Family Matters

Kyouko brings Sayaka to meet another part of the family! This will not be weird /at all/.

Date: 2016-03-28
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Kunzite 2016-03-28 01:47:54 36195
Someday, not too long from now, a trip with this purpose will be a much simpler one. Sayaka's already been to Mamoru's place, after all. It's just that the place is still barren, empty, forlorn -- there's still a hole in the living room wall, relic of some fight that took place after the Puellas' Thanksgiving gathering there. That won't last. But fixing it isn't the first thing on Mamoru's list, so for now, it's a little more complicated. Kyouko knows the way, though.

The access is a little elaborate. There's an abandoned house that tends to slide off most people's awareness; it's a little like the way labyrinths go unnoticed, but with none of the warped wrongness that signals one to a Puella. It's in remarkably good shape, for all that, no graffiti, no sign of past residence or parties. And there are stairs beneath it leading downward. A long way downward.

The door at the bottom opens, disconcertingly, into an open-air shrine, a great complex full of trees and greenery, winding pathways and silently tamed gardens.

Again, it is not a labyrinth. While there are things in the undergrowth, birdsong identifies them, and the most dangerous one visible is a napping housecat.

As long as one doesn't count the human being also visible. Well. Presumably human, or close enough to count.

Sayaka's seen Kunzite before: a white-haired man maybe in his middle or late twenties, dressed in a militaristic gray uniform, with eyes the color of a sword blade and as ageless. This is not that man. This is also clearly the same man -- the hair is the same, bone-white and worn long; the eyes are the same; the facial structure, the looming height, most of the build. But he's younger. Not quite twenty. The uniform is gone; he's wearing jeans and a dress shirt. The deadly look is ... not quite gone. But it's submerged a little, under the almost-a-smile that shows when Kyouko's visible through the doorway, the moment of evaluation that he gives Sayaka as much to see whether she recognizes him as anything else. "Welcome," he says. "On behalf of my brother, technically, but welcome all the same."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-28 02:00:18 36198
    Things are pretty good in Kyouko's life at the moment. They were able to restore Sayaka's memories. Everyone is alive. She still has her job and her apartment, and there are no imminent threats to world and sanity that she's aware of. But that doesn't necessarily make her feel at ease- actually kind of the opposite. Whenever things are going good, she starts waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Maybe that's why she feels so nervous taking Sayaka over to 'meet' Kunzite. Or maybe it's just good old-fashioned nerves. I mean, it's not like they've never met before. Just.. he was evil, then he was a rock, then Sayaka had amnesia.. her life is not a usual one.

    She glances over her shoulder as she leads Sayaka down the stairway into Jadeite's palace, the one down the long flight of stairs beneath that abandoned house.. "You don't have to henshin, it's safe, I promise.." She says, with a little smirk, but she doesn't stop Sayaka from doing so if she wants to.. after all, she can totally understand why this might make the girl a bit nervous.

    Once inside the palace, that hidden, sunny and green shrine under the ground, Kyouko takes a deep breath.. then smiles as she spots Kunzite. "Nii-chan!" She runs over to give him a one-armed hug, just like the ones she gives Mamoru. "Thanks for takin' the time. I know you guys got all kindsa stuff to do.."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-28 02:10:50 36199
    It's strange. She felt as if she had been asleep for a very, very long time. As if she had missed out on a massive chunk of her life. Then the memories had started flowing back, and they were almost overwhelming. Her first day back from the cruise trip; The first meeting with Kyouko Sakura; Discovering her latent magical potential; Making the contract with Kyubey...And all of the consequences of becoming a Puella, up to and including her eventual fate at D-point.

    Things should have ended there, and she was happy to sacrifice herself for the greater good; But Sailor Moon, or rather, Princess Serenity had granted her, had granted all of them a second chance. And now, finally, she has a chance to live a happy life with Kyouko at her side.

    The memories are still overwhelming but she's been working day by day to get back into a normal rhythm, whatever that meant for a Puella Magi.

    So of course she's a bit nervous when Kyouko invites her to meet her 'Nii-chan' who is of course someone she has met a grand total of once before, when he was kinda evillish, but not evil enough at the time to attack her. Plus they're entering a weirdo pocket dimension which is doubly weird for a Puella who is used to slipping into pocket dimensions when entering a labrynth. So in spite of Kyouko's reassurances, Sayaka had insisted on meeting her big brother in her henshined form. Y'know, just incase.

