Center Of Attention

Riventon and Lacrima are draining energy super publically. According to keikaku, people show up and object vociferously.

Date: 2016-04-18
Pose Count: 35
Takashi Agera 2016-04-18 00:10:37 38829
If you want to get much done in Tokyo right now, and what you want done is going to involve the use of dark energy or youma in any degree, you just have to get used to the fact that whatever day it is, some of Tokyo's magical heroes are going to be on patrol, and you'd better have a plan for dealing with that.

The more of those things you have, the more of those heroes you can probably expect to draw. This is why having a giant spire of some sort of purple-black crystal, that radiates negative energy in pulses, is probably not a subtle thing. Neither is the horde of low-tier youma surrounding it.

Every so often, the machine turns like a clockwork construct, another pulse of negative energy washes outwards over Uminari City, and a little bit more actual energy from the citizens of the town returns to Riventon and Lacrima, standing beside it. Riventon is in fact leaning against it, watching the ground and skies. Because they have to come. It's just the way these things work.
Lacrima 2016-04-18 00:16:52 38830
Lacrima had no clue what was going on--- but much like the low level Youma surrounding the device- she'd been drawn to it. It didn't have the memerizing effect on her like it did the lower tier creatures--- instead, she choose to bask in whatever this is, because Riventon is letting her...

Riventon is one of the few people that understands her. He doesn't /judge/ her like everyone else does, doesn't make /false promises/ like others do.

"Riventon-san, you're expecting trouble, right?" she asks softly, she asks in a soft tone that suggests concern- but sounds more like someone who's acting it. Like it's a feeling that should be expressed right now. She places her hands against the device softly, touching it-- a smooth piece of it- nothing important. Did he make this?

She pouts. "I can see why you don't worry about energy like I do, with things like these that can 'feed' you."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-18 00:19:09 38831
It's been a pretty day all day - breezy, sunny, comfortable. Even for a weekend day it's been good. Which explains why the sudden flash of powerful dark energy from some ways across town puts Sky Jack in a rotten mood.

Even with a patrol partner, he suddenly looks grumpy as he veers his flying skateboard off in a new direction towards Juuban Avenue. "Do you feel that?!" He calls out, zipping along quickly, and then points as he can see the first of the youma platoons in the distance...
Utau Hoshina 2016-04-18 00:22:27 38833
    To be honest, going on a hero patrol really isn't Utau's thing. She's no hero and she really couldn't care less about going out of her way to save the lives of strangers and doing other super heroic things. However, she once promised Kukai that she'd try and not be so evil, if he in turn promised to help her save Ikuto. Which of course meant going on a hero patrol with him - not that she minded spending more time with him of course.

    Utau had already transformed into her Lunatic Charm persona, gliding above the city on a glorious evening, although Iru wasn't all that keen on doing heroics. So when the pillar of negative energy radiates outwards, accompanied by the horde of youma below catches her attention, she rather reluctantly changes her trajectory, and angles downwards.

    "Well.." Utau sighs, "I suppose at the very least I'll get a workout. After eating all that miso soup, I guess I need to get back into shape for my next performance.." Just dont tell her to rescue helpless damsels in distress while she's at it.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-18 00:28:30 38834
Some people have to come from across town. Some people have the misfortune of already having been in the area ... even when they weren't on patrol. The increasingly shared apartment isn't immediately nearby, but still close enough for the residents sensitive to such things to feel the pulses of dark energy.

Which is why there are two caped figures, one dark and one pale, taking a few moments to survey the situation from a rooftop with a decent line-of-sight to (a) the crystal (b) the youma horde (c) the people close by it.

"So. I wonder who that's intended to be bait for." Kunzite's eyes are a little narrowed, not expecting this to be easy or simple. Or safe. Odds that Riventon already knows they're there ... he doesn't much want to think about; best to just assume the worst. "He'll know most of what I can do; I disagreed at one point with his desire for a new research subject." It's the subtleties of tone that add the 'namely, me' to that, not anything said aloud.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-18 00:43:45 38838
"He's also a complete $#*&#$*@^*," Tuxedo Kamen informs Kunzite matter-of-factly, arms crossed over the edge of the roof they're on, overlooking the scene below. His hat is, of course, nowhere. "It's possible this isn't actually about you, you know. I don't know that kid with him, but he collects wayward little girls like I collect rocks." There's a look slid sidelong to go with the straight face, but then Mamoru's attention's back on the situation.

"He actually helps them out. Has respect for them. He used to be Miss White's partner. Flattened me once, really bad-- I was out, it was the same night Kyouko stabbed Usa. Relevant part: it was a much smaller crystal, but it was the same setup. He wasn't fishing for anyone then."

All of it's just information. There's no sign of the prince being about to swoop in and challenge. "...I promise I'll wait on the cannons."
Takashi Agera 2016-04-18 00:49:33 38840
Riventon nods. "There's always trouble." he says, without going into further detail. There's no need, at least not right now. "Frankly, if I don't get trouble, I clearly didn't build this big enough."

