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After the fight with Riventon, Kukai goes back to Mamoru's place with him and Kunzite, plays videogames, drinks coffee, fills Mamoru in on some Seiyou dirt on request, asks Kunzite questions that basically no one ever asks him because he is completely fearless, and eventually comes away with some absolutely fascinating grist for the mill.

Date: 2016-04-20
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Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-20 21:58:06 39180
There are easy ways for magical folks to get to the forty-seventh floor of the highrise Mamoru and his Shitennou call home -- jumping, say, or flying; landing on one of the balconies, which are always either unlocked or someone present has a key. There's also the elevator, which in itself takes a key to get to the top floor. However they get there, the three of them -- Kukai, Mamoru, and Kazuo -- are met by ridiculous cacophony that's fairly easily interpreted as a combination of bickering and indignation over not being called in on the obvious fight the latecomers have arrived from.

More, the guys actually present definitely recognised-- or had that 'hey don't I know you?' look regarding-- Kukai himself.

Smash was a success; Mamoru did a fair amount of sitting on the floor next to where Kunzite was sitting on the couch and occasionally leaning absently; he did in fact show the guys that art imitates life and Zelda could kick everyone's butts. Once Zoisite picked up Princess Peach it was a more even fight between the teams.

After Kukai completely wasted Mamoru in Wii Sports, there was rather a lot of competitive vengeance kick going around, and Mamoru laughed at everyone and went to make coffee.

Now, three of the guys have gone off to do homework and Mamoru's out on the balcony with Kukai and a mug of black coffee; Kazuo's somewhere around. The view of the city at twilight is breathtaking, and the breeze is cool but not chilly. The reincarnated prince of Earth's been companionably silent since they got out there, but eventually he glances toward Kukai. "I really am sorry," he says, a little matter-of-fact but not in any way distant, "about what happened up north. You were right about it being our problem that we couldn't solve, left over from before history. It's just-- none of us wanted power or anything, none of us wanted anything but to be with each other, to be normal. And the thing pulling the strings-- the thing you all helped Usa get rid of-- was a plague on all the earth, everyone living, everything beautiful and true. It wasn't politics getting people killed. It was evil that wanted everyone and everything dead forever. I wanted you to know that all of that pain and loss-- it wasn't just for a stupid war from the dawn of time."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-20 22:15:09 39181
Kukai, having changed back from Sky Jack along the way,entered the room and finds a crowd of people he sort of knew but didn't exactly. The lot of them were friendly enough, even if there was a general sense of 'odd man out' which Kukai did his best to alleviate by being his friendly, cheerful, genki self.

Kukai said before he'd never played Smash before and he proved it - he was very fast on the reactions, but his button-pressing skills with Little Mac left something to be desired. Wii Sports, however? The high scores on Mamoru's machine may need to be pried off either with magic or with a factory reset. He did join Mamoru for coffee, though, preferring it strong, with plenty of milk.

Out on the balcony, Kukai's been sitting in one of the chairs, enjoying his drink with a wide grin in the quiet, but then Mamoru begins speaking. When he finally goes quiet, Kukai sighs and then looks over at him. "Well. Few things. One, I was speaking over the corpses of two younger girls I considered my friends. I don't deal reall well with death or the idea of it, so I was lashing out, and I'm sorry about that. Two, you're right, it wasn't your choice, you did what you had to because I get the feeling the thing behind Beryl would have tried - may still try - to wreck the Earth in any case, if you guys didn't destroy it there. I'm still kinda fuzzy on all of that." He grins. "I was distracted at the time. And three - have I tried to punch you or hit you with a skateboard or a cricket bat or anything since we got back? That means I got over it."

He shrugs at Mamoru. "I figured you were still uptight about it but really, don't be. It's ok." He looks at Mamoru, sipping his coffee and grinning evilly, a little green fire in his eyes. "The only thing you have to worry about from me is stealing Usa-chan on the dance floor. Get your game up, buddy."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-20 22:39:31 39182
The older boy quirks up a half smile at Kukai as he leans against the railing, looking more self-amused than anything else.

He straightens up and sips his coffee, then says perfectly calmly, "Well. You can ask nearly anyone. I'm pretty uptight in general, so it's not an unreasonable assumption."

A beat.

