Slasher Smile

Hannah Sharpe hasn't been herself lately. Can her friends save her?

Date: 2016-03-19
Pose Count: 23
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-19 00:24:11 34393
Penguin Park has been notably more dangerous at night as of late. Instead of your usual ruffians, there's been talk of a slasher stalking the park that's somehow managed to avoid police capture. Two girls have ended up with serious cuts on them, passed out in the park.

Unbeknownst to most, the victims are both magical girls. To Puella, Witch presence in the park has been almost zero for the past few days. To others, youma and other types have been completely absent.

Tonight, a youma that's fled a team of magical girls enters the park, rushing through it, only to end at the playground. A figure is curled up in the penguin-shaped slide, rocking back and forth and muttering to themselves. The creature grins, and lashes out, seeking this seemingly homeless person's energy.

There's a scream, and the darkness at the center of the park only grows, and a loud growl pierces the night.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-19 00:33:22 34395
Cure Gull hears talk of a 'slasher' in the park and her first response is: 'Might be Hannah...'. So she grabs Corvus, obtains a seagull on her shoulder and takes off into the air.

She flies over the park, looking back and forth. Some of the WPS Puella say that the Park's been slim pickings. She wonders if that means anything.

She hears a scream and she begins to spiral downwards towards the scream-- determined. Either it's Hannah or someone needs help, in either case- she needs to check it out.

Hold on, shes-a coming.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-19 00:35:48 34396
Hagane has been out combing the city, ever since she lost track of the Easter van the previous night. Well, no, she stopped for food and sleep. But she's spent most of this afternoon and evening flying about, searching for a particular black van.

She hasn't found it.

What she has found is Cure Gull, who seems to be dealing with a minor problem.

Well, maybe she can get some of her frustration out. She alters he course towards the flying PreCure, adding a boost of speed to get there more quickly, and readying her blade.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-19 00:46:11 34398
Unlike Hagane, Shiniko has not been looking for the van. She didn't think it was a good use of her time. She did, however, hear about a slasher in the park, and figured that teaching said slasher a lesson and cursing it for her own benefit would be.

So, the Shadow Witch Arrives at around the same time as the others; clad in shadow and taking advantage of surrounding shadows to make her presence fairly subtle. She watches, trying to catch this slasher in the act.

She does notice the others present, but doesn't act on that information, not yet. The scream draws her eyes towards it, but that too gets a wait and see response
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-19 00:54:28 34399
    As luck would have it, Sayaka also finds herself out in said slasher park, having chosen to take a short cut home. However, after her last run-in with a youma, Saya has started carrying her wooden kendo sword around with her.

    As luck would have it, Saya wasnt particularly aware of the 'slasher' in the park, or the recently attacks. Nor did she know of its tendency to target magical girls..Well, good thing she's not a magical girl!

    ...Too bad she kinda lost her memory that she actually is! Even so, she cant avoid helping someone in need. When she hears the scream, she's already in the park, pulling out her sword, peering around warily, "What's that? What's going on?" Then there's the sound of that creepy growl. Oh great...Not more of those creepy cat youma!?
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-19 01:10:02 34403
Unfortunately, it's Sayaka that makes it to the center of the park first. The playground seems by now sheathed in dark magic, the feeling of that youma only barely still registering. There's the sound of metal slamming into something wet and fleshy. A figure stands over a fallen being. Hair disheveled, barrier jacket tattered, Hannah looks an absolute mess. Worst still, blackish blood rains as she slams down her greatsword one final time, putting the youma out of its misery, drained of all of its energy.

Something goes flying past Sayaka before coming to a land behind her. It's the youma's head. The other magical girls just arriving, including Gull and Shiniko, are quickly noticed by Hannah as her eyes glow a deep red.

"Nnnnnghhhhhhaaahhhhh!" Howls out the corrupted magical girl. Swinging her blade up to one shoulder, she slowly stalks towards the girls gathered.

"M...M...magic! Delicious....feel it....GIVE IT TO ME!" Mumbles the young woman.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-19 01:20:43 34410
Cure Gull looks over to Hagane and touches down to the ground. "It's Hannah. Watch out. Try to get that sword away from her for now. Not sure if it'll fix things. Or make them worse." she looks towards Shiniko. "Same deal. Sayaka-chan! Get back! She's under the control of that sword!" she calls out.

"I'm not making the same mistake as last time." she says.

"Weaken her, then I'm purifying." she says.

She just sort of raises her hand... "Hannah-chan... please snap out of it...!" she begs as she throws her hand downwards--- a burst of wind-vaugely orb shaped, exploding outwards toward's Hannah.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-19 01:24:35 34411
"Right, I'll do what I can." Hagane touches down deftly, lifting her own blade and reinforcing it with a shield. A spell-glyph forms at her feet, and another around the hand that holds her blade, then both fade.

