Birds of a Feather

CONTENT WARNING: Character death. Cure Gull and Miss White in the Dark Kingdom against one of Beryl's elite youma. With all that dark energy Hannah's carrying around, things don't go as one might expect-- but Gull will protect those she loves.

Date: 2016-03-12
Pose Count: 17
Queen Beryl 2016-03-12 01:42:00 33245
Cure Gull had been moving with the group... groups... one or the other. It's hard to keep track, with the way the world twists and turns, the way caves seem to have passages appear and disappear. The trek has been long enough it's almost not that abnormal to notice the person you were talking to is gone and there's another confused-but-seeking group of heroes moving deeper into the caves. Yet the loss of the snow shows them that they're making progress, and it's getting oddly warmer - and a lot creepier.

And that's when Gull, making her way down a cave path, turns around - and the path the was in is gone. And for the first time in a while, it's not the labrynth-like cave network that's the problem. It's that she's in a large room, with shadowed stalagmites and Stalactites on the roof and celings.

And a familiar laugh Cure Gull heard in the fight in which Homura and Madoka were entombed can be heard. There's only two distinct pitches, but in the echoing cave, they're very hard to locate.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-12 01:46:20 33246
Cure Gull had been traveling with Kamen, Sailor Moon, that Frost Knight fellow, Sayaka and Homura and Madoka and Firebird and Mikoto. Then that group became Kamen, Sailor Moon, Sayaka and Firebird and Mikoto.

Then that group became a lone Cure Gull who'd found herself cut off from everyone somehow. Well. This was... scary in a few ways. "Hello?" she calls out into the echoing cavern--- expecting someone anyone to say 'Gull, over here!' or 'We're over here! Hurry up!' instead...

All she gets a slightly familiar sinister laugh. She uses her wings to hover somewhere in the middle between the floor and the ceiling- the glowing green translucent wings not particularly hiding herself-- but when has she ever hid?

"Nrg, those reject lingerie models..." she mutters under her breath.


Yeah she's trying to egg them out. This may not work. They have the advantage. Why would they choose to break it?
Queen Beryl 2016-03-12 02:00:31 33247
On the bright side, this time, there's no burst of cold winter air, or blinding snow. Just shadows and cover. At first, it doesn't seem like they're taking the bait, until suddenly out of the corner of Gull's eye, one of the stalagmites is torn free of the floor, and hurled violently at Gull by a new youma-girl with grey skin and a short bob cut in a steel color.

That attack is joined by an attempt to prevent Gull from retreating, a large burst of heat and fire erupting behind her and cutting off a dodging avenue.

"Well even if that was true" the red one says from behind her "it won't be the case once we've burned your corpse to a crisp!"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-12 02:03:58 33248
Miss White had been wandering for the past few days. Through empty streets, through the cold, utterly aimless. Youma that had come upon her were ruthlessly sliced to pieces. She'd met a few Eclipse members outside her immediate circle, but they hardly helped the half-crazed magical girl. Some even encouraged her behaviour, at least until they thought she was about to shove a sword down their throats.

Then the text message came from Ami. In her Dark Magic addled mind, she /remembered/. She made a promise. She had to keep it.

Soon enough, Gull was no longer alone. Wind bursts through the cave, black and oppressive and seething with barely contained fury and hatred for the world around it. Her Barrier Jacket shredded and ragged, now more a vague cloak around her body after so many days of wandering and fighting anything that she came across. Her eyes glow, her hair wild and elongated down to her shoulders. Even her teeth as she lands into the cold cavern seem pointed.

That great blade she'd been dragging around slams into the rock, piercing it like butter as she uses it to shove herself to her feet. Exhaustion is clear in her now too-pale face as she slowly turns to Gull. An animalistic growl exits her mouth.

The monster that Miss White has become raises her greatsword, and has a choice. One person here tickles the back of her brain. She knows them, but can't quite remember where and why. These others?

The blade falls, and utterly shatters the jutting rock tossed at Gull. The one-armed magical girl lets out a howl of pain and fury, rushing bob-cut'd in a single leap, black winds swirling around her weapon as she seeks to cut her in half. She doesn't bother with defense: this pure, unadulterated berserker rage and aggression, moving into sweeping strikes of that massive blade, churning up bits of the cavern wherever she swings!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-12 02:08:24 33249
Cure Gull sort of floats there--- trying to gauge what's going on. Nrg, she doesn't want to play hide and seek in the dark. Not alone at least. This is pretty much the worst thing right now. She moves to float forward when she see movement just out of the corner of her eye---

She moves to try to get out of the way-- but suddenly--it shatters?... which frees up the direction to dive downwards away from the fire-- thanks to----


Her eyes finally lock onto her savior here.

"Oh no....."

