Liars and Thieves I: Fertile Ground

Blue Lotus has stolen a valuable and dangerous book from Eclipse, and seeks protection from Virtue.

Date: 2016-03-20
Pose Count: 56
Blue Lotus 2016-03-20 00:06:11 34801
    It's early evening. The sun has set, leaving the city cloaked in darkness- or as cloaked as Tokyo ever is, a city with thousands and thousands of lights shining from buildings on all sides, of cars and people crowding the streets even after sunset. Maybe even moreso after sunset.

    As if to add to the atmosphere of the occasion, it's pouring rain, the skies deluging the city with an early spring storm that has little torrents rushing down into the storm drains and puddles forming on every sidewalk. This makes it even harder to see clearly.

    The girl known only as Blue Lotus runs down an alleyway between two tall buildings, splashing heedlessly through the puddles on the floor. She's been running all day, and she's panting hard. Clutched to her chest is a large square bundle wrapped in cloth- its contents hidden, but it is approximately the shape and size of a large book.

    She looks over her shoulder as she runs, turning a corner. She knows they're after her- she'd been laying low, but her warning senses had been tingling starting a few minutes ago. It was a last resort, but at about the same time she had started broadcasting a distress signal on Virtue channels. Nothing specific, just a signal requesting aid.

    She hadn't wanted to involve Virtue in this, but she no longer has a choice.
Utau Hoshina 2016-03-20 00:19:41 34805
    Well, Utau had been having a good day after having a long, heart-to-heart with her brother, and for once, she didnt get scooted out by some annoying guard or nurse after an unreasonable length of time. For once it left her feeling a bit warm and fuzzy inside, even if it was a bittersweet feeling.

    Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. And she had already promised Ikuto that she would fight hard in her next battle, hard enough that he didnt have to fight so much, especially in his current, fragile state. No matter what, she would do what she could to protect her big brother.

    Unfortunately that means she gets to play villain yet again, even if she doesn't even know what this mysterious package is about, exactly. Something important, huh? Well, whatever it is, Utau will just have to get it back, one way or the other. Afterall, orders are orders!

    The rain doesnt bother her much, in fact it suits her mood just fine as she descends from the evening sky, massive black bat wings spread about her like a cape. "Hold it right there. You're not going anywhere, thief!" she points an accusatory finger towards the Blue Lotus as she lands on the ground in front of her.
Fate Testarossa 2016-03-20 00:24:46 34807
    Fate wonders if she'll be fighting anyone she saw at the dance yesterday. It was odd, visiting with enemies... but it was better than being home. Whatever is 'home' for her right now. She didn't know anymore, and as she flew high above the Tokyo skyline she knew she wouldn't find the answer to that down below.

    What she does know is that she needs this. UMBRA needs this. If it was Takashi's team that helped secure the book that their superiors wanted so desperately, it might be just the thing they need to get back into Eclipse's favor.

    It was Fate's fault they were in their current mess anyways. Well, officially it was Takashi's fault, but Fate brought him along.

    Arf is with her today, floating next to Fate in her mostly-human form, though to the surprise to probably no one she's a lot less enthusiastic about this than Fate is. .oO(How long is Fate going to put up with this, anyways?)

    Fate looks towards Arf, not really hearing her thoughts, but sensing her feelings. "We don't have a choice," she softly explains.

    Fate senses something. She sees what she thinks might be the movement of her quarry, barely able to be made out with the pouring rain but recognizable none the less. She whispers to Arf a short and simple plan, and then moves.

    Like a bolt of lightning, Fate dives towards the ground, while Arf lags behind just a little bit. Bardiche's scythe blade glows brightly in the fading light as Fate lands a few meters in front of Blue Lotus, and Arf touches down somewhere behind, blocking off both paths from the alley.

    "There's nowhere to run." Fate takes one step closer. "Surrender the book. We know you have it."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-20 00:25:40 34810
Last night sucked. Kukai had been at a wonderful dance and he'd met a lot of his friends and then there was a kiss and a killing look in Tadase's eyes and then he'd spent a few minutes with his back turned dancing with Utau and everything had blown up behind him. So for once he'd let it blow up.

Now the last thing he wanted to do was be at home with crap on his mind - at this point he wasn't even sure that either Tadase or Nagihiko had gotten home yet - but lying around wasn't his style either. So when the alert went out he'd yelled at his brothers he was going out for a bit and made it to the door, Daichi and Eru in tow.

Thankfully the source of the alert was nearby - near Clover Tower - and a few minutes later a green streak was flying through the raining, storming sky towards the alert symbol, goggles down over his eyes to keep them clear from the driving rain.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-20 00:29:22 34813
Mikoto is not the Tokyo resident most fond of Eclipse, by a long shot. But word came down through WPS that the book was important, and Eclipse wanted it. So she considered it. Maybe she could learn something about them. Earn their trust. Make sure the thief doesn't get killed.

Maybe even just grab the book and keep it for herself.

And so we find Hagane soaring above the city, cat-ears adorning her head, a half-dozen Wide Area Search spells spreading out to seek the thief.

And when she finally finds the Blue Lotus, she also finds a familiar face or two.

She drops to the ground not far away, and draws Carnwennan's blade. Setting herself off at an angle from Utau and Fate, she smiles a cat's impish smile.

"So, Lotus. Just what has gotten so many people so riled up about one ratty old book, eh?"

With her free hand, she waves cheerily to Fate and Utau. It's going to be one of those days....
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-20 00:31:45 34814
Last night sucked. Amu had been at a wonderful dance and she'd met a lot of her friends and then there was a kiss and a killing look in Tadase's eyes and then she'd spent a few minutes with her back turned dancing with Nagihiko and everything had blown up in her face. And she'd nearly been destroyed by proximity.

Now, the last thing she wants to do is to be at home with Ami-chan trying to hog all of her time, so she's out for a walk, dressed in the blackest dress she owns, over a black lace petticoat, with black thigh high stockings, black boots, and a black coat. She has a black umbrella and even managed to paint her fingernails black. To top it all off the cheerleader's put a black clip in her hair (an 'x' of course). Huddled beneath her umbrella, she makes her way through the rain, appreciating that the world has decided to match her mood.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-20 00:36:24 34815
Rune has been pacing the streets of Tokyo at this late hour, using the odd mix of natural darkness, rain, and techonlogical light to help frame her thoughts. She has a lot on her mind; Beryl outright killed her recently (the alien princess got better!), and Fate's mother has revealed herself... and nearly killed Rune as well; the elder Testarossa's tremendous power is a serious problem in figuring out how to get closer to Fate.