"Well, I think you run at a deficit natively, Lacrima." he says. "If I don't use any of my own energy I don't really need to take anyone else's to survive. It's more than I need a lot of it for experiments and projects, and equipment like this is way more efficent than running around from one person to another."

It is, of course, only a little bit of time before his device informs him of the presence of a few power spikes in the area. There's a snap of his fingers and the entranced youma form into somewhat organized groups around the pillar - enrtanced as they are, the very disparate groups move into a defensive position.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are~" Riventon hums in a singsong voice before another one of those shuddering bursts of energy radiates outwards.
Lacrima 2016-04-18 01:00:03 38843
Lacrima frowns. "I'm not sure." she says. "I don't use a lot of energy when I am 'like this.'" she says. "It takes energy to--- be someone else. Does that make sense?" she asks softly. "But I cannot be like this because it's not the form people in my life know me as." she says.

She blinks, and looks around-- did Riventon sense someone?

She doesn't personally sense anyone- but Riventon seems to have.

"Ah.." she says.

"Why are they waiting?..." she asks.

"Usually. These people have no trouble flying out and me and making themselves known." she mutters.

"Why is this any different?" she asks.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-18 01:02:12 38844
Sky Jack looks back over one shoulder at Lunatic Charm. "We wouldn't have eaten so much if you hadn't said you could eat more than I could." His own stomach protests, gurgling at the amount they ate an hour or so ago. Fortunately a growing teenage boy eats his own weight several times a day, so the discomfort is already mostly gone.

"And speaking of performances at some point we're gonna have a talk about 'not telling non-magical people about Guardian Characters'. You're gonna end up on that crazy old lady's spirit contact talk show at this rate. C'mon, let's bust some youma up and find out who's running this!"

Sky Jack moves in closer towards the wave of youma, and a soccer ball creates itself in front of him. He rears back with one leg and punts it, sending it into the line and blasting one of the creatures into pieces! "Score! Jack 1, Loonie 0!" Then he hears that familiar voice near the machine and looks over. "Oh, .... hell. It's you."
Utau Hoshina 2016-04-18 01:11:43 38845
    Lunatic smirks, shaking her head. "Seriously? You think I could turn down a challenge like that? You know, I'm gonna beat you at every game!" Her smirk fades a bit when he mentions non-magical people, however. "Wait, you're talking about Sierra? She has a right to know the kind of danger she could be in, now that her powers are starting to grow and attract the wrong people. Don't worry so much!"

    Glancing down below however, she quickly switches into serious mode, noticing the combat formation that the youma are now adopting. Indeed, this is a trap and they're falling right for it. Still, they have to do what they have to do, right?

    "Nightmare Lorelei!" she yells as she spreads out her arms, unleashing a fury of energy bats at any nearby youma. "Huh..What's this all about.." she mutters, trying to take down as many Youma as she can. But glancing around, she spies Riventon and Lacrima nearby. She already knows Riventon's involved with Eclipse. But Lacrima is helping him now too?

    "You again.." she says with a soft frown, remembering her last somewhat amicable encounter with the girl. "What's this all about?"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-18 01:16:57 38847
Kunzite's glance Tuxedo Kamen's way at the actually-about line (and the one after) wouldn't look amused to anyone else, but even if they're still misinterpreting one another's words now and again, they have that part down. The smaller crystal and the other purposes gain a nod, nothing more; braces against the next wave of the effect ... and then a youma explodes.

"There's your cannons." He doesn't even need to gesture; Lunatic Charm's attack draws any attention that Sky jack's didn't. "Preference?" Hands lifting, prepared to watch over -- or guard -- one or another of the pair attacking. But he only recognizes one of them; there's a chance the other might know both.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-18 01:22:45 38848
"Watch her back. I don't want to get in trouble," Tuxedo Kamen tells Kunzite cheerfully, straightening up and keeping his eyes on potential trajectories -- ie, anything or anyone about to aim for Sky Jack. He twists a hand in the air and apparates a rose, then absently twirls it for a half second, watching...


...and then winging it toward the space between the eyes of the first youma Jack doesn't see and take into account.
Takashi Agera 2016-04-18 01:31:42 38851
Riventon shrugs. "An abundance of caution, mayhaps fear. Perhaps they think I'm up to something. It's a good guess. After all, I'm always up to something." he says with a smile, responding to Lacrima.

Youma start detonating - not entirely unexpected, after all - these chumps were too weak to resist the lure of the equipment, and it's not optimized yet, so they must be pretty low on the Youma Totem Pole - but then Sky Jack looks over at Riventon, and Riventon makes just about the same face that Sky Jack does. Since the last time they've met in henshin, Riventon's developed a distaste for the other boy in civilian forms, too.

