Dreams of the Dreamless

Sachiko's lack of a heart's egg has left her vulnerable to a nightmare of the worst sort. But Sachiko is surrounded by friends who care, and one particular Dream Defender has other ideas about what it means to lack a heart's egg.

Date: 2016-04-08
Pose Count: 53
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 00:10:48 37468
The Kimura Estate is not in the fanciest part of Tokyo--but it's close. And the large Victorian Manor is certainly the most interesting feature in the surrounding area. There, two little girls are curled up together in one queen-sized bed, both dressed for sleep and huddled together in a sweet and childish embrace. It's well past the time such girls should be asleep--past midnight, even--and asleep they are.

But as some Guardians know, 'asleep' certainly does not mean 'safe'.

In the depths of a nearly suicidal depression, Sachiko Hayakawa (the smaller of those two girls) has become a target for all sorts of monsters that might prey upon her depression. Dark dreams turn to nightmares, and Sachiko's little body huddles up even closer to Momo's; she's shaking, scared by whatever's happening in her mind.

And as a Dream Guardians can sense, what's happening there is anything but natural. Momo's Chroma Crystal is itching, and even Daichi can tell this isn't normal. Darkness is creeping in, and Sachiko is powerless to defend herself.
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-08 00:21:32 37469
    Elsewhere, another small girl sleeps alone. Not too far off, in a nearby park, secreted away in a spot where no one would bother to look.
    At the bottom of a pond.
    Perhaps 'alone' isn't quite right. Curled up against the massive form of a very wet, slumbering hound, Ariel and Lucky are for all intents and purposes, asleep, in the waking world.
    It allows her to wander the dream realm, just like she used to, before arriving in Tokyo; the little unicorn and her hound steed exploring the colorful places of a sleeping mind.
    Until Ariel shudders. The little star-shaped pendant on her neck begins to glimmer and shine, making silvery lips purse into a thin line of concern.
    Somewhere, someone is being preyed upon by a terrible, terrible, nightmare.
    "Ah... Lucky we should..."
    She doesn't even finish the thought, the hound-shaped star is already turning to pad in the direction from whence that darkness can be found, at its worst.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-08 00:32:10 37471
There's trouble on the wind tonight. Part of that trouble is dressed in green and brown, flying around on a floating hoverboard. Sky Jack has spent the better part of the day searching for a particular White woman and waiting for some confirmation text or something - anything - saying where she's at right now. It'll have to be tomorrow, more than likely.

So tonight, he's near the Kimura Estate, because there's a particular little girl asleep inside it who means the world to him for a few very strange reasons. But as he patrols the area nearer and nearer to the estate, he can sense something, dark and unnatural, zeroing in on her.

It's just luck that he flies over a particular pond with a light shining in the bottom of it, bright and silvery. There's two forms rising up, one giant, the other small, climbing out of the pond as they both move towards the Kimura Estate as well. Sky Jack calls out. "Hey! Something strange is going this way - I'm going ahead to check!" He moves on, intent on getting there quickly.
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 00:38:37 37472
Something stirred beneath Momo's pajama top, a little pink and frilly number with a grapefruit pictured with the words 'PINK SWEET!' in bubble letters above. Momo stirred with it, waking up to look down her top and squint at the crystal there. It pulsed faintly pink light stirring as something else stirred it to life.

Momo cupped the crystal and let the pink glow envelop her momentarily, changing into someone else and letting her perception grow. Her brow furrowed as she felt something that she couldn't understand, but she knew nothing was going to mess with her friend while she was there.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 00:43:35 37473
Unfortunately for Momo, that 'nothing' is fully capable of messing with her, right in front of Momo's eyes. When Prism Keeper Pink gets the space to transform, Sachiko whimpers and curls up even tigther around herself.

Inside her mind, the Nightmare is beginning to dig in its claws, drinking the energy of her dark and destructive dreams.
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-08 00:50:26 37474
    Somewhere, someone is being preyed on by a Nightmare. Though Ariel isn't quite as adept at fighting the dark things of the night as her mother... She has to try. A little nudge of her knees guides Lucky as the two wander they way from dream to dream, before finding the proper path the boundaries of the one she's seeking.
    "Ah... I think this is it." Murmured as the little unicorn's horn shimmers gently with a seashell green light, opening up the proper path and darting in.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-08 00:59:06 37476
Sky Jack is trying to find a way into the blackness around the Estate, unsure of what it is he's facing but intent on battling it anyway. It seems like an impenetrable wall that can't be interfered with, but then as he looks down he sees Ariel walking into the blackness.

