Bringing Some Color To Virtue

Reiko and Hoshi take a special trip to Seiyou Public, where they meet with Tadase, Amu, and Kukai for their introduction to Virtue. Afterwards, Amu shares some of her innermost thoughts to her Guardian friends.

Date: 2016-03-15
Pose Count: 39
Kukai Souma 2016-03-15 19:13:17 33844
It is a beautiful, clear day in Tokyo. Once the freak storms and massive blackouts and other occurances had passed, spring had stepped in to begin the process of healing the planet. Trees were beginning to turn green and pink, birds were returning from warmer climes, and warmth was more common than freezing cold all the time.

Unfortunately, the staff of Seiyou Public School had a thought on the matter - this was all fine and good, but it didn't stop the need for classes. So it finds Kukai, Tadase, and Amu all in the Royal Garden again, almost at the end of the school day, and Kukai, at least, hasn't stopped grinning since he returned to Tokyo.
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-15 19:28:18 33845
Tadase leans back, hands interlocked behind his head, looking around at the royal garden. There's a pile of papers in front of him. "Man. Save the world, and I'm still sitting here doing paperwork next week." he says, grumping, albeit good-naturedly.

Kiseki looks up from the table, where he's laying and (poorly) drawing a picture of himself punching Queen Beryl in the face. "A King's work is never done, Tadase." he says, solemnly.

"Still... it's nice to be back to this sort of thing. A lot more calming. And the Royal Garden is like a second home."
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-15 19:37:55 33846
Amu Hinamori is, typically, exempt from paperwork at the garden. Why is anyone's guess, but as is usual, the pink-haired 'Joker' is busy watching the charas play, rather than helping Tadase and Kukai with the real work. Su, Ran, Miki, and Yoru are all similarly laying down, drawing pictures of their own.

Of course, only Miki's is actually recognizeable as anything other than stick figures, but the others are at least cute. Su is drawing pictures of flowers, Ran of cheerleading, and Yoru ... Yoru is drawing fish. Miki is keeping her drawing a secret.

Amu smiles at Kiseki's interjection, amused at the little chara, but clearly she is busy dwelling in thought rather than actually paying attention to what's going on around her.
Reiko Touyama 2016-03-15 19:41:51 33847
Reiko Touyama gets off the bus in front of Seiyou-- the normal city transit bus- it's after school- and looks behind at Hoshi! "Okay! I know.. that.. Virtue has people here! Because--I was told that!-- and besides. Tadase goes here! As does Kukai and Amu! So, we should find SOMEONE regardless..." she says as she as she smiles widely. "So let's talk a little about it to them." she says.

"I don't think they'll mind. It's a lovely a day as ever, right?" she asks to Hoshi.

Two tiny orange koi were following her around. They seemed to be a chipper happy mood, holding fins and following after Reiko. Reiko herself seemed really, really upbeat.

She'd walk through the school grounds and ask. and ask. and ask. Until she was pointed to the 'Royal Garden', following along the path and peeking in. Oh, there's others here!

Oh, it's like. /all three people/ she mentioned. "Oh!" she interjected.

"Oh hello!" she says waving at the three. "Hi Tadase, Amu and Kukai-sans!" she says with a short bounce to her step!
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-15 19:49:00 33848
Hoshi is following along, a pair of stars shining brightly next to her head. One has a lasso and has been trying to catch one of Reiko's koi, the other is spinning around Hoshi's head like crazy. The girl looks around, and recognizes only one of the faces present.

"Hey Kukai-san. Everyone." She bows politely, "I am Hoshi Kogane. It's nice to meet you." She walks one step closer, her inflections and manner suggesting an upper class background.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-15 19:59:23 33849
Kukai Souma looks up as he hears the door to the Royal Garden open, half-expecting to see Nadeshiko or one of the Seiyou students, but who he sees brings an even bigger smile to his face as he stands up and goes over, giving both girls a pat on the shoulder and walking them over to the table. "Hoshi! Reiko! Hey!"

He escorts the two of them up to the table. "Tadase-san, Amu-chan, this is Hoshi and Reiko. Tadase-san, they were both in my February report to you? But this is them in real life. Please, sit down you two, we've got plenty of chairs." He goes back around to his seat, sitting back down, waiting for them to sit down and speak up.
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-15 20:12:21 33850
Tadase stands up and nods a little bit, smiling. "I know Touyama-san." he says, gesturing for them to sit down. "Welcome to the Royal Garden. I'm sorry Nadeshiko's not here, and my tea is kind of..."

