Solar Eclipse - Precia's Reveal

Everyone finally gets a chance to meet the mother that Fate loves so much! ... she's not exactly what they expected.

Date: 2016-03-10
Pose Count: 43
Precia Testarossa 2016-03-10 03:08:29 32907
Sometimes, even the worst ideas can be the seed for something greater. Riventon, in his insolence, managed to earn Precia Testarossa's ire, and with it lost a great deal of privilege at the Eclipse headquarters. But in his own way, he planted the kernel of an idea which Precia Testarossa latched onto.

While it was very good for Fate to not suffer her mother's wrath, that day, it also had the unfortunate side-effect of bringing Precia very directly, and with longevity, to Earth. And with only a little investigation, she has already begun to enact her own plans.

"Now, Fate, dear," Precia says quietly, as she stands atop the Game Center Crown, "I want you to pay very close attention, today. I will only teach this lesson once. This is how I expect you to perform your task, from now on."

It is mid afternoon, and high overhead the moon is drifting its way ever closer to the sun. Just a few moments more, and Precia raises her hands. Her device--a wicked looking staff topped with an all-seeing eye--crackles with dark energy. As the moon passes fully in front of the sun, Precia calls her spell with one simple word: "Eclipse."

The lightning from her staff arcs upwards, reaching high into the sky and deep into the darkness until it merges with the corona of the sun. And then even that seems to fade, and all of Tokyo is cast into a deep, dreary darkness.

Precia laughs softly to herself as she powers the spell. Something bad is most assuredly going to happen when it's complete.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-03-10 03:15:40 32912
    Fate, like a faithful daughter, is standing next to her mother. She's almost glad that she didn't have to suffer Precia's wrath that day, but in a way it makes things worse, because she's waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    "Like this...?" she asks, as her mother explains her expectations. Like what? Fate stands by and watches. She sees the magic fly up and away, and she gulps. Precia expects this much power from her? Fate doesn't think she can handle that much... if only she wasn't so weak, maybe she could make her mother smile more.

    Darkness settles over the area, and Fate watches. This is what her mother expects her to do, so Fate wants to make sure that she pays attention to the lesson. Still, she can't help but feel a creeping sense of apprehension.

    She's in henshin, and Bardiche is by her side, just in case someone decides to attack them. Someone always does, especially when there's this much power being thrown around.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-03-10 03:18:36 32915
     It's been a horrifying series of events. Youma everywhere. The world covered in ice. And barely any chance to rest. Storm Knight had been doing her best to protect whoever she can during this situation. She breathes slowly, her eyes slowly half-lidding as she rests on top of a building for just a few moments of rest. She was tired. So very tired. But yet, she couldn't properly rest yet, she was sure. Just a couple of moments of shuteye.

     And then... lightning. Lightning is lifting up into the sky, and it wasn't her or her lightning. Storm Knight's eyes snap open as she looks towards it. That felt bad -- even worse than everything ELSE right now. "...Verdrehen Sturm, can you continue?"


     "Thank you." Storm Knight says, standing slowly and taking a deep breath. She began to make her way quickly towards the location of what was happening. Pulling herself together and trying to ignore her torn and damaged barrier jacket. No doubt more people needed help. She couldn't let them down.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-10 03:18:37 32916
Despite all that is going on, Rune has been hesitant to join in to certain battles. She has feared that opportunists might strike Tokyo if too many are away, if an easy target is thus presented. This has kept her in the city...

...a city that now relies more than ever on its technological lighting, as natural light is consumed within spreading darkness. She /could/ suspect this is entirely natural, but the lightning rising into the sky suggests otherwise unless this is some kind of bizarre Earth-specific weather thing going on.

And so she hurried to the area where that bold signal seemed to originate from, heading toward Game Center Crown. Staring up at the roof, she doesn't recognize Precia at all. There is however a much more familiar figure nearby, one that Rune's eyes fix on in wide confusion.

"...Fate? Is that you up there? What's going on? Are you okay?" She's not transformed yet, but is tense and on-guard; this situation is bizarre.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-03-10 03:22:09 32919
Below Verone Academy, in the top secret Section Two Headquarters, screens light up warning about another major non-Noise energy event in Tokyo. Tsubasa Kazanari was there going over reports, having promised Virtue she would be extra vigilant in case something happened while they were out of town to deal with other major threats.

Thus, moments later a black chopper leaves from a nearby airport, carrying along with it Tsubasa, the small team heading towards the source of this energy event to investigate. When they approach the source, she's watching through binoculars, and notices Fate and Precia, who seem to be the most likely candidates for causing this.

Thus, from half a mile above the tower, without even bothering with a parachute, she jumps. In the roaring winds of her fall, she sings an incantation. "Imyeteus Ame no Habakiri Tron~" A flash of blue light accompanies her transformation, and she aims to land atop the building, likely causing some minor damage to the rooftop when she does.

    "A blade that cuts like a sudden wind,"
    "Lovely as a thousand flowers"

After singing those lines, she holds her Katana, pointing it forward in a gesture of challenge. It's not very subtle, but at least she gets to the point quickly. Unlike some others, she's not asking questions.
Kaeru Aokawa 2016-03-10 03:24:24 32921
Day three of being a magical girl is strange. Day one, she fought some monstrous goo monster. Day two, she tried flying and ended up meeting her estranged brother. Now - today seems normal. She blinks as the sky starts going dark. "I didn't think the eclipse was scheduled to be seen here..." she muses. Suddenly a pair of blue frogs appear onher shoulders, croaking in a panic up at the sun and moon. "Oh - so it's not normal..." She sighs softly and finds a spot to hide .

