Interview with a Vampire!?

Kukai and friends talk with Norie.

Date: 2016-03-26
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Lacrima 2016-03-26 12:12:28 35974
Norie Okana felt... full. When she was full, she was mostly in control. More so than she'd normally been. There's still something VERY strange with the girl that walks down the path in King Penguin Park. It seems she was out for a walk. Not stalking anyone. Not creeping in the shadows. Not attacking anyone.

She in fact, had a bag containing some comfort items. In this state, she could 'enjoy' things a little. They still didn't give her strong emotional responses, but they were familiar.

She sat down on a bench, and reached into the bag to open a can of what appeared to be some form of berry juice. It was a bright red type.

At least it isn't blood!?

She rarely had moments like this. Each one was like a tiny pocket of what was the closest to 'feeling happy' she'd gotten in the past eight months. She'd have to settle for midly contented, not quite a smile on her face- but she doesn't look...

As dour?
Kukai Souma 2016-03-26 12:21:06 35975
Kukai Souma has decided it's time to go out for a jog. Roadwork helps him keep his body in shape, and seeing new things helps him keep his mind off his troubles. Besides, exercise makes you happy. Endorphins.

So, he's in his lowered hoodie, tshirt, loose exercise pants, and old sneakers, keeping up a steady, unflagging pace - that deep well of endurance he's built up over time. "Hey, come on, keep up. I'm serious, training is an important thing, and you gotta keep moving." He looks over at his jogging partner for the day and grins. "At least this isn't my special training program!"

The odds, though. They play against him. As he looks around, he sees a familiar, if not exactly pleasant, face. He slows, then stops, bringing up a hand. "....Huh. See her?"
Ano Onna 2016-03-26 12:28:09 35976
    Oh now that gets quite the curious look from Kukai's running mate. She is not expressly taking her time, nor having difficulty keeping up. That Girl is pacing herself. Sticking to a casual pace, for now, the nameless girl is keeping up with Kukai fairly easily. She's opted for obvious exercise clothes, too; shorts and a track jacket to hide the total yakuza-looking tattoos on her arms.
    "You realize I've been training since I was six, right?" She jabs back mildly, with an almost challenging, competetive expression. Right up until he starts to slow. So she does, too, stuffing hands in her pockets as scarlet eyes regard Norie with an inquisitive laziness. "Know her?"
Nicola Esprit 2016-03-26 12:34:07 35977
Nicola likely stands out a little. A young girl, just a hint of looking foreign, with weird red specks in her otherwise normal looking eyes. She's also weiring a Seishou elementary uniform, despite school being out right now.

She comes across the others, and while she doesn't say a thing... it's quite obvious she's staring at Daichi. In fact, as she slowly gets closer, she reaches out to try to pet the little guy, not quite seeming aware that there's anything strange about tiny people like him.
Lacrima 2016-03-26 12:35:03 35978
Norie Okana is a girl with a slight paleness to her. Blue eyes (right now). She's enjoying the can of drink. Sipping it as she lets her brain wander. She figures.. she has today to herself. That she'll be fine until tommrow- then the hunger will return and then she'll be warring with herself again.

She's used to it, but she does frown just a bit as she reaches into the bag again and pulls out another can, same as the first as she puts the empty into the bag.

She looks up blanky across the way at Kukai and That Girl. She doesn't know either-- at least not Kukai as 'Kukai'.-- and then grows a little self concinous when she's pointed at-- which turns her look from mild contentness to dourness again. She'd been used to some people pointing her out sometimes- but it still felt bad everytime it's done.

She eyes the young girl going to pet the fairy as she looks back down, taking another sip of her drink quietly.

She figures these people will just pass her by back on thier apparent jog.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-26 12:46:53 35979
Kukai Souma nods to Ano. "Let's just say we've had a run-in or three and they weren't pleasant. She looks like she's in a good mood now, so I'd kinda like to talk to her, if you don't mind cutting the training short...?"

Daichi has been jogging along in midair with the two of them. When they stopped he landed on Kukai's shoulder, and now blinks, looking over as a little hand reaches up to pat his head, bringing a smile to the little Chara's face. "Hey, Kukai, why don't you do this more often?" Eru pops up from the back of his hoodie where she's been enjoying the ride, and flutters over to look down at the little girl as well.

