Yelling In Public

On what was turning out to be a quiet night's patrol Kukai is interrupted by a distraught Lacrima. Natsumi and Kanata are nearby and try to lend their aid.

Date: 2016-04-24
Pose Count: 27
Kukai Souma 2016-04-24 04:47:10 39538
It's evening in King Penguin Park. There's a cool, moist breeze blowing across the city, reminiscent of the rain from yesterday. The park still has a small puddle or two in it in places, which people walk around and children happily splash through.

It's not too lively tonight, however, which is good for Kukai Souma. It means that there's less people for him to keep an eye out over. If someone gets jumped by a monster out here in the park, it'll be easier to hide somewhere, hop into henshin, and isolate it before it hurts anyone, hopefully.

But for now, it's a quiet evening. He's in a green hoodie and blue jeans and running shoes, jogging along, working on keeping his already-impressive endurance up with some roadwork, which is a fine cover for patrolling...
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-04-24 04:56:24 39539
Natsumi Matsumoto trailed her hand along a silvered telescope she'd finished setting up several hours ago. She'd just spent all this time maneuvering it into the proper position to try and see Mars tonight. She'd picked it from five that she figured she could see, and it was just a bit of glancing up and then back to the peep-hole to appropriately align the telescope.

She took a step back and licked her thumb before holding it up in the air, twisting it this way and that before giving a firm nod. She stepped back to the telescope and leaned down, gently placing her left eye to the peep-hole with her right scrunched up. "Perfect.".
Lacrima 2016-04-24 05:01:19 39541
Walking in the park.... Norie didn't need to pretend to be Norie here. She could be someone else and no one would pay her any mind. Her hair was longer and purple- her eyes were that stark violet. Slightly pale skin. She looked like Lacrima in a floral shirt and red skirt.

She wasn't burning energy this way, and no one would find Norie if they were looking for her. It worked out pretty good for her.

She closed her eyes. She didn't need to feed. Not right now. The vampire could probably relax right now. Her mind was unpleasently racing, anyways thanks to Natsumi's reading earlier.

A person raced past in the distance.

/Kukai/. She scowled almost. She began to jog along towards Kukai.

"Kukai!" she called out. "Kukai Souma! You stop this instant!" she continued.

She sounds kind of upset. At least there's no dark energy blasts shooting through the air?
Kanata Shirahime 2016-04-24 05:12:18 39542
It's dark. You may be eaten by a grue.

Actually, that's kind of what Kanata is hoping for. He's sort of short on grues right now -- youma in general, really. It turns out that when there's a lot of magical girls (and boys, he thinks, quietly grinding his teeth) in one area, problems get cleaned up /really/ fast, and he's sort of slow on the draw. It comes with being sort of new at this.

Kanata wanders the park, staying off the beaten path and striding through the damp dirt and grass. He's in dark purple and black, stripes being the order of the day for his shirt. It sort of makes the long silver hair stand out that much more, which isn't really ideal for any sort of sneaky patrolling, but it is what it is.

One day, he'll get a really big hat.

Kanata crosses one of the park's paths, stopping at the side of it. In one direction, he sees someone fiddling with a telescope. In the other, he sees a nighttime jogger, only mildly suspicious, but not what he's looking for. Intercepting the jogger, he sees someone scowling, who probably knows the guy. He shouldn't get involved. He takes a breath --

-- and a sudden whine of dischordant nOIsE jams itself into his ear, audible only to him. It makes him stagger, clenching his teeth and squinting. Kanata looks a little like he just got a killer migraine out of nowhere. "What--?"
Kukai Souma 2016-04-24 05:23:51 39543
It doesn't take but a moment for Kukai to stop, near some girl a telescope, over near the edge of the path. He hears someone calling his name, but he doesn't see them for a moment. She sounds mad, though. He knows that voice, but can't place it.

However, it takes only a moment for him to see pale skin and purple hair. Daichi stiffens up and dives from his shoulder down into his pocket, hanging on in case he needs to burst into a run and find a place to henshin. The little Guardian Chara looks up at Kukai. "Kukai... do we need to move?"

