoke Sato 2016-03-05 02:10:01 32099
Firebird just follows afterwards. She adjusted her Barrier Jacket to include a breathing mask. And is amusing herself with Darth Vader-style breathing noises, creating a mage-light to float around her. Oddly enough, her magic color seems to be shifting a bit - ever since Vortex's repairs were continuing, her magic color shifted from pure back to now it's a very dark blood red. So the light generated is blood-red as well. She has the Free Fall in place and just floats along. She smiles happily as she floats along after Miss White. "Hey - for this mission, can you call me Miss Red?" she asks everyone, but not loud enough to disrupt Miss White's concentration.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-05 02:12:52 32100
Miss Blue is spending more effort on helping out with WPS matters these days, it seems. Perhaps her own research is at a sticking point. In any case, she's tagged along with Ms White and friends on yet another little search and snatch mission. "Not a clue what it looks like, hmm?" She flicks her Device into its familiar sword mode, slinging it at her side.

There's a brief shimmer in the air around her head as her Barrier Jacket adjusts to add an air filter. "What a wonderful new smell you've discovered. What was it called again? The Bog of Eternal Stench?" She offers Firebird a nod and a smile as she approaches the manhole. She looks down and frowns for a moment, then there's another shimmer around her feet and calves.

"Hygenic defense active, meister."

And it's finally time to join White and Gull heading down the hole.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-05 02:23:42 32102
The Shadow Witch creeps out of the shadows and into the sewer, having been suspiciously silent up to this point. "I've heard seagulls make great soup." It's the first thing she says at all tonight, and she's grinning at Corvus when she says that, "Do you know what I did to the last bird that complained about doing his job when I was around?" She giggles that typical unsettling giggle of hers.

"People would keep things down here because it keeps out people who don't know there's something to look for, means you can make your defenses extra lethal." Shiniko reasons, sounding far too chipper about it all, "After all you know that everyone who is coming is coming for what you've got hidden down here, so you don't have to feel bad about your traps."

Suddenly, Shiniko stares at Miss White, "There /are/ traps, right?"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-05 02:37:10 32104
"Hey, no complaining, Pidgeon-kun! If I can take it, you can! Suck it up!" Huffs back Miss White amidst ducking under a water pipe. Being tall has its disadvantages. Then, she shrugs to Gull.

"They're expensive though. You shove something deep enough down here? No one's going to notice, and if they do? Most won't care enough to come looking. Inexpensive way of hiding stuff." Explains the CEO.

"Red it is! ...Okay, I like the mask." Wink! Right at Firebirdy. Inwardly, she's vaguely jealous at the girl's ease of flight!

"No idea! But most of the time, they're pretty obvious." Mental note, get with Blue on this hygenic defense.

The trip is decently long, taking a good half an hour. Only one sludge youma gets in the party's way, but is easily dispatched. Soon enough, they come across what at first seems to be a dead-end wall.

Then Miss White puts a boot to the wall, and with a crunch, the faux-concrete door folds inwards like so much tin against a sledgehammer. Stepping through, she motions to the others. Preferably someone with a light to join her!

"Could be! We're about to find out, Witchy-witch! Who's afraid of a trap, right?" Griiin. Confident as usual.

Gull and/or Red-based light would soon reveal a single, open room. The smell is remarkably better here, free of the decay or even the water of the last one. There's only the smell of rust, and slight mold of a mothballed lab. Several computers line the walls, and thick black cables connect to the center of the room.

A massive throne is occupied by what appears to be an oversized spider, on the order of three persons tall and just as wide. It's pinned to the throne by various cables and needles jammed into just about every part of its body. The black spider's carapace is cracked and molding, seemingly unmoving.

Right beside it, jammed into the throne with the bladed end, is a massive scythe seemingly fit for the spider's use. A closer inspection will reveal the spider's feet to be far too hand-like. And those eyes far less spider-like, even in their milky deathly state.

Miss White marvels.

"...Huh. I wonder if that throne's it." There's definitely massive amounts of magic radiating from that general direction. Miss White licks her lips, shivering just a bit. She chuckles, already walking towards it.

It's about right then that power kicks on in the whole facility. Computers light up, magic flares even higher, and that odd spider's body drips off the mold and decay that had claimed it, the throne pushing stored magic straight into the creature's body. It howls, and turns to the group of magical girls as it grips that scythe. Then another forms, and another, until four of its legs wave the things around. Yet, the one it holds first seems distinct, and far less composed of magic. Two sweeps go for Miss White, a quick magical shield catching the blow, and she's sent back flying into one of the computers with a shriek.

The sudden attack leaves her stunned for the moment, even as the creature howls its challenge to the others!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-05 02:46:12 32105
Cure Gull steps in and woahs... "Oh man this is neat..."

