A Minor Disagreement

Kukai Souma and other magical girls visit WPS over the heart's eggs theft. Surprisingly amiable negotiation leads to massive property damage.

Date: 2016-04-27
Pose Count: 40
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-27 01:17:53 39796
Just another day at WPS. With things finally back to normal after Miss White's 'vacation', and her own personal demons at least slightly stuffed into a box if not dealt with, things are silky. Hannah has a fresh new cyborg arm, her colleagues at Eclipse no longer wonder if she's a liability, /and/ she's dealt with today's mountain of necessary decisions and other paperwork. Slipping the last of the many reports that even an evil business woman has to deal with into the 'out' box, she leans back in her comfy chair and sighs happily.

Being salaried and youhas its perks. You can take lunch darn near whenever your schedule allows. Thus, Miss White kicks up her feet and takes out the chinese she's had waiting for her. She got a /bit/ too much though. Enough for at least two.

Riiiiing. "Hey, Gull! Free for lunch? I'm in the office!"

It's a relaxed atmosphere. That won't last long tonight.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-27 01:25:26 39798
It had taken longer than Kukai had thought to find the building. Despite being generally known amongst the magical community, figuring out which of the buildings WPS owned had taken some effort. Fortunately, with all the clues and information Kukai and his friends had found, it had finally happened.

There had been a quick message across the Virtue comm system, requesting 'general assistance against WPS' at their building, as well. Kukai didn't expect anyone to come, but it was always possible someone else could do him a solid. He also figured someone would tell them and that was fine. He wanted them to know he was coming.

And now a familiar looking young man in a green flying ace's jacket, ruffled shirt, and brown pants is circling the building on a golden flying skateboard, looking into the dark windows and such. He's up near the top, looking into the windows and trying to see through the darkness, looking for a white-haired girl who probably sees him looking in even if he doesn't see her.

After several moments, he rises up to the roof, seeing if there's a roof entrance as well, hoping it's not guarded by more of those awful-looking grey-skinned sunglasses wearing figures.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-27 01:39:09 39799
Haruna Kurosawa doesn't technically work for Eclipse. She works for WPS. It's different in a lot of ways. But still. She's ALSO working but her work is more mundane and safe and she's in an office. Corvus isn't here. Corvus is probably off playing poker with Boris or maybe off eating, himself.

Ring, a call. "Sure, Lunch sounds good!" she says.

She closes her laptop and gets up and walks past a few empty dark offices at this time of the day and she suddenly stops and peeks back. D-did .. did something just fly past.

Eh, probably a big bird or something. Then she passes by another slightly emptier office block and-- there it is /again/.

Okay. Now it's bugging her.

She gets into an elevator and up she goes towards Miss White's office. Ding! She gets out of the elevator and in she goes.

"Hey uh." she says walking in. "Are we expecting a visitor?" she asks softly. She never caught the figure in full.

"I dunno. Saw something out there. Maybe it just someone's familiar looking for a way in?" she asks.

"So what we havin?" she asks expectantly with a smile.

She's in her snazzy new suit, even!
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-27 01:39:33 39800
    It had been a while since Sayaka had visited Miss White and assisted her on one of her many excursions. There had been a time when she had even wanted to join WPS, and so it's not unusual for her to be seen around here, heading towards the WPS building to pay her a visit.

    Of course, things had changed since the last time she had met Miss White. For one, she had lost her memories, and Miss White was possessed and attacked her. Which is one of the many reasons she is here today; to get some answers.

    She does see someone flying around the rooftop, which causes her to frown a bit, wondering what's going on? And she hastens her trip to WPS and to wherever Miss White is..
Chloe Stingray 2016-04-27 01:41:09 39801
    While not on the virtue channel, Kukai did end up with one person that would help him, simply because he was a friend of hers. Chloe also floated up to the roof, plus Haruna was there. She knew....somewhat haphazardly, who Kukai was...and she kept most secrets well. So it might be a little surprise for Sky jack to see Chloe with him.

Already in her Barrier Jacket, Chloe went in with Sky Jack, and let him take the lead. This was his show, after all.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-04-27 01:44:47 39802
Somewhere in the depths of the WPS building, there is a laboratory. There is no name-tag on its door, only a simple blue circle with a silver sword inlaid at its center. Within is a young woman in blue, who is spending the evening applying various tools and sensors to an assortment of bits of high-tech widgetry.

Every so often, she pauses, making a series of notes and diagrams on a sketchpad. She seems completely oblivious to anything that might be going on around her, even other things within the room.