Kiseki looks up. "Bad."

Tadase glares at him. "Underwhelming by comparison, or I'd offer you some."

He says, smiling, and he'll sit after they do. "What brings you two ladies here?" he asks with a smile.
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-15 20:15:13 33851
"Oh, Reiko-chan," Amu says, looking up towards the girl with a smile. "Yeah, we've met," she says to Kukai. She glances towards Hoshi, next, considers the girl and her playful stars, then, tilts her head thoughtfully as she sits back. A moment passes, then she suggests, "Actually, I'll go make some tea," she offers. "It's not as good as Nadeshiko's," she explains.

"But at least it's better than the Little King's-nya?" Yoru chimes in amusedly.

Ran and Miki giggle along with, but Su darts off to join Amu in teamaking, because Teamaking is something Su can help with! In fact, with Su's help the tea will probably be better than Nadeshiko's.
Reiko Touyama 2016-03-15 20:25:53 33852
Reiko Touyama grins at Kukai. "Tadase and Amu know who I am!" she says with a grin. She sits down and looks at Ran and Miki and then over at other side of the table and Yoru! She reaches over and gives Yoru an ear scritch!

Koi get chased by stars! A koi gets lassoed! A star probably rides a koi around. The koi looks unimpressed and rolls it's eyes.

She sort of clears her throat because- she isn't showing it, but she's still kind of akward around Tadase. She needs a moment.

"Um.. Well. Hoshi.. and ... um-- uh.."

"Well more Prism Keepers have awakened... Yellow, Purple and Blue!" she says softly. "And me... makes four." she says with a soft smile as she grins.

"I was thinking that, it was time to start thinking about the offer you made about Virtue a while back... since. It's not just me anymore." she says a little shyly. "And-- it'll allow us to help better." she says.

"If that makes sense to all of you..." she says softly. She looks over to Hoshi and smiles a little nervously. She's doing her best to talk clearly and publically- but the nervousness shows!
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-15 20:30:22 33853
Hoshi doesn't mind letting Reiko do the talking, since it's not her own idea. And besides, Reiko needs the practice, but when Reiko is done, Hoshi does cut in to add some of her own. "I am Prism Keeper Yellow, of course." She seems to think that's obvious, and perhaps with context it is, "And the people I've met who I know are part of Virtue are all wonderful people."

She doesn't list them all off, but she does look at Kukai with a look that says 'you included, of course.' "And I have already helped some of them with problems they needed help with, so I see no problems with making this easier." Has she practiced this? Maybe, maybe not. It's hard to tell.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-15 20:38:07 33854
Kukai Souma nods and grins, leaning back, looking at the two of them. "Oh, so, you wanna join Virtue? OK, well, Tadase is the one to talk to. And if we all know each other, then that makes it easier to talk about!" He looks over at Tadase. "I'm not exactly sure how the process goes, though."
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-15 21:46:34 33859
Tadase smiles. "Well, there's really not much too it. We're not like..." he muses after a moment. "A company. It'd be one thing if I didn't know the keepers, but I do. And Tsukasa does." he says with a smile and a wink (there might be sparkles attached). "So... it might take me a little bit to get your Virtue phones, but you girls are all welcome. I'd love to meet the rest of your team, too, actually."
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-15 21:48:34 33860
Amu listens in, but doesn't doesn't intrude for the moment. Instead, she remains silent, putting together the tea with Su's help. She even manages to go a little too far and grabs shortbread cookies, adds jam to them, and sets them on a tray as well.

It's only a few minutes before Amu emerges with a trayful of tea and cookies and jams. "Here you are," she says, setting them out on the table in front of Hoshi and Reiko.
Reiko Touyama 2016-03-15 21:59:49 33863
Reiko Touyama smiles. "It's been tough you know? Mei left because she got a good lead on where her mother could be. She left me in charge while she went off. Then Yellow 'woke'...."

She smiles and beams. "Thank you Amu!~" she says softly as she accepts the tea graciously and sips.

"..then.. a Shade attacked Purple.. and Roy didn't have much of a choice but to give her the Purple Prism because the Shade dropped her from about a skyscraper's height almost. Um! You'll know Purple because she has purple Butterflies." she says.

"Then Blue 'woke' up during the whole mess that went on last week. A pool came alive thanks to a Shade, again, and she helped fight that. You'll know her by her little blue frogs." she says softly.

