For Differing Values of Love

Kyouko and Sayaka talk about the whole Kunzite/Beryl situation, about family, and about what it means to love.

Date: 2016-03-07
Pose Count: 16
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-07 02:10:15 32373
    Kyouko is drained. Emotionally and physically. She used almost all of her magic for that final attack, the one that broke Kunzite's shield. She pushed herself nearly to the breaking point, though she managed not to cross it. The first thing she did after the fight ended was use a Grief Seed to cleanse her Soul Gem, so there's no danger there. But that doesn't stop her from just feeling.. troubled by the whole affair.

    She knows the 'troops' are being gathered soon for the assault on the Dark Kingdom, to save Kunzite, the real Kunzite, and deal with Beryl once and for all. She's going to go- she has to go, both because of how she views Kunzite as a brother and because of her desire for payback against Beryl for the whole 'Apatite' thing- a stigma which still haunts her, which she's still dealing with the after effects of to this day.

    But she needs a little time. She goes back to her tiny, one-room flat, hangs up her coat, and flumps onto the small loveseat she uses for a couch. In the past, she might have just sat here alone. But she doesn't have to be alone anymore. She pulls out her phone and sends a text to Sayaka.

    "Saya-chan. Can you come over? I want to see you." That's all it says.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-07 02:23:48 32376
    Sayaka has been battling witches with Miss White and WPS as of late. Although her mood had generally improved since confronting her evil double, Sayaka was still doing her best to cleanse the world of more Witches.

    When Kyouko sends her a text message, she's quite exhausted and is on her way home, having de-henshined to preserve energy. If it were anyone else, she might have just ignored the text and dealt with it another time. However, she could never say no to Kyouko, and today is not different.

    With a sigh, she pops open her phone, sending a quick text: "Sure, I'll be right there!" flipping her phone closed, she changes her route, heading back for the bus, then groans when she realizes it wont be coming for another 45 minutes.

    "Well, screw this!" lifting up her ring finger, she transforms once more, and leaps over the buildings, reaching Kyouko's apartment much sooner. Several minutes later, she raps on the sliding door of her balcony, looking quite breathles after a long day of hunting witches.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-07 02:27:48 32378
    Kyouko looks up as she hears the rapping sound on her sliding glass door. She's just been sitting there on her little couch the whole time, thinking, but a small smile graces her face when she sees the blue-haired girl on the other side anyway. She walks over and unlocks the door, sliding it open to let Sayaka in.

    "Hey Saya-chan. Thanks for coming.. I know it was short notice." Sayaka can probably tell right away that some is wrong.. not /really/ wrong, not like when Mamoru 'died' or anything like that, but Kyouko is clearly tired and out of sorts. She reaches out and takes Sayaka's hand in hers, then tugs her over to the couch, sitting down. "Listen, some stuff happened today.. I just needed your company. I know you've been busy too, but.."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-07 02:32:11 32379
    Sayaka seems pretty energized after a day of fighting a particularly strong witch alongside WPS, however, she does offer Kyouko a tired smile, shaking her head. "Don't worry about it! I'm always happy to see you!" she rapidly de-henshins again, deciding she'll have to take on some more solo witch hunting missions so that she can claim some grief seeds for herself.

    For now however, she happily heads for the couch, flopping down tiredly, but feeling cozy and comfy with Kyouko near. However, it doesn't take her long to realize that something is not quite right. "Hey, is something the matter? You seem a bit worried.."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-07 02:39:01 32380
    "We took down Kunzite, today." Kyouko says, without pre-amble. She glances sideways at Sayaka, then looks down at her own lap. Then after a moment, she leans sideways against the other girl and tilts her head to rest it on Sayaka's shoulder. Usually Kyouko isn't the cuddly type (and this barely counts as cuddling anyway) but its clear she's in need of a little bit of support tonight.

    "I tried to message you earlier, but everything happened so fast. I went to talk to Mamoru, and he was like 'we have to go now', and then Kunzite attacked the city.. I'm sure you heard the news stories about the small tidal wave that hit the harbor, or if you haven't yet you will soon. That was him. We managed to.. kill him. But not really. I guess Mamoru's brothers are kind of like we are? Their souls are in gems. Different from ours, but.. he turned into a gem."