The bats that swarm in and drop the youma get an eyebrow raise, though. Utau's one of Easter's employees, right? "You seem to be on the wrong side, idol-san." Riventon says to her. The youma are getting whittled down pretty quickly - the number of them seems to be irrelevant considering they're going down in groups to attacks.

And when one of them does manage to show an inkling of intelligence and heads for Sky Jack's back, it explodes due to a magical rose. That rose draws a further frown from Riventon. "The people I put up with for my work..." he grumbles, trying to trace the rose to a nearby rooftop or light pole or awning or - pretty much anywhere that could support an obnoxious teenager in a tuxedo. It possibly serves well to distract him.
Lacrima 2016-04-18 01:35:38 38853
Lacrima blinks, Sky Jack! --and- someone she doesn't know--- though she purses her lips a moment and seems to be searching her thoughts---oh! "O--oh! It's you! Hello..." she says with a more straighter face- about as close as she's getting to an amicible expression right now, as she glares at Sky Jack. "Sky Jack." she says more disadainfully.

She blinks as there's a wave of attacks, and youma are taken out. "Stop that!" she calls out.

"We're draining energy!" she says. "It's much easier when you have something like this." she says. "Rather than... attacking singular people." she says.

"Riventon-san is an aquaintance. I've helped him before." she says.

"C--can you stop attacking? I really don't want to hurt you! You were nice to me when we last met but--- Sky Jack..." she says.

"He needs to go. He's trouble and makes promises he can't keep." she frowns and raises her hand, dark energy building up in the palm as she threatens to blast at Sky Jack- though she doesn't yet.

Maybe, he'll run, she thinks.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-18 01:45:52 38856
There's youma, and words, and people, and other things around Sky Jack. He should be fighting the massing youma, or attacking the machine, or moving away from Lunatic Charm in case she decides not to piss off Riventon, or any number of things. Nope.

Instead? Instead of listening to and arguing with Lacrima, or trying to push back the youma, or anything else - even any combination of these things - instead, he raises into the air a little and a soccer ball appears in front of his foot. With a cry of anger and dislike, the ball goes flying straight at Riventon, filled with positive energy and electric charge, fully intending to light other teenager's world up!

And then Sky Jack is being encircled by leaping youma, hanging off the light posts and walls and windowsills. He looks around at the group of them, trying to figure out how he's going to deal with them all at once, but stil manage to kick more soccer balls at Riventon.
Utau Hoshina 2016-04-18 01:49:24 38857
    "Jack.." Lunatic murmurs with a soft frown as they're suddenly surrounded by Youma. But she can see who his true target is, and she nods, moving in to protect him as best as she can, summoning her trident and swinging it around at the youma that swarm at him, sending off sparks of magenta energy from its tips if any of them get too close. Her movements are swift, precise..Graceful. Hey, she's a professional dancer, and now it's really becoming handy to know all those fast moves.

    As Riventon addresses her, she glances briefly up at him, frowning softly. "Riventon-san. We meet again..There was something I had been meaning to ask you." But last time they were on the same side. It could be bad if word got around that she's helping the heroes, even if for a short bit. But Utau has her reasons. Protecting Ikuto is her number one priority right now, even if it makes things a little awkward right now..

    She sighs, "Listen. Forget you saw me. It's a little...Complicated, right now. More importantly, what are you up to, with all these fancy youma and gadgets?" And then Lacrima explains and she nods, frown deepening. "Oh. I see. So you're helping Lacrima-san out with her little problem. How very...Thoughtful of you. A bit over the top though, don't you think? You could have gone with something more subtle.."

    When Lacrima so politely asks her to stop, she hesitates in her fight, freezing even as a youma charges for her. Dammit, this has become a bit more complicated than she would have liked. And she needed to ask Riventon something too. Perhaps he'd be better able to help her with her little..Problem. "Lacrima, I..." she begins, a look of confusion crossing her face. She likes Lacrima and wants to help her. But she also likes Jack and wants to help him..

    Suddenly, the charging youma snarls, slashing at her with its claws, creating a deep gash in her shoulder as she stumbles to the ground, rolling to the side before it can finish her off. "Ahh!" she cries out in pain. Dammit, Utau! What a fine mess you've got yourself into!
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-18 02:03:18 38861
Watch her back. When she's flitting like Zoisite, the quick and graceful movement part of how she fights. Kunzite's shields encase, stay solid, move slowly if they move at all. If he drops one over her, she'll likely take the restriction as an attack. And then --

That's the problem with youma. They're not always on the page you'd want them to be, when it comes to who's on which side and who's lingering long enough to talk. That she's talking with Riventon doesn't bode well -- but she was fighting beside Sky Jack. Benefit of the doubt, then.

"Don't get in trouble," Kunzite says to Tuxedo Kamen, deadpan as usual, and leaps --

(One benefit of working for the prince of the Earth is that local gravity is occasionally willing to cut you a little more of a break.)

