Future Plans

Sayaka visits Kyouko at the conbenie and a discussion about the future ensues.

Date: 2016-04-17
Pose Count: 11
Kyouko Sakura 2016-04-17 23:43:13 38827
    "Seriously," Kyouko says, gritting her teeth as she dodges out of the way of a bee-shaped Familiar that stabs down towards her from the bright, crayon-blue sky of the Labyrinth. "Can't I even get a break at work? I mean, my job is hard enough without Witches opening Labyrinths right in the middle of my damn store!" She rolls up to a crouch behind a tree that looks like it was drawn by a toddler, peering out around it.

    The Witch looks like a huge bumblebee with too many eyes and too many legs, hovering with a droning buzz sound in the middle of an overly-bright, scribbled field. Weird, multi-colored clouds float through the blue sky.

    Kyouko glances around to try and spot Sayaka. Good thing the girl had stopped by to visit during her shift, or she'd have to be dealing with this alone. Not that she couldn't, of course; but help is always appreciated.

    "You okay, Saya-chan?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-18 00:05:02 38828
    "Well y'know, maybe it's a sign that you need to take a vacation?" she smirks as she swings her sword around in a wide arc, cutting through a flurry of bee-familiars, before ducking behind the same kiddie drawn couch.

    "I mean, by the time we're done with this place, you're gonna need a new job anyways..Or at least if this was a normal dimension."

    Of course, it's not a normal dimension. And if they succeed, there will be no trace of this battle. If they fail, then they'll probably haunt the conbenie for the restof their ghostly undead lives.

    "I mean, when was the last time you've actually BEEN on a vacation, anyways? Speaking of, I dont think I ever visited your hometown!" of course, going to her hometown doesnt really count as a vacation!
Kyouko Sakura 2016-04-18 00:29:31 38835
    Kyouko rolls her eyes slightly as she crouches in the cover with Sayaka, giving the blue-haired girl a wry look. "Vacation? I ain't been on one of those in my entire life.. you gotta have money to go on vacation. Besides.. " She peeks over at the giant Witch. "Then who'd take care of my turf?"

    She darts out from behind cover, whirling her spear around in front of her, slicing through a few more of the bee familiars which fall into little puffs of color on the ground as they try to buzz at her. She charges straight for the huge Bee-witch, but as she leaps towards it it buzzes its wings super fast, sending out a burst of wind which sends her tumbling back. She manages to grab hold of a tree-branch and right herself, dropping down behind it.

    "Damn that's annoying. I think we need to do a pincer-attack, Saya-chan! It can't hold both of us off."
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-18 00:35:47 38836
    "Seriously? Never!?" she stares at the other girl incredulously. But then, Saya remembers how she is without a family, and living on her own, trying to get by on the scrappings taht the conbenie gives her, rather than having the luxury of going to school. She sighs.

    "I'm sorry. That must be tough. I almost feel guilty, afterall, my parents are so wealthy, they're always going on vacation. Hey! What if we were to, y'know, adopt you? Would that be....Too weird?" She bites her lip, peering back at the swarm of bees as she looks for an openning, "I mean, I suppose that'd make us siblings, which would kinda be awkward, but on the other hand, you wouldn't have to work at this place. And you could go to school with me. And vacation!"

    Sayaka doesn't wait for an immediate response as she finds her openning and nods to Kyou, "Sounds good! I'll take the right side!" and she rushes at the bee-queen witch from the right. "Shooting Stinger!" She yells, swinging out her sword arm in a wide arc, summoning seven sword to fly at the giant bee-Queen.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-04-18 00:46:45 38839
    Kyouko nearly stumbles as Sayaka suddenly brings up 'adopting' her. Luckily, she's able to recover quickly enough to avoid getting stabbed by a giant bee-stinger.. before joining Sayaka in the attack at the right moment. As Sayaka summons the giant swords to send at the bee-queen, it turns towards her to deflect them..

    Allowing Kyouko to leap into the air and throw her spear like a thunderbolt. It glows with red energy as it slams down through the bee's body, piercing it completely. The bee lets out a shrieking sound, then collapses in on itself.. and a Grief Seed falls to the floor.

    The labyrinth slowly fades out, leaving them standing in the (thankfully) empty conbenie. Kyouko walks over, giving Sayaka a look. "Babe, I appreciate the thought but.. I don't wanna be your sister." She grins at that, and gives a wink. Then she adds, "More seriously.. it might be kinda hard for you to understand, Saya-chan, but it's important to me that I make my own way. I dun wanna rely on handouts from people.. even from you. Don't take that the wrong way. I love it when you give me gifts." She reaches up to touch the hairpin from Christmas, still worn in her hair every day.

    "But that's not really the same, y'know?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-18 00:52:38 38841
    Somehow, it's easier to talk about these things when she's fighting witches. And while Sayaka would normally be content to draw the battle out as long as possible, Kyouko ends it quickly and with finality. "Heh." She smirks, looking around as the labrynth vanishes, replaced by the rather ordinary looking conbenie. Good thing it was at the end of the day at least!

