Blizzard At The End of the World

Kyouko and Sayaka are re-united in the midst of the furious storm and must rush to catch up with the others.

Date: 2016-03-11
Pose Count: 11
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-11 02:48:40 33141
    After the battle with the DD girls, the group of Magical girls (and boys) had been scattered in the snowstorm at D-point. Some had died during those fateful first few hours. Others had been lost in the storm. Only a few had survived to carry on the battle.

    After Tuxedo Kamen had freed her from the chains that the Orange DD girl had used to bind her, Sayaka had been thrown far away from the others. The image of the Kyouko illusion still fresh in her mind, Sayaka continued to drift further and further away from the others, caught up in the freezing winds and blinding snow, and realizing that her soulgem had grown dangerously dark after using so much of it to stay warm.

    What if the real Kyouko was out there, freezing to death? Really wounded? Surely she should have met up with her by now.."Kyou-chan!!! Where are you!!?" she yells against the roaring winds, but it seems so hopeless. How could she possibly find her in this mess? And where are the others now too? There was supposed to be a cave somewhere nearby, but now she's way off-course.

    "Ugh, dammit...I'm lost.." her pace slows down now, wrapping her thick, fur-lined white cloak around her body, closing her eyes as she attempts to contact any of the Puella telepathically. <<Someone...Anyone...>>
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-11 02:56:40 33146
    Kyouko hasn't been seen by anybody else since the teleport that went so wrong, scattering them about. But Kyouko is tougher than the average magical girl- she's been through things that might have killed somebody else ten times over in her life. She's not about to let a little snowstorm take her down.

    Sayaka's telepathic call goes out through the driving snow and howling wind. At first, it seems like no one has heard her, that she really is all alone out there.. but then suddenly, there's a flash of red through the blowing snow. And a moment after that, Kyouko walks into view, an arm raised against the wind.

    She's not even wearing anything particularly heavy or warm- in her Henshin, her long dress blowing out behind her, using her spear to help her walk through the snow. Maybe she's just in-tune with the idea of being a Puella- her body doesn't matter. It's not like a Soul Gem can freeze, right? Once you realize that.. it stops feeling quite so cold.

    Either way, she zeros in on the sound of Sayaka's telepathic call, and a moment latter is staggering into the blue-haired girl. "Saya-chan!" She calls over the rushing wind. "Oh thank god I found you! I've been wandering around out here for hours!"
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-11 03:07:01 33150
    Sayaka sighs tiredly, her breath coming out raggedly. Perhaps she used too much energy on those damned DD-girls. She's not even sure if they managed to defeat them all, or if they're still out there. But they were tough and tireless, probably natives of this freezing forsaken place.

    Sayaka sighs, about to give up, afraid to use anymore of her soulgem, and yet in her confusion and exhaustion, she's not even sure where she put those spare grief seeds. Had they been scattered when she was hurled away? This is all very hopeless..

    And then, suddenly she sees a spot of red over the snowy horizon, hears her voice. Is it..Is it really Kyouko? Or is it just another illusion? She is initially relieved, happy even to see her Kyou-chan, until she remembers what happened the last time she 'saw' her. Sayaka climbs to her feet, eyes narrowed warily as she draws her sword, pointing it towards Kyouko. "Who are you, really? How can I be certain you're not just another illusion?"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-11 03:11:22 33151
    Kyouko blinks, staggering to a stop as Sayaka draws her sword and points it at her. She stands there in the rushing snow and wind, her skirt and dress fluttering out to the side, her long ponytail blowing in the same direction as she regards the blue-haired girl with her brows drawn together. (Although, knowing Kyouko, asking if it's an illusion isn't actually all that strange!)

    Still, after a moment she raises both hands, leaving her spear stuck into the snow where it stands on its own. "Saya-chan. I dunno what's been happenin' to you out here since we arrived, but.. it's me." She takes another step forward, then stretches her hand out, palm-up, towards her partner.

