A tale of Two Tail-Waggers

The first day of school for Sierra has come to a close. Attempts to do her homework before getting home are interrupted by not one but two canines. Not to mention Haruna, Hannah, Ariel, and Sayaka!

Date: 2016-04-12
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Sierra Earhart 2016-04-12 01:48:33 38028
The first day of school is officially in the books. What a day it was. It was one thing to be the new girl in a big school. Another to be from another country and be in said school. Still another to feel completely alone in such a crowded place. It was a sad comfort though. While she longed for friends to be around, she knew that this way, when her dad gets called back into the military and made to move to Guam or something she won't be hurt. Fewer friends, fewer heartaches, less pain. Thats a good thing. Several times she made her introduction today. She had practiced it a thousand times. It was down to a science and that made it easier to get up in front of the class and present it.

Now though, class is over. One thing was certain for her, things were definitely going to be interesting this year. The sun is hanging in the western sky, causing the whole thing to burn orange. Its still thankfully. Quietly the young blue haired girl explores the campus grounds a little. Finding a bench, she takes a seat and looks down over herself. She rolls her eyes. Wearing such a silly uniform is still foreign to her as she simply recalls her days in the states where you could wear what you want without hearing any word about it. Whats worse, This short skirt provided little warmth to her exposed legs and while its a little warmer then it was a few months ago, She is a little chilly. "I guess this as good a place as any." She mumbles to herself as she fishes into her bag and pulls out her homework. Quickly she starts working on it. She doesn't realize that she is close to the school entrance or anything like that.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-12 01:59:32 38031
Hannah Sharpe is by no means a student of Seiyou. It shows, too: the one-armed highschooler is dressed in the blazer of an Infinity High student, having chosen today to wear the trousers rather than a skirt. She's here for a reason, after all.

That being a brief 'incident' at Infinity's gym that certainly /didn't/ involve a youma getting uppity and needing a good punching through the school's floor.

Thus it is, that Hannah is jogging up towards the school's entrance with the leash of the far-less-chubby Boris in hand! Her seeing eye Familiar woofs at random passers by, and as usual, the big dog draws more than a few people for pets. Hannah stops, and grins.

"Hey, people, no crowding him please! One or two at a time! There we go, don't worry, he won't bite!" Comes her voice, warm and casual as always. And perhaps, to Sierra, somewhat familiar: that is most certainly an American accent, dripping with a southern drawl that the young woman has yet to shake.

Someone might want to give her a hand, some of the elementary kids are making a tiny sea of cute here!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-12 02:02:54 38033
Haruna Kurosawa steps by Seiyou, she didn't want to be there. Not since she quit Virtue. BUT... the teacher needed something delivered. She agreed to do it!--- before asking where it needed to go and then she sort of face faulted. She wanted in and out and she managed to do that without her fist being magnetically attracted to Tadase's face, /somehow/.

She has in her bussiness suit. Why? She felt /professional/ and she also wanted to /stick it to the man/ being in a bussiness suit on Virtue territory.

Okay so sometimes Haruna can be a little vindictive. Just a little.

She eyes Sierra and blinks. "Oh! Hey Sierra!" she says as she passes by her. Corvus is on her shoulder. As usual. Being a Seagull as far as anyone can tell.

She blinks and looks up, is that...? Yes! It is! It's Hannah! But--here!? She looks around suddenly. Okay. Good. Tadase is not magnetically attracted to /Hannah's/ face.

She smiles at Sierra. "Hey-- I hear Hannah-chan. She's the one I was telling you about the other day- from America, too!" she says. "Wanna come along?" she asks as she motions and begins charging over to Hannah and Boris. "Hannah! Boris-kun!" she beams.