Kukai shakes his head and stands stiff at Norie as she approaches, looking around and seeing a silver-haired girl to one side rubbing her head in the distance but nothing out of the ordinary. "...So what're you going by today? And what, exactly, is on your mind?"
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-04-24 05:31:09 39544
Natsumi heard the yelling, and it genuinely gave her a start. She lifted up from a now spinning telescope, her eye starting to blacken around the edges a little bit. "Ow.".

Only one thing for it really, she'll have to turn around and stare really hard at somebody. Turn... Turn... Oh god. She can't give him the stare. That's one of those sportsball guys from school, and everyone likes those sportsball guys. Her cheeks start to turn red and she shakes it off before stepping towards him, and then realising that it's someone yelling /at/ him and not so much him doing the yelling. That solves things.

Natsumi slowly turns her gaze from Kukai to the person actually doing the yelling and furrows her brow into a scowl at the person. She feels like she might have seen or heard someone vaguely similar, on some level or another just recently but she'd definitely remember seeing someone that looked like /that/.
Lacrima 2016-04-24 05:32:01 39545
Norie Okana keeps scowling. She's upset. "Like this? /Lacrima/." she spits out as she grits her teeth. "You are a lying, silver tounged snake! You've been lying to me! /and/ to Utau, you jerk! You can't do anything you've promised!" she says with a frown.

"Why didn't you just tell me there's no way to turn me back!? It'd be a lot better than--than getting my hopes up!" she says. "--a--and! I don't want to hurt people! But I need to! You think it's so easy and-- and it isn't fair for you to judge me! Stop me if you must! I understand that!---- But---but---but!"

Then she just begins breaking down and tears are streaming from her eyes, stained that light purple, and she's /so upset/ but it's so much easier to be /sad/ right now.

Yeah that talk earlier with Natsumi really messed her up and Kukai just happened to be /right there/.
Kanata Shirahime 2016-04-24 05:53:12 39546
People start moving. The shouting and the alarm gets his attention. Kanata turns, looking up the path. He takes a deep breath, slowly, fighting down the urge to spring into action. He can feel his legs quivering, tense with potential energy. He forces them to move forward, steady steps that relieve the ache to get up and go.

He can feel something... /weird/, something he can't explain. The NoiSe keeps thrumming/chiming/ringing/hissing/roaring/rumbling in Kanata's head, but no words properly describe it. It's like smelling the milk and not quite believing your nose, picking out the sickly scents while nothing looks amiss. It's like eating the mystery jellybean and wanting to spit it out, but you're too invested to go through with it.

It's a steady dischord, a missed note, an out-of-tune instrument that's trying to play amidst a beautiful symphony.

The silver-haired boy(?) rubs his head, walking slowly towards the athlete and the angry girl. He glances at Natsumi, nearer, and smiles a little. It's friendly, but a touch awkward; distracted, even. He's finding it hard to concentrate, but he fights through it.

"Ah..." Kanata raises his other hand, as if he's about to say something, but words escape him. He /wants/ to intervene, but he's not sure what to say. The tugging on his senses goes this way, towards the pair, but it doesn't make any sense.

Mostly he just ends up standing there, terribly out of place, looking kind of lost and confused. It's not turning out to be a great night to be a Tuner, and he doesn't really know why.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-24 06:02:08 39547
Kukai crosses his arms and glares back at Lacrima. He, at least, knows not to yell in public, even though most of the normal folk seem to be leaving the area now that the weird looking girl is yelling at the tall, fit boy. "Norie-san, dammit." The different name is probably intentional. "I have not been lying to you or to Utau. When did I ever lie to Utau? And I don't know there's not a way to turn you back. I've seen crazier things. And I'm all about hope. I live on hope. I need hope."

