My TV's Not A Phone! Duh!!

Valeria makes a fruit smoothie for Runealy and herself and the two discuss the amazing technology that can be found on Earth.

Date: 2016-03-13
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Valeria Barun 2016-03-13 00:58:08 33412
    The new world of Earth is magnificent in it's plethora of technological devices, both type and quantity. You can't go ten feet in Tokyo without seeing a dozen things that simply do not exist in Waldia. Now that they don't have a mission that is on a clock Valeria is taking the time to better get to know these things. Whereas before she was content with 'plug this end into the wall and this end to your phone to charge it' she is now incredibly curious about the way things work and what the mysterious force that allows them to work is.

    As such it's late afternoon and the young lady has just finished vacuuming the floors of the house that are carpeted, taking a keen interest in the way it does it's job. Vacuuming also isn't especially easy in wide skirts, but she makes due. After she finishes she goes into the kitchen, unboxing and plugging in a brand new high end blender. Before using it she stands in the kitchen reading the entire instruction and maintenance manual, which might look rather odd. After taking care of the box and it's packaging she gets cuts up market bought fruit (just coming out of winter, modern shipping is a marvel!) and places it inside with a good amount of and ice (Ice, real ice, made in your own home!), and much grinding, crunching, and whirring can be heard from the kitchen as it's blended up into a fresh, healthy, and delicious smoothie.

    She pours the contents into two tall glasses before immediately cleaning the blender out because the manual told her to(because of course it did), and then exits the kitchen to go find Runealy, checking the living room first and following up with her bedroom if she doesn't find her there. "Rune! Would you believe it if I told you I managed to make us a delicious snack that combines the best qualities of both summer and winter in only ten minutes? The things you can do in this world are truly amazing!"
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 02:01:13 33423
Some of these things, Rune simply hasn't noticed. Others have been loud enough that she has simply shied away from them when it became obvious the weird box Valeria was pushing around the floor wasn't hurting her (the princess at least checked on that much).

The container that made even louder noises while pulverizing things in what may as well have been a contained tornado was even weirder, and once again Rune only poked in long enough to make sure it wasn't destroying the house or Valeria.

She doesn't get far after that, being in the living room when Valeria comes looking for her. "Run that by me again? You did what? How'd you combine two seasons into a snack?" That's not quite what her cousin said. Rune is nonetheless curious now, eyes raised as she stands up from one of the couches.
Valeria Barun 2016-03-13 02:19:22 33425
    Valeria mostly doesn't notice when Rune checks in to make sure things aren't being damaged by virtue of the very loudness that drew the Princess' attention. When she comes out of the kitchen and finds her cousin nearby she offers a bright smile while holding out to her one of the two glasses, "The fruit of summer combined with the frost of winter!"

    The glass is cold enough to have gotten some condensation on it by now, and contains the distinctive flavors of strawberries and pineapple. "The device I used to make it is a type of grinding machine called a 'blender'. It's powerful enough to crush ice and cuts finely enough to puree fruit." She takes a sip of her own and smiles happily at the result. "Amazing! The sharp flavor is type of fruit that can only be grown in tropical lands but was transported here quickly enough that it was still ripe. The variety of everything available to the people of this world is incredible, Rune. If a special shipment had just arrived it would be one thing, but when I asked I was told these are available year round."
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 02:28:53 33426
Rune blinks a few times at the glass presented, confused but hesitantly taking one nonetheless. She stares hard at its contents even as Valeria explains what's going on. "Ohh, so that 'blender type' cell phone was taking those things and..." Voice trailing off, the princess mentally envisions what went on; her unspoken conclusion ends up being vaguely close enough to make some sense of how this drink got here.

"And they got it here that fast? Amazing, but I'd believe it. Their vehicles are way faster than ours, and that's probably true for their ships too from the sounds of it. But this... is how it turned out?"

Seeing as Valeria has already tried it, Rune cautiously tilts her own glass back... then goes wide-eyed. "Whoa! I've tasted things kind of close to that before, but that's something else!" It turns out she's not upset by the flavor, merely surprised by the novelty; another sip is taken with a more mild reaction. "Where'd you figure all this out?"
Valeria Barun 2016-03-13 02:44:48 33431
    Valeria looks curiously at Runealy for a moment before nodding slightly, "Yes, it was breaking them down and mixing them together." With the mention of the vehicle speed her eyes widen a little, "It's not just that, but they have ways of keeping everything cold inside, like our own refrigerator and freezer. Whole large compartments of ships and other vehicles! That's how they keep it fresh all the way over. It's like ice packing, but they can do it year round."

