Evening Snack Attack

Norie Okana has to drain people to live. Sachiko Hayakawa has something to say about it. So does Kukai Souma and Greta Legend.

Date: 2016-03-21
Pose Count: 43
Lacrima 2016-03-21 03:17:55 35086
It's the evening, and Norie was on a bus when her hands started to shake. She looked up at them and her eyes unfocused a little. Oh no. She'd waited just a little too long. She paniced and pulled the stop on the bus and got off quickly in a jog. This was about an hour ago.

One. Two. Three....

That's the number of unconcious people in alley ways or behind small planters or in one instance, barely in a garbage can.

Norie didn't remember the first target, she'd been nearly /almost/ feralistic at that point-- but it was a salaryman late getting home who was now going to be much more late.

The second she was a little more lucid for- a delinquent who'd been spraypainting the back of a store.

The third was a top off-- and the current person being drained-- a teenage worker in the back of a cafe that was closing for the night who was taking out the trash.

During this whole time-- Norie's hair was a long, deep purple, her eyes also a brilliant purple-- it wasn't until the boy fell unconcious that she thumped back to her butt and began to breathe a little heaving-- just placing her head into her hands and taking a moment to get her bearings. She was feeling better physically- not so much emotionally.

She hated doing this. But it was better than the alternative. Everytime she'd let it go too long- she'd /almost/ killed someone. Sending someone to sleep in a strange place was a lesser evil than almost draining someone completely.

This didn't stop her from begining to cry miserably a little.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 03:29:49 35094
Slipping out after dark is really not something seven year olds should be doing. Yet it's exactly what Sachiko does. Late at night, the girl puts on her cutest dress--a many-layered and ruffled black thing, with lace petticoats and satin bows. The perfect little doll, over white hose and her black leather Heelys. Sliding down a rope made of bedsheets, Sachiko makes her way out of the house and into the night.

Or rather: Princess Petal does.

As soon as she hits the sidewalk, Sachiko starts to skating, rushing along at high speeds down the road on her Heelys as she races towards Mitakihara.

Because on a night like tonight, the Clockwork Lord can't possibly stop her from saving people. Their time is not coming, and she won't allow him to stop it!

"Leeeet tiiiime FLY!" Sachiko's voice can be heard on the approach, but she's moving fast enough that maybe Norie won't be able to respond before Sachiko nearly stumbles over the arm of one of Lacrima's victims.

"Ack!" says little Sachiko as she puts her toes down and pinwheels her arms backwards for balance. As she looks over the trail of bodies, Sachiko's eyes widen slowly. "Oh," she mumbles, "oh no. There's a Minion here," she says, then reaches for the little wrist-pouch where she keeps her weapons.

"Come out, Clockwork Minion! I, Princess Petal, am here to punish you for your crimes! This was not their time, and I will rescue them from your evil!"
Lacrima 2016-03-21 03:38:53 35101
Norie Okana sort of rubs her eyes a bit. "J-just one more.. just one more and I should be good for a bit.." she mutters lowly. She pushes herself upwards as she turns to face an-- approaching commotion of Sachiko approaching- dressed in a fancy dress and-- using her heelys. She blinks a bit.

She expects this is her... magical... girl... form...?

You've got to be kidding me. says that voice in her head.

Yeah something still feels off. What was the name...?

"Princess Petal...?" she calls out.

"...This-- isn't.. you should go." she says concernedly in response to her speech.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 03:40:48 35103
"Lacrima-senpai!" Sachiko says as soon as she spots the little vampire girl. Her eyes widen at the sign of obvious tears. "Where is he! Where'd the Tick-tock Minion go?!" she asks, rushing forward towards Lacrima like she's certain the girl isn't actually a villain.

"Did it hurt you?" Sachiko asks, fingering the little streamer at her wrist with a ready wariness. "I'll beat it up, I promise," Sachiko says as she looks left, and looks right. "It hurt a lot of people already!"
Lacrima 2016-03-21 03:45:11 35106
Lacrima.. -senpai? This makes Norie twitch a little, both the name and senpai attached to.