The mask of a straight face falls away to reveal a devilish glint in his own eyes and the most incredibly smug little smirk; he leans his back against the railing now, all casual and nonchalant and self-possessed. "And you can try. She does what she likes and I wouldn't have it any other way. You're perfectly welcome to dance with her, but you're on your own if you try and kiss her-- if she doesn't smack you or tell you off hard enough, her girls will turn you into hamburger for her."

He sips his coffee again and sparkles at Kukai over the rim of the cup, the entertainment shining brighter, for a moment, than the stars.

Finally, he finishes the coffee and sets the mug down carefully on the floor, then puts his hands in his pockets and railing-leans again. Mamoru asks breezily, "So how's your own drama going, my friend? I've heard stories."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-20 22:49:05 39183
Kukai laughs. "No, no, I've seen you in person. You're uptight." He grins, listening to him talk, one eyebrow raised. "So what I'm hearing is that I need to pretend to be a little tipsy first if I try it, and if I can get in good with her girls I stand a better chance." He grins at the older, dark haired boy, chipper and happy and comfortable enough to tease him.

Kukai goes deep into his mug for a moment, thinking about his life for several moments before leaning up. "Stories? From who?" His voice is mild and innocent and unassuming and he's obviously trying to evade the subject lightly.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-20 23:09:26 39184
A hand comes out of a pocket to wave dismissively. "Your funeral," he answers Kukai's creative interpretation of his words of warning, clearly unconcerned, obviously laughing. He's awfully self-assured, himself. And then his own grin widens and he leans forward a little bit, flipping his bangs out of his face with a jerk of his head when the breeze blows them there. "Basically everyone still at the dance when Usako and I left."

Then he shifts to a deliberately careless sort of stance, straightening most of the way and checking to see if there's dirt under his nails. There is, of course, so he starts picking at them as he continues. "I'm sure the stories have been completely blown out of proportion. Either way, tensions can run high and people can get tetchy over the funniest things-- I'm only wondering who I need to be worried about pounding me if some of your friends should happen to give me the elevator stare."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-20 23:27:13 39185
Kukai Souma chuckles and shrugs. "So an entire super team of senshi and their magical defense force and backup and their friends. Easy."

He hums, thinking and listening, then shrugs and leans back. "Well... honestly it's a bunch of crap. Just tell me straight up what the last thing you heard of was and I'll fill in the gaps."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-20 23:47:07 39187
And this is where, basically, the gossip column lives. Honestly, it's self defense. With Minako as one of the people in his orbit, and the stories she used to tell about him, Mamoru really does want to have the straight dope from as many original sources as possible of what-all is going on in his sphere. Or at least, that's what he tells himself. He gives a brief and very lopsided smile, and hoists himself up to sit dangerously on the railing, but hooks his feet into and behind the bars to steady his perch.

"All right. I saw the kisses at the dance. Before I left, the guy you kissed-- Fujisaki-san, I think he said? -- came up to me and told me he'd wanted to punch me because Tadase was a wreck over my being stuck in the Dark Kingdom, but it was okay now. There's a few ways I can interpret that, but I'm not going to. After that, from what I heard, Tadase and Fujisaki-san had a fight, but the person I heard about that part from said it didn't even come to blows after you all went outside, so there's another few ways I could interpret that but won't.

"Then there was when Usa, Kazuo and I went with Luna to ask Hinamori-san to purify Usa, after I talked to you about it? And Hinamori-san said I was really hot and it seemed to get Tadase really bent out of shape-- I mean, Usa had the dark energy problem so it was kind of understandable that she went after Hinamori-san like she was going to tear her face off, and she was super sorry afterwards, but I'm kind of worried about those two?

"And then there was the fight today, there was the girl you were with who buzzed off mid-fight after Riventon started talking at her, but she seemed awfully fixed on you until then..."

He leans forward, elbows on his knees and hands clasped loosely in front of him, and he looks inquisitive. "Are you all fighting over each other or what?"
Kukai Souma 2016-04-21 00:17:55 39190
It takes a minute for Mamoru to run through everything, and so Kukai has a few moments to listen, finish his coffee, and lean back, thinking. "Hmm. Ok, so. The dance. Iiii... won't break any secrets that aren't mine to break, but the guy is the twin brother to one of the other Guardians, Nadeshiko - his name is Nagihiko. He may be a Guardian Bearer too - we haven't quite worked it out yet. As for Tadase, yeah, well, Tadase is the Immortal King, don't y'know." He holds up both hands in front of him, imitating a wall, and assumes a stern face. "My emotions don't ever get the best of me, except when they do." Kukai's imitation of Tadase is very nearly spot-on.

