Boarding Action

Takashi does pirate things on a science vessel. Heroes object, but Takashi has new friends.

Date: 2016-03-27
Pose Count: 40
Takashi Agera 2016-03-27 21:08:18 36140
It might be spring, but the air of Uminari's Central Harbor is still cold at night, with the salt spray of the ocean rising up off it. This evening, final preparations are being made on the ship for the venture to South America. There's a few scientists and a lot of other workers, but most of the equipment has been loaded and set up.

Unfortunantly, off in the waters nearby, someone else has an entirely different plan. On what would be, at closer inspection, a raft made of dark energy, sneaking up to the side of the boat, stands Riventon and a few guards - the cloaked, robot-looking dark energy constructs Eclipse provides to its employees. One of them is wearing a pirate hat.

Riventon draws two small circular gems out of his pocket. Looking deep inside, at the swirling malestrom of barely contained negative energy, he smiles. He taps them together and hurls them into the air just over the boat, where they detonate into a surge of negative energy. The sudden burst of magical energy in the air overwhelms the nonmagical crew and scientists, knocking them out.

Riventon and his guards jump up onto the side of the ship, and Riventon scatters out another bunch of gumball-sized orbs that erupt into more of the henchbots. "Alright, start loading up the gear. The faster, the better. I don't think it'll be very long before we get company."

The bots move into the ship and start doing exactly that - pulling expensive and valuable scientific equipment away and packing it into neat piles for teleporation. Riventon and the one with the pirate hat on stay outside and watch the skies and the waters.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-27 21:16:44 36141
Right as Riventon knocks out the guards, shadow flames spill out from the ship's shadow, freezing the sea surface below instantly. This deep frozen area is used as a pathway for a girl walking on long strands of shadow, feet dangling a comfortable height above the cold flames.

To further complicate the scenario for any would be heroes that attempt to stop Riventon, she's sending shadows to cover every source of manmade light in the immediate vicinity, like a thick grease clinging to those lamps, turning bright lights dim.

It's under the cover of that shadowy darkness that Shiniko approaches Riventon's boat, not quite reaching it, and she offers a snap salute with her flesh and blood hands before starting to climb onto the boat's deck.
Lacrima 2016-03-27 21:18:09 36142
Norie Okana was dourly staring into the water. She wonders if she could drown. She wonders about lots of morbid things nowadays. She just knows she probably shouldn't test any of these hypothesises.

She looks up and over the water as she blinks once. Something is happening out on a boat there. She can sense it.

She fades off into a black mist--- and Lacrima appears somewhere on the boat. She looks around as she frowns-- though frowning tends to be her default expression nowadays anyways.

"Riventon-san..." she says softly, recognizing the man from the other night. "..what is going on here?" she asks.

The tone is not one of an accusing hero, more one of an honest question. She looks genuinely confused-- and the vampire isn't making an overtures to stop whatever is going on around her.

Her eyes trace over to the Shadow Witch--- and she steps away from the sudden shadow flames.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-27 21:22:18 36143
The flare of dark magic has attracted more than one of the city's defenders. One of them was flying overhead, on her way to a certain warehouse, when she took note of it.

"Well, that's not looking particularly happy, is it?"

(("Negative, Meister. Bearing four seven carom twelve, intensity six."))

"Only a six? Well, that's probably not too bad. Let's see what's going on."

The figure's flight-path arcs closer to the docks, until it passes near enough to take in what's going on, with search-spheres flitting out invisibly to buzz the area and see who's doing what.

"Well, hm. That's not exactly what I'd expect. A simple theft? Or is there something more?" She glides down to land silently nearby, before approaching on foot, along the pier. The girl stays quiet at first, to see what reaction she draws, and from whom.... after all, 'Tessen' is not a figure seen often in the city, these days.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-27 21:34:42 36147
Usually things like 'science vessels' don't concern Sky Jack at all - it's not like he's much of a scientist. He had to struggle to not flunk chemistry. But he'd gotten a message from Platinum Royale earlier today saying there was an important scientific vessel in the harbor, and every night someone from Virtue had been keeping an eye on it until it got underway - could he please go tonight?