Sky Jack descends down behind her, following her and looking around at the night. "So... hey. What exactly is all of this?" He looks over at the girl in armor, still not sure who she is or what's going on..
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 01:03:39 37477
Prism Keeper Pink stared into the opening, rubbing at her eyes as she looked at it. She moved over and peered at it from a few angles before stepping through it.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 01:07:41 37478
The pathway through dreams draws all three in, through darkness and discomfort, to a place that looks very much like the Kimura Estate. Except it's not the same place as the one in the real world. The hinges of the manor gate hang loose; the gates nearly torn off. A massive wind storm blows at the trio, seeking to blow them away.

"NO ONE CARES!" yells a voice from the third floor balcony. "Why do you even bother, you little brat?! No one cares about your sister, or your mother! You're worthless, and they're dead, and it's all your fault. No one wants them back! No one ever wanted them around!"

That figure is a tall man with sunken eyes and blue hair. The man has strange, cat-like ears and beady red eyes. In one hand he has a cleaver, and in the other a heavy-looking ball on the end of a length of chain. He hovers over a small, crying figure dressed in a black, feathered tutu and pink toe shoes.
Reiko Touyama 2016-04-08 01:23:29 37481
Roy's been playing dapper guardian. The english accented cardinal had been watching Momo carefully, a little worried- given the nature of Momo's first few forarys into the magical world have mostly been 'my friend gets attacked a lot'.

So when blackness envelopes the Kimura Estate- tiny wings send out an S.O.S.!

A Prism Keeper SOS!

Reiko drops the chocolate projects she was working on--- she does however, make sure the chocolate warmer she was usuing is turned off as Prism Keeper Orange takes off through the sky and toward's the Estate. She blinks a bit at the black wall of sorts and looks over to Sky Jack. Oh!

"H--hey! Sky Jack!" she calls out. "What's going on here!?" she asks worriedly. She looks around, where did Roy go!? Probably worriedly taking off back home towards Biv. Roy isn't much help here- it's best he gets out of the way. Then oh.

Some sort of.. Armored Unicorn girl?

She blinks and follows along.

"Sky Jack! Pink's here! Are they in that thing!?" she asks.

She looks back toward's the girl.

"Um. Hi. I'm Prism Keeper Orange. I dunno what's going on here, but my friend and her friend are in there!" she says.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-08 01:31:23 37482
Sky Jack looks over at Orange as she joins them. "Hey, Orange! This is..." He looks at Ariel. "You're Ariel, right? Dunno if I ever properly introduced myself. I'm Sky Jack. This is Orange. Ah... You seem like you know where you're going, so, what's going on here?"

He looks up at the yelling voice as they enter the nightmare proper and winces. "What the hell is that even. Wait, is that.. Sachiko!" Jack attempts to get some altitude on his board and yell back at the screaming figure. "HEY! Leave her alone!"
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-08 01:36:40 37483
    Ariel... Practically jumps as she's followed in. It's an undignified little bleat as the child nearly leaps clean off her canine steed- who also jumps as a result thanks to HER. Lucky wheels right around, leaving a rattled Ariel to hold on for dear life as they turn to face... "A-ah..."
    Sky Jack.
    The girl looks like she's just seen a ghost. Technically under other circumstances, she just might HAVE. She watched him -die- at the North Pole. ... She watched so many people die up there. For a long moment, she can only stare, topaz eyes dimming with a silent melancholy that the unicorn had not known before. Until she recovers. "O-oh... Um! H-Hello! ... Funny running into you here." She stammers while trying to regain her composure, about when Orange rrives on the scene. "-Yes! Hello, I'm Ariel. This is Lucky." She gives a quick little introduction, patting the glowing golden dog that's big enough for her to ride.
    'What is this?' Sky Jack asks.
    The answer comes in for form of the much more wrecked looking estate, and shouting voices from above.
    Ariel cringes. Her answer is a fragile whisper.
    "... Mn. This is someone's worst nightmare."
    From the way the girl hunches, making herself small and tense, she just might not be exaggerating.
    It's... It's a bad one. Worse than any of the others she's wandered into. "We have to help her get over whatever the Nightmare is using to feed off of. That... Should weaken it. That's how it usually works."
    Usually. Ariel has no clue yet this is a very special case.
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 01:45:14 37488
Having arrived via a different location than the others, Prism Keeper Pink stood slightly afar from them. Childish immaturity gripped Pink as she looked up at Sachiko, and she started having a tantrum. People just wouldn't leave Sachiko alone! STOMP STOMP STOMP, ARM THROWING AND EXASPERATED SCREAMING GAAH!