"As for... meaning? I think he was worried about you. He thinks of you as his senpai in some ways, his friend in others, and his rival in a few, but you should know that." He sits up, letting out a breath. "As for the fight? I actually walked away from it with half an empty spiked punch cup in my hand, a cup and a half inside me, and a crying Amu in the other arm. She hates it when everybody fights, and Tadase..."

He thinks. "Ok, so. You don't pass this along, ok?" He looks at Mamoru. "One of the biggest strengths of a Guardian Bearer is that we heal fast, we move fast, we're strong in our chosen areas - we're pretty awesome, even for mahou shoujo and shounen." He grins. "But the downside is that sometimes we can be ruled by our emotions. Negativity and despair hurt us more than usual - there was a point during Walpurgisnacht when that big wave of despair went out? I completely lost it - transformed out and was about to impact from about a thousand feet up. A friend yelled at me and I got back into shape just in time."

He nods over at Daichi, who's asleep besides a flowerpot on the table. "It's entirely possible if a Guardian Chara decides they really, really don't like what their Bearer is doing or saying, that they can take them over for a little while and make them act more like what their Chara thinks they should. That's what happened, from what I understand. Tadase got really mad at Amu for dancing with Nagihiko and said some things, and Nagihiko popped off, and they went outside to fight and ended up apologizing."

The story about Amu and Tadase and Usagi makes both of Kukai's eyebrows pop up. "Well.. I hadn't heard much about that. I haven't talked to Amu or Tadase for a little while, and the last time we did talk was business. We haven't just hung out for a while." His shoulders slump a bit. "But... If you're worried about Amu and Tadase? Don't be. They're about as tight as you and Usagi." He grins. "Amu has turned down prettier guys than you for Tadase, from what I understand."

Finally the questions roll around to today and Kukai lets out a heartfelt groan. "Dammit. I'd actually forgotten about all of that today." He looks decidedly annoyed thniking about it. "OK. That's Utau Hoshina, the idol. She's a Character Bearer too."

He thinks for a minute, working it over in his head. "And since I'm still annoyed at her about three or four or five other things, she's also working for Easter Corporation, which is sort of a... wing, I guess? of Eclipse - as... well, sort of a villain." He rubs his chin. "Yeah. Definite villain status. But she's got a good reason to be doing it. Her brother, Ikuto, that I mentioned earlier? Being held hostage by Easter."

He continues. "One of the things I've been doing lately is looking for any sign of him or any sign of where Easter's got him or any of half a dozen other clues. I agreed to help her because she doesn't want to be a brat and steal heart's eggs and try to stab me, and she agreed to work with me, and then she saw Riventon and ran like someone set her skirt on fire, which I am likely to do the next time I see her." Kukai looks annoyed.

"And as for her and me? Well.." He looks to one side. "I... like her? I just don't know if I like her like her. I like her enough to want to kiss her and help her and support her and get her free from Easter, but she is such a brat. My little 'bad penny', always turning up in the wrong places, usually side-up under my feet."

He looks at Mamoru, then grins. "...Actually no, we're not like the Senshi and Shittenou. We don't fight over one another." He doesn't know if they actually do fight over one another or not but any excuse to troll Mamoru is a good one.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-21 00:39:39 39197
Mamoru listens without interrupting; he glances up and past Kukai for a moment somewhere in the middle of it and smiles crookedly, but his attention returns to the genki boy. It's not the heavily weighted thing it can be sometimes, but it's not preoccupied; he's genuinely listening and parsing everything Kukai says or implies. His expression shifts a few times, either in puzzlement or mild irritation-- right where Kukai might expect it would-- but he doesn't have any overreactions.

When Kukai ends where he does, Mamoru rolls his eyes. "We don't fight over each other. Seems like there's a distressing trend of everyone having to fight creepers over me, but we don't fight over each other." Then he sits up a little, brows furrowed. "I'm glad I don't have to worry about them, but I had no idea Tadase saw me as a rival. What for? We're not trying to date the same person, we're not in the same grade or even the same school, we don't even play the same sports..."