    She just smirks at Kyouko, shrugging, "Sorry, old habit. Y'know, paranoia. Comes with the job." she does peer around at the beautiful surroundings in wonder and amazement of course, having to repeatedly remind herself it's not a labrynth. And there is Kunzite. Looking decidedly younger. And less threatenning in shockingly normal attire. She just stands where she is, watching nervously the warm reunion between Kyouko and Kunzite.

    "Kunzite-san...Hello again." Sayaka offers with a weak smile, not wanting to interrupt. Well, this is somewhat awkward.
Kunzite 2016-03-28 02:25:44 36202
That one-armed hug is answered likewise, and Kunzite's head bows for a moment over Kyouko's. Over. Definitely over. She comes up an inch or two short of the top of his shoulder; the man remains distressingly tall. "Yes," he says deadpan as he lets her go again. "It's truly a terrible fate not to be able to spend the evening mixing concrete. If anything, the pair of you probably have urgent business more often."

The place doesn't feel like a labyrinth in the slightest. If anything, it feels the opposite. Close kin to the physical world, rather than torn from it; filled with a sense of solid permanence, rather than transience and violent change; imbued with harmony and calm, rather than madness.

It has a sky. They're underground, and visible between the leaves of the trees is not a ceiling, not a cavern roof, not some warped nothingness, but a sky.

Once the gesture won't collide him with Kyouko, which is rarely a good idea whether or not she's armed, Kunzite bows in answer to Sayaka's greeting. "Our last meeting wasn't the occasion for a proper introduction," he says to her, "and I still don't remember most of my modern life. What would you prefer I call you?"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-28 02:26:09 36203
    Getting back to normal- that's a large part of what Kyouko has been trying to do in all aspects of life, and Sayaka is one of those. Things between them have never exactly been simple, and dealing with the other girl's memory loss only added another complicated wrinkle. But Kyouko knows enough about how the world works to know that the only way to figure things out is to /try/.. you just gotta plunge in, and trust things'll shake out the way they were meant to be.

    It didn't feel right to her, having two major parts of her like, Sayaka and her adopted 'family' be divorced from each other, which is why they are here. Sayaka had expressed interest, and Kyouko had wanted to bridge that gap and have a life that felt more whole, rather than two distinct and separate pieces. She's hoping that this meeting will be a first step in that direction.

    Seeming to realize her greeting of Kunzite may have left Sayaka feeling a bit awkward, she retreats from the much taller young man and returns to the blue-haired girl's side, even going so far as to reach for one of her hands and give it a reassuring squeeze. "He don't bite, I promise." She says to the girl with that lopsided smile of hers. "He just looks like an over-severe drill marshal."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-28 02:34:14 36205
    Indeed, the more familiar she gets with her new surroundings, the less threatenned Sayaka feels. Why, the garden is almost..Beautiful, peaceful certainly, although it still feels like she's somewhere that isn't altogether part of earth itself.

    "So..where exactly ARE we? Are we even on earth still? That..Is it your house? And this your garden..." she smirks, taking a cautious step towards the greenery, away from the house. "Didn't think you were into gardenning this much. I mean, this place is pretty amazing, actually.." And there's a napping housecat over there somewhere..That looks a bit larger than your average housecat.

    Sayaka decides not to disturb it as she patiently watches the exchange between Kyouko and Kunzite..It's strange, to think that they had grown so close while they were both under the thrall of the Dark Kingdom. Sayaka didn't even realize that such tender feelings could exist in such a cold place. But then she knows next to nothing about this world, about the Moon Kingdom or Queen Beryl or the Shitennou, really.

    Then Kunzite addresses her and she shrugs, smirking still, trying to keep it all casual. "Heh, you can call me Sayaka-chan if you wish. So I guess you're Kyouko's Nii-chan, huh?" she chuckles again, glancing at Kyouko, relaxing a bit as she takes her hand and she nods slowly, "Yeah, I know. I mean, he's never attacked me before and you say he's a good guy now so I believe you." Yeah, he kinda does look like some sorta drill marshal, but there's something different too. "You...Seem younger, somehow, than the last time we met.."
Kunzite 2016-03-28 02:55:57 36208
Looks like. Has been. He'd quibble with the over-severe part, but that was a very long time ago, and the world was a different place entirely then. Literally.