Those problems trouble her, and wandering the city hasn't helped brainstorm any solutions. It does however put her in place to notice a... possibly familiar face down the road. Is that Amu? She looks so different that Rune cannot tell, but begins to walk her way to find out.

...And then she sees a very familiar glow up ahead. Bardiche's yellow light. Speaking to Amu will have to wait!

"Summoning Princess' Tiara! The Line of Succession..." Jeweled headwear appears in one hand, passed to the other and brought to her forehead with one smooth motion. "...Transform!" A flash of red light puts her in full magical attire, wand in hand as she runs toward the alley in hopes of finding Fate.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-20 00:41:53 34818
As unluck would have it, Takashi was working with a very volatile experiment when the alert went through, and he was one of the last to pick up his phone. (And no, this time, the experiment had nothing to do with infusing candy with dark energy.) Still, though, it's a henshin-and-run situation, because Takashi - now Riventon - knows how important it would be to get back into the good graces of Eclipse.

As he's flying across the city he can't help but remember how much he missed flying - Frost Knight's leaps just aren't the same. Then he shakes his head, white locks with purple tinge going everywhere in the sky. Business first.

And it's by business first that he ends up landing next to Fate, nodding to her quickly before raising a hand that begins to generate an orb of negative energy. "The book can survive this. I am not sure you can. Your best course of action would be to surrender, but I'm fine with erasing you from existence as well."
Blue Lotus 2016-03-20 00:45:24 34820
    Blue Lotus comes up short as not one, not two, but three flying girls descend from the rain-soaked darkness overhead to more or less surround her. Breathing hard, she takes a moment to catch her breath, slightly hunched, panting from behind her mask that, as near as anyone can tell, she never takes off.

    Very slowly she straightens, regarding Fate and Utau- a glance given to Hagane as well. The eye-holes of her mask are too dark to actually make out her eyes, but there's a faint glistening of reflected light as they shift. There's no point in denying that she has the book- the bundle she still clutches protectively to her chest is too obivously book-size-and-shaped.

    So instead she reaches up over her shoulder with her free hand, the one not holding the book, and draws her slong, slender katana, the blade nearly as tall as she is. Her voice issues from behind the mask, tired but determined. "I cannot. I need it. I do not expect you to understand.. but I cannot surrender." It appears she's willing to make a last stand here- or perhaps just stall and hope that her distress call is answered.

    Then Takashi lands as well, and things are looking pretty hopeless. Still, Lotus doesn't seem ready to surrender. There's a brilliant flash as she holds her katana upwards, and a blue-white streak of lightning descends from the sky with a deafening crack, straight into the tip of her sword. When the flash clears, the length of the blade crackles and humms with electricity, dancing up and down the steel. "I worked too hard to get it. I will not give it up now."
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-20 00:50:36 34822
The sound of Rune's transformation draws Amu's attention out of her funk. She glances over her shoulder in confusion, then blinks in surprise as she spots the flash of red light. "What's going on?" she calls, but Runealy's already racing ahead.

"Amu-chan, something's not right," Miki says over Amu's shoulder.

"Mmm," Amu agrees, then squints at the road ahead. "Damn, I really don't want to do this today," she says, then takes a deep breath. "C'mon, Ran, let's go figure out what's going on," she calls.

"Right!" says the little pink chara, who immediately rushes forward excitedly to help Amu out.

"Atashi no Kokoro: Unlock!"

Brillian golden pink light engulfs Amu as her fingers flash a frame over the humpty lock dangling from her choker. The light seems to lift her from the ground, and a flurry of pink ribbons surround her as her too-goth clothes melt away to nothing. Ran winks at Miki, then dives straight for her egg. It seals up around the little chara, then floats towards Amu's waiting arms. As Ran sinks into Amu's chest, the ribbons explode into a flash of fabric and sparkles.

"Chara Nari: Amulet Heart!" calls Amulet's voice as the light fades.

Then she takes a powerful leap that carries her into the skies, and begins to glide her way forward at rapid speed as she chases after Runealy.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-20 00:53:47 34825
Well if Jack ever needed a signal flare for the situation there it is. He descends down towards where the figure is - and stops, some ways back. There, on the ground, is a single figure, wielding a katana, with two - three - four - five (?!) figures facing her down. Lunatic. The helmeted psychopath with the scythe. The blonde girl who'd been on the edges of the party last night. Hagane (what?), and in the center a young man holding a ball of focused dark energy.

This is a losing battle. Jack already knows it. But maybe if he can help hold the line he can defend whomever that is with the katana and whatever's in her hand. They'd sent the call out for Virtue, and Virtue was delivered in him.

"HEY! JERKWADS! Leave her alone! Whatever it is, it's not worth taking a pounding for!" A smart hero would have just started firing, but Jack is neither smart nor does he want to fire just yet. Maybe if he can scare them they'll delay for a second, and more reinforcements can show up...
Utau Hoshina 2016-03-20 00:55:50 34827
    Suddenly more Eclipse members start crawling out of the woodwork, some more familiar than others. Not like she cares really. Utau never really was a loyal or attentive member of Eclipse, but now she has a reason to fight. Still, it seems kind of unfair out outnumbered the thief is, and Utau is ready to go home and call it a day..Until members of Virtue start to show up, one by one.

    Well, this is about to get interesting, and she might as well try to put up a fight. Afterall, if that book's as powerful as they say, she might be able to use it for her own intentions.

    She glances towards Riventon and Fate, two people she doesn't know much about except they're part of Eclipse. Death Rebel as usual gives her the shivers for some reason, and Utau's quite surprised to see that Hagane is on their side this time around. The heck? well, whatever.

    "Hmph. Looks like you've got this covered. Guess I'll take out the extras." Backing off, she deliberately passes right over Sky Jack, not even wanting to go there, and spies Amu and Runealy heading her way. Hey, she never got a chance to meet the other Guardians. This isn't the best time but..

    "Amu Hinamori." She moves towards her with deliberate strides. "Never got to thank you for cutting me last time." A cold smile tugs at her lips as she summons her trident, spinning it around, pointing the tip at her. "It's payback time."
Fate Testarossa 2016-03-20 00:57:27 34828
    Fate glances next to her at Riventon and acknowledges him with a nod. If Arf frowns at the arrival of another UMBRA member, it doesn't last long enough to be noticeable between the darkness and the rain.