There's a heartbeat's pause, and something else clears across Mamoru's face. "She's Ikuto's sister? Jeez. I offered to help him, months and months ago, and he turned me down. Said people helping him only gets them hurt."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-21 00:50:46 39200
Maybe it's that illustration of Tadase, wall and stone-face, that summoned someone from inside. Not instantaneously; it's around 'if you're worried about Amu and Tadase' that the balcony door opens briefly and Kazuo steps out. Which puts him there in time to hear Kukai talking about Utau; he steps forward far enough to lean on the railing within Kukai's sight. There's characteristically little reaction; his lips thin marginally, once, when Kukai says the word 'hostage. Mostly, he just listens.


"Running from Riventon like someone set her skirt on fire wasn't a bad choice, if she knew him. He only threatened her with social consequences, but --" Kazuo shrugs briefly. His eyes are much as Kukai described them once before. Killer storm. "He fought me a few days before you did," he says to Kukai. "He was alone at the time. It was still a fairly close match."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-21 01:06:50 39204
Kukai looks over at Kazuo as he steps out, waves, and finishes talking, and then grins at Mamoru. "Like I said, I think it's just Tadase. Being the king is important to him, but he's having to get there under his own breakfast. You were sort of born into it, even if was past you. And I'm giving you a hard time." He smiles widely. "Sounds like it worked."

He sighs. "Yes. She's Ikuto's sister, doing the same sort of things he used to do to help cover for him so he doesn't get hurt, and driving me up the wall. And she Ran Off." He sounds really really annoyed about that. "And I know Riventon's more than a match for her AND up above her and Ikuto on the Eclipse over Easter totem pole, and disobeying him hurts both of them, but dammit. I almost wish she'd tried to shoot me or something just so she wouldn't be in so much trouble."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-21 01:27:41 39207
A quick glance sidelong at Kazuo, and then Mamoru gives Kukai the absolute most sympathetic look. "I definitely get where you're coming from on that one. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be too happy with you over it, though, if she's anything like the people I've been in that situation with." He reaches up to scratch at the back of his neck and shifts to a rather more dubious expression. "Though you probably shouldn't kiss her unless you're positive you like-like her, otherwise she might get her feelings hurt."

He's still sitting on the railing of the forty-seventh floor, but he's also still sitting with his feet hooked behind the bars, and he's also now sitting next to his creepy best friend who would undoubtedly catch him if he teetered. Mamoru also gives Kukai a sort of helpless shrug. "Does he resent, like, Emperor Jimmu? Because Prince Endymion is about as relevant as he is to the modern world. Seriously he's got nothing to worry about. I mean-- this planet's still my responsibility, but not in a ruley way-- and it's a responsibility I share with everyone else who lives here. I'm still connected to it, but also not in a ruley way, and everyone magical gets their powers somehow, you know? Mine's really no different."

The older boy laughs a little uncomfortably, or maybe more unhappily than anything else. "I don't want him to think I'm his rival. He wants to be king. I want to be a doctor."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-21 01:41:34 39208
"Shooting you wouldn't have helped that much, once she'd shown up with you," Kazuo says absently. Maybe it's related to that sidelong glance. Maybe it's related to ignoring it. Mamoru might have a guess; probably no-one else would, maybe including the other gamers earlier in the evening. "Her best chance to get herself out of trouble was do her best to look convincingly your ally while actually doing as little damage as possible, then meet up with Riventon later and chide him for nearly ruining her cover. She did run off. And Riventon seems less likely to follow through on a casual incident. Still. If there's any way we can help with her brother..."

He's not saying a word about Tadase. For an entire (and fully-armed) host of reasons.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-21 01:48:25 39210
Kukai coughs and looks over, frowning - not upset, more embarrassed. He doesn't say anything else for a moment. "Well, yeah. If I can help with her brother, I'll... call you guys or something. Something." The subject changes and Kukai looks back over. "Mamoru, I don't know - you'd have to ask him, yeah? I don't know what he thinks." Something's apparently bothering him, and he then rubs his face for a moment. "Sorry. And... I don't know. Really. Look, don't let it bother you." He crosses his arms, scootching down in his seat a little.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-21 02:06:37 39213
The particular way that Mamoru shifts the way he's sitting when Kazuo makes observations on Utau's situation-- if it means anything, the way his shoulders relax a little and he goes so far as to slouch again, it probably has something to do with some muscle or other getting an ache from the weird way he's perched. And poor Kukai!