After a few more moments of this, Pink starts to calm down and notice her surroundings. First and foremost was the weird state of the house she had just been sleeping it, and then.... Isn't that Orange? Who are those other two people? Is that a /unicorn/? Is that dog /glowing/? Wow. She starts moving towards them.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 01:49:55 37489
"But I care," Sachiko's small voice drifts down from that balcony. As Sky Jack gains altitude, he'll find it easy to see just how scared and small the little girl looks, underneath that looming figure.

"No one cares what you think, either!" says the blue-haired man looming over Sachiko. "No one ever cared! You're just a waste of space, little girl!" he yells. He takes a step towards her and reaches down, grabbing Sachiko by the ponytail she's pulled her hair up into. "You don't deserve to live after your sister died. You've no reason to live after she died."

He doesn't even seem to notice the foursome of fearsome heroes who have entered this nightmare. But he does hoist little Sachiko straight up off the ground with a superhuman sort of strength. "You should just throw yourself off this balcony and die," he tells her, a wicked grin on his face showing too many rows of too sharp teeth.
Reiko Touyama 2016-04-08 02:00:32 37490
Prism Keeper Orange smiles! "Pink!" she says as she notices Pink coming over this way. "Pink this is Sky Jack, he's here to help too okay?" she says. "--and this is Ariel! I think she know what's actually going on! What's going on, so far Pink?-- what happened!?" she asks toward's the Pink Prism Keeper.

She listens to Ariel.. and then another blink.

"Oh no...." she says. That's bad. That's realllly bad based on what she knows already. "T--that may be harder than it sounds. Come on Pink!" she says as she takes off after Sky Jack. She pauses mid air and then flutters back down.

"Pink... just think, softly-- about flying-- and take it easy, okay? You can fly, too! Just-- just take it easy. Okay? It'll be easier if you can do it here. Do you think you can?" she asks softly.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-08 02:16:38 37492
Sky Jack looks down at Ariel and Lucky, waving to Orange and the girl in pink. "Hey!" He then nods. "So we gotta help her... Oh, man." He flies in towards Sachiko on the balcony and yells out at him. "Hey! You leave her alone and back off! She should not throw herself off anything, not for you or anyone else!"

He pitches his voice to try and reach out to Sachiko. "Sachi-chan! We're all here for you! You gotta fight back!"
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-08 02:24:56 37494
    Why yes! That is a unicorn riding a big glowing dog! Though there are more important things at hand.
    The truth is... Ariel has no idea what she's blundered in onto here, or what she has apparently pulled others into, as well. Other than the fact that it's bad.
    But as Sky Jack and Pink leap into action, Ariel keeps Lucky from bolting. She looks right at Orange. Orange apparently knows something.
    "Harder than it sounds? What? Why?"
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 02:29:07 37496
Prism Keeper Pink stared blank at Orange for a moment, glancing over at Sky jack as he was introduced and then the unicorn girl as the same was done for her. Why were these people here in Sachiko's.... Where was she anyway? "Where are we?". The question wasn't pointed at anyone in particular.

The question is lost as Orange started to talk about thinking about flying and an image of a dandelion in the wind darts into Pink's head and she starts floating around uncontrollably. "Uuuuh....". She tries something else and manages to hold still, giving a sigh of relief. She holds a hand out to Orange. "Hold my hand so I don't float away?".
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 02:38:20 37498
Sachiko yelps as she's picked up from the ground, and kicks her little feet. The little ribbons of her toe shoes aren't tied properly, and they begin to flutter behind her. "Ow ow ow ow ow," she cries out, because being picked up by the ponytail hurts. "Lemme go, lemme go! I just want An-chi!" she cries.

Sky Jack's call earns a brief glances from the blue-haired man holding onto Sachiko. The man sneers at Sky Jack, then steps suddenly to the balcony, raising his cleaver towards her neck. "Don't come closer, this meal is mine!" he yells, dangling poor Sachiko's body over the railing precariously. "Get your own savory morsel!"
Reiko Touyama 2016-04-08 02:46:31 37501
Prism Keeper Orange takes Pink's hand and smiles. "You'll get it.. but Sachiko-chan needs your help right now, and flyings gonna be easier than not, for getting there." she says as she looks at Ariel and 'nrgs'... "Her Heart Egg's been stolen... she's not doing too well on a lot of levels..." she says to her.