That's actually kind of an adorable name for you~. This just made Norie grate her teeth a little more.

"A minion..." she pauses as she looks down the alleyway. Indeed, she'd left a trail and she wasn't thinking straight the whole time. Great.

She looks back to Sachiko.

"....Petal." she says. "There is no 'Tick-tock' minion. I hurt these people. I had to." she says flatly.

"That or I was going to shift and end up potentially killing people. These people.-- they're just sleeping now.. okay?" she says with wide eyes....

"...and I just need one more. Right?" she asks.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 03:50:28 35108
Sachiko's eyes widen, and she dances back three quick steps, raising her hands defensively. Or at least how someone might imagine Hermione Granger would raise her hands 'defensively' if she had a wand. Sachiko doesn't have a wand, bu t she does have a roll of weighted ribbon in her hand, readied for her 'spell'.

"You hurt them!" Sachiko says, eyes wide. "You weren't supposed to hurt any more people," she says, jaw tightening and eyes narrowing. "I let you hurt me so that you wouldn't have to hurt other people!"

Angry, now, the little lolita girl lets out a little feral scream of anger.

Then she throws the ribbon towards Norie, yelling out, "VINE LASH!" It's green, and the weight on the end is from a fisherman's weights; just enough to guarantee the ribbon can unravel itself and strike Norie right in the chest. It doesn't hurt. It can't hurt; she's only seven, and the ribbon isn't magical.

Yet judging by the look on Sachiko's face, she sure thinks it is. She follows up her ribbon attack by jumping forward onto her Heelys and charging right for Norie. "I'll clean your clock and tick your tock you meanie weenie!" she says angrily as she charges at the Vampire with all the effectiveness of a pillowfight.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 03:58:53 35113
Sky Jack has spent the day flying around town, staying above street level and trying to keep his mind off the crazy events of the past few days. Also trying to fight off the light cold he picked up by spending most of the other night flying through the chill pouring rain.

Downtown wasn't really his beat, which is part of why he's there in the first place - a new place, a new route, new sights, good things to help keep his mind stimulated as he flies. Plus dodging people's eyesight is sort of fun too, in a way.

Jack hears the scream and perks up as he nears the alleyway. He moves in closer, hovering in midair to see exactly what's going on...
Lacrima 2016-03-21 04:03:14 35116
Norie-- halfway between Lacrima and Norie-- her hair long and purple, her eyes that brilliant purple- her complextion pale- looks at 'Princess Petal' and looks sad. "...one time isn't enough..." she says sadly. "You weren't enough. I needed more. I didn't-- didn't... even..."

Princess Petal goes to attack and she closes her eyes and for a moment there's an internal thought. I deserve this. I deserve what's about to happen.

Then a metal weight on a ribbon sort of pings of her chest. She slowly opens her eyes and sort of stares--- she looks down and sees... a ribbon. Not a magical ribbon or a vine or anything. Just a ribbon. She looks back up at Sachiko..

"...you're not actually a..."

"But you said...."

"Y--you said...!" she says with wide eyes suddenly--- she's begining to hyperventalite-- the only reason-- the /only/ reason she risked even draining the small girl was because she said she was magical. No-- she's just.. a normal-- girl. She drained a normal, small girl-- and--and---

"H--hahaha-- what a silly thing to lie about..." she says wide eyed! She begins to sort of walk toward's Sachiko, her gait and posture are a little off. It's possible something temporarily snapped inside her head.

"..but that makes it easier now.. doesn't it..." she says lowly. She moves her hands up toward's the girl.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 04:10:18 35119
"YOU'RE THE LIAR!" Sachiko says as she rushes into Norie with all the full force of a seven year old at mach twelve (nine miles an hour). Fourty pounds isn't a lot of body weight, but when it comes with that much ferocity and frustration and speed (nine miles an hour), it can at least almost kinda sorta hurt ...

        ... especially when Sachiko leaps into the air for the last meter of closure in an attempt to tackle Lacrima to the ground in an aerial tackle.