"Chroma Prism Blue, Transform!" she calls out as she changes into her henshin, which looks oddly like a blue froggy costume, like someone cosplaying as the Pokemon Froakie or something. She jumps up to a roof and looks up. "Yeah - even I can feel it..." She looks around, and then sees something in the distance. She starts running over there - she's no good at speed flying so simply uses her jumping prowess to jump across roofs (even over streets) as she keeps her distance a block away, deciding to watch for now, crouched down for now.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-03-10 03:32:25 32923
Zorting this way and that, Nanoha has been working herself ragged the past few hours and really she kind of just wants to go home now and there's apparently no sense of stopping. Then Raising Heart spits out.

< Strong Magical Surge Detected. Honing In. >.

Nanoha stops mid air and blinks and looks down at Raising Heart in it's staff mode.

"Something else...?" she looks down at the pink bauble on the staff and blinks. That..that's a little strong for a youma or a monster isn't it?


That ping is a little badder than Riventon and that's pretty scary from her standpoint--so despite her tiredness, she builds up her determination goes 'hrrmmmphhh!' and zips off towards the area of the event...

There's a woman there. Fate is next to her. She looks from Fate to the Woman and looks down to Runealy and then the arriving Tsubasa with a blink and a short frown. Were others drawn here too?

Well of course they were.

She looks weary and tired but still determined!

"Fate-chan, what are you doing...!?" she calls out.

"What are you doing!?" she asks again more pointedly to the two as a group proper.

"Don't you know something dangerous is going on!? People need help..."
Precia Testarossa 2016-03-10 03:39:48 32926
Precia's laughter ends about the time Runealy and Nanoha arrive and begin calling out to Fate. She glances down at the pair, even as she keeps her staff raised high into the air. The lightning that's surged from her staff ceases, etching its way upwards into the sky until it's vanished entirely.

But the sun doesn't return.

As Tsubasa lands behind her, Precia glances just over her shoulder, and her expression turns to a scowl. "Annoyances," she says, her soft-spoken voice somehow carrying, as if the wind itself were desperate for Precia's words to be heard. "Do you know these children?" Precia asks Fate curiously. "Which of them has my Jewel Seeds?"

She scans the incoming magical girls one at a time, as if she might find her answer with a glance. "I need those Jewel Seeds," she notes to everyone present. "And if you do not present them to me," she explains, glancing up towards the moon, where her dark energy lightning is still coalescing, building, growing in strength, "Then I will call my eclipse back to harness the linker core of every man, woman, and child in this city. When I am through, your vaunted Tokyo will be little more than a charnel house, and I will have my Jewel Seeds anyways."
Fate T. Waldia 2016-03-10 03:45:30 32928
    Fate looks up as she's called out to by Runealy. She opens her mouth to say something... to explain herself maybe, but she's afraid of what her mother will say. She looks up at Precia, stepping back to hide behind her mother. Runealy doesn't get a response, because Fate's very much inside her shell right now.

    Instead, she makes note of Suzuki and Nanoha's approach. She speaks to her mother, muttering so that she can hear. "The one with the Belkan naginata... she has one... and the mage in white claims to have some."

    She says that without thinking about what Precia might do to the girls now that she knows it. When she does consider it she turns a little pale.

    Precia reveals her plans, and Fate is terrified. This is her mother doing this? She doesn't mean it, right?

    Expecting an attack, Bardiche goes into scythe mode, a curved yellow blade coming from the top.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-03-10 03:46:16 32929
     Storm Knight arrived slightly later than the rest, just in time for Precia's threats. She glances towards her Device, and then back up towards Precia. She frowns slightly, her eyes closing as she stays ... well, somewhat back, not immediately calling attention to herself like the others.

     She could give her ONE jewel seed. Maybe. But that would probably not be enough, and from everything she'd been told, it would probably backfire and probably just kill or otherwise harm Precia. And more importantly, Fate. Storm Knight takes a slow breath, before finally approaching. "Why do you need them so badly?" She asks.

     "I have spoken with many people and every single one of them has said that they are uncontrollable, unstable things that do nothing but cause misery to everyone who uses them." Storm Knight murmurs softly. "If you have a good enough reason, I might be willing to part with my seed. Maybe even help. But not under circumstances like these. Threats don't make it seem like you have anything good in mind for those jewel seeds." Storm Knight says, gripping the shaft of her Device. She began to think. Possibly to plan in the back of her mind.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-10 03:49:20 32930
So many faces. Some familiar - Fate and Nanoha in particular - and many new. Rune isn't sure what to make of the Storm Knight, Prism Keeper Blue (whom the princess might not even see from this distance) or Tsubasa.

Yet there isn't much time to ask for information, because Precia appears to be trying to take Tokyo hostage. 'Charnel house' is a term Rune does recognize, and the demand for Jewel Seeds seems to explain a few connections here; could Precia be Fate's mother, who until now was merely a nameless and faceless 'concept' to Runealy's mind?

It would make a lot of sense. Thoughts of meeting the mother who raised a wonderful daughter, one of the saviors of Rune's world, are immediately dashed. Fate's Mother appears to be threatening to kill millions if Jewel Seeds are not provided. The implications leave Rune with wide eyes and a sharp gasp, as she protests: "I don't have any! I barely know what they are! If you need them badly enough to turn to those kind of threats right away... can you tell us why?"

The Storm Knight's claims add doubt to the situation, and out of an abundance of caution...

"...Summoning Princess' Tiara." Jeweled headwear appears in hand. "The Line of Succession," she passes it to the other hand, which brings it to forehead in the same motion. "Transform!" A flash of red light, then she's in magical garb and wand is ready in hand.

It's aimed low at the ground though, she's not ready to fight just yet, gaze occasionally flickering to Fate with eyes asking unspoken questions.
Kaeru Aokawa 2016-03-10 03:53:05 32932
Prism Keeper Blue watches as she jumps a few builidngs closer. She stops at the nearby building, watching the situatino. This woman doesn't sound very pleasant. She is trying to be stealthy. She does conjure some blue frogs on the arcade roof to watch. They don't do anyting yet, just watch. What's a Jewel Seed? This darkness... is disturbing to her, and she can't stop a blue glow coming from her to counter the magical dfarkness - but it still makes her feel weird.