Kukai blinks, then looks over at Nicola. "Oh. Hi!" He grins, flashing the smaller girl a bright grin, the classic Jack's Smile, filled with confidence and cheerfulness. "If you can see Daichi, then you must have some magic about you, huh? I'm Kukai. Come on over, I was about to go say hi to someone I know."

He nods to Nicola, motioning towards Norie with his head, then walks straight over towards her, smiling confidently, eyes on her. "Hey Norie. You look like you're doing good today. I wanted to thank you for the other night." She may not know his face, but Kukai's never been very into hiding his voice or Daichi.
Ano Onna 2016-03-26 12:55:58 35981
    A 'run in or three'. That Girl's brow arches. Though she doesn't quite press beyond what Souma gives her in answer. 'They weren't pleasant'.
    Once again scarlet eyes regard the dour girl, curiosity clearly piqued further-- and then Nicola is petting Kukai's fairy companion.
    This has now become a strange morning run.
    "It's fine." She replies. "I've got all day." Ano's in no hurry. "You know." She does muse on the topic of petting small magical companions, "That's how I met Yellow."
    It's an idle aside though, because there's a curious whisper from under her sleeve. 'That's how she looks when good?'
    That girl's left fist immediately punches her right shoulder, stifling the voice from within to silence, with an awkward squawk.
Nicola Esprit 2016-03-26 13:00:01 35982
Nicola reaches out to pet Eru too when Kukai mentions that her ability to see them means she must have magic, and that's when she reels back in surprise; and like the charas are on fire. "Magic? What do you mean?" Her speaking is slow, stilted and heavily accented.

She puts her hands behind her back and takes a nervous step away from Kukai. This doesn't stop her from introducing herself, "I'm Nicola Esprit, a transfer student in Seishou Elementary." She smiles nervously, "Third grade... I guess fourth soon?"
Lacrima 2016-03-26 13:08:02 35983
Norie Okana looks up at Kukai because he approaches... the voice is familiar--- she seems to be squinting, as she's trying to place the voice. Does she know this boy? Maybe around school--- a lot of school is just a mass in her head now. Then she places it--- Sky Jack. She frowns more properly.

Thanks? For wanting to feed, then she grows confused.

She finally answers. "Why are you thanking me?" she asks.

"I'm 'full'- It's easier for me to be in control then. I should be fine, until tommrow." she says softly.

She seems cool and collected right now, not the wide eyed half crazy monster she was the last few nights.

There's no accusations from her, otherwise, no bad movements, she just drinks her drink and places the empty into the bag.

"What do you want from me?" she suddenly asks however- as her eyes trace over to That Girl as she... punches herself? She blinks at this.

Her eyes trace down to Nicola, and she grows an uneasy look. She's wary of young girls right now. At least she isn't hungry right now.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-26 13:21:50 35984
Daichi and Eru both hop down onto Nicola's shoulders, Daichi offering her a big warm smile just like his bearer, eyes closed, arms raised in a little cheer, as Eru peers at her, examining her hair. "Well you gotta have some magic of the heart in order to see Guardian Charas!"

Kukai nods, leaning down a little. "Well... I hope you're learning to take less from more people. I was thinking about it the other night - It's not good for you to knock people out or worse, but if you just make a whole bunch of people sleepy..." He trails off, one hand wobbling. "I still wish we could find some other way for you to survive besides hurting people, but so far you've been reasonable."

He sighs. "And I'm thanking you because Sachiko got away from that awful.. thing. I know he's gonna keep both his beady little eyes on her, but he's got nothing but trouble in mind. So it was a good thing you did, not making it any harder for her to not talk to him. As for what I want from you?" He shrugs. "We never talked before. I just..."

