Dance Magic Dance

Momo watches Sachiko at dance class, and then as promised Norie comes to dance with her! Unfortunately, Norie freaks out at the ''idea'' that Prism Keeper Pink might be here as a trap to destroy Lacrima, and everything goes wrong from there. In the end, the Vampire skulks away, Sachiko cries, and nobody gets to dance.

Date: 2016-04-13
Pose Count: 24
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-13 23:37:03 38379
The dance studio where Sachiko was attending prior to the sudden upheaval of her living situation was all too willing to forgive and forget the classes she missed in exchange for being able to claim that the Councilman supported the school. And of course, the tiny donation/compensation check he offered the school didn't hurt at all.

One man's paltry sum is another's treasure, so they say, and dance schools are not cheap to maintain. Every little bit helps.

Thus, Sachiko has been allowed back, and not a dirty look given to the girl for having to work harder to catch up with her peers at the dances they were supposed to be learning. And indeed, Sachiko has been working hard. Harder, even, than she worked before; as if somehow her inspiration for dance has only been encouraged by the time away.

Today, Sachiko is dressed in a pair of tan tights, pink ballet flats, and a green long-sleeved leotard. She danced beautifully as she could with her class (which, for a seven year old, she's not really that bad at all!), with Momo seated on the sidelines watching. Neither of them argued terribly hard for the girl to be allowed to dance; Momo seemed more interested in watching, and Sachiko didn't want to upset her already strict teacher.

Now, the other girls have filtered out, and Sachiko has once again asked to remain behind. She claimed it was so that she could practice some more of the things she missed in front of the mirror, but today there is a very different agenda on Sachiko's mind.

When the last girl files out, Sachiko turns to Momo and offers a bouncing squeal. "Now you've seen me dancing for real! I know it was just practice, but do you think I did okay? Norie-senpai should be her soon! I can't wait to dance with her for real."
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-13 23:44:29 38380
Momo had been watching raptly from the plastic chair she'd claimed as her seat. This could be also because there was no way she could be distracted in an uncomfortable chair, but it was mostly just because she really cared about Sachiko and wanted to watch her dance.

Her eyes were wide with excitement as Sachiko approached her after the dancing let off and she pounced out of the chair with only marginal discomfort for having sat so long. She threw her arms around Sachiko as she turned to her and bounced, giggling loudly. "You were wonderful! I wish I could come and watch you dance every day.". She didn't acknowledge the fact that Norie was coming. She still hadn't really reached a conclusion about the girl that Sachiko kept talking about.
Lacrima 2016-04-13 23:48:32 38381
Norie Okana had been watching in through the window from across the way--- as the first night she met Sachiko. But she was more careful about it. No one could see her. With a gentle step, a single thought, she steps out of some shadows at the corner of the room- as if emergencing from it properly. She could appear from anywhere, but appearing from shadow is WAY more theactrical.

And this is a dance school.

Dancing... it was something Norie missed terribly. But she'd ruined it for herself. How foolish, she thought, she was, to fight those urges. If she'd merely played along, perhaps she'd still be here. When she enters---she drops the guise of Norie. Her hair becomes longer, purple, her eyes change from blue--to a similar purple. But it's all that changes. There's no reason to prtend to be Norie here.

As promised. She's dressed in a leotard--- it is simple, black. Purple leg warmers, purple wrist bands.

She smiles at Sachiko. "Sachi-chan..." she says with a curt smile-- still odd and strange on her face as her eyes trace over to Momo. Her expression changes to a softer frown.

"...and who is this?" she asks more curtly. Not quite polite.

Momo's Pink Chroma Prism thums. It's reacting to Norie's-- Lacrima's prescene.

It doesn't like her. It's probably the fact Lacrima is a big ball of dark energy currently.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-13 23:56:12 38382
Sachiko's whole face lights up when Momo rushes over to hug her. She hugs right back, squeezing the pink-haired girl tightly with excitement and happiness. Having a friend confirm just how wonderful she is builds so much confidence, and confidence is a thing Sachiko has largely lacked her entire life.

"It was so much fun," Sachiko says, giggling as well. But then her name is being called, and not by Momo. Sachiko turns, wide-eyed, to take Norie in. Her already broad smile grows even more excited, and she rushes forward to hug Norie tightly. "You came! You wore a leotard!" she says. "Yay that means we can dance!"

