White Out Finale

Date: 2016-03-27
Pose Count: 25
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-27 00:55:16 36020
It's a quiet night in Mitakihara General. Most patients are asleep, and the staff are down to the graveyard shift. Everything is peaceful for the most part.

At least, until the clock strikes twelve. A dark figure emerges onto the rooftop of the hospital, a large sword in hand. Red glowing eyes, a tattered black suit, and a miasma of dark energy leaking from her body outlines the pitiful person clutching the corrupted lost logia. She almost instantly falls to her knees, coughing weakly. She's thin, too thin, looking as though she hasn't eaten in a week. Veins are visible in those red glowing eyes, heavy bags under them from lack of sleep.

Those allied with the senshi would, however, know where exactly this young woman is going thanks to Usagi's brave actions a week earlier. Not that the woman is being stealthy: far from it. With a glass-shattering howl, a wave of dark magic shatters part of the roof, and that sickly magic flares powerfully. A beacon to those looking for it. She glares hatefully at the sword in her hand, even as she slashes at the building in frustration and near-feral rage at the thing that's clung to her all this time.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-27 01:09:30 36022
Haruna Kurosawa said screw it today and sat in a big control room in WPS today. There was a comfy chair there- the kind bigwig villians used in movies. She was, however, completely runing it's candor by spinning in it slightly as she waited for another flare.

Maybe one wouldn't happen. Corvus was on Haruna's shoulder and he held his beak with a sudden 'mpg' because he was getting dizzy and sick from the spinning.

She'd make the call quickly- sending out a text as she slid open the window on the side of WPS tower.

<Rollin' Mirror Change!>

Off into the air Cure Gull went with Corvus on her shoulder.

She arrives in time to see part of the roof of the hospital shatter, her eyes going wide-- before she looks more determined-- she races down from the air as she comes to a hard, fast stop-- those wings- formed from the bow on the back of waist fuzzt out of existence.

"Hannah-chan!" she calls out. "This is a hospital... fight that thing..." she takes a deep breath.

But yes, it is a hospital-- what it means is- Cure Gull throws her arms out-- wind magic building around them as she calls out... "Gull Windy Hurricaune!"--- throwing her arms out in front of her-- trying to catch Hannah in some sort of gusty torando that attempts to pop up around her.

She knows others will come. She just needs to hold her until then. Keep her busy. Keep her concentrated on something besides the hospital, and the people inside.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-27 01:23:44 36026
In a warehouse not terribly far away at all - cosmically speaking, in the same room - a girl is engrossed in examining a bit of what seems to be electronic hardware. She works on it with the usual instruments one would expect, multimeter, oscilloscope, that sort of thing. She isn't bothering to note down readings or the like, she just keeps up a running monologue of what she's doing. Everything is being recorded and summarized by her faithful assistant.

So when that monologue is interrupted by a *ding*...

~"You have an emergency alert message from Cure Gull, Meister."~

And that's all she needs to hear. It's either Hannah, or someone trying to pull a coup at WPS. Either case, she needs to back the verdant PreCure with everything she's got. "Right, Hikari, we'll clean up later." There's a brief flash of magic as her Barrier Jacket forms around her.

And then the cat-girl taking notes sets down her papers and makes her own morph, the gray-furred kitten nestling into her master's shoulder briefly before leaping off as Mikoto takes to the skies, arching out at high speed to catch up with the emergency.

Following the coordinates in the message takes her out over Mitakihara, and on to - Well, crap. That's no good at freaking ALL. - the hospital.

A dozen Flickers announce her arrival, exploding in a circle around Hannah with concussive force and sharp bright light.

"Any more coming, or shall I put up a Barrier now?" she calls over to Cure Gull as she lands, blade in hand and ready.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-27 01:27:16 36029
"Of course she's hitting the damn hospital," Tuxedo Kamen's complaining as he hits the next closest rooftop, up a little ways, looking down at oh god that was a lot of energy; cape up immediately and also standing back from the edge. "I swear to god, that hospital's been hit so many times--"

When he draws closer to the edge again, he stares and chews on his lip. "Okay. I'm really hoping they followed the recommendations and left the top few floors empty as a buffer, after the last few times it's been collapsed," he says a little faintly. "Other side of what's left of the roof. Device."