He stands, scratching the back of his head, looking back over to Nicola and Ano. "I have a lot of friends on both sides of the firing lines, and I think that we don't talk nearly enough to settle our differences. I'd really rather talk to someone than fight them, but a lot of the time we don't get that chance." He grins. "It makes it hard to play sports with somebody when they want to take your head off!"
Ano Onna 2016-03-26 13:31:44 35985
    Introductions. Those sure are a thing. And they are always awkward, for a girl with no name. That Girl's attention is on Nicola for a moment, lips pursing. In her defense, she's gotten much better at it, anyway.
    "Hey." Yeah, it's simple; but she tries to make her somewhat gruff voice a bit warmer. She jerks her thumb in... Whatever direction Seiyou is. "Go to Seiyou, myself. Eighth grade. And yeah. I guess you need magic to see magic. Or something."
    She's not the best source of knowledge on this.
    It's the conversation between Kukai and Norie though that she keeps an ear on, playing off the fact that she slugged herself in the shoulder off completely. Like nothing just happened in the least, and Tsuchi-ken had kept his damn gabby mouth shut. "Awful thing? What have I been missing while buried under a rock?"
    Probably not the best way she could have worded that, and she grimaces as a result. She is at least, amazingly polite enough to not prod the apparent topic of the girl's dietary habits.
Nicola Esprit 2016-03-26 13:37:51 35986
Since none of them have given their name in return, Nicola shrinks back a bit, looking like she fears she's made social error of some kind. She also doesn't say anything about magic at all, including not denying she has any.

That girl at least gave half an introduction, sorta. "Is Seiyou a fun school? Seishou is nice but it's the first school I've been to, and only a couple weeks so it's hard to compare..."
Lacrima 2016-03-26 13:41:19 35987
Norie Okana frowns. "Ei-either I can drain people... or I can become something feral and uncontrollable and possibly drain people to death." she says softly. "I'm really sorry that bothers you- but there's not much I can do about it." she says.

She reaches into the bag and pulls out a chocolate bar of some sort, she unwraps it, and begins eating.

"Please do not thank me. I drained her the next day. I can't be around her if I want to keep control. It's..." she says softly. "It's like I've found my 'favorite food'." she says. She frowns. It doesn't please her to say this, obviously.

"I go to Seiyou... will be in the seventh grade." she says matter of factly.

"I am.... Lacri-----" she closes her eyes and seems to think a moment. "My name is Norie." she says softly. She looks down at her chocolate bar as if deeply considering it.

"Don't worry. I always make sure people I drained can be found soon after. It's all I can do."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-26 13:50:54 35988
Kukai Souma just... looks, back at Ano, for a moment, then laughs. "I can't believe you said that. Wow. And I was the one who found you under that rock." He shakes his head, patting her shoulder fondly for a moment. "I guess it's good we can laugh about it now."

He looks at Nicola, pulling back, then ohs. "Oh, I'm a dumbass! I'm sorry!" He bows his head to her in a gesture of apology. "I'm so used to everybody knowing everyone else..." He nods to Norie as well, as she introduces herself. "I'm Kukai Souma, the Jack of Guardians at Seiyou Public School. It's good to meet you! You said your name was Nicola, yeah? And I love Seiyou - but it's the only place I've ever gone, so I dunno!" He grins at her, the Jack's Grin. In the back of his mind he files away the thought that Norie went to Seiyou - he'll have to read her file, even though it must be months out of date.

He motions to Ano. "This is.. That Girl." He grins, weaker this time. "It's the only name she's ever given me, so I just call her Ano Onna."

Daichi bounces back over to Kukai's shoulder and plops down, looking around at the three girls. Eru stays on Nicola's shoulder, still examining her hair.
Ano Onna 2016-03-26 14:01:30 35989
    Truth be told, That Girl isn't sure she can believe she just said it either. One hand rubs at the back of her neck as Kukai goes right ahead and says he FOUND her like that to boot. "Well damn. You did? Crap, that probably wasn't the best sight. Sorry."
    But her shoulders lift into a shrug. Best to move on and not think about those dark days, right now. Though at least he's getting a laugh out of it.
    "Seiyou's alright." Her reply is a bit more mellow, in regards to school, but she STILL doesn't give a name. For a country that's so tight about politeness, she's technically being massively rude, and displays no clear sign of repent in the least. To be fair, there's little one can give in an introdiction without a name. Kukai swings to bat for her, though.
    "It's a weird story." Is her only defense. Because now those scarlet eyes are on Norie a bit more scrutinizingly while the girl whittles away at her chocolate. "And you don't actually hurt them?"
Nicola Esprit 2016-03-26 14:05:58 35990
Nicola gently tries to pet Eru, a little nervous about it still. "You said these little ones were magic?" She asks, softly, and then mutters 'How do I keep running into this' to herself in a smooth sounding foreign tongue, one not spoken by any of Earth's natives, though it easily could've been.