She lets the hug go quickly, then motions, "Momo-chan, this is Norie-senpai. Norie-senpai, this is my bestest best friend Momo-chan. I told Momo-chan that you're a monster, but that it's okay because you don't wanna be. And Momo-chan is a magical girl, so she understands. Right, Momo-chan?"
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-14 00:06:35 38383
Seemingly in reply to Sachiko's introduction and question, Momo lets the pink flow over her from her crystal and stands there before them both as Prism Keeper Pink. She gives a warm smile despite the burning in her eyes as she looks upon Norie. She'd felt her Chroma Prism's reaction and given one of her own.

"Hello! I'm Prism Keeper Pink! I'm here to /watch/ you, and Sachiko dance.". It almost seems like the 'and Sachiko dance.' part was an afterthought as she wriggles a little in front of the two other girls.

She turns and goes to sit in the chair she'd oocupied earlier, nodding encouragingly to Sachiko as she waggles her Chroma Wand back and forth. She seemingly got a camera from somewhere too, to go with her little smile.
Lacrima 2016-04-14 00:09:41 38384
Lacrima looks back to Sachiko and smiles coyly. "Of the things I would lie about, why dancing? I do not dance much anymore. I'm looking forward to it. Along with the promised other thing." she says more lowly.

She is hugged. In theory, Norie remembers being hugged. She used to like it. But now... it feels... alien. Awkward- that friendly contact. She looks odd and awkward about it, like she doesn't know what to do with her hands.

Maybe she truly is a monster.

She's glad it's over quick.

"Oh. A magical girl." she says softly to Momo. "For 'real'?" she asks, a little bit of disbelief in her tone.

Then she transforms. And Lacrima takes a step back. She frownns narrowing her eyes. That power... it feels like that girl she fought. She's hesitant now.

Her mind goes to the most logical place. This is a trap. Sachiko has lured her into a trap-- and her eyes go wide---

And she shakes--

It's all she can do to not immediatly leap into Momo. She doesn't. She seems to calm down off it , however, she stops shaking.

"W--well then." she says. "You shall stay over there then." she says. Not a request. An order. A not very polite one.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-14 00:19:51 38385
"Yeah, I know, I remember," Sachiko says, not catching the subtext between Momo and Lacrima. "We dance for a bit, and then you will drain me. Momo-chan is worried you will hurt me, but I told her except that it stings a bit it doesn't hurt,a nd just makes me very sleepy."

She grabs Norie's hand and drags her towards the dance studio, then asks, "Do you need to stretch and warm up? Sensei says you should always do that, but I dunno if you gotta because ... you know ... monster. But um. We've been doing trust exercises for Pas des Deux. I can teach you, because it's really just dancing. I made sure to watch the boy's part really close and I know the girl's part, so I can teach you the boy's part."
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-14 00:26:01 38386
Momo had already taken a seat, but she actually started scooting her chair closer when she was told to stay over there. The camera moves with her, poised in the air like the eye of some technological god's eye sent to keep vigil upon the proceedings. The fake smile on Momo's face only grew more as her eyes went from normal pink to a burning hot pink the more Norie and Sachiko spoke.

She started to tap her Chroma Wand on her knee, little pink sparks flying forth from it with each touch.
Lacrima 2016-04-14 00:33:55 38388
Lacrima talks softly. "No, those don't matter to me." she says curtly as she looks over to Pink and frowns rather heavily at her. She doens't like her. She looks down to Sachiko. "I was in dance for a long while. I know the basics." she says softly. She seems ready, to dance, as it were, motioning her hands out.

"However, you'll need to lead me, based on what it is you wish to dance." she says.

Her eyes look back up to Momo. Frown again. Yeah. She gets this a LOT from the vampire.

"You've been drained a few times by me. You know how it feels. It obviously does not kill you." she says politely.

Then that tap...and those sparks. And everytime that happens. She flinches...

She asks, well she snaps out--- having to stop talking to Sachiko to do so. "Stop that." she says coldly at Momo.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-14 00:41:35 38389
"Ummmm," Sachiko starts to say, then tilts her head. "Um ummm," she mumbles, then frowns. She did not think 'choreography' through very far. "How about ..." she says, "How about I put on some music, and you lead, and I'll follow, and if it's too hard for me I'll say so."

That decided (Norie doesn't get a vote), Sachiko runs over to the boombox and cues up the CD for the song they'd been using recently to practice a dance. It's a classical piece, slower, but with a few moments of playfulness.

Rushing back, Sachiko puts her both hands on her right hip facing Norie, feet in the first position. "Kay!"
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-14 00:43:36 38390
Momo blinks at Norie in feigned confusion, still tapping her Chroma Wand on her knee. "Stop what?". She gave a sacchrine sweet smile, one that would put even a coyote to shame in it's malicious trickery.

