Scotch and Sorrow

Hannah and Haruna go to Hannah's Jazz Club to eat and drink and talk about everything that's happened the past weeks.

Date: 2016-04-09
Pose Count: 22
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-09 01:36:02 37656
Haruna Kurosawa does not own a lot of things. Two duffle bags of clothes. A box of craft items. A portable kitchen top set, some pots and pans. Laptop. Birdcage. One really annoyed seagull.

These things get dropped off wherever Hannah Sharpe has felt best to drop off Haruna for the time being and she seems eternally grateful because living in a motel is soul sucking. It's not like it was an awful motel--- it was clean and liveable. Just small and-- well. Depressing.

Then she asked to go out somwhere and what better place than a Jazz Club that your girlfriend owns so everything is half-off forever.

She insisted to get change- so Haruna fround herself in a green dress-- the skirt a lighter shade than the top with a white sash around the waist. It was not super formal, but it was fancier than something casual.

It was pleasing. She smiled at Hannah as she seemed to almost melt. "T--thanks Hannah-chan. I really needed this. I know you're probably not much better-- maybe we both need this!" she says with a soft smile as she begins to walk over to that usual table.

She's learned to ignore the grey faced robo goons by now. She doesn't even really particularly care about thier origins at the moment.

She has a seat as she melts into the chair.

"I think I know how you feel when you , really, really want to bop someone in the snootle now, Hannah." she says softly.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-09 01:54:27 37662
Hannah walks in, dressed in her best suit. An actual suit, full of gold buttons and even a pocket watch since she was feeling particularly like being showy. When your heart is full of regret and guilt, a little flare is a decent distraction.

And the company of one you love is even better. She's all but glued to Haruna's side, and only detaches from her arm out of necessity as they finally sit.

"You have no idea. I feel like my head and heart has been kicked in by really angry gradeschoolers. An entire mob of them."

Then, she's ordering the both of them the best meal and drink in the house. This will be a long night no doubt.

"'Snootle'? Riiiight. Still, yeah. Who's first on the list?" Hannah has half an idea that she's at least on third.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-09 02:02:19 37665
Haruna Kurosawa hopes that drink is slightly alchololic. She usually doesn't purposefully drink but tonight is one of those nights to be sure. She purses her lips a bit. "Blue-sama." she says. "That's right. I didn't tell you that one. Did I, maybe I figured what I told you was enough." she says.

"So apparently Pretty Cures get a little talk before they take the gig--but I never got that. In fact, not everyone gets it due to the circumstances of how a Pretty Cure sometimes comes into thier power." she says.

"Basically, Pretty Cures aren't /allowed/..." she makes quotations. " fall in love." she says. Then she's chugging water suddenly.

Yup. One of those nights.

"So that was when I told Tadase---he's number two on the list by the way-- that he can take his choice and shove it!" she says.

She sort of deflates. "Don't worry. He can't actually take that power away. Else he wouldn't have a Cure Fortune problem." she laughs. ".....I don't think Cure Victory got that deal either..."

"...I swear to god if this ruins things for Suzu-chan too I am just going to punch that prince until he's like I dunno, a duke!" she huffs.

She sighs and shakes her head. "There's some good sides at least. Can do WPS stuff fuller time now." she says.

"...don't really need to worry about organizational conflict anymore. Just the personal stuff." she says with a series of matter of fact nods as she sighs.

"I'm really sorry you had to do what you did Hannah." she says softly finally as she peeks softly over across the next few tables.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-09 02:25:21 37672
Hannah, in fact, ordered scotch. She has an image to uphold even in her own club, after all! Poor, poor Gull.

She listens, the growing goods feelings quickly turning to ice. Her eyes widen, and she can't seem to find words.

"They /WHAT/!?" She barely chokes back the full on yell after a minute, looking utterly flabbergasted. Her hand grips the table, and for a moment, she very much considers flipping the entire thing.

Deep breath. In. Out.

"What kind of magical girl can be denied love like that!? With all of the danger that we face...that...this might be hypocritical coming from me, but that's just immoral! There's a line, and that's going over it! And he didn't even think to let you know after everything settled down!?"