He blinks for a moment as she starts to break down and despite their recent history he steps forward and reaches out towards her, trying to take her hands, knowing she'll be cold but hoping she doesn't get any angry ideas. "Norie... look, I... I don't want you to just hurt people indiscriminately. That's my entire problem with the whole thing. You just take from anyone, everyone. You know you could do better, especially if you've figured out how to lower your intake. That's what I want."

He sighs, looking at Norie, before looking over at the silver haired... boy? Girl? Really looks like a girl. "Um. Sorry, she's been having a rough month."
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-04-24 06:07:52 39548
Natsumi steps closer, but stops when she sees the weird person standing sort of near them all too. She realised she was at a loss of what to say, so she just lifted her hand to her eye with a 'Really? This?' gesture, charm bracelet slithering down her wrist. Sort of like she's trying to make a funny face using just her eye.

It takes her a moment to realise how futile this might be since the culprit is yelling at the boy, the boy is saying stuff to the culprit and the person, and the person doesn't seem like they really know what they're doing.
Lacrima 2016-04-24 06:25:46 39549
Norie Okana doesn't have much composure right now. She's crying and sort of just kind of loosing herself and she hates this feeling. Her hands are taken. They are cold. Not warm or soft. Cold and clammy. Lucky for Kukai she chooses not to drain him. She sniffs.

"Do you even know how I'm keeping my intake down!? By not being myself! It's horrible!" she seethes.

She sort of just gives up yelling and screaming because it's out now and she feels less upset and more just /sad/ now.

" promised Utau things, too! Things you don't even know if you can do or not either!" she huffs.

"Hope!? I can't even hope! Or be happy! Stupid!" she huffs.


"I don't even know what I'm saying!" she says. She takes a hard seethe through her teeth. "Or feeling or--!"

She huffs. "Nevermind!" she says. "Wait--no!" ugh!


"I'm stupid..."

Well that probably made little sense.

Then she finally gets the wherewitall to look around and---oh no! It's Natsumi! Oh no! It's---- um. Silver haired girl(?) she doesn't know!
Kanata Shirahime 2016-04-24 06:46:33 39550
Kukai would be forgiven for thinking Kanata is a girl. It would not be the first time the mistake was made, and it will not be the last.

He glances at Natsumi, shrugging slowly and tilting his head a little. He's got an expression that sort of says, 'in public...?' as if in private, silent admonishment. He glances at the charm bracelet, some part of him taking a little note of it, and then turns back to the shouting and the defensive gesticulating.

Kanata nods at Kukai, trying to look understanding. The noiSE has quieted to a dull roar, a background element that tells him Something Is Here. It's all but pointing to the crying Norie, who Kanata, being a huge softie and willfully ignorant in some important ways, assumes is simply directly in the path of the trouble.

"Ah... it's troublesome," he says, "to not really know what you're feeling. I've been there, so I kind of understand. It'll get better, though, I'm sure!" He smiles sunnily, doing his darnedest to try and lighten her mood.

It may be slightly ruined by the fact that they're total strangers, but Kanata is weirdly disarming sometimes. Like when he's getting into other peoples' business because his head won't stop singing.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-24 06:54:34 39551
Kukai turns a little, moving in towards Norie, reaching up to put a hand on her shoulder. "Look... I don't know if I can ever deliver on things, but I always promise that I'll try. Because I always do try. And I think you could hope, if you wanted to, but.." He cocks his head to one side, looking at her for a moment. "What are you feeling? And you're not stupid, just... conflicted."

He looks up as well, following her eyes over to the girl using the telescope - he's not sure if he's ever seen her before or not - and then at the silver haired girl approaching who then speaks and sounds like a guy. Oh. "I... dunno if things will get better or not, but I hope that it will. I'm trying to find a way to help her, but. It's hard." He smiles at the silver haired teen. "It's a long story. Thank you though.."
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-04-24 06:59:18 39552
Natsumi smirks at the person (this being Kanata) and nods before turning her attention back to Kukai and Norie. There's still something so awfully familiar about the girl as she calms down, but she doesn't know anyone having those levels of issues at the moment. Well, at least nobody so vocal as to scream them to a park.