    She eagerly drinks more of her own smoothie when her cousin reacts to the taste and then nods happily. "I looked the blender up online when I was thinking of buying it in the store and the people who made it had all kinds of wonderful ideas of how to use it. This was one of the ones they specifically mentioned. It's called a 'smoothie'. It's actually very simple- you just cut up fruit, put in ice, press a button and it does everything else for you."

    After taking another sip Valeria regards her cousin carefully for a moment before starting to speak in a cautious tone, "Rune, pardon me if I'm being impolite, but do you refer to all the inventions of this world as 'cell phone's for aesthetic reasons?" She gives a brief pause and hedges her question with, "It does have a certain charm..!"
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 02:53:20 33436
"Year round, and on a scale like..." Rune's voice trails off once more as she ponders ship-based refrigeration. With enough product that... " could make whole new businesses out of that. Or at least new markets served that you couldn't reach before." For all her faults and ignorance, the princess does understand some aspects of commerce; a father whose background was in trade before marrying in to the royal family will help with learning about that sort of thing.

As for the drink, she's going through it at a more regular pace now that her mouth is familiar with the flavor. "I don't know what all this 'smoothie online' stuff is about, but it tastes pretty nice. Thanks for bringing me one! Still, what's the problem? 'Cell phone.' That's what their inventions are called, right? It's how they were introduced to me." Glass lowered, Rune looks very confused; there's apparently some kind of problem here, some mistake being made, but she has literally no idea what it might be.
Valeria Barun 2016-03-13 03:18:33 33441
    "Yes, exactly! This entire world has goods being shipped from every corner to every other corner. Just imagine if the Capital shipped fabric to Lormia, who purchased the fabric, bought dye from an entirely different province to dye it with, and then sewed the now dyed fabric into clothing. Now imagine they did enough of this to supply clothing for all three provinces. That is the kind of thing that happens on Earth. The volume of commerce is immense. It isn't hard to see how they've advanced so far, with the ability to produce products and bring in so very much revenue. Imagine how much profit there must be in supplying fashionable clothing to an entire kingdom?" Valeria waves her hands around at various modern things in the room; the TV, the couches, even the light fixtures themselves. "Everything in this house was likely produced that way."

    The young lady reaches up and brushes some of her lavender hair over her shoulder, suddenly feeling a bit more self-conscious than usual, "You're welcome, Rune. I'm pleased you are enjoying it as much as I am." She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her cell phone, her actual cell phone, and gives the other girl a polite smile. "I'm afraid you may have been accidentally misinformed. This," she lifts the phone for emphasis, "is a cell phone, but that term refers only to these kinds of small handheld communication devices. These other things," she waves again at the TV, and other electronic devices commonly misreferenced, "are not."

    Her smile gets even more apologetic and she looks embarrassed to admit, "What you've been doing has been akin to calling every animal you see a horse, or every type of baked pastry a cake." After a short moment she giggles, only to reach up and cover her mouth with her hand, eyes widening a little as she worries she might have upset her cousin.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 03:28:56 33446
Mention of certain provinces goes unrealized by Rune; she silently assumes Valeria is making up names just for the sake of example and opts not to question it. Indeed, the example itself is more interesting because she doesn't realize real places aside from the capital are being used in this hypothetical scenario. "Wait, so you're saying this is world-wide, or close enough to it that it may as well be, and..." The princess' eyes go wide as her mind visualizes even the most basic premise of what that involves. "...Wow," is all she can say to that; it's staggering, when such an operation would be very expensive and probably impossible to all but a handful of very ambitious and wealthy operations back home. She's not even sure if there /are/ companies capable of it at all.

This topic ends up giving way to another one just as interesting, for more worrying reasons as she leans her head to follow each item pointed out. "Okay, sure, that's a cell phone, I get you. But isn't that a television ce... no... wait, are you... wait, wait." That was a very stumbling, confused mess of a sentence. It reflects its speaker's mind well.

The laugh in turn causes Rune to wince as the truth starts to sink in. "In other words, I've been looking really, really stupid for a while now, haven't I." This is not quite a question. It's more a flat-toned statement of fact. "People must think we're all pretty dumb, if 'the princess' can't even figure that out..." And /that/ realization is less dry, more low and worried.
Valeria Barun 2016-03-13 03:45:02 33450
    Valeria smiles, "It really is amazing. I think I'd like to see how they manage it all sometime. Their ships must either be very large or very numerous." Probably both, she realizes after a moment.