Please... not here. Why are you here. Why now!? No No No NO!

This is the WORST PLACE for Hannah to be right now in this state.

What if something controls her further to be used into a weapon against them!? What if she eats something bigger than her head that makes this change permenant..w...what if---


She moves to slam a wind infused punch into the mass of stalagmites behind her. She doesn't even know that's where the DD girl is or not.
Queen Beryl 2016-03-12 02:21:08 33252
The burst of oppressive black wind pushes the fire back, and the Red Youma-Girl skirks back from it. She takes cover amidst the salagmites, harassing both Gull and the Demon-hannah with orbs of fire, streaking out like bright motes in the dark cave.

The Grey DD Girl jumps back, away, to the side - each time narrowly avoiding one of the snarling Hannah's attacks. "Hey now! Shouldn't you be on our side, crazy?" the girl says, generating a wall of a mixture of purple and silver crystals out of nowhere to defend herself from Hannah's blade. The blade shatters the wall, but when the wall shatters, glistening shrapnel erupts into the cave. Moments later, the grey DD Girl dives out from the cover of a stalacite, leg outstetched for a vicious kick to Gull!
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-12 02:30:53 33256
Burning orbs slam into Miss White, pushing her back as she brings the blade down to swipe away the last few shots aimed at her. She can't completely protect Gull. Instead, she focuses on what she's good at right now: killing.

Shrugging off a few scorched bits fo barrier jacket, only to have her side filled up with crystalline shrapnel. With no shield to protect herself with, she bleeds, darkness itself filling her wounds to protect her body. That blade leaks corruption and darkness.

"Weak! WEAK! YOU'RE ALL TOO WEAK! I'LL DEVOUR YOU! GIVE ME YOUR POWER!" Howls out Hannah ravenously to the Grey DD Girl, before she's off to kick at Gull. She gets ignored in favor of the one taking cover. Another quick leap that has her nearly cresting the cave's ceiling ends in a landing horizontal slash, aiming to cut apart-and through- every bit of cover the fire DD girl has! She screams with every strike, a wild beast seeking and hunting. Without even her Device's magical senses to rely on, she simply has her hearing and other senses to work with. Hannah's still very good at it.

Eventually, she slams the blade into the ground, her hand trying to grab the redhead, and shove a wild ball of black cutting wind energy straight into her chest!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-12 02:34:01 33257
SMASH goes the stalagmites and Gull waits to see what comes of it. What comes of it!--- is the grey DD girl coming in from a different sent of stalagmites. She isn't able to block this. She's distracted and it's showing--- the kick sends her flying against another one of the pointy floor outcroppings as she rebounds off of it with an awful cracking sound. Yeah. That hurt a lot.

She gets back to her feet slowly as she raises her hands up. She has to get her head back in the game- though she still tries to dedicate some attention to watching Hannah--she's... she's not really there right now. Is she. This is just... instinct or something that drew her here. Nrg. This is just dumb luck isn't it?

Oh lord she's talking about eating power /DAMMIT/. DAMMIT DAMMIT she bets these girls taste fricken awful anyways.

Okay she--she needs to try to finish this quick---

She summons up wind across her hands and flys forward with her wings--aiming to try to chop into the grey DD girl with all her might fast and hard to send her flying against another stalagmite.

"There's too much of this world worth fighting for, for me to just give up, grey and ghastly---" she mutters. "If ya'll want BBQ'ed seagull you'll have to do better than that!" she snaps.
Queen Beryl 2016-03-12 02:54:20 33265
The shattering wave of energy unleashed by the energized Hannah shatters the field of rock, leaving the Red one exposed now. She narrowly avoids getting grabbed by Hannah - to the point where she's right in front of her. Quiickly, the red one's hands come together and unleash a cone of bright orange fire, with black at the edges of the flames where normally the white-hot heat would be, hopefully close enough to Hannah that the girl will have bought time to figure out what to do without the cover. It'd probably burn a normal human to a crisp, but Hannah isn't a mere human even normally, much less now.

It turns out 'all her might' is pretty substantial, and Gull's windstorm forces the grey girl through and into a stalagmite, through it, and into another one. But she staggers to her feet, and suddenly, from her palms comes a blast of purple, crystaline slivers, little needles of dark crystal that soar through the air back at Gull. "How about shishkebab?" the grey Girl says, snarling, and her voice makes a clicking, insectoid sound as she ducks away again. These girls obviously seem unwilling - or maybe unable - to engage in a toe-to-toe fight.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-12 03:10:58 33273
Burning flame blasts Hannah right in the face, sending her tumbling backwards to the ground. She's still for a moment, the scent of burning hair and flesh tangible for a moment before more of the Dark magic running through her veins lessens the damage, flowing out from the sword she's wielding.