Until a synthesized voice speaks up. ("Alert, Meister. Blood sugar levels low. I suggest a lunch break.")

"Hmm? What?" The Device repeats itself, and the girl sighs and nods. "Alright, alright. I guess I can go see what the cafeteria's up to."

She slides off the stool she's been perched on and stretches out, a brief yawn catching her by surprise in the middle of it. Then she shakes her head and heads out, wandering in the general direction of the cafeteria.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-27 01:59:47 39806
For obvious reasons, Sky Jack isn't 'seen' by Hannah, but her Device sure as heck pings off the display. So does the security system, and most importantly, Haruna pitches in. The young woman grins.

"Let me guess, small and annoying? Looks like that lunch needs to wait, Haruna. Come on, we have a 'visitor'." Her tone is just a little excited, that almost shark-like grin just before a big fight. This clearly isn't going to be a happy visitor.

She pauses to hit the intercom. "Hey, Boris, cancel my three o'clock. If things get rough, turn on the magic defenses and lock down the labs. Evacuate if you have to."

Sayaka is easily led towards Hannah's office. Just in time, too, as Miss White very nearly walks into her as the elevator for privileged employees and guests dings. Whoa! She'll lean on Gull a bit!

"Hey, that you Sayaka? Been a while kiddo! Looking for me? Come on, get in the elevator. We have one...nope, looks like /two/ other guests. Want to come along? It's going to get /fun/!" She's already trying to wrap an arm around the blue-haired puella and noogie her!

"How've you been, huh? Sorry I've been scarce. Bit of a possession problem. Sorry about the whole 'stabbing you' thing."

Poor Hagane, that lunch might have to wait too, as Raging Tempest pings at the blue-one's own. Miss White's voice filters on in, the Device User equivalent of a cell phone call.

"Yoooo, Blue-chan! You busy? We've got a party on the roof! The kind with one pissed off Virtue idiot. Want to come with?" Luckily, Hannah doesn't hold grudges. If anything, fighting her is encouraged amongst her employees. Weird girl.

The roof is more than spacious. It even has a freaking helipad! And a direct elevator inside. No guards, but there's an electronic keypad. That all swiftly becomes unnecessary as the elevator dings, and opens to deposit at least some of Miss White's crew. She grins as she walks out, the wind whipping her coat into a frenzy.

"Well, well, well! To what do I owe the visit, kids? You guys could've just phoned in, you know? Though I /do/ like the dramatic entrances! What can I do for you?" Her Device is already clenched in her natural fist, and her robot arm is already powering up to 'mahou' mode.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-27 02:04:59 39807
Haruna Kurosawa has to reach forward and *touch* that arm again. "That's great~" she says. "I mean the arm!~" she says. Which is great because Gull's felt horrible about that since Hannah lost her arm and then there was the whole possession thing and it's /great/ to see Hannah 'whole' again, really after all that.

Then she frowns a bit. "....meh." she says 'Virtue'. Well. She knew this was going to happen sooner or later-- she was hoping 'later'-- she isn't with Virtue anymore. She can't really justify not helping now- so she's going to.

She doesn't need to go all out.

<Rollin' Mirror Change~>

There's a transformation, into Cure Gull!


That's Sky Jack! And... Chloe.. was it? Ugh.

"Hey you two, why are you here, can this be a talky visit and not a punchy visit? Can we do that!?" she almost asks pleadingly.

Though her transformation suggests she's ready for the punchy visit and she knows'll this'll go punchy.

She does wonder what Sky Jack's beef is though.


Is this about the eggs?
Kukai Souma 2016-04-27 02:07:50 39808
There's at least one person who seems to be coming to the party. Jack looks over as Chloe rises to join him, then nods. "Ok. You may wanna stay to one side. I don't plan on fighting her if I can help it, but if this goes back I may need some covering fire to get clear."

Sky Jack descends onto the roof and walks over towards her, then nods his head. "It's been a long while, Miss White. I remember you from the post-Walpurgisnacht party. In a way it's good to see you again. We seemed to get along pretty well. My name is Sky Jack. Remember me?"

He looks at her for a moment, then looks at Sayaka and Haruna as well and gives them a wave of his hand, grinning at the three of them. "Nice to meet you two as well. Heya again Gull. Sorry to interrupt everyone's day." He looks at Miss White for a moment, then raises a hand. "So. Let me get to the point. You've been using some sort of strange gun to remove the Heart's Eggs from kids, turning them into X-Eggs. I'd very much appreciate it if you'd bring all of your weapons and X-Eggs you have on the premises up here and turn them over to me." There's a quiet moment and then Jack grins. "How does that sound? Good, huh?"
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-27 02:10:27 39809
    "Woah!" she nearly crashes into Miss White, and then the alarms go off, and a lot of people are headed for the rooftop. "Heh, I heard you were being possessed by something, huh?" Sayaka smirks, "No worries, in this line of work, that kinda thing happens all the time, I suppose!"