She sees others arriving - there's a young girl on the roof with the horrible old woman - another girl about her age in white floating nearby - and a few others, but she doesn't know anyone. For now, she keeps a few of her magical frogs on the roof near the two, waiting for her time to strike - and to figure out WHO to strike. She just watches, hiding behind an outcropping, peeking out around the corner, hoping that nobody would know what the blue frogs are and not pay much attention to them.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-03-10 03:58:23 32936
Tsubasa hears the threats, and all that tells her is that giving Jewel Seeds to this woman is a bad idea. So she grips her katana with a second hand, and the blade expands in size to become longer than she is, and wider than her waist. It looks big and unwielding.

    "A slashing moon sparkles in the sunlight"
    "Sadness, return to the pure land?for eternity"

And then she moves, without hesitation. If she is aware that Fate is not entirely okay with what's going on, she's paying it no heed. Her tactical analysis has concluded Fate is a threat that needs to be eliminated before dealing with the bigger threat.

    "In a battlefield crying with lamentation"
    "I wipe away the drops of tedium"
    "I put my memories and my pride in every single slash of thunder"

To provide actions to match her song, she lashes out with her sword, there is a lot of force in that stroke of the blade, well-aimed. Tsubasa's movements are those of someone used to combat, and she's going right for Fate.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-03-10 04:05:49 32943
Nanoha Takamachi looks down and smiles. "Storm Knight!" she says, oh thank god, Storm Knight is here. She looks back up to Precia. She mutters something... "Raising Heart...."

Raising Heart responds, as if knowing the unspoken question. < Spell Power increasing to dangerous levels >.

Nrg-- okay so-- this woman may not just be blowing smoke.

"What do you even need them for--- they're dangerous! Nothing good can come of using them for anything!" she says.

Oh then Tsubasa is diving into the fray suddenly towards Fate.


"Nrg..." okay that just escalated this she figures.

"...Divine Shooter, setup..."

< Divine Shooter >

A bunch of magenta balls form up around her- but do not turn into beam spam yet.

"If your reasoning was wouldn't need to threaten the city...! Everyone is already so weary and tired-- what power do you hope to drain from them!?" she calls out.

She looks to Fate /this/ Fate's mother? She isn't so mean or cruel as to make a call out to Fate about this over this right now.

"--and what if we do give you what you want!? What if you do what you want anyways!?" she calls out.

"How can we know you'll keep your word after a threat like that!" she calls out.
Precia Testarossa 2016-03-10 04:12:22 32945
Precia lowers her staff very slowly to the ground. "Behind you," she notes to Fate, as if her daughter couldn't discern the incoming attack on her own. But she makes no move to protect the girl; no motherly defense given whatsoever.

Instead, Precia turns her attention on Suzuki, Nanoha, and runealy. "I see you've all heard of me," she says faintly, as she steps up onto the lip of the building and peers down at them. "Indeed, the Jewel Seeds are dangerous. You've heard correctly. But you have never spoken to anyone who has made a study of their power like I have, nor of how to control them." Motioning up to the heavens, Precia points out, "Do you think anyone you have talked to is capable of stopping the moon and harnessing the sun as I have? Of course not, don't be ridiculous. Those you have spoken to fear to use the jewel seeds because they are too weak to understand their power and harness it safely. But here, I am giving you a choice. It really is a simple choice: You can hand over the Jewel Seeds you have stolen from my daughter--and thus from me--and my power will harmlessly dissipate into the evening. A beautiful light show and nothing more. Or," she says, "You may choose to be stubborn, in which case my threat remains. I have little time and little patience, children. Make your decision." No word is provided as to what she intends to do with the jewel seeds.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-03-10 04:26:25 32947
    Fate offers no apology or explaination to Runealy or Storm Knight. Instead, her focus is entirely on the singing Symphogear user coming up behind her. Bardiche is twirled around her, and as energy scythe meets Tsubasa's blade there is a brilliant shine of yellow electric light.

    She really didn't need her mother to remind her of the attack coming, but she knows better than to talk back even when her mother assumes her to be an idiot. Instead she focuses on Tsubasa, one of the girls here she knows least (that and the frog girl) and is grateful that she can fight her instead of Runealy, Storm Knight, or Nanoha.

    She bares her teeth at Tsubasa, and and with a flick of her scythe she moves underneath her opponent's sword, and brings the scythe down to slash against Tsubasa's legs. Fate's speed is crazy, even with such little time to speed up, and she's already behind the Symphogear user, turning around and raising her Scythe for another strike.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-10 04:29:40 32950
Rune winces at Nanoha's reasoning, and feels compelled to offer a somber comment: "People will go to incredible, awful lengths if their need is great enough." Whether that describes Precia's motives or not, the princess has no idea. Nonetheless, it immediately reminds Rune of times she made similar threats on a smaller scale to try to coerce people to fight her. They had been bluffs, but... nobody outright called her on it.

Now Precia stands, making threats with much higher stakes. Stakes that Runealy cannot provide, as she has no Seeds to offer in this 'hostage negotiation.'

"I don't have them, and you're not telling us why you need them." Her eyes meet Precia's gaze, "So even though you're obviously very powerful..." Rune's mental assessment suggests Precia might be on par with the late queen - and it's realistically possible her bias is causing her to underrate Precia or overrate her own mother, but this is still placing Precia 'very high up there' in terms of threat.

"...You're really not giving me a choice!" Runealy's boot wings light up, a silver light hurling her toward a nearby rooftop. One jump after another bring her higher up, working on ascending toward Game Center Crown's roof by using lower buildings along the way. Once high enough to be able to take reasonable aim at Precia, Rune's wand launches its green orb tip! The projectile sails on a trajectory for what Runealy hopes will be a direct hit, with the orb 'exploding' into emerald sparkles on whatever it might make impact with while the wand quickly grows another jewel-tip.