    Wine-red eyes watch as Lotus draws her blade. There's a flash of lightning, and the blade is charged. It seems like Fate's not the only one depending on electricity right now.

    She holds the blade of her scythe in front of her, blade arcing with electricity and giving off the slight smell of ozone. "We can't surrender either. I'm sorry you couldn't be made to see reason."

    Arf hears something familiar over the pouring rain. The sound of someone henshining? The familiar informs Riventon and Fate through telepathy. QHeads up. We'll have company soon.~

    Then Sky Jack speaks up, and the wolfgirl Arf turns around to face him. "Then why don't you get lost!" She lunges at him, swinging a fist at his jaw.

    Fate's movement is almost simultaneous with Arf's. The fight has started, and there's reason for her to hesitate. She hovers into the air, and swings her scythe down.

    <Arc Saber>

    A crescent of golden energy flies from her scythe down at Blue Lotus. A quick attack, to test out the enemy.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-20 00:58:47 34830
"Great, it's been too long so I put some plucky hero-girl out of comission." Riventon says, sneering. "I was worried I was going to forget how to do it soon." he says, and right before he launches his attack, his attention is pulled away from the girl for a moment by Sky Jack.

"Hey, I'll get to you in a moment. Take a number, have a seat, call your insurance company and make sure your policy is up to date cause you're about to pay one hell of a deductable, boy."

Axion pings to life, and just as Fate's attacking, Riventon turns back to Blue Louts.


A crushing black wave of negative energy erupts from his hand, a torrent of power being fired at Blue Lotus.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-20 01:01:04 34831
Runealy makes it into the alley, and immediately regrets doing so. Fate is indeed here, and she has absolutely no idea what to do regarding her friend right now. Worse, 'that man' who has tried to steal the alien princess' wand is here, threatening someone Rune does not recognize. Someone with a blade she kind of recognizes; Blue Lotus' weaponry reminds Rune of Akashimaru, giving Runealy an incorrect basis of assumptions on who this might be. Still, it's enough: 'Riventon is threatening her, she has a weapon like one of my friends' equals 'take her side.'

A quick glance skyward is made as she sees Amu's shadow passing overhead from that leap, silently pleased and relieved by it.

Such good feelings do not last. There are a lot of unknown people here - someone with a trident, among others - that she can't tell which side they're on.

Worse, Fate is attacking. Rune's heart sinks as one of her most cherished friends goes on the offensive, joining Riventon for it. "Fate!? Stop... what's going on?"

Despite asking for 'stop', Rune herself is not. She can't bring herself to fire on Fate, but Riventon has no such benefit. Wand aimed his way, her boot wings light up and hurtle her toward a nearby rooftop surrounding the alley. On the way up, a pair of thin red energy beams are shot out at him. "You're making insurance jokes at a time like this!?"

Waldia, it turns out, has some concept of insurance. It might not be as detailed as modern Tokyo's, but she knows about it and gets the references. They're sickeningly callous, in her mind.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-20 01:10:24 34833
Hagane can feel those eyes on her. Amu's... Utau's... and more. And there's something.... like a word on the tip of her tongue... but no.

She lifts her blade, and a dozen Flickers form, orbiting the tip. She flicks the tip, and the Flickers last out, slamming into the pavement, each one describing an arc about a yard in front of one of the heros - some for Runealy, some for Amu, and some for Sky Jack. Well out of range to actually hurt them, but enough to warn them.

"Just stand off. Go home. Forget you saw anything today. It'll be better for everyone." Especially Ikuto, she hopes. Because if selling her soul is the only way to get to him... then she's going to take out three mortgages, and start praying.
Blue Lotus 2016-03-20 01:14:15 34834
    The arrival of Sky Jack and his perhaps ill-conceived bravado is enough to pull a sigh of relief from Lotus- not that the arrival of one ally is likely to mean a difference given the current situation, but it gives her hope that more may be on the way. That maybe she'll be able to pull this off, one way or the other. The very fact that she's gotten this far is a miracle in and of itself.

    But she no longer has time to think. Attacks are flying her way- first a golden arc of energy from Fate, and then a blast of dark energy from Riventon. She reacts smoothly, her energy-wreathed sword flashing down to intersect the golden blast, the two charges meeting with a crackling spray of sparks. At the same time she twists to the side, Riventon's blast just missing her and impacting the brick wall behind her in a spray of masonry.

    She's always claimed to be a Yusha and to work on behalf of the Taisha, but she sure doesn't fight like one. Runealy's arrival and shots fired at Riventon give her yet more hope, and she turns to start dashing back towards the other end of the alley, where she entered from and where Runealy is even now coming in.

    Hagane's threats reach her ears, but she doesn't stop. Instead she shouts, to Sky Jack and Runealy (She hasn't seem Amulet Heart yet). "Please, I beg you! They want to take what is mine! Help!"
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-20 01:26:32 34839
Amulet Heart lands on a rooftop not far from the fight. She blinks down as Lunatic Charm calls up to her, then frowns just faintly. "You're welcome to try, Lunatic!" Amulet Heart calls down. "But this is your second warning. Continue being a jerk, and I will punish you for it."

Then, Amulet heart spreads her arms and drops, face first, off the building. Little wings form on her wrists and ankles, propelling her even faster as she rushes towards the ground.

"HEARTFALL!" Amulet Heart declares, as a corona of blistering pink-gold energy forms around her body. And she's streaking straight towards Lunatic Charm.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-20 01:27:17 34840
Well it's popping off now. The young man seems to be able to manipulate dark energy with great skill, and that insult about needing life insurance burns in the back of Jack's mind. "I'm not paying one cent out of fear of somebody like you!"

And whoops. Here comes a lunging, flying... werewolf? Jack has to dive to one side (handy having a flying skateboard) to dodge Arf (wasn't she at the party too last night?), a soccer ball appearing in front of his foot as he kicks, imbuing it with positive, electric power, sending it flying after the familiar! "Hey, fetch!"

But this buys the ones on the ground a few seconds, because only now can he turn and start sending electrically charged speeding soccer balls down at them...
Utau Hoshina 2016-03-20 01:32:06 34841
    Utau really doesn't like this, they're all ganging up on one lone girl, while the heroes are being kept at bay. Why, it's just bad form, ganging up on one person. And when the girl begs for help, she hesitates, glancing over her shoulder.