So, he's sitting on top of a nearby rooftop, watching the ship, considering it the most boring thing he's done in a week, trying not to think too much - and there are several magical explosions over the boat, and multiple dark figures leap up onto it. Suddenly this stakeout has become hot. Jack pulls out his phone and sends a quick text.

Text to Platinum Royale: Boat's being boarded, going to investigate. Not boring after all!

As Sky Jack nears the vessel, he can see the figures on the deck, unable to make them out for the darkness. Whomever they are, they're tearing the ship apart, you can hear them from this close. A yellow, sparking soccer ball launches itself from midair through the darkness at one of the guards, followed by several others, Jack wasting no time!
Ariel Theodore 2016-03-27 21:36:03 36148
    "Lucky, I know you don't like the leash, but we have to blend in."
    "Y-yes, I know, the collar's kind of tight, let me just fix it a bit-"
    "What? No no, it's not like that, this is just so no one gets suspicious. There's something called a leash law and-"
    "ARF RUFF!"
    "L-Lucky wait-- it's still tied to my wrist-- KYAAA!"
    That is the sound of a little girl getting walked by her dog.
    To be more accurate, Ariel has no clue what is going on here right now. Though she had heard of the ship and it's mission, she thought she would nose about and have a little look. Science and disease were things she had never known of in her home, and the fact that the very ship and its contents was dedicated to aiding others in a far off land was astounding to her. Ariel came tonight for one reason and one simple reason alone.
    She had wanted to see the legendary levels to which human kindness has been said to reach, with her own eyes.
    What she gets is a botched stealth maneuver at trying to seem like an ordinary little girl taking her STUPIDLY HUGE DOG out for a walk-- and gets dragged along by the leash instead, bleating and squealing. Not quite as planned. Especially as the leash snaps and nearly launches her, as Lucky skids to a halt.
    There is much flailing as she goes sailing on her own trip through the air, that lands her on the ship, with an 'Oompf!', on her bottom. Right in front of one the myriad robots working on unloading some random piece of equipment.
    "Owwww..." She huffs, rubbing her backside with a wince as she shoots a look over at her dog. It is a very 'bad dog!' look, before the girl glances up at the dark energy construct.
    ... Oh.
    "Aheh... Heh... Heh... Um. Would you like to buy some unicorn scout cookies?"
Takashi Agera 2016-03-27 21:52:45 36150
Riventon turns to regard Shiniko, nodding at her assistance. That should buy them some time. Once Lacrima appears, he smiles. "Just doing what you do. Just with equipment instead of energy." he says, casually. "They have it, I need it. Nothing more or less complex than that. You're welcome to some of their energy, if you like. They're very busy sleeping right now, anyways. Should be easy grabs for you."

Riventon's eyes narrow, and the robo-gangster-pirate in the hat points a strange, magical tommy-gun like weapon at Tessen. "You should leave, whoever you are, before I stop trying to decide which of my allies to send your way today."

Before he can make good on that threat, though, sparkling balls of energy surge through Shiniko's shadows and slam into some of those dark energy constructs, and they detonate into wisps of foul black energy. "See? Told you that there was going to be unwanted guests."

Luckily for the unicorn, the robot-like energy construct workers are far too busy 'working' to try to attack her. Or at leaast, most of them are. One of them, though, walks forwards with that strange tommygun and points it at her.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-27 22:02:08 36154
Shiniko gets hit by one of the balls, crashing into her unexpectedly, and she is knocked back by it, and her red-gleaming eyes pierce the shadows and focus right on the source. "Sky Jack, I'm would say I'm not feeling like playing ball with you today~" She giggles, and rushes that way.

Then, the shadowy hands that extend from her hair form one baseball bat and one baseball glove. The glove throws a ball of shadow at the bat, which is batted straight for Sky Jack, lighting on that same kind of frozen fire as the fire next to the boat, "But I am~"
Lacrima 2016-03-27 22:05:19 36155
Lacrima softly looks around and then back at Riventon. Then finally an 'Oh'. Then familar sparking soccer balls slam down nearby and she steps away a moment. She looks towards this with wider eyes, the only peak of emotion she seems to show.