She chases after Sky Jack and---there's some figure trying to throw Sachiko over the balcony!?

Orange summons up a school of koi. They all race down over near the bottom of the balcony. They seem to be ready to play catcher's mitt.

"YOU LET HER GO RIGHT NOW!" she calls out.

She raises her Chroma Wand-- though doesn't fire. Because you know-- cleaver to the neck. Hostage situation. Sky Jack may be faster here anyways for this part.

"SHE ISN'T A SNACK CAKE FOR YOU!" she calls out.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-08 03:01:09 37503
Sky Jack focuses. A soccer ball appears in front of him,wobbling and misty in the nightmare realm. "She's not a meal! She's a little girl!" He punts the ball, transferring electric power and energy into it, sending it at the tall figure and that upheld cleaver. "Sachiko! You gotta fight back against it!"

He looks over at Orange and grins. "Sachi! Listen to Orange and Pink and Ariel! We're al here for you and we're not letting this thing take you!"
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-08 03:18:19 37509
    Ariel stares owlishly at Orange for a long moment. There is a reason why.
    "What's a Heart Egg?"
    This is a very important question,. But more importantly... Sachiko is now in even more immense mortal danger.
    Ariel doesn't know this girl. But that is never any reason to help. And while hostilities increase and demands are made, she does the one thing she always attempts on first encounter.
    "... Excuse me..." That. Is to the Nightmare.
    This is clearly a powerful one. It has form. It has shape. He has intelligence.
    "I know she's probably very delicious to you right now. But something is very wrong. I don't think this is normal, if you could just please let her go, we'd really appreciate it, and no one will hurt you."
    She attempts to reason with him.
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 03:21:36 37511
Prism Keeper Pink floated alongside Orange as her hand was grasped, but she didn't try to attack or anything like that. She could see the danger that Sachiko was in from the knife, and something about it just made her even more angry than the little girl already was.

Since the night Miss White had hurt Sachiko, there had been a flame inside of her of anger and it had been slowly gathering fuel to burn brighter. At this point, it could be seen asa blazing pink behind her eyes as she stared at the man.

Little girls shouldn't look like they might rip holes through things with a glare, right? Too bad.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 03:23:20 37513
The lightning-infused energy ball seems to get the man's attention, because he does exactly as Reiko and Arial ask. With a cry of fear, the nightmare drops Sachiko--right over the edge.

Sachiko screams in fear as she starts to fall.

The nightmare ducks aside from the energy ball, then turns around and glares angry red eyes at Kukai. "How dare you," he says. "THAT WAS MY DINNER." And then it reaches back and flings the cleaver. End over end, the cleaver gains power, turning into a fireball of hateful energy as it streaks towards Kukai.
Reiko Touyama 2016-04-08 03:30:46 37515
The koi below suddenly all spaz out and begin running in circle with thier fins pushed up, all trying to get ready to catch Sachiko. Magical koi are not particularly strong- but they should be able to stop Sachiko from going 'splat'.

Prism Keeper Orange eyes go wide as she tries to control the group of koi more specfically as she bites her lip. "Pink.... try to imagine.. saving Sachiko-chan!" she calls out.

Then she softly tries to push Pink at Sachiko- just softly. "You can do it! Just concentrate on Sachiko! Concentrate and belive!" she calls out.

She remembers when she had to save Red once and that worked for her...

Then she turns back to the man. Without a hostage...

She raises her Chroma Wand again and begins throwing on bright orange rays of color energy into him. "YOU! GET AWAY FROM HIM!" she spits out. "I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" she follows up.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-08 03:33:58 37516
Sky Jack starts to move to catch Sachiko, but then sees the man rear back with the cleaver. "CATCH HER!" He prays that one of his friends can stop Sachiko's fall, trusting in them.

He grabs his board and leaps away from the fireball, but in this place of hate and darkness it seems to track towards him, exploding close enough to his board to launch him to one side with a cry of pain!