Corvus seems jealous about Boris getting all the attention. Seagulls are like rats with wings to most people! >:I.
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-12 02:14:49 38036
    The first day of school! ... Was very interesting. Now, Ariel isn't a student of Seiyou, herself, she was off over at Seishou the whole day, stumbling on her Japanese but managing to passably introduce herself and work on the complex task of passing herself off as human, and maybe making some actual human friends on top of it!
    Shouldn't be that hard over the coming weeks. Now that classes are over for the day, there are other matters she has to attend to. Homework is one, but getting a feel for the neighborhood, and even poking over to Seiyou to see one of the other big schools felt like a good idea at the time.
    Soooo now comes the awkward part. Ariel doesn't so much walk her dog Lucky, as much as HE walks HER. The sheer difference in size between the tiny girl and the full grown form of a light coated Irish Wolfhound means if he so much as takes a step, Ariel is getting yanked.
    This might be why she is not leading him by the leash. She has the leash in her hand, but the silver-haired foreign girl is not walking her dog around the city and campus.
    Ariel is perched on Lucky's back as though riding him like the small-horse sized dog he is were the most natural thing in the world, the two clearly having no clear direction at the moment, and eyes darting every which way as they make their mental maps.
    ... Then Lucky sees Boris.
    Then Ariel is holding on for dear life as Lucky bounds on over. Dogs are, as always, excited to see other dogs after all.
Sierra Earhart 2016-04-12 02:16:58 38037
Sierra Earhart looks up and gives a little smile. She puts her things away and then gives a polite bow. "Hello, Kurosawa-san." She says politely and follows her along over to what can only be considered a sea of Kindergartner and early year students.

The Sierra looks a bit nervous to be honest but someone does need to say something . "Okay everyone, The puppy is cute but you need to give him and this nice girl space okay?" She stats hoping beyond hope that they listen to her. Her face begins turning a few shades of red. This is out of her comfort zone. What right does she have to anyone. She's new here.

It would be noticed that she too has an accent. Its similar to Hannahs. Its Southern USA, with a more Carolina edge to it. That being said, she only stands there for about a moment before, OH CRAP! Lucky comes barreling over right past her sending the girl spinning wildly. "AHHHH!!!" It takes a moment but she does stop. Little swirls and stars appear over her head as she pulls herself back together.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-12 02:26:06 38040
There's a familiar voice amidst the sea of voices! "Haruuuuuuna! Yo!" She offers a wide grin as her favorite Gull comes bounding over, and she all but envelopes her in a hug! Squeeeeze! A smooch on the forehead!

"Good to see you. I see I'm not the only invading Infinity Student! Hmm?"

Boris turns from the sea of pets to Lucky! There's a big woof in return, and soon, Boris is over sniffing and snuggling and generally tail-wagging at the other dog! Lick lick lick! Friendly, this husky!

And with it, there's two other voices in the back ground. Hannah doesn't lose her stride.

"Yup, what they said! Come on, kids, you guys have class right? Shoo! Shoo!"

Soon enough, Hannah sighs in relief, and first turns to Sierra. "Whoo, thanks there kiddo! Boris gets a little /too/ popular sometimes, isn't that right Bor...oh dear God that's adorable!" She ruffles both doggies! She lets Boris go. "Stay boy, be good."

Then, she's over to Sierra, hand out for a tight handshake.

"Let me take a wild guess: another grade-A American export? Name's Hannah Sharpe! Nice to meet you!" She offers. A 'glance' to Haruna.

"You guys know each other?"

And then, there's Lucky and the dog's compatriot!

"You've got a sweetie there! What's their name?" She offers to Ariel, reaching over to try to stabalize the poor girl!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-12 02:29:42 38041
Haruna Kurosawa beams, hug~ snug~ smooooch~ These things make her happy, she gives a quick smooch back. "Hannah-chan~ This is Sierra Earhart! I met her the other day! She's from Carolina." she beams.

"Sierra, this is Hannah Sharpe- as she said, my best friend n' girlfriend! I think you two come from around the same area-ish over there?" she asks glancing back to Hannah and smiles.

"Vaugely! We met the other day, as I said!" she says.

She peeks over to Lucky and woah! "That's a biiiig baby." she says. "Are you okay?" she asks to Ariel and also at Sierra-- yikes! Did she get bowled over.

"Oh god, that dog is huge!" whispers Corvus.
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-12 02:35:26 38043
    When Lucky wants to move, he moves. There's no real stopping him. Ariel has a pretty good hang of riding the massive hound, considering she didn't go flying clean off, but it looks like Sierra isn't the only one who's eyes are rattling around inside their skull. Hannah giving a helping hand to keep the wobbly little rider from toppling over helps though.
    "Fwuah... I am so sorry!" She chirps. That's mainly to Sierra for her dog's excitement nearly knocking her over. Her Japanese isn't the greatest, but clearly passable enough to survive, the double-American accents going clean over her head. But Lucky has calmed down enough to be social- very social with Boris. There's a lot of sniffing, and harmless dog-related play despite the fact that the wolfhound makes great danes look like chihuahuas.
    "I'm okay! He's carried me around since I was little!" Littler she means. "He's usually a lot more well behaved, but I think, ah... Moving made Lucky a little more excitable than usual, lately."
Sierra Earhart 2016-04-12 02:43:35 38046
Sierra Earhart has swirly eyes at this point. She shakes it off and just looks at the dogs. On the upside, the kids are starting to clear out. Good. They actually listened. Sempai perks maybe? She shrugs it off before looking at the the girls present. "Yes, I'm from North Carolina, USA. Nice to meet you." She gives a little smile and seems a bit more then nervous.