"YOU LIED!" she yells at Lacrima angrily. "You lied, you lied, you lied!" Little fists trying to beat up on Lacrima angrily and ineffectually. "THOUSAND TINY CUTS!" she declares her attack.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 04:16:10 35122
Sky Jack isn't quite sure what he's stumbled across, but it looks very much like a little girl in a lovely little ruffled black dress trying to beat up an eggplant girl. He dips down, hovering above the scene, a soccer ball appearing under one of his feet as he leans on it, off his hovering skateboard, and looks down.

"Hey! Take your hands off the kid - what's going on here!" With his goggles and jacket and pants and hoverboard and pose, he looks almost like a steampunk superhero. "Break it up!"
Lacrima 2016-03-21 04:26:23 35137
Norie Okana is lept at and actually pushed back a good foot. She tries to catch Sachiko during this moment.

"Lies beget lies beget lies~" she says in some sort of weird detacthed tone of voice. "-and all there are is tears in the end---"

She goes to strike more fiercely finally than the girl can---- then Sky Jack appears.

She blinks and stares upwards at the sudden appearance of the boy. He's actually hovering. He actually feels like he has energy to spare. He's /actually/ magical.

Norie can't cope with this anymore. She hates letting the last bit of Norie guise go-- everytime she does it's a reminder that it takes energy to be what she was. There's a flash of purple light--and now Norie is in a more fancier dress-- some sort of corset with a splayed skirted bottom-- some sort of black body suit. She hates how this feels-- she hates this- this dark body.

But what choice does she have. She pushes off the ground and hovers herself a bit. Just a foot off the ground.

"Let me guess. Are you. 'The Clockwork Prince now?" she asks wide eyed still.

"Of course you're not!- she's a liar." she says.

"I just need...one more person.. one more to drain tonight..." she says.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 04:34:22 35158
Norie didn't actually hit her. But Sachiko shreiks and staggers backwards as if she did, reaching up to cover her face where the girl checked her blow at Sky Jack's appearance.

Sachiko stumbles to the ground, resting on her hip supported by both hands.

She glances over her shoulder, and there's a boy on a skateboard, hovering full in the air. Her eyes widen a little at the sight of the real magical boy. "Backup!" she says excitedly.

"Help! She's hurting people!" Sachiko calls to him. "Stop her! She's ... draining ... meeeeeee," Sachiko's voice trails off as she slowly wobbles and starts to collapse onto the ground like the other three bodies strewn about the alley.

Isn't make-believe fun?
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 04:42:45 35163
Sky Jack sees the little girl collapse off to one side and lets out a yell. "How could you! She's just a little girl!" It would help if he could sense the magic inside her, but as he rears back to punt the ball at her he just assumes her power has been drained away by the ...wow, she makes the only other goth he sees on a regular basis look chipper.

But there's no time for admiration! Soccer balls, sizzling with electric energy and positive emotion are zipping at the vampiric girl, trying to push her away from the collapsed magical girl! Who's also in black. Jack wonders if he's missing something with his wardrobe.
Lacrima 2016-03-21 04:55:49 35170
Inside Lacrima, something snaps again.. "S--she said I could! She said she was a real magical girl!--I--I thought she could /take it/..." she says--- It's the truth, kind of. Really, Lacrima should had just said no from the get go.

But it was too tempting.

Now she's here, having positive energy filled electric soccer balls thrown at her. Her eyes go wide and the first one hits--and it causes white to flash in her eyes-- something horrible to hurt inside--- that positive energy is anathema to her and she screams out---

She proceeds to avoid the others like her un-life depended on it because it does--

She just retort with throwing her hand up-- a bolt of dark energy flinging from it toward's skyjack. It's basic- but gets the job done.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 05:11:08 35172
Sachiko opens an eye to peer after Sky Jack and Norie, watching the fight from the ground. She doesn't move away from the spot she's fallen; no she just tries to watch without being disruptive to the awesome show that's going on.

And what a show it is!

"Lacrima, look out!" she calls warning as the soccer balls streak towards her. It's too late a warning, but Lacrima manages to avoid being hurt too badly nonetheless.