The napping housecat here is just a housecat, it should be noted. A genuine housecat, of Earthside origin. Kunzite has no idea how it wound up in here, and has been avoiding asking, but the answer is probably Mamoru. "Where exactly requires a very long story to explain," Kunzite answers Sayaka. "Let's say: this is one of a set of places not quite on Earth, but symbolic of parts of it, that my brothers and I helped to build a very long time ago. This one is Jadeite's. The gardens here are to his credit, not mine." He gestures off past one of the buildings, in a direction Kyouko knows. "Mine is off that way. It has different associations; I thought it might be better to meet you here, and let you get a little more accustomed, first."

Accustomed. Comfortable enough not to risk panic. Granted, he's reasonably certain based on their previous encounters that Sayaka won't do anything precipitous before he can give the caracal instructions to leave her alone, but -- reasonably certain isn't enough.

There's no wince at her later statements; he wasn't particularly good even when they did meet, after all. There is something that happens to his expression, almost imperceptibly small a change, when she says 'seem younger.' But it's hard to define. "That's a long story, too. Most of ours are." He makes a gesture that's half invitation, this time, and turns toward the off-that-way that he defined as leading to his own place. "As far as we can reconstruct, the queen of the Dark Kingdom found me when I was about this age. Took my soul, and in order to better control me, created a new body to house me, one created out of a corrupt energy that required both my powers and her magic to keep it under control. That's what I was wearing when you met me. When my brothers and their allies found a way to give me a human body again -- the process they used to create it worked off my recollection of being human. So now I have the pleasant experience of having to be nineteen twice."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-28 03:04:56 36210
    Kyouko smiles at Saya-chan and nods her head a few times as Kunzite speaks. "Yeah, these are like.. I dunno, kinda like personal tiny worlds that each of them created, or somethin'. Kinda neat really.. all hocus pocus and stuff. I admit, I'm kinda jealous.. sure as hell beats my crappy apartment." She laughs though- Sayaka knows that Kyouko actually likes her apartment, if only because she pays for it herself. She feels like she's earned it, and that means it has a special place in her heart even if it's not nearly as nice as a mystical garden pocket-dimension.

    She also supplements Kunzite's story about his soul and body and stuff, asiding to Sayaka as she tugs her along by the hand in the direction Kunzite is walking, "Kinda like our Soul Gems, really. The other body he had before wasn't his 'real' one. This one is closer to how he was originally. Or somethin'."

    She sighs a little bit. "All you guys have such complicated and long backstories. You gotta remember, people like Saya-chan and me, we're not actually thousands of years old or anything. What you see is what you get."

    She glances down at herself. "I mean, more or less."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-28 03:19:15 36211
    "Oh.." She just stares in silent awe and wonder as Kunzite attempts to explain things. Which is a lot of history and lore to explain in five minutes. And of course it doesn't even touch the surface. "Sooo..You guys. You and Jadeite and..." Well she doesn't know the others yet, unfortunately, "Were all captured and brainwashed by Beryl? And then Sailormoon and Tuxedo Mask and them purified you, and now you're all buddies with him? Is that how it works?" she scratches her head, lost in the lore and history of it all.

    Then to make things more complex, Kyouko mentions them being thousands of years old. Or something and she laughs nervously, "Like, seriously? That's how far back you go? That's...." too much to imagine. But the soul gems thing is something she does kinda understand. "Sooo you possess something like our soul gems? Is that how Beryl was able to manipulate you?"

    Another nervous chuckle as she scratches her head, "Sorry, sorry. It's ahh..A lot to take in.."
Kunzite 2016-03-28 03:50:23 36213
"And yet we're putting most of our effort into moving out of personal tiny worlds and into an apartment," Kunzite says to Kyouko; and there's amusement in that, somewhere, even if it never makes it past his eyes. "These places aren't entirely real; they're as much thought as substance. They're beautiful, and they're necessary, but real things are better. Things you can touch. Things you've made, or earned."

As Sayaka tries to sort out the story, Kunzite lets a few paces on the path go by in silence. Sorting out, himself, what he can do best to encapsulate their own and the world's long descent into madness. "Thousands of years, yes, but we didn't have to live through all of it ourselves," he says finally. "One life, very long ago, marked by ... very big mistakes. And one life, now, here.

"At the beginning of that complicated and long backstory, the four of us were Tuxedo Kamen's brothers. By choice, not by blood." Which might help explain why he moved so readily to include Kyouko, though not how it happened in the Dark Kingdom of all places. "You have it right; Beryl tricked us into making a bargain with her -- not once, but twice. The first time, she knew us better, had more time to work on us. In this life -- she remembered everything. We didn't. She could trick us even more easily, and she had time to prepare. But she couldn't lock us in completely. Tuxedo Kamen convinced the Senshi of that -- Kyouko convinced the Senshi of that, when she was able to come back to herself -- and they were able to free us, even if it took longer. And now we know ourselves his brothers again."