He wobbles back up onto his board, fingers scorched and peeling. "You jerk! For that you're going down!" Another soccer ball appears in front of him, and he launches it out towards the nightmarish figure!
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-08 03:47:42 37522
    There goes attempting to reason with the Nightmare. Ariel flinches when Sky Jack takes the shot. Sachiko falls, and the unicorn bleats. "Lucky, go!"
    She hops off her dog's back, and he's off like a bullet, darting to place himself under where the girl will land, as a last break for her fall, in the event things go terribly. But Orange has already guided Pink what to do. Ariel quietly puts her faith in Pink to actually buffet that landing better than her dog can. "You can do it." She calls, supportively, after Orange's coaching.
    Ariel hrself, though is now running. Into the fray, she... Places herself in front of Sky Jack protectively after he flings another attack.
    "-Will someone please tell me what a HEart Egg is?"
    It sounds really important!
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 03:56:43 37525
Prism Keeper Pink pictured cuddling her friend to her after catching her, and the small wings on her back starting to blur in a motion. They became a pink glow of motion as she streaked through the dismal landscape towards Sachiko and caught her in her arms.

Pink circkled around and gently brought her to the ground. She hugged her friend tightly against her body, glaring over Sachiko's shoulder at the butthead. She lifts her wand and flicks it, a camera manifesting and firing off a picture and a stream of flash in pink at him.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 04:01:58 37527
Sachiko isn't heavy even in the real world, although Momo might find her too heavy to carry if she weren't also a Prism Keeper. But here in the realm of dreams, the girl's self-worth is so little that she's light as a feather. Still, Sachiko wraps her arms around Momo, shaking and clinging to Prism Keeper Pink as the girl catches her safely.

The blue-haired nightmare tries to dodge the Orange and Pink beams of purity, but he's far too aggressive; far too angry. Both of them blast away at his chest, and he growls in pain and anger. "THIS. IS. MY. WORLD!" he yells, then unleashes a blast of black-purple energy that streaks explosively towards Orange, Pink, and Sachiko. Eek!
Reiko Touyama 2016-04-08 04:10:32 37530
Prism Keeper Orange speaks to Ariel. "A Heart Egg is someone's hopes and dreams. It's very important." she says. It's a very layman's explanation that'll have to do right now. Sky Jack could probably give something more specific. Orange only knows so much about this stuff, afterall. She knows more Prism Keeper Lore however--- and the fact that her beams seem to cause the thing anguish doesn't go un-noticed.

"Ah--! Great! Keep it up Pink!" she calls out. She's relived Pink was able to catch Sachiko. That's important, in Orange's head. Pink.. Momo, needs to be there. Orange can only do so much here.

Though, there's no time to waste. "JUST BECAUSE IT'S YOUR WORLD DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO HURT THOSE PRECIOUS TO US!" she calls out.

"PRISM AEGIS POWER!" she calls out-- raising up her wand high- it sparks with orange energy. "ORANGE OUTBURST!" she calls out as she fires off a vaugely koi shaped pulse of strong purifiying color energy toward's the angry creature---her own power seems to rake out past the energy thrown at her--- charging through it and purifying it along the way it seems! A Best defense may be the good offense in this case!
Kukai Souma 2016-04-08 04:20:25 37533
Ariel is talking. It takes Sky Jack a moment to hear the question, trying to still recover from that fireball explosion. "It's the hopes and dreams inside every child! It's a representation of their desires and Sachiko's was stolen! And this thing is trying to take advantage of it!" He glares at the beast, seeing Pink and Orange and Ariel all moving to save Sachiko, and the nightmare figure focusing on them.

"All right! I've had enough of you!" The light begins to fade around him. "This is not your world, it's hers! Let us prove it to you!" Another soccer ball appears, this one spinning rapidly already, generating kinetic power. "GOLDEN!" Lightning flares to life all around Sky Jack, sparking and thrashing everywhere. "VICTORY!" He rears back, focusing his aim and power on the being. "SHOOT!"

The kick sounds like the roar of the crowd, the crash of thunder, someone dropping a lit match into a fireworks factory. The ball moves so fast that it's behind the Nightmare before anyone can register it, and is caroming off through the nightmare version of the Kimura Estate. A blast of lightning follows close in with the strike as the Orange Outburst impacts as well!
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-08 04:27:57 37537
    That... That answers Ariel's question very well. To hear what the Heart Egg is makes topaz eyes shoot wide open.
    "That's why..." She whispers. "That's where this nightmare is so..." Powerful. Wrong. vicious. There was nothing there to protect Sachiko from him at all.
    The child shudders. But not with fear. It's a very solemn look that takes over the tiny unicorn's expression as her fingers ball into fists. An expression that makes her look so very old and timeless, despite her short years.
    "This isn't your world." Ariel says firmly to the invading Nightmare. "You just took what didn't belong to you when there was nothing in your way to stop you. Please just go, they'll stop hurting you if you do, I promis, really." She is asking nicely as she makes her way now to Sachiko and the prisms, heedless of the danger. She leaves actually tending to the Nightmare in the others hands. She has one more very important question, for Sachiko, while that's being dealt with. She takes a moment, regarding the girl's attire. Ballerina clothes.
    "... Do you like dancing?"
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 04:40:04 37541
Stepping round Sachiko and standing in front of her, Prism Keeper Pink takes a wide stance as those burning pink eyes gaze at the attack coming from her. She lifts her Chroma Wand and levels it at the blast, energy building with the fury she felt pulsating through her. The worry over Sachiko. And most of all? The hope that everything would work out.