Those soccer balls are charged with real lightning!

And that's real dark energy being thrown!

Is this the world Anshi lived in? Is this what it's like to be a real magical girl?

Sachiko will probably never really know; she's too busy thinking she is a real magical girl. She's just unconscious right now, and everyone knows unconscious people can watch the action from God's point of view.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 05:17:05 35175
Sky Jack spins on his board, grabbing the edge and rotating rapidly as the dark bolt impacts the bottom of the metal, knocking him backwards and upwards into the air, knees coming in as he fights to regain control.

Back on his feet, he sweeps around, punting a few more soccer balls at the dark magic using girl, aiming them more at her feet, trying to push her further away from the collapsed girl and the other figures he can see laid out across the alleyway. "OK! Dinner service just ended! Time for you to get lost!"

He doesn't quite yet seem to want to hurt Lacrima, giving her one last chance to retreat. He can see the little girl looking back and forth from the corner of his eyes as she calls something to the vampiric figure - what's going on here?
Lacrima 2016-03-21 05:23:40 35177
Lacrima is wide-eyed, crazed-- she hates being this... thing. She can't think straight. She doesn't feel like 'Norie' or any person for that matter. All she wanted to do is send some people into unconciousness so she could live and not actually hurt people. Is that so bad!? Is that what this boy is trying to stop, she thinks irrationally.

Sachiko calls out attacks-- which she drops down to the ground--- she just stops hovering and lands down to the ground on her heels as she looks back up at Skyjack as the soccer balls go flying overhead.

"I--I think it's just begining...!" she says as she phases away a moment---

Before appearing just over Sachiko--- places her hands on her shoulders and picks her up---before she begins to hover backwards again and fast--

"It's okay, don't worry!" she says to Sachiko, still crazed. "All I need.. is a moment.." she breathes. "Then I'll leave you somewhere he can find you!" she says with a wide weird smile.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 05:30:53 35179
"Wowwww! He's so cooooool," Sachiko says of Kukai, forgetting she's supposed to be unconscious, as his board absorbs the dark energy attack.

But then a shadow falls over Sachiko, and she squeals in surprise as Lacrima hefts her into the air. "W...what! We're flying!" Because that's the part she noticed, of course.

Sachiko squeals uncertainly and clings to Lacrima, because while this is actually amazing, it's also a little scary. "Don't drop me," she whines.

"HELP HELP! She's going to eat me!" she calls. "Are you gonna eat me again?" he asks Lacrima.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 05:37:38 35180
Sky Jack swears and begins chasing the pair, his skateboard not strictly as fast as Lacrima's teleportations but able to keep her in sight as she bounces through the alleyways.

Then they hit a four way split and he pulls up, looking back and forth. There! There's a flash of dark power - Lacrima's got more of a lead on him but he turns and follows, trying his best to catch up!
Lacrima 2016-03-21 05:42:27 35181
Lacrima stops down the way... did they lose him?

"Yes!" she says, clear as day.

She drops down to the ground and then drops Sachiko down to her feet on the ground--- before she slaps her hands on her shoulders again. Sachiko remembers this-- though the grip starts out tighter this time...

"Just relax!" she urges.

Then in a lower voice..."D- drenaje."

The drain activates. It's exactly like Sachiko remembers it- though it's a little more intense this time in feeling- thanks to Lacrima's current form-- more suitable for draining without the constant drain of keeping up the 'Norie guise.'. Not that Norie would call it a guise.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 05:48:05 35184
Sachiko's Heelys hit the ground with a hard clack. Her eyes are wide, her heart is racing, and her hands are shaking.


Why is she okay with this? Maybe it's because Lacrima didn't really hurt her last time. Maybe it's because some part of her just wishes Lacrima would hurt her. Anshi's dead. Greta told her so. But Sachiko refuses to accept it. Her sister's been taken by the clockwork lord.

So how does this help her get Anshi back!?

Relaxing is the furthest thing from Sachiko's mind. When the words come she tenses up even more.

And then the draining begins, and Sachiko stares at Lacrima with eyes so full of terror.