She moves a little closer, a shiner really evident on her left eye now but feeling like she should help defuse the situation (although she may well add more confusion to it). "Um... Is everything all right?".
Lacrima 2016-04-24 07:10:48 39553
Norie Okana looks over to the silver haied girl and frown. She doesn't say anything because she's making enough people and herself upset tonight. She takes a series of hard breaths. "Don't you get it!? I /feel nothing/, nothing /good/! I..I thought something was wrong with me! Bu--but you know what!? No! That's just how this stupid power /works/, it takes that all away and I hate it! I can hate and be sad and angry really easy though! Riventon's been teaching me a lot." she says.

She sniffs a bit as she rubs her face a bit softly.

"I..I should go...I'm just....drawing a crowd now...and...and I dunno what'll happen if I feel cornered...I" she pauses. "I should go.." she repeats again near the end.

Then she does just that. Try to leave, trying not to look at anyone on her way. Straight towards the ground!
Kanata Shirahime 2016-04-24 07:26:16 39555
Kanata is a little weird: he definitely looks like a girl, and sounds... mmmmostly like a guy. His voice is not exactly low and manly. He really wishes it was. The whole 'super androgynous' thing only works out for him when disguises are involved, and then it's just hyper embarrassing instead.

"Ah, right! It's --" Kanata starts, and then Norie starts to take off. He blinks, lifting a hand, and then letting it drop. He feels like he should say something -- he can't stand seeing someone in a state like that; it's heartbreaking! -- and then... the NOiSE slowly, slowly fades away, becoming a dischordant hum to listen for rather than a cacophony shouting in his ears.

Kanata looks kind of stunned. She said 'power,' right? He stares after her, the somewhat pained edge to his expression slowly fading away as there's distance put between them.

"Um." Pause. "Was it... er..." He doesn't say 'something I said,' but he sure wants to. This was /already/ kind of awkward.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-24 07:37:01 39556
There's a moment where Kukai reaches out after Norie and then winces. "Norie... nothing that takes away the good from you can be good like that. And nothing Riventon teaches you can be good." She steps away, pulling free, and leaves, and he keeps looking after her as she walks off, then rubs his head, looking at the two others around him.

Daichi looks up out of Kukai's pocket, and moves back up onto his shoulder, looking after Norie as she moves into the distance out of sight, while Kukai takes a breath, trying to gather his thoughts. "Uh. Not... really. It's a long story and I don't even know where to start. She's not doing too good right now though. I'm trying to help her." He smiles weakly for a moment, rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry to have sort of made a scene here, but..."
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-04-24 07:45:21 39557
Natsumi blinks a little as the girl that looked so weirdly familiar walks away. "I didn't even get to tell her she made me bump my eye...". She looks back to Kukai and Kanata, the shiner very apparent now. "Does it look bad?".

She noticed the little person on Kukai's shoulder but really wasn't sure if little people on peoples' shoulders were something you were supposed to mention you see out-loud.
Kanata Shirahime 2016-04-24 07:54:26 39558
The noise goes away. Kanata has a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He sighs. The silver-haired boy turns to Natsumi. He blinks, and winces a little. "Oh! Ah, you might want to put something on that," he says. "It's going to be kind of..." A glance at Kukai. "...notice..." Double-take. ""

There is a tiny person thing on his shoulder. Kanata looks positively /stunned/. He slowly, almost creakily raises one hand, extending a finger to point at Daichi while the little guy does his thing. "Um... you have a... a... little person, on your...?"

'THERE IS NO GOOD WAY TO SAY THIS,' Kanata thinks, loudly and vehemently.