She quietly speaks up again, "Kurosawa-san and I met yesterday. I'm new to Tokyo. I just arrived here a few days ago. This is my first day of school." She doesn't say where she goes to school but then again doesn't need to. Her uniform screams Seiyou Middle School.

She just stays a step or so back from the group, as though she's trying to keep her distance. "My dad was in the Marines and he was stationed in Japan near Mt. Fuji. When he was discharged my Mom insisted we come here to Tokyo. It's where she is from originally."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-12 02:55:30 38051
Both Hanners brows go up! "Earhart, huh?" Hmmm! Still, she gives a swift nod and another grin. Poor Sierra's nervousness seems to neither deterr nor bother her in the slightest.

"Oh man, neat! Georgia, here! How're you liking it in Japan so far? Adjusting okay? If you need anything, tips, whatever, let me know, huh? Trust me, I've been there."

Hannah looks more than pleased at the news though.

"You have, huh? See, you're fitting in already Sierra! You couldn't find a better friend in Tokyo than Haruna here." She seems to mean it, too!

Boris doesn't back down from doggie play! Even if the other dog is huge by /his/ standards! Woof!

"He's a good boy. I can tell! What's your name?" She offers to Ariel.

Then, back to Sierra.

"Huh? Your dad too? Semper Fi!" She tosses a hard salute.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-12 03:05:30 38054
Haruna Kurosawa grins and crosses her arms. "Yup, knew it!~" she beams. "Yeah, Sierra, Hannah's been here a bit, she can help you, so you're not alone here! It's easy to adjust if you know how!"

"Oh! Right I totally forgot-- yeah, you both have family in the army--or were in the army." she says with a soft matter of fact nod. "So another point!" she beams.

She grins some.

"I find America so fascinating! Even though my English is terrible." she admits.

She crosses her arms.

"At least I know Kentucy isn't ruled by a Colonel for real now!" she insists.
Sierra Earhart 2016-04-12 03:10:57 38057
Sierra just snickers a little She does quickly return the salute, "Semper Fi. My dad was just discharged. We are supposedly staying here til I graduate but honestly, given the number of times I've heard that we aren't moving anymore, I just don't believe it anymore.

She sighs softly and just watches the dogs interact for a few moments. "Sorry if I am not too excited. Its nothing against you or anyone." She states to Haruna. "I've had to leave a lot of friends behind in the various times I've moved. I just am sorta scared to make friends at this point. I don't wanna hurt anyone. Or get hurt." She frowns and crosses her legs. A grouchy tone fills her voice as she speaks in English, "<Dammit, Tomorrow I'm wear nylons. Just try and stop me!>" She states glancing towards the school.
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-12 03:23:36 38061
    Ariel waits a moment or so longer to make sure Lucky won't be making any sudden motions while she's on his back. But then she dismounts. After all, it would be ride to stay up on her high horse-- er, dog- while getting roped into the conversations due to canine camaraderie.
    "I'm kind of new to Tokyo too." She notes, thought Sierra and Hannah get something of a slight and quiet stare. As though the majority of their conversation, aside from the basic point that they come from the same homeland, has eluded her.
    "What's a Colonel?"
    It is a completely valid question for her, even if it might bra weird one to everyone else. Her own accent is a little funny. Definitely not good old 'Merican English. Closer to English English but still not quite right.
    "I'm Ariel!" She says, brightly when prompted for her name. "This is my first time away from home. I'm ah... Probably going to be here a while."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-12 03:31:59 38064
A grin, and an arm around Haruna! "Our good Haruna-chan speaks the truth! It...well, it's not quite home, but...more like a summer home? I'm a southern girl at heart, but I have ties here now." Cue a squeeze of a certain gull!

"So it's not a bad place. Hope you like heights though!"

Then, she facepalms. /Haruna/!

A wave of the hand. "Don't worry about it kiddo! Looks like we've been through some similar stuff. Word of advice from your elder: it always sucks. You lose friends, yeah. But on the bright side? You get new ones. And then one day you finally find the place you're meant to be. Be it a country, or with a person. You just need to find that place where you belong, and no amount of moving will matter."