"Yeah! I'll be sure to introduce you all soon!" she smiles wide.

She looks over to Hoshi and smiles, and then ohs! "Right-- Hoshi, did you get any White Day chocolate?" she grins a little.

She glances over to Tadase and Kukai, but doesn't ask if they gave any because it's rude. Instead...

"Did you get any Amu?" she asks with wide eyes.

She blushes. "Wait--just.. a question. Um!"

"Right!" she says as she crosses her arms. "I know you guys aren't like. A company or anything but---"

"I assume there's some entrance bar of /some/ sort." she says.

"Right?" she asks.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-15 22:08:39 33866
"I rejected some. A classmate I barely know who I didn't give any tried to give me some in front of half the class." Hoshi answers Reiko a little uncomfortably, like she doesn't seem happy that she did that, but she also doesn't feel like she had a better choice. "I didn't want to give anyone the wrong impression."

Changing topics as soon as she can, she takes a sip of the tea and a bite out of a cookie, "Thank you, Hinamori-san." She smiles, "This is really quite good." One of her stars appears, with its own cup of tea, and starts sipping slowly and meticulously.

"Don't let anyone tell you that it's a bad thing or some kind of failing that we awoke, Rei-chan. It was probably inevitable the moment Mei-chan awoke that this would happen." She doesn't seem to mind, "And if I hadn't, I couldn't have helped anyone over there. Tuxedo-san, who is a lot like a bigger Mei, seems to think I did a lot of good."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-15 22:32:44 33872
Kukai Souma nods as Reiko speaks, talking about her friend Mei and the awakening of the Prism Keepers. "OK, so, Red is missing, Orange is the leader, and Yellow, Blue, and Purple are awake? OK. So four phones. I'm sure we can do that."

He blinks at Hoshi and then laughs. "I'm kinda glad I bought all my White Day gifts before we left. I ended up sort of losing my wallet and the finder still hasn't given it back. At this point I need to get a new one." He sighs, leaning back. "At this rate I'm going to have to get a job or something."

Kukai shakes his head at the mention of an entrance bar. "It's as important for us to keep an eye on magical people without any powers as it is the most active people. Sometimes more, when somebody decides they want to kidnap and drain their powers, or worse." He finally gets a sip of the tea and nods. "Yeah, wow. We're gonna have to get you to do this more Amu-chan."
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-15 22:42:25 33874
"Souma-kun, you know, if you need to a little help, I can help out. You sure helped me out enough, with all that business with Mamoru-sempai." he says, smiling at one of his best friends. "But... you know, if you need money..." Tadase begins, with a conspiratorial glance over to Amu and a real wish Na-chan was here "you could see if they need any help at Sion's resteraunt."

Then he leaves that in the air and turns back to the Keepers. He counts them off. "Yep, four. So I've only med Red, who had to leave, and Orange-chan" he nods to Reiko. "and now Yellow-chan." he says with a smile.

Tadase shrugs. "Not really. I mean. There is. But it's not something you can personally pass or fail." he says with a wry smile. "Tsukasa makes that decision. And he's magical, too." he says, again with the conspiratorial theory. Then he laughs. "Or maybe he just guesses, I don't know."
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-15 22:43:19 33875
Amu looks decidedly unhappy at the question from Reiko. Her jaw hardens a little and she slides into her seat. "Sure, plenty of obligation chocolate," she mumbles unhappily, then picks up a fruity cookie and shoves it in her mouth. Hmf.

Reaching into her pocket, Amu pulls out a rainbow-hued phone and sets it on the table. She considers it carefully for a long moment, then clears her throat and slides it towards Reiko. "Here," she says. "Now you have a Virtue phone. At least until Tadase-kun can get some for your whole group."

Amu looks up toKukai, then shrugs. "It's just tea and biscuits," she says with a roll of her eyes. "You could do it, too, if Su were helping you. It's not anything special."
Reiko Touyama 2016-03-15 22:55:23 33879
Reiko Touyama looks at the Phone and blinks with a smile. "Alright, Amu..." she smiles. "This'll be good in case there's an emergency then. I guess I can figure out how it works." she says softly. She head tilts at Amu. She looks over to Tadase and back over and Amu.

She scratches the side of her head and just sighs and shakes her head.