Even as this shot goes out, a tiny part of her peripheral vision tries to stay on Fate. She's not worried about Fate attacking... she's worried /for/ Fate, and plans to keep at least some small awareness of her friend's situation just in case it gets out of hand.
Suzuki Natsume 2016-03-10 04:35:42 32952
     "I have spoken to people who know the history of the jewel seeds. Who know that EVERY time they have been used in the past, by people such as you, that thought they could control them... it has ended in disaster. Disaster FAR worse than that which YOU threaten." Storm Knight responds to Precia, frowning. She closes her eyes quietly. But ... the needs of the few ... did they really outweigh the many right now? That would be a whole CITY she would be risking if she joined in the fight that was beginning. She opens her eyes again, looking towards Nanoha. She takes a slow breath, before she turns towards Precia.

     "And you did not truly answer my question. WHY do you want them? WHY would you want such power? Even ASSUMING that you can control them... why? Why is *fate* so desperate for them. I wouldn't go to the lengths she has for *my* mother." Storm Knight says, shifting slowly, lifting her Device. "I did not steal the one in my posession. I recovered it from a dangerous monster. Fate also attempted to get it, but I got to it first. Because if it were just *her* I would trust her to take it... but you... I don't know you. I don't trust you. Especially since you seem to be using her without even HER knowing why you want them. Nobody who does that has EVER turned out to have good things in mind. So *WHY*?" Storm Knight asks, almost ... rambling just what came to her mind at this point. Buying time for her own thoughts to catch up and decide on what to do. And buying time for the others, maybe? She wasn't even sure at this point.

     She does, however, decide one thing. To keep an eye on Fate. Watching as Tsubasa attacked her... but she seemed to dodge it... okay. She slowly exhales, her gaze returning to Precia. "Killing people might make it harder to search for your jewel seeds. If you could easily find them on your own, I'm sure you wouldn't send Fate after them. Or make threats like this." Ugh. Princes Runealy's words were listened to, shifting very slightly. and they're beginning to attack Precia. Diplomacy was likely out the window at this point. Storm Knight lifts her Naginata slowly, a hand moving towards the head of her blade. "Verdrehen Sturm."

                <JAWOHL. ENTSEIGELUNG.>

     Into Storm Knight's hand, a Jewel Seed begins to exit Verdrehen Sturm. "...If you wish it so badly, then..." She lifts her hand, throwing the Jewel Seed towards Precia. It was a simple plan. It was possibly one seen through.

     Hoping for Precia to focus on the Jewel Seed, her Naginata lifts, tip pointed towards the Jewel Seed. "... You may have it."

     Lightning charges along her body and the length of Verdrehen Sturm, as Storm Knight moves forward at lightning (literally) speeds towards Precia Testarossa, the tip of her naginata thrust forward to attempt to catch the Jewel Seed... and RAM it into the central mass of her body, with a generous dosage of lightning on top of it. Which may or may not have Disastrous Consequences.

                <BLITZ SCHRITT.>
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-03-10 04:36:10 32953
Tsubasa's speed is pretty high, too, and with the blades on the girl's feet there's not quite an angle of attack that doesn't allow her to attack without turning around. One of those blades serves to parry her opponent's scythe, and then they both unfurl, the larger blade retracting into Tsubasa's symphogear.

    "Come see the mercilessly burning flame"
    "Fall and perish at Kagura?s wind"

She jumps, initially outside of initial range of that scythe. When she lands, it's on her hands, and she starts to sping, rapidly demonstrating the purpose of those blades on her feet as the spinning movements and stretched out legs add quite a bit of angular momentum.

    "The brilliant pangram cuts through the darkness"
    "Let us forge ahead in our color"
    "Our firm determination"

And in this state, she moves towards Fate, with no apparent sign of getting dizzy or losing track of her environment. This is a well-practiced move, and like this, it hardly matters from which side Fate attacks.

    "Gives our souls the resilient courage"
    "The bond between us drives the ultimate shining..."

Tsubasa speeds up, both her spinning and her approach, aiming to get at least one of the blades to connect with Fate, they're sharp and dangerous; and the Symphogear user is by no means slow.
Kaeru Aokawa 2016-03-10 04:40:36 32954
Prism Keeper Blue watches. She is assuming that the old hag and the girl in black with the scythe are the bad guys. And decides to help. She then jumps across to the Arcade roof, firing a blue beam of purifying light at Fate as she jumps. She hopes she can keep up with that incredible speed that Fate is showing as she sics a few of her blue frogs to jump on Fate and detonate in blue light, tense, ready to jump or move if necessary.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-03-10 04:45:47 32958
Nanoha Takamachi grits her teeth. "There's a difference between being stubborn... and being determined!" she calls out. She knows that much at least.

She looks down to Storm Knight. She has two inert Jewel Seeds in her compartment. She could give them up---and then Suzuki could just say she doesn't have any? Or..

Can Precia detect them?

But..nrg-- wait, what!? Is Suzuki doing something!? Is she giving it over!? So that means she sh----

...oh no.... she isn't.. is she?

Yeah she is.

"STORM KNIGHT!" she yells.

Nrg--- the time for pure talk is over now. It's now time for action...

"Divine Shooter...!" she calls out---

Then the orbs around her start exploding into an array of magical laser-like bursts as she aims to cover Precia in a cone of fire--perhaps hoping that, it'll act as a distraction for whatever Suzuki is trying to accomplish.
Precia Testarossa 2016-03-10 05:08:22 32968
Precia's eyes glimmer with excitement when Suzuki draws out the Jewel Seed. She doesn't smile, but she does lean forward just a bit, expectation getting the better of her.