Then up and into the night again before he can get discouraged from going first, and the black-clad boy alights soundlessly in position across from the other two.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-27 01:36:15 36033
"Right." That's all that Tuxedo Kamen's paler shadow says. Thankfully the two he can see are people who went north, who saw the uniform he wears now on allies; thankfully only one of them saw him as an enemy before that; or this could be unnecessarily complicated, maybe critically so. Kunzite crosses the gap an instant after the other boy, dropping down beside him in a mirror of Kamen's motion -- taking the magical girls as a given, and orienting at once on Gull's localized storm and the tattered and tainted figure within it.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-27 01:47:36 36036
Gull crashes onto the scene, and kicks up a storm at Hannah with that magic of hers! Hannah takes it head on, slashing at the wind hard enough to parry the entire blast. Several antennas atop the building are utterly sliced apart from the attack!

"Nnngh! I...I'm trying! Just get the others...ARRRRGHHHH!" Howls Hannah, the pain of the blade briefly overtaking her. But down rushes Hagane with those Flicker shots, cutting off her attempts at slamming her blade into Gull!

But then Tuxedo Kamen lands, and that blade digs into the roof. Hannah visibly struggles against the thing controlling her. She offers a cracked-bloody-lipped smile.

"Hah...you all...came...knew it...don't...don't let me hurt the...Nnngh! Get out of my HEAD! Raaaaaagh!"

The first to gain Hannah's wrath is Kunzite: Hannah turns to the young man, leaping high into the sky with that massive sword raised, black wind gathering around it. Flipping in the air, Hannah becomes a whirling sawblade of doom, massive greatsword and dark wind falling down to try to saw straight into Kunzite with all of her pain, rage, and frustration!
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-27 02:01:33 36038
It's all timing. Which happens first: does the Device user construct a Barrier (is the Device user indeed even trying to? -- yes, but Kunzite wasn't close enough to know), or does Hannah strike? He doesn't know Gull or Hagane well enough to guess.

That means that the one thing he can't do is move. Or there's no telling how far down her momentum will take her. Maybe down to populated floors. Maybe out of the Barrier's range.

He draws his cape up and around himself with his left hand, focusing his power through it to deflect the worst of the wind. His own sword flickers into existence in his right hand, drawn from nothing. It's nothing magical in itself; but he focuses his power through that, too, the same shadows that usually shield him reinforcing the blade, painting it gray, twilight, black. When he blocks, it reflects some of the impact of Hannah's terrible strike up at her, it reinforces his own blade to keep it from shattering on the instant --

The others can see him driven to his knees by what he can't reflect before his shadows and her miasma blur the rest, between them.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-27 02:03:24 36040
Cure Gull watches as the flicker shots cut off the attack at her-- she has her hands out regardless---ready to meet the strike-- as antennas fall about-- better antennas than people. Seeing Hannah like this... it always hurts-- and Hannah is trying to fight it, but that thing is just....

It's terrible.

-- and now Hannah is going for one of the ite-kuns!

Gull doesn't care if these people did something terrible to her in the past. She did her own terrible things and everyone forgave /her/ without even thinking about it.

So she calls out.. "WATCH OUT ITE-KUN!" Ite-kun. Yes. This is a loving term-- it may not be interperated that way.

She really needs to learn names.

Still, she calls out.

"HANNAH." she calls out, she tries to plead. "Y--you told me.. you weren't worth it..! Well!" she calls out as she activates her wings and flies after her. "I disagree! -- and if I had to do that again..." she says. "...I'd do it all over again!" she calls out.

"..and one way or another..!"

She throws her hand out-- "Gull Cutter....!"-- a large feather- sharp, spins through the air toward's Hannah.