The prince drags his hand down his face and then drops it, laughing apologetically. "I'm so sorry, you're very right. I didn't invite you up to give you the third degree on Tadase, I was just startled. I'll talk to him about it, though, if me knowing it won't get you in trouble-- but maybe everyone knew it but me."

He slides off the railing, finally, then holds a hand out for Kukai's mug as he picks up his own. "You want more coffee? Or done? Kazuo did you get some?"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-21 02:15:59 39215
This, or shortly after Mamoru's departure, is the point at which a normal human being might ask Kukai if everything's okay. Maybe. And then there's Kazuo. He shakes his head to Mamoru. "Some of us intend to sleep eventually."

(Some of them also have literally no tolerance for caffeine yet. Or anything else. Undoubtedly, he's working on that.)

He doesn't look directly at Kukai the Uncomfortable. He does monitor enough to see whether Mamoru's backing off helps the situation, or whether the problem lies elsewhere.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-21 02:20:12 39216
Kukai nods and offers his cup back to Mamoru. "Half coffee, half milk again please. Sounds good." He shrugs. "And I know. And maybe just keep it quiet? Tadase's one of my best friends. He doesn't mean any harm. Literally, he means no harm. He wants to protect everybody."

He looks over at Kazuo as Mamoru leaves and grins. "Caffeine and I get along pretty well." He seems to have relaxed even as the questions were being asked, but still seems like he has something on his mind, whether Mamoru or Kazuo are there. "So how're you doing?"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-21 02:24:53 39217
"I know he doesn't. He's awesome, and I think he'd make a great king," Mamoru assures Tadase as he takes the mug. It's his most mild and level look, the one he uses when he's being deadly serious but has absolute affection for all involved; there's the faintest hint of a smile at the end of it, and he slips inside with a friendly obscene gesture at Kunzite.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-21 02:39:43 39220
The corner of Kazuo's mouth crooks up at Mamoru's gesture, just a trifle. It's Kukai he nods to, though, acknowledgment of his statement about Tadase. "Your friend's the only person I'm aware of ever talking down a youma," he says -- after Mamoru's stepped back inside. "Not only out of one fight, but out of its corruption entirely."

The grin and comment about caffeine prompt Kunzite to open the fingers of one hand wide, then close them again, as if testing whether they still work; or perhaps that's the question's fault, instead. "Adjusting," he says. "Sanity is a welcome change. But thirty days or so isn't enough to be used to everything yet. Tonight was the first time I've pushed close enough to my limits to find out where they are, now." He managed to stay on his feet; but he wasn't doing that much better than Kukai. Mamoru will undoubtedly do something about this later. There will probably be pointed commentary involved. "You? You took harder hits than I did."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-21 02:54:08 39222
The tension seems to have left Kukai for now as they talk, and he stands, stretching, as Kunzite talks. "Yeah, that sounds like Tadase. He's amazing in a lot of ways. I wish I'd been there to see it." He makes a small face, remembering. "It's good to see you back in one piece. You still need to talk to Tadase at some point about joining Virtue, don't you? Maybe I could talk to him for you."

He rubs his shoulder where one of the dark energy bolts had hit him earlier. "It's not as cold or numb as it was earlier, not nearly. Being around people and resting and getting my mind off it helped a lot." He grins. "Staying positive helps a lot. And I'm used to taking hard hits. That's not so bad."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-21 03:16:54 39223
"I trust you'll forgive me if I'm relieved you weren't there to see it. It's among the incidents I need to work on living down before I approach him." There's no hint of a grimace, no sign of shame or discomfort; it's as much a matter-of-fact statement as most other things Kazuo says. "Eventually he might start having expressions around me." ... yes, that sentence just came out of his mouth. "I should probably wait for that before formally requesting to join, no matter how useful it would be to have a second point of contact. In the mean time, we're always accessible through the Senshi."