Blue may well get a very, very angry call from Hannah.

A big shake of the head. "Seriously! It's not like a person can prevent themselves from falling in love! What was that idiot thinking?"

Finally, her tirade ends, and she just slumps in her chair.

"Nnngh." She pouts herself another drink, then one for Gull. "Well, I guess that's one good thing out of all of this."

She leans her head back at the mention of her 'deed', crossing her legs. There's a thoughtful frown.

"Really, I should've seen something like this coming. A lot of people were suspicious of me after D-point. Well. They aren't now. And in part, I'm paying back a debt."

Sigh. "...But I keep hearing that kid's voice in my dreams."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-09 02:37:37 37680
Haruna Kurosawa frowns. "Tadase is upset about it. I can't blame him. But I also know why you had to do it and I also know if you had a choice, you'd rather not had done it." she says softly. She steals the glass of scotch away and sips it because you do not chug scotch.

She doesn't think you do at least.

She sure it burns regardless.

She leans a hand over and takes Hannah's hand in her own. "I know you feel bad. I know you can't make it better, but maybe there's something else you can do?" she asks. "Maybe make a big ol' donation to something from WPS. You can do that, right?" she asks.

She does however take another swig of scotch. "Yeah..." she says. "About the love thing. I refused." she nods matter of factly. "--and if Blue or Tadase or Aki can't understand it..." she grates her teeth.

She nods. "Yeah. Ha~ But you should had been there."

"At least two jerks came over thinking they had an easy mark- like you know to take over-- Desparia warned me about this kind of thing when I was Scorn- So--so..."

The drink might be getting to her. "--so I told them I didn't wanna get my hands dirty, so they start being bossy and act like I'm not going to utter destroy them-- so then I start putting on these gloves. and they ask what it's for and I say... "I said I didn't wanna get my hands dirty!."" she says. "I think I scared the crap out of them it was kind of funny." she says.

"Lots of people seem jealous of you, Hannah-chan~ But I can get people not trusting you. That was a mess all around.. you.. we should go talk to Mamoru soon.. make sure things are square there too." she says.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-09 02:53:54 37684
Somehow, Hannah manages a smile. When that hand touches hers, she squeezes. Just being near Haruna is a balm on the soul, and she needs the touch desperately.

"I'm glad someone gets it. I don't like a lot of what I do. Though I doubt many people believe that."

A shrug, and then it's turn to steal. Yoink. Slurp.

Her face turns thoughtful. "...A charity, huh? Yeah. Yeah, I could do that. Maybe to a children's hospital."

Slowly, Hannah sits up, and picks at her meal. She tch's at the mention of the two.

"Seriously, ganging up on you like that and making you choose between love and a group of so-called 'friends'? A sham! If they had a bone to pick, they should have took it up with me. Or at least done it one on one. Bunch of cowards!" Grrrr.

But the mention of the gloves has her laughing. "You...Haruna. I'm impressed. I always /knew/ you belonged with me. You're strong. And you have a backbone, willing to stand up for yourself. Even against me. That's why you're valuable to the company."

She leans over, and presses forehead to forehead.

"And your strength and heart are what make me love you so much."

Then she leans back. Wince. "Oh god, I'm going to get one hell of a lecture. But this time I deserve it. Bah. Oh well, yeah, you're right. I've been meaning to check up on him, bunny-chan, and his guys."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-09 03:11:34 37693
Haruna Kurosawa grins and gives perhaps a nuzzle when Hannah touches her forehead to hers. "I do my best~" she says. "I can't be a pushover as a precure! But I'm not gonna loose sight of what I love, too." she says softly.

She smiles and slides her plate over and begins eating. She's doing a LOT better it seems. More normal. Not as sputtery and laughing.

"I'm sure he'll forgive you, it's not like it was your fault. That thing was at fault." she says softly. "I hope F**ing Riventon is giving that thing hell." she mutters.

"--and we stopped you before you did something that'd be harder to take back." she says. "Usagi and Mamoru can take it. Those people in the hospital can't." she nods matter of factly.