He comes down in the space Lunatic Charm just cleared, between her and the youma that just wounded her, and lifts one hand. Shadows flare between him and the monster; something like lightning crackles through it. The attack's energy isn't tainted and distorted and corrupting, anymore. Just an entirely unlikely mingling of colors, soft violet and softer pink, when 'soft' is exactly what that not-quite-electricity isn't.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-18 02:11:32 38865
"Oh god," mutters Tux, then waits a moment before also taking the field -- on his part, to jump right into the thick of the mess surrounding Sky Jack. And good thing: that ring of angry youma may be mostly on the weaker side, but there're enough of them that they could cause a serious problem for someone aiming at Riventon.

As dress shoes tap lightly to the cracked paving behind the Jack and a black and red cape billows and falls with absurdly delicate grace, the prince draws his cane and starts slashing away at the miniature army, back to Kukai. "I can't cover your front, and I'm a little sketchy on your periphery," he tells him, "but I've got your back!" His voice lowers a little. "Try and hit him in the face."

Fighting a plethora of youma with his back to someone else--

--abruptly Tuxedo Kamen is also trying to ignore a creeping cold feeling that has nothing to do with the dark energy pulses.
Takashi Agera 2016-04-18 02:28:37 38871
Riventon watches Lacrima's attempts to talk Sky Jack out of his current course of action - not that he expects it to work. And he's not entirely surprised when it doesn't. "Careful, boy, or you'll end up carted off the field injured." he says, as a circular collection of runes arises between him and the soccer ball - negative energy empowering it to fend off the positive.

From behind his shields, he addresses Utau. "Well, I'm helping Lacrima-san and doing a little experiment of my own." he admits with a smile. "It'll be awful hard to forget seeing you here and what you were doing, you know. But if you're going to insist on getting in my way - we'll have to have a very frank discussion about this at a later time - perhaps you, I, and Sanjo-san." he says, right before a sneer crosses his face at the wound the youma inflicts. "Just know that internal affairs can be quite dangerous."

Kunzite and Txuedo Kamen join the fray, and with their help, it's not long until the 'giant youma herd' becomes 'a bunch of stragglers. To Kunzite, though, he offers. "What happened to you, anyways. You really gave up such a nifty form as you had for a human one?" he asks, as though he isn't more privvy to what happened than he ought to be.

And to Tuxedo Kamen, there's just a moment where, perhaps, the person BEHIND Riventon gets more similar memories than he'd really like. And with the youma thinning, the two of them together get the first of Riventon's own attacks.


Riventon's device makes the call out just as an utterly massive sphere of negative energy, colored black and blood-red, rips its way into existence, crackling with purple energy and about the size of a smart car, before a flick of his wrist sends it surging towards Tuxedo Kamen (and Sky Jack, by the sheer fact of the size of the orb and how close they are).
Lacrima 2016-04-18 02:35:19 38872
Lacrima huhs and blinks. "What? No-- not like that. Rather. I'm helping him!" she says softly. "I was drawn here like these other things, but I'm not exactly weak and able to be entranced so easily." she says almost coyly, though her expression doesn't seem to follow suite.

"I'm thinking of helping him more full time. He understands me better than a lot of other people." she says silently. "Doesn't lie to me... or make me false promises...."

She huffs and...

Is that an older boy in a Tuxedo. What?

She shakes her head, as she looks back and Utau is already being attacked by Youma.

"Ack! H--hey! Get away while you can! You shouldn't had poked the beehive anyways!" she says.

Her eyes trace to the white haired boy, and frowns heavily a little. Riventon-san is handling those two. Her help can be better directed at the person allowed free reign.

She does not know his name, or who he is. She just knows he needs to be hampered in his efforts right now.

A bolt of black, dark energy shoots forward from the charge on her palm- it's a basic, dark energy attack- nothing special-- aiming to try to collide and burst into Kunzite- it appears!
Kukai Souma 2016-04-18 02:48:44 38877
As much as Sky Jack wants to put another soccer ball into Riventon's face (or his shields) the pile of youma are far too threatening to him. But then there's two more figures with him - a pair of familiar figures! He looks over at Charm for a moment as the youma slashes at her and sees a white-haired figure standing over her, energy torching the youma that attacked her, and hears a familiar voice in his ear. "Hey, it's you two! What the hell...?

Then there's no more time to talk, as one of the youma leaps at him. A ball appears and he kicks it instinctively, slamming positive and electric energy into it, launching it backwards as the ball richochets off another oncoming youma's knee. The area around him becomes filled with multiple soccer balls as he boots each one, bouncing each off two and sometimes three of the surrounding monsters!