Corvus says. "That's a pretty loaded statement."

Corvus sort of frowns and sideyes Shiniko and sort of shimmys closer to Gull on her shoulder and says nothing. He just watches Shiniko the whole time because he's having the same deja vu sense about Shiniko that Gull did last night. For Corvus it's a little worse because he was the one tricking girls into becoming witch priestesses as a raven.

"Ugh that thing is ugly." says Gull.

Then suddenly things turn on..

"Uh oh." says Gull. "Holy.. this crap feels /off/." exclaims Corvus.

"White-chan!" calls out Gull as it manages to send her boss and girlfriend flying--- nrg-- she knows a little being flung across a room isn't going to kill White-chan-- so she just turns on the beast and cries havoc. "HEY SPIDERJERK!" she calls out. "YOU PICKED ON THE WRONG GROUP!" she calls out---

"GULL FEATHER CUTTER!" she calls out, throwing her right arm out and sending a large razor feather out towards the spider, aiming to hit it square in the chest.
Minoke Sato 2016-03-05 02:55:09 32106
Firebird just shines that blood-red light in the direction, hmmmmmming softly. "Luke, I am your father," she mutters, doing her best Darth Vader impersonation, intentionally doing the wheezing breathing noises till they enter the lab. "Alert. High magical energy detected." comes the voice from the mace that is floating by itself at Firebird's side. "Yeah - even I can feel it..."

Suddenly everything goes nuts. The lights turn on and the giant spider-thing wakes up, and ends up holding a real scythe and three construct scythes. "Trouble..." she murmurs. "Well. The bigger they are..." But she hesitates - she doesn't want to damage the throne-thing and subjecting it to jupiter gravity coudl do it. So she does the next best thing. "Null Bubble!" she calls. "Target acquired. Activating Null Bubble." She watches with trepidation as the glowing dark-red bubble of energy surrounds the spider-thing and floats it up into the air - hopefully it won't be able to escape.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-05 02:59:15 32109
Miss Blue has to suppress a wince. "Why does it have to be spiders?" She shakes her head and draws her sword, free hand reaching up to throw a shield into place and cover the fallen White, to give her time to rise.

Stepping to one side, she levels her blade, closing in on the spider-monster in a weaving, erratic course, designed to avoid making her path predictable for it to attack her. "Good going, Red!" she calls, grinning as she parries an axe-blow, ducking under the thing and going for one of the computer consoles - hopefully to find some controls she can interpret.

Meanwhile behind her, a dozen Flicker Shots form in the air, immediately hurling themselves at the massive spider.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-05 03:05:52 32111
"If you can't take criticism, then don't speak up, chickenwings." Shiniko smirks at Corvus, as her shadow-hands suddenly hold what looks distinctly like a whole chicken fresh from the oven, the shadow creation vanishes quickly, point presumably made.

And then there's a scythe wielding spider attacking the boss. The Shadow Witch giggles, flipping a page in her book and then suddenly, shadow fire starts dripping from the shadowy bits in the ceiling, thick like burning oil, right above the spider's position. "So that's the trap!" She sounds overly excited about it.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-05 03:12:05 32113
"K...kick some thorax!" Comes a very, very annoyed Miss White as she yanks herself out of a crushed computer, and plucks out bits of CRT monitor from her barrier jacket. Ow.

She needs a moment. Thankfully, Gull has things covered. Feathers fly, sharp as razers. Yet, this thing seems slightly more competent than your average youma. It swings two scythes defensively, knocking a majority of them away, but a few pierce into its chest. It bleeds black, molassas-like blood.

And doesn't slow down. One more scythe goes crashing down towards Gull and her bird-friend, trying to slice her apart! The thing hits hard enough to slice into the concrete floor like butter!

Then up goes the spider and its scythes, delaying its followup! It struggles against the gravity, the null bubble holding for the moment, though its' already cracking.

Blue has a slightly more scientific angle. With some help from her Device, she might recognize a few commands: Increase Input. Decrease Input. Sever magic emitter throne. Artifact Files and Information.

Thos flicker shots slam into the spider, and one of its legs falls! That's one less scythe to worry about. Meanwhile, Miss White has gotten her head back together. As Shiniko drips fiery shadow on the creature, Miss White concentrates. Wind magic gathers, and a small tornado starts within the null-bubble that Firebird created. It gathers up all of that dripping fire, drawing it in, and stoking the flames as it creates a gravity singularity of very, very cold shadow fire! There's screams and howls, and the youma writhes and lashes about until the bubble finally bursts!