    Hagane sends out warning sparks, telling the others to leave, and Utau doesn't even attack. "Yes. That's right, listen to the lady. There's no need for further bloodshed here." Her gaze hardens upon Amu as she calls her a jerk, focusing upon her primarily as she rushes at her in a ball of energy.

    Gritting her teeth, she braces herself for impact, bringing her trident up in front of her, but not quickly enough to protect her from impact. She yells as she goes crashing into the ground, her spear and wings giving only minimal protection.
Fate Testarossa 2016-03-20 01:37:28 34843
    Fate hears Runealy, and she twists her head back to glance at her while she flies overhead. Sure enough, Arf was right. They do have company. Still... of all the people who could show up to interrupt, why Runealy? The princess wasn't someone that Fate wanted to be mean to.

    "She has something that belongs to us. We can't let her go."

    'She stole from us' is a pretty good reason to fight, right? She doesn't know all of the details, but that alone is a enough.

    Her shot was parried, and Riventon's was dodged. Ranged attacks don't seem to be working. Time for other options.

    She dives towards Blue Lotus, chasing after her and raising her scythe over her head. She brings it down towards the escapee. "Don't lie. It's ours! Give it back and we'll forget we saw you!"

    Arf sees a soccer ball coming her way. She's seen this game before, though she doesn't think she want to intercept it this time. Instead she holds out her hand in front of her, and the soccer ball pelts against the sudden appearance of a circular orange magical shield covered in glowing lines and runes.

    The familiar catches onto the fact that Blue Lotus is trying to get away, but Fate's faster than Arf is, so she focuses on Sky Jack instead. "Chain Bind!"

    Several magical chains shoot out from her shield and try to wrap around Sky, in order to hold him still and stop him from attacking the others.

    As for Fate, when she sees a soccer ball heading towards her she swings her scythe into it to deflect it.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-20 01:38:11 34844
Hagane scowls as she considers the situation. Too many people around. Still, it shouldn't be a huge problem.

She steps over to interpose herself before Runealy, blade held up in salute.

"Will you yield this night, your highness? Or must we do battle? I sincerely regret the necessity, but giri demands my part in this."

A sheen of energy flickers along the blade, and another dozen flickers form, orbiting near-invisibly above her head.

"All you have to do is walk away." But if Runealy wants a fight, she'll get one.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-20 01:48:24 34845
Riventon is a bit incredulous. "What? You little liar. You stole that from a secured vault!" he says, as his other hand brings up a shield just in time to block Rune's lasers. Looks like Riventon is going to have to focus on everyone else. "Fate, get the book back. Bonus if you bring the thief back too, but the book is the primary concern." he says to her as he rises into the air a bit, looking over at Rune.

"You're sticking your nose into business you really shouldn't. Or should I be expecting your Knights to drop in from either side too?" he says, grumbling.

"This is a police action as much as anything. She stole from us. If you keep going I'm not going to play around. Turn around and leave." he says, and behind him a couple large orbs of negative energy spring into action.

"I have experiments I'd much rather be running, so as soon as we get the book, I'm gone, everyone is safe, and you can hold a little party or whatever it is."
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-20 01:52:09 34846
"Don't know how much help I'll be," Rune admits, not sure how useful she is in this fight; she's coming off a string of significant blows, and last she knew Riventon was significantly ahead of her overall. "So you might want to just... keep running and run some more!"

She's asked to stand down by people she only partially knows. Hagane's request causes her eyes to lid, gaze casting down to the wet alley ground. "'Yield', 'duty and necessity'... why are you talking like that? Making this all sound so formal and elegant and 'justified', instead of what makes it RIGHT!" This bothers her, deeply. She looks torn between wanting to cry, and wanting to get angry about it.

Riventon confronting her jars her from that funk, head snapping back up to stare at him with wide, worried eyes. "What, you're asking Fate to 'bring the thief back', putting this all on her? I'm not playing around either, and maybe I /do/ have my friends with me. Whether I do or not, you're asking me to just walk away and be okay with whatever happens. If she stole it, I wonder what her reason is!"

The question is rhetorical. While she might have sincerely asked Fate about this, any such inquiries to Riventon are what little defiance she can work up as she aims down at him and launches a wand-orb at him! It aims to burst into emerald sparkles on contact, whether it does so with him, a forcefield, or terrain.
Blue Lotus 2016-03-20 01:58:07 34847
    Lotus keeps running, past Runealy as Hagane steps forward to confront her, beneath Lunatic Charm as Amu smashes her down into the pavement, as Sky Jack and Arf tangle overhead and send soccerballs flying. Words are exchanged, and she can hear them as clearly as anyone else. "The book belongs to me!" She shouts, making sure everyone can hear it. "They would use its power for evil! They cannot be allowed to have it!"

    The tricky thing is, she's probably right- I mean, if Eclipse were going to use it for anything, it probably wouldn't be 'good' right? Then again, her ownership of it is questionable, considering she did remove it from a locked and guarded vault. But she's hoping the members of Virtue on-scene will simply assume their enemies are lying. Lotus herself is a member of Virtue, after all. She can be trusted.

    Fate swings that scythe down towards her, and Lotus' katana sweeps up, the blades now meeting directly with another crackle of energy, yellow mixing with blue as the energies arc. She's driven to one knee by the force of the blow, but rolls forward, putting a few feet between her and Fate again as she continues to back towards the mouth of the alleyway.

    "Lives depend on this book! I won't let it go!" This is addressed to everyone equally, as Rune steps in to take the attention of both Hagane and Riventon- or try, anyway.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-20 01:58:37 34848
Sky Jack sends several more soccer ball shots down towards Riventon, Fate, and Hagane - such a target-rich enviroment is great for richocheting balls - just in time to hear Amu scream. He looks over at the cry of "Heartfall!" just in time to see Amu blast Utau off a rooftop nearby! "Amu! You~"

He doesn't have time to finish, as the orange magical chains wrap around him. He swears a most unheroic curse and gets some altitude on his board, trying to pull away from the line of fire while he's tied up, possibly dragging Arf along with him as he goes up! "Come on! Let go!"
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-20 02:10:34 34850
The sad thing is, it's really not har for Amulet Heart to assume that the members of Eclipse are lying. And even if they're not, it's also not hard to convince her that they do plan to use its power for evil.