Being around people -- Kazuo's eyes flicker toward the doors, off in the direction Mamoru went. Just for a moment. Healer go /that/away. "All of those do help," he agrees. "Sunlight, in a pinch, but the rest do better. Anything that encourages contact and life. But you've been doing this more than long enough to know that." He shrugs one shoulder, a small and contained gesture. "Endymion can do something about it too, if you let him. But that's your own choice." And made earlier, for that matter, but sometimes worth bringing up again.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-21 03:23:18 39224
"Endymion can do what?" asks said healer, coming back outside with another cup of coffee for Kukai, but -- notably -- not for himself. Maybe, despite obscene gesture, Mamoru's decided he should probably also sleep tonight. "I mean, if 'find Usa' is the answer, yeah I can, and she's asleep, and that's weird because school's over, and I feel like I should go check on her. If it's not, I'll do that in a minute. She's not in trouble or anything."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-21 03:31:23 39225
There's a small noise that comes out of Kukai's mouth as Kazuo talks. ".... You know, the best way to work on living something down is to show the people that you're most upset about hurting that you're sorry. Or in other words, I dunno why you haven't gone to him directly and apologized and explained things. He's not that heartless. Certainly he'd at least give you a way to work on things. Otherwise it may take that much longer for those expressions to pop up."

He smiles. "His name's Mamoru. Yours is Kazuo. I know you have other names like I have another name, but... I mean, do you call her Sailor Moon all the time? This is what I mean by Wall-kun. I know it's only been thirty days, but..."

Mamoru rejoins them and he takes the cup of coffee, taking a sip. "Mmm. Thank you very much." He huhs. "How is she doing? You said she got stabbed - I didn't even know anything about it at the party." He squints. "I don't think. I was kinda busy." Kukai motions back to Kazuo. "No he was saying if I needed healing you could do it. But no I'm cool. But yeah, Kazuo..."

He looks back at the tall, pale teen. "I guess I am a few... hundred... years younger than you, but even so you seem like you just don't even want to open up to anyone. I mean I don't expect you to talk to me. I'm a stranger. But.." He sort of flails with one hand. "I guess I live in my emotions and finding somebody with their emotions all but turned off weirds me out. Like even the vampire girl from earlier knows how to get angry or afraid. I don't even get that from you."

He blinks and looks back and forth between the two of them. "Er.... sorry! Sorry." He grins widely. "Man I shouldn't be saying this sorta thing without something stronger than coffee in my cup. At least we're not talking about Utau anymore."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-21 03:58:05 39227
Kazuo inclines his head slightly to Kukai's explanation about working on things. What he says, though, is -- since Mamoru is still inside at the time -- "I am working on that. It's not Tadase that I have to mend things with first. There's a couple of dozen children who take priority. There are kinds of help they need -- tutoring, mentoring. I'll be joining Mamoru in doing that." (He does know the name. It's only at specific times that he tends to use it.) "When I can tell him honestly that I have been giving them what I can, instead of only that I intend to be -- well."

On the topic of names -- there's a momentary almost-an-expression on his face, amused and faintly self-mocking, and Kazuo lifts a hand to tap at his temple with two fingers. "The name on my old passport is Kazuo. If we hadn't found that, I wouldn't know. I'm learning to answer to it, but it doesn't come easily. And no. The 'sailor' business is hard for me, too; I count it a good sign when I remember not to use their old titles." Mamoru can argue his own name himself.

Usagi's asleep? At this time of day? Kazuo eyes Mamoru, eyes narrowed almost as much as Kukai's are. "We were keeping a close eye on her at the party largely so that no-one would have to know anything about it," he supplies. "My understanding is that she's all right now, largely thanks to Hinamori-san and then excellent medical treatment." ... Mamoru /always/ knows better how Usagi is doing.

And then Kukai is talking to Kazuo again, and ... Kazuo has almost no idea what to do with that. Almost. "It isn't, thankfully, as if I lived through most of that," he says dryly. "Stack both lives on top of each other and I still only add on a couple of decades. And my reactions aren't particularly different this time than I recall them being the first time I was a teenager. Other than the vast delight of not having to oversee an entire pack of troublemaking twelve-year-olds. Instead, this time, they have entire chemistry labs to make trouble with."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-21 04:16:13 39232
"Tuxedo Kamen's my codename," laughs Mamoru, going up to sit on the rail next to Kunzite again. "Endymion's my name just as much as Mamoru is, I answer to both. They're more or less interchangeable; use whichever one you want to, I don't care." And he shoves a little at Kazuo. "I am completely responsible, it's Nephrite's fault what happened in lab the other day. And," he adds a little peevishly, "technically it's not even Neph's fault, he was distracted because he was worried about Mako-chan, so it's actually Fiore's fault."