"I really dunno still know what the whole angel thing was about." she suddenly says meekly as she places her glass back down. "That wasn't a Precard... and I never got to ask Blue-sama about it-- and I can't figure out how to... use it..? Again. I guess I need to bite the bullet and talk to him about it sooner or later." she says softly.

"If he'll talk to me after I yelled at him." she mutters.

"I promised him I'd still do what I /did/ promise him I'd do. I keep promises. Even if they're to a jerk god who thinks he's lord cupid or something." she mutters.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-09 03:25:15 37699
A happy sigh. "You have no idea how happy I am to hear that, Haruna. Good. Always follow your dreams, and never let anything or anyone get in the way."

There's suddenly a grin. "I only hope there'll be a video tape. I could use for a bit of vengeance watching after this week!"

"I don't think I've even thanked them properly yet. Ugh, I'm going to hug the hell out of those knuckleheads. Yeah. Hope they got that bit out of Usagi..." There's a bit of worry in her voice.

Nnngh. She taps her forehead. "Yeah, I wish there had been recordings or /something/. That was good data, maybe we could replicate it if we did. Do you remember what you were feeling at the time? Maybe it has something to do with that."


"Give it a week, let things cool off then talk to him. That's part of doing this business, working with people you don't like."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-09 21:33:25 37781
Haruna Kurosawa says. "I don't know but I'm sure you can call and find out--and if they didn't, lemme know. I have some purification stuff going on, just dunno if it'd be strong enough. Better off getting someone like Amu-chan." she says softly.

"Well.. data gathering wasn't the top of my head trying to save your butt, Hannah-chan." she smirks wryly. "Maybe next time I'll remember to bring Boris-kun with me, get him to operate a do-hickey." yes, a dohickey. She doesn't know what WPS has to read information.

She sighs. "Aki /knew/ about the 'Love Ban' but she /forgot/ because that kind of stuff isn't as important to her. She never really was the kind to go out on dates or anything to begin with. But I dunno now if that's because she never wanted to-- or if she'd been a Precure longer than I think." she says as she grumbles.

"I wonder if she's been keeping feelings inside because of it." she says grouchily. "Wouldn't that suck....?" she asks. "To want a connection to someone like that..?" she asks.

"But not be allowed to follow it...?" she asks.

"That'd suck.. wouldn't it?" she asks.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-09 22:02:56 37787
Hannah rubs her chin a bit. "I need to harass them more anyway. Mamoru gets too uptight if people aren't getting under his skin the good way, you know? He never knows how to relax himself." A shake of the head.

Squint. "How does that purification thing work anyway? Can you practice to improve? Not like I don't have a plethora of expendable targets."

Reeeeeach! Poke! Right on the nose! Hannah flicks her tongue at Haruna! "Just because you're saving me doesn't mean you're off the clock! Remember next time, I'll set you up in case something like that happens again."

Hannah does sober a bit, frowning. "It would have been nice if she mentioned it. Or even /why/ they're not allowed to fall in love. I just don't get the point of it, you know? Aren't you guys supposed to be warriors for good and all that crap? Where does love come into it all?"

Huff. "That doesn't begin to cover it. It's /cruel/. Almost abusive if you ask me."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-09 22:14:37 37791
Haruna Kurosawa stuffs a forkfull of food into her mouth because the scotch is totally getting to her and she doesn't drink anymore until she's eaten a few as she listens---then she crosseyes as her nose is poked. "Yeah, I need something to scan. Corvus can only tell me so much-- mainly if something can be purified." she mutters.

She blinks. "Oh! Um. Actually. I dunno how it works. I know I can 'push' my most basic form of it, but... I'll tire out eventually. It's really tiring Hannah." she says. "Not to mention if I loose concentration during it it'll just... poof away." she says.

"It's also hard to just... start with it?" she asks. "Most things are too strong to begin with until you weaken them down."

She sighs. "I can ask him why. I bet he doesn't have an answer." she says coyly.

She takes another sip of scotch finally.

"I haven't told Aki about the drinking yet. Or the punch spiking or anything. I bet she'd have an anuerism." she giggles a bit.