The whole thing with the rocks seems to confuse Nicola, and she decides not to question it. Likewise, the topic of vampirism is something she decides she doesn't want to get into. Instead, "Do they have any cool clubs at Seiyou? I go to Chemistry club but they don't have any interesting stuff to play with..."
Lacrima 2016-03-26 14:14:05 35992
Norie Okana listens. "Hello." she says silently. She's still working on that chocolate. She closes her eyes and answers truthfully. "Draining energy hurts. It's unpleasent. The only effect is being tired or being put to sleep." she says softly.

She looks down. "Not like I asked to be made into this thing." she says softly. "Someone I met.... said that.. I scan as a 'youma'." she says softly. "Just another stupid monster." she says as she takes a bite of her chocolate.

"Ha...~" yup that's a crazy tone coming to her voice. "The teacher called me name four times today.. until I realized she meant me. Even when I talk to myself it's.. 'Lacrima.'.." she says softly.

"To keep this takes power...~ Ha-- maybe Norie is just a disguise now....~" still a crazy tone.

"Ha--ha~ haaaaaaa....." she begins to calm down and she has to close her eyes. Then suddenly she throws herself up and she practically yells...

"I AM NOT A DISGUISE....!" she calls out then she falls down to her butt.

"Ha~ This is why, I don't talk to people... anymore."

"I'm supposed to be in control but now I'm not~ Why~?"
Kukai Souma 2016-03-26 14:25:21 35994
Kukai Souma nods to Ano, then looks back to Nicola. "Yeah, there's a lot more magic running around than it looks like. I kinda think it pulls itself to it. And there's a lot of cool clubs at Seiyou - we've got our own observatory, after all, and~"

The word 'youma' gets his attention, as he looks back over to Norie. His eyes widen as she gets more and more histrionic, until she yells out and he takes a step backwards, looking at her. "... Norie? I.. I dunno. I wish I did, but this is outside my range." He frowns, standing up, feeling pity for the poor, damaged girl. "It's ok. I don't really understand, but..."

He reaches over, patting her shoulder, and tries to give her a consoling smile. "I believe you're strong enough to choose what you want and go for it, and if you want to be normal again we'll find a way to beat it." He pulls his hand back, then looks back at Ano and Nicola. "Do you not wanna talk to us anymore? It's ok if you need some time."

Eru squeaks but submits to the attention, giggling after a moment, her angel's wings fluffing as she ducks her head. "Oooh, I really shouldn't let just anyone pet me. Utau-chan will be so scandalized!" She doesn't move though - apparently she doesn't get as much attention as she'd like.
Ano Onna 2016-03-26 14:40:08 35995
    A youma? That Girl's hand reflexively twitches. Though to her credit, she does not ball fingers into fist. Now is not the time for it. Even if Lacrima- or Norie(?)'s tone is bewilderingly chilling. The conversation with herself does not quite help.
    That Girl's shift is subtle, almost instinctive, as she takes a mild step that puts herself between Nicola and Norie, but outwardly displays no hostility of her own.
    Kukai's got more experience with this girl and how to handle her, so she let's him get all shoulder-patty-feely. Though she does mutter to herself.

    "A battle of will."
    "No task is any harder."
    "Best of luck to you."

    'Stop sucking up to Ten-ken." The voice from her right sleeve pipes up again. She just clears her throat.
    "Yeah. The observatory is pretty cool." She mumbles to Nicola.
Nicola Esprit 2016-03-26 14:46:19 35996
The word Youma definitely gets a response from Nicola, who instinctively hides behind That Girl. If she doesn't know about magic, then why would that word be familiar enough to draw that response? Of course, timing what it is, it could easily be the latter outbursts that caused it, it's hard to say.

"An observatory? I wonder if..." Nicola shuts herself off before she continues that train of thought, especially aloud, and looks like she's feeling bad about even saying that much.