Shiniko moves to handle Sky Jack. She looks up at Tessen.. and at the other girl.

She looks back at Riventon. Drain sleeping people?

Well. It's a free meal, isn't it? Does it feel wrong? Something feels like it should be wrong- but she has this feeling a lot nowadays.

She bends down and places a hand against one of the downed people.

"Draneje." she calls out-- another hand moves to that pendant on the necklace, as if she's channeling the energy there, instead of into herself for the moment.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-27 22:10:50 36157
Tessen recognizes most of those here, even if they wouldn't recognize her.

"Oh, you're having trouble deciding which of your underlings to sacrifice to cover your escape? Don't worry, it happens to the worst of us. I'm not surprised, really."

There's a brief appearance by a familiar Belkan spell-glyph as she flicks her hands, producing a pair of rather pretty-looking, ornately-painted fans. She flicks one at the robo-youma, and a wave of energy slices out from its edge towards the creature.


"Best make up your mind quick, old man." Another energy wave flickers over the second fan, ready to launch, or to be used as a shield.
Ariel Theodore 2016-03-27 22:14:44 36158
    That is some kind of weapon. Now, Ariel may never have seen a tomyygun before, but she understands that the dark creature or being is pointing some kind of weapon at her. She does the most amazing and badass thing she can think of in such a situation!
    The girl raises her hands!
    "Um... Is that a no?"
    And she surrenders.
    She kind of hasn't taken her true form yet, but she's not going to make any sudden motions with that thing aimed at her!
    Lucky however is another story entirely. The shaggy dog grunts. He cannot allow his ward to come to harm. Still, Ariel attempts... Reasoning with the construct.
    "Hey... Isn't all of this going to help people? Why are you taking it? --Or do you think you could point me to someone who I can ask?" Whether it works or not, the key points here are that she's not making any sudden moves, hoping she does not get shot-- and wincing as Lucky takes on his true, flaming, form and leaps to tackle the thing with a snarl and bared fangs.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-27 22:18:48 36159
Sky Jack lets out a laugh as one of the constructs is wrecked by one of his positive light shots, the others blasting into the darkness. "This'll go over fast, if you fight like~"

And then a familiar, too-high giggle emerges from the darkness, and Shiniko rises up. That shadowy bat knocks a blast of frozen fire in his direction, and suddenly it's a fight as Jack rolls to one side, one hand on his board. "Shiniko! What're you doing here? I thought you were better than petty theft!"

He has to make a choice - and chooses, focusing not on Shiniko, but on the gun-wielding youma, kicking out periodic electric charged soccer balls into the darkness at the biggest masses, not wanting to directly harm Shiniko unless he needs to.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-27 22:42:24 36164
Riventon smiles as Lacrima takes him up on the offer. "See, it's not so bad. You can drain as much as you need, too. Just don't be afraid to take the fight to the people who want to stop us from getting what we desir... I mean, deserve."

He looks up at Tessen. Can't quite place her, but... she annoys him, that much is for sure. "You keep running that mouth and you'll be waking up in Mitakihara General wondering what happened while they feed you through a tube, little girl." he says, though he doesn't attack. Not yet, because what he needs to do is...

He moves over to a pile and begins preparations to teleport it out and away to a holding location. Meanwhile, some of the 'workers' are drawing guns themselves, firing surges of magical energy at those who are unified in an attempt to fight off their current boss. Others are exploding from the force of the attacks.

Then Riventon yells at Sky Jack as a magic circle opens up under a pile of equipment. "It's not petty theft. This has to be at /least/ grand theft. Probably bonus points for being on the high seas." he comments.

From within the deck of the boat, a group of youma comes, bringing up a strange cylinder. And then it's use is apparent as it channels a surge of negative energy on the end and blasts a shockwave of power out at Tessen - it's some sort of dark artillery!