"I need to end this tonight. I need you /back/ Hannah-chan!" she cries out.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-27 02:12:12 36042
The Barrier goes up as soon as Mamoru and Kunzite hit the roof, a wave of slight phase distortion spreading out over the hospital and forcing all the magical folk ever so slightly out of phase with reality. They'll be able to fight without worrying about the hospital patients, at least, although they'll still have to work to avoid becoming patients.

And now Hagane is charging after the posessed CEO, her blade in hand an already swelling into the claymore shape she's used in their previous engagements. "One way or another, you are putting tha thing down tonight!"

She lashes out at the dark blade with her own, trying to jar Hannah's grip, to bat it out of her hand. A pair of Flickers zip down from her cloud to slam into her blade as she swings, adding extra force to it.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-27 02:13:14 36043
Cracked and bloodied lips smile at him, and empathy twists in his belly like writhing snakes. Oh, Hannah.

She comes at Kunzite like a rocket-propelled circular saw, and he doesn't do anything stupid like try to get in front of his guardian-- no, Tuxedo Kamen shifts with the speed of a reflexive gasp on surfacing from too long under water, moving behind Kunzite, half-crouching into the growing opacity of blurred shadow and miasma.

White-gloved hands settle swiftly on the cream-colored uniform's shoulders, and the prince shoves his power into the mix to bolster Kunzite's own strength, to provide enough to throw Hannah back with a flare of gold-white light. And he says conversationally, "I'm not even sure we can destroy the blade, but I'm certain it can be contained as long as we get it away from her."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-27 02:32:46 36049
Tuxedo Kamen and Kunzite make an effective team. That blade threatens to saw straight through sword and cape alike despite Kunzite's power, the blade's magic and Hannah pure physical strength-even wasted as she is-combining to make a formidable danger to the man! But Tuxedo's power proves the sword's antisises! Her spin turns into a mid-air tumble as she's shoved back from their combined powers!

But one should remember she's not really a swordswoman. Even as she's flung back, her leg whips around in a classic kickboxer's blow aimed straight for Kunzite's jaw!

Hagane's barrier is on point, preventing any further damage to the real hospital! Still, the impact of the trio shatters much of the fake roof! Mid-air, Hannah is first met by Hagane's blade, and the duo clash! Several quick sword strikes, that massive weapon swung as though it were paper, ends in Hannah's flight ending just at the edge of the roof...or what remains of it! The blade remains in her hand, and dark magic lashes out at Hagane!

That large feather slashes down at Hannah! Even so, listening to Gull, to Hagane, the presence of Tux and Kunzite...tears fall from her eyes.

"I'm...really worth all of this? Even though...even though I'm so WEAK AND USELESS THAT I CAN'T EVEN CONTROL THIS THING!?" Lashes out Hannah, darkness tainting her words. She clamps down with her teeth, catching the feather and shattering it before she unleashes a massive torren of darkness in a single slash at the group! Then, her perch shatters, and she crashes down into the next floor! After the dust settles, she wrenches herself out of the remains of beds and a wall, howling.

Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-27 02:47:40 36053
"I remember...." she says softly. "...not so long ago. I wasn't exactly strong myself..." she says softly. Corvus is over there across the way on a building now watching- it's easier if she doesn't need to worry about the raven turned seagull.

"..and then my friends all came for me, and you ran yourself ragged looking for me..."

"and I've run myself ragged, looking for you! Trying to get all I can to help-- and---"

"-this isn't about how weak you are Hannah!" she calls out. "Or how powerful you are! It's because--- your're our friend! -- and of all the people in this world...."

She reaches down to that gold heart symbol.. she seems to subconciously be doing it. The movements aren't practiced.

"You make me the happiest Hannah! -- and I'll never give up..!"

There's a rather large crack of green energy-- it's kind of like a green explosion and covers and bathes everything in a pleasent green light-- it's warm, inviting feeling- something pleasent, something that stirs the heart.

There is a form change-- but it doesn't involve a PreCard-- or calling out a Rollin Mirror Change or anything-- that alone could be considered special--- but that's not in and of itself. Her coat flares out---- her gloves grow into ruffled edges-- wings explode out in front of her, angelic like in appearance. The feeling is serene, hopeful--- and hopely anamethea to the sword. One can always hope---

"Happiness Influx...! Charged with Hope! Super Happiness Gull!" she calls out. Super Happiness Gull.

