Too Good to be True?

Homura and Sayaka catch up on lost time, and discuss the oddly peaceful times following recent big battles. Is it too soon to relax?

Date: 2016-04-14
Pose Count: 14
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-14 03:27:09 38425
    Sayaka's been doing some late night studying at school again, scrambling to catch up with her classes. It didnt help that many of her memories, uncluding school related, were eaten by a memory youma. But it was pretty hard to tell her teacher that a Youma ate her homework!

    Which means it'll take her a while to catch up! Finally however, her study group is finished, and she bursts out of the school looking exhausted and ready for a nice long nap! "Good night! See you later!" She grins and waves at Hitomi who has been tutoring her in her studies, along with some of the other kids who go their separate ways.

    Now, let's hope she doesn't miss her bus! She whistles to herself as she heads for her bus stop which is thankfully just in front of the school.
Homura Akemi 2016-04-14 03:36:36 38428
    Homura is anything but behind in her studies, but as a Puella Magi she still has a reason to be out late. Infinity is one place in which she's found a Witch before, but tonight at least it seems clear. Well, all things considered, Infinity is a dangerous place for a Witch to be anyways. There are at least four girls who would put a stop to it almost immediately.

    Still, Homura is here, and she's alone, and she's tired enough that she really doesn't feel like walking or rooftop jumping. So she heads to the bus stop. Along the way, she finds none other than Sayaka Miki.

    Homura hesitates for a moment, considering if she should approach or not, but after a moment she decides that it's (probably) alright. Her henshin fades away, showing a white button-up blouse and black skirt. Clearly not her school uniform. She walks up next to Sayaka, clearing her throat before speaking. "Quiet night."
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-14 03:40:58 38429
    Sayaka continues to sing along to the classical music on her headphones, having continued her love for Kyousuke's violin music, even when he moved on with someone else. She almost doesn't hear Homura, but her music isnt that loud afterall. She grins, assuming it's one of her fellow study buddies, grinning and waving, "Heey! didnt know you took this bus too!"

    However, when she turns to address the girl fully, she realizes with a gasp that it's none other than Homura Akemi! "Oh! It's you.." She smirks, remembering the last time she saw Homura and Madoka at D-point, embracing each other and frozen together, presumably forever.

    She had also recently regained all of her own memories, and those of Homura were still fresh. "Hmm, I see you're faring better than the last time we met..And how is Madoka-chan? I hope you've been taking good care of my best friend." Not that she expected anything less from Madoka's beloved, but she's gotta ask, anyway!
Homura Akemi 2016-04-14 03:54:24 38430
    All the times that Homura or someone she knows has died have started to blend together, but she does remember D-point. She actually never saw Sayaka fall, having been one of the first to die.

    As Madoka's name is mentioned, Homura's eyes slide off to the side. When she looks back at Sayaka, she says, "Madoka-chan's alright. We've been..."

    Insert montage of Homura and Madoka cuddling here, set to "Happy Together".

    "...doing pretty well. I've been trying to teach her a bit about hunting Witches. She's turning out to be pretty capable. Not that there was much doubt."

    She flips her hair, and then looks down the road, possibly looking for the bus. "So how about you and Kyouko-san? I've heard good things. She really seems to value you, you know."

    She smiles, slightly, but only for a moment. "Things are almost too peaceful right now. It's a little scary."
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-14 04:03:37 38431
    Sayaka smiles, seemingly amicable. Perhaps she is finally ready to put her disagreements with Homura behind them both. "I'm glad to hear that Mado-chan's doing well! I haven't seen her in a while. I hope she's not working too hard? It's a big strain, the kind of power she has now. But it's good that you two have each other!" she grins and winks.

    But when Kyouko is mentionned, Sayaka blushes a bit. "Eh..Heh..I guess things are slowly falling back into place. I kinda got most of my memories over the past 8 months eaten by a memory Youma. But Kyou-chan had some friends who helped to get them back, thankfully. It was pretty overwhelming, having to experience some of those negative memories over again, but I suppose it was worth it, in the end.."

    Then Homura does something expected. She seems worried that things are too good. "Hmm? Is that a bad thing? Hey, we beat the biggest baddest witch in history, so far. And we defeated Queen Beryl. Even the heroes deserve a break, don't ya think? Why should we complain? I mean, fighting bad guys is all fun, but I cant complain when the world's not coming to an end every other day either, y'know?"
Homura Akemi 2016-04-14 04:24:20 38432
    "I don't think she's working too hard." Would Homura know what 'too hard' is if she saw it? Well, Madoka's Soul Gem seems to be doing alright, at least. "She's very eager. She's always said that she wanted to be a hero. I suppose she really meant it. She's still inexperienced, but I'm not worried about that. It might sound conceited but I'm fairly confident in my ability to watch over her."

    Homura hears about the memory-stealing youma, and then tilts her head. "Oh really? So that's what's been going on with you." The thought of reliving bad memories brings a frown to her face. "... yeah. They were bad enough the first time."

    She listens to Sayaka, and it seems like she spends a long time looking at her. When she looks away, she talks. "Walpurgisnacht... the strongest Witch in history?" In this history, maybe. "Well, it's true that she was powerful. We probably won't see a Witch that strong in a long time. Beryl being out of the way makes me feel better on a number of levels, too. Not gonna lie."