The black-haired teenager waves his hands around irritably, nearly falls, catches himself on Kunzite's shoulder, then explains to Kukai, "Neph -- we don't actually know his other name yet either, so he's just using a made-up one in school, I got fake documentation for him and Zoisite; Jadeite already had some -- he left the solution we were working with on the burner too long and it boiled over and kind of grew when it hit the table. It was just a mess, not a calamity."

His hand stays there. On Kunzite's shoulder.

"Anyway, he's right. It just takes a lot of practice to actually see his reactions to stuff, they're so microscopic. He has 'em, I promise. And half the time he doesn't have time for them because he's trying to keep me calm, because half the time I don't have time for them because I'm trying to keep Usa calm and then everything catches up with me at once? So -- I'm sorry about your getting weirded out, but we're all kind of a mess and I promise we're working on it. You can definitely flash a thumbs up when you spot signs of improvement, though."

He looks like he's getting away with murder, this half-giddy look with a lot of teeth and his hand clamped firmly on Kunzite's shoulder, because he's being an ass and he knows it. Not an ass to Kukai -- Kukai's getting the conspiratorial part of the look -- but definitely an ass. And then Mamoru coughs out a laugh. "Either way, I don't want to abandon you, but I really do need to check on Usako. You're welcome to stay as long as you want! And come back whenever, too. There's usually someone here."
Kukai Souma 2016-04-21 04:40:30 39237
Kukai nods. "Well... that's probably a good way to show that you do want to do well." He grins. "I'd offer my help but I suck at studying anyway, and I imagine you guys have your own physical trainer. But yeah. Don't put yourself in a situation where you do these things and mean to tell him but don't. OK?" He listens to Kazuo and then grins, nodding at him. "See? You do know how to smile a little, at least. And I didn't know you'd forgotten things." He makes a small, barking laugh. "Well they're not those people anymore, which is what Mamoru keeps telling me."

He looks over at Mamoru and then nods. "That's good. I'm glad she's doing ok. And... you blew up a science lab?" Kukai appears a little nonplussed. "Wow." He rubs the back of his head. ".... So none of them have real names? I... you know, I have a lot of old records from Seiyou and can probably lay hands on older ones from all the schools if I come up with some sort of excuse. I... they've all got to be people, right?" He looks back and forth from Mamoru to Kazuo and back. "I mean the rest of you all were born before you were whomever else, even if you were someone else in the past. Wouldn't the same be said for the Shittenou? So they have to have some kinda history somewhere. If I can help I don't mind too much."

Kukai laughs and ohs. "So it's not that you're a mind reader, you just spend so much time reading him..." He pauses, looking at that hand. Many multiple sidelong glances. Silent communication. A bevy of quiet communication between them. And a notable history of not being able to properly title one another. And now a conspiratorial grin.

He looks at the two of them VERY closely, one finger waving back and forth between the two of them for a second, before grinning widely and nodding. "Yeah I should be getting on home too." He reaches over, prodding Daichi, who yawns and sits up. "Come on buddy, we're going home. Feel like flying or should we bus it?" Daichi looks up and around, then stretches. "I can fly it, Kukai, the nap was great!" Kukai nods to Mamoru. "I'll come back sometime when everything isn't on fire. Remember, I didn't even talk about my own issues tonight." His own grin is wide and canny. "It was good, man. Say hey to everybody for me!"

And then he just.... hops over the balcony. There is a sun-bright green flash, only visible in the magical spectrum, just for a moment, and then off through the night sky streaks a figure in green and brown on a golden flying skateboard.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-21 04:51:10 39240
"Well," says Mamoru, whose face went from conspiratorial to cheerfully matter-of-fact to puzzled to bewildered, "being a mind-reader doesn't hurt..."

This is, of course, to Kukai's departing back, and with the speed at which the guy moves, he's long since out of range. "...but it also sure doesn't help sometimes. The hell was that about?"

Apparently a rhetorical question, because Mamoru immediately henshins and flips his cape for the hell of it. "Let's go wake Usa up. She has been kind of low on energy; I've been recharging her, but I haven't seen her all day..."