She wastes no time--- she furls those wings forward-----and sends what appears to be a super sparkly wave of wind directly into Hannah-- hopeful, happy, purifying-- not enough on it's own-- but enough to weaken-- enough to really wear it down for a Coup De Grace-- very soon.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-27 02:56:41 36054
"It's all true, you know," Hagane assures Hannah. "She's been working her tail off, trying to keep the comapny stable, trying to find you and find a way to help you. So here we bloody well are, and so are you, and we are not going to let this dam' hunk of tin walk off with you again!"

She brings Carnwennan's blade down with a clang as she makes another attempt to disarm Hannah of the artifact, hopefully without doing tooo much damage other hand in the process.

"Weak? Useless? After two weeks being dragged around by that thing you're still you. Still thinking your own thoughts, speaking your own words, even if it does all sorts of crazy things. That isn't weak. That's as far from weak as it's possible to be. You are stronger than it!"

And then she's jumping out of the way for Super Happiness Blasto, letting the good feelings wash over Hannah. "Think! Remmeber who loves you!"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-27 03:20:00 36060
The great thing about the Kunzite-and-Endymion tag-team is that while in some ways they're still very much learning each other's habits and methods-- in other ways they've known them for countless thousands of years, and trained with variations of them for something like twelve, thirteen years. The communication level's frequently nonverbal, and Tux knows very well that Hannah's a kickboxer. As soon as the sword's driven back, the concept of 'shield NOW' comes across; the abrupt wall that comes up between the two and that powerful kick is enough, given the combined power, to stop it from connecting.

She's still moving, though, and a lot of things are happening quickly-- a huge feather, the clashing of swords, more impacts-- and Hannah shouting, then shouting from down below them, through the huge hole in the roof.

Mamoru's about to yell back in indignation when Gull does so, and accompanies hers with an immense crack of green energy and a bath in its radiation, and he squints his eyes behind his mask against the glow. As warm and inviting as the feeling is, he's still irritated by the line Hannah's still sticking to.

Tuxedo Kamen gets up, hand still on Kunzite's shoulder, and he glances aside at his guardian before walking to the edge of the hole and looking down at the three girls. "Excuse me," he yells down at Hannah in undisguised aggravation, "but how long was I possessed by the same kind of crap? How about Gull, here? Or Kunzite? We're all small, you ass, and this kind of power is huge and unfair. How many times have I told you that this is what friends are for?

"Shared strength is exponential. You goddamn saw what it did at D-Point! Alone, NONE OF US can stand against something like this. NO ONE. Not even Moon! It took everyone's strength and will combining with hers to take that thing down. Maybe you don't remember helping, but you did. Who's strong enough to help AFTER DYING? Is that a good enough measure of strength for you?" He really sounds phenomenally offended. And he gestures with one hand.

"Kunzite, can you try and enclose that thing?"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-27 03:36:05 36065
Shadows slide from the sword on the instant, at Tuxedo Kamen's instruction; the shield is still half forming when the kick strikes it. There's a flare of gold that tells precisely where the power to keep it intact comes from. If not for the warning and the reinforcement, well ... it might have been a good thing there would be a healer on hand, after the fight. After all. Hospitals tend to like to be able to identify their patients. As it is, he's capable of rising, moving with the other boy -- and it's almost the gesture he responds to, his own hands lifting even as Kamen's speaking to him. "Let's find out."

It's risky, given the way his power functions, to try to enclose something like that. But with that golden light to draw on, he can reinforce his own shields, turn them inward to shield the world from the sword, darkness over darkness. Blocking out any chance of absorbing the dark energy, reflecting it back toward the blade -- that might go well, or might not. But if it blunts the impact even for a moment, the physical impact on its next target, the magical impact on Hannah ... either one of those would be a benefit.