She did not like Norie at all, and she had an evil plan hatching in her head. Although, considering Norie was a monster it was entirely possible it was just a plan, with the fact it would occur to Norie cancelling out the evil part. A philosphical debate that didn't even occur to Momo.
Lacrima 2016-04-14 00:50:57 38391
Lacrima is doing , her best to keep concentrated on Sachiko. She's trying with all her might. She /wants/ to dance. Part of her doesn't even care if she doesn't get to /eat/. She doesn't /need/ Sachiko's energy right now, she just /wants/ it. She /covets it/ but she's getting to do something that human Norie would want. Something /normal/ something /average/.

Tap... Tap... Tap.... every spark sends of a danger sense down her spine at those purifying sparks. It's becoming a drone in the back of her head, drowning out Sachiko's words. Drowning out the fragile 'good feelings' she'd managed to gather up.

And she cracks....

"Trap..." she says pointing at Sachiko. "This is a /trap/...!" she says wide eyed. "You never intended to dance with me, you /lied again!/...." she seethes "You lied and brought this /person/ with you who can /hurt me!/." she says at Sachiko----

Then she throws her hand out right with a sudden flourishing point at Momo---

And a bolt of dark energy flies out, arcing through the air-- though given her sudden change in demeanor, Momo may be expecting it at this point.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-14 01:00:48 38392
The change in Sachiko's face from excited to confused is a subtle one. It's hard to really grok the meaning of 'trap' at her age; especially the kind of trap Norie is accusing her of. Especially when the exact opposite was on her mind.

"T...trap?" she asks, confused and worriedly. "No, I didn't lie!" she says, because that accusation upsets her immensely. "Sachi-chan doesn't l--!" she starts ot protest, but the bolt of dark energy flies, and Sachiko's desperate attempt at protest turns into a squeak of anguish and terror.

"Momo-chan!" she screams, tears already forming in her eyes.

How did the most exciting experience of her life turn into something so terrifying so very suddenly?
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-14 01:09:47 38394
The camera before Prism Keeper Pink grows exponentially until it's about the size of three quarters of her body, the lens extending forward as it goes. It focuses entirely on Lacrima. "Prism Aegis Power! Pink Chroma Camera Capture!". A thick beam issues forth from the camera's flash spot, Prism Keeper Pink's voice ringing behind it as the pink hurtles forward.

It pays no heed to the attack in front of it, utterly devouring the energy as it purifies it and only charges itself further with it. The energy itself binds Norie in place, captured in the perfect picture of throwing out her hand for an attack.

She runs over and clutches at Sachiko's waist, doing her best to fly them both out the door as she runs them towards it, little wings vibrating.
Lacrima 2016-04-14 01:19:49 38398
Lacrima seethes. "Then why bring the girl who can hurt me like that other who burned me!? All I wanted was to dance! /dance and take what's mine!/." she adds, because she is NOT in her right mind suddenly.

Or maybe she's just being what she truly is right now.

She begins to billow with some kind of black mist--or is that physical shadow itself aiming to escape her and make weird tendrils outwards toward's Pink and Sachiko---

Then Pink calls out her attack---and the 'snap' captures her----it blows through her dark energy---it blows through her form---and her eyes widen---

She doesn't feel the full force of the positive feelings like she did the last time she felt the power of a purification attack, but she gets the full force of it power---it blazes over her as she screeches out. It doesn't sound human, it sounds feral and high pitched. She falls down to her knees when the attacks passed and she's able to fall down again. She's leaking that black smoke again as she looks down at her hands-- no.. no not again. She doesn't want to go back there. Not back to the Dusk Zone. Not again! W--what will she loose this time!? S--she was so close.. so close to feeling /something/ normal.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-14 01:40:13 38403
This is exactly the opposite of what Sachiko had wanted out of this night. The whole world seems to have frozen around her, and the little girl freezes, too. It's not any magical power that holds her in place, but rather the only coping mechanism she has left: if she stays very still, maybe everything will just fix itself.

As Prism Keeper Pink lifts Sachiko into her arms, Sachiko leans against her like a doll. She knows how to be carried; she's been carried by many a magical girl (and boy) before.

"I didn't bring her to hurt you," Sachiko whimpers as Pink carries her thorugh the door and out into the night. "I didn't want to hurt you. I just wanted to dance."
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-14 01:48:58 38405
Prism Keeper Pink doesn't stop until they're maybe a block away, the rage that someone would come and non-chalantly talk about feeding from someone she was close to fueling her determination until that moment. She sets Sachiko down easily and then lands herself, bracing her hands against her knees to catch her breath. She expended a lot back there.