The question about soul gems wins her a nod. "You were up in the Arctic," he says, "and you and Kyouko were with Tuxedo Kamen for a while. He was carrying me with him, them. They're not quite like I understand yours are. Faceted, and smaller; he could keep mine in a pocket. Beryl was able to use ours to try to keep us under control, yes -- she could pour dark energy into them, flood us with it, take away our ability to think, take away or edit our memories, take control over our bodies. Kyouko had more protection from her, in a way."

It's a lot to talk about, a long story even in the heavily edited version. They've crossed a good deal of the shrine. And up ahead, set back, is an archway that is, if looked at in the right way, occupied by a closed door. It's out of place in this place of greens and grays and hints of red. Instead, it's a sandstone white as Kunzite's hair, and steel the color of Sayaka's blades, or Kunzite's eyes.
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-28 04:14:35 36216
    "Oh.." Sayaka stares blankly at Kunzite, moving a little further down the path alongside him for a few paces as Kyouko temporarily busies herself with something else. "Sooo...Kinda like reincarnation? A thousand years ago, you were controlled by her? And then again in present day, before the Senshi released you? And how many are there, exactly?"

     She tries to remember back towards the fight against Walpurgisnacht, recalling having seen at least four 'brother's, at least, they seemed connected, the way they dressed and fought and acted. And of course she had met Nephrite at least once, at Mamoru's apartment.

    "Four of you, right? I remember, you guys fought alongside the senshi during Walpurgisnacht..Well some of you did, anyways." Then there was D-point. Yeah, she remembers Tux carrying a rock. Talking to it from time to time. It was kinda weird. She figured the cold had just got to him but maybe not.

    "Soo that rock was YOU. Your essence. Your soul, huh." she chuckles, "Sorry, guess I should have been more respectful. But now it kinda makes sense. And now, what will you do? Is this where you and your brothers will remain? Or will you stay with him back on earth, fight by his side, now that you're free?"
Kunzite 2016-03-28 04:40:01 36219
"Exactly like reincarnation," Kunzite agrees. The two questions between get a nod in answer -- something, finally, that's simple, more or less. "And there are four of us, yes. Jadeite, whose place this is. Zoisite, who works in fire and flowers. Nephrite." He does not, at this moment, even attempt to explain Nephrite. Because 'remote, reclusive astrologer-sage' and 'over-excited reality-show addict' are concepts that go together in only one person alive. "And myself. All at Walpurgisnacht. It was too much of a threat to risk any less."

He does not specify threat to what, or whom. To the city, maybe. To the Dark Kingdom's plans, maybe. Sayaka wasn't at the meeting. Sayaka didn't have to see the images Homura showed Kyouko of her own fall, over and over. And Kunzite would be rather deeply relieved if what happened at D-Point were the only time she ever had to see anything remotely like them in her life.

Her questions win a glance from him, and a turning up of one corner of his mouth in the smallest of smiles. "We won't stay here longer than we have to. There's work to be done before we can move back to the city full-time, though. We're helping repair some of the lingering damage from Walpurgisnacht --" That might explain the comment about mixing concrete, earlier. "When that's dealt with, well. The apartment's next on the agenda. That place has always had the space to fit five instead of one. It'll be easier to visit, then. But -- yes. We can't undo our mistakes. But we'll work, and fight, to try to make up for part of them."
Sayaka Miki 2016-03-28 04:52:52 36222
    Sayaka listens. And smirks slightly, at the mention of Nephrite. "Oh. Hah! I remember him. Met him briefly at Mamoru-san's place. It involved a lot of pizza. And beer. It was weird." she makes a face, "But what the heck, at least he helped me figure out who was stealing my memories, cuz that totally sucked! Not remembering who Kyou-chan was..."

    She sighs, "Guess that's the second one I owe Mamoru-san then. I suppose he's the type of person who goes around helping just about everyone, huh. A real gentleman.." Yeah, Usagi is a pretty lucky girl, probably has a lot of competition for Tux though! Sayaka smiles at her private thought. Fortunately she never really thought of Mamoru in *that* way, much to Kyouko's relief.