Amulet's Heartfall slams into Lunatic Charm with all the energy of a mack truck. Lunatic is plastered, but Amulet Heart springs back up from her own attack and bounds forward. She reaches behind her, and a pair of cheerleading batons appear in her hands. She doesn't waste time worrying about Lunatic Charm--there are way too many people here for that. Instead she just throws both arms forward, sending the batons flying with a call of, "Spiral Heart Special!"

Both batons go flying, but neither in the same direction. One streaks towards Riventon, whirling like a boomrang to try and take the guy from behind. The other races towards Fate in an attempt to tangle her feet and trip her up.
Utau Hoshina 2016-03-20 02:12:47 34851
    "Ugh!" Utau manages to catch herself before she can become flattenned like a pancake, shaking off the broken rocks and dust as she spreads out her wings. She's a bit bruised but no worse for wear. "Hmph. Idiot." She'd like to counter her attack, make her pay for that but, seems the little thief's taking off with the book, while the heroes are managing to get the upperhand it seems.

    "And just what do you plan to do with that book, you thief?" Lunatic yells as she flies after the Blue Lotus. Openning up her arms, she summons a swarm of energy bats to rush at the girl, hoping to slow her down. "I can't let you have such a powerful item! Besides, it belongs to us!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-20 02:17:05 34852
There are only so many reasons to steal a book. Eclipse might claim they just want to keep it from behind used... Mikoto would like to know why that might be.

And it looks like Riventon's got things handled with Runealy. "Fine," she snaps. "Be that way. I'm going to go get the book and finish this."

A single flicker smashes into the ground in front of Runealy while Hagane flits away, her flight spell providing the speed to send her dashing at the alley mouthway, trying to get in the way of Lotus' escape route.

"And here I thought you were supposed to be a hero. Not a thief."
Fate Testarossa 2016-03-20 02:25:37 34853
    Scythe meets blade. Yellow meets blue. Sparks fly, electricity arcs, and the resulting flash is so fast that even someone like Fate has to look away. Fate needing to blink the spots out of her eyes buys Blue Lotus a bit of time, but Fate's speed allows her to catch right back up.

    "You are lying, and you know it. You stole something dangerous from Eclipse vaults, and we want it back. Right now your life depends on you returning that book to us!" Fate might've heard Riventon order the capture of Blue Lotus, and that might still be possible as far as Fate knows, but her full attention is on getting the book back. Everything else is secondary.

    The strategic use from getting the book back far outweighs the tactical bonus of capturing Lotus as well.

    "If that book is so important, then why should anyone trust it to a liar and a thief?"

    <Device Mode>

    Fate holds Bardiche in front of her as it takes the shape of a staff that resembles an axe.

    <Photon Lancer>

    Four sparkling, arcing orbs of electrical energy fire from the tip of Fate's device, travelling down the narrow corridor of the alleyway and bearing down on Blue Lotus.

    In the sky above, Arf is still tangling with Sky Jack. She sees magically charged soccer balls aimed at Fate, and Fate doesn't see them! Well, time for a familiar to do what she does best...

    Arf is dragged along with Sky Jack because of the chains tied to her magical circle, and that pulls her off balance, but it also gives her forward momentum. She uses that to launch herself between Sky Jack and Fate, taking a soccer ball intended for her master right in the gut. Arf screams, and then leans forward, clutching her gut.

    Fate looks up for a brief moment. "No!"

    The moment's distraction is enough to ensure that Amu's baton smacks into her legs. She isn't using her legs to fly, so she can't trip, but the impact knocks her off course and into a wall, crashing through a window and into an empty room.

    Tch. How did they have so many enemies to deal with? Blue Lotus will get away if Fate can't pull it together. At least she can tell through their telepathic link that Arf is still okay.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-20 02:51:31 34859
Jack hates to do this, but there's a moment of weakness there. Putting one - two, actually - of the opponents out of the fight would be a big help, and he'd promised Lunatic Charm he'd never hold back in a fight against her again.

The chains from the shield burst, freeing Sky Jack again, and one more soccer ball forms. The sky around him begins to darken, and the ball begins to gather electricity and positive energy as he focuses on it.


The ball almost blinks out of existence, it's moving so fast. Whether or not it hits its intended target - Arf - it lands with a sonic explosion and a crack like thunder.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-20 02:52:00 34860
Riventon puts up a warding barrier, but he also knows what those little orbs can do, so the moment it impacts, he shifts back, floating out of the area of those little sparkles which are equally dangerous. "You should get some new tricks, Princess." he says, grumbling.

"And it's entirely justified. What, you think we just sit around a table and discuss ways that we can make the apocalypse happen? That artifact is dangerous. It's dangerous for it to be out uncontrolled." he says, angrily. "You're putting everyone at risk by letting her keep it. It was secure where we had it." he adds.

Then he gestures and those two orbs of energy he'd manifested behind him sail towards Runealy, trying to home in on her. "Ignorance is so dangerous!" he adds.

There is likely a small field of time when Rune has the chance to outrun or outgun the orbs, because Riventon's attention is stolen by the impact of a spinning baton into his back. "Can't I just deal with one of you at a time?!" he complains.

<HEXENSCHLAG!>An outstretched hand and a burst of labrynth-like watercolor witchy energy follows in an attack on Amu.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-20 02:55:31 34862
Rune makes a tiny protest at Amulet Heart's tactics... or rather, a cautionary plea, as a baton sails at Fate. "Please be careful, don't hurt her...!" Then Fate makes very clear threats. Not threats directed at the alien princess, but at the 'thief of the evening', whoever she is.

Fate speaks of a thief's life depending on returning the book, and Runealy pales upon hearing those words. "F... Fate, no...! Don't talk like that! Your mother did, but... it's awful, it's one of the worst things that can happen, someone dying...!"

Riventon demands her attention, forcefully. Her tiara's gems light up to spray a stream of tiny emerald sparkles at one of the orbs, temporarily batting it off course as she jumps aside from the other one. This process of alternating dodges goes on for several seconds, before one of them finally manages a glancing tag to her ribs and sends her spinning to her knees with a hurt cry! "Yes, i /do/ think you discuss that because you've tried it before!" This may sound like a bizarre accusation, one that might lack some vital context to make sense to anyone but herself. "So don't think I'm going to let you just have your way!"

She rushes for the rooftop edge, using it to springboard to the next rooftop... but she's going this route for a particular reason.