But she doesn't scream, as the energy is drawn from her tiny body. She shakes. Her eyes flutter.

And then she simply loses structure, legs giving way, as she collapses into unconsciousness.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 05:56:08 35185
Sky Jack turns another corner and sees his worst fear. The little girl, limp in the figure's hands. Unconscious? Dead? He was too late. He can make it up, though.

There is a loud, angry scream tearing its way out of Kukai's throat as he feels it forming in his hand, that strong, wood haft. As his other hand moves over to it, more of the cricket bat forms, a creation of will and righteous anger and positive energy.

"YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS!" Sky Jack dives into a zooming, zipping assault, speeding straight at the pale, purple haired girl, cricket bat at the low position as he prepares to put it through Lacrima at the first opportunity.
Lacrima 2016-03-21 06:21:09 35187
Lacrima sort of shakes because as she finishes draining Sachiko that sweet, sweet lucidity returns-- why did she.. do that again. She didn't want to. But-- something inside. Wanted it so bad. Wanted that youthful energy. She sort of has to look down at her hands.

"No..No I didn't.. meant to--- not-- like..."

She looks back up and then Sky Jack is coming at her with... a cricket bat. Of all things.

Her eye go wide.. "P--please stop...please! I--I just...!"

She doesn't wait-- she jets upwards- hovering. as she panics- avoiding the bat running.

"S--she should be okay! Yo--you can have her back! I--I don't kill people!--I--I feed like this so I won't have to so--so I know what I'm doing...!" she pleads.

Like Sky Jack will understand.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 06:32:51 35188
She's falling back. She's got her hands up, and there's a look in her eyes - fear. She's saying something.

It is everything Jack can do to pull back on his charge and his swing. He missed most of her words but he catches the last of them. The little girl should be all right. This is not an unthinking monster, just a thinking one. The charged cricket bat remains pointing at Lacrima, now above him. "Stay there! Stay right there. You run and I'll find you!"

Jack leans back, bending his knees, going back to find the little girl. There she is, lying on the ground. The cricket bat, now discharged, goes onto the ground besides her as he turns his back on Lacrima, reaching down to see if the little girl is alive, fingers on her neck. Pulse? Still strong, still there. Breathing? Yeah...
Lacrima 2016-03-21 06:44:06 35189
Lacrima just floats there...part of her wants to run. Lacrima wants to run. Lacrima wants to go find four more people to drain so she can have a surplus in her necklace. Norie wants to stay because Norie feels horrible. Norie doesn't want to hurt people or be a vampire and just wants to go back to her friends and dancing.

Right now, she's lucid enough that Norie has more of a say than she did say, ten minutes ago- she think straight. Mostly.

Well now that she's 'full'.

"I--I won't---" she manages to fight out of her.

Because she still desperatly wants to run away.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 06:50:58 35190
Sky Jack reaches down, the cricket bat vanishing again, scooping the little girl into both arms, giving a look to the others as he rolls back through - they're all breathing as well. She's light in his arms as he rises up, looking at Lacrima, the anger still on his face but much dispersed. "She's alive. They're all alive. How can you do this to someone? I heard her cry out when you were draining her. It must hurt these people, and then they spend all day asleep. Whether or not it's any worse than that, but it could always get worse. Or whatever you've got could spread to them."

He shakes his head, looking at her. "Look. I'm not going to hurt you. You're trying. But you can't just hurt people and take their power. If you can throw energy balls and soak a few of my shots, why aren't you doing something good with your power instead of hurting random people?" He waits for the purple-haired girl to respond, still cradling the little innocent close.
Lacrima 2016-03-21 07:00:35 35191
Lacrima just stares..."I--I'm a---"

She swallows, she doesn't want to admit. "A vampire, okay!? I have--I have to feed to /survive/ and /live/ and /not be a monster/." she seethes. "I don't want to be a monster! I didn't ask to be like this!" she cries out.

"S--she said it was okay! She said she was--was a magical girl--but she isn't, is she!?" she says.