~"Barrier established,"~ the Belkan Device intones, and the sphere of desaturated color expands outwards to encompass the park. It should contain most of the force of the battle, at least, and prevent any innocents getting caught in the crossfire.

And then she hurls herself at Hannah, to engage the posessed girl sword to sword.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-19 01:24:36 34412
"Sorry bosslady, it's for your own good." Somehow Shiniko seems a little more grounded than usual, no giggles, no half-sane taunts and commentary. Nope, what's happened to Hannah seems to have the effect of her being more sane in contrast. At least in the presence of her employer.

The shadows around her coalesce into a puddle in front of her, oily looking in appearance, and she rises a few drops of it into the sky, circling around her as they turn into dark, shadowy flames. The first one of these is aimed straight at Hannah, as always, it's extremely cold.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-19 01:29:16 34419
    Sayaka may not be a Magical Girl (At least she doesn't think she is), but she sure wasn't expecting to face an insane looking magical girl, brandishing a wicked sword. Oh hey, she just killed a youma, so maybe she's just getting a high off it. Sayaka shivers though as the youma head goes flying past her. Eww, she totally didnt sign up for this! Definitely will have to take another path home next time!

    "Err...." She backs away slowly, "Are you...okay?" hands shakily grip the wooden kendo sword tightly, but she's got a feeling it's not gonna do much good against the likes of that!

    Then more magical girls show up, and Sayaka steps back, letting them handle it! She should probably leave right around now, afterall, she's not magical girl..But some of these people seem familiar, somehow! "What's going on..?"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-19 01:41:34 34429
It's a solid plan. Gull's orb of wind streaks for Hannah, and she raises that blade like a shield. She's pushed back, feet digging into the dirt, before twisting her wrist and deflecting the majority of it. The force of the combined block and parry slices through the nearby merry-go-round and slide. Poor PenPen.

For now, it seems, Gull's words only get an animalistic growl as dark magic grows around her, the miasma of the playground drawn in at the sight of so many magical girls. In her mind, the sword whispers of violence and power.

A barrier fades into existance, and the few crazy enough to be out here are safe...for now, at least. Her attacks have yet to be on civilians. Hagane leaps forward, and Hannah meets in kind, her massive blade swung like a stick. Blades clash, and powerful black winds burst from her sword as she ruthlessly tries to carve through Hagane!

Cold Anti-Fire bursts onto Hannah, breaking up the initial engagement between Hagane and Hannah. Her arm lights on fire, and on instinct, she tries to use wind to kill the flames. They only grow larger, dark magic warring with shadows.

Then, that stoked fire draws along her blade. Red eyes turn sightlessly to the wooden-sword wielding Sayaka as she speaks up. Hannah can feel that spark of magic in her.

"MINE! I'LL DEVOUR YOU! DIE!" Then, she leaps high into the sky, aiming a plunging stab for Sayaka's legs! Should it but scratch, she'd feel it starting to drain her energy!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-19 01:51:15 34437
Cure Gull dammits... no strained words, no attempts to talk to them--- did all that work get undone? She sort of grits her teeth. She can't die again--- she got lucky and got to come back last time. There's like no way to do that again for her- as far as she knows. Even Blue-sama, a god, was surprised Gull came back-- he /felt/ her death.

Gull makes a dive for Sayaka- to try to get her out of the way--- before she throws a wave of sharp, Gull feathers in the direction of Hannah-- letting the others handle it.

"Sakaya-chan, transform already!" she calls out.

"This is dangerous for you otherwise!" she calls out.

She has no idea that Sayaka has lost her memory. She remembers everything, afterall, herself. Why shouldn't Sayaka?
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-19 01:55:23 34441
Hagane hasn't a clue about Sayaka's problems, either, but is a bit busy engaging in sword-battle to wonder why she hasn't transformed.

Hannah's first blow knocks her back a few yards, but the shield she cast holds, and she's on her feet and charging back in within seconds.

"No one dies tonight!" she yells, putting herself between Hannah and Sayaka, her shielded blade right in the path of that horrible black sword.

"You leave her be, you hear me? You want to fight, I'll fight you!"
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-19 02:06:52 34452
Shiniko could respond to this in many ways, but her choice is fairly simpl as far as they go. She calls upon Hannah's own shadow, twisting and turning it into a critter that looks nothing like her. It's got long arms with strong hands that have fiendish looking claws.

