Nice to Meet You Good to See You

Sayaka is reunited with Kyouko after the events on D-point..However things are not quite right..

Date: 2016-03-17
Pose Count: 23
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-17 23:09:54 34187
    It's another ordinary day in Mitakihara. Sayaka just finished school and, after a lengthy (and rather boring) study session, she decided to grab some junk food, and some other important items, from the local Conbenie! Actually she hasn't been here in a while for some reason, but perhaps she had some subconscious desire to peek into the store today. It's not one she frequents regularly, but there were some items she couldn't find elsewhere, so perhaps she will have better luck here!

    Stepping in through the front door, Sayaka grabs a shopping basket and peers around at the various sales. "Ooh, this place is a bit cheaper than that other store, guess I'll have to come here more often!" she doesn't actually have a job, but she does get an allowance thankfully, and a pretty generous one at that as her parents are pretty rich!
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-17 23:15:42 34189
    Kyouko is at work. Since returning from D-point and everything that happened there, she's just been trying her best to get back to normal. It's only been a day or two, but she's already back at work. She's been worrying about Saya-chan- after all, she knows they both 'died' at the North Pole, and she wants to make sure the other girl is.. well, alive again, although she assumes so since everybody else seems to be. But she's been having a hard time getting in touch with her.

    She had just decided she was going to go to Sayaka's family's house after her shift today and at least try and make sure Saya-chan was alright. Maybe the girl was mad at her or something- maybe she was mad about getting dragged to the North Pole only to die so senselessly! These are things Kyouko worries about, and she's chewing on her lip as she stocks the shelf behind the counter.

    But then.. Saya-chan walks right into the store! Kyouko doesn't see her at first though, cause she has her back to the store and is behind the counter, putting stuff in their proper place on the shelves..
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-17 23:23:01 34190
    "Hmmm, I guess I could do with some miso soup..And some fruit!" She grins, her mom's always telling her to eat more healthily..Still, Sayaka just cant help herself. She's got a bit of a sweet tooth and those chips look extra crunchy! So do those chocolate bars! Hmm, but her mom wanted her to buy some tomatoe paste so she could bake her famous lasagna tonight..

    The blue-haired girl hums a light, classical tune as she rounds the corner, searching for the tomato paste. Spying the red-haired girl who looks..Oddly familiar, Sayaka pauses a moment, peering at her intently, before shaking out of it!

    Hmm, what's that about? Oh well, looks like she works here! "Ahh...Excuse me miss, could you tell me where to find the tomato paste..?"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-17 23:25:16 34191
    Kyouko blinks as she hears a very familiar, and welcome voice! She turns around, a smile already lighting up her face. "Saya-chan!" She exclaims, her eyes widening to find the other girl standing right on the other side of the counter. "Holy crap, I've been trying to get in touch with you for the past two days!"

    She leans over the counter, looking the other girl up and down. "You're okay, right? Like, all in one piece an' stuff?" Seeing no obvious injuries or missing body parts, Kyouko leans back, grinning her lopsided grin. "Good lord, girl, you gave me some kinda scare.. I mean, I was pretty sure you were okay since everybody else was, but damn.. why didn't you call me back??"
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-17 23:31:07 34193
    Sayaka's response is..Not exactly expected. She stares blankly at Kyouko as she greets her in a cheerful, familiar manner. Tilting her head curiously, Sayaka frowns softly, trying to figure out where she's seen her from before. For sure she looks..Oddly familiar, as if from a place far away, and long ago.

    Perhaps she's in school, or perhaps Sayaka's passed her by on the street before? Whatever the case, it leaves the bluette feeling a bit..Creeped out, and she takes a step back as the girl leans over the counter. "Er..How come you know my name? And..What're you talking about, anyways? Of course I'm in once piece, it's not like the cruise ship sank or anything." Then she talks about trying to call her and Sayaka's frown deepends, pulling out her phone.

    "Oh, wait a minute...Ky..Ouko..?" She peers at the texts on her phone, surprised that it didnt show up as an unknown number. "Yeah, I saw that. Who are you, and why'd you keep calling me?"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-17 23:35:51 34194
    Kyouko's grin freezes on her face at this reaction from Sayaka, and her heart skips a beat. A chill of fear goes through her as her brows draw together and she peers at Sayaka, trying to figure out if she's joking or not.