    "Mamoru says we can get him back, and if we do it right he'll be free of Queen Beryl. But it's risky. And even so, it didn't feel good.. doing that to him, even though I knew it had to be done."

    She sighs. "I know that.. he was evil, and posessed and stuff. But when I was.. with them, he treated me like family. I don't have my own family, Saya-chan, so that meant a lot to me, even if I wasn't myself at the time. Mamoru told me 'us orphans have to make our own families', and he's right. I feel like I need to help however I can.. its just.. a lot to deal with."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-07 02:44:08 32382
    Sayaka frowns softly as she listens, carefully, hesitantly wrapping an arm around Kyouko's shoulders. She's not a particularly cuddly type herself, but she knows when someone, especially Kyouko, needs comforting, and she's certain her affection wont be pushed away this time.

    "I'm sorry, I guess we were on the other side of the city, battling a particularly powerful witch. Although I had received some kind of text message from Mamoru-san, about banding together to fight Queen Beryl..I suppose more details will be coming later."

    She bites her lip, trying to remember all there is to know about Kunzite. Oh right, he's the one who took her in, so to speak, when she was Apatite. Her 'big brother'. Come to think of it, she'd met him one single time, looking around Mamoru's apartment.

    "Oh, so he's actually a good guy, being brainwashed by Queen Beryl? And his soul is trapped in a gemstone?" she smiles, "Well then, we just have to beat Queen Beryl..Then we can set him free..Right?" Actually, she's not so sure if his body is been destroyed, but magic can do weird things, right?
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-07 02:49:05 32384
    Kyouko seems to relax when Sayaka puts an arm around her, as if she wasn't sure that the other girl would return her affection, even after so much had passed between them. She doesn't seek any more than that, but just being near to Saya-chan and knowing the other girl cares for her is enough to strengthen her spirit.

    She's so used to being strong all the time, to never letting her guard down... it feels good, for once, to relax and not worry about it. To let that comforting arm around her shoulders make her feel protected. It's a rare feeling for her, but one that does a lot to make her feel better now.

    "Yeah.. I guess all of them were. Nephrite and Jadeite and Zoisite, too. Actually good guys, I mean, that Queen Beryl stole a long time ago. Sailor Moon and the others managed to free them, but Kunzite was.. in too deep. We had to destroy his body.. or the body he was using, anyway."

    She sighs, her head still resting on Sayaka's shoulder, closing her eyes but still talking. "Mamoru seems convinced that if we can defeat Queen Beryl, we can give Kunzite back his 'real' body, whatever that means. But we have to do it fast, because he won't last long as just a gem. That's why they're getting everyone together right away. I need to go, Saya-chan. I'd regret it forever if I didn't. I'd love it if you came with us.. with me. But I also understand if you want to stay here. It's not your fight."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-07 02:55:49 32385
    Sayaka sighs. "That's awful.." She tightens the half-hug, trying to reassure and comfort Kyou-chan as much as she can, but not being too stifling, hopefully. Even with Madoka, she's never been a super huggy type. "This Queen Beryl must be a really evil witch. Powerful too, if she can control such strong people. But, is it possible to restore him fully, if his body has been destroyed?"

    She smiles softly, "I also understand when you say Kunzite-san was like family. Him, and Mamoru-san, and..." She blushes slightly, "Maybe me, as well? I guess it's not the same as a real family, but we're always here for you, and I'm sure Kunzite-san was proud of the strength you showed in trying to help."

    When Kyouko speaks of having to leave again, Sayaka shakes her head, "Then, I'm coming with you! If Queen Beryl is interfering with Tokyo, and the rest of the world, then as a defender of justice, of course it's my fight! Besides, I owe Mamoru-san one, and I want to help out Sailormoon now, too! Afterall, the both of them helped defend me when I was defenseless. This time I want to help them too!"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-07 03:05:07 32389
    "There's a lot of history, I guess.." Kyouko murmurs, pressing just a bit closer when Sayaka tightens her sideways hug. "Between Beryl, and Mamoru and Usagi and all the rest. I don't.. really know that much about it, despite how involved I've become. But she /is/ powerful. I don't even know if all of us together can beat her but we need to try. It was always going to come to this, I guess, but we've run out of time if we want to try to save Kunzite."