Lucky has no problem taking down the youma threatening his ward - it's just that more show up, and start blasting at him and her!
Lacrima 2016-03-27 22:52:46 36166
Lacrima talks. "It would be foolish of me to pass up a chance." she says softly. She moves to another person. "Prevents me from needing to hunt later..."

"Maybe for a few days. If no one bothers me." she speaks.

She looks back up however as she bends herself straight up.

"....are they usually this loud?" she asks softly.

She looks back down and around- and then magical artillery shoot off- and she winces a bit at this. Oh my.

"Do you... need help, Riventon-san?" she finally asks. She feels like she shouldn't be asking this. Maybe there's a better way to ask this in the future.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-27 23:00:56 36168
"Sky Jack, Sky Jack~" Shiniko giggles in that unsettling fashion again, keeping her distance as the baseball glove forms another ball, staring straight at the guy she's talking to. "It's not petty theft, it's honouring my side of a deal. Maybe I should've asked more questions, but I don't break my word~"

That's when she throws up that ball, and another, and a third. Sending them all flying straight for Sky Jack. This time they're not cold and firey, they're just very solid and going very fast. "Do you want me to shatter the trust people put in me?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-27 23:02:02 36169
Tessen deflects a few incoming shots with her deceptively delicate fan, batting them away with quick, nimble movements. She keeps on the move, herself, jumping up to skip along the piles of gear - a quick flash of spell-glyph underfoot as she moves showing she isn't actually putting any weight on them.

"Really, old man. Hospital? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt." She shakes her head. "You disappoint me, really. Here I was thinking you were some sort of smart man, but all you can think to do is steal toys?"

And then there's an artillery youma shooting at her. That'll take more than just an empowered fan to deflect.

(("Lichtschild!")) declaims the Device voice, and a larger spell-glyph forms in the air in front of her to absorb the blast. It still knocks her back, however, to slam into the bulkhead and leave a nice girl-shaped dent in the steel.

She pulls herself out of the dent with a wrench, letting off a quick flurry of blasts at the artillerists in reply, not willing to leave that kind of firepower on the field - on the enemy's side, at least.

"And, come on now. Grand theft on the open seas? That's piracy, old man. You'll hang for that."
Ariel Theodore 2016-03-27 23:07:32 36170
    "Maybe if you just sit down and tell me everything, we can--"
    Ariel winces as Lucky bares his fangs, the girl looking a little bit green as she quickly looks away from the sight of the golden-flaming hound start ripping into the youma. The problem here is the OTHERS that show up. The child bleats in alarm and surprise, and Lucky drops the first youma right then and there.
    Clutching the glimmering star-shaped pendant at her neck, there's a flare of gentle light. And in an instant the girl's brand new school uniform is replaced with a suit of silvery full-body platemail. Complete with a little cape, revealing silvery hair, tail, and the blunt little horn protruding from her forehead as she hops on the dog's back. He immediately takes her on a wild ride, but one of the worker youma gets lucky.
    A shot punches her dead center in the chest. Though the dark energy slams into her armor and spangs off with a dent, she's knocked off Lucky, stunned and dizzy as she lands on her back, face up. The world swims in front of her as she blearily blinks away pain and confusion, picking up on Riventon and Sky Jack not too far off while stunned.
    "... But... You're not on the high seas until you hit international waters..." She says in a haze of bewilderment while picking herself up. "Ow ow ow..."
    She takes a moment longer to clear her head, before furrowing her brow. That little horn glimmers as she concentrates as best she can. It's not easy to dreamweave after and or during getting shot at. BUT, what she does try, is to form and summon multiple copies of some of the various equipment pieces the youma are trying to steal, and confuse the lot which are real and which are fake.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-27 23:35:16 36175
Sky Jack yells at Riventon, not quite able to see him in the dense shadow created by Shiniko. "Then you're in even MORE trouble!" Shiniko's question elicits a rude noise from him. "When they want you to steal and hurt people, yeah, that goes beyond what most people consider a good deal!"