He's not one of Hannah's friends. He only knows her from fighting against her. But there's one thing he does know, that he adds to the chorus. "It's lying to you. It's trying to keep you focused on what it's trying to do -- and keep you from opening your hand."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-27 03:44:40 36066
The glowing, angelic figure that emerges is beautiful. That magic that lashes into her doesn't hurt. Indeed, it's calming. The purifying winds loosen the hold that the blade has on her mind, and finally, there's none of the anger or thoughtless rage brought on by the sword. Instead, it's Gull's words that hit her like a truck. She loves her. Truly, truly loves her, and as Hagane hammers home, Gull has done all that she can to keep her organization alive...and more importantly, save her from her own mistake.

Blood-smeared cheeks flush with tears as she kneels, the strength draining out of her body for a moment. She openly cries in suffering and joy at the words of her friends.

"I...Gull...you really...I LOVE YOU TOO! All of you! I won't ever....let this damn thing...KEEP ME!"

She slowly stands up, smiling to the pair. At least, until Tuxedo Kamen speaks.

Teeth grit. Magic flares. And this time, it's all Hannah. She /glares/ at him with classic Hannah inability to just give in to anything, be it an argument or a fight. The sword flares, trying to dig into her. She slams it into the ground spitefully, not even realizing that she's managed to throw it away herself, the calming waves of Gull's magic dampening the anger of the sword...but it's not enough to calm Hannah herself!



Then, she aims a flurry of hard punches at Tux, ready to take out her anger on him. He's good at getting people's attention.

"I...." Her argument, however, falters. She pulls back, ready to slug his handsome, adorably punchable face!

And at the end she can't quite do it. Her anger finally flares out.

"...Have I ever told you that you are /REALLY ANNOYING/ when you're almost right." Given how deeply rooted Hannah's feelings of inner weakness are, it's perhaps the closest to an admission of her problem that Tux has ever gotten out of her.

All of this, of course, means that Kunzite gets the sword right where he wants it. That shield rises, hemming in the blade even as it lashes out with magic. It quickly stops, flecks of the blade falling as it damages itself. There's nothing but hatred and loathing in the magic it uses.

And then a single black chain, the same that Gull had seen dig into her arm rips into reality, piercing through part of the shield. And rips right out of her arm, pulling the girl back towards it. Hannah screams in agony.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-27 04:01:10 36071
Super Happiness Gull nrg-- "H--hey! um.. Kun-Kunzite!?....!" she calls out--- because maybe ite-kun is rude but is that the right name? Really. She needs to bug Tuxedo Kamen soon about what these boys names are so she can actually use names-- as she seethes. "Get ready!" she calls out.

"Release that thing on the count of three, don't protect it---"

She claps her hands-- and then again- and again- and again. She spins her arms around each other-- slower than she normally does with a hopeful feather shoot-- energy gathering into a rather large seafoam green heart in front of her. "One--- two-- three...~" she calls out.

"Miracle Hope Motion!" she calls out.

What follows-- is the heart exploding out in a powerful burst of wavy positive energy-- stronger than a hopeful feather shoot. Much stronger. She's trying to barrage the sword--- to try to rake it with more positive energy than she hopes it can handle. She's also hitting Hannah with the same waves--- trying to drive out it's attempt to rechain Hannah-- to repair those cracks. Trying very hard to repair all that damage. More importantly-- the attack doesn't end- she just keeps it up-- a stream of hopeful feeling within the Hospital's floor. "Hannah-chan....." she mutters.

"Come back. Come back to us." she pleads, and in the end it's all she can besides trying to keep her heart open.

She feels she's going to be very very tired after this.

But'll be worth it if they can beat this sword.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-27 04:05:29 36072
Names don't bother Hagane. She does sort of recognize Kunzite in passing, and files the name away, but it isn't terribly important to her at the moment. She's focussed on something else.

"YOU! LET! HER! GO!" she screams out, each word punctuated at first by a slash at the chain connecting Hannah to the sword, then the sword itself as Hannah is dragged back to it.

Dozens of Flickers swarm down as she screams out the order, twisting and linking themselves together to wrap the dark sword in a cocoon of light, pinning it to the roof with a dozen stakes.