But then Suzuki changes the game, and the old mage leans back appreciatively.


The staff in Precia's hand speaks of its own accord, a dull and lifeless voice. Suzuki's attack is foiled not by counter attack, but by the simple activation of alternate gravity sources.

"And you call me threatening and disastrous?" Precia asks Suzuki. She ducks low and dodges aside from Nanoha's first blast, then grimaces when yet another, and another begin to strike at her. She staggers back a step, and again her device speaks.

<Photon Barrier>

A wall of shimmering force coruscates into the air, absorbing Nanoha's attacks and redirecting them. Lasers bounce straight from Precia towards Tsubasa: Nanoha's lasers!

That barrier serves a double purpose, for it also absorbs the incoming emerald energy from Runealy's attack. But Runealy has already made herself not Precia's concern by declaring she has no jewel seeds; the woman literaly ignores the pink-haired princess, providing her with all the disdain of a child scorning an ill-conceived Christmas gift.

"You are a fool," Precia informs Suzuki with a subtle scowl. "If this had impacted with my barrier jacket as you wished, it could have blown half your precious city to ashes. This is simple proof that children should not play with things beyond their understanding."

"And you," she says to Nanoha as she reaches out to receive the jewel seed from her levitation spell. "You risk the death of this whole city. Come now, I've already received one of the Jewel Seeds I have sought. Provide the others you have, and this will all go away. You can save your precious city, and I will be able to conduct my research." There, the barest hints of why she might want the seeds. And yet all it does is raise more questions.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-03-10 05:08:58 32969
    So this girl can keep up. That's something that Fate will have to remember. Those blades on her feet come up, each one knocking away the scythe's edge away as Fate staggers backwards for a step. The twintailed blonde might actually complement her, if not for the stakes of this fight.

    Blue purifying light fires at Fate, but while Fate may work for Precia and Eclipse, she doesn't seem to have a lot of darkness in her. The blue impacts, knocking her to the side, but the only emotional effect it has is on her doubts... actually making some of them worse. Is what mother is doing really justified? She's never questioned it before...

    There's no time to think about that, because Tsubasa is coming at her again, spinning like a top and coming right at her. Fate has two opponents to deal with know, one in medium-to-close range, and another at range. She can't really approach Tsubasa from any safe angle, but being a Mage she doesn't really have to.

    She flies up and overhead, thinking that flight will save her from the spinning Tsubasa top. Her device transforms. <Device Mode> She aims halfway between PK Blue and Tsubasa. <Photon Lancer>

    Four golden orbs, covered in electricity, fly from the tip of her staff, two each going for PK Blue and Tsubasa.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-10 05:15:55 32971
Worse than losing millions? The idea chills Rune; that sounds like a world-ending disaster, whatever the Storm Knight is describing. Her insights on Fate's relationship with Precia are strange too; is there truth in them? It could be so. Yet it's a shocking thought in the figurative sense, one quickly overwhelmed by Storm Knight taking literally shocking actions!

And worrying, when Precia suggests what the consequences might have been. Would it really have killed half the city - likely those immediately present included - if it struck? Is it just some kind of psychological trick? Hard to say, but either possibility is worrying for different reasons... she'll have to keep an eye out for any further such 'disaster-inducing attacks.'

Then Rune's orb strikes, and has... " effect!?" Or if there was one, it was very minor. It doesn't look like it did much, and this at least confirms that Precia is reasonably powerful. It is likely that far more severe assessments of Fate's mother will follow.

Research. Precia desires research, drawing near to an artifact whose power is being described by others here - others who know far more than Rune - as being powerful enough to obliterate half of Tokyo. That's reason enough for Runealy to continue pressing the battle.

Yet she's trying to be careful not to hit the Jewel Seed outright. Wand aiming up at Precia once more, the princess unleashes a trio of thin red rays! They might not be as powerful as her other attacks, but they don't carry nearly the same risk of catching the Seed in an 'explosion' of magic-power as her wand's orb projectiles do. "You're threatening the death of the whole city either way, so don't talk down on what she's doing!" One more wand-beam punctuates this defense of Nanoha's actions.

A flicked gaze catches notice of Fate's fight. Two on one? Very concerning... can Rune really afford to split attention to find some way to help one of her world's saviors, though?
Suzuki Natsume 2016-03-10 05:19:12 32972
     There was movement, moving forward at extreme speeds -- which were then... suddenly... ... nonexistent. And Storm Knight was now levitating. Storm Knight frowns as she listens to Precia speak. "I wasn't aware of that." She admits quietly. "At worst, I figured it would break the Jewel Seed." She shifts uncomfortably, trying to do what she can to break out of the levitation. Attacking Precia was going to be difficult. Though.. with the attacks incoming and the barrier redirecting the attacks... Storm Knight shifts slightly, taking a deep breath. "Verdrehen Sturm." She murmurs softly. If Precia's spell doesn't completely stop her, Storm Knight would once more flash into the lightning of a Blitz Schritt -- dashing towards... Fate! ... But not to attack her.

     Storm Knight had messed up. She had made a mistake that could have been DISASTROUS. And so, instead, she opts to do one thing that she was good at. Defending people. "Verdrehen Sterm."