"Anyways." she smiles and turns to Hoshi. "Well, if he wanted to give you chocolate like that he should had at least done it after school! That's how Haru gave me his..." she says as she taps her bottom lip.

She looks towards Kukai. "I'm really sorry we weren't able to save the X-eggs the other week..." she says softly.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-15 23:02:09 33881
"I think he only gave me chocolate because he wanted people to think I gave him chocolate." Hoshi responds to Reiko with a little frustrated aspect to her voice, like she doesn't like those popularity games, even though she knows how they're played.

"Anyways, I guess if we're joining virtue all properly I think I should know a little more than 'it's a group of magical people that protect people' which is a great start, but..." Hoshi shrugs a little but, but adds on, "Red is also awake, but you know... absent." Since it seems like Kukai might not have gotten that far.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-15 23:06:05 33883
Kukai Souma waves his hand at Tadase, waving off the offer. "No, no, it's fine." And then Tadase mentions Sion's restaurant and Kukai starts. Just, for a moment, he has the mental image of being around Sion all day, talking to her whenever he wanted, being awesome around her. It's a really good idea. How the hell do you get out of this one, Jack?

He grins and then shrugs. "That's a really good idea but honestly it'd cut into my practice time too much. And if I worked there I'd eat so many hamburgers I'd get too fat to play soccer!"

Then Amu. He has a sudden thought about himself in Su's green dress and barks out a laugh. "Well yeah, I guess, but you keep forgetting, Su is part of you!" He grins across the table at the dour pink-haired girl.

And then Reiko piles on. He hadn't exactly told ... anybody... about Utau and her scythe-wielding lackey stealing the X-Eggs, and for a moment he remembers backflipping over lightning bolts in sub-zero tempuratures with fondness. "It's ok Reiko. We were winning that fight until the guy with the scythe showed up. It's just gonna happen sometimes." He grins into his tea, trying not to look at Tadase or Amu.
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-15 23:25:21 33888
"Well, can't cut into your valuable practice time, Jack-kun." he says with a laugh, taking a drink of his own tea. "You know, he's right. Su is a part of you. A part of who you want to be. So don't sell yourself short. This tea is cook, the cookies are good, and you made them. Su or not." he adds.

Tadase winces at the sound of talking about not saving all the x-eggs. "Yeah, now that we've... well, we've saved the world..." he says, because there really is no other way of saying it "that doesn't mean we've stopped all the badness. We'll just have to keep trying our best. I'm sure we'll win in the end, even if there are moments where it seems difficult."

Tadase looks at Hoshi. "Well..." he laughs, "It's really not that complex. Tsukasa just thought that... with all the magical girls and boys in the world, and all of the problems we face, it would be good if we had a way to help each other. It's easier to stand when you have someone to lean on. It's easier to get up when someone is there with a hand out to help. That's Virtue, in a nutshell." he says.
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-15 23:28:07 33889
"Mmmm," Amu mumbles quietly of the comments about Su being a part of her. "I know that," she says a little frustratedly, then sighs and looks to Reiko. "Hei, Reiko-chan. Hoshi-chan. Prism Keepers can purify things, right?" she asks, curiously. "So if there was an X-egg, do you think you could purify it of the dark energy and return the dream back to its owner?"
Reiko Touyama 2016-03-15 23:37:56 33892
Reiko Touyama smiles. "I know we can! I've done it against Ikuto a few times actually! Color Energy works really well against Shades and X-eggs and stuff like Riventon." she says softly. "So I and Hoshi and the others can help with that." she says softly.

"Hoshi's really good at this stuff now." she says proudly, even. "My koi also purify when they touch things-- and you know explode." she giggles a bit. "But they're made of color energy, as I said before." she says. "So that isn't surprising." she says.

She looks between Kukai and Tadase and nods a bit. "I'll try harder next time!" she says more firmly. "I guess we can't win all the time.. but... I still need to try harder." she says taking another sip of tea and stuffing another cookie into her mouth. Nomf.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-15 23:56:00 33899
"Oh, yeah that makes sense." Hoshi says right after Tadase's explanation of Virtue, "He seems like he knows what he's doing." She pointedly ignores the whole Su topic, she doesn't know enough about it and it seems to make Amu uncomfortable.

"Apparently it worked really well against the dark kingdom, too." Hoshi says softly, a little bit like what happened there doesn't quite make her comfortable. "That guy with the scythe was really strong, I didn't expect him to be that scary."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-16 00:00:58 33901
Kukai Souma nods, glad they're able to move along a bit. "Well, trying harder is always a good thing, but sometimes things go crazy and you can't stop it. You just have to hang on and try to keep it from getting out of control."