    When Saya-chan hesitates, asking if Kyouko thinks of her as family, Kyouko finally raises her head slightly. She doesn't blush, but a small smile touches her lips. "I'm an orphan. I don't have a real family. Mamoru is too.. I dunno if you knew that, but he is. So he told me, like I said, that we orphans have to make our own families. Kunzite is like a big bro to me.. so is Mamoru. He told me today he thinks of me as a sister, and that made me really happy."

    She hesitates a moment, then says, "I don't think of you as a sister, Sayaka. You're a different kind of family. It's a different kind.. of love. One that's just as important, though. Maybe even more so. So don't ever doubt that." She doesn't even blush as she says this, but she lays her head back on Sayaka's shoulder a moment later, which hides her face.

    "I'm glad you'll come. I don't know what's going to happen, but at least this way, we'll be together regardless of what does."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-07 03:09:48 32390
    Sayaka hmms, "So, it's personal then, Queen Beryl's hatred towards Mamoru-san, and Usagi-chan. It must be, for her to go to such great lengths like this. However, I've fought witches before, and I survived Walpurgisnacht, when Homura-san told me I'd always died before then.." She grins, "I'm sure it wont be a problem, fighting Queen Beryl. We'll all just have to work as a team, right? By the way, how's Mamoru-san doing? I feel like I haven't seen him in forever!"

    Sayaka gives a small smiled, feeling a bit happy as Kyouko explains how she feels about her, although she still feels a bit shy about it too, blushing slightly. "Thank you. I'm glad I can be a part of your family, and...I'll never leave you, I promise. But if you're running into danger, no matter what, I'll follow too.."

    She gazes briefly, gently into Kyouko's eyes as she speaks, idly brushing a strand of fiery hair out of her face and tucking it behind the other girl's ear. Her hand rests under Kyouko's chin a bit longer than necessary before slowly withdrawing her hand.

    "So, where exactly will this final battle take place? I'm sure Queen Beryl will be expecting a retaliation."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-07 03:16:53 32394
    Kyouko reaches out with her hand and finds Sayaka's hand, the one not around her shoulder, and just holds it lightly after her hair gets tucked back. She seems comfortable like this, and makes no further move to adjust her position. Her eyes are closed, and it almost seems like she might be dozing off, although she continues to answer Sayaka's questions.

    "I don't know. You probably got the same text I got. We're supposed to gather up with everyone. I'm assuming they know where to go.." A small sigh. "I'm no great planner, Saya-chan. I never have been. I just.. act. I'm a weapon. Point me at what you need stabbed, and I'll do the work. I don't mind being that. I'm good at it. But I'm not the one who comes up with the plans."

    "Mamoru seems.. a lot better. I mean, all this stuff with Kunzite has been tough on him too, but he's a lot more.. like his old self now than he was a week ago. I think he wants to talk to you too. I told him.. y'know, about... us." She hesitates a moment, since 'us' is still a big undefined, but she knows Sayaka knows what she means. "He seemed happy. When all this is over, maybe we can get together with him and Usagi."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-07 03:20:21 32395
    Sayaka smiles, "Hey, no worries. I'm pretty much the same. I just keeping sticking pointy things in the enemy until they bleed...I think Homura-san's the best one to plan and think. I sure hope she's got some kinda plan in mind." Sayaka doesn't really know Sailor Mercury, or her brains yet, but she does know that Homura is pretty close to Mamoru as well. No doubt, she has some kinda plan in mind.

    She smiles, resting her head against Kyouko's for a moment as she speaks more of Mamoru. "So, is he still in hiding? It's been a while.." She hesitates when Kyouko speaks of them as an 'us'. As before, it makes her feel a bit confused and shy, but a bit less so than before. "Yeah, I'd like that. We should sure celebrate when it's all over!"