Her mind flashed back to a moment at school, in fact it was the very first time she had met her best-friend. (FLASHBACK: "Well ..." Sachiko says, studying Momo thoughtfully, "Maybe Beauty and Memory? You've got a camera that takes pictures! You can stop time with that thing, right?!" she says, growing more and more excited by the moment.). The thought reverbrates through her mind, bouncing around until it manifests itself in her heart instead. "Prism Aegis Power!)". A camera rises up, large and hot pink before her wand. "Pink Chroma Camera Capture!)".

Light races forth from the Chroma wand to the giant camera, then there's a loud *CLICK* and the strike before the camera and the man himself freezes as pink energy wraps around them and holds the moment. Pink wavers for a moment, but her fury, worry, and hope continue to feed it for a momentary opening.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 04:44:51 37544
"Dancing?" Sachiko asks, staring up at the unicorn-lady in confusion. All the horror going on around her barely seems to phase the girl; as if she's become innured to the horribleness. Now that she's safe, there's really nothing else to fear. Momo will protect her, right? "I guess so," she says softly. "I just wanted to be a good dancer," she explains, "so An-chi could see. But ... An-chi won't ever be able to see me dance. So ... so there's no point," she mumbles sadly. "If I learn to dance, it won't matter. An-chi won't ever see it."

The blue-haired nightmare roars in defiance and starts to charge forward, ready to leap off the balcony at the jerks who are stealing his dream energy! He manages to get just one foot off the ground before, in a flash of pink, he freezes in place. Brilliant orange energy and a ball of pure lightning explode over the monster, and when the light from those dual explosions fade, the nightmare seems to be no more. Still, this dreamscape is dark and dreary. Still, Sachiko is full of sorrow and misery. Every day is a waking nightmare for the poor girl. Is it any surprise that her dreams are coloured the same?
Reiko Touyama 2016-04-08 05:03:17 37549
Prism Keeper Orange watches as the jerk gets raked away by the powerful attacks of everyone here.

--but everything is still dark and dreary, she frowns and looks around. "Come on Pink...!" she says softly as she flutters her wings over to Sachiko and lands down softly as she frowns- but puts on her best brave face! Smile!

"An-chi... would had wanted you to keep dancing, Sachi-chan!" she says softly. She knows this has to be true, right? "--and even then... what about Momo-chan? Don't you want her to see you dance? I'd like to see you dance! And I'm sure Sky Jack would like to see you dance, too!" she says softly!

She knows this has to be true, right!?

She looks over to Sky Jack and seems to look for validation on these points.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-08 05:05:25 37550
Sky Jack watches the blue-haired nightmare figure freeze in place and then explode, vanishing! He gives out a happy cheer, grabbing onto his board and descending down to join the others.

Sky Jack hops off his board and kneels in front of Sachiko and Pink and Orange, wrapping his arms around the little girl in the black tutu. "Sachi-chan.. I'm so glad you're ok. I was so worried about you." He smiles, stroking her hair. "Did that thing hurt you?"

He looks over to Orange and nods, then pats Sachiko's little shoulders. "Orange is right. Everyone loves to watch you dance, Sachiko."
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 05:11:11 37554
Fluttering over, Prism Keeper Pink comes to stand beside Sachiko and wrap her arms around her along with Sky Jack. She'd recovered quickly from throwing her all into something, especially now that she was back to worrying about her friend.