    She doesn't make any move to push the sword aside, but just extends her hand. "Come on. I can't prove it to you unless you feel for yourself. Take my hand, figure it out, and then let's get the hell out of here. It's colder'n Beryl's backside."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-11 03:25:54 33155
    "......" She continues to stand there, eyeing the red head warily for a few moments. She at least...Seems sincere. The other illusion she had seen of Kyouko hadn't even spoken to her. Perhaps doing so would have given her away even, but even so, Sayaka's run into too many unpleasant surprises out here.

    It's only when Kyouko drops her spear into the ground and offers her hand that Sayaka takes a cautious step towards her, but doesn't lower the sword at all.

    With her other hand, she touches the hand offered her, pulling back quickly as if Kyouko were some vicious animal that might just bite her, but seeing that she is solid and that nothing happens, she chances again, grasping her hand this time, and when the other girl still does not morph into a freaky dragonfly Youma, Sayaka suddenly falls into her arms, hugging her tightly, burying her face in her long red hair.

    "Kyou-chan...." She murmurs, "I thought I'd lost you...!"

    And for a moment, even if they are surrounded by freezing cold, Sayaka feels warmer than she's ever felt before.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-11 03:31:03 33158
    Kyouko's fingers curl slightly when Sayaka touches her hand, but the other girl pulls back before she can grip it, making her frown slightly.. but then Sayaka reaches out again, and this time clasps her hand. Kyouko wears no gloves, and her fingers are cold, but still much warmer than the frigid air surrounding them.

    When Sayaka suddenly rushes forward to hug her, Kyouko gives a short, relieved laugh, folding her arms tightly around the girl and giving her a firm squeeze. "Don't you worry, Saya-chan.. I'll always find you. No matter what. It'll take more than a blizzard at the end of the world to stop me." She stands there for a moment, sheltering in the feel of Sayaka in her arms, seeming to shut out the freezing wind and blowing snow..

    But it can only last for a moment, because if nothing else, Kyouko is a fighter. They came here for a reason. She doesn't push Sayaka away or anything, but she tilts her head back so she can look into the other girl's face. "Saya-chan.. where is everyone else? What happened? I haven't seen anybody since we teleported and I found myself in the middle of all this damned snow."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-11 03:43:29 33161
    For a moment, Sayaka forgets that she is standing in a freezing blizzard in the middle of nowhere, totally lost and without a clue where the others have gone. "Thank you...I shouldn't have doubted you." Her voice grows stronger, finally letting go of the redhead. It would do no good to stand around freezing to death all day!

    "Just before I got thrown off, Homura-san and Madoka-chan combined their powers to create a super powerful attack, trying to clear a path towards the cave up ahead. I think if I can retrace my footsteps in the snow, I should be able to regain my bearings...Oh!"

    She glances around anxiously all of a sudden, "That's right! I dropped a grief seed back there, before I got thrown clear, I think. I can use my soul gem to track it down, and hopefully it'll lead us to the others.."

    It's a shot in the dark, but..Sayaka reaches down, grabbing her soulgem from her stomach and holding it in her hand, she focuses on visualizing the grief seed. Fortunately it seems she didnt lose all the grief seeds, but she doesn't purify her gem just yet, knowing it'll be able to track down the missing seed more easily when it is a little murkier. It gives off a soft glowing pulse, and Sayaka begins to move in a seemingly random direction as the pulse grows stronger. "C'mon, this way!"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-11 03:48:10 33163
    "A cave.. figures." Kyouko sighs. She had never had to /walk/ into the Dark Kingdom while she was Apatite- they just teleported in and out. But a cave certainly seems like a fitting lair.

    When Sayaka pulls out her Soul Gem to try and find a way back by sensing the Grief Seed she dropped, Kyouko grins proudly. "That's my girl." She says. "One of us has gotta be the smart one, after all." She keeps hold of Sayaka's other hand though, if anything curling her fingers tighter through the blue-haired girl's. She won't let them get separated again, no matter what.