Those claws then reach out to grab Hannah's legs in an attempt to arrest her motion and drop her to the ground /before/ her attack can reach Sayaka. It's not a very gentle attempt at doing that kind of thing.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-19 02:10:56 34458
    What the heck? How does she manage to pick all these crazy spots? Sayaka yelps, darting back as Hannah comes for her. But fortunately someone gets in the way first. Ugh, she doesn't belong here, so why's this crazy woman after her? Then someone tells her to transform, and her head spins. "What? Who? Huh?" ugh, craziness!

    "I cant transform..What's going on~!?" yeaaah, she should probably run right now, even though Sayaka's first instinct is to stand and fight for some reason. Something about these people is..Familiar..
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-19 02:23:23 34466
Thankfully, Sayaka is saved by the swift intervention of the magical girls present! Hagane bodily puts herself between the two, shield warring with sword. Even for a Belkan Knight, the magical pressure is intense, and Hannah's physical strength behind it isn't helping at all. Truly, a Lost Logia is a frightening thing! The more she presses on with that shield, the more the ground beneath begins to break from the pressure! Black wind starts to grow, lashing out at Hagane, trying to tear into her armor and flesh!

The only response is an unintelligable growl of anger, and deep, deep suffering. This close, Hannah's eyes are bloodshot, and she looks thinner than normal, as if the blade's power is ruining her bodily. She hasn't slept in some time, and despite the magic, her body is paying the price.

Then that blade pulls back, and slams down. Once. Twice. And again. A series of hammer blows that ends with the hilt of the blade aimed for Hagane's chin.

Cure Gull lashes out with her feathers, just as she goes for that uppercut! Even Hannah can't respond in time with her blade. But some small part of this girl is still Hannah. Her leg lifts, and lashes out with a perfect kick, reflecting a good half of Gull's own projectiles right back towards her limbs! The pure physical pressure of her enhanced strength causes a small sonic boom! One or two feathers at least sticks out of her leg, but it doesn't seem to bother the crazed fight-demon!

And then the Shadow Witch pulls out a clutch trick. Hannah's shadow is powerful, and the two war as it wraps around her. The struggle goes on, leaving ample opportunity for the others to strike! Eventually, however, Miss White tires of subtlety: she drops the sword, and reaches behind her, dragging her own controlled shadow. Magic wind bursts from her empty hand, rending it into shreds! The shockwave lashes out, uncontrolled magic slicing its way towards the group of magical and sort-of-magical girls alike!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-19 02:35:45 34475
Cure Gull blinks. "You can't transform. why!? Do you nee a grief seed!? Dammit---" she mutters as she turns back to Hannah--- and gets back into the fray---only to have her own feathers shot back at her and they embed in her right leg- causing her to wince and writhe for a moment--- she seethes. "Dammit..." she mutters.

"Guys I hope you did all you can-- keep it up-- I'm going-- I'm going to try..."

She throws her hand upwards. "Wings of Hope... turn into a sacred power----" she calls out swining around-- building up magical energy as she throws her PreBrace up. "Lovely PreBrace----!"

She claps the heart on it-- "Pretty Cure----"

She spins her hands one over the other-- forming a translucent- wing like symbol in the air as she grabs it-- "Hopeful.. Feather.. Shoot!" she calls out as she punches the symbol toward's Hannah--and it flies---and connects----! There's a clash of power as Light Purification hits Darkness-- but Hannah isn't a weak youma or a terribad and it isn't getting through---

Gull pushes more power into it--- keeping her hands up as she shakes---

It pushes and pushes and pushes-- trying to get through to Hannah past that Miasma---

Gull grunts a bit--- as she begins to scream-- because you can only pour so much of your heart into an attack until you're straining that---

"A--ahhh! No!..." she calls out as she has to stop-- lest she just send herself spiraling into unconciouness and become a liability--- the attack sort of dissolves against the Miasma-- it never even touched Hannah...

"N--rg-- that..." she says in disbelif.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-19 02:42:43 34479
Fighting wholly defensively, unlike her usual stabby-mcblasty offensive style, Hagane is showing her strength in an entirely different way.

She keeps it up, trying to hold that black sword's attention even as Gull works her own purification magic. Metal clashes against metal, sparks rise from the blades as they scrape against each other, lighting up the night.

"Come on, Hannah! You're stronger than that thing! -OWN- it!"

She keeps fighting, almost looking like something out of an Errol Flynn movie, her own blade constantly moving to keep slapping the black sword out of the way. At some point Carnwennan's gone from rapier mode to claymore-size, and she's wielding it two-handed, but it still seems as light and responsive as the slender blade she had before.

"Don't you DARE let it run you like this! Come on!"
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-19 02:53:11 34483
Shiniko takes a moment to... write a note in her book. 'This is the power you told me about?' Not that others can tell what she's writing, nor that they can notice that the book writes back. 'A form of it, but don't worry. You're strong enough to control it, instead of being controlled by it like her.'