Kukai nods at Hoshi. He's pretty sure what she's talking about. It already seems like a dream, though. "Oh. Yeah, he was. And he was out for blood, not just the X-Eggs. It'll be rough running into him again, but honestly, I think we can take him next time." He nods at Hoshi and Reiko, grinning.
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-16 00:03:41 33903
Tadase nods. "Well, if you see him next time, you'll all have Virtue phones by then, hopefully." he says, with a smile. "And you'll be able to call for help. And that's the thing we do best. Help each other. Help people. Protect people. Maybe we can even help whoever this is. I don't think anybody can't be saved. Though I'll admit..." he says, looking down and to the side. "...sometimes people don't want to be saved. And that's really... sad." he says, and stuffs his mouth with another cookie.

"But... more people who can purify is always helpful. Amu's the only one of us who can, and I think..." he admits "...I think she'd like a little help in that department. She just can't be everywhere at once, and there's an awful lot of bad guys."
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-16 00:05:27 33906
There it is. The crux of her actual concerns. Amu's face hardens and she makes a noise like a choking pig, then turns to glare at Tadase. She doesn't hold that glare long; instead she just sinks down in her chair and hides behind the pitcher of tea she's made as if it will protect her from embarassment.
Reiko Touyama 2016-03-16 00:09:58 33908
Reiko Touyama looks at Amu, and looks expectantly. "Amu-chan..." she says softly. "I've always said I've helped if you needed it!" she smiles. "So it's no biggy, regardless of the reasons!" she says with the best smile she can.

She looks at Hoshi-chan and nods. "We'll help!" she says with a soft smile.

She smiles at Tadase. "I hope we do then, Tadase-kun!" she says softly.

She smiles and stands up as she beams.

"I need to head home now... Hoshi, wanna come with?" she asks softly. "Or do you wanna stay here and ask more questions?" she asks curiously, leaning forward a little.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-03-16 00:15:10 33911
"Next time we won't be surprised he's that strong." Hoshi points out softly, "And we'll know he can show up. Last time he just came out of nowhere." One of her stars beats its little chest, ready to fight. "And yes, we'll have friends." She looks at Reiko preparing to leave, and decides to go along, "I'll see you guys later." Hoshi promises, makes a quick bow, and then the two prism keepers are off.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-16 00:32:30 33916
Kukai Souma looks at Tadase and Amu as the two girls walk out of the Royal Garden, and leans back in his chair. "Well. That's good, isn't it? It's good to have more people in Virtue working together." He's trying not to get in between the slowly percolating Amu and Tadase as the King sticks his kingly foot into his mouth. Again.

"It'll be good to have them on the grid - they're kinda young, but they're all really powerful. When they learn to use their abilities, it'll be really something."
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-16 00:45:44 33920
Tadase smiles. "I bet some part of their power comes from thier age, really." he says, nodding. "When you're young, when your eyes are bright and your dreams are big... that's one of the moments where you can really pour your heart into something like this. I think their age gives them a special strength." he says, as they turn away.

"More people in Virtue is a good thing. Because... privately..." he says, his voice going lower. "Tsukasa says that Beryl was just the start. It's not going to get any easier from here. I don't want to tell most people, but I figured you two should know."
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-16 01:02:01 33927
Amu looks even more guiltyh at that information as she hunches down in her chair. She takes a deep breath, then lets it out in a slow sigh. "Great," she mumbles quietly.

"But I don't think I can do it," Amu explains to them both, quietly. "I don't think I can keep being 'Virtue' anymore. Not after what happened. I really want you guys to succeed, but ..." she trails off. "I just don't think I can be that person. When the Dark Guardians showed up, and hurt Kukai, I didn't think about 'saving' anyone, or wanting to protect the innocent. I just ... wanted revenge. I wanted ... I didn't want to find a happy ending. And I don't think that's what you want Virtue to stand for."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-16 01:09:24 33930
Kukai Souma shakes his head, looking at Tadase. "I dunno how it could get worse than Beryl and a nation of youma. But hey, we can face whatever comes our way if we need to. It'll be ok." He waves off the idea that it's going to get worse with characteristic bravado.