    She nods to Haruna next with a smile, "Haruna-chan. How you been? Guess I missed out on all the action, y'know, amnesia and all..Long story.." she waves a hand, following after the two, "For another time. So what's this about..Some folks from Virtue causing trouble?" oh wait, Virtue are the good g uys, aren't they?

    Sayaka frowns, wondering if this has to do with what Kyouko warned her about Miss White and WPS. "Alright..Let's figure out what this is all about!" and she steps into the elevator, running out onto the roof a moment later.

    Well, she doesn't know who this Sky Jack or Chloe girl are, but she does arch a brow when the boy talks about guns and X-eggs. "Wait..What's this all about, Miss White?" she peers suspiciously towards Miss White, frowning a bit. Sayaka hasn't transformed...Yet. Heck, she's not even sure what's going on. But she's clenching her ring finger, getting ready for whatever comes next.
Chloe Stingray 2016-04-27 02:11:16 39810
    Chloe puts the butt of her spear on the ground and sighs. "We may not have a choice, Jack." She says as she sees the people coming out. If you need to run, go for it. I'll leave last." She then looks over towards everyone and smiles a bit to Cure Gull. She looks a little.....impassively towards everyone else, but she's staying behind Jack...and a little to the side. His show, naturally.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-04-27 02:36:57 39814
'Ding' goes Carnwennan, receiving Hannah's message, and Mikoto sighs softly. "One of those sort of days, isn't it?" She gets back in the elevator and heads for the roof, shaking her head.

Once there, she steps out onto the roof, pausing to glance around to see who's there - and recognizing everyone immediately, of course. Wonderful.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-27 02:38:30 39815
Hannah is more than okay with the arm touching. No more irritation. No more phantom pains waking her up in the middle of the night. No more nightmares of wrenching steel. Really, it was almost worth it.

More and more, she's liking the idea of being 'evil'. It's proof that maybe Takashi is right, and that she can't afford to be weak.

Leeeean. Reeach, smooch!

"Amazing, huh? Mentor did a bang-up job!" The mentor that she simply refused to tell anyone about. Given her associations, likely not a good person.

"I never forget a voice, Sky Jack. My pleasure, kiddo! Same here. But come on, you're not here for pleasantries."

One single brow slowly rises as the young man makes his demands. She just kinda stares in his general direction at the audacity of it all. Her voice chokes up, and she swallows a side splitting laugh. Her face even turns a bit red with the effort.

"...Oh that's brilliant! Yes, yes, I'm going to just haul all of my handiwork that I've put not a small amount of effort into because you asked nicely." She ends on a pointed note, shaking her head.

"You have confidence and bravery, I'll give you that much. I like it. I /do/. But no negotiation skills. All about give in take in business. But you're even younger than me, so, I get why you'd think that. So no. Sorry. Can't do that."

She waves her hand a touch.

"First of all, when I make a deal, I don't go back on it even if it costs me my life. Second, wasn't my gun in the first place. I don't have it any more. X-eggs aren't something I research. It was a favor for a friend. Third, I don't even have the things anymore. So you're barking up the wrong tree, I'm afraid. Unless you want revenge. And you have every right to come take it." She taunts at the end.

As for Sayaka?

"Never again! Careful around things called Lost Logia, okay? Especially Kyouko. That's the last thing you need right now. I'll send you some documents so you know what to look for. Ouch. Glad you're all in once piece though."

Sigh. "Bit of nasty personal business. Remember that whole 'we sometimes do bad things at WPS' angle? Yeah, I got some favors called in, had to shoot dream-eggs out of kids." She doesn't exactly sound proud of the whole thing, but at least she's not actively guilty. Hiding it under a deep layer of built-up justifications, as she always does. It gets easier every time.

A tilt of the head to Chloe. "Hey. I remember you. Not bad. Didn't catch your name though. Miss White." Smirk!

It's /always/ one of those days at WPS Hagane. Always. Hannah gives a cheery wave despite the tension in the air.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-27 02:46:37 39817
Welp. There's a faint shrug as Hannah talks and mentions that the guns and X-Eggs aren't in the building anymore. Nothing that can be done about that. "Well. If you really don't have them, you really don't have them. Not that I believe you, but I suppose I can't prove it until I catch you stealing more X-Eggs from someone. And unlike you I have some standards about honesty."