Slowly, she getst o her feet, shaking her head as she shrugs off the blow. A low, rumbling chuckle exits her mouth as she simply walks towards the Red Headed fire wielder, blade raised and already drawing in the ambient dark magic as well as her own reserves. A veritable tornado of evil energy swirls above her blade, a manic grin on Miss White's face!

"DIE!" Howls the girl. She's always fought her enemies, but never has she aimed to kill other humans. She's enjoyed a fight, but the smile shows hints of enjoying inflicting pain and suffering. The Hannah Gull knows is buried very deep within, and little sign of her is in this thing wearing her body: all instinct and baser desires with none of her restraint or dignity in her violence. Hannah is savoring the kill, and for now, not caring for what happens to Gull.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-12 03:18:42 33276
Cure Gull already knows something is wrong with Hannah. She knows that, as much as she really, really, truly wants it to be true right now- that Hannah isn't /really/ here. It's not helping that the darkness, the coldness of this place is getting into the dark recesses of Gull's own mind. She was /here/ once before. She was barely concious through it. When--- one of those grey suited jerks whisked her away to her for--- for----

She has to shake it off- but by the time she regains her senses-- she's feeling the prickling of a lot of small dark needles piercing her side-- she squeals out-- lowly. Not a full on yell. That hurts. It hurts like agony and burning and the cold that permates this damn place.

She can still move. She can still fight. But right now her vision is sort of twisty and glazing over. That's okay.

She only has to get a glance---

She attempts to throw a powerful torrent of air as she calls out: 'Gull Windy Burst!'--- trying to hone in on the DD girl that's gone into hiding.

These things aren't looking for a fair fight. Darkness often does not fight fair.
Queen Beryl 2016-03-12 03:29:23 33281
Darkness doesn't fight fair - but this also applies to the Dark Energy burning Hannah, as she walks through the best that the Red D Girl can offer her - shutting out the pain and with singular focus on her hostile objective.

And this time she does successfully grab the red DD girl, hand clutching her by the neck and lifting her as high as she can, sword pulsing with power and energy, poised to deliver the finishing blow to the youma!

Gull's windstorm keeps Gull safe from any more attacks - but the grey girl is no longer singularly focused on Gull. While each of his sisters are expendable, the way Hannah's killing attention is focused on the red youma-girl means there's a clear opening. Gull will see it, a stalagmite in the distance suddenly transformed by foul dark magic, becoming jagged and barbed and bladed, picked up by the grey girl even though it's about the size of a car, and hurled with all of her force at Hannah. The wrong angle for Windy Storm to be able to intercept from here, and possibly too heavy and bulky to be blown off course. And that course if to put the point through Hannah's heart from the back.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-12 03:41:43 33283
Cure Gull blasts the place where the grey girl was but---she isn't there anymore. Nrg---she begins looking around frantically and tries to shut out the pain. She can worry about pulling all these needles from herself later. When this is done she'll have all the time to worry about this discomfort.

Something is moving up above again. There's some sort of shift. Oh no...

Hannah's too crazed right now to see it. She can call out. But there's a chance her voice won't reach Hannah in her state.

She could try to push it out of the way---but wind takes time to travel.

She could form change and summon an ice shield..! But... she doesn't have time to change AND get the ice shield up. Her mind races through every possibility in a second--- nonono--- there's really only ONE thing that's fast enough to even get there in time- and it's her.

Turn into a sudden beam of green energy--- something Hannah might remember-- somewhere, from the time she rescued her from underneath all that happen- Gull travels in all but an instant before there's a green burst directly behind Hannah of Gull also unfurling from that form----

She tries to blast it with wind---trying to knock it off course- but there's too much force behind it. It's the size of a small car---all she does it cause it wobble on the course for it's intended target...

Well. It doesn't quite hit it's intended target. Gull put herself in the way on purpose---and when it's entirely too clear she's failing she just sort of wraps her arms around herself---

Then her wings---

She thinks.. maybe if I think Happy thoughts...

Maybe if I belive....

Maybe if I love Hannah enough...

The stagacite doesn't hit it's intended target- but it does hit Gull square in the chest- it's sharp and all there is, is a quiet gasp of---


Then her wings sort of splash off and away in a sickly manner that suggests they were forced off-- then she just begins to free fall from the sky.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-12 04:10:54 33289
Jagged death looms over Hannah, and she barely even notices. There's only the kill, the power inside of this youma ready for the taking. Her blade rises, a grim smile on Hannah's face as she savors the moment just before taking her prey for her own!

A green burst catches her attention, staving off the DD girl's end. There's the sound of stone-on-flesh, and something falls. A familiar voice calls out, and in the fog of her mind, memories flare.