    "Saya-chan.. what do ya mean, who am I? It's me, Kyouko. Your-" She pauses. She almost said 'girlfriend' without thinking about it, but revises it to, "Partner. Your partner. You're my apprentice! We hunt Witches and stuff? Don't you.. remember?"

    She's staring hard at the blue-haired girl now, and seems to come to a horrified realization. "You.. you don't remember? Oh shit." She feels herself starting to panic. Why doesn't Sayaka remember? Everyone else remembers, or at least everyone Kyouko has spoken to. Did something go wrong? They were /dead/ after all, whose to say something didn't mess up in bringing some of them back?

    Her eyes dart down to Sayaka's hand, to see if the Soul Gem ring is still there. It is, of course, but that only makes her more worried. "Oh crap.."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-17 23:51:01 34195
    Sayaka just shakes her head slowly. "Partner? Apprentice? Witches!? What ARE you talking about? I dont know of these things, I'm just a normal junior high school girl, trying to pass my exams and catch up to my studies after spending several months on a cruise trip!"

    Then, when Kyouko starts staring at her hard, she backs away again, looking even more creeped out. "Do you mind? I dunno what crazy delusional world you live in, but that's not my life, okay? I dont even know how you know my name or my phone number, but please dont call me again..It's kinda..Creepy and stalkerish!!"

    Clutching her basket tightly in her hand, she sighs, peering around. Maybe she'll do without the tomato sauce. There's always another supermarket across the street too, right? Right now, Sayaka just wants to get out of there quickly. It's so....Ugh, creepy!

    And with that, she leaves in a hurry, even leaving her shopping basket behind in her haste to get out of there, muttering something about creepy stalkerish cosplay superhero wannabes..
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-17 23:54:33 34197
    Kyouko can feel fear clutching at her hear ever more fiercely as Sayaka denies knowing her, or knowing anything about the magical world. She just stares at the blue-haired girl helplessly for several moments as Sayaka speaks.. and then turns to leave the store in such a hurry.

    "S-saya-chan.." Kyouko says, sounding shocked, and she can feel her eyes watering.. though she raises her hand a moment later to wipe at them before a tear can so much as escape. She doesn't go after the girl, staying at the counter, feeling numb and not sure what she should do.

    "It's.. it's okay.." She mutters to herself a moment later, trying to get her thoughts back in order. "She still has the ring.. she's still a Puella. She just lost her memories. They'll come back.." But what if they don't? What would Kyouko do? Can she go on without Sayaka by her side?

    And then another thing occurs to her- if Sayaka is still a Puella, she needs Grief Seeds or she'll eventually die- become a Witch herself. If she doesn't /know/ she's a Puella, she won't know she needs Grief Seeds. Granted, if she's not using her powers it'll take quite some time for it to become critical, but even so...
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-18 00:00:29 34199
    Sayaka sighs as she hurries out of the store, not stopping until she's across the street. Ugh, what a weirdo. But its still pretty creepy how she has her phone number and her name. And why's she seem kinda familiar? Still, the whole thing about apprentices and witches is just totally messed up!

    It's not her life. Sayaka hadn't even bothered to notice how Kyouko had a ring that resembled her own, or that she seemed..Pained some how, like she really was telling the truth.

    "Ugh, she's just crazy, that's all. Well, I guess the other store's a block away from here, shouldn't take too long..I'll bet this alleyway will get me there quicker though!" cheerfully, Sayaka hums that familiar classical song she'd heard somewhere (Ironically, the song that was played when she had danced with Kyouko that last time...).

    She doesnt even notice until she's half way through the alleyway that something's terribly wrong. The ground seems to sway from side to side as if she were back on that ship again. The air around her seems to darken..And several alleycats climb out of the woodwork..Only they're five times bigger, more vicious with creepy glowy red eyes...And they're coming right for her!

    "What the heck...? What's going on!? Someone, help me!!!" She's scared, she doesn't know what's going on, and somehow that cry for help carries subconsciously through her telepathic link to the nearest Puella, if there is one..
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-18 00:06:36 34200
    Kyouko is still standing behind the counter, trying to figure out what she should do, when she hears that scream- whether its carried all the way from the alley to her ears, or in her head, she's not sure. But she knows it instantly. "Saya-chan!" She curses, reaching up to pull her apron off and toss it over the counter. Good thing the old boss lady is making a delivery..