Jack grins at her. "And I never really figured I'd make a good slimy businessperson. Was never my style." There's a fire burning behind those emerald eyes, making them shine, but Jack seems to be quite content to board his board and nod at his backup. "C'mon, we need to find those eggs." He raises up off the roof and begins flying off towards one of the nearby skyscrapers, curving around behind it and out of sight a few moments later......
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-27 02:48:03 39819
    Sayaka listens intently to the conversation. Something about x-eggs and guns and kids dreams just kinda rubs her the wrong way. She came here to defend Miss White, but...More and more, Sayaka is starting to see what Kyouko was warning her about.

    "Miss white..." She turns to glare at her now. "You...Deliberately..Hurt a bunch of kids....Just to return a favor?! How COULD you!? Kyou-chan was right about you! This is unforgivable!"

    She clenches her fists, looking like she wants to punch her. But right now's probably not a good time, when she's on her own turf, surrounded by her allies and probably bodyguards somewhere, as well. But there's more that she's not telling her, telling any of them.

    "If you dont have them, then..Who does?!"
Chloe Stingray 2016-04-27 02:54:56 39821
    Chloe stands there resolutely and listens to everyone. As Jack flies away, she watches him before looking back to Hannah. "I don't care." She then looks to Sayaka and tilts her head a bit. "Sounds like you really need to re-evaluate who you keep with you, if your associates pull this kind of stuff and you don't approve. Now that you've found out about....its....dealings....maybe you should walk away." When she says 'it', she's gesturing to Miss White. "and I think I know where they went. Seems to be a growing theme lately."

She takes a couple of steps back before she rises off the ground. "I'd say 'if you'll excuse me'....but I don't care about getting your permission." She then flies away.....slower pace than Sky Jack though.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-04-27 02:56:20 39822
"I leave the slimy business to Eclipse, myself," Hagane mutters, as she glares at Sky Jack's retreating backside.

Haruna catches her eye, and then she adds, "And Virtue."

Striding out to join the others on the rooftop, she nods to Haruna and 'Ms White'. "Was that who I think it was?" she asks.

"I told you more than once, that whole job was a bad idea."

She looks over at Sayaka and shrugs. "Probably Easter, they're the only lunatics working that particular scheme."

She watches Chloe depart, a little sigh escaping her lips. "So, are we done? Can I get some lunch now?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-27 02:56:57 39823
Cure Gull lean smooch!? Blush!? Oh yes, Haruna likes this a lot. REGARDLESS, there's still Sky Jack there to worry about and Cure Gull kind of looks all forlorn as she sighs and ughs and crosses her arms.



She doesn't kick anything nearby thankfully, she doesn't wanna accidently ruin someone's car because of her bad day.

Then she blinks, and looks toward's Sayaka.

"H-hey now, calm down, Sayaka-chan. You were warned, weren't you?" she asked. "No one's gonna make you help with that kind of thing if you don't want to, but Miss White has to answer to some pretty nasty scary people too." she says softly.

Getting more involved right now in this discussion probably isn't a good idea. Like how Hannah rather NOT do this horrible thing to people or kids, but she figures she'll grab her later.

She looks over to Hannah and scratches the back of her head. "That was.... easy...." she says softly.

Is it that easy? She frowns a bit.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-27 03:11:32 39826
Hannah plucks out a pocket bible, makes a quick, utterly untrustworthy cross, and smiles winningly.

"Swear on the good book! Seriously. Look at the stuff I've gotten into. Lost logia, linker cores, Witches, Puella Magi. You're a chara bearer, right? Those things don't have many applications to people who don't own them as far as I'm aware. I care about Puella and Mages." Shrug.

And then, off he goes.

"...What Gull said. Huh. I wish more magical girls were that reasonable. Though I kinda wanted to fight the guy. HEY, SKY JACK, LET'S SPAR SOME TIME KID! DON'T LAND ON THE CFO'S CAR, OKAY?"

So too does Chloe leave without even a half-kind word. A scowl!

"Ah, get out of here! And learn some manners! Do something about that stick in you!" She mutters very, very unkind things about Chloe's parentage.

Then, she's over to Sayaka. "Unforgivable? Yeah. You're probably right. Why are you holding back? Go on. Do something about it. Kyouko and I did things to each other, so why not try to get revenge for that, huh? Enemy or ally, you should be true to yourself, Sayaka." Hannah has more than a little respect for the justice-obsessed Puella.