     Storm Knight moves to attempt to grab Fate, to hold onto her ... partially to stay aloft because she hadn't figured out flying yet. And ... then she began to form a shield around the two of them, a large swirling shield, blue and green mixing together in a swirling sphere around them. "...Don't. Fate." She looks down towards the others, the ones that were attacking Fate... and she simply... shakes her head. "...I know that you don't want to do this. You don't need to fight to protect your mother. For now, I will protect you." Fate's mother was strong enough on her own. And ... this was the best thing she could think of to do. Protect Fate from the other two, and the other two from Fate.
Kaeru Aokawa 2016-03-10 05:22:41 32974
Prism Keeper Blue squeaks as her guardian frogs tries to eat the projectiles. One of them was devoured (causing the frog to explode) but the other strikes home as she shrieks, blasted back. "Owwwwie..." She then stares as one of the people is... PROTECTING the girl in black? What the... She just blinks as she retreats to the far corner of the roof, crouching there, just two blue frogs watching Fate and Precia. She looks around, then yells, "ALRIGHT? WHO'S ON WHO'S SIDE? I CAN'T KEEP UP ANYMORE!"
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-03-10 05:27:48 32976
Tsubasa's attack isn't as effective against flying targets indeed, and thus when Fate takes to the sky and Precia redirects lasers her way, she stops spinning and jumps to land back on her feet, trying to dodge all coming her way and getting hit in the shoulder by one of the golden orbs in the process. Fortunately, her Symphogear provides sufficient magical protection to make this merely quite painful.

    "Without complaining? No..."
    "The world splashing goes on to the end..."

To allow her shoulder a bit of rest, she takes her armed gear back into her hand in one-handed mode, but it's not what she uses to attack, though she makes point of jumping towards Fate, the leap fairly big, to serve as a feint. Even if she can get close enough, that's not her real attack.

The real attack consists of twelve swords of blue energy appearing in the sky behind Fate, spread around enough that avenues for dodging are a little more limited when Tsubasa lets them fly, aimed in a pattern where it should be impossible for all to hit; but all the more probably for some.

Precia's power and talking is noticed, but so far Tsubasa does not acknowledge it or act upon it. The others are keeping her adequately busy. It's the Storm Knight who forces her hand, finally fitting in some words in between her singing, "If you are protecting the people attacking the city I am charged to protect, I will strike you down." Her tone is clear, there is no room for uncertainty or negotiation there.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-03-10 05:32:17 32977
Nanoha watches as her shots merely---get redirected!? Nrg-- that's-- okay she isn't risking more attacks, not yet. What if she can redirect a Divine Buster? Then she'd just be helping to possibly kill one of these friends. She blinks to Prism Keeper Blue but can't really dedicate so much time to whatever this is---

She apparently needs to make a decision she doesn't want to make. She continue to fight--- continue to escalate Precia until she--does whatever dangerous and horrible thing to Tokyo she's planning-- or hand over the Jewel seeds and-- she might escalate anyways.

Suzuki moves to get Fate out of the game through a way that doesn't involve lasers.

Sadly, lasers is what she's /really/ good at.

But lasers aren't what are really needed right now--or swords or naginates or syhtches.

Runealy goes to defend her but-- nrg.

This is a hard decisions.


Now Tsubasa is threating to go after Storm Knight.

This is slowly slowly going pear shaped.

She uses Raising Heart to amplify her voice.

< STOP!!!!! >

This may not have the effect she's hoping but she at least hopes it gets Precias attention.

"Raising Heart..."

There's a pause.

"/Raising Heart/..."

The device stubbornly opens it's sealed compartment space and Nanoha tugs out her two jewel seeds. She frowns and holds them out.

"If you don't keep your promise..."

She says determinedly...

"They're be no more reason for me to hold back." she says as determinedly as she can.

This may be a pretty laughable threat to Precia.
Precia Testarossa 2016-03-10 05:40:18 32982
Precia's barrier jacket absorbs one of the three incoming red beams from Runealy, and again she grimaces in pain. She manages to avoid the other two with another well placed Photon Barrier, but this time the shots are fired off wildly, rather than directed at Runealy specifically.

The old mage quickly takes in the situation, determines that Fate is not in any true danger, and then turns to Nanoha at last. "Of course I will keep my promise," she says. "The city will be spared with nothing more than a light show." She holds out her hand, and the moment Nanoha begins to offer them, the seeds begin to levitate, up into the air. They zip across the distance towards Precia, who almost--almost--smiles. All three jewel seeds zip around Precia's head; her prizes for a day well spent.

"You see, Fate?" Precia intones. "It's not so difficult to get what you ask for. These two darlings have been quite effective at providing what I want."

She glances at Runealy, then at the sky, then at Nanoha and Suzuki.

"And as promised," raising her staff, Precia allows the device to channel her magic once more.

<Photonic Release: Directed>

The sune merges with a sudden brilliance, as the moon begins to pass beside it. Purple lightning arcs across the sky in a brilliance of color; a fantastic, riotous display of deadliness.

But three of those bolts strike downwards, splitting the air with their sudden energy as they arc towards Runealy, Nanoha, and Storm Knight. And if Fate is damaged by her own mother's attack, that doesn't seem to matter so much to the woman. That or she trusts her daughter to get free with that insade speed of hers.

But hey, at least the sun is back, right?
Fate T. Waldia 2016-03-10 05:45:05 32984
    Fate is suddenly pulled aside, and placed inside a barrier. Storm Knight is behind her... how did she get there? Was Fate so distracted that she couldn't even manage three opponents?

    No, it wasn't that.Fate was distracted. She just didn't want to fight Storm Knight. Not like this. Sparring was more fun.

    Yet... this is what her mother was teaching her, wasn't it? To show power, to threaten, to fight... could Fate really do this? She could do it to strangers but... these are people who have reached out for her. People she's befriending. One of her friends was fighting her mother right now. Why was it always like this?

    Yet... even if Storm Knight says so, Fate can't deny her intentions here. Her voice is soft and sad as she speaks. "I'd do anything for my mother, so don't try to dissuade me. I'm sorry it has to be this way."

    To Tsubasa, she states simply, without malice or regret: "Then we are enemies."

    Bardiche notices the attack from behind before Fate does, and autocasts. <Defensor> A bright yellow bubble covers her, and consequently Storm Knight. The flurry of attacks comes down on the belkan knight and the mage, but one of the blades manages to puncture Fate's shield and slice her upper arm. She screams, a trickle of blood dripping down her side.