    "Shit, where did she go?" She dashes out of the store, henshining as soon as she's clear and leaping up onto a nearby rooftop, peering around. It only takes her a moment to spot the disturbance in the alleyway where the dark energy is emenating from the youma. A quick leap, and she's over on the building next to the alleyway instead.

    Looking down, she sees the cat-youma menacing Sayaka. Not Witches, but.. if Saya-chan doesn't remember her powers, any kind of Youma would be dangerous. Without hesitating, Kyouko leaps from the building and down into the alleyway.

    She descends like a thunderbolt, speartip impaling one of the oversized cats upon her landing, dissipating it into black smoke as she wheels around, putting herself between the others and Sayaka. "Don't you mess with her." She warns them, without looking back at Sayaka.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-18 00:16:45 34202
    Not witches, no. Familiars? That's always a possibility. Sayaka certainly feels herself being drawn into another world, and the ground swerves and shakes as if she were starting to get drawn into a labrynth.

    However, Kyouko does manage to destroy the first few cat familiars, but Sayaka's already lost in the labrynth. Looks like some kinda dark and creepy maze, although the walls are made up of twisted thorns. The sky is an eerie purplish black swirl, and the maze is full of similar shadowy cat familiars that dart and dance around the place, stalking Kyouko, albeit warily keeping a distance from that spear of hers..

    As for Sayaka, she lets out another scream, temporarily separated from Kyouko again as she finds herself on the other side of the maze wall from her. She sounds relatively close however.

    "Aaaaah! What the heck?! Get away from me!!" she screams again, followed by the sound of snapping, snarling and clawing, presumably from the cat familiars that continue to stalk and attack her.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-18 00:20:08 34203
    Kyouko feels the world shimmer and change around her, and she grunts softly. "Ahh, shit, this ain't good." She's still sad and worried about Sayaka's memory loss, but she's shifted gears into combat-mode. She'll worry about the memory thing once she makes sure they both get out of this alive.

    Not that she's too worried about herself. These creatures, Familiars or whatver they may be, don't seem powerful enough to be a threat to an experience Puella like herself. Sayaka, on the other hand, who apparently doesn't even remember she has powers..

    Kyouko hears that scream from the other side of the wall, and she snarls. "Dammit!" Sweeping her spear out in a feint, just enough to drive the cats back, she turns and vaults over the wall using the weapon like a pole-vault.

    As she lands, she snaps it forward like a whip, the haft breaking into segments connected by chains, whipping across to smash any of the cats away from Sayaka that may be too close. "I said get away from her, you damned fleabags!"
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-18 00:42:15 34207
    "Get lost, creeps!" Yells out Sayaka, swinging a branch at the cats. She may not remember she's a Puella, but even before she became a magical girl, Sayaka had practiced in the art of Kendo, and she's still got some of those abilities with her even now. Some of the cats back away, but these are super powered familiars of doom, and it'll take more than a branch to get rid of them.

    As if on signal, a group of four large cat familiars leap at Sayaka, latching on to her arms and legs, dragging her to the ground with them as they scratch her up. Without her healing factor, she's bloody and torn by the time Kyouko manages to smash them off of Sayaka.

    "Ugh.." She groans, flinching at the multiple bite and scratch wounds that have started oozing blood. "What the heck is this place? It's messed up!" she flinches again, climbing slowly to her feet, clutching at her many wounds.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-18 00:45:34 34209
    "Dammit, Saya-chan! You always were a trouble magnet!" Kyouko curses as she pust herself between the demonic cats and Sayaka, glancing back worridly to see the girl bleeding, although none of the wounds look too serious. "Can't you remember how to fight?" She's not angry, but scared and frustrated and it's making her speak without thinking.

    One of the cats leaps at them again, and Kyouko spins, landing a roundhouse-kick that smashes it aside, only to dart forward and stab at another with her spear. "Come on, let's get out of here! I don't sense a Witch so we just need to find the exit." She starts running down the path, then pauses to look back and make sure Sayaka is following her. "Come on! I don't care if you think I'm a creep, would you rather follow a creep or die in this crazy place?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-18 00:56:26 34210
    "I...I must be dreaming! This is crazy! I was standing in the middle of an alleyway! What the heck's going on!?" she rubs her eyes, even pinches herself to make suer she's still awake. Was there something in the punch she'd had last night? But no, that pinch hurt and no matter how many times she blinks, Sayaka realizes that she is still awake.