Gull falls right into the grasp of Miss White, her sword falling from her grip. She cradles the body that she catches. Warmth hits her: as those wings splash off, and worst, red blood coating her dark suit.

Sightless, unfocused eyes lose their glow. Lucidity slowly dawns as the fog in her mind clears. She's here with someone important. Someone she loves. The corruption and ecstacy of pure power lift, as she finally processes who's in her arms, where she is, and just what has happened.

"" Comes Hannah's creaking voice, as if waking from a dream. Her body begins to tremble, touching that wound. Her brain can already tell. Her heart refuses to accept it.

"Ha...runa!? Wh...what happened!? Where...where are we!? HARUNA! Hey! Hey, I'm right here! You just hang in there, okay? You' fine. You'll be fine. You're strong. So just...hang in there!" The now manic Hannah begs, denying reality, the entire world reduced to looming despair and a heartache and pain greater than any she's felt in her life. Tears drip down her eyes as she hugs the Pretty Cure, her dear love close, panic already rising.
Queen Beryl 2016-03-12 04:28:34 33294
The red DD girl is impaled by Hannah, and detonates suddenly and sharply in a burst of fire and ichor (and flaming ichor). It's strange, perhaps, the way she laughs as she does - and the way the laugh seems to carry on in the way the flames flicker.

Of course, there's just the small manner of the cave around them - and the grey one who just traded for his sister. Sensing the damage she'd dealt, and realizing that she was now outnumbered, the grey DD girl just laughs again, that laugh echoing through the cavern, as she retreats to join more of her sisters in the continuing hunt for invaders. Well, the sisters that remain, anyways.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-12 04:49:28 33300
Cure Gull has a few thoughts that goes through her head as she falls. All of them are pretty terrible. She can see the ground blurrily coming up fast. She knows she isn't surviving this fall. She's bleeding out. She can't fly. There's a world of sharp staglamites on the ground that's racing up towards her. Who'll tell her sister? Will Corvus be okay? She isn't worried about Hannah... Hannah has lots of other friends who'll fix that situation. She can count on Suzu-chan or Riventon or Mikoto or Minoke or any of them.

She sees the flash of the DD girl going up... and then---

She's caught. There's no sigh of relief. If Hannah can bother to listen to Raging Tempest, Tempest can tell Hannah that right now, Gull is dying. She's bleeding out. There's no hospitals or even a radio signal this deep in another realm. For moment there's a glow of hope across her face. "H--hannah! It's really you...!" she says, because oh my god, it's Hannah and not the thing that's making her crazy---but that quickly gets overshadowed by the situation quick. "Dark Kingdom. Y--you need to find Mamo-kun. and the others. They need h-help, Hannah-chan..."

"...I got seperated. Everyone's been getting seperated...this place plays with you...I hate it..."

"...hahaha I'm babbling. My minds going..."

"Ha... they were gonna kill you..."

She frantically pats her head a moment-- she unhooks her feather hairclip and removes it, before she shakily slides it into Hannah's own hair. "I can't go with you. I'm so sorry..."

"I love you Hannah-chan... don't forget that... I know you won't..."

"It's so cold..." she mutters--- she's begins to slowly loose conciousness--- she's obviously doing her best to keep her eyes open but it just isn't happening-- and soon. They are.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-12 05:12:36 33305
Even as the echo of their last enemy hits her ears, she barely hears it. All of Hannah's attention is on the dying girl in her arm. She clings to Gull, pressing her forehead gently to Haruna's. There's no pride in her gaze, only sorrow as she finally realizes that nothing can be done.

"No! Haruna, please! Don't...don't leave me! Not now! Not...not to those thieving bastards! You're too bright. Too loving! Don't you realize idiot! Sacrificing yourself, and for me?" She squeezes the girl as gently as she can.

"I'm not worth your life..."

A shakey hand places that hairclip in her own. Miss White sucks in a breath, and slowly, she wipes away her tears. The pain dulls for a moment into purpose. Even as those beautiful eyes close, she leans in, giving one final kiss to Gull's forehead.

"I will find him, and the senshi, Gull. I promise." She whispers, pressing the girl's head to her chest, and gently stroking the back of her head until she finally grows still.

Only then does she finally break down into sobs. The pain doesn't go away, but the tears finally dry. Sliding that hairclip into her own hair, she touches Gull. If she can manage it, her body will end up in one of her company's cryo chambers.

Only then does she grab her blade, and heft it across her shoulders.

"HEY! DO YOU HEAR ME, DARK KINGDOM!? I'M COMING FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! I'M GOING TO MAKE A MOUNTAIN OUT OF YOUR CORPSES FOR HER!" She howls, all of that rage and dark energy refined into vengeance and hatred, lucidity and madness mixing with a promise.