A golden-furred cat sits on a tree branch, watching them. He smirks, because he's a huge butt, and because Kanata being uncomfortable means it's a learning experience. "Working as intended," Moeru says to himself, and he promptly goes back to waiting for a night bird to fly into his mouth.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-24 08:11:10 39559
Kukai Souma leans in, examining Natsumi's eye, and sucks through his teeth for a second. "Well hopefully it didn't hurt much but you look like someone punched you in the eye. Ow." Being so close to her eyes, he can see them flicker over towards his shoulder for a moment - the one where Daichi is sitting, not the one where Kanata is near. It's a rare catch, but he makes it.

He looks back over at Kanata and nods. "Yeah, definitely.. Uh." He grins and stands up. "...Yeah, I do, and you can see him too, so..." He grins, a wide, cheerful smile, the Jack's Smile, doing his best to fill their hearts with confidence. "Hello! My name's Kukai. This is Daichi." He nods to Daichi, who waves. "It's nice to meet you both!"
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-04-24 08:20:10 39560
Natsumi Matsumoto blinks a little as Kukai got so close and then blushed when she really realised he was close, and that both he and the person with the boy voice and the girl body were telling her she had a black-eye. She lifted her hand to it and gently prodded at it before wincing. "Oh... Ow.".

"Um... I'm Natsumi. Natsumi Matsumoto. I go to the same school as you, Kukai.". She offers him and Kanata a small, shy smile.
Kanata Shirahime 2016-04-24 08:27:00 39561
Okay. Not crazy. Actually a tiny person. Kanata breathes a sigh of relief.

That cheer is kind of infectious. Kanata stops being kind of uncertain of the situation and perks up some. He smiles. "Oh! I'm Kanata Shirahime," he says. "It's, ah, nice to meet you, Kukai, Natsumi," he nods at the little guy, "Daichi!"

"...this is still pretty weird," he adds with a slow sort of slump. "Are you sure he should be... in plain sight like that?" Kanata gestures at Daichi, and asks Kukai about it. He glances at Natsumi, possibly to make sure she's not just letting them act crazy and isn't secretly about to call the men with all the padded rooms.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-24 08:35:38 39562
Kukai Souma aaahs and then nods, patting Natsumi's shoulder. "Oh, yeah? OK! I'll have to figure out who you are are a little later." He looks back towards Kanata and smiles. "Well... he's not in plain sight. Normal people can't see him at all." He winks at the silver-haired boy. "It's a great way to draw other magical people out of hiding. Don't worry, I'm friendly, I promise. Norie, going that way, is probably less friendly." He nods after Norie's vanished self.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-04-24 08:41:45 39563
Natsumi caught something in Kukai's sentence that made something spark inside her. "What exactly are you two talking about and why are you looking at his shoulder like that?".
Kanata Shirahime 2016-04-24 08:46:54 39564
Kanata glances to the side for a second with a quiet, "Tch--!" 'I fell for it,' he thinks. 'If Moeru were here, he'd...!'


Moeru shakes his head in disappointment. "Oh, Kana-tan. So innocent...~"

No birds are forthcoming.


"-- eh?" Kanata turns his head, blinking owlishly at Natsumi. You can almost see the exclamation point pop up over his head. "Ah! Oh, there was just... a bug!" He sidles over and hastily brushes off a spot on Kukai's shoulder, hoping Daichi takes the hint. "Haha, ha... it's nothing to worry about!" He glances at Kukai, with a look of 'is this something to worry about?' flashed while Natsumi can't see.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-24 09:12:25 39565
Kukai Souma blushes a bit and looks at Natsumi, then grins weakly. "Sorry, sorry, nothing. I had better get going." Daichi eeps and hops off his shoulder, diving back into his pocket. Kukai looks over at Kanata for a moment and nods. "Kanata Shirahime, huh? I'm sure I'll see you around.." He waves to both of them as he moves back off away from the two of them.
Natsumi Matsumoto 2016-04-24 09:14:11 39566
Natsumi glances at the stars, and then just squints at her watch. "I've got to get going myself.". Don't want to let them realise she saw that little person, after all. "My mom might get worried if I stay out too long.". A half-truth. She has to stay out after the sun rises for her mom to worry.