This means, however, that he misses the giant oncoming ball of energy until almost too late. He dives to one side, breaking away from Utau and the two other teenagers, rolling off his board and off by himself to one side.... "Sorry Lacrima! I can't just stop and let this jerk get away with whatever! And if you're going to drain energy from people with him that's just as bad!"
Utau Hoshina 2016-04-18 02:49:14 38878
    Lunatic shields her face, anticipating another blow from the youma. Indeed, they're pretty weak and Utau's no newcomer at combat, even if she IS new to the whole hero thing. However, she is a bit relieved and surprised when the shadow of a pale, tall stranger falls over her, destroying the youma that attacked her with disturbing finality.

    "Who're you?" She narrows her eyes as she studies his face with curiosity. Unfortunately, Utau never fought or allied with the Dark Kingdom so his face doesn't ring a bell. She climbs to her feet, peering around at the chaos. Riventon's comment however, earns a quizzical look from her. "What? You mean he's not really human?"

    Then, Riventon addresses her again, and makes a veiled threat. Her eyes widen at the mention of her manager. "Sanjou-san.." She gasps, shaking her head. No, perhaps Lunatic has gone too far. This is ridiculous! Maybe she was wrong..Having such foolish thoughts. Feeling guilty for hurting the people whose dreams she destroyed. Thinking that Sky Jack could help her. But no. There's only one thing important to her.

    "The only thing that matters to me, is protecting Ikuto..I cant let them hurt him anymore! I'll do anything, to help him." When Riventon summons massive surge of dark energy, she darts out of the way, using her wings to shield her. Utau should probably fight back, but she's still utterly confused, lost. Uncertain of whose side she should really be on. Lacrima's words ring in her ears still. Doesn't lie to her, or make false promises? She shakes her head, backing away, spreading her wings.

    "I'm sorry...I cant do this!!" she suddenly darts away, fleeing the battle.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-18 03:08:24 38883
Nifty form. Well. That he refers to it as 'nifty' suddenly explains a great deal. Kunzite doesn't spend time looking at Riventon, not when he needs to watch both himself and the downed Charm, but he shows teeth in that not-a-smile anyhow. Answers offhandedly as he fights, as if so used to it that the conversation didn't slow him, didn't distract his concentration. "Power's useless if you wield it without thinking clearly. Human bodies have their flaws in that regard -- but human irrationality is occasional. That construct's irrationality was constant."

All the same -- there are no flagrant uses of power, not from him. Energy is conserved; no more is committed to a strike than is necessary. Those youma that have elemental attacks rather than dark ones ... shadows spring up to consume the power, but limited in area. He doesn't try to cover himself and the girl completely, much less Sky Jack and Tuxedo Kamen -- not against this many opponents, no matter how useful it might normally be --

Lunatic Charm moves, fast, that direction. He can't really blame her. Not given what he's not about to try to explain in the middle of a fight. He does summon a shield, then, guarding her as she retreats -- shifting his own position, clearing the path of Riventon's hellish thing (and what's it going to hit if it's not them? never mind, he has his own problems -- but he glances anyway, prepared to shield yet again if it's likely to strike an inhabited --)

Lacrima is barely in the corner of his vision, as she retargets her attack on him rather than on Charm. The move is instinct, drawing his cape up between himself and the flare of dark energy, trying to focus his power there as well. He doesn't have the reserves he used to. It works well enough to keep the bolt from searing through him; but with his attention and power that divided, it sends him sprawling. Reflex lets him roll with it, be back up on one knee in a moment. But this isn't a good fight to lose mobility in even for that moment.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-18 03:18:02 38888
"Surprised? I know it's a barely-detectable little flaring beacon of pulsating dark energy, but we've got our sensors turned up super high," Tux says with a laugh-- strangely brittle-sounding-- to Kukai as he dodges a soccer ball to duck another and keep thinning out the herd of youma. His motions aren't nearly as graceful as they've been, for a little while, but he steadies out into a rhythm, and then there are fewer and fewer of the monsters, and it's not because they're backing away to make room for something else, something bigger.

Or are they?

The first indication Mamoru gets that something's gone off is that something's up with Kunzite; this is so unusual that he nearly misses the second indication: Jack diving away.

A split second after Kukai absents ground zero, and as Kunzite's sent sprawling, Tux moves without looking -- it's not like he can't feel that blistering force of the darkness he's so very allergic to, concentrated and practically jet-propelled. Fortunately for the prince, he is also practically jet-propelled, and launches himself up and away impossibly fast, gravity simply letting go of him. One second he's there-- blink and he's gone.

It's just that in that blink, the space that he was inhabiting explodes, leaving a smoking and reeking crater of nastiness-scorched cauterized earth. No Tux anywhere. Maybe Riv got him.
Takashi Agera 2016-04-18 03:37:30 38893
Even amongst all of the fray, Riventon is able to pay attention to Lacrima's words. "Once we get this handled, we'll have to talk more, Lacrima." he says, with a smile, glaring at the hole where Tuxedo Kamen should've been. He isn't foolish enough to think it's that easy, but well... other things to attend to for the moment.