    "I guess I'm just not used to things being like this. Maybe I should just be grateful."
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-14 05:04:13 38433
    Sayaka hmms, "I hope not. I mean, with the power to save witches, she's got a heavy burden to bear. But..She makes a good hero, and she gives the rest of us Puella hope!" The thought of Madoka no longer feeling helpless brings a smile to Sayaka's face. Knowing she's alive and well is enough to erase the image of the pair of them frozen in seemingly deathlike state.

    "Hmm yeah, I've been trying to regain my memories slowly, bit by bit, because it's a bit overwhelming all at once. Things are starting to make sense again, but there are confusing things. Miss White tried to attack me, and I'm not sure why. Haruna-chan said she was possessed by some kinda weapon, so I hope she's better now..In fact, I should meet her and have a chat. It was scary, not having powers again though, I gotta admit."

    She sighs, "And..I met Anshi-chan's little sister, who learned about her sister's death. Looks like Kyubey's been keeping an eye on her too."
Homura Akemi 2016-04-14 05:17:36 38434
    "Hope." Homura has to admit that Madoka brings a lot of hope to anyone who would want to avoid becoming a Witch. "Yeah, she does." She decides not to mention what would happen in a worst-case scenario. Ever. "I think she bears it well. She has a lot of hope to give."

    Homura thoughtfully rests her hand against her chin. "Miss White attacked you? Controlled by some kind of weapon..." Wow has she been out of the loop, lately. "Seems like you've had a lot going on. Well, at least you aren't getting bored."

    It might be hard to see it in the low lighting, but Homura's face grows several tints more pale at the mention of Anshi's little sister. "Are you serious?!" And Kyubey's keeping an eye on her? "So she's alive. I wonder if Anshi's fate would have been different if she knew. Still, if that white rat has his beady red eyes on her then I can't say I'm too pleased."
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-14 05:19:53 38435
    Sayaka frowns, "Yeah, Sachiko-chan's a sweet girl, but she seemed really troubled, like something else had happened to traumatize her in addition to her sister's death. But I guess Sachiko-chan also had to deal with her mother's death and father's disappearance. I...I had to tell her the truth about Anshi and the ultimate fate of all Puella, because she seemed like she was seriously considering making a wish. But, I wonder if it's even possible for Kyubey to bring someone back from the dead?"
Homura Akemi 2016-04-14 05:27:57 38436
    "It's very possible." Homura's response is almost immediate. "He's done it several times. I myself have been wished back from the dead in more than one timeline. Mostly it was Madoka who did it."

    She glances sideways at Sayaka. "You wished a boy back to health, didn't you? Bringing back the dead isn't that different, especially for a creature that can manipulate souls. However, just because it's possible for Madoka, that doesn't mean it's possible for just anyone. The potential strength of the wish is limited by the potential of the Puella Magi."

    Homura closes her eyes. "It was a good idea to warn her. Someone like her becoming a Witch... that's inexcusable. How old is she anyways? I mean, Anshi herself was younger than us, and so if Sachiko is even younger..."
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-14 06:30:44 38437
    Sayaka hmms, "She is pretty young..Six or Seven, maybe? Too young to become a Puella. Well, I told her the dangers and I warned her that it's a decision she needs to make on her own, and not to be swayed by anyone.." She shrugs, "I mean, if it were me, sure, I'd want to bring back a dead person I cared about but.."

    "Well, I just hope she makes the right decision. Becoming a Puella is a steep price. Hopefully she wont tell others about the ultimate fate of a Puella though..I'm a little nervous that Shinobu-chan already told Miss White about the connection between Puella and Witches.."
Homura Akemi 2016-04-14 06:38:44 38439
    Six or seven. Homura doesn't like that at all. "Too young. By far. Well, It's not like anyone can stop a person from making a wish, but you can warn them at least."

    Homura's face darkens, and she looks away. "Shinobu's got a big mouth, but as for Miss White... she already knows. She also knows that Madoka can turn a Witch back into a Puella Magi. I didn't have any intent to tell her, but... when I became a Witch, she saw Madoka turn me back."

    She looks down at the ground. "I don't think... White's the kind of person to be irresponsible about that. I don't agree with her every decision, and I did leave WPS for a reason. I think I can trust her with something like that."
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-14 06:42:23 38440
    Sayaka frowns, "I hope you're right. Isn't WPS's main purpose to destroy witches? Ultimately that includes us Puella too then. But she's got some good in her, and I am starting to trust her. She was possessed when she attacked me afterall, so she cant be blamed for that. However, it still leaves me feeling a bit unsettled. I guess we always have Madoka and her abilities to fall back on though. I wonder how many witches she has saved now..It's nice to know that I can sleep a little easier, knowing that all hope is not lost for us Puella."

    "Y'know, it'd be nice sometime if the four of us could go out. Y'know, double..Date? Or something..." she looks away a bit embarrassed to say that. It's not like she and Kyouko are dating or anything, they're just kinda..Well, it's complicated. "Heh, well here's the bus! Thanks for the chat, Homura-san!"
Homura Akemi 2016-04-14 06:48:01 38441
    "I think Hannah's goal is a bit deeper than that. It wasn't just to kill Witches. She was sympathetic to the situation of the Puella Magi, so I don't think she's going to pull a Suzu--" She clears her throat. "I mean. I don't think she's the type to start hunting us down."

    How many Witches has Madoka saved? Homura actually isn't sure. "Not too many, I think. The conditions to do so are very tight. She needs someone with an emotional connection to the Witch to be there. So, say, if you Witched, Kyouko or Madoka would have to be there. If it's someone she doesn't know, she can't really help them."

    The bus comes, and Homura stands up. "I think I'm going a different route home. See you around, Sayaka-san."