"You think it's so easy! Don't you!?" he tone suddenly changes to accusatory-- symapthy doesn't really last long against the darkness wether she wants it to or not--- the sense someone might 'understand' changing to one of judgement very very quickly.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 07:06:05 35192
Sky Jack hovers in place, face stone as she yells at him, cradling the little girl, glad she doesn't weigh very much. A vampire? An energy drainer? Incredible.

"I don't know... I guess not. She sure tried. And no. I don't think anybody would ask to have troubles. And no. I don't think anything that would involve me or anybody else chasing you around, trying to put a positive-energy hole in you would be easy. Hell, I imagine it's pretty hard."

He looks down at her, then back at Lacrima. "And don't you take that tone with me. I wasn't the one who left 4 people unconscious today."
Greta Legend 2016-03-21 07:18:09 35193

Comes a distant but rapidly approaching yell from high up in the sky. Kukai might remember the voice, but it's from far aways enough that it would give people just enough time to get out of the way, which would be a good thing because it's diving down with an magic energy formed axe which is smashing into the ground, putting itself between Sachiko (and by extension Kukai) and Lacrima.

    After the dust settles, the figure stands up and twirls the axe-form device, and glares at Lacrima. It's the Sunshine Spark, Greta Legend, who is positively fuming.
Lacrima 2016-03-21 07:26:18 35194
Lacrima sort of fumes silently. "What do you want me to do!? I--I tried once! Just--just not feeding and all I did was send my best friend into the hospital and she almost died--because--because I turn into something when I starve! Isn't this better? That someone just sleeps for a bit!?" she asks.

Here she is.. floating in the air a few feet off the ground, trying to defend... hurt people. It hurts inside in a real deep way for her- and it shows on her face for a moment- though only a bit before she turns angry again and goes to yell when...


She blinks. "That's the girl's name..." she says softly, blinking a bit---

She blinks at the sudden hard arrival of Sunshine Spark...

Then she sort of frowns deeper...

"I knew it.. w..why did I even trust you!?" she points at Kukai.

Yeah she thinks this is 'backup'.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 07:28:23 35195
There's a faint little squeak from the girl in Kukai's arms at that cry. "Greta-chan?" just the name, barely spoken aloud. She curls up tightly against Kukai, leaning into his warmth and strength insteinctively, but she's not fully back to the world of consciousness, yet. Still, more mumbling ensues, "Gotta stop the Tick-tock Minions. Gotta get An-chi back."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 07:40:36 35196
Sky Jack feels the little girl in his arms shift and squeak at the sound of her name. He leans down, hearing her speak, curling into him. "What.. minions?" And then that last sentence. "An...shi?"

Kukai Souma is a wise, mostly honest, entirely forthright, heroic young man. But he has a few major considerations. One of those is that he is very superstitious. He doesn't like walking on cracks. He always bows to the spirits in a shrine. He believed, even before he knew of magic. And another consideration is that he recently died, and was brought back to life. But he didn't come alone.

He'd had nightmares about Anshi's vanishing below the waves for months. Greta had told him that she had to take care of Anshi's little sister. He'd said it himself, he had Anshi and Laisa as his guardian angels. Well, here it was. In his arms. The price of resurrection. His guardian angels, screaming in his ears.

He's so stunned by the sudden revelation that he can't register Greta or Lacrima for a moment, suddenly backing away from both of them, holding the little girl tight up against him. "Both of you, back off! And you! Not this one, never again! Not even if she says yes!" There's a hot, thick rage in his voice. "Take whomever else'll give themselves to you or who's trying to hurt someone else! But not this one!"
Greta Legend 2016-03-21 07:56:34 35197
Greta initially points her axe in the direction of Lacrima in order to get her attention, "What do you think you're doing attacking innocent people?! Attacking innocent little girls?!" No, she hasn't been here since the start of the conversation, she doesn't know the situation, and she doesn't care. "If you even think about harming another innocent I'll---"

Her train of thought is promptly derailed by the unconscious mumblings of Sachiko, which distracts her attention more or less entirely. "Sachiko--!" She turns and makes to approach and check on her condition, when Sky Jack gives his own yell to get her to back off. This just won't do.