His eyes shift to Kunzite. "Well, you're certainly right about it. I suppose I'm not surprised to hear you couldn't keep it in check and it caused you to act irrationally. I'm seeing a frightful lot of that now days. Some people, I suppose, just shouldn't play with Dark Energy." Or maybe most people. Except, of course, Riventon. "They lack the talent for it."

"Well, there's two... or three?... of you and two of us, so - Are you going to back off, or press your luck?" he asks with a smile. But he doesn't have any attacks primed, he's just sort of leaning back on one foot, like he's watching and waiting.
Lacrima 2016-04-18 03:43:45 38897
Lacrima gets lucky and Kunzite goes sprawling because Kunzite has his attention split. Her eyes look over to Utau. "H--hey! Wa---" nrg. She's gone. She looks back down to Kunzite. "I don't know who /you/ are though..." she says as she hops down off the machine. She begins walking towards him, but stops keeping her distance. She frowns. Practically no Youma left is there?

Her eyes wince as she side eyes at the large crater and the burst of dark energy that makes her hairs stand on end for a moment.

"I've never been in a fight like this before..." she says, raising her other hand. "I guess. I keep fighting you, until you get driven off. Is that it?" she asks softly. "Or does worse happen?" she asks.

She pauses. Why doesn't... that feel wrong? Why doesn't saying that last one feel wrong? Something worse...!? like.. like...

Her eyes widen a bit as her thoughts trail off. "Why don't I..." she shakes her head.

"I guess..." she says. "It doesn't really matter does it?" she snaps. Well it sounds like she's talking in her own little private conversation Kunzite isn't privy too suddenly.

"I'll end this one way or another." she says softly.

When Riventon doesn't act further, she purses her lips and holds back her attack.

"...are you going to run?... I-I'd prefer that!" she says softly.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-18 03:50:00 38899
It takes a second, but Jack gets back to his feet, staring at Riventon and Lacrima. The low-grade youma herd has become a low-grade youma pack, most of them that aren't yet dusted bearing impact marks and burn damage enough to make them stay back. He takes a second to look up at where Lunatic Charm is rapidly vanishing into the night sky and closes his eyes, one fist clenched. Dammit.

He looks over to Lacrima. "Like the douchebag said. We keep pushing our luck until we have to back off, because nobody wants to be captured. But we can't let you just steal energy from people. So I'm not running." He feels that anger and need to defend rising up, that righteous desire. The flying board doesn't return, but whatever Jack seems to be wrapping one hand around hasn't quite appeared yet either, like he's not quite reached out for it.

Standing still, though, isn't Jack's style. More soccer balls appear, and he begins booting them out, kicking one and then moving, shoot, move, shoot, move, shoot, leap, shoot, bicycle kick - shoot. He doesn't move too far from Kunzite, aiming shots at Lacrima and Riventon both equally, trying to keep them distracted from the other two!
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-18 04:09:18 38904
Out of sight, but of course not out of mind-- wherever Tuxedo Kamen's currently stashed himself, he's watching intently to see what the others are doing: to see where Riventon's and Lacrima's attentions are held, to see what Jack is doing, to see what Kunzite's stance and the shifts in it tell that his words and overt motions don't.

When the conversation veers and Jack goes on the attack again, his attention focuses solely on where Riventon and Lacrima are looking, and the second their guard is split, he moves; in half a heartbeat he's got a hand on Kunzite's shoulder and there's a familiar glow -- the buildup of his energy, channelled into his guardian. "Go."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-18 04:18:34 38907
Riventon's commentary about dark energy prompts something unusual: a brief, sharp laugh from Kunzite. "Not the problem at all. The problem is that it corrupts your perceptions. Causes you to continue to believe you have it in check. Causes you to believe you are viewing the world accurately, when your calibration is degrading day by day. Your reasoning can be flawless, but when your premises are invisibly corrupt, your results suffer."

He rises to his feet as he's talking. Inclines his head briefly, gravely to Lacrima. "So long as you choose to defend a thing that is damaging what I guard, we would seem to be at odds." But he's not attacking her, either, not in this moment. As if the bolt she threw had never happened --

-- or as if he didn't want to risk deflecting Jack's assault.

It's a matter of timing, all the talk. Trying to gauge when the next clockwork tick is going to come. Trying to guess when the next pulse of darkness is going to wash outward, whether some subtle choice of Riventon's or the energies of the fight itself might alter the intervals.