In mid-leap, Rune twists so she can aim up at the airborne Riventon and uses another 'old trick' from a different angle. A wand orb flies out, and this one splits apart in mid-flight to become a spray of green energy 'pellets'. They spread out in a wide pattern, attempting to blast Riventon from directly below!
Blue Lotus 2016-03-20 02:55:52 34863
    Lotus once again finds herself the focus of most of the negative attention- which is only to be expected, considering she's the entire reason any of them are here. Confronted by Lunatic Charm and Hagane, as well as Fate, she all but snarls in frustration from behind her mask. They all keep demanding to know why she wants the book, why she went through all the effort to steal it?

    "I need it to save my brother!" She explodes in anger, and at the same time blue lightning crackles out along her sword, just as Fate is de-railed by Amu's baton and sent crashing through a window. This doesn't stop her though- she swings the newly-re-energized sword through Lunatic Charm's swarm of bats, straight at the flying girl even as the bats impact her and drive her a few steps back, a flash of blue electricity streaking out towards the winged girl. "It's the only way! And I will give my life if that's what it takes!"

    Once that attack is launched, she turns once again to run, to try and get out of the alley, but Hagane is in her way. She jukes and dodges, knowing Lunatic Charm is likely to be on her back again in moments, trying to get out onto the street.
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-20 03:00:25 34865
Amulet Heart raises her hands, and both batons fly back to her. She catches them, then turns just in time to squeal in terror at the witch-bolt. It nearly takes her full in the face, but she crosses her batons. Even so, the chaotic energy sends her skidding backwards on the ground, seeking purchase. She gets it only moments before she strikes a wall.

"I am being careful!" she yells at Runealy. "But we can't let them get away with this crap!" Then she bounds forward again, whirling the batons like clubs as she races towards Hagane to engage with her.
Utau Hoshina 2016-03-20 03:04:29 34866
    Still annoyed at being bested by Amu, Utau decides to unleash all her anger at the thief girl, and she snarls, already preparing her next attack as the bats begin to dissipate. "A thief is a thief. That book certainly IS dangerous, and with it, you'll get more than you bargained for.."

    But then, the girl says that magic word, and Utau's eyes widen, freezing in her tracks. "Save...Your brother?" she has a flashback of seeing Ikuto laying weakenned and hurt in the infirmary, and for a minute, she just...Cant..Do it. Fighting this girl who only wants to save her brother's life, doing exactly what Utau would do herself, if she could!

    It's enough of a distraction for the Blue Lotus to slash her head-on with the bolt of blue electricity, and she screeches, doubling over in pain..Dammit, she could have blocked it, could have put more effort into it but..Maybe she kinda wants the girl to escape.

    She doesnt even try to continue the chase, pretending she got hit harder than she did.
Fate Testarossa 2016-03-20 03:15:37 34867
    Arf watches with one eye open as Sky Jack. Positive energy isn't specifically more threatening to her than any other kind of energy, but there is a lot of it gathering up. Electricity... it's her master's element, but she isn't specifically hardened against it. All of that power and energy stored into one blast... Arf doesn't have time or energy to attack. All she can do is defend.

    If she can do even that much.

    The ball comes at her. She holds up her hand to form a shield. The shield sputters and fails, leaving her shocked. This is really not the time for that!

    She has a split second of panic. That attack is coming right at her and there's nothing she can do about it.


    Fate... where did she come from?! Well, she's here now, interposed between Arf and the ball, and a huge yellow spherical shell is covering them both. The soccer ball presses against the shield. Sparks fly, electricity arcs against electricity, and that golden shell...


    Fate takes the full impact, launched directly backwards into Arf. Her familiar catches her, looking down at the young girl. "Fate!"

    If this had been a one on one fight, it would have been different, but Fate and Arf had been dealing with attacks from multiple opponents, most of whom they had their backs to while chasing Blue Lotus. It's not their lucky day, and Fate is out cold.

    Arf snarls at Sky Jack, and then looks down at the fleeing Blue Lotus. She mutters something along the lines of, "Like I care about some stupid book."

    Carrying Fate, Arf dives into the alleyway, goes a different path from the fight, and vanishes. She doesn't reappear again.

    Whatever Fate would've said to Runealy ends up unsaid, because she's not here right now.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-20 03:26:09 34871
Hagane finds herself at the mouth of the alley just in time to witness Lotus blasting past Utau. Sword held out, she prepares herself...

But when she sees Utau stop, she too finds herself frozen in place. She looks up and meets Utau's gaze... and nods.

Then she turns to pursue Blue Lotus, single flicker shots whipping out from her orbiting arsenal to dog the girl's steps, each one seemingly aimed to strike full on but in fact slamming into the ground just inches from Lotus' feet.

All the while, she runs after the girl, trying to catch up.

Which is when Amu catches up to her, and she has to turn her attention away from Lotus. "Blast it, girl, what do you think you're playing at?"

She lifts her blade to respond to Amulet Heart's approach, prepared to defend against her attack. "This isn't helping."
Takashi Agera 2016-03-20 03:35:25 34873
Riventon is trying to handle too many things at once - trying to perhaps process to much information. And then there's the sudden sharp yell from Arf of 'Fate!' and Riventon turns - probably faster than anyone would expect - to see Fate on the ground. It's a good thing Arf is there, but Riventon is also heading towards her when Arf picks her up.

"Fate~" he calls out. Which is what he's doing when Runealy, free of her chasing energy orbs, blasts below him. Axion puts up a ward, but just a little late, and some of those pellets make contact with his barrier jacket - and with him.

A sharp groan of pain erupts out from Riventon, but Fate's gotten saved by Arf.

"See what happens when you stick your nose into things that don't concern you?! People get hurt, you idiot!" he says, generating to small, spikey black orbs in his hands and pitching them like rocks at Runealy. They're 'inspired' by (Read: pirated like an mp3) her attack, and they'll detonate into their own storm of black sparkles.

"JUST STAY OUT OF THIS FIGHT!" he says, trying to turn around and dive for the Blue Lotus, just slamming into her like a bolt of living negative energy. He wants that book...
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-20 03:44:42 34876
"I know," Rune calls back to Heart. "She's just very important to me, so...!" ...So Fate ends up being nailed on Arf's behalf, distracting Rune from the fight with Riventon as eyes widen in horror. "No! Don't...!"

Arf has caught Fate however, and Rune is silently relieved by this. She makes absolutely no effort to oppose Arf retreating from the area, as that is /exactly/ what Rune wants to see happen. For Fate to be out of the area, no longer in danger.