    "Heh, I remember the meeting. I mean, I tried to make it, but I kinda had..Witch problems to deal with. I'd heard enough of it from the others though. Kyou-chan was pretty ticked off that we had to team up with the bad guys of course, and I dont blame her. And of course Homura-san had told us all about her time travelling...Adventures."

    Of course, Homura has always been a difficult topic for her, and it's not one she lingers on for long. She is therefore, happy for the change in topic. "Ooh, so y'all are gonna stay with Mamoru-san then? That's good, cuz he seems to be a big target for just about every badguy out there! I'm sure he'll need the protection!" weird, that. And she still doesn't know about his legacy and destiny as once and future king of the earth and all that. Maybe that would explain why he's such a trouble magnet!

    "Heck, I dunno much about construction, but I'd be happy to help you rebuild! I mean, being a Puella does have its advantages afterall!" being strong and for her, the healing factor bit would sure come in handy!
Kyouko Sakura 2016-04-11 00:45:41 37913
    Kyouko remains silent for several moments as Saya-chan and Kunzite chat about Soul Gems vs.. Soul Rocks(?) and past-lives and what a bro Mamoru is. She wears a little smile at seeing them interact so easily- perhaps she had been a little bit nervous that Saya-chan wouldn't like Kunzite, or vice versa- Kunzite can be kinda intimidating, y'know.

    When Saya-chan mentions how ticked off she was after the D-point meeting, she makes a face. "It was less that and more that I thought that Homura was so focused on the whole Walpurgisnacht thing that she was letting other considerations slide when she shouldn't have but.. well, y'know." A shrug of her shoulders. "It's all in the past now."

    She hurries up to walk between the two, and links elbows with Kunzite on one side and Saya-chan on the other, grinning. "So, what did ya get for us to eat, nii-chan?"
Kunzite 2016-04-11 01:13:07 37921
True enough that Kunzite is on what passes for his best, or at least most social, behavior. The last thing he wants to do is make trouble for Kyouko, and Kyouko's estimation of Sayaka's importance in her life has been stably high for quite a long time. She's not going anywhere. Which means that going out of his way to try to repair any damage from their last encounter is a good investment, in the long run.

Not that he's the only person Sayaka's met at Mamoru's place. 'It involved a lot of pizza, and beer. It was weird.' Well, that definitely makes it Nephrite Sayaka met, then. That's not the part that catches Kunzite's attention. "Stealing your memories?" Information transfer among the guys isn't always complete or timely, particularly while they're still working out who's concerned with whose business and might be interested in hearing. His frown is marked, if brief; he studies Sayaka for a moment, glances to Kyouko after.

(Here's hoping Sayaka never has to know too much about the kind of competition Usagi has for Tux. Just one stalker who isn't out to destroy the world would be great. Just one...)

The meeting. Kunzite's mouth twitches up at the corner, just slightly. "It was probably as well you were detained elsewhere," he agrees to Sayaka. "There were a few unexpected lasers." His attention flickers back to Kyouko. "I did appreciate your objections, you know." But all in the past, as she says, and they move on.

Riiiight back to the stalker topic. "He does seem to attract attention. And being his reinforcements is our job." In a manner of speaking. And that, in combination with Sayaka's statement about being a Puella having advantages ... well. "Which reminds me. From what I've seen of the way you girls watch for witches -- it seems to be fairly territorial. Is anyone laying claim to that section of Uminari right now?" Are the two of them, for all he knows? "I'd rather not find out by being taken for competition, if we trip over a labyrinth."

-- granted, he'd also much rather the two of them get any grief seeds. But not starting a feud unintentionally is a close second best.

The sandstone-and-steel door opens to a place as unlike Jadeite's quiet shrine as Kunzite is unlike his brother. The interior of a fortress, uncompromising pale stone, with a line of blue and gold mosaic running high along the walls. The room it opens to, though, is shaded and cool, the furniture comfortable, and entirely modern takeout arrayed on a table. Spiced fish and rice, salad, stuffed grape leaves, breads, fruit. Ice cream tucked aside in a shadow that is not entirely natural, keeping it from any risk of melting. Enough variety to make it likely Sayaka can find something. Enough quantity that Kyouko is not likely to have cause to complain.

All Kunzite actually says in answer to Kyouko's question is, "Not pizza."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-04-11 01:32:15 37926
    Kyouko steps through the door into Kunzite's Palace.. or at least a room within that alternate pocket dimension. She glances around with idle curiosity- she has, just by the nature of events, spent more time in Jadeite's than here. But her eyes are soon drawn by the food, and they light up exactly as one might have hoped and expected. "Mmm, I think I can forgive you just this once, nii-chan." She says with a lopsided grin as she examines the spread with approval.