A grin. "Hey, nylons feel good. Not that I get to wear them much. I'm hell on clothes!" She offers right back in english.

Then she kneels down, and ruffles Lucky! Doggie hug! Then one for Boris.

"A Colonel is a rank in the US military. Also an honorary title in Kentucky. Ariel huh? Nice to meet you! Yeesh, a bunch of expats, eh? That's okay. Chin up, huh, Ariel? Keep this cutie around you, and you'll have plenty of friends! Don't be a pansy and whimp out, make all of the friends you could ever want!" A flex of her arm.

And then, another Infinity Student is yelling at her by way of the gym.

"Keep your pants on! I'm coming and I'm going to beat /all/ of your butts black and blue! Hah! Haruna, Ariel, Sierra? See you guys! I have a rival kickboxing team to humiliate!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-12 03:40:06 38067
Haruna Kurosawa beams and waves. "Bye Hannah!" she says as she hops on her heels a bit. "She's gonna go punch some jerks." she says to Sierra. "I'm on the team, too, but this isn't my match." she winks. "Hannah's been teaching me how to kickbox really good." she says.

She looks to Ariel. "Lots of new people this year." she says with a grin. "You need any help, you can ask me too!" she says to Ariel. "Haruna Kurosawa!" she says softly.

"Infinity! 10th grade!" she says.

She looks to Sierra. "So ... you moved around a lot.. huh?"

"Yeah... I can see how..."

She shakes her head. "Well! I'll be your friend and!---if you do move! We can still hang out! I have /secrets/." she says on the sly.

"That make that not a problem. Let's call it..."

"A lot of frequent flier miles!" she beams.

Corvus facepalms.
Sierra Earhart 2016-04-12 03:50:33 38073
Sierra seems to settle down a good bit as she is fine chatting it up with a fellow out of towner from her neck of the woods. For a moment she even gives a little smile. That is until Hannah mentions the heights. Immediately her face goes pale and she withdraws herself. When Hannah goes she gives a little wave to her.

Then Haruna begins speaking up. "Okay umm, I guess its alright... I'm sorry if I have to move in the near future though... Haruna-san." She isn't quite comfortable being too familiar yet. "Secrets? That seems to be a common thing around here. I guess this means that If I have to move back to the states we can all go have a roasted pig, huh!" She laughs a little. She is still very nervous. She gives a little smile to Ariel, "IF you need help with your Japanese, I can help. My mom taught me since I was little. I'd be happy to help. Besides we both speak English so that will make it easier right?" She laughs
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-12 04:10:34 38077
    "-Oh! Bye, it was nice meeting you!" That's to Hannah as the bolts off to righteously lay some beatings the down on. Though Ariel frowns a little, pursing her lips at the mention of kickboxing, a MASSIVE paw setting on her shoulder reminds her that she isn't quite out of social waters yet!
    Her head tilts, the action is almost bird-like in mannerism as she looks to Haruna. "That's for... Sport yes? Not for actually hurting people, right?" The question is a mix of both curiosity and concern, but then her head tilts the other way at Haruna's cryptic means of long distance friendship. Oh but proper introductions. She gave her first name earlier but that was it. "Oh right I go to Seishou! I just started fifth grade. Ariel, Ariel ah..." Right have to use that totally authentic human name. "Theodore."
    Thankfully she can probably pass off fumbling by blaming it on 'trying to say it the Japanese way'. Speaking of! Sierra gets something of a sheepish smile as a result of her offer. "My mom tried to teach me, too. I can get by, but it's not that great. I never thought I'd have to speak it all the time before. I'd appreciate the help!" She is nothing but sugar with everything she says. "Um! Well. I don't have frequent flyers miles but I can be your friend too if you'd want." She does offer.
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-12 04:11:10 38078
    Sayaka had been doing the rounds, trying to piece her recently regained memories with real life faces. However, there was one that confused her and left her searching for more questions.

    Naturally, that made school a little overwhelming for her too, as she wrestled with weird dejavu feelings and trying to catch up with classes after fighting villains and what not. And so she's headed to school as well, a bit reluctantly but hey, it cant be helped!

    She sees a group of kids around her age hanging around near the entrance, and bites her lip, wondering how late she is for class. But hey! At least one of those girls looks kinda familiar! She grins and waves to Haruna, quickly placing her face with a memory associated with WPS!