"Yeah. Bug Mamoru, Bug Usagi. I bet they're happy you're okay too, even if potentially annoyed." she says.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-09 22:30:59 37797
A shake of the head. "Clearly we need to send Corvus to 'Birdie Magic Math School'! Make him useful!" Wink!

Sigh. "No idea huh? Well. We can work on your stamina at least. Can't have you going as chubby as Boris!" Poor Boris-kun, down to diet doggie food.

Nnngh. "I'd avoid that. She's already thinking I'm leading you down a bad road. Then she'll say I'm making you into a delinquent!" Cross of the arms.

"I'm making you into a proper employee with a suit and everything." She asserts. Nod nod nod.

A grin. "They're good kids. Maybe we should throw a party for them some time. Let them relax, get to know them better."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-09 22:44:46 37800
Haruna Kurosawa nods. "I'd like to get to know those four. I mean. Mamoru's friends. I mean..."

"Like. One of them was the jerk who tried to take me-- and then took me, remember? But it wasn't thier fault either. I think being mind controled by the world's most jealous woman does that to people." she says.

She crosses her arms. "I already wear a suit! It's seafoam green!" she insists. "Unless you want me to wear a PROPER proper suit." she says. "--and not the super awesome magical one." she says.

"In which case I want grey." she says. "A grey suit! Maybe pinstripes on the legs." she says.

"That'd look nice, right?" she asks hopefully.

She sighs. "Yeah." she says. "I dunno... how I'm going to make that better. I just think she's upset. It's been hard I get it, you know....?"

"Like. Can you imagine...?" she asks softly.

"You get caught one day by a jerk. And then from your prespective you wake up the next day and it's nearly three years later?" she asks. "She used to take care of me.. you know? We lived in a tiny house near the beach. Really tiny. Then she goes out to help with a thing.. she wakes up and I'm older and taking care of myself and she doesn't need to worry about me making friends or my shyness or anything." she says.

"I mean..."

"I'm still shy, you know?" she says softly. "But It's easier for me to sort of hold my breath and talk anyways." she says.

"Gods I'm glad we didn't meet any earlier than we did Hannah." she says softly. "Because you'd had been like, 'What's this girl's deal'." she says as she sighs.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-09 23:07:27 37805
"After what I saw from that woman? Yeah. Getting your brain messed with by that nutjob would damage and twist anybody. I'm just glad she killed me rather than got into my head.' Shudder. She'll have to text Kyouko some time.

A wave of the finger! "A real one. Need to stay classy in /and/ out of henshin. Hmm. Dark grey, pinstripes. No hat though. And a nice loud tie to set it off. You're not a Verone student after all." Bleh.

"You'd look amazing in anything, but suits really fit you. Dresses, too!" A slow grin, and a finger slips over to the shoulder.

Poor Aki. Hannah looks away. "I'm pretty pissed at her, but I can see why she'd be so overprotective. I her, she just got you back after all. And grown up or not, you're still her baby sister I'm sure. Maybe she's overcompensating for all that." She suggests.

"I dunno what to do with her though. And I'm waiting for her to walk up and punch me."

A laugh. "I'd have probably taunted you until it went away. I'm good at bringing out people's assertive sides. I mean...look at Mamoru! I've donea great job on him!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-09 23:17:56 37811
Haruna Kurosawa blushes. "I wear dresses good!" she says. "I didn't think so for the longest time. Aki always said I should try anyways. She was always trying to.. get me to talk to people." she mutters.

She looks up through and grows a bit more serious. "Don't let her push you around on my account." she says with a frown. "She punches you, punch back! If she's just gonna yell in your face, well, you yell back!" she says. "--and be honest with her. Maybe it'll do her some stupid good." she mutters as she finishes the glass of scotch and rattles around the ice cubes. She doesn't pour a new glass.

She blushes though. "A smart suit then!" she says.

"--also yeah. A nice tie. I can keep the tie seafoam green." she smirks.

She sighs. "I guess.. I miss Virtue too." she admits. "They helped me, you know?" she says. "But... that's so--- ugh." she mutters.

"I made friends... in a lot of places as Scorn. Good guys... bad guys..." she says softly. "You... Riventon..." she says. "But people like Tadase and Sailor Moon too." she says.