"Cut the damn chain!" she yells out to Tuxedo and his friend, making her own attempt to do just that.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-27 04:26:01 36077
When Hannah starts yelling back at him-- when Hannah yells at him-- violent as she gets, angry as she gets, the prince just starts grinning, fierce and real. He's still got a hand on Kunzite, still buffing his power; his other hand comes up holding his cane to fend the mage's blows off. Well-- she did want to spar with him, kickboxing versus kendo, didn't she?

This assuredly is not that.

But: he's gotten her goat. She's focused on him. The sword's being contained. She's making arguments she's been making to him for nearly a year at this point, over and over, and he's been parrying those just as hard as he's parrying and blocking now. "The people you love jump into stupid danger after you, dummy! And it's because they love you! Every time you jump into danger trying to get stronger to help them, it kills them a little more-- I get that that's hard to understand! Believe me, I GET IT. I get not feeling worth it! I get not feeling good enough! And boy do I get how much I annoy you--!"

It's a bright, breathless laugh at the last, there, even as she gets a hit in and he blocks another. "THE FEELING IS MUTUAL! I love arguing with you, don't you dare take that away from me--"

And then the chain tries to do just that, and this time, Endymion's temper flares. "DON'T YOU DARE!" he shouts at the sword.

"Gull he's not protecting it, pretend the shield isn't there! Kunzite do not drop it--" And the cane's not a cane anymore, it's a glittering blade of watered steel, ancient and finely worked, and the boy's not about to let go of Kunzite or drag him and break his concentration...

...and the sword is not what he needs right now. Neither is the temper. Dammit, Hannah.

It all rushes out of Mamoru in a flood and the sword vanishes from his hand; he flicks his hand around and produces a rose from nowhere, throwing it with the same motion. Trailing a crackling stream of red lightning, the sharpest stem flies straight and true, shedding a petal here and there on its swift path to the link Hagane aims for.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-27 04:39:31 36080
Trusting Tuxedo Kamen to fend off Hannah alone, while Kunzite is standing beside him, is not by any means the hardest thing he's done in this life. But it's in the top ten. He's going to have to get used to that.

Then again, being on the receiving end of nearly the same things Mamoru is shouting at Hannah ranked a little higher.

Count of three. Kunzite doesn't release his shadows where they war with the corrupt blade's -- Tuxedo Kamen's call is absolutely true. They won't interfere with Gull's energy or with Hagane's light-cocoon pinning it down any more than they stopped Kunzite from throwing his own attacks through them ... at, say, Hannah, once when the table were turned. But Gull's count tells him when to prepare for her attack, when to brace for the sword trying to fight back harder. When to use the concentration that Mamoru spared him to summon a blade of dawn-colored light in his left hand, mingled pink and gold, and fling it downward after Hagane's heavier stroke, Mask's brighter rose. All aimed at the same place.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-27 04:57:29 36085
Gull's love manifests, and her exploding heart of purifying energy takes root! First, in the sword: that black miasma shrinks, pushed back by the winds of the girl! Yet, the ancient sword struggles, slowly pushing back even against her power! Yes, flecks of that dark magic flows away into dust! It seems like the blade may well lose out!

"I..." She starts. And then, she opens her heart in turn.

"I won't leave you, Gull! I love you! We'll...together, we're better than this damn /thing/! I have my friends with me!" Cries out Hannah as she's filled with hope and love.

Let it not be said that she stops fighting Tuxedo Kamen! If anything, she gets all the more vigorous: but each strike is Hannah, trying to outdo the young man. She's grinning back, laughing just as warmly, /enjoying/ a real contest. Not like with the blade. She's in control. And luckily, her blows are swiftly weakening. She simply is in too poor of a condition physically to do much damage without the full brunt of the blade with her. If anything, that weapon has been holding her back, and she never realized it.

"Bah! You arrogant, annoying, lovable /JERK/! I'll bet little Moon beats you with a pillow every morning for being an insufferable idiot! How can I /NOT/ jump when I know I have people that love me? I'd be letting you all down! I NEVER want to end up as a mere burdern! So I have to keep pushing and trying!" A very, very old argument indeed, but she looks joyous to have it.