    After she recovers, she pushes Storm Knight away. "Don't protect me! I'm not on your side here!" She flies up and away from Suzuki's barrier, lowering her staff at Tsubasa as she transforms it one more time.

    <Sealing Mode>

    She holds the staff, aimed at her very professional and dangerous enemy, only to stop as she hears what Nanoha has to say. She looks over at Nanoha, confused. Is she... is she really giving those up? Right now? Then that means... Precia would have all of them, right? All of the ones that appeared recently, anyways.

    She frowns as she watches things unfold. Precia did get what she wanted... but... wait, is she really?! "WHY?"

    She doesn't even have time to think. Should she protect Storm Knight? Or Runealy? Or Nanoha? She can't decide, and in that moment of indecision her opportunity passes.

    Instead, she stares at her mother, wide-eyed. Why...?
Suzuki Natsume 2016-03-10 05:52:37 32989
     "I protect this city too! I am on the side of the city!" Storm Knight says towards Tsubasa, as well as towards Prism Keeper Blue. She looks towards Fate, and then back towards Tsubasa. "And... and even if she's threatening it, Fate is *ALSO* part of this city! And she's NOT the one threatening it right now! It's her mother! Her mother who seems to be using her as little more than a pawn!" Storm Knight calls out towards Tsubasa. She glances towards Fate, giving her an apologetic look. Because really. She just called her a pawn.

     The blades puncture and stab Fate. Storm Knight frowns as she looks towards Fate. "...You would do anything for your mother... so would I, probably... but that doesn't mean you always want to... I've fought with you." Storm Knight murmurs softly, quiet enough that hopefully only Fate hears. And then... she's pushed away, and Fate flies away. Storm Knight doesn't fight it. The shield wasn't a one-way shield though, getting out of it would take a bit of effort -- but the slices from the attack probably weakened the barrier enough that it faded anyway.

     And then purple lightning cracks through the sky, the purple lightning strikes powerfully, thankfully Fate pushed her away. Otherwise she'd be consumed in that powerful bolt of lightning. Storm Knight doesn't really have much chance. She just ... falls. For multiple reasons, really. Among other things: She was grabbing Fate and relying on HER flying to stay in the air, and also because she was electrocuted. Either way, it results in Storm Knight hitting the ground with a *THUD*. And then? Then she doesn't move much. She just lays there. Either stunned or unconscious.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-10 05:55:43 32990
One of the beams connected? And appeared to at least make Precia flinch? Runealy takes this as a slightly encouraging sign. Not reason to crow with celebration or arrogant overconfidence, but a sign that at the very least Precia is mortal, that the difference in power between them is 'measurable' on some level even if it's very large.

She's about to attack again when Nanoha... "Wha? What are you doing?" Nanoha has just made a very bold offer, presenting Jewel Seeds to end the threat to Tokyo.

Rune isn't sure she would have made that choice if she were in Nanoha's position. Yet... it's hard to condemn the choice either; there seems to be no winning move. And so her question is made with shock in her tone, not anger or accusation at Nanoha.

It at least seems to have ended the fight. ...No, not yet. Not as purple lightning crackles around, and one bolt descends right for her!

It hits almost instantly. Too fast to fully dodge. Runealy shows impressive reflexes and prediction in even trying to do so, however. Boot wings light up just before the arc flashes, and she launches up and away from where she's currently standing...

...but lightning travels fast. Rune simply can't be out of the way in time, and making a smart guess only helps so much here. The lightning strikes a leg, sending her spiralling to the streets below with a hurt shriek!

The alien princess' vision 'explodes' into black-and-stars from the impact, and she has to use her wand as a crutch to prop herself back up to her feet. "Impossible... that was in just one hit!" This confirms Rune's impressions of Precia's power: 'at least equal to my mother.'

That's a problem, because Runealy has never even come close to defeating the late Waldian queen in training. Not even once. Precia appears to be utterly out of Rune's league for now.

It occurs to her that if that lightning had been a direct hit, Runealy would probably be dead right now. This realization turns to a chilled fear coursing through her body and prompting a hurried glance to ensure that Fate is still okay.

As that appears to be the case, Runealy completely loses any interest in sticking around here; any more attacks from Precia are likely to be fatal! And so without any sort of defiant remarks or insights, she just... turns and limp-runs away from the area, hoping to find a subway entrance or somewhere else to get underground and out of sight.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-03-10 05:59:32 32993
Nanoha Takamachi watches the light show and for a long moment- she's super relived. Raising Heart pings--- the energy is dissapating and lowering---but then it begins warning in a ping---! What!?

She's excepting Precia to go back on her word--instead---

Lighting strikes from Precia's spell and just rakes through her---she isn't strong enough to resist it or quick enough to throw up any sort of protection.

And even if she was. Would it matter with a strike this strong?

She shrieks in the air and then falls from the sky--toward's the ground again. It's a good thing her barrier jacket barely stayed intact. Else this drop would be way more fatal as she careens toward's the ground to land with a nice heavy thud.

Nrg, why didn't see that coming.... maybe she just puts too much faith in people.


Maybe not enough.
Kaeru Aokawa 2016-03-10 06:04:08 32994
Prism Keeper Blue isn't sure what's going on - but the old hag changed her eclipse spell into powerful attacks and zaps people - most seem to handle it well but the young girl in white got a direct hit. She runs and jumps to try to catch her... ... ... but she was too late as she hit the ground hard. She kneels down by the girl in white. "Hey... you ok?" she whispers softly. "I can get you help..." She gazes up at Precia, but... she's scared to attack her so just focuses on this girl in white. "I don't know what's going on, but you're one of the good guys, and you got hurt..."
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-03-10 06:12:22 32996
When Nanoha concedes to Precia's demands, Tsubasa waits a moment to see what happens, and then Precia makes good on her word, with a parting blow. She doesn't comment on it, but she stops singign entirely, and focuses on Storm Knight. "I do not protect the city solely from threats that live outside it. Your 'friend' is assisting someone who threatened to turn Tokyo into a charnel house. Don't be fooled that she is doing anything but."