Then there's no time left for guessing, because the other element he needs is there, and there's no telling how long they'll have that. Kunzite lifts both his hands, and pours that energy -- that absorbed from the handful of uncorrupt attacks thrown at him by youma, that given him by Tuxedo Kamen, that which was his to begin with that he's been conserving so carefully -- into constructing another arcing shell of shadows, something that reflects energies that strike it rather than absorbing them. It's just that this one is larger. Much. And without the immense reserves he used to have, building it is hard as hell --

-- and it's an experiment of his own to begin with, isn't it. To see what happens to that crystalline structure that the shield is built around if the darkness it pours out is not allowed to escape into the city, but fed back into it.

Maybe nothing; maybe it only turns that feeding into zero-sum. Maybe a destructive resonance effect. Or maybe something strange.

If they have the timing right. There are a few too many ifs there for Kunzite to be happy. But if Sky Jack's trying to buy them a moment, they'd damned well better do something with it.
Takashi Agera 2016-04-18 04:36:19 38912
Riventon looks to Lacrima. "Well, if you want to succeed - to survive - you're gpoing to need to be ready to embrace this part of you, too. Stop thinking of it in terms of black and white - these guys have something they want, and you have something you want, and both can't happen, so you have to be ready to fight for yourself. To fight to make what you want a reality. They have no more right to their dreams than you do, and only the strongest person can succeed." he says, giving everyone present a deeper insight into his persona, his mindset, if they can hear and listen to his words.

"That's a rather rude choice of words, don't you think?" Riventon asks Sky Jack now, and he /does/ have Riventon's focus, because he's trying to manage the energy of each of his shields - trying not to burn anymore than he has to. Which means angles, timing, and the strength of each of Sky Jack's attacks have to be calculated, calibrated, responded to. While it might look effortless to those not aware, Sky Jack has one-hundred percent of Riventon's attention, aside from, of course, talking. "And you don't have the faintest idea why I do what I do, you're just so convinced your way is right."

Kunzite gets a laugh. "I've seen the world from behind an awful lot of masks, friend. I've seen it through false beauty and I've seen the truth of what it really is. The rest is a fun diversion, perhaps... and maybe it even has some value. But if you want to get everything you want - well, that's where power comes in. And if there is any corruption... well, power corrupts, I've heard it said." he adds, with a sneer.

And then the apparatus behind him clicks again - another turn on the cyllinder in the center - and that pulse comes. And Kunzite's shell is there, as the pulse goes out, so instead of surging outward, it surges inwards. When you're building a construct like this, sometimes things have to be sacrificed for portability and setup time. In this case, the magical equivilent of surge protectors and redundancy systems. It's a small thing at first, arcs of negative energy along the sides of the crystalline structure. Then, though, that energy has to escape, and it does so by exploding a large hole in the side of it. The whole thing leaks out negative energy into the landscape as it collapses - not into rubble or crystals or flecks, but into a sort of black mollases, like the whole thing was barely given form in the first place.

And the explosion gets Riventon's attention - so the last attack from Sky Jack slams into his side and sends him backwards a good ways, before he resumes a fighting posture. "Gah. Always meddling in the important affairs of others, playing with toys you don't understand." he snarls, a degree of disgust in his voice. He looks up at the moon overhead, using it to gauge time, in a sesne.

"Well, if they haven't finished what they intended to do, then that's not my problem." he says, somewhat to Lacrima and soemwhat to himself. "Well, no reason to fight over an evaporating pool of muck - I think I did my job here, today." he adds.

"You've got my number, feel free to give me a call if you decide that you're sick of trying to play by some made-up rules of morality other people invented to keep you down and from using your own power to get what you need." he tells the girl, before a backstep into the Dusk Zone takes him away. With the machine destroyed, it seems like the rest of the weak youma don't even have the tangibility to stay in this world - it seems the strange device as much gave their hostile impulses form as attracted them.
Lacrima 2016-04-18 04:42:39 38914
Lacrima gets upset. "I keep telling you....draining energy...isn't hurting people! I need to live too! and--and I can't live if I don't drain people! I don't want to, but I need to, Sky Jack! And--and people like you keep promising me fixes for this! That you can find a way to make me normal again! BUT THERE IS NONE." she says angrily. Very angrily. Of the feelings she /can/ feel, anger is one of them.

The suddenly split attention is good for Kunzite and Tuxedo Kamen, because right now Lacrima is yelling at Sky Jack and suddenly there is incoming soccer balls-- lighting infused even. She jumps backwards. to the right. She's gotten good at dodging, it seems. Letting herself float through the air with light steps.

"Nothing but lies, Sky Jack...!" she calls out. "Lies to get me to stop and starve myself to death!" she spits out.

She turns back to Kunzite when he begins doing something. What!? No! "STOP THAT!" she calls out.

She doesn't know what's going on, but she raises her arms upwards and she just calls out something. She's never said the words before-- but something inside just commands her to call out. "Tormenta Oscura!" she calls out. Bolts of dark energy begin to rain out from above, bolts like the one she threw earlier, but not really aimed and random-- it's not a powerful rain--- and the blasts themselves are nothing special-- but it may be enough to send them moving for cover or to occupy them for a moment-- of course it may not even hit them if they stay still. Not aimed even a little bit.