A smirk to Gull.

"We really need to go pay a 'visit' to that kid some time, Gull. I'm feeling like a bit of payback. Nobody messes with my Gull and gets away with it."

And then she's going to let Gull try to defuse the situation. She doesn't affirm anything. No denials, either. There's that smirk again though.

"Oh come on, Sayaka. I'd end up breathing through a tube if I told you that kind of thing. I'm strong, but not /that/ strong. Yet. And I'm not stupid."

Both hands go up. "Hey. Rocks and hard places Hagane, I don't like it, but it was for the best."

But Hagane gives the best suggestion. "Yeah. Yeah I like that idea. Sayaka. Either get out your swords and start cutting me up, or get into the elevator and let's get some food. I'll hear all of your grievances while we chow down."
Sayaka Miki 2016-04-27 03:18:21 39828
    Sayaka sighs, "Yeaaah, I suppose I was warned, just thought Kyouko and Homura were exaggerating. Even so, I'm sure you could have turned it down, couldn't you?" she pauses, scratching her head, "What do you mean, nasty people...Were you threatenned?"

    Sayaka doesn't know much about this Easter place but she's growing curioser by the second. when this is all over, she'll need to have a chat with those two, and learn more about this Easter place!

    However, first things first! When Miss White eggs her on like that, Sayaka charges up towards her with a glare, and attempts to punch her in the face! "You so deserve this, and more..." In fact, she's about to transform, and give her a good one, but pauses, thoughtfully.

    "You know what? I should totally hand your ass to you right now! For real! But I've seen good in you too! And what kind of hero would I be, if I didn't believe in the good you do, and try and turn you back to the side of Virtue? So tell me this was just a one-time thing that you did because you were threatenned, and you had no choice!"
Kukai Souma 2016-04-27 03:24:15 39831
It would look like Sky Jack and Chloe both left off behind that skyscraper. Not really. As soon as he got behind the building the nose of his board dropped and he shot downwards, staying low and zipping in amongst the 5th-8th floors of the buildings, expecting Chloe to stay in close, moving around to the other side of the WPS building.

Just before ducking back out from behind another skyscraper, he stops, looking at Chloe. "I know they've got to be lying. Even if they're not, I can't just let someone steal X-Eggs without some repercussions. Aim at the upper floors - that's where their offices and research buildings would be. Hopefully most of their researchers and normal people have gone home for the day. And stay back - they're going to be pissed about this."

He picks up some altitude, raising back up towards the upper floors on the other side of the building. The air around him goes dark, as a spinning, electrically-charged soccer ball appears in front of him. There is a gathering of energy within him as he raises one foot back."


Whatever those windows are made out of, they aren't prepared for an attack of this level of anger. The window explodes inwards hard enough to shatter several others around it. The ball seems to have an anger of its own, plowing through walls, desks, computers, filing cabinets, chairs, and more on its way through the building. Another window shatters on the other side of the building, as the ball finally drops down towards the mostly-empty (and certainly rapidly emptying!) business park around WPS, followed by a computer monitor, the power cord wrapped around the ball, and a spinning, slowly rotating chair that tips over the edge and falls away towards the parking lot. Jack is already rearing back for another shot.
Chloe Stingray 2016-04-27 03:30:43 39833
    "Not a bad idea. Lets find out for ourselves." Chloe says as Sky jack fires a shot towards the upper floors. "Mmm....Random destruction. I just hope the heart eggs aren't destructable, Jack." It's then a symbol forms under Chloe and several red orbs appear around her. "Let's smash as many windows and interor walls as possible....but avoid the load bearing columns. If they can be destroyed, I think a building dropping on them would be a good way to do that." She then swings her hand forward. "Fire bolts.....shoot." And the bolts are away.....hitting a good many windows and plaster walls, but it's clear she's not hitting randomly....
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-27 03:36:20 39835
Cure Gull turns towards Sayaka. "Saya-chan..." she says a little disheartend. "Sometimes Miss White has to-----"

Then suddenly an electric charged socceer ball crashes into the building and takes out a window and parts of an office. It is later in the day, thankfully.

She sort of frowns. "Dammit." she mutters.

"White better get those defenses up I guess." she throws her hands up as she forces the bow on the back of her waist to turn into those wings-- she takes off into the air as she frowns. It's not an angry frown. It's one of dissapointment. Is she really going to do this? Yeah. Yeah she is.



Yeah she's yelling, ALL the yelling.

"Argggggh!" she calls out as she zips across the skyline. "Don't make me come up there!" she calls out.