"Isn't it wrong to... turn your back on friends?" she asks. "Even if they're 'on the wrong side'?" she asks. "Like. I know Riventon isn't you know-- a shining beacon of humanity---... but. You and I, we know he cares somehow." she says. "He was eager to help you, you know. He helped me when I had to run things. He called me 'seabird'." she giggles.

"I hope you get to thank him soon too. I still owe him like three burgers." she mutters.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-09 23:35:21 37819
Leeean back. Arms cross. "Heh, come on. That's always what I do! Not going to let anybody push me around! She's not as scary as she thinks!" Some of her bosses are scary. Mainly Tomoe, but that's in an enjoyable scary way.

"Seriously, she needs the attitude adjustment."

Cue more scotch. For Hannah. She wants to have a nice buzz going.

"See? You have good fashion sense."

But there's more to be considered, and Hannah looks thoughtful.

"Just because you're not in some group, doesn't mean you have to abandon them Haruna. You can help them, keep them safe. Maybe even better than you could before, since you don't need to worry about organizational attachments. If people won't consider you their friend because you left Virtue? Those aren't friends."

She leans in. "A Pretty Cure is supposed to defend people, and love and all that right? You can defend people now, without worrying about politics. Only who /you/ believe should be saved." She adds seriously.

"And it sounds like you understand that people like Riv-kun aren't monsters. Just people. With flaws, like you and I." A laugh.

"He can be endearing when he's not being a jerk."

"Add hot sauce. Trust me. He'll love it."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-09 23:49:16 37826
Haruna Kurosawa laughs. "I know somewhere in that jerk there's someone who gives a damn about people. Kinda like a dark energy tootsie pop." she pauses.

"...I just called Riventon a dark energy tootsie pop." she pours more scotch for herself. She needs more. "More or this!" she insists.

"That's right. We are supposed to. Even from jerks like the Phantom Empire. Sometimes...."

"..sometimes those guys humanity show through. It's really hard but... like."

"Hosshiwa is this fancy jerk, okay? A General of the Phantom Empire. And she.. attacked this big sale table on the pier because no one got her chocolate for valentines day." she says.

"--and sure that's a jerk thing to do-- like. Attack a little shop and keep all the V-day chocolate for yourself but---"

"There's the base issue... she was upset because people forgot her and---"

"I know that feels really terrible." she says softly. "...then everyone tried to give her chocolate when we defeated her monster. Then it's like she--- came too-- for a moment? Before she lashed back out and ran away." she mutters.

"I know that sounds really lame." she says.

"But I think everyone is like that. Just.. they can't show it all the time." she says. "-or they have trouble seeing certain things as okay... or they see it as being weak."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-10 01:22:23 37852
Hannah's head tilts. She ponders. Then downs a good third of a scotch bottle.

"A mystery that we'll just have to leave unsolved." What /is/ she talking about? Grin.

"But yeah. Jerk with a heart of slight copper buried in more jerk. That's our Riv-kun!"

One eye closes. "There's the thing though. You said she 'snapped out of it'? Didn't the boys act kind of similar? Maybe she's not evil, or even wants to do that. I mean, getting brainwashed or soaked in Dark Energy just makes your worst traits exaggerated. I felt almost nothing but anger and self loathing after all. So...maybe she's a haughty person, and something those Empire guys did make her that way?" She offers.

A hand rubs the back of her head. "...Then again I tried to knock off a bank, /and/ put a competitor's jewelry store out of business with magical arson, so maybe she's just a jerk."

Heh. "I know that. Trust me. My old boss would have eaten me fact, tried to kill me multiple times. If I'd been weak, he would have just shot me in the office or something. If you show weakness to a predator, you get eaten."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-10 01:33:12 37856
Haruna Kurosawa purses her lips and smirks. "You know. That's the scale I used when Tadase wanted to talk about you. That it's not like you're knocking off banks every day~" she teases. "Didn't go over well." she insists.

"Yeah that jerk." she mutters. "Whatever happened to him anyways?" she asks. She totally didn't see Euphemia take care of him. She was helpfully paying attention to Hannah at the time.

She crosses her arms, most of her food is gone off her plate. Now she's just scotching it up.