When Storm Knight gets hit and falls down, Tsubasa rushes to catch the falling girl, her motions smooth and well-practiced. "Even if she's not assisting willingly, she's still assisting in a major attack on the city." She adds, though it's a little less harsh, a little more gentle.
Precia Testarossa 2016-03-10 06:24:20 32998
Precia looks on at the devestating affects of her spells. She considers the fallen mages, then turns to regard Fate. "Why?" she asks, arching a brow. "Why?!"

Precia lowers her staff slowly to the rooftop, then takes a single step towards her daughter. "Isn't it obvious, Fate? The question you ought to be asking yourself is not why I attacked them, but why you allowed them to attack me! Is that what you want? For your mother to be attacked by children, uncontested!? Do you want me to suffer, Fate?! Shall I simply die for your amusement!?"
Fate T. Waldia 2016-03-10 06:29:47 32999
    "B-but..." Fate protests, as her mother approaches. "You're stronger than them. You didn't need me to protect you. A-and... they already gave you what you wanted!"

    Fate really doesn't understand why Precia would do that, and this isn't really the conversation she expected to have with her mother. Especially not one she expected to have in public. Yet, she spoke without thinking, and the words are already out.

    "Those are all the Jewel Seeds. Five have appeared and now you have five of them. Aren't you happy with that?"

    Fate mind really is struggling with this. Is this really the mother she remembers? The mother from her memories...? No, she's changed. She's scary now, and Fate can't even begin to comprehend what's going through her mind.

    Yet, it's very much in line with the way Riventon thinks...
Suzuki Natsume 2016-03-10 06:33:06 33003
     And Storm Knight is caught by Tsubasa. When caught, Storm Knight doesn't seem intent on moving, even while held. Not fighting it, just holding still. Possibly because everything hurts. Also because electricity is nasty on the nervous system. And also somewhat incredulous as she listens to Precia's words. But also because she was on the edge of consciousness. She'd already been exhausted. The lightning bolt didn't help at all. .o(And I thought my mom was bad.) She thinks silently to herself.

     Fate begins to talk, begins to protest. And Storm Knight begins to move again. She begins to speak, though her voice is quiet, and weak. "Because. If she hadn't done that, there's the very real chance... we may have taken the chance of distraction... to attack her. I already... did once. What's to say ... I wouldn't do it ... twice?" She falls silent again though, her gaze turning up towards Tsubasa, a mix of thankful and apologetic look towards her. She was tall, she was sure she was heavy.
Nanoha Takamachi 2016-03-10 06:42:24 33007
Nanoha Takamachi hits the ground hard. It hurts and there's a flash of white- not from a spell or a burst of magic just--that's what hitting the ground looks like. She manages to /somehow/ stay awake instead of passing out as she looks up at Prism Keeper Blue... "Sh--she blasted us..." she says.

She stands up-- slowly---painedly--- it looks like she'll fall out, she was telling more for Blue's benefit. Okay she didn't fall unconicous, or if she did- not long enough for Precia and Fate to have left.

"Fate-chan...." she calls out, looking up.

"Your mother threatend to hurt an already wounded city..! S--she isn't going to do anything good with those..."

"'s okay. I know what you're going to say!... that she's your mother!" she says, managing a short smile.

"But...t--that seems to be the truth!" she says shaking a bit. "But that's okay..."

"...I'm not holding back next time..." she says determinedly, loud enough for Precia to hear at least, hopefully.
Precia Testarossa 2016-03-10 06:42:54 33008
Precia gives Fate a pained, wounded look. "I see," she says, "I see now that you no longer love me," she says, then raises her chin, just a little. "One seed from my daughter, and one from her dubiously foolish ally. Three by my own hand," she points out. "You could have acted in my best interests, Fate. You could have retrieved all of these for me. But you did not."

"And it is not enough," Precia says with a faint sigh. "I am pleased to have these five, certainly. But I require the rest, Fate. And now you have made your mother very sad."

Precia reaches up as if to wipe a tear, then whirls her staff before her.

<Dimensional Transfer: Calculating Destination>

A mystic sigil begins to form on the ground at Precia's feet; crackling lightning forms around her as the spell calculates its destination. "Get me those jewel seeds, Fate, and I will forgive you. You are so young; I understand, it is your youth that lends you this misunderstanding. Bring them to me, and I will forgive you. Perhaps then I will be happy."
Fate T. Waldia 2016-03-10 06:47:19 33010
    Fate's expression at her mother is clearly appalled. She... doesn't even know what to think. Then... she frowns. "If you think I did all this work because I don't love you..."

    She doesn't finish that sentence. All she knows is that for once, her mother is leaving, and her mother isn't likely to zap her or torture her. She doesn't try to get caught up in the dimensional transfer spell. Instead, she turns away from her mother, away from her friends, and speeds off as far as her magic will carry her.

    She doesn't know where she wants to be right now, but she's pretty sure it isn't here.
Kaeru Aokawa 2016-03-10 07:05:04 33014
Prism Keeper Blue just watches Nanoha to make sure she won't fall over. "I'm Prism Keeper Blue," she states. "This is... like... my third day being a magical girl. And... wow. This is am ess. I can't tell who's on who's side... that girl in black - is she friend or foe?"
Precia Testarossa 2016-03-10 07:07:47 33016
Precia shakes her head at her daughter. "I think you will never understand the true depth of my love," she replies, though Fate may already be too far away to hear.

<Dimensional Transfer Ready>

Precia sighs and allows the lightning to embrace her. And when it fades, there is only a scorchmark on the roof where she once stood.