"I REALLY don't want to!" she says.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-04-27 04:11:39 39843
Hagane was just reaching for the doo to the stairwell, intent on heading back to her interrupted lunch, when the crash of shattering windows sounds. Muttering a brief curse, she lets the door swing shut as she turns back.

"Jack you IDIOT," she snaps. "All you're doing is just making a mess. People work in there, just doing their jobs, that have nothing to do with the Easter crap. You want to go ahead and pay to have all that fixed? You certainly bloody well ought to!"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-29 01:26:44 39946
The punch is more than expected. Sayaka is fairly easy to egg on, and Hannah's more than capable of making people angry. But it's when she actually stops, and seems to /think/? That's when Hannah slowly grins.

"...Well, well. Maybe I didn't give you enough credit. A 'hero' stopping to actually think? Huh. Wonders never cease."

Her eyes close, and both hands go up in a placating gesture. "I wouldn't put it /quite/ like that, but let's just say I knew exactly what would happen to me if I didn't comply." One hand draws over her neck dramatically.

And then, Sky Jack and Chloe happens. Golden balls and bolts of flame send many a reinforced glass window shattering, tearing up walls through multiple floors, and even hitting a anciliary research lab. A vast majority of them are empty. The ones that aren't? The researchers manage their own defenses, almost all of them magical personelle.

A good, telling blow, but the most important labs are either hardened, or not physically in the building. The one containing Bob simply has the attacks bounce off, and for good reason.

About half way through the destruction, Miss White is already working. She transfers some magic to her Device, and the building's defenses light up. The entire building is wrapped in a Barrier, neatly severing the true building from any more damage even as the pair's attacks continue to rage. But now it's mostly irrelevant.

"Idiots! I HAD RESEARCHERS IN THERE!" Howls Miss White, right behind Miko. Perhaps literally. For once, Hannah doesn't teleport. No, she simply exits the elevator, and then leaps off of the building's rooftop. She falls quickly, emerald green magic reacting to her fury and building up. By the time she's no longer a green blurr, there's a minor storm of magical energy rotating around her body into the shape of a hawk, falling upon the duo like a true bird of prey.

Being around Cure Gull long enough, and you might just pick up a few things, after all. The young woman tries to bodily slam into the pair, magic around her exploding to tear a large hole into where the parking lot would be, if that barrier wasn't around.

Sayaka Miki 2016-04-29 01:44:48 39953
    Sayaka glares silently at Miss White, but there is compassion in her gaze. But no, this is the perfect opportunity for her to show White what it takes to be a true hero. "Heh. I'm not giving up on you so easily, Miss white! Like you once said, you need someone like me to keep you in line, to show you the light.." And not once did she question what the other girl said; Sayaka wasn't sure why, but she believed what she said and she knew she wasn't lying about the X-eggs.

    She'd launch into another heroic speech about values and being true to ones self, but at that moment, Sky Jack and his accomplice decide to ignore White's advice and attack innocent people instead!

    "What.? You IDIOT! What kinda maniac attacks innocence to get revenge!? There are innocent people in there, and Miss White doesn't have your eggs!" Honestly, is this what Virtue has devolved into? she is certainly not impressed!

    She doesn't attack just yet, hoping these fools will listen to reason.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-29 01:45:08 39954
A final Golden Victory Shoot slams into the enclosing Barrier, making the entire field sizzle and spark, and Sky Jack stops the attack. "Well..." The two of them can hear Miss White howling in the distance above them, and he lets out a breath, looking at Chloe. "Tell you what, you wanna run now, now is the time."

He turns, putting some weight on the back of his board, intent on moving back, and then looks back up just in time to see a green-glowing Cruise Hannah whistling down towards him. It's all he can do to dodge the worst of the slam, but the burning energy around her races over him, eliciting a angry yelp as she impacts. "YOU'RE LYING! YOU STILL HAVE THOSE GUNS AND EGGS HERE! AND I'M GOING TO FIND THEM!"

He looks up at the skyline and the zipping green-blue figure of Gull. "AND TELL GULL I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT THE TWO OF YOU DO! DO I LOOK LIKE I WEAR A CROWN?!"
Chloe Stingray 2016-04-29 01:50:17 39955
    Flash Move. Chloe's device utters just before the mage flickers out of Hannah's way.

She reappears behind Hannah and just stares at her. "You don't exactly spring a well of confidence." She says in the direction of Miss White. "You two have your spat. I'm checking the building. And I'm not with Virtue. I'm making sure with my own eyes."