Then, something she rarely does, Shiniko closes her book. She looks at Hannah, at Hagane, at Cure Gull, and at Sayaka, and decides to take a gamble. She comes out of her position in the shadows, and points at Hannah with her hair-hands.

"Shadow Witch's Hex" Shadows coalesce below Hannah, forming a circle inscribed within a pentagram's internal pentagon, this pentagram is inscribed within another circle.

At the tips of the pentagram, cold, dark flames spring into being, and suddenly the magic is palpable, the spell is complete. A pair of large hands, clawed and scaled, looking like they belong to an entity fresh out of hell, made out of pure shadow, reach out to grasp Hannah, seeking to constrain her, drain her, and push her to the ground, to keep her in place.

"Now!" Shiniko yells, hoping that Cure Gull can take advantage of it.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-19 02:54:46 34486
    Sayaka continues to watch from the sidelines, something about this battle bringing back..Some sorta memories. But she doesnt want a part of this, and there's no way she could be of much use with just this flimsy sword and no powers.

    "Ugh, I'm outta here!" Might as well leave it to the professionals! And with that, Sayaka turns and runs, and doesnt stop until she's out of that crazy circus.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-19 03:16:28 34500
The magical girls gathered put on a valiant effort against the crazed Hannah. But it's not quite enough in the end.

Hagane's skill with a sword outstripes Hannah's even augmented. Her own are wild and pure berzerker fury, while Hagane's own are skilled and powerful. They clash and clash again, neither seeming to gain ground on their own. Anger grows. Frustration and annoyance. What was once a simple battle of steel becomes something else entirely. The blade slams into the ground, a wall of steel to that claymore of a blade, and then a flurry of dark-wind kicks are aimed for Hagane. Hannah becomes a flipping, tumbling, kicking ball of furious, expert kicks. For once, the blade's control loosens to let the girl's own skills shine, anger honed. Yet, those kicks by now seem to be oddly pulled. The more the blade is forced to concede to Hannah, the more it slips. A pair of angry dogs biting each other bloody, in one single cage of a body.

"Out! OUT! GET OUT OF ME!" Howls Hannah, even as she's encouraged, and then in comes Shiniko.

Hannah lets go of the blade as that dark flame leaps to life, and those scaled claws reach for her. For one single moment, Hannah's eyes widen with pure anger and fury that there's something so dark and powerful swinging for her. She ends in a grin. A very cocky, Hannah-like grin, and then she punches the thing as they seek to hold her down.

The knockout blow renders that demonic shadow creature formed from her Hex into a burst of shadow magic that shatters into a million pieces, and rends a ten foot hole in the ground. Hannah falls to a knee.

It lasts for all of a second, as darkness chains wrap about her throat, choking her voice, and the blade whips back to slam itself through her side and into her hand. The girl coughs up blood. It's then that she's hammered by Gull's purification.

Her eyes, sightless as they are, stare at the girls before her with pure sorrow and anger. For one moment, she's lucid, despairing that she's hurting friends, love, and colleagues alike. But soon she's fogged, screaming as she fights with that blade's darkness. Hope and Despair clash in the final strike. The blade pushes, and in a burst of all of its magic, it manages to shatter the purification sent its way.

A brief respite, but Gull's magic is no where near enough. For now, even as body and sword inwardly war, it isn't enough. Sayaka flees. Perhaps for the best. A shadow rises above Gull, all of that dark magic put into pure speed. A blade falls, and then, blood.

Hannah slinks to a knee, having managed barely enough will to divert what might have been a killing blow to Gull.

"'LLKILLEVERYONEOFYOU! RAAAAAAAHHHH!" Howls the girl, before dark magic sucks her away from the park.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-19 03:25:45 34506
Cure Gull is coherent enough to notice the incoming strike, but she isn't fast enough to get out of the way. Luckily... something of Hannah returns and diverts the attack before she screams and-- she's off. Again.

Gull just stands there-- just like the night Hannah was taken by this thing--

Only this time, she screammmmms out and kicks poor Pengu! A Sharp, hard kick! "NRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGAHHHHHHH!"

She then just collapses onto her butt as she seethes.

"Ow." she finally says.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-19 03:33:20 34514
"That's it! Fight it!" yells Hagane, even as a series of kicks hurl her back from the posessed Hannah. And then just as she's getting up, Hannah's stabbing Gull.

She pushes herself back up, groaning softly at the abuse. "Damn this thing. GULL! Are you alright?" Stupid question. She can smell the blood, of course she isn't alright.

She hurries over to the girl, her blade fading back to its rapier form, then placed nearly back in its scabbard. "Damnit. We almost got through to her."