But it's all cut short as she's physically dragged, screaming. She nearly passes out from exhaustion and now blood loss. But the others are there. Hagane slams down with her blade at that link, nearly severing it! Flicker shots help contain it, even as Kunzite's shield holds it in place! Then both Kunzite and Tuxedo Kamen use their blades to slam down! The chain writhes like a snake!

And then Gull finally uses her magic, and the chain finally shatters. The energy around the sword intensifies as a huge burst goes off! And then, the sword is silent, as the last of its energy is drained. The chain on Hannah's arm, the snapped other end, falls limp.

With Gull's positive energy still within her, she uses the last of her strength to grip that end of the chain, and rip out the rest from her arm with her teeth. A gut-wrenching ripping sound later, and her arm goes limp.

Something small flicks into the air, and lands on Hannah's head.

"Ah! R...Ragint Tempest!?" The Device happily beeps, severed from its prison thanks to everyone here.

"Everyone...I..." She doesn't have words. She smiles, brilliantly, tears rolling down her cheeks before she stumbles forward. Passing out, bleeding horribly, the wilted form of Hannah collapses towards Gull and the others, finally getting her first shut-eye in ages.

Good thing they're near a hospital.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-27 05:02:34 36086
Super Happiness Gull just listens to those words-- and they make her smile. And it's all Gull can do to not pass out from her own tiredness. That stream of positivy has to end however as the henshin she was in sort of flicks away in a burst-- not unlike the one that brought it about- Just leaving Cure Gull in her normal state she ughs and wobbles to her feet as she moves toward's Hannah and tries to grab her. She's late, but that's okay. She still picks her up- and hugs and holds and doesn't let go. She doesn't want to let go.

But she has to because lord does Hannah need to get into the hospital-- like. Actually-- as a patient and not 'in' the hospital.

"H-hey can I get some help?" she finally asks weakly with a smile.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-27 05:05:05 36087
"Gladly," Hagane answers Gull's request. She slides her sword back into its sheathe, and steps over to the PreCure's side. "Don't worry. I've got you covered."

A wave of her hand, and the barrier shatters, revealing the (mostly) intact hospital. Untouched by the battle outside of the first exchange.

"Let's get her well, hm?"

She looks over at Tuxedo and Kunzite, and is certain she's seen Kunzite somewhere before... enh, it'll come back later. If Tux trusts him then he's probably good people. "You two coming?"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-27 05:10:07 36090
"Absolutely not," Mamoru tells Gull, and he tries to sound serious, but he's too busy leaning against Kunzite's side and sounding laughingly relieved. But then he straightens and comes over, breathing out through his teeth, and pulls off his gloves. "Not coming with, but let me stop her bleeding first, okay?"

He doesn't wait for a response, he just lays a bare hand against the side of Hannah's unconscious face, and a glow the color of slightly earlier dawn-- no pink to the gold-- emanates from it. While some cursory emergency healing takes place-- so that carrying Hannah won't turn into more issues for Hannah later, and so that more of her blood stays where it's supposed to, he says quietly, "Let her decide when to call her folks, okay? But I talked to them, so they do know she's not dead. If she wants to call me and find out what I said to them before she calls them, that's fine too. I'll be around."

Then he steps back, pulling his gloves back on, and smiles crookedly at Gull and Hagane. "Be seeing you."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-27 05:16:44 36092
Kunzite's sword has vanished, as these things do; but even with both hands free, he leaves carrying Hannah to the two girls, and shakes his head to Hagane's question. "Better if she meets me when she's conscious." Since if she comes half around, she's likelier to flash on their first encounter than this one. And Hannah hits, or rather kicks, hard.

He stays as he began, Mamoru's pale shadow; waiting for him to finish healing Hannah, bowing silently to Gull and Hagane as Tux is saying his farewells. Leaving in company with him, silently alert.

Just on the off chance that that blade didn't pick the hospital as a target completely at random.