Greta grits her teeth and tells him "Sky Jack, hand Sachiko over, I'm going to take her home, and she's going to not remember this nightmare."
Lacrima 2016-03-21 08:07:05 35199
Lacrima looks on quizzically.

Sky Jack demands she backs off... can she promise that? Norie can... but.. when she's Lacrima.. when she's like this...

She barely has any sort of tenous control. Right now, all she can do is speak for Norie- who desperatly wants to tell the truth. "I can't promise that. I'm sorry." she says flatly. "I barely have control...when I'm like this." she says. "And certainly not when I'd nearly when I starved myself."

She stares at Greta, with her axe... some sort of recognition passes in her eyes- but not for Greta. Something else- a sense of Deja Vu.

She shakes it off. "Or what.. kill me?". She's kind of already..dead. In a lot of ways. Not that being chopped would hurt a hell of a lot and drain countless resources trying to heal herself.

None of these people are attacking her, so she begins to float backwards, lest she gets some sort of idea.

"---ha! Just give me energy!? I'm going to have to drain another person because of what this cost me tonight!" she seethes.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 08:08:19 35200
Sky Jack's voice, so deep and confident, rumbles against the little lolita's chest. But it's not his voice that truly draws her from her unconsciousness. Sachiko stirs again, dark hair bouncing a little as she slowly rubs her face against his chest.

But then a voice calls to her, so close, that Sachiko does recognize. "Greta-chan," she repeats quietly as her name is called, and this time Sachiko slowly raises her head. "Greta-chan," she repeats again, this time a hint of fear entering her voice.

"Greta-chan!" she calls, whipping her head around as she turns to spot ... Lacrima, floating away. Sunshine Spark, floating closer.

Sachiko squirms and tries to reach for Greta, and unless Kukai quickly adjusts his grip she's going to fall right out of his arms. Tears flow down the seven year old's face. "Greta-chan! An-chi! We have to save An-chi! I tried, but I'm not strong enough!"
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 08:12:53 35201
Sky Jack just... can't.. let go, just yet. He can't stop defending, he can't stop protecting, he can't even do the smart thing and push Sachiko over to Greta and tell her to get out of here and de-escalate the situation.

Instead he hugs Sachiko all the more and shakes his head. "No. No, we'll take her home. We'll both take her home, but I'm not.." He can hear Daichi in his head. ~She needs protection. She needs you.~ "I can't let her go just yet."

He looks at Lacrima for a moment. He knows as soon as he turns his back she's going after someone else. Some other little girl, some other old man, some other lost soul. "... Don't hurt them."

With that, he pitches his board upwards. "C'mon, sunshine, let's go." He attempts to fly away the direction Greta came from, still cradling Sachiko in his arms, praying whomever else Lacrima finds tonight won't hate him for their sacrifice and already hating himself a little for making their choice for them.
Greta Legend 2016-03-21 08:30:09 35202
Greta isn't trying to simply IGNORE Lacrima, as she replies, "Kill you? Nah, but I could probably seal you away if I have to, so don't push your luck." However she has sort of prioritized the safety of the little girl over everything else. So when she sees Sky Jack behaving somewhat irationally about just handing Sachiko over, Greta narrows her eyes and pops up into flight and moves to intercept, flying right into Sky Jack's path.

And she's kind of miffed at the moment, "I told you to hand her over! Sachiko isn't your concern, so go be a knight in shining armor elsewhere!" She narrows her eyes a bit more, "Unless you want to make things difficult."

It would be rather convenient for certain vampires if an actual magical girl was here and not paying attention, would make an easy drain... Oh wait.
Lacrima 2016-03-21 08:36:42 35203
Sky Jack talks.. Greta talks... it seems she's free. She can.. she can just leave, can't she now? Right? She can leave and go mope on a rooftop until she finds someone.. someone older to drain right?

Norie wants to go, she's going.

Lacrima is too busy paying more closer intently to how distracted Greta is-- how full Sky Jack's hands are--- that's an /actual/ magical girl- an /actual/ fountain of magic-- and all it would take.. is a moment, to grab her shoulder and start draining her...