    "Well, it's an option. I mean, most people your age dont have to work. Most people your age have families, they go to school and vacations. It's at least a thought. It wouldn't hurt to consider it, would it? Do you really wanna work here for the rest of your life?"

    But she also understands a need for independence. Sayaka more than anyone, as she's always been pretty independant for her own age. "Well..I guess you have a point though. I still think it'd be nice if we could go on a vacation, just the two of us. Heck, I could pay for it. I dont have a job but, I have an allowance, my parents would happily chip in.."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-04-18 00:58:07 38842
    Kyouko is still in henshin at least.. bending to pick up the Grief Seed, bouncing it on her hand slightly as she shifts her spear to her other shoulder and gives a little smile back to Sayaka. "I ain't exactly had a normal life, Saya-chan. I dunno, I know what you say is true but.. I'm not sure I could ever fit in with 'normal' kids my age anymore. It just.. well. I'm kinda happy the way things are? At least, for now."

    Sayaka brings up the 'rest of her life', and Kyouko twists her mouth to the side slightly. "It's just.. I don't wanna be a downer, Saya-chan but us Puella don't exactly have long life expectancies. I ain't used to thinking about what I might be doing in 10 years, or 20 years. I just always.. assumed I wouldn't make it that far. Which ain't to say I'm gonna go out anytime soon if I can help it, but.." She sighs softly. "I dunno what I want, long-term, if there is a long-term. I hope there is. But I've always been the type to figure it out as I go along."

    At the mention of a vacation though, her face brightens slightly, and she grins.. "I think that would fall under the category of 'gift'.. so I think I could allow that without feeling too bad. Maybe not a fancy cruise or nothin', but I wouldn't mind getting away for a few days sometime.."
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-18 01:57:55 38859
    Sayaka nods, "I know. I guess..Sometimes I just kinda worry. Besides, who says we cant grow up and become normal adults someday, when the word is rid of witches?"

    She hasn't henshined either, the taste of the battle still fresh in her mind. "Heh, Homura-san has been a magical girl for what, 10 years, technically?" even if that same 3 months just repeated themselves over and over again. She cant even imagine that nightmare.

    "But now that Madoka-chan can redeem witches..It's no longer an impossible dream, is it?" she grins and nods, "Yeah! my gift to you! Heck, my family owns a nice little cottage in the country side. I'd love to take you there sometime..Or maybe even a cruise or something! What do you think?"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-04-18 02:08:23 38863
    Kyouko looks just a little bit sad, glancing away from Sayaka and out towards the street in front of the conbenie, where even this late people walk by on their way home, or to various other destinations. "When the world is rid of Witches, Saya-chan.." She doesn't finish, but holds up the Grief Seed as if to remind the other girl that they need these, and if there are not Witches to get them from, they won't last much longer either.

    She shakes her head then, and tucks the seed away. (Sayaka knows that she can ask for one anytime and Kyouko will share, especially if they hunted the Witch together.) "Look, I ain't doomsayin', I'm really not, Saya-chan. I have no plans on dyin'. I intend to be a little old lady like the owner of this store before I croak. I just.. find it hard to imagine that far in the future. One day at a time.. that's how I tend to be. But I hope there is a future like that. For both of us."

    Then she grins slightly.. "I dunno if a cruise would really be my thing.. I don't know if I'd be good on all that water. But I ain't ever been to the mountains.." Well, aside from D-point, but that hardly counts. "I'd love to see them up close."
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-18 02:12:47 38866
    Sayaka's smile fades as she watches Kyouko clutching that precious grief seed, hears the tone of her voice as she speaks of witches as if it's a problem that will never go away. "I hope you're wrong. I'm sure that someday, some how, we will be free of all the grief and despair in this world.."

    She reaches up to grasp the other girl's shoulder, gently squeezing it. "Until that day, I guess you're right. We should savor every moment of the present, and not think too far into the future."

    Speaking of the water doesnt seem to be Kyouko's thing and Sayaka chuckles, "That's okay! I'll take you up to my parents' cottage then! I mean, it's not far from a nearby town so we can just catch the bus there. Yeah, it's up in the mountains. Beautiful view! Some day, I'd like to see your home town too!"
Kyouko Sakura 2016-04-18 02:17:39 38869
    Kyouko shakes her head quickly, and as Sayaka squeezes her shoulder she raises her free hand and puts it on top of Sayaka's hand on her shoulder. "No, no.. well, I mean yes, we should savor every moment of the present.. I think that's good to do. But I dun mind you thinkin' about the future, Saya-chan. It makes me feel good that you think that far ahead. It's just hard for me.. but that don't mean I think you should stop. Keep dreamin' about that future, and maybe you can guide both of us there."

    She smiles a genuine smile, even perhaps just a bit of a blush on her cheeks at the thought of staying in a cabin with Sayaka out in the country. "That sounds really nice. I think I would like that a lot."

    Sayaka brings up her home-town though, and Kyouko's expression goes a bit more guarded. "I.. have a lot of bad memories there." She says, after a moment.. then seems to straighten slightly. "But maybe that's all the more reason to go back. I can't hide from my past forever."