    "Haruna-chan! Hey! How've you been?" she calls, heading towards her, smiling warmly at the others. "Hey, y'all friends of Haruna-chan?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-12 04:14:25 38079
Haruna Kurosawa has her arms crosses as she huffs. "No worries. Like I said!" she beams.

"No problem fo----"

Then a voice. "Saya-chan!?" she calls out. "My name! You remember it!" she beams. "Does this mean you being weird is over?" she asks softly. "I was worried! I tried to get into contact with Kyouko, but I couldn't contact her for the life of me." she purses her lips.

"I figured she'd know what was going on..." she smiles coyly.

"Oh! Um-- this is.. Sierra-san and Ariel-san!" she says. "Sierra's a new friend! Ariel has a big dog! Isn't it cute!?" she asks softly.

She pauses. "....What do you remember?" she asks leaning forward at Sayaka.
Sierra Earhart 2016-04-12 04:22:32 38080
Sierra Earhart smiles a little. "You're very welcome, Arial-san." Then suddenly, Another blue haired girl! All of the sudden, Sierra isn't exactly feeling unique! She gives a little smile and a wave. Quickly she bows and comments, "I like your hair." She smiles softly before she goes quiet again. She finds a place to sit and begins fishing her homework out again.

"Sorry, I just really am getting started on this a while. It won't take long. Just some Physics homework." She immediately begins writing as quick as she can.
Ariel Theodore 2016-04-12 04:46:21 38085
    Lucky is a big dog, Haruna is not exaggerating. She's not exaggerating in the least when she says this to Sayaka. Because almost as though on cue, the absolutely massive hound lifts a paw and gives a low 'Wurf' in greeting to the newly approaching blu-nette.
    "Hi!" Ariel is next to chime sweetly. "We just met!" Given as a fairly honest answer to whether or not she's a friend. Though that could be something to look forward to, for now, the silver-haired girl rocks slightly on her toes. "It's nice to meet you, though."
    Oh! Then there's that very important reminder. "--Oop. I should probably get to work on my own homework. It was very nice talking with all of you." It would seem that is her signal that she should be going. A slight tug on Lucky's leash and the dog lowers himself with a soft rumble, so she can... Climb right back onto his back and give him the signal to start padding away off in another direction.
    Hi-ho Lucky. Awayyy.
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-12 04:50:20 38086
    Sayaka glances at the others gathered, smiling at Ariel and Sierra. "Hi! Nice to meet you!" Sierra is given a grin and a wink, "Bluettes are the best!" She then glances at Ariel's big dog and giggles, "Nice to meet you, Lucky!" she offers her hand to the dog, shaking his paw when he lifts it. Seems she's a big dog fan! And not terribly intimidated by its size either! But as soon as she meets her, Ariel's gone. "Oh. Good bye then!"

    Finally, she looks back to Haruna, nodding, "It's good to see you again. Things were pretty crazy for a while. It's..Ah.." She looks around warily at Haruna's friends, uncertain if they know about Mahou. "Well, it's a long story. Let's just say I was suffering from amnesia. After a...Err..Hit on the head?" The way she hesitates and looks at Haruna, suggests it may have been more than a hit on the head.

    "But! I'm fine now, got all my memories back! I'm relieved to see you're alright too, y'know, after everything that happened..." She pauses, glancing around curiously, "Sooo, Miss White isn't with you? I was...A bit concerned about her..Behavior.." She's sure Haruna knows what she's talking about.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-12 04:57:03 38088
Haruna Kurosawa smiles a bit. She knows Sayaka was in the North Pole. She knows that mostly everyone there died horribly then came back. She wonders if anything had something to do with that.

She frowns. "Miss White-- yeah. She's okay now." she smiles a moment. "Now that is-- things got really bad before they got better." she says softly.

"That thing was.. controlling her. You just missed her actually." she says.

"She's going to kick some butt in a match. I should go watch her soon in a few moments." she says softly.

She smiles a bit and leans forward. "So... how things going for you?" she asks. "I bet Kyouko was worried sick about you with the memory issues~" she says in a sing songly teasing voice.