Pink looked over at Orange and then back to Sachiko as she kept her arms there. "I'd love to see you dance, Sachiko.". She whispered the words right into Sachiko's ear, as if they were too precious to let travel through the air.
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-08 05:25:37 37556
    Dancing, yes, that was Ariel's question. With the Nightmare seemingly handled for the time being, this allows the unicorn to focus. This is... A difficult and tough case, one she hardly understands. But clearly without that Heart Egg, Sachiko has nothing to hope and aspire for in her heart that will defend her dreams in the night.
    Floppy, goat-like ears twitch and prick up as the others pipe in, in the affirmative.
    An-chi would have wanted to see her dance.
    Sky Jack wants to. So does Momo.
    "Mm... Here, hold on." The decision is easy.
    Ariel's face scrunches as she concentrates, horn glimmering with that seashell green light as she puts her own imagination to work. She takes her time with this work, sweat beading on her brow as she works to ensure it will last. A single spotlight manifests, shining down over a small stage, with several seats for a small, intimate, audience.
    When she's done, Ariel wobbles a little. But the little dream-woven stage will remain 'pinned' to Sachiko's dream for as long as she needs it. It's just a small space of light in the darkness to dance her way through every night, until she Sachiko can fashion a more solid dream of her own, or that Heart Egg is retrieved.
    "I think. We'd all like to see that, tonight." She murmurs in equally gentle encouragement with the others.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 05:30:04 37559
Sachiko finds herself quickly overwhelmed by Sky Jack and Prism Keeper Pink's hugs. But their words of encouragement, although falling on ears muffled by hopelessness, do reach through to her heart. They want to see her dance? But they hardly know her; Sky Jack only knows her for Anshi's sake, Prism Keeper Orange only knows her because of Momo, and Momo ...

... well, no, she really can't argue that Momo is just a classmate, anymore, can she? Not after nearly a week of staying over, constantly attending to her. No, Momo is so much more than just a classmate; more than just a friend. She's the best thing that's happened to Sachiko since Anshi took her to the park, for the last time. She's literally the little ray of sunshine that has kept Sachiko from giving up.

The spotlight shines brilliantly in Sachiko's dream, casting away just that little space of darkness. As the stage and seats appear around her, Sachiko's eyes widen in surprise and confusion. "D...dance?" she asks quietly. "You want me to dance ... tonight?"
Reiko Touyama 2016-04-08 05:37:41 37560
Prism Keeper Orange beams! Okay they seem to be getting through... somewhat. She lets her wings flutter a bit and she sits back, almost sitting in midair as she places her hands in her lap. "Of course we do!" she says softly.

"We want to see you dance!" she says looking over to Sky Jack and Pink a moment as she nods rapidly.

She's going to do her best! She may only passively know Sachi-chan, but she's important to Momo... Pink, and that's all she needs to do her best here to help!
Kukai Souma 2016-04-08 05:54:21 37562
Sky Jack laughs and nods, patting Sachiko's shoulder more, with Momo and the others around her. "Sure! Yes, we'd love to see you dance tonight. Right now, even!"

He looks at the others. "Yeah, don't we? We'd like to see her dance, yeah?"
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 05:55:57 37563
A camera floats above the stage suddenly, adjusting itself for what must be the ideal angle and zoom as a brighter pink light flicks on the front.

Meanwhile, Prism Keeper Pink nods vigorously as she steps back. "Dance for us, dance for me. You're wonderful, Sachiko.".
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-08 06:00:30 37564
    There's a reason Ariel set out a few chairs. Swishing her tail aside, the tiny unicorn settles herself to sit in one quietly, with a little smile as Lucky pads over to curl at her feet.
    Funny though. She made one too many, for the group present.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 06:04:09 37566
Sachiko looks from one person to the next, confused as they all drift away towards the seats. "O..okay," she says quietly. "I'll try. But ... but I'm not very good," she warns. Sachiko swallows and makes her way towards the stage, and there she hides behind the curtains for a few moments.

The light remains in the center, shining brightly on an empty stage. But there, just in the shadows, a little white face peaks out. She rushes forward and places down a small little boom box, pushes play, then runs back behind the curtains.

A moment later, and the sound of stringed instruments playing some classical piece over tinny speakers sounds throughout the make-shift ballet theatre.

There are two beats, and then Sachiko emerges again, this time with her arms held up in a circle before her chest, little feet prancing along skitteringly as she enters the light. There, she steps aside and raises her arms above her head, dips to one side in a half-curtsey. She lowers her hands to her sides like she's holding up that feathery black skirt, and then draws in her other leg to complete the look of a curtsey. Then it's up, hands on shoulders, and she makes a short turn, little feet moving swiftly through the motions to carry her around.

Stepping left, stepping right, her arms sway above her head, then she hops to one side and prances with her feet jostling front and back. Now the spotlight is following her, moving as Sachiko dances her way slowly across the stage.