    She then answers a few of his questions. "Saya-chan had her memories stolen by one of Nephrite's old youma. It apparently escaped destruction at the North Pole and ambushed her (and some other people) out of revenge. We killed it though, and she's getting her memories back, so it's okay. Nephrite and Mamoru helped us."

    The topic of Puella Territory is a bit more complicated, and she lets out a bit of a sigh. "Normally, that is the way it works. Puella claim territory, and have first-go at any Witches (and therefore Grief Seeds) that show up in their territory. But.. it's been kinda weird in Tokyo ever since I got here."

    "See, most Puella don't exactly get along unless they're teamed up. But due to everything that's happened, you've got me, Saya-chan, Madoka-chan, Homura, and Mami all in close proximity.. not to mention who knows how many other Puella. This city is huge and full of people."

    She shrugs her shoulders. "Honestly, we've all just been hunting as we can. The Witch supply has been more than enough to support us all so far.. I guess with a city this huge, Witches are more common than they would be other places. I'd hate to see what'd happen if that supply suddenly took a hit though.. I doubt things'd remain this easy-going for long."
Kunzite 2016-04-11 02:04:13 37936
Idle curiosity says: barren, solid, enclosed. Far more easily defended. The stifling, burning heat and sun outside are implicit in the way the place is built, in the way that light filters in even to interior chambers. Jadeite's world is one that moves in harmony, at its heart, living things working together to construct a greater beauty. Kunzite's world is one that is fundamentally hostile, where safety and comfort and (yes) beauty are things that are won and protected only at the cost of constant effort.

It's a mindset familiar enough to Kyouko, and to most Puella, that it's likelier as not to pass unnoticed; one doesn't remark on moving from room to room that my, the gravity is still the same in here.

The explanation about Sayaka's memories draws a brief thinning of Kunzite's lips. "Good that it's dead. Better that the damage can be undone. And good that he helped with it." In that it means that it's not necessary for Kunzite to make him regret any other decision. Their loose end. Their business to clean it up.

And as for Puella business...

"Possible," he says then. How many Puella are there in the city? How many more will drift in as the news of open hunting grounds spreads? How many do they lose to counterbalance it? All questions he has no way of answering. The frequency of Witches as compared to population is something he could've studied once, but the information he'd collected is inaccessible to him now at best, and likelier than not gone entirely with Metalia. Not a terrible trade. But not reassuring in the moment. "But for the moment, then, We won't worry so long as any seeds wind up with someone who can see to them." Eyes flicker from Kyouko to Sayaka, both prime candidates for that 'someone.' "Given the target Mamoru generally has painted on his back, I want to keep the area around his place as clear as we can. At least that way we'll be able to pick the time for a few fights ourselves."

A shake of his head. "Enough housekeeping." Enough violent, world-breaking, sanity-damaging housekeeping. "Have things been stable for you on other fronts?" Because 'how have you been?' is not the right way to put that question, when Sayaka is talking casually about her memories having been eaten, and Kyouko is worrying at the edges of the question of how Malthus applies to Puella Magi.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-04-11 02:14:13 37939
    Subtleties such as the design of Palace Worlds and how they relate to the mental state, or perhaps the mental philosophy, of the one who whom they belong are not the sort of thing Kyouko ever really thinks about. This is not to say that she doesn't notice- just that the noticing happens subconsciously. Kyouko is actually very perceptive- but she rarely realizes it. She just processes information and reacts without the need for conscious consideration. This is one of the reasons she's survived so long as a Puella.

    "You don't have to worry about that." Kyouko responds at once to Kunzite's concern about the area around Mamoru's place. "First of all, we kill any Witch we find, no matter where it is. Second of all, Mamoru is good friends with me /and/ Homura, which means he gets visited by us as well as Saya-chan and Madoka-chan from time to time. Any Witches that pop up in his vicinity will likely get found and taken care of by one of us even faster than they would anywhere else in the city, just by rule of averages."

    She doesn't seem to mind the change of topics, though her response to Kunzite's next question, given with a brief glance towards Sayaka, is delivered in the same matter-of-fact tone. "Quiet. A bit worryingly so. Work, hunt, hang out- nothing outside of the routine." She smirks a bit. "S'starting to bug me a bit, really. Not that I'm wishing for any major disaster or anything, but.."