The firebolts that had so recently shattered windows and blasted stone walls return to Chloe as she flies down towards the building, leaving Sky Jack to fend off Miss White.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-29 01:57:06 39957

"You know what, Sky Jack, it turns out not everyone that works here is evil, whatdya know!" she calls out.

"Nrg----enough...." she calls out...


"GULL FEATHER CUTTER!" she calls out and throws her arm out- a large energy feather forming-- and a sharp blade goes spinning in the air toward's Sky Jack.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-04-29 02:00:21 39959
Hagane takes to the air herself, looping over the edge of the building and swooping down towards Jack. "Damnit you little brat! Just go home!"

She draws her blade and lashes out, sending a trio of mana-vortexes slashing towards him - or, specifically, his skateboard.

"Stupid twit! IF the eggs were here I'd have taken them back myself! You think I don't know what's at stake here? You haven't got a gods-damn clue!"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-29 02:19:00 39964
Hannah can't help but try to reach over and gives Sayaka a one-armed hug.

"As much as that hero attitude annoys me, Sayaka, you're a good person. Deal! If you think you can manage that." A challenging grin! It's still a little weird feeling for Hannah to be defended by Sayaka. She admittedly likes it.

"Were you listening to me earlier, at all!? Why would I take them here even if I had them!? Seriously, this is a publicly listed company! Tax returns and quarterly reports and everything! Besides, if I /really/ cared about Heart's Eggs, don't you think I'd have tried to steal them before this? I have no interest in sinking valuable time and effort into a wholly inefficient source of power! Use your head Sky Jack!" Comes Miss White, voice furious, but still throwing out logical arguments.

Even as Sky Jack dodges, Gull and Hagane go in for the 'kill'. Miss White drops into a roll, letting Gull's feather shoot arc up, and those mana-vortexes slicing for his skateboard. She'll wait for Gull's strike, then leap back up into the air.

A glowing ball of of emerald green grows in her right hand as she floats there.

"And by the way, tell your Boss /AND/ that blowhard 'god' Blue that I'm going to find them, and shove scepter and PreBraces down their throats! Nobody messes with my Gull-chan! Let me give you some advice, kiddo, don't EVER make this stuff personal!"

Yup, Hannah's kinda unhappy with Tadase too.

Then Hannah pulls back her fist. That Device of hers cracks open along the spikes, and she rams two Cartridges into them. Ker-chak!

Than ball of energy in her hand grows five fold!

"Cartridge Loaded, Mistress!"

A punch to the air, and a man-sized column of wind-energy goes rushing for Sky Jack, blow a hole through the next building over. She never /did/ like that diner.

Meanwhile, Chloe gets ignored. Reality is definitely seperate, but the more she hunts, the more it becomes obvious: the magical signatures that she can pull up even with an Area Search conforms highly to Linker Cores, Device Parts, as well as several signatures of Witches and Familiars and Grief Seeds.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-29 02:38:09 39973
There's a strong sense of righteous justice that runs through Sky Jack and powers everything he does. It's why he was willing to do something this stupid by himself. And usually he has a really good read on what's going on in life. But apparently being as close to the victim of Hannah's attack, combined with other recent events in his life, has blinded him to his actual feelings. Or maybe he's feeling them too deeply. There's no way to tell. But as Miss White yells at him he stops, holding one side and listening. Why would she still have them here? Wouldn't Eclipse or Easter have them back, intent on doing some nefarious thing with them? Of course they would.

It doesn't occur to him that either Gull or Hagane would interfere on White's behalf. This is why it's such a shock when Hagane's shots blast his skateboard out from between his feet. He starts to yelp but then there's the Gull Feather Cutter. It goes directly across him, and his magic and the blade's magic flash painfully, sharply, opening up a long, bloody cut along his shoulder down to one thigh.

The pain is intense, enough to keep Jack from responding in anything else but a yell - a yell cut off as the fired tornado of wind energy engulfs him. The air is ripped out of his lungs as he is driven, pile-driver-like, into the diner. The air is still for a moment as the diner falls in on top of itself - just a moment before the gas line the diner used for cooking sparks.

Chloe Stingray 2016-04-29 02:49:25 39976
    Chloe does a through search of the building while everyone else fights. Yes, she even blows up a few doors along the way. Anyone that gets in her way becomes part of a binding spell, and are held in place until her search is over. Those that are injured are carried to another that is held in a binding spell.

