Date: 2016-04-01
Pose Count: 19
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-01 07:20:59 36720
It's well past midnight--well past the hour when good little girls and boys ought to be in bed, snuggled and nestled all sweet and asleep.

Of course, Sachiko is not a good little girl by anyone's stretch of the imagination. Innocent? Probably. Sweet? Definitely. But good? Good requires her to understand the concept of following directions, and thus far Sachiko has not demonstrated that ability except when very, very tired.

Tonight, the little girl can be found out on her balcony once again. It's freezing cold, yet she's dressed only in a thin pair of Victorian bloomers and white hose. She doesn't even have a shirt on!

At least this time she hasn't climbed up onto the ballustrade to leap over. No, instead, Sachiko is laid out on her back, head between the balusters , cinnamon hair freely dangling over the edge as she stares towards the city lights with her head upside down.

Her bedroom lights are dark. If she wasn't wearing white, with a furry white Kyubey curled up against her ribcage, it might be difficult to find her in the dark of night.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-01 07:28:33 36721
Sky Jack is sailing in towards the darkened manor, seeing the lights all out - he'd made a promise to show up, so he was going to be there, no matter what. But it seems that there's something different going on, because usually there was a light on, or something going on, in Sachiko's room, or she was standing out on the balcony - something.

Still, it's not too hard to see her as he flies in closer, keeping his altitude. He let out a small sigh - she'd stayed out of trouble for a couple of days, apparently, which is always good. Good at following directions or not, she'd at least not gotten herself hurt, it seemed.

As he pulled up to the balcony, hovering up and over it, he glared a little bit at the little ball of white fur against her side, but ignored it. "Hey Sachiko." He keeps his voice lower than usual, looking into the room, then back at her. "Not going out tonight?"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-01 07:31:51 36722
Sachiko's eyes drift towards Kukai as he approaches. She tilts her head just a little, this way and that, sending her cinnamon hair a-rippling. Kyubey looks up at Kukai as well, but the little rat-cat doesn't say anything.

"What's the point?" Sachiko asks him quietly. "It doesn't matter if I go out. An-chi's dead. An-chi's dead, and she'll never see me dance." The little girl sighs and squeezes Kyubey into a hug, dragging him up onto her chest to pet the cat.

"I miss An-chi," she mumbles quietly. "I wonder. Do you think if I jump off the balcony she'll come save me? Or maybe I'll die, too, and then I can see her again."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-01 07:38:42 36723
Sky Jack looks down at Sachiko for a moment, then sighs and sits down, putting his arms around her, close to her and to Kyubey. "...Yeah, Anshi's dead. But you know her spirit still watches over both of us, right? She sees you dance every time. She would never leave you alone, even when she can't be with you. I know."

He strokes Sachiko's cinnamon hair, leaning against the railing. "I never really got to know Anshi, myself. I wish I had. Anyone who loved their sister this much must've been an amazing person. She worked every day to make sure you had a better life, and then when she had the chance she gave everything for you, not just once, but twice." He looks down at the little girl in his arms. "So you can't give up, for her. She wanted you to have everything she couldn't give you, and if anything happened to you what was all her effort for?"

He smiles. "You have a life to live that will be long and happy - you'll see so many new things, so many wonders in the world, and you'll end up finding someone you love, and become someone even more amazing than you are now. I know it's sad right now, but please, don't think that Anshi isn't with you, or that you need to go to her, ok?"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-01 07:59:17 36724
Listless, Sachiko allows herself to be pulled up from her perch into Kukai's arms. Her hair makes soft little patting noises as it's pulled through the balustrade, but it's not long before she's no longer in that precarious position.

She doesn't curl up against him, but Sachiko does wrap her arms around Kyubey a little tighter, clutching the wish-granting alien to her bare chest like he's her newest and best stuffed toy.

"What a waste," Sachiko says quietly to Kukai. "If she gave her life for me, it wasn't worth it. I'm not worth it," she reiterates softly. "I wish ..." she starts to say, and Kyubey's ears perk up. "... but no, there's no point."

"There's always a point, Sachiko Hayakawa," Kyubey says quietly. "You could make that wish; your fervent wish. If you did, you would be a magical girl, and you could help save people from having their heart's egg stolen like yours was!"

"It doesn't matter," Sachiko replies to Kyubey with a sigh. "I still wouldn't deserve for An-chi to die for me."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-01 08:15:12 36725
Sky Jack thinks for a moment on what to say at this point. "Sachiko... Anshi didn't die for you. She lived for you, as long and as hard as she could, and she spent every moment of her future making sure your present and your future was worth it, because she loved you."

He thinks for a moment. Then blinks. ".... Wait. Someone stole your heart's egg?" He blinks, looking at Sachiko for a moment, then at Kyubey. "....What's going on?!"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-01 08:22:33 36726
Kyubey tilts its head at Sky Jack. "Sachiko Hayakawe's heart's egg was stolen by another magical girl!" the little animal says, helpfully. "If she made a contract with me, she could be a magical girl, too, and proect herself against attacks like that."

Sachiko just gives Kyubey another hug, but doesn't bother making a wish. "It's not like it maters," chimes in the elementary girl with a shrug. "An-chi is dead, and can't ever see me dance."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-01 08:28:05 36727
Sky Jack reaches over and pokes Kyubey. "Have you ever heard of the idea of not going quite as hard all the time? She isn't going to say yes to anything you have to say while she doesn't have her heart's egg."