She's holding her liqour good at least...?

"Maybe. Blue isn't really forthcoming with the information. A lot of people like that... that work for that group.. is... well. Mind Controlled or purposefully changed. Yeah like the boys." she flumps.

"But yeah. I think Tadase and his friends are probably gonna be paying you a visit sooner rather than later." she says with a sigh. "I hope you're ready!" she says. "He's probably gonna give you some lecture and try to get whatever back with his friends. Or his friends will come. Meh. Amu'll probably come I bet too. But maybe not." she says.

Another sip. Small sips now.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-10 01:48:32 37859
A small, happy sigh. "I love it when someone actually understands. I mean, have I brainwashed anybody? Have /I/ kidnapped anyo..." Pause.

"See? I've never messed with anyone's head." Nod nod nod. Best to not mention Kyou-chan.

A roll of the eyes. "No, somehow, I didn't think so. They should try robbing a bank. It's a challenge! It's fun! And the only people that get hurt are bankers that are usually crooked anyway."

One eye closes. "That's a little sketchy to be honest. Blue, I mean. Never giving out info, holding stuff back. You gotta wonder, does he have some kind of angle on this?"

With that paranoia side trip over, slowly, she grins. "No kidding? That kid actually has the stones to come after me? And bringing a bunch of friends? Yeesh, I didn't know he had it in him! Great! That's great! I need a warmup, and after Sensei...well, gets done with me, they'll be the perfect thing to test on! Don't worry. I won't hurt them /too/ badly." Killing people doesn't get her money, and she likes mostly sleeping at night.

"Meh. Sticks, stones, et cetera."

A pause. "Eh? Him?" How do you explain your fellow Eclipse-ite just outright murdered the guy?

"He tripped. No OSHA here. Real shame. In America, we'd have railings or something." She doesn't sound too bummed out about the loss.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-10 01:58:20 37862
Haruna Kurosawa listens and hrms. "Oh, okay. Well. Good then! Karma!" she insists.

Yes, Karma. Let's pretend Euphemia was wearing that nametag that night. 'Hi, my name is: Karma'.

She sighs. "I dunno if he's holding back or not. Whenever I've tried to ask him about Queen Mirage, he just gets kind of.. defensive and sad." she admits.

"I'm wondering a few things now, but..." she shakes her head.

"Better not to think on that right now. Still kind of upset at him." she hrmphs!

"I wouldn't be surprised. He's not just going to let you take a Heart Egg without some sort of lecture." she rolls her eyes. "Don't get me wrong. That's a bad thing Hannah." she frowns. "But... I'm not involved. The only reasons I'm /involved/ now is because Tadase had to come talk to me about it like I'm your god damn mother or something." she rolls her eyes. "'Why do I put up with that. Why do I allow it.'" she throws her hands up. "I'm pretty sure I slap you in the face everytime I hear about you doing something stupid, but what does he want me to do!?" he asks.

"Sure like. I guess if he wanted me to , I could figure out where you're keeping that little bugger and let it back out but like..."

"...that's a betryal of trust." she says with a matter of fact nod. "Just like I don't tell you about Virtue things." she says.

She crosses her arms. "It's just a bad situation and not one I need to worry about anymore!" she smiles.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-10 02:32:39 37867
"Man. He sounds like a mopey ex-boyfriend. I mean, I knew Blue was a pansy, but come on. That's pushing it, even for /him/!" A pathetic shake of the head from Hannah. A pinch of the nose. Nope, she can't bring herself to like the guy. He's just too calm and yet mopey.

A hand goes up. "I know, I know. Why do you think I haven't slept in two days?"

Sigh. "But yeah. He can come punch me and lecture all he wants. You're not his henchman. You're better than him at hitting anyway." Shrug.

A nod. "And I wouldn't want you to tell me stuff about Virtue. Because no matter what, we're honest with each other, like girlfriends should be. But we don't sell out our friends either. Loyalty's important. And at times, it gets complicated."

Her meal finished, she finally slides over to Gull's side. "But I trust you wholeheartedly." Leeeean. Hug-squeeze-cling.

"Because I love you with all of my heart." Smooch!