Yes, she's up to mischief. Corvus baps Haruna on the head. She huffs "Hey!" she says to the Seagull.
Sierra Earhart 2016-04-12 04:59:54 38091
Sierra Earhart is working hard on her homework. Iti s clearly a subject she is familiar with as she is tearing through it at high speed. She glances up at the bluenette comment and smirks, "You know it!" She states and continues her homework. She can't help but eavesdrop a little bit at the conversation around her. It doesn't affect her but it is interesting to hear just what is going on.
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-12 05:06:20 38096
    Sayaka frowns, "I see..Well, I'm glad she's okay now! Guess I'll have to chat with her and catch up with stuff! It's been a while! But I'm just relieved to be back." As for Kyouko..Bringing up her name causes Sayaka to blush just a bit. The confusion between her and Kyouko is still there, although the memories helped to deal with some of that confusion. A little.

    "So, heading off too, huh? Guess I got here pretty late.." She sighs, staring up at the school, "But, better late than never, I guess! Please send Miss White my regards!"

    Curiously, Sayaka peers down at Sierra's homework. "Soo what kinda homework you doing? You must be pretty good at it."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-12 05:12:21 38097
Haruna Kurosawa grins-- she may just like seeing Sayaka blush a lot.

She crosses her arms. "Yup! Soon! It's okay Sayaka-chan, we can meet later, let's do lunch!" she says. "....but not on a school day." she says. "Right um...."

"Me and.. the sister kind of. Had an argument. You can find me at Hannah's place until then if you need to reach me." she says softly with a smile. "Same place-- Infinity Dorm. Just a different floor." she says.

She sighs a bit and crosses her arms.

"I'm gonna go now." she says as she glances over to Seiyou. "Hope I don't run into Tadase.." she mutters to herself.

Suddenly her mood gets dour for a moment, before she shakes it off. "H-hey now!" she says.

"I'll see you both later!" she says to Sayaka and Sierra. "See you both soon!" she says.

And off she goes!
Sierra Earhart 2016-04-12 05:13:54 38099
Sierra looks up to Sayaka curiously, "Oh umm, Physics. Its one of my favorite subjects. I love principles of flight and stuff. Its amazing what it takes to get an aeroplane off the ground. Its a blend of speed, lift, reducing drag, and the proper shape of the wings. If any of those things are missing it won't happen. Weather place a big role in it too. Its sorta what I hope to do some day." She blushes a little. The evening light catches the pin she happens to be wearing. Its possibly the only real piece of contraband that she happens to be wearing. A single pin with wings on it as well as a major airline's logo. Its a set of Pilot's wings.

Then as The others begin heading out, she wimply raises a hand to wave. "I will see you later. Have a good night." She states as she finishes up her homework. Quickly she is up and looking around.
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-12 05:17:13 38102
    And there goes another one. Sayaka sighs, seems she got to class pretty late afterall. "Alright! Lunch sounds good..See you later, Haruna-chan!" finally, Sayaka glances over at Sierra thoughtfully, "Physics huh." She makes a face. "That's gotta be my worst subjects! Heey, do you think you could help me out with my homework sometime? I could really use the help with my physics assignment."

    Glancing briefly at Sierra's pin, she smiles, "Wow, that's a pretty pin! Where'd you get it?"
Sierra Earhart 2016-04-12 05:24:52 38103
Sierra Earhart blushes bright. She just glances down at the pin for a moment before speaking up. "Well, I umm, I have a really bad fear of heights. A few years ago, I was moving from the USA to Camp Fuji down in Shizuoka. We had to fly there. I was panicking really bad. I was shaking and everything. One of the flight attendants seen me and went up to talk to the pilot and co-pilot."

She stops and shutters a little as the memory gets to her a little. "The Flight Attendant came back and offered me a chance to go up to the cockpit and meet the pilots. She was trying to help me calm down. My parents agreed and I got to meet the Captain. I seen out the front of the plane and it was just amazing. I felt safe. The clouds looked like pillows underneath the aeroplane and I couldn't see just how high up we were. It was so pretty I calmed down a bit. They decided to give me a little something to remember the trip by. They gave me this pin. It became my dream to become a pilot. I'm still really scared of heights but I still wanna fly. Just to be able to be above everything I'm so afraid of. Its the most peaceful thing I can think of."
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-12 05:34:58 38106
Sayaka Miki oohs, "Wow, really? That's a pretty cool story..And they gave you that?" she grins, "So! You managed to overcome your fear of flying, I'm guessing?"

    Sayaka chuckles, then looks at her watch, "Oh nooo! I'm late for my study session! Well it was nice meeting you! Guess I should get going! Good night!"
Sierra Earhart 2016-04-12 05:37:42 38108
Sierra just shakes her head. Then, Sayaka needs to run. Sierra gives a polite bow and then waves. "Have a good night." She smiles and turns to look towards her home.