He looks down at Sachiko and sighs, hugging her tightly. "I'll find your heart's egg, Sachi, I promise. That's what I do, me and Daichi. I'm sorry I wasn't here to protect you though..." He shakes his head. "...Do you wanna dance for me?"
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-01 08:34:44 36728
Kyubey stares at Sky Jack with its beady, lifeless, unblinking eyes. It doesn't offer any opinion on the subject of 'going too hard'..

"Why bother?" Sachiko asks quietly. "Momo-chan and Greta-chan said they'd get it back, too," she explains. "They were there when it was taken. But they can't get it back, and it doesn't matter anyways,"s he explains. "An-chi is gone. An egg can't bring her back."

She sighs, then, and sets Kyubey down in her lap. "I don't feel like dancing. It's not like anyone cares if I'm there or not, and I was neve rgood enough to get any of the good parts."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-01 08:58:37 36729
Sky Jack shakes his head, looking at her for a moment, then sighs, hugging the little girl tightly. "You have to hold on. We will get your heart's egg back, I promise. You have to believe me, and be strong for me, ok?"

He sighs and holds her. "You were a lovely dancer. You just don't believe in yourself right now."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-01 09:00:39 36730
"Liar," Sachiko says without any emphasis or emotiveness. "You've never seen me dance," she points out. "So how would you know if I'm pretty?" She sticks her tongue out at him, then wrinkles her nose.

"Anyways, it doesn't matter," she explains to Kukai. "I was only dancing because I wanted to show An-chi. I thought if I did something pretty and worked hard, thens he'd come home and be proud of me. But she can't do that if she's dead. So it doesn't matter."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-01 09:04:11 36731
Sky Jack grins. "Because you're pretty all the time, except when you're crying and sitting in the mud, and punching me in the nose." He sighs and nods. "She was your whole world, wasn't she? I wish I could make up for her. I know I'm not nearly the same, but I'm trying. I know Greta is too. We can't be the same as Anshi, but we want the best for you."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-01 09:07:30 36732
"Greta lied to me," Sachiko says, making a rude face. "And she shoved Momo-chan and hurt her." She shakes her head, sending her copper hair flying in all directions. "She's An-chi's best friend, but she's been mean to me and to my friend." The little girl sighs and reaches down to pick up Kyubey again, drawing him up against her bare chest. "You'll probably hurt me again, too. Everyone does. Even Momo-chan will. It's useless."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-01 09:12:10 36733
Sky Jack sighs, closing his eyes. He'd argued with someone who'd lost their heart's egg before, and this was going pretty much the same way. Still, though. "I'm going to try not to. And when I do I'll apologize. I'm sure Greta will too when she realizes what she's done. Being someone's friend doesn't mean you don't hurt them sometimes, but it means that you do what you can to make up for it. You apologize afterwards."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-01 09:17:04 36734
@emit "I should just make a wish," Sachiko says, staring down at the Kyube in her arms. "If I wish I were dead, would that get me to An-chi?" she asks the little creature.

"You cannot fulfill a contract if you wish yourself dead," Kyubey replies with no malice or sadness in its tone. Simple facts being stated for Sachiko's benefit.

"Well could I wish for An-chi to be here?" Sachiko asks, desperately.

"The power to bring the dead back to life may be greater than your karmic destiny," Kyubey replies, though this time it seems thoughtful. "I can't advise you on what wish you should make," replies the creature. "But if you make a contract to be a magical girl, you will gain the power to do wonderful things."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-01 09:23:07 36735
Sky Jack grasps Sachiko's shoulders firmly. "...Sachi, please. Don't make a contract with Kyubey. It never ends well. A lot of the girls he makes contracts with end up as monsters when their wishes go bad. You have to be strong and not let your broken heart control you right now. Please. The power and the wish aren't worth giving up your future, your life."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-01 09:43:03 36736
Sachiko slowly rips her gaze away from Kyubey's beady red eyes to meet Kukai's. She stares at him for a long time, then slumps against the ballustrade again.

For minutes, the little girl doesn't say anything. She just sits, listless and away from him, shivering only a little in the cold night air.

But eventually, the question she's mulling over finds its way to her tongue, "Did An-chi become a monster?"
Kukai Souma 2016-04-01 09:50:06 36737
Sky Jack thinks for a moment. "No. Not in the last moment I saw her. She never changed - she died before she changed." At least, as far as he knows, that's what happened. "Your sister wouldn't have become a monster as long as you were all right, Sachi-chan."
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-01 10:03:18 36738
Kyubey tilts its head at Sky Jack's words, but the wish-granting rodent doesn't contradict his story.

Neither does he confirm it.

Sachiko just sighs and hugs the little white creature close, before letting him go entirely. She sets Kyubey down on the ground beside her, then rolls forward until she unsteadily gets her feet beneath her.

The little girl turns to stare at Kukai for a moment, rubbing at her bare arms and bare stomach for warmth, then says, "My sister would have stayed to protect me instead of going off to be a magical girl. I don't know the girl that died. She wasn't my sister."

Then, she turns towards the open doorway, heading back to her room.