    The driving snow makes it impossible to see more than a few feet, but Kyouko trudges willingly along with Sayaka, letting the other girl guide their path, trusting her to get them back to the main group. She grips her spear just as tightly in her other hand. She knows that this fight won't be easy, but she wouldn't be anywhere else. She owed the Dark Kingdom, and she was here to make good on her debts- and to help out her friends.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-11 03:54:48 33166
    "At least I think it was a cave of some sort.." She replies as she continues to follow the trail of her missing grief seed. "They mentionned some sort of shelter from the storm. Besides, I'd take a cave over this freezing weather any day..Aha!"

    She comes to a stop as her soulgem glows brightly, grinning and blushing at Kyouko's comment, "Well, of course! I had to think quickly, right? But I'm relieved I didnt lose all of them..I guess we just gotta start digging, somewhere around here it should be..Hopefully.."

    And with that, Sayaka starts digging through the blistering snow, searching desperately for her grief seed. Her soulgem has been replaced on her stomach, looking like some sort of punkish belly button ring, which is freezing her right now as she tries to preserve magic as much as possible after that terrible battle.

    After a long moment, she finally finds the seed, deeply buried in the snow but no worse for wear. With shivering hands, she touches the near-frozen gem to her soulgem, purifying her own gem. Almost instantly, color comes back to her cheeks as she uses her magic to stave off the cold.

    "Phew, that's better. Now to find that cave..." she peers around, searching for clues. Not too far away is the frozen intertwined figure of Madoka and Homura, standing atop a higher elevation, encased in solid crystalline ice like a pair of beautiful yet tragic lovers, frozen and unmoving..
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-11 03:59:51 33170
    Kyouko helps Sayaka dig through the snow when she finds the place where the Grief Seed should be.. grinning in triumph as Sayaka finds it and uses it to purify her gem. Her own still shines brightly, but she hasn't had to fight anything yet, her magic still mostly intact. Keeping herself warm is barely using any of it, at least so far.

    She doesn't know about Homura and Madoka- even though they rest not far off, the blinding snow keeps her from seeing them, even if she would recognize what she was seeing. Still, the signs of a battle are all around.. and just given the conditions they're in, it's easy to see this is a pretty dire situation.

    Kyouko is a 'never say die' kinda gal, but she has a bad feeling about this whole deal. Her survival instincts, finely honed from years of looking out for herself, are telling her to run. But she's still got business here. She hesitates a moment as they prepare to move on.

    "Saya-chan.. thank you for coming. I know you're mostly here because of me, and.. well. If we don't make it out.." Her cheeks redden slightly more than just from the cold. She glances away. "I love you, Saya-chan. Thank you." The words are almost lost in the rushing wind, but she says them anyway.

    Then, before the other girl has a chance to embarass her further, she grabs her hand again and begins towing her in the direction all the snowy footprints seem to lead from here. "C'mon, we can still catch up!"
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-11 04:11:55 33175
    Sayaka smiles, putting the grief seed safely away. She hasn't used it all and is trying to preserve her powers after going all out against the DD girls. "Well, I don't see them around here, I wonder if that means they were defeated..Or chased after the others.." She frowns, "I guess there's only one way to find out!"

    But which way did they go? She peers around, spying Homura and Madoka, frozen together..Were they still alive? Were they dead? It was difficult to tell from here. She gasps, taking a step towards them. "Homura-san...Madoka-chan....No..." She shakes her head in disbelief, "They sacrificed themselves..For the others..." Tears well in her eyes, shaking her head in disbelief. There was so much she wanted to say to the both of them...Why does it have to end like this!?!!?

    But then Kyouko makes another startling confession, causing her face to turn bright red. For a moment, she is distracted, and realizing that she cant afford to lose anymore people she cares about. "Kyou-chan..." Sayaka murmurs, not sure how to begin to respond to such a confession, even if her heart resonates to the same tune.

    Then suddenly she grabs her hand and they're running off in the direction of the footprints, running away from her dearest childhood friend. "Homura-san...Madoka-chan..I promise, your sacrifices wont be in vain!"