    "Ouch. I just dont get it! How did we even get here?" but she's a practical girl too, and even with out powers, she knows how to protect herself. With a sigh, Sayaka follows after Kyouko, not really wanting to meet whatever this witch is that she speaks of. She has a sinking feeling it's way worse than those creepy cat youma!

    Nodding silently, Sayaka follows the other girl, uncertain of where she is leading them. She kept the tree branch with her, just incase. It might not be as fancy as Kyouko's spear but it'll do. For now.

    "Do you even know how to get out of this place?"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-18 01:03:14 34211
    "There's always a way out," Kyouko says over her shoulder, all business now. This isn't the tender Kyouko who was cuddling with Sayaka on a couch prior to D-point. This is the professional Magical Girl Kyouko, like the one Sayaka first met on the roof of a hospital. Seems like she's holding back her other emotions for now- she's always been good about doing that.

    "And if I can't find it, well. I'll just have to kill everything in here until I make one." She pauses. "Well, everything except you of course, Saya-chan." There's even a little bit of a grin there.

    Rounding a corner, Kyouko finds herself face-to-face with another trio of cat-demons, and she snarls as she stabs out with her spear, taking out her anger and her uncertainty on the creatures, which puff into smoke as her skillfully-wielded spear slices through them, and then she's running again.

    "Come on! It feels weaker up this way." She gestures down a side passage. Indeed, the light seems more 'natural' in that direction, Kyouko's senses finely tuned to this sort of environment from long experience.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-18 01:20:37 34215
    Of course, business. She doesnt feel so uncomfortable when it's all business at least. But before, with the familiarities, even calling her Saya-chan makes her feel a little nervous. It doesn't help that there's something altogether..Familiar..About this girl either, even if everything else hasn't quite clicked in yet.

    "Uh...Okay. I just hope you know hat you're talking about..Kyouko-san.." The way she says her name is so formal, so distant..Different from the Sayaka she once knew.

    "I mean, I guess these are the witches and what not you were talking about fighting, right?" she nods and follows Kyouko when she leads the way. At least the light seems more normal in that direction and Sayaka relaxes. Phew, maybe she does know her way out!

    Sayaka quickens her pace now, thankful that she didnt receive any serious wounds from those youma, but lets hope she didnt get rabies or anything either. "And that maze..What the heck!?" Phew, almost there! She's exhausted from all this running, even if she is usually pretty athletic.

    Must be all the adrenaline and the shock of the craziness. It's not like she's ever experienced this kind of thing before afterall..
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-18 01:23:53 34216
    "Ha! These ain't Witches." Kyouko scoffs, as she finishes off another of the cats that gets too close, stabbing out at it with an almost casual side-swipe of her spear. "Just some lost Familiars, or Youma, or somethin', I ain't even sure.."

    SHe spots what looks like a portal back to the alleyway up ahead- maybe she's killed enough of the cats to clear a way, or maybe they've just decided she's bigger prey than they want to handle, but it looks like that's their way out. "C'mon, you first." She stops and gestures Sayaka to run up and through the portal before her.

    She stands with her back to it, facing a few more of the monsters which have crowded into the patheway behind them. A snarl is given, baring fangs at the cats to rival their own. "Whatsa matter, kitty cats, scared?" She taunts them, spinning her spear in a flashy whirl, then planting its butt against the ground. "You shoulda thought a' that before you decided to mess with a friend of Kyouko Sakura!"
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-18 01:46:43 34221
    "What?" She looks surprised, still stinging from their attacks. "You mean, these are just small fry, then?" Sayaka chances one last glance backwards, shivering at the sight of the creepy looking Youma-cats! Whatever they are, they're nasty and bound to give her nightmares for months after this! "Well, if those arent even witches, I'm afraid to see what witches are!" but for right now, she's sure as hell not gonna stick around and find out!