Shiniko's balls are actually more of a threat than the first frozen ball - he's fast, but that's his main strength. He flips past one, then bends in, grabbing his board and spinning rapidly, the next impacting the bottom of the board and spinning him backwards, as the third curves in and slaps at his loose hand painfully, sending him rotating and crying out. "Dammit!" He flexes his fingers, making sure nothing major is broken.

Then he sees that giant artillery piece. It's just out of range for right now, but maybe... More soccer balls appear in front of him, and he punts them, kicking them at the youma soldiers pinning down Ariel. "Hey! You! Get your dog on that artillery piece if you can!" He continues to rotate around the edges of the ship, not wanting to engage any of them directly in case there's more of them belowdecks.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-27 23:40:41 36176
Riventon looks at Lacrima like she's just made the silliest possible comment. "You know, it would be somewhat appreciated since I'm letting you feast, if you could possibly MAYBE CONSIDER HELPING OUT A LITTLE." he says, as the spell finishes and a bunch of gear vanishes off to a vault. He moves on to the next one. "You know, USE that power you have to teach these ingrates a lesson about sticking their nose in our business?"

The artillery peice vanishes into a surge of smoky shadow energy as Tessen eliminates the youma carrying it. Apparently, it's a package deal. The youma are thinning out, and Riventon's aware of this as he moves to another pile. "I don't think you stand a chance of hanging me from anything." he comments.

Youma workers are not exactly fans of critical thinking, and a lot of the time they just repeatedly try to pick up the fakes, over and over, liker a program trying to work out a bug.

A wave of his hand, and he makes the tactical decision to call the rest of the workers out. There's enough stuff in piles, as another magic circle opens underneath the one he's by - not as much as he wanted to get away with, but the best laid plans...tend to run into issues when the heroes get involved.

Though the artillery peice is out, the youma pinning down Ariel are still removed by Sky Jack. This really only leaves a dozen or so youma left, and they're clearly defending Riventon as he prepares a second teleport.
Lacrima 2016-03-27 23:48:12 36178
Lacrima blinks, pursing her lips. Seeming to take no offense, but also being taken aback by the shouting at her all the same. "Yes, then." she says softly. She looks up at Sky Jack. "But-- you seem to be the one in trouble here?" she asks curiously. She looks around and-- Tessen is seeming to be a problem.

"'Old man'? That hardly makes any sense." she says softly. "Is that the best you have to say?" she asks almost sadly.

She raises her right hand and holds her palm out and closes her eyes-- and fires off what seems to be a fairly standard 'dark energy blast'-- a bolt of energy flying through the air at Tessen. She seems to react unpleasently when she launches the attack.

She follows up with another one soon after. Again- again-.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-27 23:48:16 36179
"He never asked me to steal and hurt people, he only asked me to cover for him in case people interrupted~" Shiniko responds to Sky Jack in a song-songy voice, clearly seeming to care about that distinction. "I did not ask why people would want to interrupt, maybe I should have, but it seemed rude at the time~"

She notices she hit Sky Jack, and reaches over to check out his hand a little closer, suddenly the sing song voice dropping and her voice a little less crazy and a little more concerned, "Did I hurt you?" Does she not realize that's how this works, or did she not expect to actually hit.

Either way, she's reaching out with her shadow hands for Sky Jack's hand, trying to grasp it so she can check it for wounds. There's no actual attempt to harm here, just a genuine attempt to make sure it's not too bad. And well... if it provides a good distraction, so much the better.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-27 23:57:05 36180
Tessen chuckles lightly. "Maybe, maybe not. Although there's always 'your own petard', as it were. You've come rather dangerously close to that this time."

More little fan-blasts continue to pepper the youma, especially any that are about to pick up any of the equipment to add to Riventon's piles.

"This is really beneath you, old man. Next thing you'll be knocking over grade-school science fairs to steal the kiddies' fruit flies and baking-soda volcanoes." She shakes her head, almost sadly, and watches as Lacrima's shadow-bolts slam into the shield that still glows in front of her.

Then her gaze focuses on the forming teleport-circle, and she pauses. Time to test something new.

"Dimension lock," she orders.