She twitches a bit-- that wideness returns to her eyes-- Norie isn't in control anymore. The vampire is. She just--shoots down- like a bolt of lighting-- aiming to grab onto Sunshine Spark's shoulder-- she says- with less hesitation this time---


The drain is kind of stinging-- and well-- draining- as she attempts to feed off Sunshine Spark in her moment of not paying attention.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 08:42:16 35204
Sachiko squirms and tries to get out of Kukai's grip, but he's twice her age and three times her strength and she's so very weak from Lacrima draining her twice in twice as many days.

"Let me go," she begs him, tears streaming down her face. She twists, and squirms, and turns, and spots just at the last instant a falling star shooting towards the only piece of Anshi she has left in this life.

Now, little children are marvelous things. Just when you think they've given their all, they find reserves of strength that no one could expect. How she does this with so little energy left is anyone's guess. But Sachiko turns fully and falls right out of Kukai's arms, falling free into the sky unconcerned for her own safety, because ... "GREEEETAAAAAAA!!" her scream is ear-piercing, glass-shattering. There's so much terror and need in that scream as Sachiko falls from the sky towards Greta and Lacrima.

Someone better catch her.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-21 08:53:21 35205
Sky Jack sees that flash of darkness towards Greta as well. He shifts, turning to face downwards, his anger at Lacrima resurfacing, allowing him a moment of clarity. His aim is excellent for such a snap shot. Unfortunately just as the ball launches at Lacrima, so too does Sachiko's foot come up and mash him in the nose, causing him to open his arms and drop her.

He can't move that fast. He tries though, god knows he tries. But she's too fast. The ball, though, might save them all.
Greta Legend 2016-03-21 09:06:18 35206
Every once in a while, a person gets to experience their mind beind split into several different directions in an instant. An alert from her Intelligent Device calling out the approach of an enemy prompts Greta to get ready to react defensively. Then she hears her name being called out, to which she snaps her head towards it, "Sachi--!" Before she can act on any of the information provided to her, a hand grips onto her shoulder.

She could probably describe the next moment as stretching out to infinity. The closest descriptor to what the energy drain felt like that she'd be able to use much later on is something akin to being zapped. Not quite electrical, but it felt kinda like it and had her stunned in place.

    Fortunately, Sky Jack still has excellent aim with that snap shot attack, which might probably cause Lacrima in some fashion to release her. However, the drain is done, so in the immediate delirium from being drained, Greta turns all of her senses toward the one thing in the world that's most important right now.

Greta rockets with arms spread out and flies right at Sachiko, performing some facsimily of a grab, before spinning over in order to crash herself into the ground, and cusion Sachiko's landing with her body.

And then she passes out.
Lacrima 2016-03-21 09:17:50 35207
Lacrima is draining and needs to keep contact for that to continue. She gets a good amount of energy, not all of it-- until that soccer ball hones in square in her chest. She screams out as she takes the hit-- the positive energy of the kick causing her to feel very very intense pain---

She takes a hard breath... "H--haha..." she says-- her gaze softening a bit-- "Aha---see-- can't.. help it.." she says. "All I wanna do is go somewhere else now...s..so I will... ha...!" she says trying her best to keep control as she can---

And she attempts to escape into another dusk zone jump---something dangerously far away-- something she shouldn't be doing if she doesn't wanna be this thing for the rest of the night.

The alternative is double backing when she doesn't want to now otherwise.

She has to go someplace.. anywhere else. Not here.. she can't make this worse...
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-03-21 09:20:03 35208
Even with Greta breaking her fall, Sachiko and Greta still hit hard. She squeals in terror at the last instant. But she got Greta away from the Vampire.

She got to be a hero.

Sachiko hides in Greta's arms as they hit, and bounce, and stays huddled up oh so close to the Sunshine Spark.

And like Greta, Sachiko loses consciousness once again. She's lost too much energy, and used too much adrenaline. Darkness claims her, leaving Kukai with two unconscious girls to look over.