    Sayaka sighs tiredly however, clutching Kyouko's hand tightly, "But y'know, after Walpurgis, I figured that would be the biggest bad we'd have to fight. Y'think Queen Beryl's more powerful than even that..?"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-07 03:24:42 32396
    Kyouko frowns a little bit when Sayaka talks about Homura. She still doesn't like the other veteran Puella, although she's come to understand her a bit better. "Maybe.." is all she says though. She really doesn't want to start an argument about who to trust right now, so she just keeps her mouth shut.. although it's sure to come up another time.

    "I dunno." Kyouko says, with regards to whether or not Beryl is a bigger threat than Walpurgisnacht. "I think.. big in different ways. Walpurgisnacht is like.. it's like a natural disaster. Terrifying and powerful, but.. it doesn't plan or think, it just attacks. Beryl is.. more devious. She'll have plans and defenses. So even if she's not as powerful in terms of raw magic, she might be more dangerous."

    She gives another small sigh. "We'll figure it out. We're going. I'm sure Homura is going, and if she is, I'm sure Madoka-chan will as well. All of the Senshi are going, as well a Mamoru and the brothers he's already rescued. Other friends of theirs, as well. That's.. a lot of power. I think we'll need it. I hope it'll be enough."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-07 03:36:26 32398
    Sayaka catches the hint of hesitation in Kyouko's response when she mentions Homura, and decides to drop it, for now. Perhaps Sayaka doesn't fully trust Homura herself yet, but she doesn't hate or distrust her as much as she once does, partially due to Madoka's closeness to her. Besides, she does seem pretty smart.

    "Heh, well, then I have to go for sure! I mean, you, me, Madoka, heck, maybe even Homura. I believe someday we'll make the perfect team!" she smirks, "We beat Walpurgisnacht, and I'm sure we'll beat Queen Beryl too!" At least, she seems pretty optimistic about this. Unfortunately, Sayaka has been lucky (or perhaps unlucky) enough to have never happened to encounter one of Beryl's youma, or even any of the Shitenou. She's not exactly sure what she'd be up against, yet..

    "Alright then, between all of us, we'll beat it for sure. But until then, let's just train hard and gather lots of grief seeds!"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-07 03:42:15 32403
    "Yeah, sure." Kyouko says, sounding amused, at the concept of the Puella ever forming a 'perfect team'.. but hey, stranger things have happened, that's for sure. And technically, they're all part of this team, even if it's only temporary.

    "I don't think we have time to train or hunt Witches this time, Saya-chan." Kyouko says. "Mamoru seemed to think we need to do this.. within a few days at most, or it'll be too late for Kunzite. I have some Grief Seeds.. it'll be okay. You can borrow some if you need them." She squeezes Sayaka's hand. "And none of that 'I didn't earn it' crap. This is an emergency. You can pay me back afterwards, if you need to, although you know I'd always share with you anyway."

    She lets her eyes drift closed again, still leaning against Sayaka. "I just.. need to rest for a little while. It's been a crazy day." And then she stops talking, and her breathing evens out. After a few minutes, it becomes apparent she actually has dozed off there, leaning against Sayaka on the couch with her head on the bluenette's shoulder.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-07 03:49:16 32414
    Sayaka smirks. Secretly, she's been hoping that someday, the five of them, including Mami too of course, might form the perfect team..Afterall, the thanksgiving dinner, and later on the concert, didnt go that badly. Surely, someday they might learn to work better together. At least Sayaka's starting not to hate Homura as much, and it's a start.

    "Hmm, I guess it's pretty urgent then." She sighs, "I'm still pretty beat from that last battle, although I wont turn down any grief seeds you offer me..Just as long as it doesn't mean you'll have to go without! Oh, and another thing." This time, she stares intently at Kyou-chan, her face coming so close, it looks like she might just..Kiss her or something.

    "Except she doesnt. "You have to promise me, you wont ever use one of those creepy mega grief seeds again, like the one that originally caused you to lose your powers, and later one drained you severely for a week!" And this time she clutches her shoulders tightly, intensely as she awaits a response..

    Unfortunately, that's when Kyouko chooses to doze off, leaving an annoyed Sayaka talking to herself! With a sigh, she leans over and kisses the other girl on the forehead. "...Goodnight, Kyou-chan.." and she wraps her arms gently around her as she too, exhausted, falls asleep.