The three remaining scythe arms lash out for Shiniko, Minoke, and Gull this time, each blade now lit on inverted-fire and aiming to slice off each girls' legs!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-05 03:27:56 32115
Cure Gull huffs. "Got it!" she calls out as White-chan calls the shots. Whew. Glad she isn't the one that has to make decisions around here. Corvus hangs onto Gull's shoulder for dear life and pointedly ignores Shiniko's statements. She frowns...

"The thorax is... the butt..." she thinks hard to her biology classes.

"Gull Blaaaade!" she calls out and a translucent-green Wind Katana just forms in her right hand as she tries to leap-- with her wings behind the beast and shove the Katana's bussiness end into the thorax---letting it go and letting it explode into a burst of cutting wind energy---

But as it flails out--she gets caught and sliced back a moment--- gripping her arm and nrrrrg-- ow okay that hurt. That hurt a lot.

"Gull Watch out!" yells Corvus.

"I know!" calls Gull.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-05 03:30:50 32117
Miss Blue grins widely as she sees the screen. Just about any Lost Logia data could be invaluable to her. 'Artifact Files and Information' tempts. But there's still a fight going on, and her comrades are still in danger. She hesitates, for just a moment, then taps 'decrease input'.

A shield forms across her back, rotating slowly, as she continues to examine the controls. "Keep it busy for a minute! I think I can shut this down."

Her fingers fly over the console as she works to pull up the data, copying everything she can get over to a secure databank in Carnwennan's memory. "Almost got it!" She taps 'decrease input' again.

All the while, Flicker Shots form one by one, splitting off immediately to slam out at the spider.
Minoke Sato 2016-03-05 03:35:01 32118
Firebird tried to dodge when the scythe slash came her way - focusing on maintaining the bubble, she got distracted for a moment. She didn't pull back far enough, however, and the scythe sliced deep into the meat of her left calf. She pulled back enough that her leg wasn't severed, but it immediately starts bleeding profusely.

Firebird shows no response - as if she didn't feel the large gash in her leg, as she immediately begins a new attack. "Alert..." "Not now, Vortex," she states. "I know it's attacking." A magic circle forms under her as metal spheres form. "Satellite Shot... fire," she states. "Acquiring target - calculating vecotrs - firing." The six shotputs fire fast at the spider-thing, aiming for any body damage already visible from the previous shadowfire/wind/gravity storm.

Firebird just blinks. "I'm getting dizzy..." She still appears unaware of her injury as blood is running down her leg at an alarming rate. "I'm not using enough magic to be dizzy..." Vortex doesn't try to warn Firebird again, having been shushed once already.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-05 04:00:03 32122
The scythe coming Shiniko's way is intercepted by the shadow hands that extend from her hair, catching it and although taking some visible damage in the process, preventing them from hitting the girl those hands belong to, she notices Firebird's injury, and without warning or anything, sends a patch of solid shadow towards that leg. Long-term, it's no substitute for proper bandaging, but for now, it'll do.

She doesn't even seem to acknowledge she did that.

"So what was it we were looking for again, White-san?" Shiniko asks, keeping her eyes open but not making any further moves to fight the spider, no overt ones anyway. She's just pumping more magic into the cold flames she's already stoked.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-05 04:12:37 32124
KER-SLICE! That wind katana sinks into the spidery flesh of the creature, very nearly bisecting its thorax entirely! By now, the creature is bleeding horrifically, leaving a trail of blood on the floor as it tries to wildly swipe at our heroes!

Flicker Shots send the creature reeling onto its hind legs, and that magic going to the throne first decreases, and then sputters out entirely. Yet, with that source of magic gone, those in the room would easily feel that the oppressive wave of dark energy is still in the room. The throne is entirely inert.

Is it that spider?

More magic flows from Firebird, and slams into the creature even as she gets dizzy. Miss White spots it with the help of her Device. But Shiniko already has it covered, and then she's leaping for that spider in a powerful punch!

"Watch yourself!" She yells at Miss Red, even as her satellite shots rip off another scythe arm! Down to two! One fake, and one real.

"A very powerful magical devi..."

She's cut off quickly, however, sa the combined attacks of the group and her own punch finally bring the thing down. With Miss White's last punch to the broken thorax and its limbs mostly severed, it dies from bleeding and magical trauma. Melting, it loses control of the real scythe, which goes flying into the air. Out of instinct, Hannah leaps back, catching the thing like a football.

With the youma gone, the source of it all is obvious, and Blue's data will back it up. "Heh. Looks like this is our prize! A little heavy for my tastes though!" She laughs.