Riventon's shout snaps her head back to face him as she lands on the opposite rooftop. "Are you acting like you're worried about her? You, who tried so many times to destroy my world!? You, who... ahn!?" She's interrupted by Riventon attacking her with a scatter-shot magic assault of his own. The alien princess has about a quarter-second to realize this is very interesting, because Rune herself is not the originator of this attack.

It's even possible the person who taught it to her, the late Queen Lene Waldia, was not the first user; it may go even further back in her world's history, possibly as far back as being used by the First Queen thousands of years ago. Rune is simply not sure where it started.

Right now however, it's bearing down on her. Boot wings light up and rocket her up and away from the spray, but it's very wide and this evasion is a tad too late due to the shock of seeing 'her' trick turned back upon her.

And so the dark energy plows into her legs, sending her crashing to the rooftop in a hurt heap! She probably SHOULD just stay out of this as Riventon has demanded, but Runealy props herself up with her wand and limps over to the roof-edge once more... this time to aim at him as he pursues Blue Lotus. "No you don't! I'm not going to let you ruin her life like you've tried with so many others!" She quickly ponders her options: She COULD try a more full-powered attack, but those risk hitting Lotus too. She needs something more discretionary. A pair of wand orbs, each staying solid until they make impact with something, will have to do; they're aimed to try to tag Riventon in the back, as her legs are too hurt to immediately pursue him for any closer assault or pick a better angle.
Blue Lotus 2016-03-20 03:51:41 34878
    Fate is taken down by Sky Jack. Hagane is being distracted by Amu. Lunatic Charm took a direct hit from her lightning blast, and it looks like she might be out for the time being. Blue Lotus is starting to think she might actually escape with her treasure, as she turns once again to dash for the alley-mouth..

    Only to have Riventon smash bodily into her from behind. She lets out a rather undignified yelp as she hits the ground hard, skidding to a stop, wrestling with him over the cloth-wrapped bundle. "Don't- I need it!" She shouts in his face.. until Runealy shows up to try and pay Riventon back for the attack he just unleashed at her.

    She senses her opening. But she can't get the bundle away. After a moment.. she just breaks and runs. She releases the book and rolls away from Riventon so Runealy can take her shot.. smoothly getting to her feet in one motion and running for the mouth of the alleyway.

    "I need protection! Asylum!" She calls up towards Sky Jack, Amu, any other members of Virtue who might be listening, as she darts into the crowds of people still walking obliviously by on the sidewalk outside the alley.

    Riventon is left with the cloth-wrapped book (and Rune's energy blasts). Of course, when he unwraps the bundle, he'll find a cookbook called "Making the Perfect Chocolate", and not a magic book at all. Because of course it isn't. She hid it somewhere safe before she started running to lead them away from it.

    Moments later she's gone in the crowd.
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-20 03:58:35 34880
Amulet Heart batters at Hogane's blade with her twin batons, attacking with almost wild abandon as she seeks to drive the girl back, pressuring her into a defensive stance.

All this buys plenty of time for Blue Lotuss to get away, but that really isn't why Amu's here. She's angry. She's frustrated. She's hurting. And these villains managed to become targets for expending all of that emotion. Poor Hogane.

Amu's swings work Hogane into a defensive rhythm, and then she leaps back suddenly and whirls both batons before throwing them forward. "BROKEN HEART" she calls, as both batons take on the same kinetic energy of her previous heartfall attack. And they're both aimed straight for Hogane. And this is practically point blank.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-20 04:02:21 34882
As Riventon comes down into the girl's back and wrestles the book away from her, Runealy's attacks connect and knock him down, but he's got the damned bundle. He's gotten Eclipse back their damnable book at this is all worth it - and she runs away, but that's fine because he's not after her.

Then he rolls to the side, rolling with the pain in his back still flaring up, and he gets up. And he looks into the bundle. And involuntarily, it's an explosion of black energy that erupts from him, because he's so upset he cannot control the flow of energy within him, just looking at it - it'll push anyone near him away. He grips the book in a rage. "You idiots." he says, and it's probably patently clear to everyone around him it's /not/ the right book.

"You distracted us long enough she could switch out the book, and now she's gone, and now the Executive Council is going to get invovled. You know what? When Tokyo becomes a warzone, we tried to stop it, and it's all your fault!" he says, vocally snarling a bit. "Because to hell with whatever she or you think, we're going to get that book back. Whatever it takes." he says, before the ground under him crackles with black energy and he takes a backstep as it surges up in a column of foul miasma. During the eruption, Riventon makes his escape through the Dusk Zone.
Utau Hoshina 2016-03-20 04:05:10 34883
    Oh...They got the book! Well, it's about time! Easter wont be happy with her after her poor performance, that's for sure..And Ikuto will likely be punished for her stupidity. Dammit! Still. They got the book, right? So maybe it wont be so bad. Utau heads towards Riventon, peering at the dropped book....And scowls.

    "A...Cookbook!? Are you kidding me!? we wasted our time over that old thing?" But no, she wouldn't have risked her life over something like that. "So. A decoy then.." she sighs, about to ask Riventon just what exactly this book is supposed to do. But then suddenly he vanishes and she curses under her breath.

    Ugh, what an annoying day!
Kukai Souma 2016-03-20 04:05:49 34885
Sky Jack watches Arf carry Fate off and raises a fist in victory. He's glad they pulled out before she got too hurt, but he's got a job to do, and that means he needs to beat Utau every time she shows up on the field.

Unfortunately this means that when he turns around, seeing Blue Lotus calling for protection and asylum, leaving the book behind, he assumes that's whatever book they were after. Time to make him eat that insult and several soccer balls - wait. He's holding up the book. 'Making The Perfect Chocolate'?

The last thing Riventon hears as he warps himself out is Sky Jack, laughing himself silly.

Jack looks around. Amu's still fighting Hagane, but she looks like she's winning. Maybe go help her? Hmm. She also looks like she's working off some excess energy. Maybe go -ask- if she wants some help. He moves in that direction, punting a couple of balls at Hagane. They'd probably not hit her, but what Jack currently has his mind on wears bat wings and is probably being very angry off in a corner somewhere.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-20 04:08:01 34887
Hagane engages Amulet Heart, sword to baton, letting the pinkette press her along. She's not even trying to attack, ust give the girl something to spend her fury on. Her shield flashes in and out as harde strikes rain down on her, but not once does she strike the girl.