    There's no need to tell her twice about sticking around! Sayaka's more than eager to get out of there, and she leaps through the portal without hesitation..However, even though she feels a bit wary around this strange girl who calls her 'friend', Sayaka does feel a bit of concern too, peering through the portal after her, "C'mon! Hurry!"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-18 01:50:48 34223
    Once she's sure Sayaka is out through the portal, Kyouko doesn't waste any time. She takes one last swipe at the strange cat-things, driving them back, then turns and leaps out through the portal, tumbling to a graceful stop in the alleyway. She turns around, on guard.. but it looks like the youma have had enough for today, as none of them follow and soon the portal shimmers out of existence.

    Taking a moment to catch her breath, Kyouko then turns to glance at Sayaka out of the corner of her eye. "So.. still don't remember anything?" She asks, maybe hoping that something about this traumatic experience would have jogged a memory loose.. but maybe it's too much to hope for. She sighs.. feeling a heaviness descending on her heart again as the adrenaline rush of battle fades.

    She pauses a moment, then dismisses her heshin, her outfit shattering into red sparkles, replaced by her every-day clothes again. "Look, Saya-chan.. maybe you don't remember right now, but we are friends. You don't got anythin' to fear from me, okay? I.. won't bother you anymore today, though. I dun wanna make you uncomfortable or nothin'."

    She glances down the alleyway, "I gotta get back to work, okay? If you need help, or anything.. weird happens again, call me. You got my number." She knows this because she called Sayaka's phone so many times the past two days.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-18 02:02:13 34229
    Sayaka breathes a sigh of relief once the creepy portal closes and she's safe and sound on the other side. And now, looking at Kyouko, she seems to regard her with a new sense of respect..And trust, perhaps? "Kyouko-san..I'm sorry, I still dont remember anything. This whole experience is so..So freaky and out of place! I don't even get what just happened? Where did we go? What were those things? How did they get there? And your clothes.."

    She peers intently at Kyouko's henshined form, blinking as she quickly changes back, laughing nervously, "I thought you were some kinda crazy Cosplay Sailormoon fan..But maybe you're the real thing afterall. Even so, I AM just a normal girl, and I still dont know why you think you know me."

    Sayaka does frown however, peering over her shoulder at where the portal used to be. "Even so..I suppose those weirdos might be back again, and I really would rather not get eaten by a gigantic cat-youma thing, so..." she nods, "Yeah, I have your number now." another nod is given and Sayaka turns to walk away.

    "Look, I dont mean to be rude, but..I kinda have stuff I need to do. It was nice talking to you, Kyouko-san..I guess I at least owe you my life, so thanks for that.." Still, the look she gives Kyouko is a blank one, no recognition there, no familiarity. But there is something else there as well now too - confusion, perhaps?
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-18 02:08:22 34232
    Kyouko just feels really sad- well, it's partially relief, too. At least Sayaka is alive- that's better than her not being alive, and even if she never remembers Kyouko, Kyouko will be happy to know she's not dead.

    But at the same time, she can't help but feel like everything that's been most important to her for the past six months, all the progress they had made, all the stuff they had done together and the companion she thought she had finally found after being alone for so long has just been reset. Could it all have been for nothing?

    Kyouko glances over her shoulder at Sayaka again. "Don't worry about it, Saya-chan." She says, her voice somewhat heavy. "Just know.. I'll always be here for you, no matter what happens. Never doubt that. I'll.. be seein' you." She turns to walk out of the alleyway back towards the store.

    As she does, she firms her jaw. Well, maybe Sayaka doesn't remember her. So what. She earned her love once.. she can do it again if she has to. These are her thoughts as she returns to her job.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-18 02:18:13 34236
    If she could only remember, Sayaka might have felt..Something, anything. As it is, she feels nothing, but slight confusion. Certainly, there are things that dont add up for sure. There is something familiar about Kyouko, and Sayaka couldn't help but notice the ring on her finger, a ring that very much resembles Sayaka's own ring, a ring that she has no idea where it came from - either that or she simply doesn't remember.

    Whatever, these are silly things to think; Probably just coincidences. With a slight smile, Sayaka pauses only briefly to wave at the girl whom, at the very least, saved her life and so has earned a least a bit more trust than the girl she met at the supermarket. "Good bye, Kyouk-san.." She says a bit distantly, before she turns and departs.