Miss White's Device touches the hilt of the scythe, given she doesn't have a second hand to hold it with. The young woman's smile turns to surprise as the logia in her hand suddenly vents smoke from its blade, and it segments like a snake, wrapping around her hand and Device. There's a burst of dark magic that knocks Hannah prone, and threatens to sweep everyone else off their feet. Anti-light, not unlike Shiniko's, fills the room in a bubble around Hannah as the young woman screams in the newly formed dark barrier. Metal crunches, and every Device in the room will get to hear the agonized information of a Device being altered.

Then, just as quick, it all ends. The bubble dissappears, and a figure stands where it once was. A dark-suited young woman, with glowing red eyes, a half-undone business shirt and wild, messy hair stands in place of Miss White. The energy flowing off of her is sickening, pure Dark Energy.

"Ahhhhhh! S...so THIS is real power! It's /DELICIOUS/! I can feel it flowing through my veins! More! Gi...give me....me...MORE!" Clutching a black greatsword in her single hand, the person staggers towards the group, laughing in a deranged manner. That blade rises as she picks it up effortlessly, and swings it straight for Gull's throat!

It halts at the last second, and one of those eyes returns to a dull red. Miss White's dull red.

"...G...Gull!? Wh...what am I...!? AHHHHHH!" A pained, animalistic scream tears from her throat. Dark winds flare around the young woman, and just like that, she's gone in a flash.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-05 04:18:24 32125
Corvus blinks and says /way too late/ "Don't touch that....!!!!!!!!"

But it's too late.

"Hannah-chan!" calls out Gull-- yes, Hannah-chan, not White-chan this time. She goes to run out toward's Hannah but that burst of anti-light fills the room-- "P-put it down.. you have to----"

But it's way too late. And she's gone and calling out her name and she just pauses and has a hand reaching out....

"H--hannah-chan..." she says as her teeth clench.

She's a little in shock.
Minoke Sato 2016-03-05 04:22:51 32126
Firebird squawks as she was blown backward as Vortex squawks about Raging Tempest being altered - then she sees a woman wearing black with a broadsword... she was blown backwards, and sees all the blood puddled where she was. She looks disoriented - then looks down to see a shadowy bandage on her bloody leg, just in time to see Hannah almost decapitate Gull - then stop herself, shriek, and vanish. "Hannah..." she whispers as she just moves to lean against a wall. "I... I think that scythe got me..." she whispers. That scythe... it must be a lost logia... the way it interacted so quickly and fast with Tempest..." She then rolls her eyes up and passes out, as she slowly descends to the floor as Vortex guides her down before Free Fall winks out.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-05 04:28:09 32128
Miss Blue spins around just in time to see Hannah disappear, and a curse is spat from her lips. "Oh crap," she adds a second later. "'wennan, did you get any sensor reads on that?"

"Minimal, meister. Dimensional distortion was large and energy discharge obscured readings."

"Damn and blast." Then she looks over at Minoke, noticing the blood. "Firebird!" She leaps over to the red-head, urgently....
Minoke Sato 2016-03-05 04:38:06 32129
Firebird just lays there. There is a deep gash in her leg - she is unconscious. Vortex returns to choker form around Firebird's neck but keeps her Barrier Jacket on - the Jacket was enough to save the leg from severing, but not enough to stop the major injury - the bandage covering the wound made of some shadow substance is stopping the bleeding,b ut it's magical and who knows how long it'll last?
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-05 04:50:50 32132
Miss Blue certainly isn't happy to see Red down and injured so badly. Her scowl is fierce, her eyes burn. "How long can you hold that for?" she asks of Shiniko. "We've got to get her to medical aid."

She looks up and around at the lab, eyeing the computers hungrily. But with a wounded friend in need of aid...
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-05 05:31:44 32135
With Shiniko apparently disappearing into the shadows, Miss Blue has little recourse but to take drastic measures to get Firebird - 'Miss Red' - to medical care.

Fortunately, she has a cohort on the outside - or two - ready to handle just such an emergency. "Dimensional transfer, desitination: Alibi Two. Subject: Firebird. Medical precision."

She focuses on the magic, the spell-glyph forming under the prone figure of her friend.

"Affirmative, Meister. Transfer commencing in three, two, one, zero."

The glyph glows brighter... rises up through the slumped figure... and leaves empty space behind it.

Miles away, two figures wait in a warehouse, talking quietly and enjoying some Midori-ya cupcakes. And then the glyph appears in the empty space near them, depositing the wounded figure on the floor.

"That's nee-sama's friend!" one says, leaping up from the sofa to examine the wounded girl.

"Alright, looks like she's lost a lot of blood. Get a bandage on that and let's get her to the car."

"Hope you can drive as well as you can shoot!" The two - Mikoto's familiar Hikari and her family driver, 'Uncle John' - act quickly, replacing the fading shadow-bandage and getting Firebird into a car and on her way to proper medical attention.