"Amu. You know why this has to be." Flaming soccer balls bounce off another shield, and she turns to cast a glare at Jack.

Taking to the air, she hops back, perching briefly on a rooftop. "This isn't over!"
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-20 04:14:28 34890
Rune is emboldened by having landed a meaningful hit to Riventon - whether he was distracted or not by more important objectives doesn't matter too much to her right now, though it probably should - and opts to press her perceived advantage as Lotus escapes. "Asylum, huh... I'll have to find her and see about giving that. For now, though...!"

She is deeply unimpressed by Riventon's doomsaying. "What, you mean there's someone worse than you? Do they just try to destroy /every/ world, instead of 'just one' like you did!?" Another wand orb flies out, but this one fails to reach Riventon in time; he is gone before it can arrive, and it just blasts a gouge in concrete instead.

It's just as well. There's someone else here holding her ire. Someone pumping a fist in the air. Someone she doesn't know, but he sure looks satisfied about the outcome of his fight.

Her eyes narrow upon Sky Jack as she shouts across the cityscape, "You're /celebrating/ what just happened!? You just hit my friend!" Anger takes further hold of her thoughts, and... Runealy lashes out. She launches another wand-orb, this one sailing over rooftops. It splits apart in mid-air, trying to 'pepper' Sky Jack in a wide spray of emerald sparkles!
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-20 04:21:41 34893
Amulet Heart catches her batons on the return, then stands defensively a moment. Then she turns her back on Hagane and steps away from the entire fight. "Runealy," she says calmly. "Your 'friend' was trying to hurt someone. I appreciate that she is your friend, but Sky Jack knocked her unconscious; he didn't kill her, and he didn't hurt her permanently. Trust me, Sky Jack is the last person who would hurt someone like that. So ... please. If you really want to help your friend, convince her to stop working for the wrong team."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-20 04:29:05 34895
Sky Jack is paying more attention to Hagane leaping away and Amu finishing her fight. He hears Runealy yelling behind him and turns just in time to catch the emerald scattershot full-on.

The emerald sparkles hiss and sizzle and burn all over. Jack yells in pain and wobbles on his board, having to reach down to grab it as he bats the sparks away from his eyes. "WHAT THE HELL?!" Thankfully none of the purification inherent in the blast hurts him, but he still looks singed as he yells at Rune after Amu speaks. "What she said!"

He looks over at Amu for a second and then grumbles. "Hey Amu. Feel better?" He looks around for a moment across the skyline, seeing if anything else is going on.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-20 04:36:37 34899
Rune winces as Amu pleas for her to stop. To an extent, this is effective; she stops firing on Sky Jack. "You think I don't know that?! I finally met her mother, and if Fate continues to stay with a 'team' like that, it's pretty obvious what's going to happen!" Her response is made as half-shout, half near-sobbing gasp as Runealy is torn between simultaneous anger and sadness.

In the end, the latter wins out. Her wand ends up being stowed behind-back, well and truly done with attacking Sky Jack now. "I won't apologize for that," seeing him 'fist pump' over that hit seriously provoked her, even if it was probably not intended to do that. "But I'm not going to keep after you. Just understand that she means a lot to me, and I don't want to see anyone celebrate her being 'just knocked unconscious' ever again!"

Then Rune turns to limp-run for a rooftop edge, intending to leap down into an alley way and flee from the area as tears stream. There will be time to shout responses to her if so desired, and it might even be possible to outright pursue her.
Utau Hoshina 2016-03-20 04:46:44 34902
    Utau watches as the other fights sizzle down a bit. It seems most of eclipse has retreated, and she probably should too, until Jack gets hit by Runealy's attack! She should just leave him, afterall Amu's there to help him..But she cant help but check on him, if only briefly. "Kukai.." She murmurs, glancing over him, but keeping a distance from Amu.

     Not that she's afraid of her in the least, but it's been a long day. She'd like to punch Runealy too for being a jerk, but seems she booked it before Utau good punch her. Well, whatever. Doesn't look like he took a serious hit, might as well book it herself.
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-20 04:49:34 34905
Amulet Heart watches Rune turn to go, then lets out a sigh of unhappiness. "Damnit," she says, then banishes her henshin.

Ran pops out and starts to chase Runealy down, then skids to a halt mid-air and turns back towards Amu. "Amu-chan?"

"Just let her go," Amu says grumpily, as she puts her umbrella up over her head again. Glaring up at Sky Jack, she considers him for am oment, then shakes her head. "No, I don't feel better," she tells him. "I've gone from pissed and hurting to pissed and soaking wet and hurting. What the hell was this all about, anyways? I gave my phone to Orange, remember?"
Kukai Souma 2016-03-20 04:54:16 34910
Sky Jack looks over at Amu and shrugs. "I was in my room in a funk when the alert went off, a emergency alert on Virtue. Someone was in trouble and needed everyone to be on deck to help. So I came to help. I don't recognize that girl, though. Did you?"

He frowns a little as she mentions not being any happier. "Well you'd think you'd at least be a little more happy. Exercise makes you happy, you know." He spots Lunatic and Hagane off to one side. He really considers zipping down there and hugging her before she has to leave, but the other girl's with her and she didn't like his electric soccer balls, so he just raises one hand over his head and waves to her, grinning like the confident fool he is.
Utau Hoshina 2016-03-20 04:57:51 34911
    Utau was hoping to learn more about the book from Virtue, but it seems they know less about it than she does. Hmm, she'll have to look up Riventon for information in that case.

    Jack is given a lingering glance and a slight nod, before she walks away, pausing only briefly to address Hagane. "Hagane, was it..Didn't expect you to be fighting on our side this time. Glad to see you've come to your senses." With a cool smile, she bows briefly to her apparent ally, for today at least, and spreads her wings, taking to the skies.

    "Til next time then."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-20 05:01:24 34912
Up on her rooftop perch, Hagane observes the brief infighting, and Runealy's departure. At least someone cares about the real victims here. With the book lost for the moment, she sees no reason to commit to further battle.

She notes the exchange between Utau and Kukai, but all it draws from her is a smile.

"Sense has nothing to do with it," she answers the singer, before returning her bow. "I'm in this for his sake."

She too takes to the air. "Until soon. Give your brother my best."
Amu Hinamori 2016-03-20 05:05:23 34914
Amu allows the distraction of Jack looking up at Utau to be all the exit room she needs. While Kukai is looking the other way, she turns and walks out of the alley and continues on her walk down the street, not even looking back.