Kukai turns to Amu, listening to her, then stands up, going around behind her and putting a brotherly arm around her shoulders, giving her a light noogie, just enough to annoy, not to hurt. "Oh come on! If it wasn't for you being there right then we'd have lost that fight! You started kicking dozens of youma butts and gave us enough time to reform and fight back!" He looks at her from one side. "Well what did you want, Amu? You usually hold that so tight to your heart that nobody knows."

Daichi, finally finished with running around the Royal Garden 5 times, collapses onto Kukai's shoulder in time for that last statement and nods, looking over at Amu. "It's why you need three voices for your heart!"
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-16 01:13:11 33932
Tadase shrugs. "I don't know either. You know Tsukasa. He likes to be cryptic. I think he's afraid if he tells us everything, we won't figure it out on our own, and we won't grow, and be strong enough to deal with it all when it finally does happen." he surmises.

"You were upset. I was upset. You didn't see what happened at the end." he says, quietly, but doesn't elaborate. "It's okay to be upset. Plus, you were influenced by Na-chan's guardian, once you transformed. Temari is... not as delicate as she puts on."

"We still found a happy ending, and you were still a part of that process, Amu. And you were amazing. I didn't know it was even possible to chara-change with someone ELSE'S chara. I've never even heard of that." he states, plainly. "Listen to your heart. If you really, truly feel that way... I'm not going to force you into doing something you feel deep down you shouldn't. But I'm sure if you listen - to your heart, to Ran, to Su, and even Miki - I'm sure you'll find the right answer, either way."
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-16 01:20:49 33934
Amu makes a noise of unhappiness as Kukai noogies her hair. She reaches up to slap at his arms, gently pushing him away. Almost playful, but a little serious, too. "Augh, Kukai," she whines at him. "Leave my hair alone."

Amu huffs, then looks back to Tadase and replies, "I have listened to my heart. I didn't want to go in the first place. And you may think it was amazing, but I think it was terrifying in every way. Nothing about that whole situation made me feel heroic or awesome or anything but scared, small, and petty. I gave Reiko-chan my phone because I think she's the better girl to have it. So just ... look, I've got Charas, and X-Eggs still need dealing with. But I don't think I can be the Magical Girl virtue needs me to be."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-16 01:30:16 33936
Kukai Souma looks back and forth between his friends, then lets out a sigh. He's seen Amu like this before, and moves back to his seat, even as Ran and Su move up to start fixing Amu's hair. Daichi drifts down off his shoulder to sit besides Kiseki, watching him draw another picture of King Tadase's Super Ultra Mega Royal Crown Attack destroying Queen Beryl and half a dozen other badguys at once.

Kukai sighs, looking at Amu, trying to figure out how he can describe Amu to herself. "Amu... You still went. All of us felt kinda small and scared going there, but you were brave enough to try. I..." He raises one hand, trying to figure out how to tell someone who's tried that whole magical girl thing and didn't want it anymore that they should keep going. "I think you're great, compared to a lot of them, but like Tadase said, nobody's gonna force you to do anything you don't wanna do." He sets his hand down on the table, unable to come up with a proper argument.
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-16 01:38:53 33941
Tadase gets very quiet for a long while, thinking. "I'm not going to pressure you, Amu-chan. So I don't know what to say, or what to do, any more. I think I've said everything I can say. I've made my case." he says, quietly. "Maybe you should talk to some of the others, to one of the Sailor Senshi or something. But maybe that's not worth it. I did just tell you to listen to your heart." he admits.

"And even if I don't like what it has to say, I'm not going to tell you it's wrong. Dissapointing, maybe." he says, throwing away a dozen other words, a dozen other arguments in a long period of silence. Wondering how Amu could give her phone to a girl three years her junior, letting her fight when she wouldn't. It's a sour, sick feeling in his heart, that realization.

"You do whatever you need to do." He starts to say he won't judge her for it, but he knows that's not true, either. He would. In a way, he already does. "You're still a guardian, if you want to be. I know we did push you into THAT. So..." he says, holding himself together just barely. He shrugs, and turns away from her.
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-16 01:44:34 33943
Amu grimaces a little. Awkward doesn't begin to cover the gulf she feels in the room right now. With a sigh, she slides out of her chair and pushes to her feet. "C'mon, guys," she says to the quartet of Charas in her care. All four of them move to follow, but not one of them looks particularly happy.

"I'll see you both at school," Amu says quietly, then turns to take the long, embarassing walk towards the door.