She gets to one lab and......finds devices and parts and more. "Hmmm.....interesting." She says as she takes a Midchildan device and a Belkan device, putting them into her pocket as well as a few of those 'cartridges' that Miss White used, unbeknownst to Chloe, and a couple more devices of unknown origin.

That's when CHloe hears the explosion outside. "Hmmm.....that could be my cue to get out of here." She says as she makes her way out of the building. And it looks like the building can be repaired rather easily.....except for a couple of holes that go straight through the building. How annoying.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-29 02:56:37 39979
Cure Gull watches as her attack hit's home and she winces. Whoops. She should had pulled that punch a little but-- when your emotions flare--- they flare. Then Sky Jack begins loosing altitude... then he crashes into a diner.

Then she sort of throws her hands up to sort of shield herself from the blast-- and then her eyes go wider suddenly.

"SKY JACK!" she calls out.

She begins to zoom toward's the fire. Ugh Fire.

Why did it have to be /fire/.

She sucks it up and into the aftermath she goooooes!
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-04-29 02:59:47 39981
"Well, crap," Hagane mutters as she watches the explosion. She may oppose what Jack was doing right now... but she doesn't want him hurt or killed!

She smiled when the skateboard blew... but seeing the diner blow up sends her roaring after him. "Right with you, Gull!" she shouts as she dives.

~"Hey, Chloe,"~ she calls telepathically. ~"You better not be making too much of a mess in there. Your partner's having a bad day out here."~
Hannah Sharpe 2016-04-29 03:04:04 39983
Blowing away Sky Jack was definitely part of the plan. Hannah's grinning, getting just a bit of payback for all of the damage done to her precious building. But then her eyes go wide as the entire diner lights up. That was /NOT/ part of the plan.

"What the? Were they keeping bombs in there!?"

A hand to forehead, and she rolls her eyes, already helpfully blowing away debris as she puts some magic into it. Chloe gets away scott free. For /now/.

"Get his stupid butt unburied! I have insurance forms to fill out." Grrrrrr.
Kukai Souma 2016-04-29 03:12:37 39986
There's a voice in the rubble. "Heeeelp! Heeeeelp!" It's not Kukai. As the others blow and dig and push the metal and rock aside, they find a small covered spot with an exhausted, scared out of his wits Daichi sitting on top of the chest of an unconscious and bleeding Kukai, calling for help and worriedly watching the fire being blown back away from them. "Please! He won't wake up! We gotta get him outta here!"

He looks up at the people digging them out, then shakes all over, standing up tall at 8 inches, staring at Hagane and Gull, and brings two tiny little fists up, seeming to expect how this is going to end for him and Kukai.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-04-29 03:16:13 39988
Cure Gull ughs and sort of places a hand to her face. "Look Dai-kun." she says. "We're gonna get him outta here. And to a hospital. We're not here to hurt him, we were never here to hurt him! He started kicking things into the god damn offices. BUT..."

"That's neither here or there. Let's just get him out, okay? Like Miss White has noooo intrest in keeping him." she says.

"Trust me on this, okay?" she asks as she moves to try to dig out more. "Come on..." she motions for Hagane.
Chloe Stingray 2016-04-29 03:22:10 39991
    As everyone else flies down to help Jack, Chloe is flying out of the building. She looks about and looks down...to find the smoking debris of the diner blow. She lets out a bit of a groan when she hears the telepathic speech of Mikoto.

~"Don't worry. The building will survive. I just blew up doors and searched. Those that got in my way received a binding spell, and the ones that were hurt were placed near binded people. The EMTs have already been called. Also, we have a few things to look at that I took out of the labs that....well....something of mutual interest. I'll call you later about them."~

It's right about then that Chloe gets down to the rubble and begins to uncover Sky Jack as well, until she spots Daichi, whom she plucks out of the way and puts on her shoulder. "Shut up. Stay there. Don't move, Daichi."

And yes....she's a LITTLE miffed at Kukai now.....
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-04-29 03:25:22 39994
Hagane is right behind Gull in reaching the wreckage of the diner. She stares at it for a moment, trying to see where Jack might have fallen, using her Device's sensors to pinpoint his location.

Then she starts digging, using the leverage her flight gives her to pull debris out of the way. Little rune-glyphs glow along the larger pieces as she applies her spell to help move them.

Finally, Daichi is uncovered. "Hey, chibi, don't worry. Fight's over, like Gull said. We'll take care of him."

Meanwhile, she answers Chloe. ~"Okay, just be careful no one can prove anything."~

Eventually Kukai is completely uncovered, and she calls down a series of Flickers to form into a platform to gently lift him out. "Okay, Gull, nearest hospital?"