(("Verzerrungraum,")) the Device answers, and a wave of spatial distortion rockets out from here in a widening sphere, quickly encompassing the entire ship. Much like the common Barrier, it creates a phase distortion. But unlike the common, it continues to rapidly shift the frequency of that distortion, rendering teleportation... risky. Extremely so. J K Rowling called it 'splinching', others call it 'misjump' or 'the Philadelphia Experiment Effect'...

Of course, all is not roses for Tessen herself, either. Her focus on the new spell means her attention to the shield that's been deflecting Lacrima's shadow-bolts has wavered, and a set of them crash through it to hurl her from her perch once again. The declamation (("Kriseflug")) is heard from the far side of the ship as her Device catches her just in time not to slam her head into the far pier.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-28 00:10:28 36182
Sky Jack shakes his hand again, part of it feeling numb, but then pulls backwards as those hands rise up, grasping out for him. He swings away from them, not wanting to be grabbed just yet, focusing on Riventon. "Yes, it actually did hurt, Shiniko!"

Jack sees him charging up some form of spell, and punts a few more soccer balls at the mage, intent on keeping him pinned down and preventing him from getting away - again. "Hey, where are you going~ oop!" Jack's back was turned, and both of those giant shadow hands grab him... gently? There's at least a fracture in the palm and along his ring finger, but his internal magic is already beginning to mend it slowly.
Ariel Theodore 2016-03-28 00:10:34 36183
    That artillery youma has to go. Though Ariel gives Sky Jack something of a blank look when he tells her to order Lucky on the case. She's about to reply when the point is rendered quite moot thanks to Tessen handling the issue of the heavier hitting youma.
    However it does mean that Ariel isn't squarely pinned in place anymore by dark heavy ordinance. She's still a little on the dizzy side as she clambers onto Lucky's back, letting the massive star hound carry her. There's a look of some mild relief on her face when the other constructs start trying to snag her diversionary illusions. She's kind of done all she can, there. But something else catches her eye. A light nudge at Lucky's side with her knee tells him where to go, and the dog replies with a gruff rumble. The hound pads over at a brisk pace-- towards Lacrima.
    Once again, Ariel cringes, when she sees Tessen go launched away, one small hand reaching out in vain, a look of relief visible on her face when the mage's Device at least catches her on the way.
    Perhaps trying to get the attention of someone who just launched someone else a good distance is not the best idea she's had thus far. But Ariel doesn't leap to attack her or anything. In fact, while Lucky growls lowly, she holds him back by the neck. "... You don't look like you enjoyed doing that to her..." Yes, she states the obvious, but it's the next question that comes out that's kind of important; and it's asked gently.
    "Do you really want to?"
Takashi Agera 2016-03-28 00:27:23 36184
"To be fair, neither of these two girls would be involved in much of what you consider to be 'bad' if you weren't intent on getting in my way." Riventon says with a sneer. He shifts the next pile out /just before/ Tessen's strange disjunctioning barrier comes up. He was able to accomplish this only because he chose not to block Sky Jack's attack, and little omphs of pain come as the orbs impact his barrier jacket.

His device informs him of the barrier's nature, and he lets out a curse under his breath. He looks aroun, and looks to Shiniko and Lacrima. "Well, I'm about ready to pack it up - got some of what I came for, and things are looking somewhat more obnoxious than I like."

"Unless you two would like to stay and teach our guests a proper lesson. It's really up to you at this point. We can keep blasting, or you can come over here and I'll get us out of here, strange barriers be damned..."
Lacrima 2016-03-28 00:30:11 36185
Lacrima watches as Tessen takes her hits, blocking them-- she kept them up-- and eventually, she got through and Tessen falls from the sky. She seems to open her eyes wide- some form of recognition passing past her face. She feels....

Exhilitarted a moment-- did she do that? She'd fought once, but she wasn't in her right mind and it'd be a strech to call that prior time a 'fight'.

She's brought out of her internal thoughts as she looks over to Ariel. Huh?

She blinks once. "....I don't know if I enjoyed it."

"But I didn't hate it either?" she asks curiously.