Eru's vocal objection gets another response "O-oh." Nicola immediately moves her hand away. "I'm sorry." She locks her hands firmly behind her back, peeking around That Girl at Norie, curious despite being obviously a little scared.
Lacrima 2016-03-26 14:53:29 35997
Norie Okana pulls her knees up to her and she just kind of hides between her knees. She sort of stares at her lap a bit until she looks back up. "Utau-san...?" she says softly.

"S--she gave me some energy. It's why I'm full..." she says as she seems to be coming down off the odd tone of voice and candor. She carefully unfurls, though shakes a bit as she leans down and pats around-- grabbing the Chocolate Bar she's dropped--- she brushes the grass off-- as she goes back to eating it- hand still shaking.

"S-sorry. It's not like.. I'm trying. To act. that way. I--I just..."

"I just want to be normal. I'm not even.. getting anything. From this food-- it's just familar."

She finishes the chocolate bar and looks at the bag.

"and tommrow I'll just go back to being detached and muddled."

She eyes Nicola and frowns a bit. Does she feel bad? Who knows. She doesn't comment.

"How would you even help me? I've research and researched. I know countless ways I might be killed, but not even one lead on how to 'reverse' it....."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-26 15:09:59 35998
Kukai Souma blinks, then lets out a slow breath. "... Yeah. Eru is Utau's Chara. Well, one of them - Iru's the other. I.." He looks over at Eru and motions for her, and the little angel, after trying to get Nicola to keep patting her head, flutters over to his jacket pocket, peeking out at Norie with her perenially closed eyes. "It's a long story. She's staying with me while Utau works through some stuff." He looks down at Norie again. "As for helping you... I dunno how but I'll try to find a way. I'm trying to help Utau too, but.."

He stands up, obviously remembering something that brings a frown to his face, his mind a million miles and several days away. "If you see her again before I do, tell her that I'm sorry, and I still believe in her too. I know I hurt her, but I'll find a way to make everything right. Once I understand what all is going on, anyway."

He looks over at Ano and Nicola, then grins, going a little redder and putting his hands behind his head. "Hah. Sorry. Didn't mean to get all deep and stuff." He eyes Nicola again. "Hey, so, look. If you want, I can give you my phone number and if you need somebody to talk to about magic stuff, I'm kinda everybody's big brother about it."
Nicola Esprit 2016-03-26 15:22:27 35999
"There's nothing to talk about." Nicola lies blatantly, she doesn't even seem to try very hard to keep up the lie. She takes another step back from Norie and makes a show of looking at the clock on her phone. "I gotta get going, Jessamine will be angry if I get home late." And she starts running off.
Lacrima 2016-03-26 15:29:11 36000
Norie Okana purses her lips. "I don't know if I'll see her again. If I do...I guess I'll say something." she says softly. She crosses her arms and stands softly. Picking up the bag and placing it into a nearby trash can.

She returns to the bench and sits down, placing her hands into her lap.

She looks back up. "Goodbye." she says softly to Nicola.

She looks back to Kukai. "I--I'm glad school is over for the semester. School is one less problem I can worry about now. Maybe it'll be easier.. for me to keep control when I don't need to worry about it."

"S-sorry about yelling.. like that." she says quietly.

"I don't know why I go off on tangents like that. It's easier for me to be... upset, depressed, sad than it is for me to be calm or happy. I don't even think I can be happy." she says softly.

"It feels wrong when I think I should be feeling it." she says softly.


"It's more like I'm remembering how something feels than actually feeling it." she mutters.

"...tangents again..."

"You're not even asking anything..."

"Nobody really talks to me..."

"I guess I can't blame them."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-26 15:33:40 36001
Kukai Souma blinks as Nicola shoots off like a startled rabbit. He sighs, then looks back at Norie. "I'm sure something will make you happy again. We just gotta find it. And I'll try to talk to you again whenever I see you, ok?"

He gives Norie another pat on the shoulder. "It's one day at a time. We all get along one day at a time." He looks over at Ano and nods on down the road. "We gotta get going, too. It was good to see you, Norie. Try and be good, ok?" He gives her a smile as he turns to keep on jogging down the path, leaving the vampiric girl on her bench.

One last comment as the two of them vanish around the nearest curb - Kukai, talking to Ano as they continue their route. "So why haven't we ever gone out?"