She steps forward and places one foot back, front crossed, then steps up into a turn on her toes. It's only one revolution, but Sachiko makes a complete pirouette before she comes back down. It's here that Sachiko gasps in surprise and loses her footing--not out of fear or worry, but rather out of wonderment. The music still plays on, quieter now as Sachiko's focus drifts, but the little ballerina rushes forward.

"Momo-chan, Momo-chan!" Sachiko calls excitedly. "I did it! Did you see? I did a pirouette! On my toes!"
Reiko Touyama 2016-04-08 06:14:08 37568
Prism Keeper Orange decides to eventually move to a seat because floating in midair is like the number one jerk thing people do in anime, duh. Really though, there's chairs! She has a seat there. She beams and watches entranced a bit- softly sitting back and keeps her hands in her lap, along with her Chroma Wand.

She beams and watches, and gives a very polite small clap. It seems appropiate, she'll be leaving the words to Pink-- she'll have the most effect, but she still smiles encouraging and watches intently!

She may also be enjoying it!
Kukai Souma 2016-04-08 06:23:54 37570
Sky Jack takes one of the seats, looking at the empty stage for a moment. Then Sachiko comes out and he grins, leaning forward, watching her move gracefully back and forth. She's actually very good for so young a dancer, and it's enchanting to watch her focus and concentrate on her dancing instead of her other problems.

He watches the pirouette and grins, clapping for Sachiko as she rushes forward. "Yay, Sachi-chan!" he looks over to Pink, coming to the same conclusion as Orange that she'll have the most effect on Sachiko..
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 06:27:53 37573
Suddenly there's more than one camera, and some seem to be recording while there are furious *CLICK* *CLICK* *CLICK* noises from all the other ones. They're scattered about, taking all of the performance in, especially the pirouette.

Prism Keeper Pink herself looks as wide-eyed and bright at the camera's pink flashes and she starts clapping wildly. "It's wonderful Sachiko! You're amazing!". She'd throw something on stage if she had anything that a seven year old would consider throwing on stage.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 06:47:45 37577
Sachiko drops down onto her bottom at the edge of the stage, then drops off and rushes to hug Momo. "I did a pirouette," she repeats excitedly, eyes seeking Kukai and Reiko's expressions. "I've never done that before." She hugs Momo tightly, then looks back to Ariel, then to the stage. "Can I really come dance here every night?" she asks uncertainly. "Thank you," she says to Ariel. "I'll try very hard to be a good dancer, so Sky jack-onii-san, and Reiko-senpai, and Momo-chan can see me dance."
Reiko Touyama 2016-04-08 07:06:53 37583
Prism Keeper Orange has a very pleased and happy expression on her face! She gives a soft clap. "That was very good, Sachi-chan!" she says with a soft smile.

"I'm sure you can come here everynight!" she says softly. "Right?" she asks peeking to Ariel a moment--if she's still there. She smiles some.

Reiko-Senpai!? Oh, she's a /sempai/ now! That's right! Hohoho~

She does still smile though.
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-08 07:07:22 37584
    Ariel is, in fact, still there. Quietly stroking through Lucky's fur while watching Sachiko's solo performance.
    "Yep!" She confirms brightly. That Nightmare was wrong, after all. This isn't his world...
    "This is your dream."
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 07:17:01 37585
Prism Keeper Pink wrapped her arms tightly around Sachiko as the other girl hugged her. "I saw, Sachiko. You were beautiful, you danced great.". She held the hug for a long, long moment glad to see something in her friend other than dark things. "I'm sure you can dance every night, and you can dance for me any time you want to because I'll always want to to watch you.".
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-08 07:22:36 37587
Sachiko leans away and grabs Momo's pinkie with her own. "Pinkie promise?" she asks. But before Momo can really answer, the dream begins to fade. Because of course she pinkie promises. With no more nightmare to terrify Sachiko, and with a safe and secure space to build a burgeoning new dream, this dream is over.

Back in the real world, Prism Keeper Pink finds herself sitting up in bed beside a still sleeping Sachiko. And although she's still curled up in a little defensive ball, it's clear that Sachiko is sleeping much easier now. One little hand is stretched out just a little from the rest of her, curled up in a ball except for her pinkie sticking out along the coverlet.
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-08 07:25:53 37588
Prism Keeper Pink lets the energy fade from her as she reaches her pinkie over to twine it around Sachiko's own. "It's a promise.", she whispers as she smiles at her sleeping friend.