"Y-you should go!" she says suddenly with a stammer.

She aims her palm at Ariel-- and fires a similar 'shadow bolt' at Ariel, despite the big dog-- but only one. A warning shot.

Why a warning shot this time!? She doesn't know.

She looks over to Riventon--- as she moves toward's Riventon as he offers a way off--- if he's running then it means the heroes are staying. She wouldn't be able to drain anymore anyways.

"Don't follow me." she says frankly at Ariel.
Sora Hisakata 2016-03-28 00:32:15 36186
Shiniko hears Riventon's words, but she has one thing to do before taking him up on that offer. Part of her shadowy hand splits off and stays on Sky Jack's, forming a temporary splint. "At the rate you're recovering, by the time it fades, you should be good."

And then she fills the area with deep shadow, sight-obscuring gunk intend to obscure all, trusting Lacrima to find her way to Riventon through it. She does that herself, fighting in this won't be easy for anyone, not even herself. "I'm ready to leave~" She sing-songs when she gets close enough.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-28 00:51:23 36187
On the far side of the ship, Tessen picks herself up carefully, wincing at a spike of pain that runs through her from where the shadow-bolts impacted. That's going to bruise rather nicely in an hour or two.

It is, perhaps, a less than pleasant evening for anyone involved, but she doesn't seem to mind. She pops back up over the hull of the ship, fans at the ready, focusing now on Riventon himself.

"Leaving so soon, old man? You've got a quite lengthy prison term, don't you think you should work hat out first? The longer you wait, the longer it gets, after all."

A few desultory blasts are sent Lacrima's way, ust to keep her honest, but she's no more enthusiastic about attacking the girl than her target was. It's just a distraction to her, away from her main focus on Riventon.

(("Sturmlanze.")) With that declamation, she brings both fans together, sweeping them into a tight arc, releasing a much stronger blast than before, straight at Riventon himself.

"Enjoy your trip to hell...."
Ariel Theodore 2016-03-28 00:57:06 36188
    Oh, it looks like they're planning to leave. Ariel frowns somewhat at Lacrima's response, though. "Well, you shouldn't do something if you don't think you enjoy it." It's remarkably simplistic, even childish, logic, but she hopes it at least makes something of a point, before the girl takes aim.
    The unicorn bleats, ducking as Lucky jinks aside of the blast, lest either of them be caught by it- but when he snarls again, she restrains him with a hand. She just watches in silence for a long moment as the trio prepare to up and bail, clearly not intent to follow.
    "Could you at least say why you needed to take this?" She calls. It's on Riventon whether he answers or not, though, because she's not going to chase, now.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-28 01:00:40 36189
Sky Jack swears, trying to peer through the shadowy mess Shiniko's leaving behind. "You... shadowy octopus! ... We'll talk about this later!" He rubs his arm, then rises up. Some of the machinery seems to be remaining - it may be all he could have asked for. At least they didn't steal the entire ship.

Still, though, he relents, unable to see anyone in the blackness and not wanting to hit Shiniko after her kindness. Which means he can't interfere at this point. Dammit.

He looks over at the full-metal unicorn girl - she's in one piece, and so is the leotard wearing, rapier wielding magical girl on the other side of the fight, even if she's grimacing. He shakes his head and rises up, staring into the black mass.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-28 01:14:11 36190
The girls seem ready to back away, so Riventon prepares for that. But of course, there's a few questions to answer, a few insults to hurl.

"Well, because I need it, of course. Far more than these people could." he says, laughing a bit, and then he looks to Tessen.

"The thing about prisons is, they don't make them strong enough to hold back real power." he says, even as he steps back behind the girls. For just a moment in time, it looks like he's going to let one or both of the girls absorb the Sturmlanze on his behalf, but before the surging blast impacts, his own device chimes in for the first time this battle.