"S-sa-sachi-sachiko. She was talking about eating you. Y-you didn't tell me it made you very sleepy. I think... If you did I don't remember, but that girl is very bad.". Pink had felt it, the badness that was there. She was complete oblivious to the oppurtunity of goodness in Norie's heart, because Norie had become that monster and got close to her friend while talking about that...

Pink lifted up slowly though, her breath catching as she looks about. "Sh-she won't come after us, do you think?".
Lacrima 2016-04-14 01:53:16 38406

'Tears' in spanish. The power named her this. It knew. It knew the pain it'd cause taking residence in this being. It /knew/.

Purple liquid streamed down her cheeks from her eyes-- though she didn't feel as if she was crying. Yet she still felt sad. It was easy for her to feel sad. The liquid always felt tingly. Acidic. A stark reminder about her current situation. Would she follow?...

No.. no she wouldn't. She'd fade off into the Dusk Zone. She'd need to stay there again. Maybe not as long as before. Hopefully. Just the night. Staring into the black. Just a night...

Just a night.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-14 02:01:21 38409
Sachiko falls onto her bottom as she's set down--not because Momo set her down hard, but because she no longer wants to be standing. Hugging herself tightly, Sachiko whines, "I did tell you that it stings just a little and makes me sleepy. You didn't listen. I told you she was gonna drain me. I told you she says I taste good and then you kissed me. I promised her we could dance, and then I'd let her drain me again. But she doesn't kiss, she just touches me on the elbows. It doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt. She wasn't gonna hurt me."
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-14 02:06:09 38410
Prism Keeper Pink crouched down and lifted Sachiko's chin, looking her right in the eyes. "Sachiko, that's hurting you. It's a different kind of hurt.". She lifts her other hand and places it over Sachiko's heart. "It hurts what's in here. Where we feel all the wonderful amazing things that we feel. She might be nice sometimes, but she isn't a good thing. A good person maybe, but not a good thing. You have to be careful about these kind of people.".

She smiles weakly, taking her hand from cupping Sachiko's chin and touching her cheek. "I just want you to be safe, because you're my bestest friend ever and I don't want anything bad to ever ever ever happen to you.". She gives her a weak, yet warm smile.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-14 02:13:03 38413
Sachiko sniffles sadly, staring into the Prism Keeper's Pink eyes with wide, confused eyes full of unshed tears. "She just wanted to dance with me," she whines sadly. "I just wanted to dance with her." She sniffles, then reaches out to grab her friend close, clinging to her as she starts to cry.

In a little while, she'll stop being scared. It's really not Momo's fault: that face Norie--no Lacrima--made; the accusations of lies, and the sudden dark energy passing oh so close to Sachiko's tiny body. Terrified and hurting, Sachiko clings desperately to the best thing that's ever happened to her.

Eventually she calms down enough to ask, "What about my bag? I gotta go get it. I'm supposed to be home soon."
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-14 02:15:38 38414
Prism Keeper Pink nods gently, wrapping her arms around Sachiko in return and slowly lifting them both up and into the air. She flies them through a carelessly left open window back into the building, settling Sachiko on the floor. "Go get your things, and I'll rush you home. Okay, Sachiko?". She offers a much stronger, and even warmer smile to her friend.
Sachiko Hayakawa 2016-04-14 02:20:12 38415
"Okay," Sachiko agrees quietly. She looks around worriedly for any trace of Norie, but there's no evidence the girl was ever there ... except the vaguely pink hue the whole studio has taken on. It's not even noticeable, except to someone who's looking for it.

Sachiko picks up her backpack and puts it on her shoulders, then pads back to Momo sadly. "I guess she's gone," she mumbles quietly. "Momo-chan, I'm sorry I made you upset." Then she puts her arms around Momo's neck and waits to be picked up--this time more like a princess, because it's how everyone else seems to prefer carrying her, and probably easier for Momo.
Momo Akatsuki 2016-04-14 02:23:59 38417
Prism Keeper Pink does in fact pick Sachiko up like a princess, fully aware of the fact that she was carrying around the girl that made her feel fuzzies inside. She'd have to be extra super careful less she accidentally drop Sachiko and then she'd have to catch her or everything would go pear-shaped for Pink.

The little pink wings on her back started to flutter magnificently, and she lifted them both up from a standing position which she only altered with a slight leaning forward as she carried Sachiko home.

She placed Sachiko right on the doorstep of the big ol' mansion and smiled. "It's okay, you know. I care a lot about you, so I might get upset a lot so don't worry, okay?". She smiled and flew off to do her own thing, a pink-tinged tear streaking down her face. She'd upset Sachiko, ruined her dance. She hoped it didn't lead to anything bad for Sachiko like before when she couldn't dance.