    She feels a little bad when Runealy's reaction to her revelation is indeed upset, and then worried when that upset is turned inward rather than outward. "I'm not sure about that, Rune. After all one of your own Knights didn't correct you, and I doubt he would do such a thing if it was making you look dumb. Instead I think they might have found it... endearing?" She shakes her head a little, "I didn't think that was the sort of thing you'd do on purpose but I wanted to be a little more sure before I asked."

    After stepping a little closer Valeria reaches out to set a hand on her cousins shoulder, "Besides, you had far more important things on your mind. Things like saving your Kingdom and world from an army of demons. I didn't realize it until after we came back myself."
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 03:55:15 33452
"No, I was trying to learn and do this right," Rune insists even as Valeria offers a calming hand. "Guess I need to either start paying more attention, or asking for the correct name for a lot of these things. Where'd you figure all this out, so fast?" She's making eye contact, at least. Eyes that look somewhere between curious, confused, and lingering on some self-incrimination over the sheer scope of the mistake and over-imagined consequences.
Valeria Barun 2016-03-13 04:09:07 33456
    Valeria sets down her drink and gets her phone out again, moving beside Runealy so they can both look at the screen. She opens up the web browser, navigates to Google, slowly types in 'television', and then follows the first link to Wikipedia before scrolling down to show Runealy just how much information is available. "There are repositories of all kinds of information that you can connect to with your cell phone. It really is incredible; almost moreso than even their transport capabilities. They have information on almost anything you can think of if you know what to ask for."

    She moves to a more normal, comfortable standing position before explaining, "I'm very curious about all the amazing devices they have in this world. One of the people I asked about one of them told me to 'Google it', and once they showed me what they meant..." She gives a little shake of her head, "I started 'Googling' everything!" After a pause she notes, "Don't worry, even Google doesn't know anything about our home."
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 04:32:42 33463
Rune follows, cautious. She has seen computers before, and often wondered why there was one here in this house. They made little sense to the alien princess, and despite being curious about what they can do... she was somewhat afraid of the things without some kind of guidance.

Watching Valeria give a practical example is another mind-blowing moment, one causing her to lean in to peer over her c ousin's shoulder to check out the screen. "Well, I'm glad that this Google guy, whoever he is, doesn't know everything about us right off. Still... this is incredible! You just wrote about the thing, and it showed you art of what it is and lets you read about it all right here? The closest we get back home is having topics divided by book, and you have to ask where it is in the library. But someone just told you about how to do this, like it was nothing?"
Valeria Barun 2016-03-13 04:44:39 33467
    Valeria nods, letting out an embarrassed laugh, "Not only did they tell me how to do it they acted like I was foolish for not knowing about it. People here not only have an immense repository of knowledge available to them, but they also treat it as dismissively as we would a hairbrush; there to be used when we need it but otherwise unimportant. I think they're so accustomed to it that they don't realize just how useful it is."

    Going off of Runealy's comment she goes back to Google, changes it to an image search, "Look what happens when you ask it to show you atwork itself." She writes the word 'artwork' in and tells it to search, and only a moment later a vast number of paintings, mosaics, drawings and photographs of innumerable styles appear on the screen. "They have entire museums at their fingertips!"
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 04:46:51 33470
"Really?" Rune isn't casting doubt on this, her tone is one of curiosity and confusion. "They think it's that commonplace? I guess I can see it, but... wow. Though, hold on." She pulls away from Valeria to give her some space, but nonetheless watches the images on display. "Something's missing. How do artists ask for patronage if we're viewing it without being there?"
Valeria Barun 2016-03-13 04:53:21 33474
    Valeria looks away from her phone and nods, "They do. I would be more surprised... but I never understood just what it might be like to go without food until I walked to the Barrier Shrine. Perhaps they are simply unaware of what it is to be without knowledge?" On the question of patronage the young lady blinks. "I... I'm not sure, Rune." She makes a bit of a face before smiling, "But if you'd like, perhaps we could find out together?" Her eyes go back to the almost magical font of knowledge held in her hands.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 05:21:09 33483
The idea of storehouses of knowledge being as common as food, and the comparison of what life is like when you're living in what amounts to a 'house of trash', drives the point home to Rune; she actually rocks back a half-step, recoiling from the realization with a gasp. "That... that makes a lot of sense, now. Well... no point worrying about it too much, I guess. After all, we can find out,"

She moves to pull a chair over to sit beside Valeria, "and it looks like you've got an idea how to do it, so, I'm in!"