    <DUSTERNIS MAUER!> it calls out as he draws the two girls in close, and suddenly, a black shroud of negative energy, looking for all the world like an orb of black ink, swirls up from the magic circle underneath the group, encasing them all within. The Sturmlanze does impact with it, and shatter it - but the time it takes the attack to break the wall is all the time he needs to take himself and the girls through the Dusk Zone, leaving the battlefield.
Lacrima 2016-03-28 01:21:35 36191
Lacrima frowns at Tessen, with the old man, still. Riventon doesn't seem.. that old. Does he?

Then that orb wraps around them and off into the Dusk Zone- a feeling that is familar to her on some level at least.

She'll have things to think about after this. Always thinking.
Ariel Theodore 2016-03-28 01:36:39 36192
    Ariel is practically pouting at the extremely vague, almost non-answer. But by now she's learned there's no point- nor time- to press the matter further. With a heavy sigh she rubs her eyes, trying to squint through the unnatural darkness, horn glimmering with a faint light to try and stumble about about.
    With all that over and done, she'll just try and tend to the people Lacrima drained as best she can. Which mostly is limited to trying to ease the unconscious with at least some glimmers of a nice dream, where she can.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-28 01:39:07 36193
With the enemies departed, Tessen sighs softly and tucks away her fans. "Don't know what the heck he thinks he's up to," she mutters.

Looking over to Ariel and Sky Jack, she ofers a cheerful wave and a smile. "Good work tonight, you two, and thanks. Having them get away with this entire shipment would've been ... messy."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-28 01:43:05 36194
Sky Jack gives a thumbs-up to Tessen, descending down to her on his board. "No trouble! Virtue had me watching the boat tonight - we may have reinforcements soon, but I guess it won't make any difference.

He nods to both Tessen and Ariel. "I don't remember if we've actually spoken - I'm Sky Jack. It's good to meet you both!" He grins at the two pretty girls. "I saw you both take some heavy hits - are you all right?"
Ariel Theodore 2016-03-28 01:51:39 36196
    "Mmm." The unicorn is a bit sullen despite the warm round of approval. The girl rubs at the back of her neck with a soft, bell-like sound working it's way up her throat thoughtfully. "--I'll be okay." She replies to Sky Jack at length, before pursing her lips. O-oh. You're with Virtue, too?" She remembers him from the nightmare fiasco up in the north, but hasn't had time to actually meet and greet some of the other Virtue members just yet.
    Still, she's a little quiet while tending to a drain victim. "I kind of just wish he had said why he wanted this stuff. It would have made things a lot easier to understand. What if he had a good reason?" Slim shoulders lift in a vague shrug though. "Ah, right." Oh oops she almost forgot something. "I'm Ariel, by the way."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-28 01:59:50 36197
The girl in blue and white nods, and introduces herself to the others. "I go by Tessen," she says. "Pleasure to meet you both."

She stretches out, wincing several times. "Yeah, that's going to leave some nice bruises in the morning." A little sigh escapes her, and she finds a place to sit.

"As for why the old man wanted the stuff, it's pretty simple. He's a Mad Scientist(tm)." You can almost hear the (tm) pronounced, the way she says it. ""Undoubtedly he felt he needed to stock a new laboratory. Perhaps he accidentally blew up the last one, I hear it's happened before."
Kukai Souma 2016-03-28 02:35:48 36206
Sky Jack grins at Ariel. "I think... yeah, I kinda remember you? But yeah. I'm with Virtue." He looks back to Tessen. "Sorry about that. Wish I could do something for you, but..."

He ohs. "I don't know a lot about him. I've just hit him with a lot of balls...." His eyes flash green for a moment, as if he's remembering something, and he looks over at Tessen. "I mean, I guess I could offer to buy you some ice cream or something?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-03-28 02:46:18 36207
Tessen hmmms softly as she rests in her seat, directing energy to what little she knows in the way of a healing spell. A glowing palm is held above the area where Lacrima's shadow-bolts struck her.

"Ice cream, huh?" she muses. "Anywhere in particular?"
Kukai Souma 2016-03-28 02:56:15 36209
Sky Jack grins and waves goodbye to Ariel as she takes care of the unconscious ship crew, putting an arm around Tessen and walking off with her towards the city. "I know this awesome little place in the park nearby..."