Then the machine begins to breakdown and she sort of sulks...

"S--sorry Riventon-san." she says, ashamed. "I'll call soon!" she promises. Then he's gone.

And she's alone.

She looks to the others and frowns. Now what? A--are they going to try to kill her if she stays? Should she try to talk? She looks to the mess of the evaporating device.

"...there's nothing left for me here I guess."

"Sky Jack! Stay out of my way you liar!" she suddenly spits out before she also, tries to escape off into a suddenly appearing shadow off into the same place Riventon escaped to, the Dusk Zone.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-18 04:57:16 38918
It's everything Jack can do not to cheer when the last shot blasts through Riventon's carefully set up shields and sends him sliding. "You're right! You're both right. I think I'm right, and I have to follow my heart in order to be right! And that means I have to do something here to stop this!"

Lacrima's words sting, though. "Lacrima, we already went over this! You could be using your needs for good, draining from people who're trying to hurt others or even from Riventon and his ilk! You just want things to be easy and they're not! And maybe I can't make you normal again, but I'm trying to help!"

And then the machine blows up and... Riventon doesn't exactly seem to care. Sky Jack is confused. "What?" And then there are dark energy bolts from the sky. He does his best to dodge through them all but several still impact into arms, legs, shoulders, burning and freezing and draining all at the same time. The last one sends him onto his rear as the rain stops. He can't prevent either of them from slipping away, and at the moment he really can't bring up the energy to keep chasing them.

He grunts and finally lies back on the ground, not paying much attention to the dark energy emanation some ways away from him. "I am not a liar. Also .... ow." He leans up, looking over to see if Tuxedo Kamen and Kunzite survived the barrage.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-18 05:11:14 38922
This is not what Mamoru Chiba had in mind for an afterschool activity today. They'd been planning on switching from Mario Kart to Super Smash Brothers, and he'd been planning on kicking the Shitennou's asses with Zelda to prove it could be done. But no, no: battle and tragic young villainess and That Guy and a zillion youma and flashbacks and he's just lucky Fiore didn't also decide to show up. But even still, the hand doesn't leave Kunzite's shoulder; the energy doesn't stop buffing Kunzite's attack; the starry black silk that shields from everything from projectiles to magic lasers gets pulled up over the both of them almost casually.

Finally the barrage stops. Lacrima rationalizes and accuses and leaves. The prince looks annoyed.

"I'm getting..." says Tuxedo Kamen, then trails off. His cape finally slides back down, and he shudders briefly as he watches the tarry molasses evaporate. "That is so gross. I'm getting really tired of that guy and his sidekicks." His hand stays on Kunzite's shoulder a second longer, and then he turns to glance toward Sky Jack and it falls. "You okay?" he asks with a fair amount of concern. "I can take care of some of that for you, if you want." A beat. He steps over and offers a hand up. "And you're also welcome to come play some Smash. There's an extra controller."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-18 05:26:34 38926
Kunzite doesn't move, only holds the shield -- doesn't move for Lacrima's shout, doesn't move for the corrosive rain that he trusts Tuxedo Kamen to handle, doesn't move for Riventon's departure into the Dusk Zone or Lacrima's after it. Holds it as long as he can, keeping as much of the dark energy relatively contained as he can manage ... and then the shadows melt away, and he lets his hands fall.

"She can't see it clearly, either," he says to Sky Jack. "Not the choices she's making, not their consequences to others, not their consequences to herself. That might change in time. But not until she starts looking at the truth."

Presumably he thinks that goes for Riventon as well. Presumably he's not thinking too hard about what Riventon said -- "you don't have the faintest idea why I do what I do ... I've seen the truth of what it really is ... to keep you from using your own power to get what you need."


He doesn't have to think about it now. There will be time later, after the noise and the insistent normal is dealt with. Working quietly to try to unknot a riddle; it'll take a very long time at best, but he owes a certain fox a little too much just to leave it alone.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-18 05:40:24 38927
There is a faint groan, and Sky Jack finally gets back onto his feet with Tux's help, rolling one shoulder with an ache. "I... it'll fade away on its own, yeah?" He looks at the dark energy mush, which seems to be steadily dissipating. "Yeah. OK." He looks back at Kunzite and Tuxedo Kamen, then shakes his head. "No, I'm ok. Or will be, soon enough. I'm a pretty fast healer. Save your juice."

He shrugs. "She's... well. I think she's in a bad place but doesn't wanna fix it as much as she thinks she does. It's.. it's a thing." He looks back and forth between the two of them. "...Play... Smash?" For a second, he's trying to place it as a sport. "Oh. Controller. Video game. ...I don't think I ever played it before." He looks back at the pile, then at the two of them, feeling tired. "Yeah, sure. Lead the way."